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Episode 382, recorded 2020-04-05


Hi this is. We Mellow Beacon e again. I am here in my apartment and I'd like to have you join me either now or later is this will be saved on the Blue Lotus facebook page on my own page as well. So if you're out enjoying the sunshine out in your yard or patio door In a good space where you can be outside. Just keep on with that. We need the sunshine. We have it here today in Crystal Lake Illinois And it's it's relatively new thing for us so Enjoy it if you can so. The news is not getting any better. We may be getting a little bit more used to being inside but I don't think any of US feel ready for more bad news every day so I think it is. Something we really need to do is think about our own inner resources on our own practices and what we need to let go of and what we need to hold onto and I think our emotions are often I can hear it when I listen even to our governor here speaking. There's still anger over health. Things done or worked on or were mismanaged and He's in a position where he sees that so. I'm not placing any blame on him. I think he But he he himself is even saying he'd like to Not Be in that place of anger and we have to move beyond that and I personally for all of us. We have to look at the emotions that we want to move beyond and focus on the ones that we want to cultivate and hold closer to us and to have more present and we need to look at the ones that we we want to let go of like. I talked about last time but we also need to really think and be clear about the ones that we want to cultivate and bring into our lives. So let's practice and hopefully it will allow you to just reach a place of tranquility and some piece of mine that will allow you then just to go in. Go in go inside yourself and see so clearly. How many of your good intentions and you're good emotional states are still are still. They're still with you and we may be caught up in fear we may be getting a little panicky. We may be lonely. We may feel the opposite of lonely. We may be feeling like our lives are Two full too many people in the house too many people to take care of. So we're all coming from different personal places right now. We may be dealing with loved ones. Who are sick or in the hospital. We may not know many people being personally affected. But I'm thinking now that most of us are probably very aware personally if people who are suffering from the virus in addition to just being more and more aware of how many people are having difficulties and experiencing the effects of this virus in so many other ways. So let's keep dealing with that. Let's keep looking for waste rediscover ourselves not changing ourselves not becoming someone different but rediscovering who. We've always been in the parts of us that we've always wanted to have time and energy to sit with. So let's do that. Let's sit now so be if you can find in your home. I've got lots of quiet corners in my little apartment But if you if you've got a lot of people you might WanNa try to find a closet or the bathroom to just sit in if you have to or just ask others to join you. And let's just sit or lie down on your back propping up your neck and propping your knees up sit on a cushion. Sit in a chair. If you're outside you might be standing up. You could might even be walking so unless you're walking. Close Your eyes. That just helps cut off one more distraction but if you want to leave your eyes open you may have little ones. You need to keep an eye on. That's okay too. Just begin to breathe and be so aware of your breathing because for a lot of us. All it takes is listening to the news or hearing about someone you know. Having problems that may be all it takes to trigger that fear or just the tightness we wanna look at that and be aware of. What's there we? Don't WanNa be in denial about any of our feelings. That's not helping the for right now. Just come in to yourself. Be Aware of each inhale in each exhale. Make these I e press the deeper than normal breathing. See if you can feel at all the way down in your belly then as you exhale like go of all the year down all the way to that little bit of air left in your belly let these speed long calming breath to stay with your breath now. If you stay with your breath you're coming back to yourself all the pieces that feel scattered around with whatever. You're doing whatever you have to do today. Whatever's going on bring all those pieces together right into your body just be present literally in your physical body. We know our breath is our in. Our body are breath. Is Our life stop breathing long enough? Then we're absolutely did. So if you pre thing now you're alive you're present if you focus on your breath lovingly attentively. He will be in the present moment. A lot of our fear comes from our worries about what's gone on in the past right up until five minutes ago. I'm worries about the future. What's going to happen? What come what's coming up next? All of those things are not in the present moment so for right now just for this next fifteen twenty minutes stay in the present moment. Stay with your breath. Just keep breathing relaxing. He coming back to your body to your breath right now. There's nothing else you have to do. Relax you can help your body relax by letting your shoulders drop each time. You exhale you can feel how much your shoulders keep creeping up if you're tents and when we exaggerate that movement to let them relax we can really have that sensation. Keep relaxing your body. We can't work with our minds if the tension and our body is a big distraction for US L. Let's begin loving kindness practice by sending comforting friendly thoughts I to ourselves. I think it's important to start with ourself. Not because we want to be selfish but because we're trying to learn what it feels like to really be able to offer friendliness and kindness and also compassion especially these days. Compassion practices a central. We need to experience that for ourselves. And then we're able to give it out to others but if we don't know it's possible for ourselves we won't believe that there's anything that we can be doing for others. So Sin Thoughts of comfort. We send them as wishes to ourselves or blessings. May I be well? May I feel safe? May I be free from fear and worry and anxiety content may I be able to experience moments of happiness and joy and may I be filled with peace? You can change the words to suit you into work that you know he resonate with but just say these words say these phrases to yourself over and over you can do this any time when you feel fear or anxiety creeping up on you when you wake up in the middle of the night and you can't sleep when you're walking when you're doing chores you can do this any time. May I be well? May I feel safe? May I be free from fear? May I be content in may be filled with peace? How you may feel like you need to stick with this work on this and that's perfectly okay. You may not even be ready to send it out if you're in a really fearful place so keep working with yourself but when you feel able to and this helps with your own fear and anxiety and worry and discontent so when you feel able to. We've began to send the same thoughts out first to the people and our pets who were the closest to us. May My family members may my extended family of friends may the animals that are keeping me. Sane. May All of these beings spe- well feel safe. Be Free from fear and worry and anxiety may they be content and have moments of happiness and joy and their daily lives. May they be filled with peace? Just see your loved ones to see their faces smiling and just to extend these best wishes to them Henry extending out beyond ourselves that automatically feels good the same things that we see that we need we can extend those same things out to others and that sending compassion as well as this quality of friendliness. Now we can move out even further. Just go as far as you're comfortable with. You can stay at any level as long as you need to move out now and move out to the community that you're living in right now. It might be your neighborhood. Might be for me. I have an apartment building but I'm not able to see my neighbors much at all so I'm picking my apartment building and all the people who live here. You might have church community that you want to send it out to and send out these same wishes. May All of these people some of them. I know some. I never speak to just because I don't know them. Some might recognize and share a few words with and some her. I'm very close to but may all these people and whatever outside community if you're thinking of sin the same wishes to them that you sent to your loved ones and to yourself. May All of you be well and be free from fear and worry and anxiety. You feel safe. May You be content and even recognized times of happiness enjoy and may you be filled with peace in whatever community we picked it. Probably contained strangers. Acquaintances loved ones in even difficult people. So we're we're getting out into the zone. It's really like stepping off the cliff here because we're sending the same quality of kindness and goodwill out to all beings to all human beings now all the dogs in the apartments that may be bark too much or aren't very friendly in addition to your own pets that are perfect so even to all living beings some we like some were not so crazy about some. We have a lot of challenges with. That's the scary part. Were breaking down barriers that keep us separated. If there's anything we know right now that we have to break down these ferrier's which is ironic because we're also trying to create barrier so so we can be around other living beings but we don't get too close to the virus so just think about that one anyway. Were trying to break down. Barriers that keep us feeling disconnected from the rest of the world that make us feel disconnected from all beings all life. That's life on this earth. That's life that we may not even be aware of so. Now you're ready to extend out further. Just allow yourself to feel these qualities wishes this energy this good energy radiating out from you if it feels like a relief to be letting extend out and out. Just keep doing it. That's exactly how it should feel if you can't do that. Keep it closer where it feels more comfortable. Josten extend the same wishes these same blessings the same good thoughts rate. Let it radiate out from you and let it extend that infinitely others know where you wanted to stop. There's nowhere it ends. Let it go way out yonder imagination and extending out to all living beings human nonunion may all beings be free from discontent and suffering from the causes of their suffering. May All living beings be free from fear and worry anxiety free from hunger and thirst pre from the extremes of the weather may all living beings be able to care for themselves contentedly? Her may they'd be well attended for by others. Who ARE CAPABLE. And they all be human and non human live in peace. Just come back and sit with your breath go back to being aware only of your breath be in the present moment and we know that right now in the present moment. We're fine we're okay. We're breathing most of us in this country or most of us not all have food have housing but we know in the world that that's not the case in many many places that's why it's important for us to be recognizing we are apart. We are all connected. We are part of all this P with your press. Inhale with each xl. Now when you feel ready open your eyes you can go back and practice if you want more time but I want to close just in the next two or three minutes and I just want to say we are finding our own inner resources to deal with this. When we know that for many people they they are too much stress too much going on in their personalized in their financial situation. Worried about jobs worried about illness and I think by now most of us know specifically if people who are in the hospital and we know that they can't have their loved ones with them. I know we're all worried about people in our own lives fearing the worst for the future but this is a time for us to be present with those emotions but to be able to sit with them and recognize them and work through them so we can come to a place of peace and a place of tranquility that we're all going to need. I think we have to recognize so it's so important these days to recognize these are Buddhist teachings. But I think they're an all spiritual teachings that we have to let go of just simply abandoned the worry some troublesome unskillful thoughts that are up in our heads how we can't save anyone by worrying or being anxious for them. We can't make any problems. Go Away by fretting about them in worrying about them so as we began to abandon her. Worry and abandon Having the distractions that we typically have to keep us focused on everything else except ourselves. We're GONNA have more space in our heads to develop and cultivate these qualities that we want and those are qualities of tranquility qualities of serenity. Peace kindness compassion. I think Kindness and compassion are foremost patients. May come right after that. We have to be patient. We know at some point at some point. We won't be in. Our houses had some point. Virus virus will recede. But we don't know when that will be. We can't try to figure it out or make it happen sooner than it's going to happen. We can do everything we can to be active in preventing this virus from spreading primarily. That means staying inside staying at home as much as you can have -solutely as much as you can so we need to develop and rediscover our self. The qualities of we can nurture that are valuable and then we can start letting go of the ones that that are not helping us and we can see what those are as we as. We have more time in our daily lives now to reflect. So thank you so many people. Thank you for watching and I would like to say that Bob. Hartwig is helping me at the temple that Blue Lotus temple. He's helping me put together a QNA program. So we've done that. We do this at the temple and a lot of people enjoy it. So if you have questions or comments or Ideas you'd like to share questions that are just Situations that you'd like you'd like to to work with on your own. If you have those things coming up in your life you can just type them up pier on facebook and Bob and I will put together a podcast or a facebook live to have some have some quality time together with everyone addressing those things. So thank you it's been it's been my joy to be able to give you anything of benefit that you can receive from sitting together and May everything that we do every day that only be for our own benefit but may be for the benefit of all living beings thank you.

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