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#93- Breaking the pattern of traditional tours


Hello badeah bang bang. That's cool kid rock. Who <hes> i just i just found out he was like a rich kid. You just found out. He wasn't white trash yeah but he's just like he hit it. It really well made himself appear that way well. I mean whatever yeah you know that's that is an artist noticed there. He's he's the lady gaga of lifted trucks a man yeah how how many days we've been home now. I've been sick the entire time and i've limelight pretending like i'm. I'm not <hes> oh. It's how it actually up feel like a lot of times. It's kind of how you decide to be sick. You know like you can you can either. I mean and obviously this is only talking when you're talking about like a cold call a cold or if they're anything more severe obviously it's a different thing but you know when you just have a cold you can either land battle day and have the cold or ride handed out or write it out yeah so so i've been trying to write it out right it out like when i woke up today i was like coughing like really bad i was like oh god and then i walked my dog and then i showered in a went mom. I'm gonna go hang and with pat. I went all all the way hallway here comes breaking <hes> is we didn't really talk <hes> on eps about brazil awesome shows it was it was a it was a blast blast. We played pioneer full. <hes> which thousand saying yeah it was so so much fun. I had so much focus on it. Yeah bled some love into that into the actual because i talk about how that's my fair record lars but musically it's not just the idea of it is now and in an playing it was like i like this song and this one's good too. We can totally do this onto her. It was it was really cool. Yeah weird country songs <music> so strange. I mean playing it like that. When we played it at practice was like what the fuck where we thinking but like then then you go play play it in front of people and it was like this is fun. This is so cool and like adam was talking about simon's us like that. I love all those those are really cool because he he never he hasn't played. Maybe less than half of those songs so for him to like say that it'd be like really like a lot of those yeah yeah cool that's good <hes> and then the other show was awesome as well. Tim attempt turned into our video guy the awal video wall guy so he's hey chad now designer signer winter chad. What does he want. The computer guy to be is it also is like chad that it was just him. I think does that he to getting unicol. Should we see who it is. It's definitely someone trying to sell something allow. Oh man <hes> yes so this <hes> this episode we kind of do a breakdown of our unique touring the things the ideas and aren't just putting some bands to gather and and and hopping on tour the it kind of interesting ideas that we've had throughout the years and <hes> <hes> so hopefully hopefully you'll find it. Find it interesting and maybe if you went some of these tours it will spark a little nostalgia yeah. Maybe some modernist ooh. Do we talk about it. <music> we don't know do we still work. Wall komo man forget about those were. Why would you ever need this one. That'd be like if like you you if you tell the joke that was that was bad and you wanted to but this one is good crowded loving. They're gonna we should play that after every podcast altro and then we'd just go such a good job amazing oh man uh sweet well yeah we will <hes> get into the episode here and <hes> we talk about about touring if <hes> <hes> speaking of touring we will be we'll be an england we will be in a manila will be in singapore four and then all over the u._s. with the mirror tour as well as we'll be in australia yeah so come and see us gear grab had some tickets if you i mean you're going to need to have taken to get into the show so well. If you know you do as i say if you buy never mind stupid you're gonna you're here. Hey get ticket so get your ticket cool. Thanks exp listening talk chelsea. I remember remember when we were first talking about doing a head headlining tour. You're for for the first time ever would have been two thousand nine that we were probably having talked like trying to think of bands for the for the tour trying to come up with like what would be a really cool thing for the fans and you know we kept bashing people go their already busy. They're already this and that and that kind of went on and this was our first time ever trying to do a headlining headlining tours are first time like seeing how hard it is to that fired shirt to find the bands that you wanted to earth because well in your head. You're just assuming oh yeah that makes sense the one a tour with you which they probably do. Maybe maybe but there's so how many factors just getting the timing right between bands like so hard i mean still will yeah it's very difficult and it just gets harder and harder yeah <hes> because we want a tour with less and less people just kidding <hes> yes yes so i mean we were. We were just really having a hard time getting bands that we thought you know and this is all bands like bands that were good friends with or whatever you know i think i think we're trying to get every avenue on it and stuff <hes> yeah what was that we had like a list of like yeah. Hey hey monday day. Every every avenue a handful of other the band <hes> we're going to have this century was going to be the opening band <hes> and you know so we were just kept hitting a wall with with it <hes> and then eventually i had said something to tim i was it's like well. What if we don't get anybody else yeah and then <hes> i think <music> gary siam about i just call it an evening with because that's what people used to do but that would mean that like there. There was no opening band. It was yeah just an evening with the main. Everybody comes to watch only the main so we we liked that idea and it it kind of felt the the name felt cool yeah so even even the happening opening bad too because then then we decided to ask austin gibbs to come to <hes> it was pretty much beginnings of eighty one eighty three yeah yeah but i guess we just call it that because it was like an evening with the main rain but an evening with things that represent what what what what would worry about our friends so it was with with only only our friends and who is banned that nobody ever ever heard of yes. I think that was more of the thing it was like. Hey you don't know these but you're gonna love. It's gonna be awesome in in in your about to love all this you know so from from there you know it was that that went really well. What was the was san. Francisco enciso was the first one i'll never remember that day like i'll never forget that actually the whole tour was like because it was the first time we were touring headlining and black and white had just come out but there's all this like leftover from can't stop because we'd never done our own shows on that yeah ah though so it was like playing a bunch of songs for the first time yeah playing wall be for the first time like having being an ethic way to like end show and be able to play an hour and a half when before that the most you've ever paid his forty five minutes probably and this is this is prime rhyme pioneer heads base. We had just put out black and white. Yes just come out but we're already done. We're like whatever on that we were. Were like writing like we did yeah. We're riding my heroine on that tour so we're just like full like rebel mode and and so we yeah welby we end up doing that like fucking crazy version ending yeah so sick yeah. It was amazing. I loved that. I still want to like somehow fucking do that but i'm sure if we listen to now is probably like not that core court but in our heads it was like fucking wilco or so it was like we're so sibusiso cool like we turn the lights down like it was like pitch black can and cannot do this like crazy shit on his pedal and we're just playing so long <hes> i was trying to find but <hes> yeah everything is <hes> not that everything is not but regardless <hes>. If you were there you remember craig erickson and talk to her wrong tour then we probably kept doing it yeah but craig aaronson said he cried yeah <hes> and if you if you need to know who craig aaronson is we did a podcast about him a few episodes back <hes> but he was our an ar from warner brothers and we played the anaheim show and that will go down as one of my favorite shows ever the first time we did this version cause well. We'll be for a little while the john did this long speech and then i think we watched a jimmy world playing goodbye sky harbor. I like a festival yeah and it was like really fucking cool <hes> and like oh in kind of that they changed changed the whole version of that song and we're like we can change the songs are played and that's how that started yeah yeah so then from from from there. It was always kind of well. That felt really cool so we need every time we we headline as often as possible for to just you know i think we've we've really felt like a lot of bands who were just kind of touring tour you know and it was just you just find five bands to put together a in a package that people will enjoy that bring the most people <hes> but there's not a lot of heart in that or like extra extra effort or or anything so our our approach was always like well. What's a unique thing we can do <hes> and they are times where we hit on that well and then there's times when we just kind of put together tour packages that were just cool. You know <hes> but you know i would say some of the highlight ones. I guess you know <hes>. I guess what what have been your next like when i've been been a highlight one <hes> just being different or yeah probably pioneer like the pioneer playing it yeah because i was just whacky yeah we we all <hes> pioneer in full before the album was was was even out <hes> so that was like an another like oh what how can we have people experience a show in a totally different different way yeah and not just it's we talked about it before but that show built so much tension and then playing some days or something thing now what was barely barely known at that point. It was like a total release. It was yeah thank fucking god but yeah that that tour <hes> and probably the coup stick one. Would maybe be the next so that was during center forever halloween and we put out imaginary numbers ep so we decided to do and an acoustic tour and and we tried to play as many unique types of of venues possible the one that sticks out is the show in tempe <hes> tempe art center <hes> and it was all like seated really awesome venue <hes> and that was just totally different kind of show show yeah where everybody's in seats even us and it's not about moving around. It's about just presenting the songs and and that sort of way not even yeah not even like it was like probably the only time when it was like we're not feeding feeding much from the crowd like it's about what were it was. It was sending to them yeah and like just being in the zone together on state. I mean there's so much of that because the sitting kidding but like even when you do relaxed songs. It's like oh you're or they singing. There's always that your head on this one. It was like here's this mood and it's not going to change that much on that and <hes> and we're gonna do some weird things appear to like that. Maybe you like we all switch instruments. It's at the end and you play. You played a fucking machine. Yeah crazy yeah i. I want to do another <hes> yeah. Yeah i stick tour or some sort of something now in that vein. It's more like organic you feeling like maybe we have a couple more people stage and stuff it would be really cool yeah <hes> and then i guess the free tour that would yeah that we'll go down as as the the big guy yeah oh now eighty one twenty three tour yeah a two twenty three hundred it was more of a just off all of our buddies out but that was kind of like in a mosh to the drive thru records tour that would have been before the detroit <hes> <hes> you know just getting all literally wherever single person on the tour is just one of our homeys one of our good friends <hes> which creates creates a totally different in in virement at the at the show yeah. They're having like been weird for someone to come up on stage do something like that. I can't think of many tours where that that would be like from from the first day here. Yeah like having having someone come up and play guitar it'd be weird yeah and then the free free cure for obvious reasons which we talked about on on on here bunch you know <hes> and then i would say modernist under nostalgia tour <hes> definitely for elitist bands and are kind of world or maybe just in general. I haven't really seen any anybody do anything like that and that one felt like a good time to do something like that. Because i remember it was kind of feeling like there were a few tours in a row where it it was about to be the same the same the same. I remember when you were. Tim brought it up. I was like yes that sounds. That sounds like the perfect idea the we need to switch something up. We need to like not just go out with you. Know whoever and just do a normal thing yeah it was it was just it was a <hes> a mixture of like oh people are really enjoying are two recent albums <hes> and then also oh you know during that time it was when a lot of bands were kind of hitting the ten year anniversary mark that yeah that kind of came came out our our time and we where we're always of the like oh we're excited about what what we're doing right now so we don't want to really go back to the past often all that often you know <hes> so it was kind of our little subtle fuck you to like that i guess <unk> obviously like we've you know we played can soften and fall to at the fast and nick. We've done that you know but this is just kind of are like hey we kind of do things our own way. Yeah in the mood of the show felt like a rock version of the acoustic one <hes> you know <hes> <hes> starting with lovely lonely n that being like its own mood yeah it felt <hes> because there are upbeat songs over that record but what the the things between things that make it all connect made it this vibe and like this <hes> this tone of like not not going too far up yeah <hes> and then and then playing american candy after felt like almost like like super nostalgic even who years old but it was like oh yeah i have heard this forever and it just like like the the name of the tour so perfect yeah you know <hes> and then <hes> i i guess the mirror them yeah. Were you gonna say oh yeah at that summer. Yeah i mean gaffer for obvious reasons that you know we did a whole pod podcast on that but yeah just like a again and same thing of like we could put out a record and just go do a tour or why not i can fill a love void. That's that's that's missing package something to gather with a bunch of our friends and <hes> i think that just the amount of <hes> things that we were doing on the tour like just like setting up things in the morning and stuff. I think it put a spark in us. It was like whoa we could do things like this on tour yeah and i think that's where it's leading to to the idea of the mirrors like whoa we could really do something like if we work. A little harder in are just like can sit around. We can make something like really cool so that's the idea. I don't want to give too much away of what we're gonna do but that that was like the like thing in our heads like yeah. How do we make our version of something. Mike big time and you know yeah so i think the mirror is now the next thing and it's it's it's twila things where it always feels as if that next ideas not gonna come you know it always feels like maybe the best ideas sir you know behind us but you know we keep trying to exercise that creative like muscle and us and try so you know and you you come up with not a good idea not a good idea and then all of a sudden you know something something hits and it really just takes us us spark yeah you know it takes like john came up with the name and then from from there then you run with that and then you just like oh now all of the sudden what we're turning it into now is something well beyond what we were thinking you know are are originally well and the and the cool thing is now. We've always had big ideas. Even since our first fucking show like the way we present everything now we're at this position where we can actually do some of these things that we've had in our heads for fucking twelve years you know like these big ideas of how to make it feel a certain way <hes> <hes> more than ever were like one were okay with putting ourselves out like that and and we have the resources is to be able to do these things and it's much easier now technology and yeah just what what what we've learned. You know like how how things work instead yes so. I think we're going to make this show just the m- the most interactive the most in depth every detail is gonna you know we're we're worth thinking about or a big thing of is it wasn't a tour but the funeral was huge on like just putting our heads in a different words like like more in line with with the way that felt like how can we do that but just bigger level but there's so many littering every that are happening in that show that just feel that entire time felt like something and we're taking on the site for the tour which will will will promote more but we we did kind of take a handful things from that where we're asking everybody to wear gold where you like your cake kick <hes> color old you know so if if people wanna like customize their band merchant like turn into that or just go buy cooled chit or whatever here <hes> and then asked to bring a flower <hes> which <hes> <hes> i think that'll be a cool part in the show it is it will be a part of the show on the show so you know we're asking people to bring that and then we're going to incorporate incorporate that into the set at some point <hes> so it's kind of like every everybody is a part of of the show in that in that in that way <hes> and then just yeah like what what we're bringing to the table with the performance and with the way that it's gonna look on stage in the sound and the lighting and the merge and the way the the venues gonna feel way we've already figured out kind of idea the set and it's like we're con constantly being influenced by ourselves and things that we've done like there's some stuff that we did in the pioneer show. It was like that was kind of a show when we just played in brazil like not like we weren't excited but it's just like oh like we've done that before and last time it didn't feel that cool and playing this time was like that was one of my favorite things we've done in a while and it's like the way some loose socks fells like wow. That's it's not. That's not how i think of that song. Yeah you know like us playing that totally work in a normal set like we don't need to be afraid of playing yeah yeah whatever song <hes> it just constantly like okay like it like not not afraid of of i khan yeah. I've just you know of i it's it's a difference in like you know there's some parts in the set where you're playing songs for the sake of energy that the card gives to you and then there's certain songs were now were playing to give energy to the crowd but maybe not energy in the way of every asked to be jumping up and down yeah <hes> so yeah i don't know i think it's going to be a unique show. I think i mean obviously there's still a lot that we're having to to to work out kind of like every every day. I'm working on like one other the little little tiny aspect of noise context. Hey can you call this company and see if we can get this fart machine yeah a a farmer's union or a certain kind of a smoke machine. That does a different look than we've ever had so. It's like literally every detail to like the smoke. Oh that's on the stage to like the kind of drum riser that we're going to have like an and things that are way more important than the napa just like every little thing is is being kind of like thought thought about where before it was just like oh. We'll go by some carpet to put down well now. It's like we're ordering thing samples of a certain thing and like you know just every detail is being thought of and i i really hope that you're going to be able to tell when when you when you come to the show and it's it's gonna feel like i think joe going going hang on that. Just like you talking like that for so long. We did everything fucking punk rock. Just yourself like it might be half half asked but when you look at it. It's gonna feel like some sort of thing where on this it's like. Hey let's for the first time what's actually step it up. Let's let's let's do the bigger thing in let ourselves be okay with it yeah <hes> oh yeah it's that but then also it is also it's got the amount of what we do and it is going to be very very d._i._y. Anything anything it's going to be us. You know having to to to build things but yeah it's that's true but it is taking things to the next level so can't wait for people to see it and kind of you know it's it's just another step in evolution solution of us trying to interesting tours you know and then we got to figure out what what's next. What's what's the next big thing so a basement tour complete opposite of orbit to the main in the basement. If you have a basement cool well yeah we will <hes> talk to y'all very soon and we will see you. You show <music> <music>.

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