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Whoa. Indeed, the dodgers thing last night. Yes. What why did they give you wanna talk about the dodge meal. Chuck. Chuckle mill have a gallon of milk. Gala man is healthy. That's a half young. Yes. Figure that's unimportant. Why why you'd have this stupid? This is the do what is gift or hate brought to give. Bunch of. Terry. Yeah. Machado hall. Healthy in muscles, so yes can wake up in the morning komo's the Desi muscles, older moose, moose, Golos, moose, colorful. Mangano say, say Nestle in s body hall because. Yeah, it's a knockoff. Nestle. Make yourself a chocolate. Chuckle meal. I'm very confused with the car. Just going to let the milk just sit there. Traitor dodgers last night, at least thirteen innings. They get it from Cody Bellinger in where it felt like no one has ever gonna score again, thirty two strikeouts dodgers had seventeen of the thirty two. They went through their entire bullpen more or less. The get it done. Cody Bellinger gets the big knock to win the game era has the Cy Lansing back at Machado would second Dow three to swing a base field. Third yell, it's really it is not. Poli bell into looks at for the dodgers, the teeth, inning. Huge for him because he was one for his last million if he was ever get hit again, I know it was one of those deals where even when he was up to bat and you're sitting there, you're looking at and he's swinging for the fences. And you know one of those swings down to his knee, and I'm sitting here going to myself do seriously, like, won't you just in? I think they shifted everybody over at that time of shift against him. They did again, and I'm sitting there saying, just hit the ball over there, hit it in in virtually travel. Chato brought it home yet. Travis as resident baseball aficionado now for my amateur is it didn't look. You meant to do it? No. Did he look to do it but both hit city got him every he got, he got the hit in to left field earlier in the game, but there's two things happening here. Number one, do I think he was trying to turn into Tony Gwynn all of a sudden. I don't. I don't think that all of a sudden he went up there with a totally different approach that being said, when you've been going through the spell the way that he did when you can't hit anything, any contact at all, even if it's an advert can kind of, okay, I'm okay. Every known when he goes in there in the thirteenth. I think he had much he didn't have a different approach, but he had a little bit of a different mindset of I can. I can get a hit. This is not. I'm not going to never get a hit again in baseball. You go for five. It's okay. You get into the eight, ten twelve. It feels like you're never gonna get a hit again. And when he got that hit, it kind of broke the spell and I don't think he was trying to get a single. I think it was trying to hit it into the parking lot, but. I think he was trying to just make contact in bring home Chato. However, that was, I don't think I think he realized after those first couple pitches in a believe they got in front of him at that point, he relies, okay. I need to just advanced dude, instead of going to strike out on me, hit a home, run anywhere to what I've been saying for the longest is triple drill. Just bring him home. Just redid I book result is the same. He got the guys in and he's going to get all the credit. He made the great diving catch a couple of innings earlier, which I felt like it would've kept a run off the board. I remember he didn't start. Didn't start? No, he came in maybe once again, let's alty. Perhaps maybe kershaw's may salty when he came in game two Bellenger golden boy from season doesn't start. This big game maybe comes in little bit more focus. The four day he came in for Hernandez. It was one of those KiKi starting center. He went in in right left and then eventually ends up right field Bellinger is he's the guy that got the hit. He's the guy that made the catch. So all the attention is going to go to him fact of the matter is dodger bullpen is is probably the biggest story of the night that the biggest story to series Richhill was really good. Last night gave up one bias Majeida Ferguson, Madsen, Janssen wood floor areas. All of them came in not a single run that that's eight guys. I just mentioned. They had eight different guys. Go out there. Nobody gave Notre, isn't it? Like twenty. Some endings not fantastic, hasn't given up a run. I don't think game one. Alex would got touched up in number to test him real good. US didn't want to bring it up. What happens? What happens and goes to the minds of the baseball player basis loaded. Nobody out what happens. How come you can't advan you can't what question what happens. So it depends on who's up done this now. Three times. I guess if if you come up with the basis loaded, nobody out Yeesh not be looking to hit a Homer. You should be looking to hit the ball hard somewhere. Just barrel it and hit the ball. But again, the dodger players have shown that they're going up there looking to hit a home, run strike out seventeen times. So shouldn't we call time out. Regroup. I'm out time out time. Walk out to the battery and get to the battery. You know how to do the pitcher. They should allow you to go to the batter, you can't if you want it walk over there you go. Swing for the fences. We got. Just remind. Much opened up a little sleeve quarterback to play play. I'm serious though. Right? Because I didn't get while we load to basis, and we got to Oregon plan and we're moving in his grooving, stadiums, rocket, and everybody gotta hit a great, and then we got a airbag try to hit a grand slam. And it's fair every single time because the dodgers in this situation obviously was not great game five today Kershaw will be pitching. He is eight with the four point, two, six era in twenty one starts not. All in the playoffs. He's this year. He has a three point, two, seven. ERA in it. If you look at where he's at three point, two, seven ER is not great. It's not bad. It's ok around the middle. The offense aside a plate needs to continue to help him. So he could get comfortable in terms of pitching. You can't go out there with her Shaw in leave guys on base with no outs. Guile guy out there load the basis, no out, give fan and all of a sudden he's back out there trying to deal because you couldn't bring people l. z. said it. I don't know if few seconds ago there's gonna be runs today because because both teams went deep into their bullpen for the second game in a row, both these teams have really for the whole series that actually Buehler's the one guy that gave him seven. The dodgers didn't have to print a bunch of Penn guys in game three, they lost, but the brewers have been in their pen early one kind of normally in game two and then super early than game three and four that Penn is lights out. It's been. It's been as good as advertise. I think the dodgers are going to score some runs today just because they're gassed. Absolutely. And with coming in with momentum, you know, when you see a guy struggle as much as Cody has and for those who have been around since last season, they saw what he went through in the in the CS the World Series as well. And then he comes into this postseason not doing particularly well. So to see him have it big moments, got to be a moment which you get fired up and shut out to Keith Hernandez by the way. Knowledge ING that maybe he misspoke when he's talked about the dodger fans and he e enthusiasm disorder? Yes. But he apologize, you know, Malia different ways to make sure that he didn't lose us. It was about as slickly as you can do that because it was funny. Yeah, and it was sincere and it was exactly the right tone. I, but he he didn't do much. He didn't. He didn't do much. Except for clean up that mess. Yeah, because if he doesn't apologize and you struck out seventeen times. Guys, you know what. Speaking. It was a taffy from awhile ago. I'm trying to get my mouth smack in my ear. Put it down, call happy. We'll speak any d, you know, kind of makes you think of hump day a little bit in, you know, we missed a home day last week, our last hour. He doesn't wanna double hotel. Should we double home turn on a double home. Sometimes he's daddy. Don't do it for. That's why we are celebrating hope. They Wednesday and giving away l. AFC prize pack every hour hour we didn't. We forgot we had a Lavery Steph. Okay. That's okay. That's why we double homey. And guess what this includes. What. Of how do you get giveaway stuff. We show the people showing. We got game tickets to Elliott's game tickets. Were this Sunday, make sure we got to hats. We got to scarves, and we also have a twenty five dollar fields l. league gif of ours. We'll say Vancouver Vancouver marijuana's legal in Los Angeles, right. Where we live. That's right. Now keep showing you might have. How do I win such prize such seventh caller to tell me there's a member of the morning show seven, ten? How's that to say? It would give it away to still be Evan double hoping to tell us which member of the member show is immature inside. That doesn't think Machado Steph know someone to cover next segment. If you didn't hear now who can be visit, Chris, is it off. You don't know who it is. They'll give us a call eight seven. Seven was rest number three seventy seven seventeen. Yes. Yeah. Rebel eight seven seven seven. Danny ESPN LA the seven and tip call at tell us who's in Machado side, who's on his win tickets? You better call now because it's going to be giveaway here in the next segment because Manny Machado stomped audit yesterday could be lady. Mary people were upset, benches cleared. We'll get into it next. This is good stuff right here. No, we're giving away l. AFC prize packages, caller number, seven, and ten. The question was rise. What do they need to know. Well, which member of the morning show sticking up from Chato was it was it ought, hey, let's find out. Let's go to Inglewood and Raina those numbers morning. How are you. Good morning. I'm great. So have you talked to you is I listen every morning. Awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So what's the answer to the question? Who is team Machado in this situation? Now, I gotta be my boy. He he's a straight out there like he. You know, you gotta you gotta do what you gotta do the win, not trying to hurt somebody, but he's going full for full-throttled, not thinking about dragging picking up being nice gotta, get it done. The bag. Keep trying to tell them. Reynoso all push the envelope. This is Roger Rina's Raja. So he taken to the game. Picking my husband, we're big. And and I, he was off today and had to go to work. So it's like a bummer a David. Now we're going to the game. Congratulations. Congratulations. Thank you so much before. Call me go. Keep listening Raina every morning. Like you said, I read the price for right there and she she, she has your cockamamie theory. Do what happened at first base. Up to so made Machado. Many. Yeah, silly goofy. No-one no-one here with us. Late in the game, man, Machado, it's a ground ball. He gets thrown out at first base, hey, hey, sues Aguilar the first baseman for the brewers kind of lingers on the bag a little bit longer than you normally would see and Machado kicked him with his left foot afterwards, Christian yelich called maturity player. A couple of other brewers players said that Travis Shaw said that was dirty play. Machado was asked what he thought about their comments. After the game show said it was a play, yelich dirty play by dirty player. Wonder what your sponsored b to those. Baseball, go out there, try to win for my team. So. Commerce through their coming. So nothing about that. I mean, you saw the replay pilot. So this one bag trying to get over him Kadish. That's very, that's thirty. I'm and I don't know which one. Caller which want. It's what I would call it. He had plenty of bag. He hit the bag with his right foot there. There was plenty of room to just take the natural normal obvious step with the left which is beyond the bag over the bag. And instead he dragged it like he was trying to get to feed out in the corner, watched video multiple times. I've slowed it now a paused it. I've done a lot of different things in terms of trying to analyze breakdown your theory that is dirty. He couldn't just step over because his he'll was up in if he stepped over him, eat a trip on it. That's my theory. That's as crazy as here's Dave Roberts theory, I think it was one of those things where thank Aggie had his foot on first base and didn't give Manny a whole lot of room on the back. I didn't see the replay so he stepped on his foot. And I think that's what many was talking about, but. We all worked it out. The key phrase in that is I didn't see. See how no dog, but my boy says what happened? I believe. Supposed to do that? Yes, from me sore from afford, it didn't look like he did anything wrong here here. Two things I know for sure. Just I know these in my bones to be true. That's what a manager says about when his guy when he does something like that. That's what you do, and that's what you're supposed to do. You have your guys back? You say, I didn't see it. So you have the plausible deniability if in fact it comes up later you can say, oh, all right. That's what say. And number two, if a brewer player did something similar to say, just in Turner, he would want that guy's head on a status. It would be on, but you know, we've got gotta wait now to see what Joe Torry decided to do on terms of punishment. Hopefully he's fair, but hands down fine. Doesn't do something way over to then there's no chance he suspense. Hopefully you can't do that because in the end it's going to be a problem because it used to be our manager. Right. And they're not gonna suspension. Worthing. Nothing really happened other than he clipped him. So it could. It could be an accumulation of things because as joking, he's been repeatedly sort of warn fine punish to at second base for slide for suspect behavior. What slides? No man that man. He's both like waterslide heading down the his, his sign. That's the way we teach our guys the slide doing spring training. You teach guys to slide base en RAB, the shortstop around waste. Yes, that's the same. The same game was do grabbed him at, oh, it was new, are an auto and it was somebody who are not in a dodger player. We kissed in peak. Yeah. After attempted stolen base grabbed him and hugged him, shortstop. Third base c, we teach our guys all sorts of tricks, whatever, whatever it takes to win. Beep, they won at look, they want they won. And now of a sudden the series is a three-game series best to three dodgers have to go to Milwaukee. This isn't important game for Kershaw. It's important game for the dodgers. This is career defining game for him. Yeah, it's saying next segment about this. Gershom ignoring done over this three times. But we're not talking about it. We just mentioned me to bring it up for Kershaw, doesn't exist Kershaw. Next segment Kershaw is the biggest start of his career coming up. We'll get he's going to. He's going to have to do it on air, some less, some, some lesser bullpen help. I mean, we're talking about they went through eight guys last night, all of them, Alex wood with a lot of work. That's a lot of guys. Got a lot. We'll just breathe. Just breathe. Silverback a healthy. I guess we. When they get off rails like that, that's we just got the next. Have you had. Sali's Travis with us nor them. It really works. Chuck. Clayton Kershaw start of his career later today. Anything to get out. Like, oh forty, five works. Every time we. Imagine. Battles p. That's what I'm talking about. How. From my people. Yeah. You know who this is? Yes, of course. He knows Bob Morley z.. We don't. Here's the week now. Why. Going to be all matter of fact, just hanging out on the street corner, watch on the street corner. You doing it now anyway. So it's not. It's not a whole foods y'all coming back, Travis. You have a second black car where you're gonna go with this second black card who good question roscoe's now you can do. Yeah, but you don't need a black. About a Disneyland. Now you can go to my hair smile about some shea butter. I don't think I need to churches. Amen. My FOX hills mall. Okay, bad getting killed. We want to come into. So both at the same time that anymore. That's what I say. Yeah, city guys over there, so no redone to heal. Travis Kershaw mall, WalMart at following, or he can go to or he can go to any Martin Luther King boulevard. And that's here. Got me here. I'm gay you one. One of my bosses back at ESPN, Greg, God love dip. He's in New York City. He takes all of the group Dixie. Kohl's. He goes up with Martin Luther King boulevard, Balkam ex. He was. He was in Harlem because they interstate hit. He goes there everywhere. Say, every who is. Much of people, but the way he grew texting, we're, we're going. Everywhere. I'm on the corner of Martin Luther King boulevard and Malcolm x. what should I do? How do I get out? Blah, blah, blah. He goes there everywhere, but he didn't continue to. Thing. I remember years ago when kenley Jansen was not guy, love free. MO, remove Priebus deep, no from, but but premium to, here's the deal pre my love listening to him and he calls because he knows what he's talking about Hayes. He's not just throwing stuff up against the wall and stick always not. Pays attention. Call here that don't pay attention. He actually watches the game. Or some of these guys weren't gonna show. Producers. Rundown. Kershaw Kershaw has what I didn't. We didn't say Ziggy Marley birthday. Burke's vitiligo fity thanks. He's fifty fifty. His birthday is brought to you by Jaguar, Land Rover, to where beach, seventy three towards the Land Rover beach dot com. Land Rover, above and beyond. Cy youngs all star games, MVP's playoff wins. Here's their pitch in the World Series. Last year. I don't know if Clinton Kershaw has ever gone out to the mound in a bigger game than the one that goes to this avenue. I think that this is because. He's been good at times in the postseason he he's even been great. He was against Lanta. He was great. We've seen it before, but key. The numbers that you read earlier talking about a guy that this'll be twenty-second start in the postseason. He's eight with an ER, a four and a quarter. Is that good? That's not good. And this is the one of the best pitchers in the history of baseball talking about. Let's be fair with him though. The history. Yes, we get the four ERA but talk about what he's done. This postseason he got lit up the last. But he pitched well before that when he went eight innings against the different team. I understand that the schedule. Yeah. Okay. Look. His PR a this postseason is a little bit different, not great, not Babic, sorta in the middle, and my whole point is focused in on where we are now, not so much what he did in the past. A lot of guys struggle in the past. Just look at last night Cody Bellinger he was two for twenty something, and then he got the big hit. Now all of a sudden he's on the front page of the newspaper. I mean, that's just how these things go. Is it just baseball? All true. The difference is, is that Clinton Kershaw isn't a member of this team. He is the team. The Clayton Kershaw makes the most money. Clayton Kershaw is the most famous player. He's the most accomplished players. The most decorated player. They're the reason you have a player like Kershaw on your team is not to be the reds in July, it's to beat your opponent in the National League championship series. It's to beat your opponent in the World Series, especially if that team is down by four runs or that team is down by three runs or it's a two two series. And this is your last game and your ballpark before you gotta go back on. The road. These are the games that you're paid to win. These are the games that you're that you're here to win. These are the games that Madison Bumgarner would win. These are the games that Andy Pettitte would win. These are the games that the best pitchers that we think of as October, let Josh Beckett, who's not a legendary great pitcher pitch great moments. Clayton Kershaw has been average in these moments. And the thinness really, personally, though key is the fact that he's considering opting out of his contract. Do you really want your last appearance at dodgers stadium to be an AOL? Because there's a good chance you opt out. Some crazy team say, hey, found two billion dollars, and we're not going to match that you're gonna be gone. Do you want your legacy to end with a big fat l. when the team needed you most, or would you rather be in a position of leverage where you can say when my team needed me most, I gave them seven or eight strong to hit endings. We won that game. That's what can bring back to the dodgers or that's what I can bring to my next franchise. If I choose to go somewhere else, I think obviously for him, he wants to go out with a bang if that's where bang bang with a. A with whatever ten strikeouts, eight innings, three hits what he wants to do the right thing by the dodgers, but the dodgers also gotta figure out if he fits into their long-term pans us as fans in encounter potatoes. We made see different than the way Vasie because is there a number two because you obviously want Beulah to be your ace or whatever the case or reu- whomever is he worth whatever money he's going to be paid to be your two or your three, what the dodgers going to do. They get. He got sixty left on the books thereabouts. You give him another two years. You extend it a little bit. You drop that number overall down in the twenties in everybody's happy. But what if you can get out of it from altogether? In other words, instead replacing. You can replay healthy and you got Walker builder and you still review. That's a pretty good rotation. That's a damn good rotation. Let's look at it like this. If there is healthiest the dodgers last night Richhill went out there pitched five innings. He struck out six guys. Pedro bias pitched one inning. He struck out two guys. Caleb Ferguson didn't get any Cantu. Migrated didn't get any, but the only combined to get two outs total. No strikeouts. Matt's in third, a strikeout kenley Jansen two innings to strike outs would one inning. One strikeout Floro one inning. Two strikeouts in early had a strikeout in one inning. In other words, these guys are going out there and they're lighting guys up. There lighten guys up. This is my issue with Kershaw, it's that he doesn't have the ability to light a guy up anymore. He's got a pitches way through it. And if he gets a little wobbly, help Grondahl in game one, then the whole thing kind of comes apart. He, I don't know if you can extend the guy or. Or have your guy in these big moments guy that needs everything to go right to have you have a moment. It's like a QB who needs great, Blackie great running game averagely half great. Hey. In order for him to execute anything slightly off. Annella son was like on, he's you're just a guy, the holy full. I know. So I mean, none of them are in the same category and conversation as Tom Brady and Rogers. MS reason, Creighton Kershaw is supposed to be the Tom Brady Ann Rogers for the dodgers, and he's been more like. What would you say? What is this for him? It's been more like Peyton Manning. Would you say? Yeah, that's that's a good comparison. What is this for his far as his year? This is his can tell you right now. This eleven th year in the league. Oh. Changed that chain. He's young. He just get started. Eleven eleven years in the league you you should be cooking. Travis was getting hit me what's sixteenth years. So you know, I was gonna say, well, he's older but now eleven years. You should still be cook. His older for pitcher and pitching years is still under I. It's not. It's not as birth certificate as much as it is this number. He's thrown twenty one hundred innings in his career and regular season, so you tack on. Let's see. So that's twenty one hundred plus another innings. Another one hundred thirty three. So he's thrown almost twenty three hundred innings in his career. I mean, that's that's. Yeah. And those miles from may April may through September. There's nobody that's been better at it ever. Nobody fill out a mouse could be from October one till whenever it ends. There's a lot of guys that. Band. So one, the funerals we always play so hard to say goodbye. Now that one, not that one, but when I go marching. Yeah, yeah, that when we might have to play that one one of them because. That's a lot. One Mississippi goes out if he goes out any pitches a gem and we win the game for me. Fan's perspective. I'm feeling better by him coming back. But if he goes out lazing egg, we got to, you know, he's been chased in the fourth. I'm not feeling good about him cut. It's not. It's not. It's not about him coming back Zoli on the contract. Yeah, it's about, but he's going to opt out. Might. What people don't seem to understand when they start talking about this opt-out stuff helped me. You can't opt out if you don't have any takers. Everybody's gonna feel the same way about you. If you go out there and you landing egg, nobody's going to be stupid enough to give you a hundred and something million dollars interject real fast with your name Marino because it wasn't the pool. Yes, yes. The was the expiration date on his career as a great player had passed. He still a good player, but the team was the time for him to have been the best player in the league which he was for the better part of ten years. It was long and every team in baseball knew it except for orange every team. Okay. I know you're angel. But, but they extended him too long if they would have given him a four year deal fine, but they gave him too much. So you're looking at the back end of it that the stuck with for probably another three years or so, he's, he's got three more years and he's he's put seven in the books, and one of them was good one. It extended to ten years this morning's fall. But that's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. You're saying there's going to be no buyers. My point is there might not be a fist fight to get him, but it only takes one guy with more money than sense, and a deal go, ask, Albert angel fan. Go ask, Josh Hamilton, angel fan, the Twitter, your age. Oh, fan, telling me not to look at guys on Twitter and you're doing. They told me. Jon Gruden pass lots on tanking. He probably should very successful was keys to love doing it on his own. That's coming up next we. This is one of them song too. Wanna what songs just saw one funeral songs, man. This one themselves me out. This is Linda. We supposed to be romantic. So for some reason, it sounds like you have it. One of the wings of love right. All that. I feel like a fade in fade out like the guy to suit his family. We also could play this song as we're showing the highlights from Kershaw in slow MO as he's on the mound and he's delivering the ball, I hope so. One lasting moment at the end of the. What are you talking about. His head whip around has relief pitcher hits. I feel like the final shot is a fade to him with like nineteen fifty to two thousand eighteen. After Kershaw goes eight innings on in in in gives up four hits in strikes out nine. I mean, he's walking back into the dugout back to. You know what I love about this shot. Kyushu talking about these dogs. It's like a little kid in front of his TV walking for Nando. Yeah, I know you got the dodgers shirt on your real thin and dig it. I, I, I'm I have a real fan indeed top for keys to love. All right. Here's the first question. Why is he thinks we need more time without sports on the TV, but damn, this is a great time of the year for sports. What do you do? Think she, first of all, your wife needs to understand what it is in terms of the weekend. If you have kids, you wanna try to you. You should try and spend some time with them not all your time, but that weekend is about sports in that understanding should be there. Maybe she can come to the game to sit down at the bar with you or at home, and you could teach her about the sport and she'll fall in love eventually with the sports and she'll understand why you're doing it. Why you watch so much. That's the way I view my Friday, my Saturday and Sunday. He's not even a question wasn't rated. I think she throwing about weekdays right now. We got Wednesday night. Dodger Lakers. Monday night. Thursday. Night. Football? Yeah. But you could pull it back, get divorced over this stuff, man. You could pull it back some opinion on you. You. Picks. Pull it back some because you don't have to watch every single game. I would help to marriage. You know, there's, there's games on it, you you shouldn't have an interest. You can skip the game against the Sacramento Kings, but you gotta watch the opener against Portland? Yes. Oh, you could skip the the Rams against San Francisco only get one a week. You gotta see the football. I'm saying. I was saying in the middle of the week, and if they're planning to Thursday night games to see San Francisco plan around the course, I guess the question I have is, are you watching the sports because you want to watch the sports or you board or you just don't wanna be around here? To be one or the other because the problem you got because maybe she's sensing that it's not really about the game is about the marriage, and you're using the sports as a way to communicate some things about the state of the relationship. Sometimes get you out of what's not said. Second one a girl I've been pursuing has finally agreed to go on a date for lunch, but now she wants to bring her two year old and my in or not. Yeah, that's fine. It's a lunch date. She has to euro. You have to be able to accept this young lady and everything she's bringing you can't decide to separate the two. I mean at this is her child and she loves a child which I'm assuming she does this. She, it's a child is a part of her in the part of the package first day it doesn't matter doesn't if she had okay or you does she have anybody take care to child is a nanny. Does she have the economics to pay for nanny? She doesn't is two years old. Maybe she's never left that he can't mess with that. Come on a different level though, nannies, different level Emmys economically. She's pretty stable, but I mean, like a babysitter, whatever. I get it, I get the economics. I got the scheduling date the first day. It's date. Do man. I was really, I was really hoping the mysterious was gonna get lost on his way to the studio today. Fair. Ask, he's got his candelabra, it is time and what you do with that knows z.. All right. Crazy. But anyway, he needs to take care of the young lady with the baby and they can go out to us. Know is one thing, mysterious, it hear the question again. Mr. Yaris knows all question, right. So what is mysterious a two year old on a first date. Leave her at home. And by her, I mean the mother because she doesn't realize starting to date off this way is not a way to make relationship last. There's a whole bunch of other lead him when you please the, she doesn't realize that could be problematic when forward. So I say. Choose another car lot before you buy the limit. All right. Like a real freak. Do. Stereo. His lies. Onto the next question. You know, he really feel this. You really feel in that feels authentic is off. I've been to his house a kissed a cougar at the bar last Saturday, but can't track her down now, was I just a snacker. I gotta tracker more intelligently. Jones real quick. With. I would say she is just a. The situation when she probably had a little cocktail little cocktails in you guys are having fun. And at the end of the day, she's gotta go home to her family and you should probably go home news that's got a fairly, you know why? Maybe he's not. He's just out there hanging out maybe. You know, high amongst Cougars let's check for Mason. Not their cougar stuff is is is a little bit much for me. I don't really. Well, the. My friends to issue cusine really at hand. Isn't about whether she intended for this relationship to last, but how exactly are you tracking her down? Because if the kiss was special, she would have already given you the address of our layer. Googlers typically drag their prey back to the lair. You don't have to try. They track you down a lot of cougar experience. Yes. What's the male version of a kuker. Sugar, dan. Here's one from Twitter me and my girl recently broke up because she went through my phone and she saw some things. She didn't like she wants to take a break, but I can't say goodbye because I really love her and I know I messed up. What should I do? Well, many times if you messed up, it doesn't saying, you know. So it depends on how many times you messed up in or you trust might be third down key. It might be third down. You might want to call the time. I want to call the time. She did. She called a timeout regroup, and you know, go back into the film room and figure it, hey, man, you gotta go to your delete deletes and you gotta go to delete folder. Is this one like a serial killer who wants to get caught? You leave a little trail because you're looking for a way out. We'll serial killers. Don't want to be. They just think they get away with everything. So they become real smart mistero go through her phone. Maybe she's a hypocrite. Because if you needed some other things that keep you interested, maybe she's upset in part because she realizes that she too is a little spanky spanky with it. She's using you as leverage to get out of it. Say bay before you walk out, what's the past Cody from. Six, six, nine. And if she says, you can't have it, you got your answer. All right. Last one technology has changed everything. Do you think it's important to see nude photos prior to intimacy in the bedroom. The real questions man ratio the people until you know you're good. Yeah, please don't cancer. Would you need to see a new photo I think is like shopping for a car, their on the lot. They wanna see to picture. I was simply say this and this is my LGBT brothers would be ale, the brothers. Depends what they identify as. Sisters, brothers and sisters, particularly the brothers. Okay. If you're gonna go through all the hassle. You just wanna make sure it's worth it. And that's all I'm going to say about that. Worke I just this is not what I envisioned. Exactly. That's the problem. If you waited too long to get that question answered you end up saying, this is not why envisioned this is why getting the pitches beforehand because important them know what you're working with? Yeah, I understand. But you guys are. Don't put me in this one right now. Key. Remember when I was doing in the pool. Yeah. What pool well show it to you, please? Don't. At least please don't lease exactly. Your knows. No, you're more comfortable with it. Yeah, he sent me a picture of those. We know go out there and get this mask on. If I didn't have a mask, I wouldn't be mysterious, but I know what you look like. You go run up on me. I guess l z. The cover of jaws and everything, but I guess it's not. I've never been in that situation. About it in that environment, candelabra. Actually walk around with candles. That's how you get the hot wax. Thank you. Oh, okay. Candles Elsie, the candelabra. Ministerial meeting. So anyway. Great sports. You're listening to case be in Los Angeles. Los Angeles that was. Going to. More into the sports category at this moment? Never been so happy to talk about Jon Gruden mind, tire life. Yes. He's gone. Poof, who came up and you got a black jacket too. Just realized. For five minutes? No, you had the gray sweatshirt, but I'm focused on the face. You're looking at the long nose. Yeah, that's crazy. 'cause I can only. Knows pensions. Jon gruden. Jon Gruden the following say, go sit down, we need you near that can't be left alone with stereo. Gone Jon Gruden the raiders one. Five. And here's what you. Say about all of this. Notice how I'm making almost no, I contact with you at this point. You see every time looking at the TV here's Jon Gruden after their one and five star. I'll say this aren't taking anything. I hear the hatred out there. Some of the rumors that were taking it to get a first round pick or a higher pick. We're not getting up at four o'clock in the morning to tank it ain't nobody tanking it. It's just a lie. I don't know. He's not taking it. He just can't win. He wants to take it so he could win with his guys, his players, his credit promise you, he's not taking it on purpose. There's no other explanation. It's like that he his team his, he's run his team into the ground. He, they don't trust you. They're tired of him already. So at this point they're just looking to do some things to try to capitalize on whatever they're not taking to the point where they think they're gonna get the number one. Overall, there's no other explanation for trading Khalil Mack. There's no explanation for trading Khalil Mack. That is true except you don't wanna paint. You don't like him person. Remember when I told you when all the way back to the draft notes, he didn't liking the. Yeah, he wasn't a that makes sense. If I see him in the draft, I don't like it, but then they'll send me gets in the league and he turns into what he turned into you can't or you that I still don't like it. He's right there in front of your face? Yes, what I wanna be right. That's what I'm saying. He wants to be right, and the only way he can be right is to bottom this thing out. So significantly that he gets to hydra fix that he gets to put his guys in his system where his general manager way, if it's not him or somebody that he. Hand picks and puts in their his quarterback, his receiver, his punter, his all of it, and the only way to get rid of all of it is to go down to the bottom. Yeah. I mean, I don't think he wants because losing doesn't feel good. And I feel that these Assyrians he's made aren't football decisions, their ego decisions, and there's a conflict between his ego and what you need to do to win and Keyshawn pointed this out repeatedly during his days of John in in Tampa that he gets those two conflicted and that he's not able to set his ego aside long enough. So they continue to win his ego. No matter what happens seems to be take take control of the situation and push the franchise imperil. It happened in Tampa is happening now in Oakland. Yeah. So when you look at it, you say, well, he's gonna tank as he wants. He's pixie was high picks. He was number one pick over all little things. Well, sodas, Cleveland. Is sodas. Buffalo is sort of a whole lot of the teams. The raiders could what if what, if Denver they played Denver again at home? What if. Miller gets hurt case keenum gets hurt such such Canada's need to get hurt. You can just just say it with a full. I. And now all of a sudden you stumble into that victory because one of the things that cars out there cords going to play with Cooper gets healthy. He's going to pay more is Brian is going to play. Marshawn. Lynch is going to play marshawn Lynch is not going to break open to the open field on a sixty yard gain in slide down at the four yard line because he doesn't wanna score because you might win the game. That doesn't. They're not gonna. Do that professional professional athletes don't tank. They don't. They don't. They don't. Athletes might not see here. This is the distinction that I think people have a hard time making. There's a difference between quitting and not trying to win, which I think people think of is tanking, which isn't tanking. Painting is is putting together a team that can't win. I, it's not that you're asking the players, hey, step out of bounds. Hey, drop the ball. Hey, throw an interception that's that's game fixing. That's not game tanking. Game tanking is get rid of my best. Layers, put together a roster is not as good as just about everyone else in the league. Don't play your best play your best players, find ways to make sure that even if my guys play at their very best, it's very unlikely that they're going to win. And that's what he's doing because I don't think Jon Gruden wakes Seattle just be better than him. The medicine. Part of the reason they're better is because clay max bear, they beat Cleveland, it's there. One win of saying be Cleveland. They were in a dogfight in Denver. It's not. It's not fixing. It's not that Jon Gruden wakes up at four o'clock in the morning. And by the way you notice that he patted himself on the back in this whole end up at four o'clock in the morning to do all this. I don't do it to lose. He doesn't wake up. You know. But you know the great thing about that when we were with Dungy we walked in the Bill and it was nine o'clock. Yeah, we left to build and it was three thirty four and you guys want. We want a lot. We we, what a whole. Poor sales, Hort as heart of a horrid ask as he is. We walk into building nine o'clock. We ought to build about three thirty four. You didn't need to be there four o'clock in the morning and. Maybe sleeping in office. These various, whoever that guy GB has name is he comes into office at three thirty four in the morning. That's doing a whole lot of good for him. That's all window-dressing. That's all stupid coach stuff where you fig if I've worked twenty one hours a day and he's only working twenty seven advantage, Steve Kerr's a great example of deer point, Tony Dungy there's a point of diminishing returns. There's a point of having some balance in your life that makes you a better athlete, not just that bleary eyed because I looked at nine hundred hours of film, but Jon Gruden can't help himself. He didn't get up at four AM to say, how can I lose to the Seahawks this week? He wakes up in the morning saying, how can I make sure that everything in this organization is about me and that is a different route to the same end, which is I need to get bad because I need to get my guys. I need to get my credit. It's not. I'm gonna. I'm gonna put together a game plan. We're gonna throw. Eight interceptions it's a bit clemen. Chicago, what they're gonna. He'll at least four. There's about four guys on the block now, Conley corners on the block, the safeties on the block Cooper's on the block, and there's one other I want to say like Donald Penn or something like that. In he's looking certainly trade a lot of guys, salary cap. We leave all sorts of different situations, but you didn't have to tear this team apart. I just didn't have to do it. You didn't have to do it. But one of the problems with a self center sort of narcissist the way that he is is that one when you have all the chips and all the power, no one's empowered to call you out in your s and then to. And that's the problem with is giving him all the credit yet and money. And number two is that scientifically narcissism, your name, cognizant affects your a narcissist here, not and so no, no. See, here you go, you get the mask when we get the mass, please masking. So here you have a case of a a narcissist with all the power. So no one can put him in check and he can't put himself in check because he's not recognizing how decisions are making things worse for him and not better. The only thing that's gonna really change things is that when that stadium gets built into fans don't show up because you can certainly have a stadium that's a quarter would way full of out of time as fly in and out because they're gambling, stuff like that, but successful franchise need a home base. They need people with season tickets. People who are going to be there, whether they're frightened, makes it there on time or not. Whether as a conference there are not and the people in Las Vegas, a town that's been severely hit by this recession back in early two, thousands and into two thousand eight and real estate values plummeted in that in that town money's tight. They're not going to be spending money free nearly. On some team that's not winning dollars really matter. But but but the casinos the casinos of buying up all the tickets, entertainment purposes, it they'll sell season tickets to the fan base, raider fan base out out of state. They'll sell some tickets, some tickets to the fan base in St., but the majority of their tickets and their boxes are going to be sold to the hotels says, grab Jacob from Manhattan beach, real quick, Travis line one. Let's go to Jacob, Jacob. What's up. Gentleman. You got to do a great job. I listen to every morning. I mean, think you tell. You can't be a lay man. It's all day every day. China have fun, so you drive is easy and smooth. When you get to work, you walk into building smile and not walk into building frown ready to go home, or are you a phantom of stereo? Would you hear more. L. d. I need you to taking days off. I listen to you more tune into. Have you just stay tuned in. Tried in other one. Thank you. Check of Eric in Pomona. This. Go do it. All right. What to do. Try Travis. You do man. Thank you. Key cool to LV you little strange man, but. News for you? I'm a lot strange. I'm hoping. I'm home if you won't fool strains for a stranger you now I'm okay. But I thought real quick about the raiders. I feel like the the raider fans really upset because they were so close to being the team two seasons ago. And now they're, you know, far from it. Yeah, mile from it. And the thing is, Eric is trying to warn everybody when he first hired John that it's not going to be an easy transition. Oh, we got groom back. We're going into Super Bowl, but if you like, you see at two years ago, team was fine one year later, they struggle injuries and then a year after that, they're one in five because I made a decision that I'm just dismantled a team in build it the way that I want to build it. That's not what you do because every receiver every offense lineman every running back every d. bag, linebacker defense lineman, keep fit into a scheme. You're not gonna get better than the Mario Cooper. You're not gonna get better than that. You're not gonna get better than Conley. Who's young, who just got out of college, you not getting better than that. This is. What did so well is he took what was here in? Coached it up and instead of saying, oh, this guy doesn't fit what I do this. I need to go get Kirk cousins. Got Jared Goff to play the chargers Linden. Blow that up. Listen, if you. Wanted to blow it up by, but having conversation with Reggie and have a plan, get the job. What in January if you wanted to blow it up, do it before the draft when he's lying about not blowing it up as he's trying to sell us right now, these not taking that. He's not going about this in any way other than trying to blow it up back door, blow it up. You blow it up with a plan in hopes that you can get hit track, control demolition. Yes, to sell it to you is Willie. We're not. He's not trying to sell. He's trying to sell it to raider fans, and that's different than trying to got a got a beach front property in Arizona. You want to buy it.

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