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Welcome to tonight's episode of the room. So martinez. Experienced before we get started want to go ahead and give a shot sums this episode's sponsors. From self publishing, podcasting and passive income development. I offer ongoing self development courses at champion pundit academy as well as private consultations to take you from zero to hero in no time. Learn more champions pundit, academy dot com. That's champion pundit academy dot com. You wanna know what you need more of in your life tala ticks? Yeah. Nobody ever said that. But if you've got to go ahead and spend money on the one nonfiction book. It's gotta be the ultimate clash of wisdom. Awesomeness? And then obviously the politics a little bit of comedy. Why? Now a little bit of a memoir, why not something that's going to make you say, hey, I actually enjoyed reading this. I laughed. I learned something in the process. Check out my book, it's an Amazon bestseller. You may have heard of it. It's stay away from the libertarians it talks about all the things you think you might know about libertarians. Plus a lot of things that I bet dollars to doughnuts. You don't know about you can get on Amazon and Barnes and noble online. So go on right now, you can get in prince e book or kindle, or whatever you call it. Just go out and get it on Amazon and Barnes and noble online today. It's stay away from the libertarians by. Renzo w Martinez happens to be me. They wanna move your book deal trials and tribulation of the liar liar. DD lawyer Michael Cohen today, he went ahead before congress. Hopefully, the God he laughed time. I'm Ramsey w Martinez than is the Rams the Martinez area. John Walker back to the program today. Go ahead and do me quick paver. Go ahead. Balmy on Twitter at Renzo all spelled out. REM SO F O R all the footer fall. You back that way, we keep this conversation. Go go ahead and cover topic, which I have tried to avoid like a bad PD coming out of the laser. Dealing with another person that you may have heard of if you meant the past couple years president, Donald J Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen who is having a bad day batted back and forth. Congressman and about to go to jail, a couple months for committing perjury. Congress. Outburts today been on on TV and on the radio and everything during the hearing for the past several hours, and what can I tell you that we weren't? Not much. But I wanna be the only one to go ahead and give my thoughts on this day. We have a special Guinness Dopp upholster price point journalists, formally New York and joint as. Boy, do we off your Detroit guy. Other son and recently shit show, the country claps and the ratings are great Charlie Baker so much join the program today. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it. So how does Michael Cohen affect your life? Because it seems like everyone on TV, and I was reading an article from FOX said this is going to be the defining moment in American history. I see that we're probably going to bitch about this for the next couple of days and then much like everything else. These August is just gonna go ahead and jump into the ash heap of history could be I mean, you know, look, I got up. Basically get get off the school. My knee out. When did some, you know, working out some physical therapy, drove to work. Listen to some of it listen to some of it now. And I go back to work you. I don't know. I didn't get to hear all of it. And I don't have cable just 'cause I don't wanna be drowned out by talking heads. But what is new okay? Look the man's going to prison for lying to congress. There's hush money campaign finance violations. Possibly. He was involved with you know, the Trump Tower project in Moscow didn't expect to be president. What's here? I think we've made our decision. I don't think Muller's coming with indictments on Trump. He was gonna come with the report, and you're gonna see I don't think it seem the last of it. Right. I think what you're gonna see is a bunch of congressional committees gearing up looking at his taxes, I doubt, and I don't wanna be quota forever in life on this. I I don't think there's going to be impeachment hearings. So what are we doing here? It's a shit show. That's for sure. From your math. God's ears looking at you your with though because you know, I'm not I'm not a talking. Oh, no, I do agree. Because at this point. Let's look at it is his favorable ratings amongst Republican voters so Republicans that voted in the twenty eighteen midterms twenty sixteen general election. They have an eighty two percent. According to Reuters and Fox News and townhall. They have an eighty two percent approval rating of Donald Trump's only about eighteen percent of Republicans don't like him, but they'll probably begrudgingly vote for him. Again. It's twenty or maybe sit out real about when we look at the recent national polls amongst Democrats independents Republicans he has record hot approval ratings. Fifty two percent now you apply fifty two percent anywhere else. But people are like, okay. So forty eight percent of you is a failure forty eight percent of the country hates you. But in terms of the US president that's about a year way from other general elections. Fifty percent is rather high. Hi, a second term. Yeah. But wait a minute is it because look I don't live eat and breezes, I live eating breed life, and my local politics, you know? I mean, that's stuff. They really factually pose come and go last time, I heard it was in the thirty. And pro it next week. He'll be in the seventies. And the week after the embassy twenties, it you see where I'm going with this at this point nothing nothing really indicates that anything that Cohen. We'll go ahead and release Euler. We'll go ahead. And he's saying he's come early next week and the week after that week after that he's been saying next for the past two months. So at this point we've been going on this whole thing for several years. People are tired of the people are tuning out. If you hate Trump, you're probably still gonna hate him. If you love them, you're probably still gonna love them. I don't necessarily getting this changing anyone's heart survives at this point. Yeah. Look in in the great. Middle sixty percent of voters don't belong to a party. Right. They know. So how's your life going? What's economy? What are your wages doing? How are your benefits? What what's your get? Right. How how do you really live? Do you fear for your kids future? These are the real things. And then these are the things that you know, are missing from. Let's say the airwaves because you're let's go back to Winchcombe one. And it was the hand wringing the COPA, and we have to rethink what we're doing is reporters journalists commentators gotta get back with the American people got you know, how they're doing what they're thinking. But I don't see us very much. You know, we from the great, and I don't see as being represented as people as countrymen. You know, what I mean if GM is going to close its last manufacturing plant in Detroit. You can't buy a Cadillac in Detroit. The town founded by Cadillac what our wages doing. What are your savings? Is there a bubble in the doubt? Right. Why's Amazon paying why do I pay more than Amazon me personally? How can this be these are these are big questions to that? Don't get much attention Trump. Yes. It's a big deal. Yes. It's this Shitu in Washington. But that's all we've said, so what am I supposed to do? Okay. It's Malania heels one week, right? And it's, you know, Putin in in what was it Helsinki in Finland Trump, and it was up, you know, like that. Yeah. Wherever it was integrate betrayal of Trump each week. It's it's the same value were yelling at the same volume. So forgive me, and I'm not a stupid, man. But what's important, and what's not? Is Cohen important today. Am I hearing anything is Trump a conman kind of schyster character? Yeah. Did I know that? Yeah. Did everybody know that? Yeah. They vote 'em in. Anyway, sure did. So what is it? What is it? Plea amble to the next shit show. The next boring. Presedential cycle because that is the worst reality show ever. This guy changed the game and teepee told media's on board with them, man. Now, they're they're complicit at this point. And a kind of move things a little bit further. I mean, this your express this in your book shit show, and you can go ahead and get it and on Amazon arts anywhere that books are sold. Pretty good. Oh, I do. I did love the audio version because you actually get married this one. Yes, they did. And they just injecting lines in the you know, when I went up and just started injecting lines book sounds a little bit different than the hard copy. But it is it is a book. Basically, what it does is it, you know, as a national correspondent for FOX television. It was it was called the Americans, and we were looking for people on the border guys working in the oil fields. We're in the middle of the riots in Ferguson Baltimore get Troy on the campaign trail with Trump car pooling with the grand dragon of the KKK all of it. And so trying to get a. Ground level view at the United States. And you know, you tell me who else is written that. Very very few people. And I I was on YouTube last night watching symbolized streets, you get Ferguson. And was I was back at what you did on the Americans whether or not you were, you know, crossing the US Mexican border and a banana hammock or whether you were squatting in squatters house that wasn't really the house. I it seems like there's you know, we talked about this disconnect online all over the place. People are like I don't trust the media. I have a very, you know, very low opinion of journalism when it comes to the stories that or actually you know, that are actually affecting our lives once that has been brought to my attention to the fact that word of Essar, how is it that in the most connected the most high speed twenty four seven news circuit period in human history. America has news desert's in that will where he's better actually affecting people aren't actually getting in front of them because we're connected, but we don't touch. Each other. That's one you know, we all sit there take a dump in the morning, scroll through the phone. Somebody New York Times impose while see Jim big story and thousand outlets comment on it. So it's a, you know, a, chattering culture. Now the other bit is this. I mean, those entities I just laid out New York Times Washington Post Wall Street Journal, they do fantastic job covering Washington. They do you know, they do we we're talking about right now. But what's dying? You know, we all know why? Because advertising Facebook, Google and killed the revenue stream for local media. That's where it really happens. Because what it what is Washington? It's a clubhouse. It's the clearinghouse. It's where all the tribes from around the country. Meet right divide, the spoils and go home, and they're supposed to be spent here, but they never seem to be spent properly. The roads are mess. The schools are a mess. I could go on and on and not, you know, we got Flint here and got Detroit. And if the local media is afraid they can't defend themselves. They don't wanna go to court. You know, I mean, it's it's easy to bully them. And when you're able to bully them, and they're laying people off and laying people. Your community's not covered. You can't follow the pots of money, nor do you have time to make it interesting. You understand what I'm saying? Because in the new culture with you know, sound and pictures and whatnot. You've also gotta be interesting. It's gotta be funny or sad or one or outrageous. It has to it have to have some that. Because. The anchorman with the puffed up chest and the makeup. That's nan. Everybody laughed. They know it's just fake shit. And so where are we murdered his you're puppy dog? Cooking segment you understand what I mean? That's why money and. Reporting class. That's that's just not in tune with people people don't look at reporters as part of the community, not very few of they look at him as a political class and the more they drink with the political class and hang out and Perret it and want to be part of the cool kids club. The there's a wider Gulf between you and the audience, which is your fellow citizen. So. Whatever you gotta do. I think loosen to tie or get rid of it. Roll up your sleeves. Get down with people get involved in their life. Take a look at it. And then go home to your basement as a reporter and spend your own personal time. If you really committed the job in the people read the contracts read, the spreadsheets read, the indictments we the statistics won the the data on say police response times, whatever it may be do that on your own time. So when you're getting paid you're already prepared and you're now able to. Find the story or or find the life or find the working. That's that's how I approach it. And I just think yes, just everything read like a term paper, and it's the same thing. And I'm, you know, I'm a reporter, I'm bored with it. He met you mentioned this. And it's like you remember I'm sorry now. But I'm gonna ask you, what do you think? I think you were guy that consumes it. Yeah. I think it's not one of those things that you necessarily truly grasp and understand. And so you really start to see how the sausage is made so speak for the longest time. And I I live right outside of DC over in Fairfax county, one one of affluent and wealthy neighborhoods where you're used to live in Fairfax county. Oh you. Yeah. Until the state trooper told me to move my van. I'm talking about. But you know, it's very easy to get caught up in this. You know, I I call it. The the Capitol Hill club culture of you mentioned that the club. But you know, I used to remember if you got invite if you were a policy analyst, or if lifesaver pusher or reporter or something, and you got visor, the Capitol Hill club, for example. I mean, primarily if you ride center because it's owned by the Republicans like you made it for the longest time in my life. It was my goal not necessarily be good at what I did or necessarily change hearts and minds because you know, you're in Washington, everything everything is based off good intentions hollow promises. Michael at the time was to get invited for lunch there. And it wasn't so years later, I found myself, you know, kicked on the streets on my ass. You know, not a lot of people don't this about me. But I I was a minimum wage security guard. I was a mall cop for a while. I was unemployed for a longer period. Man. I I worked at games. Stop for minimum wage here. I am I've got by alive. I just come out with a book, and I've got a degree and my boss is a high schooler. But what all those experiences, did, you know coming from the inside out going from being a an outside of zurve or talking about the struggles of the working in the middle class about being part of it there. There's this. There's this veil so to speak, and when I go ahead, and I write stories about what it was like, you know, when I'm working with mall cops who from the Ivory Coast from Nicaragua or Mexico. What I'm talking about the seventeen Mexicans are in a van who are traveling to construction jobs make eight fifty an hour while, you know, everyone else's making about eleven fifty doing the same job because they speak English you start necessarily CD's people is actually even beings and a lot less like, you know, the the puppets that you're gonna see on TV. Yeah. So they plugged into that. So you understand the immigrant experience? Then you understand the the guy that's got. To compete with the immigrant 'cause eleven fifties. No, great shakes net. You know what? I mean. Like what happened? I'm telling you right now. And I'm telling you, listen, if you wanna talk about how report ties should work best they plugged in to the people right because they're gonna have their day. They're gonna have their moment. This shit is rocky like twenty two trillion in debt right going up poor services. We have job creation, but we're not making anything take take inflation into account and take the financial sector out of it. And we're losing ground. Right. When the next bubble heads. We have some prime again. But it with automobiles that's the second. Biggest thing you can purchase in your light. We already went through the mortgages, right? Here comes the next one. Every time said Federal Reserve raises interest rates one quarter of one percent world goes into a panic. Right. The stock market pingpong if you're lucky and you're in the top fifty percent of of the country you own some kind of stock and then one tenth of one percent owns what? Forty percent of the stock. Is it one percent or I forget, right? But it's the wealth. Disparity is insane. See two thousand eight is not over. We're still living with the consequences of it this amends, wealth shifts. Mexico's dealing with it, right? They have gasoline riots. Brazil's dealing with it Europe is dealing with it all over the Middle East is dealing with it. Stay with the people like but being again. Egghead in private know, your stuff, and then be able to. Explain what's going on out there with that kind of information. So I think congratulations. Yeah. Man. There's a the most highly educated mall captor is that you, but I want to read therefore, I was like the most bad ass in Belgium all cop ever because reading white season winding and write about it. Don't you? Remember, George Orwell in the thirties wrote down in out in pairs of London. The thirties the depression, which you know, preceded the the big war. The guy came up. With a cultural document just by banging around on the bump just by washing dishes and living in homeless show. You know, like, I'm not saying a mole Kapisa bum. Or, you know, but this is where it man, this is what we do. This is the country. So you might want to write that because you know, if if they'd be friends, you they respected. You you owe them that write them down. So our grandchildren know who we were. And why they are as they are. That's the great thing about journalism. That's why I like to jump into that round shoot goal to you're talking about never trust a man and Brown shoes, they're all wearing Brown shoes. Now, you know that. At the elite. Everybody's wearing Brown shoes. You're like geese just following each other. It would do people be able to jump into the Brown shoe. Culture able to explain what's going on out there from not not from an idea. Right. But but from blood, and sweat and experience that's why I like going there. It's fun. For me. I went to a big writers festival in California and men every swinging dick was there every smart person every dig writer, and I'm like. Well, I know the people, you know, what I mean, I know the streets. You know, I know GDP means I know I lived in Europe. I understand Brexit. So there's gotta be some of that too. Otherwise, we're just gonna have Michael Cohen Ed nauseam. So I mean, just just for phone that it's it definitely does exemplify schism that we're seeing and just folks are listening right now since constraining account put me in a quarter vise, I'll make this announcement now by upcoming book, half exceeding, politics and other forms of devil, worship dedicating and tyre chapter to my ball cop journey. So if you want it now about the time, I got Saint style Sorious secret by three hundred pounds woman, shoving seven layers of bras and say, so and how homeless person tried to tell me how the world would end you'll you'll go ahead, and you know, about their so you're gonna well done. Well, done that's worth reading. It's I if it's gonna be interesting. And the. Mation is the point is what did you learn as mall Cobb? You don't wanna go to be a MO cap. There's there's a lot more into it. You know, I can I got a little bit. But you know, I have I have a sub chapter in the draft. I had or it's called, you know, how how does how to avoid someone tossing sharp dangerous objects that your face, and, you know, from you know, from, you know, someone looking at that they're like what what is what's his having to avoid getting shift thrown out. You have to do with this. But there's a whole lesson to be learned in. Why why do people toss rocks at windows? Sometimes it's not just because they wanna break it. Sometimes it's because they wanna be seen before. Before woman driving, Lexus, those an iphone app you. All not. Arjun for jail because I don't think we've had on shoes are really going Benz. Well, when you're going to the county clink at that point, and what makes somebody wants her in violent. Ultimately, you know, coming coming from a Christian worldview, I believe that we're all swath or broken people. But in the United States most people are not typically violent when you look at the giant population of the United States. I've lived in the upper crust income communities to shits Ville, Alabama, people genuinely don't wanna turn violent. So what makes someone do that? It's understanding these things that unless you experienced you're never necessarily going to truly understand it. And it's really a testimony to the human experience in that sense. And it was a great opportunity if you know, if I had to go back and change time, I would have still taken that mall cop job, my better person for it. It's more like that that no one ever writes about, you know. And if this is I can't think them work out for you, man. You might have to go back. Let me do what I did. Trump Trump Trump won and like his second weekend to it second or third week and do his announcing his running for president and his. You know, like, oh my God guy flamed out in five seconds. He announce for president calls Mexican rate to simplify work in him. But he he might catch on about the second or third week. He comes to Flint, and I am there was a member of the media, and I raised my hand. And I tell them. I brought my resume. I think you can win. And he goes on this year. Right. Got a lot of credibility. He which question go my resume. Brought it maybe looking for vice presidential material. I don't think you're saying stuff. Right. You might you might be right about them. It is. But you know, I can help you because what you want to be vice president. I said sure why not to which he and all the media laughing. They were the only time they last together since and the night of the election. It's there it's on Twitter somewhere some Facebook live or something I said, I don't know. I don't know. I I think it's going to be way close, and you'd think in Michigan might deliver this and so. It could be that was just as the polls cools. And as the night goes on. Yeah. Oh, the faces. Get long the anchorman concerned the pollsters, blown it. And there's no room for me. You know on that TV set haven't been the guy sucking to tear gas, and you know, hanging out on the oil derricks and stuff to kind of explain what's happening. And so I leave I'm done. I take I'm taking a break his book and. Amongst the other things, I do I wait for website called deadline, Detroit, you know, billionaires behind it. And you know, we're scrapping pulling down the corrupt politics, right, which never seem to go away. But what I also do is. I'm a handyman at a diner. I fixed the coolers. Charge. The compressor Pengs the toilet paint the building fixed. The foundation care out the walls, do the masonry work. And the reason I'm doing to remind myself where I'm from. At the shit really hits the fan. I know what to do. And that I'm making a gesture, and please guys don't don't don't tweet me and stuff call me and jackass, and you know, gesture, but I am making a gesture to my community that I'm with you that I'm from working people. I'm not too good to work that can take my shot TV job flush it be down with you. And report from the streets. You you'd be surprised what you see on your knees and your fixing the foundation of building you will notice that the cigarettes are smoked down to the. But you know, every about the Detroit comeback man would back what back cigarettes will tell you everything. And if you go to Wall Street, you'll notice have smoke cigarettes. Right. You're rich. Couple of puffs throw it away in Detroit. You'll never find that all the way to the end. You'll find needles you'll find battling new outing homeless people while you have the news sorta gentrified crew walking around them. And that disconnect I've never seen so many homeless people wandering around. So the view from the corner from the ground is different from up above everybody. And so all day long. I, you know, I'm thinking about going to Europe and live in is in the legal immigrant and writing about. Because when you Europe loses its mind the world is on fire and Europe starting to lose. It's mine. So I just think there's just value permenant value. The only value in the great see of human beings, my countrymen. I I love you. I love this country is bad as it's crazy. And I'm part of it. And I wanna I wanna leave something. So Charlie on rewind a little bit. Are you going? I'm trying to fill it out. Definitely won't cover by cow on jump on something you mentioned the moment ago. I I've read your book Detroit in American autopsy, and I was talking to friends and colleagues of mine was having you on. And you know, I I refer them to Detroit specifically learn a little bit more about you and your life. But one of the questions that they overwhelmingly asked me was Detroit is a shit hole. Why would he stay Trump? What's with that? Komo motherfucker. Oh, so people do use those words. Oh, okay. Go ahead. Anyway. Yeah. Hey, no. Hang me. More awesome. I've been saying. Detroit's rough and it's in his rundown that right? That's it. It's rough and it's run down. Okay. Why would I stay? That what you're asking. What I hear? Oh, well, funny things I moved back here. I left in New York Times. I was living in LA. We had our first and only child praise be to God. My wife got the job. She was you know, working for or adult life. I I'll stay home to raise my kid. I work hard. After about a year of LA when you're not hotshot reporter. Yeah. With you know, travel budget and having cocktails on Hollywood Boulevard. Let's go home. My wife's born and bred in Detroit. I'm from here. We have a daughter. I couldn't imagine raising an only child in Los Angeles because I could see her. At one year old being a fourteen year old with the blue eyes shade in halter top walking up and down Melrose. They didn't want that. What do we know? We know Detroit where are the grandmothers there in Detroit where are her cousins. Which would be her brothers and sisters when she's older because she's an only child there in Detroit. Because this is my home because my very great grandfather paddled in here with Antoine Cadillac and married. My grandmother's family who's been here for thousand years because my grandfather Creole Louisiana makes his way up here during the great migration, and it's so light skin. He decided now white 'cause he can get away with it. Because all of that. Great history. The present day blood. My brothers. Right. The lake that I love. Is here. It's my home. Why would I be any where else? So has your wife Caufield when you said he wanna go being a legal immigrant. Yep. She's hardly gonna put us up in London. It's more. My daughter's more my daughter, you know, she got her friends and everything so, you know, you know, friends whose moms and dads work in the automotive business, and they gotta move away for a while. Let's go free. So it's just something. I'm thinking about it and say, I'm doing it. But you know, I'm not getting younger man, and I love adventure. And then no no better former writing than adventure, you know, not not the perspective of of you in a foreign land. But but you bringing a foreign land to someone else. Right. There's a difference. Like, it's not who how exotic strange it's really trying to bore in there and figure it out because you know, for a lot of Americans. Europe is is is the home of their forefathers. So it's interesting to go back home in that way. You know, like why go to my go to Poland? 'cause man it's off the chain. Dude. There's a lot of people pull his blood that are interested in it. Because it's a great. Way to spend your life. If you can do it. You got the balls to do it. But again, I've always decided in my career, and you know, like, I said, it's New York Times and FOX, and I know some, you know, some some players in this business. The goal is to get over seas Moscow bureau, and you know, galley and whatnot Africa Nairobi. I'm like what I'm gonna stay in the middle of the empire. I'm gonna stay here. A make myself an expert on the people here. So Charlie we've got ahead and wrap things up in a few moments. But I just want to congratulate you folks for those that don't know Charlie's podcast and no bullshit news, which you can go ahead and find on itunes that you're ever podcast or available last month with them just a handful of episodes pro five hundred thousand half a million downloads. Just Gary like sixteen Joe's. Well, we also do a little national news. But we only do it in this way. We have to have some kind of connection to it right because everybody's commentator. So you don't need me to tell you about cone. But next week schedule. We'll see, but you know, Maggie Haberman from the New York Times, that's an old colleague of mine from my time in New York. She's killing it. She's awesome. She's there. So as a friend of mine, let's have a Ron because it can be. Relaxed. It doesn't have to be haram. See, and you know, make up in girdles and spotlights and talking points. Right. It's a friend. And maybe learn something about her as a person going through this. That's kind of what we're after. Plus, excuse me. We do you know, Michigan politics the hard way when nobody else wants to do the corruption in city hall, right? The corruption in Lansing, everybody gave up on Flint. We do not. And we all have an intern. He's fifty eight years old. He's pretty normal. Yeah. You know, he he lives in a hood. He doesn't have how. He can't keep a job, man. But you know, what he's got a great heart. So you know, we do when we Detroit went through four closure crisis. One hundred fifty thousand plop is changed hands in the decade because people couldn't make the property tax. The Wayne County treasurer in charge of this his wife and kids are buying these houses when they're not allowed to and they're not paying their taxes so ethically. This guy's bankrupt. You gotta go. You gotta go stop with the parsing, and with the laws that you gotta go do because you know, that was a su- NAMI. Okay. So he's dodging the media. We broke that story by the way, he's dodging the media guide us. And so I send Joe if you intern in chicken costume to the treasurer's office to get in there and make a scene and loan the whole he corners the treasurer. And the treasure goes up the elevator across the parking day uptick. Flights of stairs across the roof down the elevator. And he's trying to run from my sixty year old chicken, and it was beautiful. And we we in a funny way where nine year olds are watching this thing. And they're now interested in municipal politics. You know what I mean? 'cause why why chicken outfit who is that guy? What did he do? You can now take the old school journalism reading those contracts. Right reading those deeds. Reading those packs assessments putting it together doing this. The good old school, you know, shoe leather reporting, and then the new era's com that YouTube the, you know, the the. Jackass the daily show there. There's so much media. Look, there's only to lose any more journalists one which is the old rule. Get it. Right. And the second rule is be interesting. Don't the Lauren. After that, if you're right enough times people start to respect you. And they feel that you've got their best interests in mind. And so that's why. I'm gonna stay here because I love this community. And I think just community loves me. So I got totally distracted as you already owned the chicken suit. Or did you have to go find it Amazon baby there in two days. Oh shit books. You can't you cannot make that shit up. Charlie. We're at the end of the show. Thank you so much for coming on in your work. And you know, a fan of the Americans, you know, there's been true honor for me. So I do appreciate that immensely. Cool guy. Man. I wish you all the luck. And let me know when the books come in go get it. Definitely appreciate that. And, hey, if people go ahead and follow you on Twitter, social media, all that evil stuff. They do. So currently Duff you put in Facebook or Twitter, you'll find the E L E D US. Simple stuff. Charlie. Thank you so much. Have a great day you to talk you off. There's so much out there and in. Today's highly connected high-speed environment journalism is changing everything is changing. It's not changing because of one person. But it's changing because we as five or are saying to ourselves something has to be different when I was a mall top. I was still covering stories about air colder that got picked up in other outlets. I was working at game stuff. I was still putting out off. That's that were criticizing the people that were going ahead and making life difficult for my neighbors, and my friends I didn't need. Sit down in a newsroom with my fancy Brown leather shoes, which I do own. I am proud. And get this done because it mattered to me. And in today's day and age, it's one nineteen. You yourself can go out there and pursue truth as always w Martinez and since the rents more things experience United everyone next week. Bye.

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