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WWE's The Bella Twins (A BGU Flashback)


Media Hey guys welcome to Brandi Glanville unfiltered. I am feeling like rap up so I did not get a chance to record a podcast this week because I meant Pukhan super hot and sexy but about to be over I'm just manifest investor not shed but I thought with you know all of the narrowed him saying actually ashamed you know with total divas coming back and with my girls. The Bella twins the most beautiful girls in the world on most powerful. I love these girls so much and I feel like they. They embody everything that a woman should be power. Beauty Brisk respects strength not puking having great body on just a loss online. It's NYQUIL dayquil. Yeah I mixed anyway. I'M GONNA replay the interview I had with them and two thousand fifteen so if we talk about Jonah sorry he's not around anymore but that's great wrote. No one misses him. We still seem in the movies so go ahead and give it a listen and I will be back next week. Skinnier at least served several lining of all of this thrown up all right bye Straw media. This is red and Glenn Bill on now. Here's Brandy glanville welcome to Brandi Glanville unfiltered. It's GonNa be a little filter today because I'm here with two beautiful. WWe fell as Bella Twins Nikki and Brie while Gun Danke. Oh so excited to be here. You are gorgeous annoying thank you. I Apologize. I love it. You're so cute so now I was reading reading. Your bio says that you guys really you didn't always want to be wrestlers now. You guys just wanted to get discovered kind of be in the business will actually how it was. I mean Nicky and and I were always kind of wonder lies but we were soccer players Greg. Yeah we always loved just the physical part of sports and being athletic and when we don't know college wasn't really for us right. I fell you ought to know we attempted it but we also attempted it in San Diego and it was like party Freddie School Gosh we formed at San Diego State and it was like the beach. Your clock is walking around now. There's so many Hawkeye's especially when you're you're young. You feel like everyone surfer guys. WanNa love life. I love it with you like like surfer. The Guy I I did what is younger but breaches side. She'd like the perfect life would be to live in a beach shack and watch him surf and like life. It'd be amazing you know it for the chaos we do now and you're a hundred zero bad stream but we I saw divas on TV and I saw women wrestling. I was just like like oh my gosh that is for Nicole and I say but look doing it. It was when they do that and then you're like. Oh Oh my gosh and it was cool to for me just seeing the entertainment aspect of it and I told the Quantum Mike I think that's her calling and she thought I was crazy at first because she he was looking actually to save when they did the Pani matches and I was like whoa right. I don't know about this like no. Look at what they're doing now then the minute. I saw what they were doing. I was like this is like wrestling the amazing stuff what she was looking to. Maybe go play pro soccer in Italy for her when I said that she's like I kind of other things going. I I was like I found diva. Search which is in Los Angeles at the Four Seasons and I want you to come with me and at first she wouldn't and then you Kinda I duNNo. I know what made you WanNa. Come with me when you showed me the Williams wrestling we are. You're the boss then no actually not at all I I. I know hesitant to go with this right no trouble with you before author who was born. I S. sixteen minutes twin in. Oh my Lord I know but we and then from there on it was just like it's actually hilarious because when we did show up we were in athletic clothing and everyone else was dresses like going to the club yeah right relate you sign me up for and I'm like are. Are you sure we're wrestling's is your characters. Really I mean we used to watch Hulk Hogan brother and we watched all I mean I didn't get it back then and now I like watching the girls. I don't really like watching the Guy Yeah. Yeah I love girls kick ass like yeah love Ronda Rousey and all of that plagued it and you're hot and you're kicking ass. It's like it's like interpretive dancing. I'm for guys like they wanted to watch you wrestle and we WANNA watch you know the girl is stop totally unlike a due to my head to fight each other but now getting back to you guys are always doing crazy stunts. How do you not have bruises and cuts all over your body well finger liquor mess but but it definitely get bruised up and injured and get cuts three ring. Can you please each it. Actually how how much of the time we don't have steph on us is pretty crazy but but I think that's why we train so hard. It really puts you through the ringer of learning the craft and training so we can protect ourselves. You really are like stumped women in a way I think lapse by Talia I mean people like do they kind of go. I mean you have the routine to like get aggressive. I think I would get aggressive and be like really. I don't think I could handle it. I'd run on four hits you too hard you can just kind of snap and then you hit him hard back and they're like what the heck and then moved. Just so you're like okay. I deserve but we're used to it. Because being twins growed up we fought each other and its natty. I one time did an interview and we're like we kinda get turned on on at the fact of like now. Deny this agreement that will go really hard on each other in the ring but we kinda turned us on because we are considered professional athlete. We do love to to fight at the end of the day so when you're in the ring with someone who's really aggressive. You actually like it. It's like me harder scary. I would not you guys are you're all beautiful but I wouldn't want to go against her. No she grew up in a dungeon with the Hart family. I mean she comes from I call family and in a heartbeat now could put you in a Japanese submission that would make you wanna tap instantly well and you know we call a lot on the fly in the ring and like when we're rolling around and doing stuff and all essential call slap slap the first thing you think your head is like oh her clench your yeah. Josh would never WanNa hear Stephanie McMahon just painful. Also I mean I like watching. I walk into a wall and like I have a bruise aside like I'm so like accident all over all the I'm thinking watching. You guys five. I gotTA take whatever supplements they're taking it seriously covered in bruises right and I danced gymnasts dramatics and all that when I was younger and I still can't walk I walk into a wall but now with the show I mean you guys must get. I mean everywhere you go. People are stopping Pingyao. Is it crazy it is. That's a really we're talking about that this morning that over the past three years being introduced his mainstream audience here were one hundred seventy seventy countries yeah so we're worldwide at WBZ but we've never hit that mainstream audience and now we're getting stopped all the time. I imagine and we're kind of like oh so I guess we're the Bella twins and it's a weird. It's well. I think reality and you understand this. People feel so connected in so party life. You're you'll be oh you're in a starbucks and they wanNA give you advice. They'll tell you something that happened in there like oh my gosh you know when this happened. I was telling them this morning that this a guy came up to my husband and I and he's like I was always telling my girlfriend about compost toilets. I was so happy they showed it on the show and we get in this whole conversation stranger about compost toilets. It's it's very awkward but because they in their living room though I mean if I saw you guys I probably come up to you to I mean it's just like yeah. I do that too but it's weird when people I listen. We're very lucky to have this but when they start talking to you like they know you and you're thinking do I know you or is this from TV. Rain again your names and it's just a little too nice because it kind of hold us accountable taking better people than you might be. If people didn't know who we are Orlea because you start to realize like all these women that look up to you were seeking advice and so when they come in your role model they don't want to be like we love being role models but it does take you at times like you cannot have a bit today right right and lake three mode that happens on total divas. I can't tell you how many people want to drink with me. I'll be on airplanes and everyone always wants to buy and I'm like Oh. Oh sorry it's seven am. I don't feel like Mary Right now. You know but your character that don't get it. Yeah and remote happens so once in a while but everyone wants me to be you know like every day. That's why there was like a name for remote because I just saw honor is and I legitimately started yeah I mean I hate to say high school but it is killer and I'm like how do you just turn into this different person you want to she liked turns integ- kid but it's so obnoxious and annoying. All Fun like drunk than an angry actually wanted to angry. Linson isn't like I've been around them. I'm a fund on my lap dance like a lot of unrealized and everywhere and when the the Ingram scared Melia yeah I mean but you have not that. You have an angry drunks on your show but there's some real life drama. That's going on when you guys at Mar shooting like I saw people. Getting drive got a cars by their hair episode. Oh Yeah with the summer always I can settle this ad in the ring. This is this is real. It kind of goes weave weave in and out with each other was three hundred days a year so we're just like a big family. We start fighting sisters Nicole Grant. We don't physically touch each other anymore. That was more when we were younger and we slap in Voyeur fish. I think trained you do you get to that point and you're just like you can't take it anymore. Born some people that just want to grab you snap yeah whatever summer said she just made nowadays snap and I think you've seen page places with people yeah it gets. It's gotten crazy on her show. I wanted to slap the crap out of summer. One time took everything in my power not to have diva this year. Mandy spill jazz hot. It's annoying thing. I like to watch weren't how we don't watch it yeah. It isn't watch hot girls especially that h yeah she I always feel bad for our new girls because coming into our locker room like Oh. I'm so sorry like you just right yeah. It's like it's like this off and I feel bad for them to buy yes so you see that this season especially because what I I love so much about pages page like you better learn how to wrestle because of all the drama we dealt with Eva and when some Divas WanNa come on and not learn how to wrestle now even does and she's doing amazing Annex X-ray but so poor mandy you'll soon seizing gets Alicia. Fox and patient goes through the ringer. Let's say I don't get just to be pretty you. You can't just be pretty till right. You have to do the work and she's going to go through it like the red. I always say the red haired girl. Wasn't that Eve so she's had some work done yesterday three or I don't know maybe I'm wrong but I said when I was started watching. I was watching the knows about smaller things started changing and she's gorgeous. Yeah I was like wouldn't you. Just wait until somebody breaks your nose like fix it right now my watching. I never get his Z. Her because she does the annex t like Darren instagram all rightly but so yeah I just yeah I don't know it is true because we get hit an face a lot really not too long has got kicked in the face and she's got a space or the rookie knows from breaking my knows that I'm like totally a fighter news but I like. I like a strong I actually it's weird because pictures will drive me crazy which I know it's like. I can't judge myself. Pick myself part but out and I'm like I. I'm like Oh but I'm a professional wrestler like this is you I am this is what happens when you did your boobs and you didn't identify what my best to me to me to us. They're always out. It is what it is yeah but now why did you not. It's just not your thing not my thing at all has been there was like no well even 'cause. I she got him. I'm Ben now in four years allowing. Hey so even before that I sometimes I think about it. It's only ways apart by the code. Oh yeah but I'm such a hippie girl in all yet that it just goes me Guinea. I am not your yes see. I heard you had more muscle for it. Like your your tiny tiny. I'm not looking at the boobs right. Elliott for me like my boobs. If it just felt like it was was boasts I'm bigger thighs and booty than be like look weird with fake boobs even told you don't WanNa live Africa's. Yeah my husband and he's like no you want a love no matter what Gary until some twenty year old dry exactly Yak and you're just staring at that and I'll be okay. I'm getting my just like the cute ones we had before kids it up but it totally turns to National Geographic and I had a hobby like why would you call your do that. You don't have to go where I have had Philip the skin and actually that's what I did with mine and they just came out to be dis rather I always would say sees right and and they're not sees and Vialli like my bras. I was like doing this myself and I'm a D. because literally in a year and I didn't even have kids. I lost us to my boobs welling last year because I was like where my boobs yeah. I was so excited. I had like the way bigger and I'm like Oh. They went half away. I'm getting used to it was he. What freaks my husband so natural yeah. He's like. It's something foreign in your body. He can't get over that. I'm just like that's what my ex-husband say and literally he was so against fake groups he always talked crap and then when he saw what I was left with. We we can do that like all right so you came around so it just weighs probably happened to him. They will for sure because they have to. We all have to be happy in our bodies. I agree and if you're not happy with what you see them. You're not GONNA be happy. You know Italy so do whatever you have to do to make yourself happy. Let's get back to the show because I I met Barbie. Hsu Own mytalk again the worst. It's been like three days now that I had a mouthguard and got kind of rough so it was like kind of hurting 'cause I took it out and then it bit it did it and then it bit the worst thing is the worst but it's making me speak slower and not cuss with you guys. That's good. I guess we don't don't carry the now so or any of you out there getting married. 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All you have to do is the go-to with joy dot com slash free F. R. E. and capsules to create a wedding website. You can do it today. You can do it tomorrow. You can get a pre nup. Endure it down the road. That's right with joy. Dot Com slash free increase jeff everyone so on a sad a little bit of the note you guys were in Paris when the terrorist attacks yes I mean how is that I. It must have been crazy. It was so intense you know it's funny when nine eleven happened were you were in Arizona so I think you saw it on television and broke. Your heart is New York. See that's the thing is I think the People New York. You felt that atmosphere sadness overwhelming and that's what we thought it was just it took everyone everyone. You know you just shock. You're out of control. I mean you're you're not in control of anything anymore. Realize your most scared I've ever been in my new tire life just because you didn't know what was going to happen in the next next minute race second because they're more calm in the fact that it was ter so it's just on pure evil and you're just like wow our own humankind can do this tweet rely on their out of just pure evil and that's what makes take a step back and just like the lettering mile away like crazy just remember like seen all the military man unlike sprint and the streets with guns and we're like white is going right and everyone went out like to see pairs no one on the streets about it and no noise it was insane. No I didn't feel real now. Will you travel so much. You must have a little frightened about traveling abroad so much. I am right now just watching watching CNN I will not I'm not going anywhere for a minute. I'm like okay. I'm not going to go on vacation. I was going to go to the UK and keynote not touch. I think I've just get wait until in. La for a minute I don't WanNa go outside this little l a bubble because there's so many horrible things happening in this. Oh I know there is it's so sad and and sometimes I feel like the news can make it worse and that's what we try to at least tell ourselves is okay. They're they're making it worse. Italians rain at my grandmother always tell us like Joan. It's immoral. You're way too young is the news has been scary lately. What's been going on and we're actually going to lend in next week for media and that's exactly what I've seen is like. Oh you know. especially you feel like sometimes Americans or the ones are the ones that are like the bad guys. Don't I wanNA take down and you're like hey. I yeah there for sure I come in peace. I'm just trying to my job Tuncay Doku Mirror yeah. It's scary. I just I wish this world. Could you get along but I know that can never happen but when I changed our show Hersi yes Russell Watch the news I try not to but the and can you believe you have to be aware when going on but it really does affect me in my daily routine so I do it like once a week not breath because I just I need to know for my own knowledge but it's I look at my kids like you're not ever leaving my house not going anywhere and I wanna be a mom soon soon and I think the same thing like wow to raise your kid in today's world and you know maybe my mom did a great job when I was younger. Be Naive by the world just to me. It's different now. Yeah so much your yeah and so I like you like I think like I get worried about my dog. It's ridiculous. I can't even imagine kids. So what are you thinking kids. Well definitely sooner than later. I'm still you know in the ring wrestling but definitely Brian we are starting to plan and I'm thirty two. He's thirty four and we're just like Gosh. We you know we really want to be parents sin so keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully maybe summertime summer time we start tying. Wow so then what happens to why am I. I know I'm GonNa have honoring what happened. We'll see I'm not. I'm not ready to hang up my boots yet right then. I really want to be a mom so it's such a sign that you ask that because you actually see that this season total divas. Breen Breen is starting to do that next chapter because we've been at W. Serena thinking about what not literally because I'm starting to feel how my body feels and I'm like all right nicky. I don't know if you much longer in there but not recovering soon when you're snap courts hurting. That's when you're kind of like okay this has been a while but so we definitely start discussing this season. We start we. You'RE GONNA see us meet Damon John. About a line that we WANNA start. We have a meeting with care. Ross has to pick her brain. We do with Maria Shriver because now we want to be in motivational speaking so you actually get this season of your head. You're getting a master plan plan because everyone especially in US wrestle annual reality you both but you always have to figure out what's next exactly this. Could all of these options op Chinese could be gone and our looks are GonNa go at something like okay. You're not going to be giving you wouldn't anymore your mom now and everyone gets so much younger coming in eighteen it blew my mind when I harder age and they're just like difference between us and page which is is but you're easily so young age because I thought you guys were like twenty five really I told I told or they're on their way older than I thought do. If you look so young so thank you didn't that public actually was at the gas station station the other day and I was picking my brother up he came. I had to leave. John and John just had surgery so I've been a nurse and just got a puppy and like how am I gonNA leave them to to go to. La Brethren Yeah and he's not being the manners but I wanted to go get him some Heinekens. I did get my d and they carded me and I was like oh ha ha and they're like no any judy and I'm like thirty two. No you're not and literally they got the manager. They thought I was under twenty one trying to buy out exactly. I don't want to be known get caught on no but you kind of your head. You thought it you're saying get your phone out yeah yeah. They literally couldn't buy beer. Oh Man Yeah and I was like hey look opened up a bottle of opus fun for okay. We'll call it even though he looked out but I actually just saw the movie daddy's home. Oh Yeah John's goods priced areas because I was going to be and I have two boys on their own fans. This sounds horrible I because 'cause I watched girls. I don't really pay attention to the guy yeah. I didn't realize that his him was. He was such a big deal. You only knew who he was. Wash ashore with me okay. I don't even know video game because the can say the name and then I put two and two together when I saw the movie and he's like it was like oh I felt like I really didn't know. The big deal faced a wwe. There's like said boy. They like the girl a little bit of love him which is so cute so when he gets back in the rain you'll have to bring your table center Jenner. Oh my God sorry. John didn't know your girls. Oh now he looks like the guy at the blunt and I know who they all are but tells Taylor who and I love trying now like workout when you're on TV and you know you're you're basically acting like impromptu acting. How does that work out for the when you're in your daily life and it's not really happening people update. They talked to you like it is happening yeah. No Ziegler is really racks oh but he's not he's not really trying to get you back. Just saying I mean their whole story I know he is. Oh Nick fear well don't sigler where is his character name at. WB and his real name nickname but we were on and off for five years and then I started dating John and John became serious and then of course when you pay your network a naked just I stayed up. I wouldn't talk to me for a while when John and I started dating and then we did because we we are at work. I came back there three hundred days a year. Hey you're going to date within your pool. I'm married wrestler who is Nick Nick and I were just it was bad timing on it off. It was not meant to exactly that's exactly it was off for a reason at some point x ray access for a reason ordering a percent percent and so now when he's seen and heard how John won't give me marriage or kids. He's like well he'll here. I want to be the nine shining armor and I can be naive like he a he's hilarious he's a comedian. He's funny so he'll joke with me and giggle at his jokes but breeze like that's flirting with you and so. I was so naive to watching it on TV on Mike. Oh my God John was a little bit yet and I honestly like I would nothing nothing for nick like nothing whatsoever but he is he does make that's the one thing and I like his friendship. He's such great guy and I realized that especially now watch on the season back a Mike a terrible person I mean yeah I think after a few years have gone by and you haven't seen them at all and yeah if it if that's it's going to be but like right away you can't be friends especially when you work time and all about time together yeah yeah. It's true 'cause. I wouldn't want John. It'd be whatever we could set him up with the new girl. She's serious serious. You have anyone else may come sell a lot. He doesn't stand up here yeah. I don't know my friends are married married. Oh Yeah it's not there. Maybe on your past. You need to bring Dolf on your podcast and you do some people call in do some dating or Spaghetti instead of Oh yeah that'd be cool. He needs to be distracted but then I mean you guys are on the road so much. I would like I'd hate to do that to one of my friends actually walked guy but he's gone forever yeah. Ah Maybe we could do like winder thing I started. I went on that and really I went on Monday and I decided to quit Wayne. That's crazy and was a weird. There was a fan. Actually she talked about the show. He talked about my anger. My like dude like no when we were messaging. It was very normal and I was like Oh maybe yeah and I could not wait to get out of there. I was like you said your affectionate. Give me a kiss. ooh ooh I don't. I don't even know you and he was trying to hold my hand. I always like are the longest dinner of my life so I think that yeah our no no. There's this guy actually what century city mall where we yeah anti-israel killer yeah soon tie guy good looking whatever it comes up to. Nicole is like hey hey talk to me really through. I was like ways Orson. I was just like I'm so confused. Now so we walked into the store starts screaming at me screaming like aggressively dude like wrestling but the ground American psycho he does a serial killer that even though women this story was working was like Whoa that that is a serial killer. That was ever seen injuries that you've heard it here. I go there. Don't go to a man in his injuries that he no oh correlate that could be like the dude on tinder like yeah thank goodness. We missed out on Yes yes the it was. It was when my space was cool. There was only my longer incidental ourselves and I did in my space date worst tatum my life. It was so boring. He did not look like the picture when he picks me up. I was like why d they take when you can tell when it's a picture of a picture yes because it was like an film and he couldn't get it on digital picture. Oh Yeah I know you're old pictures pictures. I was on a on a date in new ORC right when I first moved there. I'm like newly single so excited and this guy good looking. Were sitting there talking. This is my first date at went on since my ex and I had had broken up and all of a sudden he starts talking about his wife and I'm like sitting there with my jaw drops. Excuse me what he's like. Oh my wife and I'm like Oh. I'm sorry I didn't know you were married. He's like Oh. I know I didn't tell you but I'm looking for Thursday nine girl. I was just so I I would have had your skill. I probably would have had better sign really fight. I can and I'm like I just did a show for not that will be out in spring and this out in my face and I was like really taking my earrings is that he's also. She would've murdered probably but I was. I was all right here. She'll give it Richard and I was like bitch. Yeah like you were wrong person right now. Yeah I mean I don't I don't condone physical fighting however I agree with his sister and a brother my sister's sixteen months older than me and she beat the crap out of me. Every day we shared her. It was like one of those things and so I just got a slap. People upside the head and just let me get a rough neighborhood. We're always guide aged. Now for me is to lead not an adult like when people come at me path up and I'm like yeah. What do you think you're going to fight. You're really going to find out how the guy but I for some reason in my head Ed. That's my go-to. I think that's why I like watching. You guys much because you can do it. You can do it right exactly on you to that would be such an amazing night out while you guys would be i. I can't even imagine you're walking around together. You guys try to not be together so you don't get as much attention no well. We love hanging out but it is. We were the types. Is it happy hour yet. Somewhere does is we always. It's like grabbing a drink together here in between meetings the other day we're like we'll just get glasses champagne. Not telling you on instagram like just look so girls rose. Where were you just got nowhere. I know right I mean I'm always on my people's instagram's. I like some boys right now and I'm like what am I were all posting so much yes. There's there's no mystery anymore like he's like. No you posted this. I was like Oh right yeah okay and it's to the point. I feel like we're missing out on life a little bit. I agree where you is so much. What's lame. Brian always says he learned from somewhere or know that every time you you take a picture taken little part of your soul and I'm like that but yesterday because they're like talking to give advice about instagram and I was like well. The first thing is I feel like when you take a picture sure everyone isn't looking at the moment of the having fun or why he took the picture. It's like Oh. How do I look right. How do we sat on the whole. Moment of maybe laughing in your face might be a little strong as long as we just had three glasses each but the moment Gli we're missing. I'm with I'm with you and your husband on that because all my girlfriends are obsessed zest with instagram post. Dan started instagram like just recently for business right my wine. I I was like okay. I'll do because I don't take pictures. I hate yourself in pictures. I'm I'm not that person and so my friends are always equate. Wait wait. Let's go hiking to get a selfie. I'm like we're going hiking to get good selfie yeah. No I'm not going first of all. I don't like to hike. I'm not going and I'm not gonNA hike just to take a picture yeah. I heard you say that again. I don't know what is this world coming to Jio. I'm Dan busy living life. Stop and take pictures but yeah since all my friends do just send him to me. Yeah make me later I mean I guess it's kind of like a hypocr because I will now take pictures and post them but I still say we're missing out so much totally unreliable business job. It is a J. O. B. Oh Oh my gosh big time and brands only WanNa look at you if it's based off social media numbers and yeah and then it gives you this Zayed you're like shoot relies on the moment but then now they're making all miss the moment. It's like so agree with that. Yeah what's next. What's GonNa Happen to the next generation almost becomes cool to go backwards. I think I think I hope it's cold to just be how the people lived in. I don't know the twenties thirties forties all connected now every tuned tuned in connected at all times. Even when I don't have my phone on me I feel like own idea and now I have a twelve year old who has a phone and he already had how'd that he can't make a conversation 'cause he's like this. I'm like Oh my God. I'm I'm doing this to my kid. Wednesdays and Sundays not no computer no phone along with love and they just beat the crap out of each other smart you because they're so connected and I feel feel like life is passing us by what they do in this day and age they can't do anything right. There's like there will make yourself a sandwich ahead totally hey will you don't varieties about that. In Brian's grandfather built their family their house in Washington State and then Brian's Dad ad he listened to it as his dad a little bit but not much but brains at least could build the bathroom. That was one thing he didn't his house couldn't build a house right wasn't as good as grandfather but built the bathroom southbound. Brian's like I can't do anything right. He's like it's just like the generations are losing that Jim Ryan wants to take like natural wood building classes and go learn just to build houses just he can feel like like his grandfather. You got you have to pass something on your dad the handyman by trade and he he's built like everything and my brother can't do anything and like what what but here's the thing. I think there are so busy working and paying the bills and during that didn't have time to sit in the show the craft right the next generation but I feel like we have we. We all have to get back on board with that angry review even to learn how to change a tire anything. I mean like I know that dad should I don't know I I took Marc car care class in high school so I mean jared on like in that moment to survive. I WANNA take showing classes how we don't go to the dry cleaners and only knows do a ham and I'm like if it's that cheap in that easy. Why am I not doing this at home because you don't have the time to. I don't have the Agnete. I'm home a lot. Maybe then then then that would be okay by like knitting. I was when I lived in New York. I decided learn to nick because they're so freaking cold outside that I was. I was like knitting scarves. I think Oh my God. I'm wasting my life away until yarn stores I was. It's like joysticks. What is happening doing those and then I stop don't even came back to California. I was like all right honey. You're on your own. I need to get out of the cold and stop knitting hitting my away now. The shows already airing or start is Tuesday January nineteenth so I'm must have seen an old episode. Oh they were yes crashing like all something's always on and he's always on my house and I I didn't realize it until my kids now know everything about the Kardashians what we didn't show and my friends like it's like you're white noise in the background in your house. It's always on me. Oh my God ah I don't even pay attention yeah. Just turn it on and it's like to have noise nor any noise and so I've ruined my children that's they. That is our like. I told my little one eight. I'm doing new show on Monday nice. God bring him I can't I don't know I can't he's with his daughter Monday but I thought Oh my God what if I mean between the Jonah and the Kardashians totally ruining my children on cable. I know we know so much. I don't even know that they know yeah our producer and seriously yeah on this celebrity world. Can what's really are doing all your bookings. My little one totally could take over there. They're going to destroy our world takeover. I'm definitely dark side. I'm evil all right. That's cool. I got it. I got a little bit too but I mean like his pick. installers are watching immediately. It's like I'm dark side. Yup that is area thirty five and it's the cutest thing. If you're sitting here he'd be like running the show you need to do that. One time I I you know what I tried and and then he got in here and there is no guests and he sat there what he's charged him. He'll tell you I really appreciate you guys being here. They're looking at me outlet like get Outta my pod we say Larry King and gangster rats awesome you sir somebody put under the table. I think it's like really him no way you should put it like a secret camera. It's so I mean that's crazy does little if that's gross manners raised in a barn art. Tell us how to find you on social media. I found last night Bella twins. Oh Yeah Bella twins on twitter twitter at the Nikki Bella on Scrim at debris bell on Instagram and then I'm now on snapchat the ability to do nap chat is is like talk about people falling in your life. It's not periscope but I feel like it's the inbetween them instagram on periscope people constantly do like videos or photos rose and you have your story but everything's only for twenty minutes and I feel like kids are addicted in our signings kids wade line and they'll be like we just do a snapchat and everyone's snapdragon people yeah they want. I don't know what that means. I'm like picture and I don't know it's like the new hip thing another thing. We take our souls away yeah. The mize's oriented all right well so that saw so that is another of like all the brands. Do you guys have to get help with that yeah yeah. You need to get on it. She's like I'll just jump into yours. I'm okay I'm like well. That's all I always you know like net down wants to the boobs seriously trying up all right well everyone tuned to e and good luck traveling and safe travels and thank you being here well that was fun with the Bella Twins Nikki and Brie. They're gorgeous more more gorgeous in person than on TV. It's kind of ridiculous not fair on make sure you go to I tunes and subscribe and give my podcast five stars. Please therefore or if you don't like me that much it was awesome having the girls from e here. WWe Awesome awesome awesome drinking tweeting drinking and dating soon to be third book Jesus gotTa Finish already but moving today so I also bit bitter the bit my tongue the vice on a little bit off yeah that's it thanks for listening to Brandi Glanville unfiltered download new episodes every week and if you haven't already reading subscribe and be sure to leave us a rating and review and while you're at it check out some of the other great shows available on Straw Hut. Hey everybody we'll sterling host of the motivation report podcast here on the strike media network and real quick. I WanNa talk to you about a new web series that we have in production a lot of our friends here on Stra meter are helping and advising for the show is called Saunder and you can find it and follow it right now on instagram at Saunder Dot L. A. It's a show about diversity but ultimately what it does is show us that all those differences truly remind us how similar we all are so give. 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