Steelers 2020 Training Camp Recap: Day 3


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There were still some news they came out of some really good news by the way a came out of this particular practice session in I do believe if my sources are correct the tomorrow Thursday, the steelers will be off meaning. We won't have one of these training camp recaps tomorrow nonetheless. Get to the news and see what happened were here. What happened? Let's get off on the right foot. The good news Mike Tomlin after practice met with media in his now typical zoom session. Stated that the two injuries the DAX. Raymond tight end newly-acquired in the off season. and. Fourth. Round Pick Kevin Dodson out of Louisiana Lafayette both were injured on Tuesday with lower body injuries. Raymond was an ankle Dodson was in e. I think an all everyone looked at this situation. They felt the same Dodson's was more serious. That's what the overarching thought was. Mike Tomlin says. Both seem to be in what he called short-term meaning that this is going to be a short term injury. That's good news. The problem is, is that neither of these players? Can stand to have any injuries if they have a shot at actually getting on the field this year now I think it's understood that Kevin Dodson his rookie was probably not going to play much his first year in the League as a professional unless there were a lot of injuries to players above him but nonetheless, development is important and he would be missing out on a lot of that development if. He's not available seems like he'll be available maybe. You know practice guy or maybe a guy that just doesn't dress on game days, but it seems like he'll be available. Now Dax Raymond on the other hand, he is potentially vying for the third tight end position. I don't know if that's GONNA work out very well for him. Considering the steelers just worked out a tight end today, which makes you think that maybe this ankle injury to high angle injury. That could be a long term injury. We're talking weeks not just a couple of days. If that's the case, it looks like it could be the end of the road for Raymond in maybe they bring in this new player you can read that article is written by my co editor Dave Scofield on behind the steel curtain dot com it's up there as you listen. To this so good news though both those players having short term injuries. That's good news that is good news. The steelers don't have anyone in the cove reserve list. There were no new injuries of note, it seemed like everything so far. So good knock on wood on the injury front for the Pittsburgh steelers. So what else happened in a non padded practice? Well I mean a lot of people were wondering you know what's going to be happening with The the well, why are they not even have pads on? That's a good question. Mike. Tomlin answer that question in his post game press conference he said they went with helmets only today focused on passing in defensive coverage. That was the focus of today's workout. So in other words, he said Tomlin that is. They were GONNA go with basically shoulder pads, badge just really just helmets and they're going to work on throwing. So they did drills like two minute drill. They did a lot of one on ones in the outside and entertaining practice for those that were allowed to be there in other words there weren't a lot of people there to watch it but some notes, the two minute drill was capped off by a touchdown by I almost feel guilty saying it at this point, Ryan Switzer Ryan Switzer caught the touchdown pass folks and I know there's a lot of people out there listening they're cringing they're cringing and they're just saying Oh. Gosh are you serious? Air From all reports from the people that are there live. Bryan Switzer has had a really good training camp so far he looks good in the offense. He looks good is return man he looks like he's earning his spot. On the team whether you like it or not whether you like it or not. That is what is really happening. So other news that happened today lot of news came before practice even started believe it or not. Because there wasn't a lot of talk after the practice itself regards to what there was. No backs on backers. There was no live tackling drills obviously but you know we did hear from some steelers that we hadn't really heard from in a while notably Benny Snell junior. Benny salesman quiet. Benny Snell yeah. Benny Smell football. Whatever he's calling himself in the third. person. He seemed pretty quiet when you listen to the interview and you need got to see exactly what are you? He was not the it was not a boastful player. It was a player that was all business they asked to make Benny how are you? GonNa protect yourself from the risks of coronavirus covid nineteen. He says located simple I go I go to work and I go home that's it. was really interesting. Was the fact that any Snell said he lost twelve pounds this off season I believe he went from about two, twenty, four, two to twelve. For the common person they might say while. A big deal for an elite athlete. Yeah. That's a big deal. If you pay attention to, you'll see the this has been a trend with running backs under the Mike Tomlin era whether it was lady on. Who came in was focused on bigger stronger going into the league. He was told to cut weight in his second years when he's still get step forward, believe it or not. James Connor was the same way came in as a rookie wanted to get bigger thought that was what was necessary in reality what they need is a higher level of conditioning speed and agility Benny Snell didn't have a horrible rookie year, but he definitely could have taken a step forward. I him losing weight. All accounts are the he looks a lot faster his lateral speed which he lacked in the past looks really good. I think that Snell could be a really good complementary back. The question is of James Connor are gonNA. Say Jeff I think he meant to say when James Connor gets her Ken Benny Snow Carry Load, and that's to be determined. What else is interesting? We also heard from steph onto another player that has been relatively quiet other than the fact that Steph onto it has been very outward about his stance on national anthem protests and things of that nature. He talked a lot about his rehabilitation. This is a player that was really dominant. You can go back and check I did a whole podcast on Stefan to being the Superman. This defense needs on my let's ride show. You can go check that out and he really talked about. The fact that I I didn't realize this but he the steelers would have made the playoffs last year he was probably going to join the team. This was the same thing I'm sorry JJ WATT DJ JJ. Watt did for the Texans last year. During his pack having surgically repaired in being able to return in the postseason unfortunately, the steelers did not make that. They obviously did not make that jump. They did not make the postseason and therefore. There you have. It wasn't able to return, but he says, it is pack his chest muscle as strong as ever. And he's been leaning on Cam. Hayward a lot during his rehabilitation. Why Because Cam Hayward suffered this injury just a few years ago. So he's been talking with canvas what he's done. Getting some tips from him probably talking about maybe what he's feeling in terms of range of motion. Hey you feel on this is this normal all that good stuff, but steph onto it. He did talk about the anthem and said that he's basically he's going to stand for the anthem whatever your thoughts and feelings are they are they are that these are his but he's really excited to get back out there. I'm sure that he's a player that is itching to get back on the football field just cannot wait to get back on the football field because as I said podcasts last week. He was dominant in just as six games that he played before. He hurt himself actually hurt himself tackling Philip rivers. So take take that for what it's worth and the other player did a person I should say we heard from Ryan Switzer and Danny Smith special teams coach. Danny Smith talked a lot about the rookies getting special teams. Look really excited about chase clay was a special teams player. Ryan Switzer talked a lot about trust he admitted that he gets a lot of hate a lot of vitriol on social media. He doesn't pay attention to it. He says the only people I have to please are my God, my wife and my employer, and so he wants to. He was asked straight up a lot of people say, well, it's Ben's buddy. He's GonNa make the team they basically asked McKay people's been saying this what are your responsibilities that I wanna prove Ben Right he said it doesn't hurt that you have influenced from people above you and Ben would obviously be that person. And he wants to prove Rothlisberger vouching for him. Right he wants to come out and prove it. He doesn't just get a spot because he's Ben's buddy, but he gets a spot because he earns it he gets a spot because he deserves it and that's what it looks like is happening. He's doing a great job so far all accounts like I said earlier are that he is looking the part. As a potential option in the slot for the steelers and Mike Tomlin spoke about Switzerland, his post practice press conference and said, he's been watching Switzer from the slot since his days in North Carolina going to pit to play the panthers at Heinz Field. So he knows what he's capable of they kept him around for a reason fans may not like him, but you might WanNa get used to him because I don't think he's going anywhere. Again I think tomorrow Thursday unless they change the schedule which that could happen. This schedule is subject to change. The Pittsburgh steelers should be off, which means we will have a training camp recap for the following day one sows pads, come back on or once they get back on the practice field, you will hear from me Jeff Hartman Co editor of behind the curtain dot Com giving you all the latest news of the day whether it's just a couple interviews or whether. It's about Tj Wadden Zach banner going head to head and having some strong disagreements quote unquote as they did two days ago with that said, make sure wherever you're listening to this in podcast form whether it's I tunes Google play stitcher anchor spotify follow the show make sure that you subscribe. Give us a good five star rating in a good common. If you listen on itunes and make sure you check out behind the steel curtain dot com for all your Pittsburgh steelers needs. I'm Jeff Hartmann we'll see you later. 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