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Thank you for listening to this. Podcast one production now available on spotify apple podcasts. Podcast one dot com in anywhere else. You podcasts since nineteen eighty three Eddie truck has been the voice for fans of rock hard rock and heavy metal of bestselling author host of. Tv's that metal. Shell and seven national radio shows including trunk nation daily on Sirius. Xm Interesting Eddie offers. The world is news making interviews passionate analysis honest commentary and who knows what else so welcome to the any trunk. Podcast very happy Thursday. That's the day would be if you're listening to it on Post Day. Happy Whatever Day. It is happy above ground day especially in these times. It's Eddie Trunk. And this is the podcast rock interviews every week and I hope you guys are doing. Well thank you for taking some time out to download to stream to listen to subscribe to my podcast with new episodes every Thursday via podcast one dot Com apple podcast. And of course now totally free and available you via spotify with no subscription needed as we settle into talk some rock and to bring you some interviews as usual. These interviews are courtesy of my Sirius. Xm radio show which is called trunk nation and can be heard Monday through Friday live on Channel One zero six volume on serious or XM radio and these days. The show is not live. I have to prerecording because of the corona virus and the studios being closed but bringing you all new shows just the same every day to four ten to midnight eastern time on one. Oh six tons of great guests got this new device from Sirius. Xm That is enabling me to record phone interviews from home which has been a godsend. So you're gonNA also benefit from that because I can bring you some brand new content and some new interviews each and every week I got a bunch of them in the hopper. As a matter of fact I'm going to bring you to pretty long one so we're GONNA have a lot of interview time in this particular week coming up a little later on Joey. Bella Donna lead singer anthrax coming up sooner than that John. Five of course lead guitarist in Rob Zombie and countless countless other bands and things that done both good friends both people. I've known for a very long time. Joey go back with literally to to like the late eighties or mid eighties. When I was a young kid working a mega forest and he was a young guy singing in this new band at the time called anthrax lot of history with me and the anthrax guys and it was kind of ironic. What happened because Chris? Jericho asked me to be a guest on his podcast along with Charlie Banana and Scott Ian of anthrax. And I think that's posted. I don't know if Jericho's put that out or not yet. But anyway he did this anthrax album sort of deal and it was really fun to do it. And if you've heard the podcast or if it's out yet again I don't know if he posted it or not yet but you'll hear it and you can check that out if you're interested but anyway we were going down memory lane myself and Charlie Scott from anthrax and Jericho and ironically just after I finished recording that podcast with those guys which was like two hours long and again. It was for Chris's podcast not for here. But I got a text from Joey Bella Donna now. Joey has been lead singer from for anthrax forever. You just don't hear from them all that often but I see him and we've been friends forever and Joey has a new journey tribute band so he drop me a line about this journey tribute and I said you know your ears must have been ring because I was just talking about you because I was doing this. Podcast for with Charlie and Scott and I was talking about how your voice and you singing in in anthrax really got me into heavier music thirty five years ago so I said you know you wanna come on and talk about the journey tribute or whatever. Just let me know and he goes. Yeah let's do it so really sorta strange because Joey had no idea that I had just done this. Whole thing talking about him. And what have you? And he called in and we had a great conversation. You're going to hear a little later. On is the second interview on the PODCAST. We talk about some of the early anthrax years and we talk about this new Seidman. Joey Bella Donna has and his love of journey it's a tribute to journey. So that'll be up in a bit and I stop John. Five and anybody. That's listened to me knows. John is a close friend and often on my radio shows when I do the monthly shows from La when things are normal. John often sits in with me on those and we are bonded over our love of kiss growing up so John is always fun to have on and he like everybody in the house a little bit. Stir crazy and he said hey all come on. I'd love to come on the radio show and talk a little bit so we did this interview. Which was a lot of fun that you are about to hear with John. Five and that's I think a tad longer than the Bella Donna interview. I think John's interviews about forty forty five. Joey somewhere around thirty. So you're going to have a good hour to hour and a half of interview content on this week's podcast so let me get out of the way so we can get to it asap but just a again. I remind everybody you know. Be well out there man. Take care of yourselves. Look after everybody. I hope everybody staying safe. I hope everybody staying healthy the crazy times unfortunately continue and earlier. This week I found out that rock La Homa is cancelled for twenty twenty a festival near and dear to my heart that I host every year. So that now has gone down. It's just endless. The stuff we are losing because of the corona virus but hopefully we can rallied together and get through all this and not lose everything I mean. At this point you got to be really concerned for any tours in any shows going out between now and the fall at the earliest. So we'll keep an eye on things and please be sure to follow me on social media at Eddie trunk twitter especially where I most up to the second. There's also instagram fan page on facebook and of course there is Eddie. Trunk DOT COM. Which is the official online home. So be well. Thank you for taking some time out of your day. I hope whether you listen to the radio show every day on Sirius. Xm or whether you listen to this podcast or do all of the above. I certainly hope it can create some sort of diversion from the madness of the world today and just to get your head out of that space for just a few minutes at least one other thing on the radio show. I just want to mention for those in the. Us and Canada that do not have Sirius Xm and you'd like to hear the show. Now through may fifteenth they are offering free streaming on the Sirius. Xm App you can do a free trial so go to the APP. I'm sure if you get information at Siriusxm Dot Com it will show you how to log in and go on but there is a free streaming being offered of my show all the stuff on all of the entertainment platforms on Sirius. Xm Is totally free. All you gotTa do is log in and sign up for it if you'd like to stream it on the APP which is Kinda Cool. Considering a lot of people are indoors now and it's a good way to connect and maybe find out so if you don't have it already and you want to see what goes on on Trunk Nation. Monday through Friday. Go ahead and grab the APP and have a free preview for the next four or five weeks or so okay. So we'll come back after the break. We will talk to John Five. Then we will talk to Joey. Bella Donna here on the Eddie Trunk. Podcast the anti-drunk podcast. Hey folks what to companies like Ring Hint and to cove all have in common. They all use nets tweet to accelerate their growth successful companies. Know that in order to grow faster. You must have the right tools with nets week you get a full picture of your business finance inventory. Hr customers and more. It's everything you need to grow all in one place. Run your entire business from anywhere even if you're working from home with net sweet. They've got you covered. Now if you want to take your company from say two million to ten million or ten million to hundreds of million in revenue net suite by Oracle gives you the tools to Chur turbocharged that growth next week gives you the visibility and control. 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Which happened over the last couple of weeks at originated on Trunk Nation My Sirius? Xm radio show. So I up John. Five right now. This interview happened about a week and a half ago. John called in from where else home where everybody is right now and we talked about a wide range of stuff including of course what's going on in the world today and a bunch of other things is kiss collection all sorts of fun stuff so here we go with. John Fi first stop? How are you buddy? I am well I am well. I am Locked up Corentin here in Los Angeles and Just you know I'm right now. I'm hiding under my bed so I'm doing this mother my bed. Y- I wonder about this because obviously it's a serious time but it also is you know. Sometimes you just gotTa Laugh. There's so many artists that have a lot of bands are super prolific. They're always doing something they're always. They're always writing. Most almost every musician has at least two different bands there in you've got Rob Zombie. You've got the creatures so the point is there's so many of my friends like you and all these artists are so used to go. Go Go and always moving and always traveling. How has it been for you to kind of be in lockdown is in a tough adjustment It is not because when I'm home off tour all. I don't really leave the house. I play Guitar Clean My house. I know it sounds ridiculous but I'm completely being super honest with you and Because I'm always out running around so I'm okay you know I am doing what is being told to do and I'm staying in and just play guitar. I'll clean the house play guitars some more watch. Netflix and go into my seventy shack in the And you know enjoy that my kids layer and you know. I'm I'm okay. I just want what bothers me the most. Of course people getting sick and people getting ill and when you do get sick. You're like so freaked out like Oh my God. Am I going to have to go to the emergency room? And I could have had the ban Bene- later Blah Blah Blah. You know it's terrifying. It must be so terrifying for these people. That are getting sick. I mean it's the numbers are doubling every day at least in Los Angeles and New York and places like that and I guess everywhere else around the country numbers are just doubling. And it's an another thing that actually literally keeps me awake at night is these people cannot go to their jobs. And how are they gonNA pay the rent? How are they going to Function and it. It really is just such a terrible terrible thing. That's going on right now. It's it's it's awful. Yeah I mean. I'm lucky in that I was just mentioning. I mean due to technology. I always had a home studio. I mean I've told my audience of any time that I'm not on the road. Ninety five percent of the of the shows they've heard me do live on here on volume have originated from my home studio so that having that in advance was a blessing because it was in enabled me to transition right into this mode of being able to keep doing new shows. The difference being is once I lost the ability to have a producer in in the headquarters once the building's closed then I had to go into sort of this prerecorded mode because it all the time you've been on this show this the first time wherever prerecording but that's out of necessity but because technology now. I've got this device or I can record it phone interviews off on my cell phone and that's what people are hearing now the way we're doing this so. I'm lucky that I can still work you being a musician. I mean you can still even though. The bulk of work for musicians is on the road. You also do a lot of songwriting. You also do a lot of stuff in the studio so I imagine. That's where a lot of your focus has gone to since this has all happened absolutely just like any other musician Professional or not their home Working on music writing music. I'm also you know it's all I do all day. You know and and but I'm also working on this documentary for this For my last album called live invasion. And it's just you know goes all around the world and and Of US plane everywhere. You know like all the documentaries we see but now I try to keep it as real as possible and with this You know virus going on. We're talking a lot about that in the documentary. 'cause it's really what's happening and So we're just working on that and So let me let me stop you there a second because that's interesting. I didn't know you're doing this so you you did. What did you start this out as sort of like an on the road documentary from the last tour with the creatures absolutely and I 'cause I love documentaries like this is really cool documentary of how you know. We're going out on the road and we're doing our thing and we start in we in Michigan and we interview my sister and go back to the early days of where I grew up and all this stuff. It's a really neat documentary That this Guy Mike. Savage is putting together and now with this virus. You know. It's just like tour cancelled. You know. This is what's going on. So we're just taking it day by day and really gonNA produce a really cool documentary out of these horrible times then. I'm trying to make lemonade out of Lemons. So you're still in production on it so you're not done with it so this what's happening right now is a part of the state will end up being a part of the story. Absolutely were you were you. I don't remember. Were you out. When everything got halted I may know most recently. You're out with the creatures playing with Queen's Reich but was that did you lose shows from that I don't remember from the virus W- we did not lose shows but we did. I did have to cancel Australia or not cancelled postponed. I did have to postpone Australia and So that we had to move but right when the queen's Reich lashed show hit everybody was like what's going on what's going on what's going on and when I was flying home you know. J Five always likes his parral and stuff twenty flies and and I couldn't find it anywhere. I couldn't find it anywhere and I knew this virus going on. It was just the very beginning like. Hey it's hitting states and Blah Blah Blah and. I couldn't find any and I remember giving someone twenty dollars for one of those little Things that someone just had and I said I'll buy that off of you because you know I want to be relaxed on this flight from Florida to Los Angeles and it was worth it. You know it's it's I just so I started kind of cleaning and protecting myself very very early on. Yeah Yeah it's really it's really it's really crazy now. How did before we before I forget? I think we check in with me during the tour with Queen's Reich but how did that whole run go for you it was great we Played this was what was so funny about the tour. Because you know I love Queen's Reich and I've been a fan of theirs I saw them I think they opened up on the analyzed tour. I'm not mistaken and I loved skill Queen's Reich. I had all the records and knew all the songs and but the crowd was different from the creatures crowd. You know so these I would come out you know and I'm all crazy and there's no singer and I'd like truly and just like you know people did not know what was going they were like what is going on you know and all the imagery with the you know the kids and the monsters and the blood and everything people had no idea but Eddie I swear to God at the end of the show everybody was on their feet like giving me a standing ovation and that is something that I you know. Nothing can compare to that just winning over that crowd like that. It's just it just made me feel so good and it was so rewarding. I would've walked to every one of those shows carrying my amp for that kind of response and I am. I thank everybody for that. Well I gotTa tell you that I think was a really good tour for you because the stuff you've done with the creatures up to this point has been mostly headline stuff which is great. But it's it you get new fans by getting in front of people that would normally come to see you and I'd say that there's probably we're good amount in that audience there to see Queen's Reich who had never seen before and I know that from where I sit because here on this show and everybody knows that we're friends and you've been on many times and all that but I gotta tell you all of that aside. I got a tremendous amount of phone calls from listeners as that tore progress through the country to this show saying hey. I finally saw your Buddy John Five Live. Wow Wow and we're like blown away so that you know although you I'm sure any artists prefers doing their own headline dates when possible to actually go out and play. Somebody else's audience partially is a big plus growing. What you're doing. I totally agree and again I could not be more thankful and be more. I mean I was just so happy after every show going. You know. They didn't know who I want. You know they knew me. Oh yeah he was in Marilyn Manson Rob Zombie but they had no idea what was going on and the response was overwhelming and it just it sometimes appears to my eyes. I mean I couldn't believe it I was so and I think everyone for For coming out and Checking US out. It really meant the world to me so for you. I mean nobody. The problem right now is nobody knows how long we're going to be in this mode and how long this is going to go. What's the next scheduled thing for you in terms of that you're supposed to do? I mean it just seems like everything's pushed back to the earliest now sometime in the summer. I don't know what the plan was for with you with Zombie. I'm assuming the records on hold because the record rob's record is done and has been for a while right right right it is done and I just talked to rob yesterday and nobody knows obviously nobody knows but us just having a conversation. Let's let cruise you do a gun of festivals you do a ton of festivals you meet an enormous amount of people now if someone said Hey okay in June. We want you at this festival. Would you be a little hesitant if you will? Would you be a little on alert? Would you be a little? You know weren't what do you think? Well that's first of all right now time. We're doing this interview. I don't know if anything's changed but right now. The next thing that's on my schedule that has yet to be cancelled again at the time. We're recording this. Which is on the twenty eighth of March is a festival. I host every year in Oklahoma. Rockall Homa you've played it. You're scheduled to play it by the way you're on it. You're scheduled to play one of the stage as a matter of fact so that's not as we stand now cancelled an. I spoke to my friend. Who has that stage that you are scheduled to play and I said what are you hearing? And he said he said they're going to you know it's the back end of. May It's the last weekend in. May they're going to buy another couple of weeks and see how this all goes? And my hope. Is that if it doesn't happen then that it's at least rescheduled versus cancelled outright. Maybe even move to Labor Day or something like that. I'm not sure but you raise a bigger question which I think is a really valid question in a number of people brought this up to me is like okay so when we kind of get the all clear to go back to normal how many people are going to be too freaked out to even want to go back to these events. How long will it take them to feel confident? Going back out to these events and the other big consideration here. John and I've been talking about this a lot on the air is all these tours. Everything's getting pushed to the back end of this year. Well the other factor which you touched on earlier is the fact that so many people are losing. Income are out of work in coming up on really hard cash-strapped times they may have bought tickets to these festivals and stuff when they were had their jobs. Now they don't have their jobs. They want their money back. How many people are going to be able to afford to support the amazing amount of shows that are gonna hit towards the end of this year presumably when this clears? There's a lot of questions here about just going forward how this is all going to happen in work. I mean I just I'm an optimist and all of this. I really feel that once this clears. I think we're going to snap back to normal pretty quick. I think the jobs are going to come back pretty quick and I think people are going to want to get out there and take in live entertainment but it's hard to say. I can't argue with anybody. Who has a different feeling than that? Because we just don't know I personally think people are on their marks. They're like at the racetrack. They're at their front door waiting to get out. People really want to get out and they want action normalcy. They want to get back to their life. They want to go to concerts. They want to see their friends. They want to have a beer. They want to buy a t-shirt. They Wanna go see their favorite band. I Miss People. You know I re- I really enjoy people. I'm one of those people that enjoy. Interactions with other. You know People like fans Strangers anything you know. I really like to talk to people and Missa interaction but I believe that people are going to be ready to get the hell out of the House and go have some fun. Well what and what about you as now? Here's the thing that I think is is going to be interesting to watch too. Okay we all know and you dueon and about ninety. Five percent of touring artists at every level. Do the paid meet and greet though the VIP experience package and all that and towards the back just when this thing started happening kiss and some other artists pulled paid meet and greets. We were joking at the time saying look. If kiss was leaving money on the table you know because they pulled them aid meet-and-greet but I wonder like I wonder in the bigger picture here. How does this change everything going forward like? Will you see those goal way? Or will they continue? We'll people even still ever shake hands or is that as a greeting now extinct. We've seen the end Mitch. Some people they didn't like to shake hands for that reason to begin with but like how does this all? There's going to be a lot of bigger questions to all of this. I don't know if everybody just immediately reverts back. Dow was or. It's like now I don't do that anymore. I don't know well with me. I don't think anything's going to change. I you know a lot of people that come to my meet and greet their They they come to you know multiple meet-and-greet too and I know them and it's wonderful to see them and some of them have come to you. Know Fifty six fifty seven shows in a row and I love seeing these people and I enjoy talking with them and and I give them gifts. You know and I'm not going to change anything. I think that this is a horrible horrible thing. That's going on but it will pass and we will get back to normal life. The only thing I really think that is going to change is now. We have these movies that are being sent right to our home. We can watch them on Amazon. We can watch them on our big TV and enjoy them and positive. We want. Take a WHIZ. Not Worry about the person eating You know salary next to us in the movie theater. I think that movie theaters are going to be a thing of the past because they take up so much real estate and they're very expensive but now with this virus. I believe you know a and they're sending the movies right to your home and you know you pay for them of course and the everybody's I think movies are going to do way better business now and I really believe that the movie theaters will be something. The past there will be some the stellar ones. Just like there is record stores but I I think in by you know mind that it might be something. That's GonNa go away sooner than later. That's a that's a great point and you know I just. I went to a movie just before all this happened and I rarely go to the movies but I went to a movie and it was. This movie called the hunt. That's that actually was in is in theaters now or until the theatres closed and I noticed what they did with that and a movie also that was just in theaters called. The invisible man is went for that movie to the theater and both of them they as soon as the theaters closed they immediately made available as a pay per view on your TV. So you're already seeing it happen. Absolutely that's my point like it's now so easy to do that and you're it's in the comfort of your home and a lot of people you know have a TV and they have it if you have purchased a TV in the last. I don't know how many years these automatically come with Amazon or Netflix. Or on and I believe that's what's going to happen because everybody will pay for that. Oh my God this new movies out there new spiderman the new Batman remember when we had to get dressed and we had to get out in the cold and we had to scrape the ice off the windshield to go to the movie and we have to go through this that and the other thing and maybe you know I think all that is going to change. Yeah no I think that's a great point and and I agree with you. I think there's definitely going to be some changes. But I still think for the most part that communal experience of going to a rock show and being with your buddies and tailgating and getting in there and getting revved up and you know seeing your favorite band I just don't that's just an experience that can't be recreated. I don't care if you make the greatest live concert video ever. That's that's a totally different thing. And I think that I think the live industry is GonNa Bounce back for sure but I also think it's going to take a little time because I think that unfortunately we're kind of creating a bit of a perfect storm. Were you have everybody that was planning to go out? Say in the fall. Planning still go out and everybody that was going to be out now or in early. Summer is now push their tours to that period. So you've got an already really congested. Touring world's now doubled or tripled what it would be towards the back end of this year up against the backdrop of people coming off of really losing some money and their jobs. So I think it's GonNa take a little while for people to to recover and have their cash flow start up again and have that available money. The big shows look if ACDC announces a tour. That people are gonNA find a way to go because it's something people will just dying to go to but I'm just talking some of the bands that are out a lot. Some of the bands that have high price points that have toured. A lot of people are going to have to be. I think a little more selective about what they go to because they just. I think a lot of people aren't going to have the money for a little bit think. It's going to come back because I really believe the economy will come back pretty strong wants. This is once this is over. But I think it's GonNa take a little while and I think that coupled with so many shows out there is going to be a bit tough for awhile. I agree I really strongly believe the live concert. Experience will never die. People always up in you know. Go See music from you. Know people would multi redo concerts and you know it will never ever ever go away. I mean I saw my first naked Boob at a concert. Like people love going to shows you know and It's it's just something that will this virus will never Take over. That's for sure. I think we're all pretty optimistic. Will come out the other side okay. Even though it's pretty rough sledding at the moment but anybody that knows anything and we've talked about this with John knows that one of our great bonds is our mutual love of kiss but John has a kiss collection that if you follow his instagram account. Which is nights? Satan Service which I highly recommend every day he posts a new kiss collectable that he sources from fans and collections around the world. So I know John a lot of that stuff you get from meeting fans and being on tour and being out and about with people. You can't do that right now. So how is this going to impact the kiss collection? Now has put a damper and witches alarming. Because you wouldn't think would you know and I? It's so plain talk about because the male has slowed down now. I buy a lot of things overseas Japan I buy a lot of Japanese kiss album Japanese kissed memorabilia from Europe Japan Australia and so on so a lot of that has slowed down People are not selling people are not mailing things so it is Really alarming I just the other day bought the super super rare album from Argentina. And the guy was like we. I can't send it until you know a month or something like that and I was like. Oh my God you know so. It's been it's been very trying every single thing that you do in your life has been affected and it's so strange to talk about because I do the same thing for comfort. It's I work hard. It's it's just a comfort thing you could like collect stamps or Football Memorabilia. Anything like that just like we. We'd love it. It's it's just a little comforting thing and I like to meet people and talk to people so yeah it has affected everything except for maybe streaming streaming up or anything like that. But there's been affected what's the most recent addition to the kiss collection? I know from following you I. I follow the account. I've seen some pretty cool things posted. But I don't know what's the latest thing to come in. Now it's Monday. They're supposed to be twelve now. I'm getting the first release of Like you know kiss hotter than hell dress to kill everything up until creatures. Okay and I'm trying to get the first release from every country. Canada France Australia Brazil. Japan everything you know And so I think twelve albums are coming in on Monday. So we'll see how that how that turns out so I'm still buying. I'm still buying like crazy man to quarantine the stuff when it comes into you have to put it in. Do you have to leave it sitting for like three days before you open the packaging are you are you? Putting some sorta disinfectant on everything since it's coming in from around the World Eddie. Of course I do now. I was listening. I follow the rules. I am that person I do. Follow the rules put gloves on? I open it with gloves. And then I'll take everything out and let it sit and Yes I definitely. Follow the rules because this is something that is not to be messed with. This is a very serious serious problem and I believe if everybody you know just kind of follow the rule and stayed in. We could get over this so much faster if we were like. Yeah it's okay even if you don't think it's going to affect you just saying 'cause you might not even know you sometimes just stay in any way as you know what's what's the big deal you know staying enjoy your home and I think if we all follow the rules we will get over this hump a lot quicker than if we don't and because it's not about it's not just about you it's about around you and that's the biggest thing that people have to remember it's not just your own health You may be okay. You might feel okay and not know it. It's about others. It's about your family. It's about your friends it's about your mom your dad. So that's that's the part of it that I think escapes a lot of people. I I feel fine and the other thing about all this too because of course we all know people all over the country and in certain areas. You're in La. I'm just outside of New York City so we're in big big markets with a lot of people and we are what would absolutely be determined as hot spots but I talked to other people who live in the middle of the country. Well it's not that bad here. It's not that big of a deal. Well it can become a big of a that big of a deal if people don't do the right things look what's happening. Unfortunately in in New Orleans the people there just were in denial about this whole thing going to Mardi gras out there in the streets and now that that area's getting destroyed unfortunately so it can happen anywhere in and it's not just about you. It's about the people around you. It they don. This virus does not care if you're the prime minister the president or a fan or just a guy sitting in this apartment. It doesn't matter who you are. It will attack anybody and yes it. It is going to hit all of the states really bad unless we you know. Follow the rules correctly and do it. We're supposed to do so it's crazy. I I stopped watching the news because it is just like mind boggling. What is happening? I mean it's just like it's like a movie I know everybody has said that a million times but it really is like a movie and it is my my son new. Lapd I was just going to ask you about that. I had that I just scribbled that down. It's funny you bring that up. I just scribbled down literally on my notes because I wanted to make sure I brought it up to you. Does your son recently became a police officer in La. Right yes correct and I'm very proud of him. And this kid. He works so hard he works seven seven and he's just trying to help everybody who can eat just trying to do the right thing and having you know people just he said it's very quiet so that's good you know people aren't going crazy. They're not doing anything nuts right now and it's quiet and people are just you know just to live in their lives and trying to get through this. Yeah I think I think that's absolutely the case and it's good to hear that it's quiet and I'm sure now I know no. I don't think your son would ever admit to this or any police officer would but I'm sure that at this time the only good thing is if you're going a little above the speed limit they're probably going to let you slide because they don't want they don't want you be rolling down your window and having to be exchanging documents in this virus right now. Somebody went fifteen miles over. We'll let that go. I would think that's understandable. If the cops are on the country listening WanNa do that might be a good time if you've got a heavy foot to take the car out for a ride. Yeah it's You know he is. Of course he's protected and everything but he is more and this is it's incredible like he's more concerned about helping these people and he's not is worried and he's concerned but he really just wants to help people that's why he started to become a An officer yeah. That's amazing so listen and before I let you go just give everybody the overview so for you I mean I know the world's in a holding pattern you are as well but assuming we start to ramp up again say early summer mid summer what are the next Moose for you creatures stuff as rob told you when he wants to put this record out what are what are you. What are you going on your table? Once things start up again one everything starts out starts up again. I'm going to tour my ass off. I will play anywhere anytime. I'M GONNA just get out there and play for the people. I'm going to have a cheap ticket. I'm not gonNA do any kind of any big dollar ticket. I'M GONNA make sure wherever shows I Book they're going to be cheap ass ticket and I just want everyone to come out have a good time and It over this crazy creaky time. It's just insane but that's what I'm GONNA do. That's my plan. I don't know when the Saudi records GONNA come out but I know it's going to come out soon and it's awesome and we're gonNA tour as well. We're going to play and was on the and I know he wants to get out there and But he's also very concerned but I'm GONNA get out there and play as much as I can is D- where have you been in touch with David? Lee Roth at all. I know he's been out doing stuff again. I know you got a record. That's been done forever with him. Have you guys had any dialogue about doing anything with that? I have not spoke to today. I should reach out and see how he's doing but You know I've been talking with as and Peter and Rob Nikki. You know talked Nikki. Like you know eight times a day and and So everybody pretty much. Just in this whole yeah. No I just exchanged texts with Nicky. Sent me a voice texts back and we just I just heard from him for a actually minutes ago and an offer for him to come on of course if he wanted to but he. You know everybody's in sort of the same mode and speaking of Ace. Ace lives by me now in New Jersey. We've been in touch a little bit. And I know he's doing origins too. When you're on a lot of origins one you're on a couple songs on the first one. Are you doing anything with them on this one? I am Maybe I should talk about it but yeah I'm on a volume two and this. This record is so awesome. It's sounds awesome two aces on. He's a good place right now. Oh my God and he sent me the artwork for the album dude. It's unbelievable this record is is going to rule. I just cannot wait for him to drop. This records. Sounds Great. He's great and he's totally on fire. Right now yeah. He's he's like he lives about twenty minutes from me and we've exchanged some tax and I would love to see him but that's the crazy thing. It's like even people that are nearby. You can't really do much than text or call or I'd drop something off at my parents house last week and I like I put it on their porch and then I ran about eight feet away and beep the horn and wave to them when they came out and got him. It's just so bizarre but thankfully we've got the technology today where we can do things like this and you got face time and you got skype and you got zoom. And you've got all this stuff. Were you still can do. A lot of things still have some connection with people and stay in touch a little easier than than back in the day so that that's a plus but it is good to hear everybody's. Kinda doing the smart thing and that's all we can really do right now and hope that sooner than later. I'm back at the Rainbow on the patio with you at my side. There buddy a great audience out out there in the crowd. I mean man. I can't wait for the first rainbow show back because I think we're GONNA party. I'M GOING TO BE THERE. I if I'm home I will be there even if you don't want me to be there. I'm going to be there and it's GonNa be coming sooner than later. You know. They'RE GONNA they're gonNA figure this out they're gonNA come up with a you know antidote and everything's GonNa go back to normal very soon. I just been trying to keep very positive. Vibes of vaccine will come soon and just keep in Harvard Vibes. Well Buddy I appreciate you taking some time and You know it's always great to talk to you and I wish nothing but the best you and your family stay healthy there. Stay safe there and You know hopefully we will get on to get onto what we do very very soon but I appreciate you checking in and Given US some thoughts. Absolutely thank you so much and thank you doing what you do all right. We'll talk to you soon. Thanks John Thank you. Well my thanks to John. Five always great to visit with him up. Next we've got showy Joey Bella Donna on the trunk podcast. This is Eddie Trunk. Podcast Eddie Trunk. Hearing it's time now to visit with Joey Bella Donna in our second interview of this double dip on the Eddie Trunk. Podcast show. We is great to talk to. You know I was thinking about this. Joey is a phenomenal singer and frontman still after all these decades and I just don't think he gets the accolades for that that he deserves. Especially if you've seen anthrax lately still so good and also being the frontman and anthrax. He's just not a guy that you hear from all that often in interviews and such so as much as I've known him forever. I've really only interviewed a handful of times in his. He says in this interview. Oddly enough this might be the only time we ever did this. One on one which I can't believe but I assume possible I'm not I'm not sure but it was a great shot about his journey tributes anthrax stuff as well here you go joey Bella. Donna of anthrax. Joey how are you good afternoon out here? A pleasure to speak on knowing or know how you're doing I'm hanging in there. You know crazy world. We're in right now. You know but I gotTa tell you. And you can probably relate to this. Being a touring musician that's around the world so much as much as this sucks the reason for it I travel quite a bit. Not Nearly as much as you do but I travel quite a bit in recent years. I'm lucky that I still can work being home. I'm actually enjoying the time home with the family and the kids and being around a little bit so it's not been horrible for me. I'm actually catching up on a lot of things. How about for you? I mean you're used to always be an on on the go. Yeah I was talking to my wife today about it. That's come across. My mind is if like everybody shut down so. I don't feel like what I'm doing help to rush to do anything or there's no. There's nothing really planned. That's just you gotta sit back and say you know what is interesting. I'm shutdown. Just Relax. I guess so. It's Kinda cool to says. Well I mean. I haven't really sat around and relax for quite some time. Now you're upstate New York so you're out of the the heart of it. Obviously New York City's get hit pretty hard now with people getting this virus. But you're you've always been more a guy up in the woods so to speak so is it. Is it a different vibe there because there's a lot less people around that you've got some distance normally anyway? Yeah you still feel the same and then some of the grocery stores of his Times. It was pretty pretty hectic for people to be able to get in there and get something and find anything. That's actually on the shelf. You know so. We kind of fought off away around all that but it is much quieter here than New York. Obviously by all means Joey where when was the last time you did a Gig? What was the last time before all this hit and everybody started going into quarantine? What was the last time you played? Well I have this journey projects that I'm doing called journey and I. I did a show on March six and it was right. I'm thinking I can't count county days before the that it was in the air so while we were traveling going to that show was already known that it was in in motion. You know it was almost like I didn't even think the show might even actually beyond the got to the point. Where like every day like? Are they going to call it or So I mean people came out it was right on the beginnings of it almost seems you know but it was weird traveling because we came from La Guardia. You know you gotta lay over and so we're already in New York so you know we're cutting through New York while it was all emotion. Well you was that show. We're going to talk about your journey ban in a second but that was that show that you did. Was that the Beacon Theater in New York City. That was the beacon and no Was a North Hope Bill Wholesale? His hope will hope will well well. That's the hope. Well that's never been there before so unfamiliar with the actual area but it's number Jinya and that was the first show that we ever did allow so you did one. And then this all hit. And then that SORTA got put the brakes put on that. Put the brakes on everything in anything. I mean I was doing my cover thing to you know the next week and then that was the last show. I did in fact now I think about it was fourteen. I did one. We snuck one in somehow before they told us the you know one from five hundred people the fifty fifty when we played on the fourteenth of March so at that point the week after that it was like forget it. Let's close the bars up before we talk about before we talk about this damages called journey beyond. I wanted to ask you and I've been asking all the musicians that I talked to at this time about this because we're in such a weird time. Nobody's ever experienced anything like this. I'm wondering obviously at some point is going to pass and people will get back to normal and get back to touring and being out there some. But how do you think I mean? You're a guy with anthrax that literally goes all over the world and plays. How do you think this is GonNa be an impact long term? Do you think that it's going to change the way people tour? Do you think it might change the way people do meet and greets and stuff like that a guy like you. You're a friendly guy. You're always out there meeting fan saying he think people pull back from doing that to me. What do you think the long term issues going to be? Yeah wonder because there's a lot of people that are like I'm ready to go now. Let's go out. Let's do it so I'm sure maybe those people right now might not even be thinking of you know pulling back and then there's people that are undecisive and what's what's really evolving here and and what's what's the real answer. Should you should know. I guess the handshake and the Washington. The hands is one thing I think everybody might kind of sick at that point but yeah making making a real good contact with people sometimes might be might be a little Hanson it. I you know I don't I don't know if everybody's GonNa WanNa just start the Russian serve a hug each other and you know do all that kind of stuff you know. That's probably my guess Touring and all I mean. That's that's a whole nother thing you know when you enter another place you got an. It's okay to go in. And how safe is it and all that stuff on the news? All you can do is wait for someone to give you the okay and then then you have to take the island. How many people are GONNA WANNA get out of their house so quick or they're gonNA rush right out or they're knocking a rough stretch? They take their time. You know making making a move. You know it's really hard to tell and you know the other question too. I wonder is like how many people a lot of people are hurting for money. Because they've lost their jobs or their income because of this so when it might take a while before people even have the money to be able to go out to shows because they're recovering financially. I mean that's another part of it. There's talking about that. Today it's Bringing that up our people. Yeah you'll never know how many how many people are in a situation where it's GonNa to take a little time to build build back into that whole. I feel good about doing what I really do. You Know Yeah frilly shame you know what I really really wish for everyone to have a better turn out at the end at all and feel feel good you know why well hopefully you know if we will get through it sooner than later but you know. Hey let's talk about some music here so I read recently. I know you've always done a cover band on the side when anthrax says downtime and I was thinking about this the other day all the guys anthrax have some stuff they do on the side. I mean frank. He's got the band with elephants. Scott's got a couple of different things so everybody's always doing. It's the norm now for most musicians out at least one other side ban but all the decades. I've known you. You always have love journey so this made a lot of sense to me when you announced you were doing a journey tribute called journey beyond talk about how this came together. Well you know I thought about it for some time and you know there's times I just didn't really want to do a tribute thing that really you know. I've seen I see them more than ever now and all and it's weird that I'm actually found finally found a place and time to do with the you know the people that are willing to take on a project and you know let let it unfold. You know for the right reasons than just like the music. It's very appealing for me. It's been something I've always loved. You GotTa bad company. A foreigner a deal one two. There's a lot of lot of one's a lot of brands. I would like to try but you know I didn't know if I wanted to really take but it really took took a while to find anybody really even take it. Take it in the right derived way and without it being really a full-on like you know I gotTa wear the shape. Same shirt shoes and you know God. I mean somebody would have said. These weren't why are they using that? Stand Stephen Use that I was like I really care about all that stuff. There's a lot of I wanna but the bad that sounds good you know. Just just make them make the wrong take take on the night versus obviously WanNa put out a decent show like any other town but right but you're not you're not trying to recreate the visual and look like Steve Perry mean you're not going to that level you just want to deliver the music as faithfully as he can. Yeah right faithfully faithfully. It's fun. I mean obviously when you do you know there's always open ground for you know you didn't do that part or you didn't do this. I mean I don't even WanNa copy like no for note. Sometimes do my own thing with it. You know you know represented but I I love the mess around with things you know not not not so much to to try to be two different but just make it make the cool you know and feel good about doing it your way versus having to get every note. I'm sure some guys at the study at every second of know it all but I'm not even with anthrax. I don't I do wrong different a lot of times. I just take it on wherever it comes. You know it's just fun that way. You know it's innovative. I can you know we're we're original for a long time so do things you know off the cuff. This is fun for me versus trying to follow everything. Even when I have the cover thing I mean we do everything pretty close but if way way different and the only way I'm not doing all fills the way I mean it's just have some fun with it. You know I mean I can study it all day but I just don't feel like doing back. I want to have a little fun doing my own thing with it right and we should mention your cover. What's the cover band? You've been doing a long time. What's it called again called chief chief? Yeah Three P. You know I play drums sitting and you know it's a lot of fun. I play drums up. Actually I think we came out there one signing so you know afford it. Is You know when we have a lot of fun doing it. We look forward to it. That's a no frills. Thing does not allow the production. We have fun guy. Bring that up because you do in that bad you play drums and sing so I was wondering did you ever did you think for a second about pulling Dean Castro Novo and playing drums in the journey band too. If they take front of me I would've taken it out. I would 'cause I think I'd probably do. I mean denied excellent. Don't get me wrong. He's mazing plays great. Thanks very you know and all that kind of stuff that that would have been interesting. I wouldn't have said no to it for sure. I would have taken that out and see if We could actually pull it up. I'm sure that they didn't prefer having drummer singing. And then he'd get run. They would rather die. You know to school about doing anything I can go out front and do it versus the drama. Play journey you know. Yeah for sure it's real I tell you what I watched some of the stuff that was online of that last show you did at the Beacon Theater in earlier in March and I mean look I. I've always I've known you forever and I always know that you've got to you and you can sing that stuff so incredibly well and when the ban was announced that you were doing this on my show. I played the the cover. Few years ago there was an anthrax. Ep called anthems and there's a cover of journey. Keep on Runnin which you sing on that amazingly so I was like for people not hurt journey. Joey Sing Journey. Listen to this. I mean it's it's it's amazing. You've always had that site. He would you say Joey that Steve Perry is he. Your is your all time favorite singer. He's one of many young. I could get bored with about fifty of them right now but I mean I like to see Walter Lou. Gram like you know Lou the something Paul Rogers and Gillan Coverdell Glenn News. There's all kinds of good good singers out that I've always loved you know I'm missing. Many people getty Lee. Yeah of course I'll man I just. I mean you could go down the list. And I'd say yes to a lot of them now and we do like melodic melodic stuff's always been cooling and I always even with aspects. I try one. I'm approaching record. I'm always got some wheelspin into something a little bit more melodic to it. You know with some just trying to work around would like we lay out to to originally to put on the songs and then all of a sudden I start kind of sifting through those covers. Kinda we are just wing it. I mean I did keep on running. Never ever even do the words to that song and half the journey stuff that I until I started picking up the fan man. I knew I knew a lot of the words but I mean now that had like get it all down and figuring it all out loudly songs. I've never even tried before. I've heard of a million times in a band. So what are your plans for this again for everybody listening? The Band is journey beyond. I mean I know everything has come to a screeching halt because of this pandemic and everyone's dealing with but when things get back to normal is your plan to just do shows with this band when your schedule permits around anthrax. Yeah it'll it'll do do whatever needs to do. I mean it's funny aplenty open for anything at this point We have something coming up in August so we can get it then. We got another venue will do so. That's the only other show. I looked at the moment. You know I have friends that do tribute bands and I travel all over and you go to some of these venues like a house of Blues or something and it's amazing because you look at the upcoming bands and like every other one will be a tribute band as much as. I'm sure you're doing this for fun and your love this music. You know that if you do this really well and word gets out about it. It can actually make a lot of money to like. I see tribute bands getting great gigs playing great venues right out of the box. If the word of mouth is really good on them. So that's you know that doesn't hurt either for some extra cash. I would think yeah I don't I don't I'm not opposed to doing whatever it is you know. Do the venues we do. We do the theater. We'll do another failure. You DO CASINOS. You can even open up or something. I mean we could say some bottom. I mean I could fix and reo and do the same thing you know. There wouldn't wouldn't matter to me. I I don't I'm not opposed to doing anything or corporate thing or whatever it is or even two of small small venues. If it's all for us to be able to do it you know I'm I'm over a lot of things I don't you know once you get it underway. I mean one shows these. It was so so early for us even when we didn't even really get a chance to get together and play that off and you know I mean these guys all live in Nashville. I don't I didn't really have a chance to even work with them. So it's only GonNa get better so there's way much more room for us to to get craw. We'll talk about that with the band because I don't you mentioned the band is from Nashville Year in upstate New York. Whose idea was it to do this. Did they approach you or did you put the band together? How do you know these guys? How do we know them what they were they in anything else? Are they just session guys? Who were the other guys? You're working with and how to come together why. I initially put the thing in motion like called the keyboard player dot car. Which in the band is The Guy I'm bet One of the shifts me and him put a journal. We did a journey cannell Acoustic night which was right at the time when everybody got back in both places the whole down in the main lobby was just him and me and all of a sudden. I have this other fellow came and they want to play keyboards Tyson which lives in Nashville too and he was doing some Karaoke venue that night. He joined us so we did two keyboards and me singing and Federal Doug Have Now. I called him I said. Would you be interested in putting a band together in Nashville which is banned as Lee Greenwood? Band? What's Lee Greenwood? You Know Lee Greenwood us. Yes yeah so. They've been playing them playing together for and twelve years now or even longer together so they know each other. They've played together. They do things together. And they have other things sessions that they do and I don't really know exactly everything I mean. How the chance to even talk about a lot of projects that they may or may not have played on and stuff so far. Yeah but they live in national and they do they do tour with Lee whenever he needs the band touring and Doug is actually one of his band leaders You know musical director if you WANNA call it so it's got type thing so listen. It was my idea to ask him. He assembled a band there Nashville. Now we went. You know her. We wait to play again. You know so. It's pretty cool. I'm excited I had a great night doing it for the first time. I can't wait to do got no well. Let me ask you this going back to journey the band itself. When was the For di? I'm assuming you saw journey. Steve Perry back in the day. Yeah I I I don't know I don't even know how many times I actually saw him. Like you know couple three or four times and Frontiers Osama raised on radio I never saw him during the infinity days even even evolution the parts. I don't think I don't think yeah. It wasn't like frontiers raised on radio. So I don't know maybe he doesn't time Soma Solo tour. We came to one over shows anthrax to believe it or not we. It was awesome priests them. Zombie came in and took the middle swap show in La. And Steve came to the show. And I got the meet them there so it was cool to see him up to show. It was Kinda like no there. Isn't it really sure one? So you know by and let me ask you this. What do you think are are you how as a guy doing a journey tribute now yourself and such a fan of journey and Steve Perry? What do you think about the ban? Now what are your thoughts about our Nell? Who's been singing for a while? You know I'm a little. I'm a picky guy about the whole thing. I mean he does a fine job. He's you know it's it's a bit different. You know sometimes even the the story behind it was just so overwhelming. That seem likely thing that they would have might have taken you know. I don't know I like Steve Steve. Done so much with our bad. I'm just a picky and I'll even when does it or or are Nelin in Oj. I spent some time with him. I saw those guys and those guys many many shows over the years while he was you know obtaining so how long was he ended up four or five years Sivas area. Is there for yet? Good I did a studio here too as well. He was there for a while. Yeah I mean rivals pretty good record up. I mean I know one yet is recorded. Anything Journey wise to me. That really lives up any kind of from for me as this by taste and my life liking on the music and mazing. The bulk like not that it was bad or anything just like no-one said the stuff that seems to make those record sound like that came up was cool ideas and stuff so it's really really hard to find that record deal. Rival might be the only one that I like most of all out of anything new. You know but I put a note on any any particular one but hey everybody some good moments with them. No rolling almost as big as ever. I know it's truly amazing. It really is and let me. Let me ask you this. How tough is last thing on the anything? How tough is it to sing? Is it a challenge for you to sing it when you go out there to do these shows and do a set of music of Classic Journey? Does it push you? Is it a challenge writing your comfort zone? How challenging it is. Is it to sing those songs. Well I I feel comfortable doing it. It's not so much that I that I don't feel comfortable. I think right now just after I get more shows under my belt Everything was just become a lot more easier. I think right now just the first show. I'll front really didn't have anything set not that I ever plan anything. Everyone at that time. I don't even know what I'm doing. I just go out and I roll and I. It just happens you know. And that's cool for me because I don't have any script other than you know. Songs and order and stuff and may have a rapper too. That might be similar. One night there too or whatever but the journey thing really does put you. You know. We're the right key and try to keep everything the same. I just have a hard time trying to do everything perfect. You know. That's sometimes becomes harder. I mean I would like eventually I might even take an up more closer than not I mean I I do it as close as I can without really just sweating over it you know and I don't try to dodge it and just you know you can't do everything I mean. I heard anybody do anything. Really perfect all the time either. There's always a spin on whether they're tired or or they just couldn't do it that night. Or whatever the hell it may be but yeah I mean there's nothing easy about it But at the same time I feel comfortable doing and I will feel much more comfortable as I know what? I'm doing with each song with the band that I'm playing with you know changes were whoever you're playing with. Thinks change whether they do it and she big way. I mean feels a hell of a lot different because we don't have a lot of things going on and I'm just doing it myself and playing drums them. You know one guitar. There's no keyboards and things. Change there. Too So But Yeah I don't I I. I wouldn't do. It told uncomfortable doing what I have my own. Twist on it. I you know I have my own style with it and that's kind of way. I approach it like I mean I know there's other guys doing it like trying to perfect but is there really flowing or is it just like like. I don't know I I don't remember our time trying to find the word is it to you know. Is there anything there other than you just copying it? You know. I don't know right. I guess I guess I really don't I really thought about it any more than just. Just have some fun with it and do what you can with you know. Well that's what it should be. I mean that's what these bans are about. And and I think you're going to do real well with it and I'm excited to to catch a show one of these days coming up. Hey last thing before you go let me ask you this. So the other day I recorded for Chris Jericho his podcast and he had me and Charlie and Scott from anthrax on and he did this debate with the three of us and he said spreading the disease verses among the living and he went track to track of through every record and to decide between the three of us which record was better or who liked which record more between spreading and among. What's your favorite record? Wow you know a lot of times. I always tend to go to spreading only because it was like the first time ever singing with them first time meeting them first time singing that music and walked and listening back to a record that I never did before and go. Wow that's what I sound like. And that's me and that's what I do so like that. That always takes takes me into the first first boat because it was just all those things overwhelming you know and to walk away and be able to hear them entirety but among the living was completely different. You know 'cause they don't even kind of coincide with one another You know more living it. Take off way more than spreading bigger record by far. So there's a lotta great moments on there so other than that I mean I don't. I don't know if I have any favorites but you know again spreading there's really cool moments there there were just kinda off the cop you know for the first time really walked in and started seeing them like the minute. I met these guys also and I wasn't wasn't like prepping for it nor really prepped. For many records. I mean that's what's cool about it but I don't know like when you joey when you came in when you came in anthrax okay so we're talking about your love of journey foreigner all this melodic stuff and then you come into a band like anthrax. Who had already done one record before you and you hear music that intense that fast that heavy and you sing the way you do over the top of that to me. That's what made me love that genre of metal so much because I've always been such a fan of great singers and for the first time I heard somebody who was a great singer on top of thrash speed metal but for you coming into it at that time it had to be like how the hell do I say this I mean. Do you remember like Oh yeah. Oh Yeah you're we'll man I mean before you even saying I've ever gone to their out going the apartment where they were saying that night and have to listen to full metal and go. Okay you know you know. I had up to absorb at first. I wasn't really too could. I didn't really register. I I mean I got it but at the same time like I don't know where I fit in with us and what I'm GonNa do something. How am I going to? I don't WanNa be that but I like the music school but I didn't want to think that way you know and I don't think that way you know that I know of so just to go in and and be able to do what I was doing off the cuff and I was like blown me out that I was listening to back and listening and go okay. This is pretty cool. You know but I I don't know I don't really have any certain silence that I knew of before I came in. I was just doing whatever I thought was cool over it with my own intentions. You know I didn't really have any preconceived notions you know. And you can't once you start singing. You're on your own really. I think people think that I was trying to do it. This way or nothing. I mean every time I do a record. I just try to do whatever I can do. Physically and then have the emotions that that I'm that I'm able to do as a senior you can't. You can't really just tell some of these guys do this way. I'm trying this like you know. Sometimes there's just no you you have your certain style and your voice. What's going to come out that way you know and I just happened to get it my own way and it seemed to work somehow. The system turned into what it was. You know without really trying to make me though because they didn't really expect me to sing what I was. GonNa sing like when I got there. I don't think anyone at that time because I mean they knew they knew what your voice sounded like. Obviously that's why they brought you in but they did they did. That's the thing I don't think I don't think they heard anything at all that I know of I. I didn't really have anything to give them to hear I was. I didn't know what I mean so i. I think you're like what what's going on here every really you know 'cause I just acapella something and I think that was the journey so that really know what else to do the time and I it was just kind of like go in there and warm up. We'll get the Mike no sink. Some stuff do something you know. We'll get you get your headphone mix and there's an and that's it and also there. I'm singing this and I don't think they expected did but to my my question is do at that time that anybody tried to push you into sounding different because you know it wasn't like what was in line with thrash. No not at all. I mean 'cause I wouldn't be able to help them that John Ruined. I didn't I didn't I wouldn't even know what they were. Really trying to push but at first that was. That's the other cool thing about spending really. There wasn't a Lotta time to really try to like like push me into a corner like you know when among the living Kinda kick then that's when things are coming from all corners have time. I don't even know what I was doing. You know like I mean I knew trying to do but then yet everybody had an opinion and it was. It was just killing me at times. You know. And that's why I like the newer records. I mean no one's there and I always say it over and over but it's the coolest thing we're me and j just kind of lack in and I can come up with fifty ideas all along the the process from the harmony within the minute I think the first verts and start to hear what I could do with it. You know without anybody going walk. We're no no no. What are you doing there? I and ask ask permission to put an army down back in the day. Carl Kennedy And he was there too along with the way I was doing things he was really open to what I was doing so I think everybody just Kinda took a seat. Let me do what I needed to do. Spreading at that time so a little bit more you know natural without anybody kind of dictating but along the way things got that way and and look. I don't think they even thought it was right somehow. Otherwise I would be. I would've still been the ban which I'll definitely another whole nother interview right. You know what I mean. I have no idea I mean again I still. I don't do anything different now on the same. You know I just I do my thing and I try to do it as well as I can. Naturally it's hard to try to try to do something unnatural a lot of people that are out. There do a lot of things that are very unnatural. And it's hard to do that. I guess you know I don't know I don't have to be comfortable. You have to be good at what they're doing. I mean it affects hard stuff thing because there's a lot of words and the risks are so fast so moving. You can't even lock into a key. Sometimes it's really rough. I mean I'm not complaining. 'cause I chased it I went after it. Like outta somehow. Got It and I still get it. But there's a lot more than it's hard to be melodic with that stuff. You know you did it and you do it. I mean the last couple of records are among my favorite anthrax records worship music and four all kings. It's great stuff and give you the credit for for being that guy that brought singing to this genre of music because it was the reason why I got into it and you still do it as as good as he ever did it. I seriously mean that man. It's amazing to watch you do what you do even to this day and I wish you and your your your your family everybody. They're good health as we go through this craziness and hopefully we'll all be back to see a new singing with anthrax end. Of course we remind. Everybody journey the ban that Joey has going called journey beyond doing journey tunes on the side for people to keep up with you. What do you do on social media? What's your big thing? Where should they go? Well thank you very much for the plug and the kind words that you do. I think you really. It really means a lot to you. And Your Family. Too by the way From my social media. I don't I'm not really one for that. I mean I'm lucky. I've got a website Alan website. That was just your name. Is Joey Bella? Donna DOT COM. Well I got I got I mean again. I'm not a good plugger but I'll do what I can't hear can tell you that I have a you know my facebook. You know like everyone else. Journey won the journey beyond facebook. You know I have you know the twitter and the instagram all of those. You know all that kind of stuff. I finally got around to doing all that because I was. I was kind of dormant you might say never again. We'll just like the first time I think I've ever been on like by myself with you at any given time so this is the first two right. It's been yeah. Yeah and I can't thank you for me Come into your world you know and I wish you all the good luck even really doing some great things by yourself. Now and when it's gotta be really cool you know Thanks man it's been a long ride and it's fun and like I said I had a good time talking with Charlie Scott yesterday because we went down Memory Lane and all those memories. You're very much connected to also bring that up in the conversation. We had some good times over the decades. And I'm sure many more to come so take care of yourself buddy. Be well and we'll keep an eye open for journey beyond and looking forward to anthrax. Firing it up again sometime soon as well. Well you know that hopefully see you somewhere. I know we will for sure. Look forward to it. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it and thanks to the fans and I wish everybody good good house out there and be safe down. Thank you all very much. All right. Joe Thanks Man. I'll talk to you soon. Right on. 'em away well. My thanks to Joey always good to visit with him and earlier in the podcast. My thanks to John. Five and most of all my thanks to you for listening downloading subscribing and checking out the podcast each and every week remember new episodes every Thursday. Always totally free podcast. One Dot Com apple podcast and of course spotify and be sure to keep an eye on social media for all the things. I got going on at Eddie Trunk Twitter Instagram Fan page on facebook and of course the official online home is Eddie. Trunk Dot Com Music News. You can email me through the site my appearances there although touring bands there's not many because everything's in limbo and you can also become a member of my website and get exclusive content and here my FM radio show on demand anytime you want. Katy Perry puts this whole thing together for me each and every week my thanks to her be safe. Everybody and I will see you next Thursday for another all new episode of the Eddie Trunk Podcast. 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