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Merriam Webster's word of the day for July Twenty Third Merriam Webster's word of the day is brought to you by Capella University at Capella. You can make your dream of earning a p._H._d.. A reality taking the first steps can be scary but Capella has built an experience to help you understand every stage of the journey learn more about what it's really like to earn a doctorate step-by-step at Capella Dot e._d._U.. Slash word today's. His word is desideratum also pronounced desideratum and Spelled D. E. S. I d. e.. R. A. T. U.. M. desideratum is a noun that means something desired as essential. Here's the word I used in a sentence by Kurt vonnegut from the sirens of Titan the strength of his class dependent to some extent on sound money management but depended to a much larger extent on marriages based cynically on the sorts of children. Unlikely to be produced healthy charming wise children were the desiderata we'd like to introduce you to some close cousins of the common word desire all trace their roots to the Latin see dare or C._D.'s. which has historically been understood to mean heavenly body but which may also have an older non celestial meaning of Mark Target or goal whether etymologically starry or grounded deceit Harare meaning too long for was born? Born when the Latin Day D. E. was prefixed to see their deceit Harare beget the anglo-french daisy which in turn brought forth the English Word Desire Desirous and desirable in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries stories with deceleration following in the fifteenth then in the Seventeenth Century English acquired disintegrate meaning to wish for and desideratum desiderata is the plural all of which can lay claim to direct ancestry.

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