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I assume he's you're starting quarterback on Sunday. Yeah. He did a good job. I mean, he stayed got better never felt too sore the next day so we needed here that today and see him out there today and we feel good to go off and we start and saw Shanahan gives an empty under he mustered. I'm in terms of regime. How did he look at practice? And what's going to go into that decision on Sunday? I'm really just always feeling then. I mean he got a little bit more work today. Um, you know, he's able to get through it. We didn't put him through everything but really want to see how that response tomorrow how he wakes up tomorrow and how Shanahan also updates us on D, but illness and covered protocols off the Debo doing DeVos good. I mean just I mean he was on zoom in our meetings today. So says he has no symptoms feeling great. So he's got one more test to pass. I think it today will get the results tomorrow and that and then you should be allowed back in our building. So, just to clarify are the protocols different a lot different this year than they normally are for illnesses in this obviously isn't covered related because he'd be on that list, but you guys have to go through more kind of screening just to clear it somebody who's feeling he'll and yeah, definitely that's I mean that's going to most likely be the same issues with my biggest worries. You know Depot just he had he was sick. So I think you know just a little achy. I think it might had a fever at night, you know, especially with flu season coming up that's going to be common. But if you have systems, I mean you're automatically out of the building I think for at least two days cuz you need to pass two tests confirm. It's not covered in anyone who's been around. You also needs to be out for those two days so long that's going to be the case with that stuff. So I remember there was about twelve of us who were sick last year first Minnesota and that game so we have to deal with that stuff as it goes. So hopefully we'll get off. What it should him also name's a new backup quarterback and talks about how Nick Mullens ticket. Do you have a new number two quarterback? Yeah this week CJ woke up seven two sided with all the situations where we addressed two or three most likely will go to and I'll go see Jay this week. What was that a tough job bit of news to deliver them to to Nick. I mean just a week ago. He was the starting quarterback. Yeah, it's always tough to deliver to any of those guys. But but I do walk. I think Nick understands the situation understands the business. I mean, it's it sounds Dreadful and the end of the world to probably to a normal person and anyone who cares about Nick but I put in perspective with Nick. I mean he didn't have his best game. CJ's been there before Jimmy's been there before Nick just had a rough game and I think he'd played better than it looked. It's never as bad as it seems dead. Um, but that's kind of a life of a backup, you know, CJ. I thought that some real good things for us playthrough a number of games injured couldn't go one night versus Oakland and it came in and seize this opportunity and she hasn't gotten the chance since then because of that. It's kind of regardless of what goes on in practice when you're real when two guys are capable and they both are pretty close in different ways. It's kind of tough to earn that spot in practice and really tough. If you don't have a preseason games and rarely get in like they did last year. They never really got it. And so Nick understands CJ has been through that since that Oakland game and CJ came in and played well, and I know Nick's happy for CJ cuz they're closed and respect each other and it's not going to make too big a deal of it. But next time you ever get this opportunity. He'll be ready and that is it for your 49er news. Please check out our main shown know. It's a video on YouTube and wherever you listen to your podcast also check out Niner faithful Riley Revenge to our marriage. We just release new merch as well. So just go check it out. Thanks as always for birth. fearful

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