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The Stephen a Smith Show podcast is brought to you by the new capital one SAFERCAR earn four percent cashback on dining entertainment two percent at grocery stores and one percent on all other all the purchases. Hey what's in your wallet. This is this evening Smith Show podcast either way up happy Friday America welcome to the Stephen a Smith show here on E._S._p._N.. E._S._p._N. APP E._S._p._N.. New Series Channel Eighty Michalis Michalis in the building today along with L. Dunkin filling in for Stephen over the next couple of hours but we will hear from him coming up very very shortly because in case you Mr Today L. on a grand a year on sports this morning doing sportscenter things on I take Stephen had a one on one interview with Carmelo Anthony Revealing I'm from Carmelo standpoint of what he still hopes to accomplish while he still believes he can play in the N._B._A.. How his career is played out towards the end and what he still oh seeking from that basketball life of his and one thing that stood out to me is he is clearly hurt? He feel some mm type away by the fact that he is not on N._B._A.. Rosser at this point and this is the point of the interview with Stephen were he explains you can just hear the hurt in his voice is strikes me that I'm not on the roster along with like due to my talent. I write due to my skill knowing what could still brings it. His game right humanitarian is thirty teams in N._B._A.. I can't make a fifteen man Ross out of thirty teams in the N._B._A.. That's why that's why I start to like bank about this a lot more thirty teams. I can't make a fifteen man roster N._B._A.. That is hurt. Art That is pain that is discussed that is bewilderment that is like for Real. I can't get on this squad. I can't get on that's what like he's literally hunt. Buy that notion that these teams don't think he's worthy of being on the spot if you're looking at it through the prism of is mellow oh more talented than one of the four hundred fifty people that are on rosters of course he is but there's obviously a lot more at play when it comes to mellow services as you willing to be a role player we're for real is he willing to take role player money and he wants to join a contender wiles at this point. which would the hawks give him a little money too short? That's not what he wants us not what they want want so. There's a lot more than going into this outside of the notion that he's better than four hundred and fifty other people most bringing Stephen a Smith to the Stephen Smith Show right now of course it. They had that converse. We don't have them my bad my bad I thought he was here all right so that was that was me messing me up because we do want to hear from him because again get his take being in the building with with Carmelo and you know he talked him before and after off Cameron. Sometimes you get a lot more perspective on those interviews before and after <hes> but there's one other aspect about it that I do want to play for the listeners viewers at home is Cremona was talking about the mentality of him taking a lesser role which for him a while ago not that long ago actually he was seemingly not willing to do this is him talking about that currently now wasn't willing to accept that role okay coming off the bench in Houston because that never was related to me it was you are the piece that we need to get us over the Hump to win a championship. I went in there with that mentality. We need mellow to come here to get us over this. I watched it. I watched the previous year. I saw where I can plug myself in that a- and I really believe that we were going to do that but when I get there it was totally it was something totally different. The dialogue started getting less and less there was no more conversations it was just doing and then I got to react to the things that's been done. Live on a boy your name down on a board on my name on a book I I sat down. Let me let me move on. I you're not gonNA start tonight. I call you should have told me that like let me let me fill it. I never done this before. I've never ever come off the bench before I've never done that. I sell for U._S._A.. Team but that's something until you've got to twelve best place in the world on one team. You tell me that you want me to come up. It's like communicate okay so it sounds to me like he felt like there was some assurances made right but when you look at the full context text of the interview and you look at some of the other things that he said there's a lot of assumptions it feels like Carmelo made in terms of his tenure in Houston right. He says things like they had been wanting me to get there for a while so then when I get there I was surprised because like they wanted me to come there and when I got there they say oh. This is the piece we needed needed and then before I know it they cut me that doesn't sound like someone who was promised or short what his role was going to be on the Houston Rockets. It sound like someone that assumed I'm Carmelo Anthony writing despite what what happened in Oklahoma City. I'm going to go down there and we're going to be a new big three or whatever and I'm going to contribute. That's what it sounds like to me. which again is not there Maurice Fault so much Carmelo's L Duncan Michael Stephen Smith today in the Steven A. Smith Show time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless? Let's bring in Stephen a Smith who had that interview with Carmelo earlier in Steve. I said that I got the sense that Carmelo's literally hurt by the fact that he is not on an N._B._A.. Team what was your biggest takeaway from the conversation you had with not just on camera number that we saw but even some of the conversation you before and after well he was definitely hurry he's devastated and you know what he's gone to mellow and I have known each other for about fifteen years. We've communicated consistent for fifteen years since he got hurt in November the only I'm trying to think you got that go by the Houston Rockets in November November the only time I had spoken to Carmelo Anthony other than this morning was at D. Wade's retirement party. That's it and our hello how you doing. We'll talk soon okay. That's it <hes> he's had nothing to say. He went underground <hes> he was absolutely and completely really devastated over you know get let go and basically cut and told that we don't want you after just ten games and that was a lot for him to deal with it. I thought that the reason you know I didn't and I didn't pursue this interview. I didn't ask him for this interview. <hes> his public is called E._S._p._N.. And said he wants to talk to Steven one on one. He doesn't WanNa talk to anybody audio's <hes> and he's willing to meet anywhere you want whether it's New York or L._A.. To do it and that's how it happened and he came on and and what I got from it was that he wanted the world to know he doesn't give a damn about a farewell tour. He doesn't think about whether or not he deserves it. He still loves was the game of basketball. s still wants to play and firmly believes that the politics of basketball is getting in the way more so than his game. He believes things that people don't want him because they believe he won't accept the role as opposed to think he's not good enough for a role and that's got the statement that I believe and peeled away from the interview that he wanted to make most okay okay Stephen A it's funny that you say that he's saying he's telling you he doesn't WanNa farewell tour literally on the screen and right now for those that are watching on television. We've got a quote from Carmelo Anthony's trainer that says he wants farewell tour the same way that D. Wade had that that's at least what his trainer told the breakfast club listen outside of what you got from Carmelo and how go ahead I asked him that question on air right are brought up what is training from earlier. He said he you don't know where he got that from. He had no business saying okay you know and he made it. He made it very clear. He has nothing to do with that close. He never said that he never told him that that would explain it and that guy got some explaining the Stephen A.. You just said why why Carmelo thinks that he's not on a roster and that's politics politics but you're an opinion nist and you've known for a long time. Why do you think Carmelo? Anthony is not on a roster because look on Bello. Anthony goes has not shown on a willingness to play a reserve role to play a relegated role because he's been a star throughout his career. He's a career twenty four points per game game scorer on nearly forty five percent shooting he can scorned anybody in his mind and he has never been approached nor at about taking relegated role until recent history but D. Wade have to sit down and talk to him. He'd pee three had to sit down and talk to because his initial reaction to all of that was Nah. I'm not trying to hear that and he had to embrace an adopt the fact that that's how he was being viewed at this particular moment in time so that's really the situation but I think think to me. That's the biggest reason why he's not only I don. I think he's absolutely right. There's no G._M.. With sense that can look at me and say he can't make Nature but he wasn't always sharp and aware of everything that was going on relatives what he was doing and we would be me mother cousin. We would try to tell them if I look look man this is it stopped doing it this way. Do this it up but he was a dude. You couldn't tell anything to something had to happen for him to get the understanding and I get the sense that Carmelo has been a guy who has my momma would say Stephen is hard headed. You couldn't tell him anything he had to hit rock bottom as it is is right now in his N._B._A.. Career to understand what some of the other people may have been trying to tell them in the past whether it was Lebron whether a c. p. three what have you but now he's at this point. We're he has literally been humbled as a basketball player as a professional athlete he has been humbled and now he's trying to get one more chance to win a championship championship and he had to go to you. That's your T._v.. And it felt like to me stephen literally begging for a job in the N._B._A.. Well I will tell you that I think that there's a strong level of liberty the argument about him having the hit rock bottom the only reason why I don't WanNa go full throttle and say that's simply it is because he's specifically said have a man to man conversation would be telling me somebody who's had a man to man compensation be asked me to make adjustments capitulate officially and I didn't do it. He said that didn't happen. Houston never talked to me okay see. We're really told me I was going to be the guy it was gonna be Russell Westbrook. You'll be Paul George. It's GONNA be saving at us and then they told me that I wished that situation would have worked out. It did it but I didn't point figures in no direction because Billy Donovan had a man to man compensation and made it very very unclear what he was looking for then never happened with Mike and Tony then never happened with their Maury and if that didn't happen and I was led to believe that the same people that have been pursuing being here and fast wanted me and finally got me he said you could call me making assumptions or whatever but I believe that I was led to believe that there were certain situations that we're going to take take place and they did not take place having said all of that when we talk about him coming on television and practically begging or whatever I'm not GonNa classified as that about the game because he's not the Kinda guy that wants to be someplace where he's not wanted. I think what was most important to him is to say if you don't want me. Let this be the reason because you don't think I'm good enough to beat that role. Play whatever don't let it be because people are telling you I feel someway and you did not hear it for me. I have not spoken since November. I I have not talked to anybody about this subject. Matter I went down under I kept quiet because I was looking my wounds and had to overcome some of my doldrums but make no mistake about it. I still love the game. It's still think I can play this game and I wanted to accept the relegated role coming off the bench in order to do it if you don't want want that fun but don't let it be the politics of somebody telling you. This is what I feel. This is what I believe and I'm GONNA BE A head case the problem for your franchise <hes> when you haven't talked to me because that's not how I feel and that's not the kind of Man I am. That's what I took from him and the mellow that I know I do believe he's as a man of his word. I believe he wants to play relegated row. Leave the he's somebody that believes that he's done and he's finishing. He can't play and he can't make a nine member. Ah rotation absolutely not but I do believe Michael Leaves. I do believe that if you talk to Carmelo Anthony Face to face and you told him this is the role you will play if you come on my teeth and he told you I will accept that. I believe he would do that with no problems because Oh cute very very big on keeping his work Stephen a Smith on the Stephen a Smith show the reason that's even is not here is because of course he just interviewed an exclusive interview with Carmelo Anthony Anthony. I do have to ask you Stephen. A at the point of this interview for Mellow was to change the narrative and speak out on behalf of how he feels. How do you think he did if any N._B._A.? Offices are watching and watch that interview are they calling him based on what he said today. I think it's possible not everybody but I think there's a couple of teams that might be interested thin and I think you can look at the Lakers <hes> to a lesser degree to clippers but I think you can look at a team like the Los Angeles Lakers or a couple of other teams around the Philadelphia somebody that might be. I'm willing to give him a chance. I do believe that because if the man is telling you about locker room leadership he's telling you about how he's willing to play and accept except relegated role and all of those kinds of things you know has been universally liked throughout his N._B._A.. Career he's not a guy that's been hated and despised and has been considered tends to be a locker room cancer that steps away from the franchise talks behind pieces back makes news headlines for the wrong reasons out you know off the basketball of course in regards to his basketball career that is it's something he doesn't do that so that's not who he has been and if you talk to him. I think that if you watch the interview with them this it's morning you see a man that has clearly Michalis pointed out has clearly been awful clearly recognized that concept change and he is no longer what he used to be eh but still feels he can give you something and God I will remind you of this jared Dudley no disrespect to him and all very good God. Jared Abdullah was on the Brooklyn Nets last year. He just signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. You don't think mellow could give you something like that. Rwanda Yeah Yeah right well. Let me ask this. Even if what team needs mellow like if you if you're looking forward dude the come off the bench that can give you twelve to fifteen points in limited action or maybe sometimes time being Golfer Twenty points your team. That's looking to win a championship that can help you in the regular season and when you get to the playoffs can be that vinnie Johnson type player coming off the bench. What team in the League needs mellow? Did you just hear me Say Philadelphia Ten Times daily shooter shooters Philly Philadelphia you gotta remember they lost Jae Rhetoric and their loss Jimmy Butler now. You Got Josh Richardson but you still have in be Simmons Al Horford Okay so when you look at it from that perspective. Where's your bench which you guy coming off the bench? What are you have? Philadelphia needs these <hes> somebody eh potentially give you some production this cord off the bench. Absolutely that's the first thing that comes to my mom Carmelo to philly would be a good idea. I agree. I completely agree with that. I I totally agree. Hey Steven appreciate the time travels and stuff we can brother. y'All take thank you are there with straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart <hes> look. I I get that Camilla wants a championship. Get it. Everybody wants a championship right but you have to also also understand if you're camello anthony how you got to where you are and as I made the point to Steven A. he was hard headed and a lot of guards he was the guy that forced to trade trade out of out of Denver to New York the number for making the playoffs consistently in the in the in the West and then he goes to New York trying to be a star and things of that nature and that falls falls apart so then he goes to Oklahoma City and according to Steven A. He was told he's GonNa be the fourth option on that squad but some people talking about even coming off the bench and you have that memorable clip of him saying Yeah Hey man. They want me to come off the bench. I ain't come up with no bench so then the very next year. Where do you go you go to Houston so they're thinking like art so we brought him here? We thought it was gonna be this rose not working out he clearly he doesn't want to be a bench player so he's going to let them go. Maybe another team to give them a chance. So a lot of this stuff I feel as though Camello is looking at this situation as if he's a victim victim and Nah. You're not a victim here. Some of the things that you're experiencing were based on things you had done. Previously this sounds almost exactly like the conversation station. We had a few weeks ago about Chris Paul Right like you force your way out of some certain situations in pursuit of a championship or in pursuit of whatever it is right and I think that with Carmelo the point is you asked a great question of Steven A. Who needs him outside of a team like the sixers there is no team that is a mellow away from winning an an W._n._B._F.. They'll be Jesus Christ now. I want him to play the W._N._B._A.. Is that an option walks that an option <hes> mystics maybe but so we're talking about a pity contract contract we are. We're talking about a golden parachute pity contract farewell tour. He says that's not what he wants but that's essentially before though Gary Payton gone with the heat he there you go so you know and I'd say Gary Pay. My question is deserving of a pity contract is Carmelo deserving of an opportunity to do it his way and at the very least if not in pursuit of a championship the ability to go around take a by let me say this in sports. Anyone deserves anything okay. If that was the case then Charles Barkley would have a championship John Stockton and Carl Malone without champion sure okay so Patrick Patrick Ewing would have one sure and Laura I would say those players way more deserving than Carmelo championship yes but his he deserving of one less opportunity to say goodbye on his own terms. That's what I'm asking a farewell tour two thousand nine goodbye. No He's not deserving. I don't think so I don't think necessarily do I think he's done enough for the sport I think he what does he done well. I just think Yeah because there there isn't anyone like these farewell tours that that dwayne wages had those things are rare is Carmelo Hall of Famer. Yes okay but I mean the hall of Famers L.. That didn't have a farewell tour okay so I don't think anyone you gotta be real. Special Kobe deserved one clearly of course Wayne Way. Lebron will deserve. I wonder if he needs it or wants it <hes> but camello not to me personally. I mean that's no disrespect to Carmelo has nothing to do with his ability to play basketball ball and how good is career has been things that nature but I'm just saying. I don't necessarily believe anyone deserves a championship in be only a handful of people deserve observe that farewell tour Magic Johnson deserved when we didn't get it because of H._i._v.. A Kareem did get one when he left but yeah no deserve. I deserve no. That's that's too much. He's not earned that right not to me but that's not a big. It's not disrespect feels mellow fan no coming the disrespect stuff. It's not about disrespect chronology to me. He what has he done to deserve it feels unfinished and it feels like it's one thing when you have ah to me. It feels unfinished. It's it's not about him contributing to a championship team anymore the last time you saw mellow on a court you did not think that was the last time you would see marijuana court and it feels like to me. He's a big enough one of name that outside and barring injury or something traumatic happening he at the very least deserve to say goodbye on his own terms. We got some N._F._l.. Talk to get to Louis. RIDDICK IS GONNA join us a little bit later as we'll Ryan Clark but we're also GONNA go out to Los Angeles and talk to the host of entertainment tonight Kevin Frazier. We're talking about star power now. That's in the N._B._A.. And maybe even L._A.. 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Dunkin in the commercial break here on E._S._p._N.. News and I know I was I was sitting there. Watching cat was looking at you like you know we do this for a living where you're GonNa let me 'cause I was. I was GONNA see closer. Guy Still don't have ears. Oh my goodness what's happening you ready. I have no here's here okay. L. Is not prepared to do live television. The just my ears working but she's here joining us now. Hold on let me do some things because you were throwing this whole. Show off right now folks if you missed any of today's show be should've checked on-demand. Stephen Smith podcast brought to you by capital on Capitol. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees minimums the can be opened in five minutes capital one. What's in your Wallet Capital One N._A.? Member F._D._I._C. The host of entertainment tonight right former E._S._p._N.. Anchor former sportscenter anchor used to host the N._B._A.. Show too didn't you Kevin Frazier joins us now the Stephen a Smith show. I'm glad glad you laid that out there. Yes I did use the N._B._A.. On l. what's happening now what's going on. I lost my ears. Have you ever been caught saying things on air and you had no idea why did you are on air and you were just talking away your trip it and doing it interpreting people. That's how people lose jobs quiz exactly exactly and you see my best friend here. Just sat there and let me do it too. I'm like the music's plan like you're not catching any of this ears. That's that's on youth capsule. I laid out your your E._S._p._N.. Background <hes> for specific reason because you know we see this blend now between sports and entertainment and Hollywood would and you have Lebron. James now has a production company. He's he's making moves in Hollywood. You have Kevin Durant who starting to try to do the same thing. How would you assess the star power of athletes these days that goes beyond the sports themselves? It's massive if you look at Steph curry what he just did with me deal A._B._C. and his show and how he is producing content and producing movies you look at all these guys and what they're doing is. They're taking not only their popularity Larry power but all that money they're making because you have to remember. It's shoe contract money. It's all it's all the money that they're getting paid and they're using that money informing their production companies. They're making crazy amounts of money but they're using that to now make moves and what's happening. Is is we talk about. We want to see changes in the entertainment industry. We WanNa see folks integrated into the entertainment industry with happening because the ball players are doing their leading the way these guys are at the forefront and so I think it's magical what Lebron Brian is done. I think Kevin is doing because also you have to remember. These guys are also funding other people and I think springhill entertainment is great math Carter with the I mean listen they are running their starting to run things in Hollywood and if you've ever gone to a Lakers game and you sat court you looked at the core people sitting courtside you realize it's all the titans of industry and guys to look at that and now guys understand well. I'm going to be one of those titans of industry and so everything is changing changing. These guys are helping lead the way when you say that Kevin who've specifically like is there a we always talk about at least around here like the different of the four major sports. who was the most cachet who has the most cloud? I would say that basketball all right. That's where the money is l.. People are making crazy money in basketball all right now I last night I was out with him. I Would Devon Booker. Daddy and we'll have a bitter and I was just like man. What was it like when your sunshine that deal cry I would row? I would've went into quarter and cried they wouldn't be I would cry for like two days. I would like my child just like I'm Collado. If I had one it's crazy it's crazy but it's awesome though because let's say this like you know as well as I do Kevin and in Hollywood some of the people who run these production companies they don't necessarily know what is creative and what will necessarily sell wants something they can maximize the profit if it off of that but what you're seeing now in Hollywood whether you're talking about movies television shows online on-demand net flicks what have you you're seeing this this new wave of creativity and it's coming from the sports world but as it relates to the gods were talking about and it's also coming from the culture right and for so long that lack that and they couldn't figure out where to get it from <hes> but because you have a name like Lebron James other news they're going to listen to them because they're famous more so than they would someone else who had the exact same idea. Listen Listen Kobe just won the Oscar Young forget that people now they look at these guys and they're like Oh my God here the best examples at the Oscar luncheon right and and you have every nominee there and everybody's going crazy in the most popular person there that day was Kobe Bryant because everybody's like Yo the Mamba is in the the house and that the athletes own the town while the stars own moments because you know Tom Cruise will make a movie and he'll be hot for a minute then he'll go away the athletes own the town because because the seasons so doggone long and they're everywhere you see them everywhere but at the end of the day it's like you think right now. We're shooting space ace Jim. They're shooting space jam right here in L._A.. <hes> lebrons making space jam and by the way I know mine was a part of that. I don't know he's still a part of that and if there are not changes being made right now as we speak because movies are easy to make I know that there there's He's always has a very simple answer to this question but I'm interested since you're there. Currently I wanted to make a prediction because the epicenter of basketball will be coming from your town. How and I want you to make a prediction on the amount of celebrities? Will there be more celebrities and more injury at Lakers games or at Clippers Games. Here's the crazy thing I'm talking to one of the big ticket brokers on the West Coast in the United States and I was like it's going to be crazy for Laker tickets action. He's like you know what's really crazy is. You can't get clippers tickets especially for opening night and I was like I was like what did you say and I was like what did you say I was like well. That didn't even compute in my brain. Did you just say that. There's a big demand for clippers tickets right now. Listen the Lakers will always be the Lakers and Lebron and a d. will do their thing but all of a sudden the clippers perhaps a royal cachet in town and everybody who has ever been blocked out from getting into the way games all people because you know the clippers are the people's team the Lakers there's our l._a.. In Hollywood's team but cookies are the people team and now the people arise it up and they're like yell at us now. Look at us now which when you go into well I mean come on now. Come on I I mean I love what they're doing with. Clinton's don't happy alive you you know I'm down with that purple and gold and I just need them to pull their world together. It's time it's time the hope is though that you know I worry about the bookie he ate the experiment didn't really work in New Orleans and people will say oh well. He got hurt and Blah Blah but after he got hurt they really took off. He was still playing all it but it was a handful of games too though I'm just telling I'm just saying I'm just saying so you sound worried is what it sounds like me. I'm just saying so. I'm really curious about what what happens. Lebron Eighty. I do think I do think that Lebron will be the M._v._p.. This season I do think that you will see something out of him that you've never seen before. I think that he is rejuvenated. Juvenile I think he has something to prove and I also think that he is so inspired and having so much fun as bother watching his son in Clay Watching Brawny playing coaching those kids being on the air you circuit again. It's like breathe life into him at Bronner's been working out like a monster so oh he will be the M._v._p.. I'm herb. I know avatar remembered it Steve. I think Stephen is said the same thing clip this off. Yes clip this moment on he. He will be the M._v._p.. Lebron will be unstoppable this year not like good or okay you know he's GonNa hit that grown man little group and when you get into your thirties and all all of a sudden like damn. I'm a little older go slower. Send you like but hold on. I'm a grown man hit. That girl man grew. Here's a great grown man video right now. It's gone viral showing like an older brother. Beaten up on a young dude and the Hashtag is just grown man Strang so essentially that's what you're saying Lebron's going to take that Greybeard and now oh man grow mastering and here's the other thing to remember. He has a kid who out is going to be one of the top players in the country Brian's ridiculous uh-huh and he is going to be one of the top players in the country so you gotta keep going down because he's coming the youngsters come in for you. Can't let me ask you this before. We let you go. Ah How much more do you think especially from from your world now in world of entertainment. Are you guys putting in content relative to sports world than you did. Maybe three years ago five years years ago well. It's it's so different now because it used to be like oh peyton manning host S._N._l.. And that's one of the year but now you have guys doing stuff every single day and creating content and reaching out you know used to be like a guy has record label and now it's like no guys making movies when you when you look at the producers you know Oh dude they're producing movies. You know they are everybody is creating content and so it's a very different game now and you know I shall back to somebody by like Steve. Nash was at the forefront of this who was like Yo. I'm going to create content and I'm GonNa four-mile Company. I'm GonNa make stuff and he was really making viral content before people are making viral content. It's too bad he was just too soon. He got the game too early but he was you know he was ahead of the game and I just think that it's very different now because because the ball players aren't seen as just ball players they are seen as like these businesses these brands you know I mean go to a game you see Clinton wearing Lebron's on their watching his show you know the he just had the summer the billion dollar the million mile and <hes> they're wearing his is closed and watching his viral video he's everywhere and so I appreciate it same Dwayne Wade Look at how Dwayne and Gabrielle have formed the Perfect Union and what they're doing. I mean they're a monster. Whether it's the travel game whether it's you know the sponsorship gain whatever he's GonNa retire big more money than when he was quite a thousand percent I always wonder if Kevin being that he is firmly ingrained in both the entertainment and sports aspect if he ever wishes or if there was there's ever a sports story where he was. I was doing sports right now because I do that with his job. All the time like today on entertainment tonight I would love to be sitting right next to you Kevin Frazier talking about eight ZAP bragging go to jail. I'm just saying this phone L. Day I wanted to I would die to highlight guy to Joe so he was released from jail while judge figures out his fate but they said he could leave the country so even if going nowhere going nowhere we I wish I could do a highlight Joan Fraser entertainment tonight. I appreciate at the time we see Miami. I'll see you Miami. We'll be I'll be ready for you. I know I know how Michael Roles. I'll be ready for down there. So you know you know I'm coming cab. Oh wow the wild bunch on their way down because he's a calming effect we uncle J.. We did oh man to keep us down a little bit angry. Jay of entertainment and I appreciate the time E._S._P._N.. Radio presented by progressive insurance drivers who switch and save an average of six six hundred and ninety nine dollars less per year L. Duck and Michalis Infra Stephen a Smith Stephen a Smith Show E._S._p._N.. Radio guess what you're in the middle of the Stephen Smith Show podcast back here on the Steve Naismith Show Michalis Mel Duncan filling in for Stephen aid today baseball season rose along tune in tomorrow's Aaron Judge of the Yankees. He's host the Red Sox presented by indeed coverage begins at twelve thirty eastern on E._S._p._N.. Radio and the E._S._p._N.. APP This player resumes brought to you by indeed used by over three three million businesses for hiring post a job today and indeed dot com slash higher now Stephen not able to do as radio show today's traveling because he just said this interview with Carmelo Anthony Out in Los Angeles. We played clips of that interview earlier in the hour. You can go to E._S._P._N.. Dot Com right now and be able to check it out but L.. You had a question that we didn't have time to ask Stephen earlier. As it relates to what Camello really really wants here well I mean Carmelo. Carmelo did a lot of talking about just the love of the game wanting to play for the game and if not to play for a championship just to play to get his love of the game back because he loves the game so if you love the game do you love the game enough to go play on the big three or Greece or China go team up with Land Stevenson or Stefan von Marburg if he's still doing his thing the big three what why do you WanNa see criminal invis- thing is about humbling yourself right and showing the humility of there's the big names in the big three. I didn't mean to laugh though there are some quite audibly names that were big named at the time they were N._B._A.. Currently in the big three it's not about it's not about still being able to play basketball because you can do it anywhere he wants to play in the N._B._A.. And what he really really really wants is to be on a team. That has a chance of winning a championship. That's what he really really really really want any of what he said No. He didn't say you WANNA play in the big. Three either say that right the question is if you are a team of of that ilk. Do you WanNa Take Carmelo your team. Here's a question if you're the timber wolves if you're the grizzlies if you're the nuggets nuggets too good. I'm trying trying to think teams. Would you call Carmelo and expecting to play in your squad and if your answer the phone like you said I can't make one team out of thirty. How many of those did you you really WANNA play for? Can you go back to the Knicks. Listen if you're trying to sell some tickets right. You're trying to sell some tickets selling tickets. That's that's not the issue. They sell tickets. That's not the issue. There issue is fielding the team. That's capable of making a run towards the playoffs which they have been doing forever. Oh Hey this son's then could. He go play on the sons he could but I'm saying if you're the sons. What value is there at adding Carmelo Anthony to your squad and if you're Mel Anthony what does it do for you to go play for the game the love

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