AFC West Breakdown + Vegas Super Bowl Picks


Hey Dan you enjoy this. Show you ready to rock this season. Football become part of the foot clan at joined the foot dot com. That's where our community gathered. That's where you have access to. All of our premium. Liam resources are in season tools and of course foot plan leagues the Fuck Lane Leagues you can find other people in your area or online and if you're in the joined the foot your unofficial Glam member you will be able to get in this two years. Check it out go to join the FOOT DOT COM hi. This is Josh From Louisville Kentucky representing the International Seven timezones Dynasty League and you're listening to the fantasy football podcast welcome to the fantasy footballers podcast coming to you from Pristine auction dot Com studios with your hoes Andy Holloway Jason Moore and Mike Right <hes> welcome in brand new show a brand new day. Hey Mike a brand new day. Are you going to go brand new show brand new clothes because you're a little fashion Iseo. The cardinals going sixteen got an Arizona cardinals shirt on today signed very exciting vintage vintage yeah vintage. I got some cardinals kickers onto. That's the type of cardinal that does not exist in Arizona's a Saint Louis cardinals shirt on top of a football. You guys don't know this. I mean they used to be the Chicago cardinals. This is the Chicago cardinals shirt. I didn't know that so you try to outsmart me with a different wrong answer. No I was not talking about football. Oh it's the basal low specifying that he's on a full. Here's a here's a couple of things to get into we got A._F._C. West divisional breakdown the show today a good quick questions mailbag. We just got back from San Francisco. We made it out. Oh my gosh made it out alive. The show was rowdy. The people over here a lot of things to say but thank you for coming out. We went over after the show we would you play some shuffleboard. There was some unfortunate fans who thought they were gonNA shuffleboard but each lesson but we had to crush them you smoke them. Yeah wait look they started with a five one lead. They say oh and they said jump in here. Guys like you went out and then they got destroyed. They went falcons. Yes oh I not sure at the beginning of the show of anybody actually understood the words. You were kind of screaming but that you were talking about the mega lable. Yes is love La Bowl so this is the <hes>. Why don't you explain that for two seconds? Just it's coming later getting it yet but it is coming in the mega. lable is going to be a giant massive tournament with every foot clan member that wants to join up into that league into that league whoever wins automatic entry into Listener League the next year it's common it was it was time last year. Yeah the the Listener League will we'll talk about that too and coming weeks I mean August is almost here. We're going to through these divisional breakdowns. I mean what I did. A sneak up snuck up on me. Quick August is almost here. I know Listener League's going to get going. Wow August moves very silent yeah. He's still sneaky EST of months. Here's your question today. If you were a betting man as brooks poses the question I shall give Credit Kyle jumped in current Vegas odds stand out to you the most and why we have the super bowl odds that have been released coming out of Vegas for example the chiefs at six to one at the rams the Patriots in the Saints at Eight to one obviously. You've got Miami sitting there at three hundred the one that's how you win big. My Sixteen Arizona cardinals or sitting at one hundred one is there. Is there one specific line that I don't know you want in on for me. There were there were two that jumped out lago with the Philadelphia Eagles at twenty two one <hes> if I had to pick teams to represent their respective conferences it would be Philly in the colts so I I like their odds. Yeah the the colts. Were were my pick. They've been my where are there <hes> right now. They're the same the eagles yeah I mean. The colts are in Indianapolis Andy <hes> but the thing doesn't might joke for you yeah. They're twenty two one right now. It was hilarious I looked over in your face was so happy so that's <hes> that's appropriate so look I. I like the Colts as China's Nice my like current who who's my pick to win. All it's currently the colts and you know don't look twenty two one odds. I like it if you WANNA darkhorse. If you want like the longest odds that I think does have us shot I I would throw the Carolina Panthers out there at sixty to one at sixteen. That's not bad. That's not the couple teams are I liked it where it was Cleveland at twenty two one by the way they've got to be freaking out just about the odds. They don't even need to play the season yeah. They're wanting to one beautiful I like. I like the browns a lot. I think they're going to be better but that's just that's vegas stealing people's money yea so I went with a couple of mid tier options where I believe they could actually re improve. What is not now start over? Well Bounce back. I was trying to find a more through. I knew that was not right Jason Esque but did you know what I meant. I knew exactly meg a nice hype sleeper at both sitting at forty two one the Atlanta Falcons and the Jacksonville Jaguars okay who both I think could be we great again and forty one that that's a good line so you win big. It falls taking him to the Super Bowl. Look bortles almost did it. I would say their defense taken into the Super Bowl Atlanta. We've talked about their kind. They have this nice schedule when it pertains to Dome Games Warm Weather Games every single game on the season. It's it's where Matt Ryan plays. I call those room tempered his best. Yes room temperature. It's room temperature in here right now. Little always neidl stag religiously Arizona but but they do have a tough schedule. That's a tough division. I love Atlanta's a pick as DARKHORSE BIC for sure can be interesting to see who emerges. Somebody has to finish last in that division. I think Bruce Arians is going to have to accept Bruce. You can find this a show on YouTube YouTube dot com slash the fantasy footballers on instagram twitter at the F. F. ballers the websites the fantasy football dot com. We also appreciate everybody who is subscribing get on board five shows a week starting August I I was going to be fun a brand new season. I was encouraged hearing that there have been at least three small itty bitty baby meetings between the N._F._l.. And the N._F._l.. P._A. Yes because I would like football to continue indefinitely. It's my job all right. Let's get into <hes>. Let's get into some news news notes from around the League presented Vice Lieber Well Mel Melvin Gordon came out last week and said hey trend said hey. I'm not showing up without some money while Zeke it's it's being reported by pro football talk that Zeke is privately said he will hold out of training camp unless he gets a new contract I do you believe that this is as concerning as the Gordon News. I am not afraid Gordon not playing. I know Jason you are very afraid of that. Zeke has an extra year on those two left seems like maybe a flex and just miss training camp show up and do his thing yeah. The hard part for Zeke is when guys as go with this threat and they do miss time the fines that they accrue those end up getting Kinda. Just wink wink will we'll take them out. Here's your new contract but if he pulls this kind of a stunt and then there's no the actual new contract the team has the right then too depending. How much timing this is the he could get a huge fine so I don't think that he's GonNa miss much of training camp? If if any yeah because he's still two years here's away <hes> he's in the fourth year fifth year option and then that's when he would you know really have to have a new contract. I I feel like this is one of those flexes where Hey I'm GonNa. I'm going to miss some so that you know I want a new contract. That'll be back. I'll be fine. I'm not really worried about Zeke situation when it comes to missing games no not for this year but this can be one of those kind of inflection or the spark of a problem happens now. I remember this in Arizona with Anquan Boldin tendons contract situation even if this year they don't give them a contract he comes back and plays. It's only gonNA be worse for the cowboys next offseason because he'll be in the same situation. Gordon is in going into that fifth year just something to keep your eyes on. Darius guy suffered a hamstring ring injury while rehabbing now when this news broke originally it seemed like a fresh injury. The news came out after that that guy's injury happened a few weeks ago. You know guys downplayed. The injury said there's no reason reason for concern. He's a liar. There's always reason for concern when you have Rian injury during the recovery from a major surgery in which you had a setback and a follow up surgery they this is not dairies GEIS's this is ear and that's what the hamstring injury guys come back from the A._C._l.. Tear they are very susceptible to getting that hamstring injury in these this is no good man. This is what we were talking about guys and his value value just a couple of shows ago where it's he's kind of trending down the middle of the rounds. Maybe all take a shot on it but if we're if we are talking about Geis's recovering from hamstring issues in training camp then just no thanks I will take my shot. I'll grab Adrian Peterson late so it doesn't affect your perception Jason on Peterson as a late round it it makes me feel more confident in taking Peterson as late round guide that will start the year with a good workload. I don't think look they call him dairy as glass. Oh they do well. I I've seen that you apparently due on twitter look. He is having some health problems. I wouldn't come in and just be like okay. He's the lead dog now. He's going to run on the show like I don't. I don't think that's wise so I I do like Adrian Peterson as a late round flyer to start your season off strong the N._F._l.. Suspended officially Chris Herndon jets tight in for the first four games of the season up due to his substance abuse. Policy Violation pled guilty back in twenty eighteen to a d._U._i.. He is appealing <hes>. That's the word on the street so appealing is appealing because usually there's a two game suspension because because there was another person at risk they made it force of it is possible that this gets reduced but I mean either either way entrance irrelevant. You cannot draft Chris Herndon 'cause you're not drafting a maybe takes a step up tight end. WHO's not playing for? Sir Ronald Jones reported. He is up to two hundred twenty one pounds after playing it to eight when we were talking about Ronald Jones in the draft season last <hes> last year the big problem was wait. You just don't have efficient effective workload guys at two hundred to a five the Reggie Bush category of of of size. He's at two twenty-one says he put on a lot of pounds of muscle sounds. It sounds like something you would say <hes> twenty-eight thousand second round pick as a great opportunity this year Peyton Barber may be the guy but he's not a special running back so you have an opportunity. This whole news segment is just be shaking. Shake my head of the there's all it's all bad news right now. We need so positively but you're you're tasting Ronald Jones putting thirteen pounds. Yes run you. Call them underweight all offseason as bad news I did not. I wasn't going after his weight. When I was attacking him? I was going after he can't do certain things now. Maybe you thinking okay he adds weight and hey capacity protect better but passed protecting is not just size I mean you. We've seen jock whiz Rogers who is not a large guy. He's been an excellent past protector. It's a it's a technique in a mentality that Ronald Jones just doesn't have I hate when running back to put on weight. They'd it doesn't pay off in the the way that I look at it and in in all my research he's running backs adding weight. You think it's sounds awesome but Ronald Jones calling card was speed. It was agility and now he's thirteen pounds heavier. That's a lot of extra weight and we had some friends who you're at the sports. Con Event this past weekend saying yes. He's put on weight. He doesn't look like he's in putting adding football wait. He looks doesn't look like he's football. Shea is looking a little couch potato so I cannot neither confirm also put on thirteen pounds of muscle reasonably. I think couch potato we wait is the worst descript or you could ever have for way like that is just humiliating levels. Wait like that's a new category but no this is this is not good. Put on some roly-poly all right. I do WANNA bring this up. Because you know the listeners they probably Wanna hear sway in a little bit about a rumored eighteen game schedule. Do you WanNa talk about for a second. Do we have time for that. I JUST WANNA call it stupid. That's yeah I mean the eighteen games schedule. I'm fine with that but the proposal is that there's a sixteen game cap on how many games a player complained the regular season according to the N._F._L.'s proposal that is the N._F._L.'s preposterous proposal that makes no sense that means that means twelve percent of the games out there. You're going to have a backup quarterback playing that that that changes competition competition that changes ticket buying phantom everything I mean look. You'RE GONNA if you're definitely going to have a lot more to track and do keep your eyes on when it comes to match ups. UPS and I don't think he's going to start sitting. I can't imagine it happens either so that's it for today's news notes with fantasy football gearing up. Now's the time to ask your committee. If you're using the correct the right the most flexible platform should use sleeper check out the sleeper APP download it today all right. We've got a lot to talk about. Let's get started. Let's get divisional all right. We are traveling to the A._F._C. West today. On the show. We're going to break down everything that has gone on with the chiefs. chargers Broncos and raiders talk about our expectations for these teams. Hopefully illuminate hopefully bring to mind some things that will help your fantasy drafts talk about expectations. We're GONNA start with the twelve and four chiefs who just barely won the division over the chargers last year both teams at twelve four <hes> the big story around the chiefs this offseason. There's been several for fantasy purpose. Yes <hes> they've been Damian Williams. Will he be Doug I will he is capable of being a productive N._F._l.. And fantasy running back obviously all the you know the legal situation with Taibbi Kale Will Patrick Mahomes have his favourite weapon on the field to continue what he did last year I mean Patrick Mahomes was <hes> unconscious all year long. I mean four touchdowns four touchdowns four touchdown six touchdowns. He singlehandedly one leagues so will the cold blooded. Sammy Watkins be able to stay healthy this season and step up for fantasy. Perhaps in the absence of tyreek hill a lot of questions. I agree you re tweeted a little bit more of the wisdom of the Watkins I had not ah been following. Sammy Watkins twitter account and that was a mistake. I immediately started following. If you want Jackie Andy Level Inspiration Follow Sammy Watkins twitter account is fantastic. <hes> let me let me ask you this question at the top and this was an offense was obviously incredible. Last year ranked third in passing yards per game I and points per game at thirty five points per game. You know you have the best tight tied into football. We traveled Kelsey. He had arguably the wide receiver and Football Terry Kill last year this year they go out and they spent a second round draft. Pick on Mykola Hardman they spend a six round traffic on Darwin Thompson running running back and they bring in Carlos Hide because Kareem Hunt Has Gone Spencer where Gone Chris Conley Gun so let me start at the top though expectations for Patrick Mahomes. How much do they take hit like regardless of whether you would take Patrick Mahomes hind fancy dress which we are not spending up on the homes for the likelihood that he doesn't throw fifty touchdown passes very high even with a full kind of allotment of weapons like that kind of season doesn't just happen over and over and over again at least hasn't historically? Could I mean it's a brand new season. It could happen but it's lots how much does not have any tyreek hill for four six games effect where you think that production ends up for Patrick Mahomes or do you think he'd just kind of pivots figures does it out and it's the markets Robinson hardman those other players that that take up the the mantle I think he can figure it out but it's it's still going to be a negative hit to him and just to put some historical connotation in in their Andy three times in the history of the N._F._l.. Only three times as a quarterback thrown fifty or more touchdowns now that was a season where Patrick mahomes would be worth the early pick because he's providing providing you such an edge at the quarterback position. He's outscoring everybody so yes. He's worth in early round but he's going to regress and if you say well no he's GonNa Throw Forty only thirteen times times in the history of the N._F._l.. Has quarterback thrown forty or more touchdowns so that is also improbable. I mean maybe mahomes is different. Maybe he's that different and we're already witnessing a hall of fame career but call me insane but I'm GonNa look at the analytics and the probability of him throwing forty or more touchdowns. It's just not high when when especially when you over succeed the way that he did and losing tyreek maybe me coal the second round pick me co harmony can fill in for he's still a rookie so I'm not expecting that to be incredible productions. I'm I'm out on Mahomes at his current draft cost but we settle that he still has the number one quarterback for me so he's somehow falling because you play in a League where everyone's I'm not touching a quarterback Tila tenth round in that fifth or sixth round shirt then I'll take a look it's fun actually have two of his first three games are really really talk Jacksonville and Baltimore and assume that those first few games are where he's not going to have tyreek Hill so the people that are grabbing actually zero touchdowns against Jacksonville in in his game in Jacksonville right so grabbing the homes early at the sacrifice of your running running back or your wide receiver pick and then getting off to perhaps a slower mahomes star even if he finishes the number one. You're going to be hurting your fantasy roster yeah I. I still think the odds are that I mean we have ranked outweigh. That'll finish number one at the position he still in engine by which all all of the pieces around him <hes> exist with great fantasy joy you know whether it is whether it's looking at Kelsey and what he he is for the offense or looking at Damien Williams who all signs pointing to a heavy workload for Damian me in Williams. There hasn't been any indication that you know if he doesn't do it on the field. Maybe they'll be changes but he should ever have every opportunity and it's not like a running back getting an opportunity on a middling offense it. It means something different when you're in Kansas City. If you get the opportunity in Kansas City in means that you're a top ten running back I went back and I watched Damian Williams and looked at some of him in Kansas City and the reality is the same as what I thought then I I don't think he did anything special very often but the way that they just get the Guy Open in space he is a decent pass catching back who is fast and those two qualities when you get them in space and have a really good designed signed by Andy Reid. I think Damien Williams is going to succeed in this offense if he's been given the green light to be the guy I think you want the guy I mean you. You want the number one running back on the best offense Kansas City running backs head twelve receiving in touchdowns last year the number welcome that is as many as eleven n._F._l.. Teams Combine. That's part of why mahomes touchdown total was so high is that even the the rushing production or you know the running back part of that came through a ton of receiving N- touchdowns if there was a average opposition wise a ton of chiefs are being drafted Kelsey at two or three Damien Williams tool eight mahomes at three Oh eight tyreek right now at four zero six that'll change depending on the suspension pension. Sammy Watkins at six three hide at nine on one hard minute no-one so is there a favourite value pick for you on the chiefs and maybe darkhorse pick in terms of fantasy production. If if if you're still getting Damian Williams for two Oh wait I'm. I'm GonNa Smash that in immediately but we we just had a bat against Jason. I don't I don't see him staying there. As the the height machine builds and builds and builds he'll be at worst the very beginning of of the second round and I've said this before but you know as Sammy Watkins stays and now drops in the sixth round. I think he is a good option. Clearly I- mahomes can support a secondary wide receiver we saw and how did you catch with those pads on your fingertips. He'd he gets the job done like is it. The clause extra cloud me Watkins the Lizard Man I think it might have been more better for you not to read read the tweets then you might just examined you know now starting to distort things I've been willing to not like Sammy Watkins totally unrelated to his Lizard <hes> Zaandam like it's just based Lizard them scary scary which you guys even draft Carlos Hide. I guess I'm surprised to see him in ninth round. What are you thinking about that? I I'd love to talk about hide for a second because I think that he's a player that could go either direction due to camp in preseason he should get a lot of time to run in preseason and if he flashes and looks good I think he's going to be picked up regularly in leagues. You know what I draft him right now. I don't know probably not the signing of garlic side is so bizarre so fast because the yeah I mean they we gotta get some veterans in here but guys that succeed eighty or Jason just mentioned that running back steadfast have great hands and win there in open space. They make things happen. Carlos hide does not shake any of those boxes. He's he is literally one of the most e inefficient pass catching running back since he has entered the league's. The signing is so strange to me it in the ninth round. I guess if you want to if you just want to have that backup plan in case Damian Williams as the guy but to me if Damien Williams is not the Guy Carlos I will get a chance and then Carlos I will not be the guy like they'll go any chance that relaxed Damian or or maybe Darwin Thompson there any chance that Damian is a majority <hes> work share back but then you have a goal line situation yeah even like right now. I would doubt it in the reason I say I doubt it is because of the way they use a running backs on the goal line in the passing game. You brought up the receiving touchdowns from the running back position. They liked to use them in that way and that's not where Carlos Height Excel so I I would be a little bit surprised yeah. The Damian Williams uh-huh discussion in general has been difficult one because you don't have this you just have a strange career ark for him and he's in such a great situation win. The last time that a twenty seven year old running back has broken into fantasy stardom gum. It never like as ever happened every once in a while. I'm sure it's happened yeah and not it's not a regular thing and why would not surprise me if Carlos I if he'd maybe he has broadened on the goal and even Kareem Hunt wants rookie season <hes> it was really obnoxious to see how much shark Hendrick Westwood get in there. That's Atlanta opportune but that didn't stop Kareem Hunt from being a top ten guy so I'm not scared of that. Just saying there will be times that Carlos. It's hard will will <hes> will annoy you. If you have Damien Williams all right <hes> we do want to take a quick PAS remind you about the ultimate draft kit at draft kit dot com. I mean every single go week. We are adding to it <hes> Jason just this morning Mark Andrews tossed into those consistency charts player updates who got cheat sheets player videos we keep improving it and the APP is is really going to get better and better. We're GONNA add some tools that help you utilize the APP during your draft to keep track of players. Some of the things you've been requesting were listening. We're going to get it out there and this is something that can help set the foundation for your twenty nineteen season in a really strong fashion. Yeah what's what's great about. The draft kid is it's a it's a research tool. It's not just a point at that player. You should draft. There's there's tons and tons of information in here that you can actually form your own opinion because we we still want you to have your own opinion and then if if you want a little bit more help the tiered rankings breakdown that's how we always handle all of all of our drafts so check it out. Ultimate draft kit dot com are let's talk about the chargers at twelve and four the chargers chargers last year I mean this is a great team. A great offense led by a veteran <hes> quarterback Philip rivers up and coming players at the wide receiver position Cunanan has been consistent. He's been a a target monster. Mike Williams exploded last year for double digit touchdowns. You have kind of the contract. The contract standoff situation with Melvin Gordon but Melvin Gordon has been an absolute beast. He's going with the six pick right now. In fantasy drafts Keenan Allen's going in the third round his Keenan Allen of value in the third round. <hes> you know I mean I I think that's where he belongs. I wouldn't call him a value because he's not one of these guys they go out that goes out and just completely dominates for a season in fantasy. The last couple years been really weird where he's gotten off to a slower star had a better stretch and really comes down to the touchdowns for him. He's pretty consistent with the volume but the touchdown seem to come in spurts where you know. I think he's GonNa Return that value. I don't think he's a bad pick there at all but I don't. I'm not sitting there seeing his A._D._p.. Like man that's crazy. He should be back in the first early second. I bring it up only because last year he was too oh six so the expectations on him have obviously decreased a little bit. I think it was people were disappointed with Keenan last year because and yes it while he he ended up pretty similar to his previous year when he was in the second round last year. People were looking at what he did in the second half. Do you remember where he was. Yes basically the number one wide receiver if people thought that would continue last year from the get-go and he I would just dominate he didn't do that so I think people are disappointed now. He's about where he should be. I would say the end of the season I think also skewed the way that people think of them. You had the game against the chargers in Kansas City where he got hurt hurt in essentially immediately posted a zero so that crushed you and then only basically yeah nothing for the last three games yeah it but before that I mean he was pacing over nine targets game just under seven receptions eighty three yards in half a touchdown a game I mean he was he was actually very very good. So a third round I think is is fair because he can still get a little bit hot and cold in two thousand seventeen. He was the number three overall fantasy wide receiver. What's? What I don't mean that incorrect? I don't remember that maybe that was like over the second half now. That's that's right and that's that's why that second round exactly yeah. That's why the second round was there last year finished at twelve because he won't be believe yes a nice ceiling to have built into a player I that's why I wonder wonder if he could be yeah he could be could be. I've painted a lot of the chargers offense on predictability but the fact that like okay Tiro Williams leaving that benefits Mike Williams not really thinking you know does that just create more dependency on Keenan Allen for Philip Rivers. <hes> this was a an offensive line that ranked number thirteen in football last year says an offense that was tenth in passing yards per game <hes> in terms of you know you lost tyrel Williams. He's Gone He. He was a deep threat Antonio Gates he was the corpse of gates was running around a little bit lousier. He's gone and so the Hunter Henry Story. Oh Yeah Hunter Henry is the guy that I think you know it helps maintain. This offense helps keep this offense in the upper echelon and keeps them competitive with the chiefs in this division Keenan are I'm sorry Hunter Henry Expectations for you guys. I've got Hunter Henry as has one of the top half titans this year and fantasy just behind Vance McDonald and O._J.. Howard those guys I think hunter Henry seven hundred receiving yards? What do you think over under over under? I Have Hunter Henry Down for seven hundred eighteen so ooh I will take the over clear but that's that's interesting so you you have the Vance dance slightly above I believe in advance McDonnell you look at the targets vacated for both teams and while it's good like you're you're missing against Tonio Gates for Missing Tyrone Williams. There's it's just not comparing the amount of vacant at targets for the steelers so you're probably passing on Hunter Henry then so because you can get based on those or round or too late Vance yeah I mean I've said this before when it comes to the the Middle Tier Guys Pretty Much Evan Ingram O._J.. Howard I'm willing to look at them and after that I'm actually just waiting waiting forever all right? <hes> you guys know my love for Mike Williams I have ranked at wide wide receiver seventeen on the season <hes> he is one of only five players targeted more than eight times inside the ten zone in twenty eighteen. <hes> the others were Michael. Thomas j <hes> James White Mike Mike Williams <music> obviously Corey Davis and Doug Baldwin Corey Davis together man they keep trying yeah so other storylines here what is Philip rivers for fantasy purposes is e- consistent assistant middling option exactly what he is. He is a a a nice 4. Where or maybe maybe you have enough to live off of? Maybe you don't I mean he is but he's <hes> <hes> yeah eighth in twenty seventeen last year he was the eleventh ranked quarterback. I mean he's generally been in that top. Twelve category looks like eight of ten years but it's always near the back of it. Basically he can beat you on a certain week but he doesn't generally end up with big numbers over the course of the year. Yeah I mean if you look at his season as a whole he ends up as a quarterback one but usually he spins the majority of his weeks outside side of the top twelve but but not very far beyond that I mean last year you had <hes> looks like six games where he was a top ten quarterback which is <hes>. That's that's okay that's good but that means that there's ten games where he wasn't and he never finishes extremely low right. He's he's Never GonNa be the thirtieth quarterback in the week because he's a you know. He's a vet. I mean look weaken week. Out Ranked Fifteenth ranked thirteenth ranked fourteenth ranked eighteenth just looking in his numbers for weeks last year and it's like that's not going to help you win in a fantasy league in my opinion I would rather stream the position and get a guy. I'll I'll stream Philip rivers a look at the matchups where he's got a great matchup and throw him in there. He's his his numbers are wild man when when you actually look at what he was doing last year until the those final three weeks I know we're talking about. He's outside the top ten but I mean it took until week thirteen eighteen or game thirteen that he was throw thirty three fewer than two touchdowns I mean he was culinary consists. It was perfectly consistent new and just a nice floor but are you wearing happy with that. If General Fantasy Quayle I'm not happy with that. Are you happy with someone that consistently doesn't put up a goose egg but never gives you at the quarterback position boom the a week winning performance. No not not really wanting to draft that I maybe I ended up flexing into that week to week but I wanNA. I WANNA circle back to Belvin Gordon for a second. 'cause this team is predicated on. They want to be a great defense there. In the top ten you know defensive rushing yards per game <hes> defense a passing yards per game Melvin Gordon's a part of being what kind of a team you get to grind it out with Melvin Gordon if Gordon Mrs Time. How are you shifting? You're like what are you doing is a fantasy owner with us in color and Justin Jackson. What is your kind of prescription for people with like I'm not that worried about Gordon but at the same time you still have to think about a plan for this offense? In how much does it hurt without Gordon. I think Justin Jackson stands to gain the most because because often adler kind of has a role carved out his will grow certainly without Melvin Gordon but it's not like awesome heckler. We'll just become the Workhorse Melvin Gordon role. That's not what he's there for and last year when Justin Jackson had had that opportunity. He showed that he could do it so what would actually happen. Melvin Gordon is traded or Mrs Games is you're going to have Justin Jackson up I as the one in the one two punch and it will pretty much be a committee backfield but both will be. I think think startle assets because it's quality officer it it. It's a tough call 'cause when Gordon went down last year the Equa was the guy who got the first shot where he and that I want. He touched the ball eighteen times there was there's a real stinker because he touches you produced about forty three yards but then once again he was fifteen carries to reception so I I still have to lean that Ecuador would be would give <hes> would be given the first shot but it we'll be full time share which they're very big fans out there in the world. I'll tell you that they believe he could be a lot more than the opportunities been given so far. Let's talk about the Denver Broncos. Are we done all right. There's plenty to talk no look. I think that there are there are a number of topics. I want to talk about Emmanuel Sanders the WanNa talk about Lindsay and Freeman last year the Broncos were six and ten last last year the offense had trouble and there were problems. Lindsey was the bright spot for fantasy owners because he was a superstar Emmanuel Sanders was a very bright spot before the injury well yep but I mean case keenum is gone Joe FLACCO. Hello hello welcome welcome in with his beard. Have you seen him with the beard. I Yeah Oh man it's that mile higher need protect your your your face neck in your face. There's a lot of neck beard going on. He almost yeah Oh yeah he C. J.. I I haven't seen it but I I know that he is a hair wildebeest. Yeah <hes> drew lock was drafted in the third round. It's worth just bring second third. was I believe so I believe is the third round pick either way. Hey I'm bringing them out because if things went south for the broncos is tough division the chargers and chiefs are and you know the raiders have improved. I don't know how committed you stated Joe. FLACCO of the team is around. That's on me yeah. You can blame brooks. Pack your things you fire all of all the things you've ever done. Good bad getting drew locks. Round Ivanoff is just getting wrong. It's disparaging Mr Lock himself unbelievable. You never be forgiven. Well there. You Go Brooks's been fired Berlin shift over one chair. Please having said that we have a job opening. Please send your resumes to Brooks. I'm not even all right. That's right. We need somebody to hire <hes> but I don't you know this is a different team. I think that the the Broncos the dolphins there are a handful of teams where you look look at them and you just because we don't have something jumping out at us as fantasy owners as the you know a high end option. Sometimes we can devalue the players on these teams and they they're maybe not even the giants right owed. Els Girls Gone. Eli Manning are not likely I manning but there are there's value to be had on these teams and I think that that is going to come out here in Denver as well. If there's one thing that Joe flacco tends to do is they going to let him throw the ball down the Field Colin Sutton is a big man Emmanuel Sanders. I I have rare wherever I've got him ahead of Day Sean Hamilton in fantasy production on the season because I'm trusting what my eyes are seeing about his recovery. I've watched interviews with him talk about his recovery. He's he's gone about as fast as you can. Go with an Achilles recovery and this is not straight line videos. You're watching he's running routes his moving laterally and he's a very very very good player. Now I think a player that is coming back into the fold at he's just he's the best wide receiver they have like in appear skills through position. He's better than those other players. I don't have them ahead of Sutton because I think sutton offers more touchdown upside than Emmanuel Sanders does us but kind of digging through the mock here. Are you going to find somebody you're happy with at all with Joe flacco thrown him the ball or or is this a bunch of wasted breath because we shouldn't even be talking about wide receivers Denver. <hes> certainly someone could emerge. I mean I remember the days were Joe. FLACCO threw a deep as well. Those those were neat. Steve Smith were also yes but it's been a long time and the question is was that because of his weapons or is that because now he is much more of a Dinka dunk passer giambra Eileen that direction direction Eileen that you know which means Dejean or manual. I'm not as bullish as you Andy on you know I've seen the same videos but you're you see those with everyone. You know you see them running against air it not in pads looking looking sharp looking great and I think that there's a another world to get to when it comes to being on the field in contact all of that and <hes> so I I lean day sean for the short stuff but if you WANNA throw your your pick account for who has the best chance to to really emerge as a relevant a very very good fantasy option I think it's gotta be Portland Sutton because if someone comes through you want a red zone option and he's the big bodied guy he looked great and spurts he disappeared in spurts but a lot of what's being said around Denver is that it looks like he's ready to step up into that number. One role he himself assumes he is going to be the number one option and if that's the case as if he's stepping up to be the new damaris Thomas hopefully someday they get the new peyton manning yeah I mean I have my problem with Sutton is that I wanted him to do that. I mean all these same refrains. Were there for the second half of the season. It was time for Sutton to step up and be the next Mary's Thomas Still Rookie season sure but it was disappointing yes it was there anybody happy with I mean he was no people were swarming to pick up cortlandt Sutton for his opportunity and that was without without Emmanuel Sanders. It's all of this is going to be an offense predicated on running the ball and having a rejuvenated defense. I don't I want him to succeed. I want him to be great. I don't know if the volumes GONNA be there for him. Yeah that's fair. Do you have any interest at all. Noah fan you have first round draft pedigree for tight end is still his rookie tied in I don't but I mean what we have seen before is Joe flacco hyper target his his tight ends and now he has a very athletically radically gifted one. I don't doubt that he will have four games. This year. Where you like man he should be picked up on the next week's waiver wire? I'm just worrying about the weeks in between them. Okay I stand there as well I. I don't think this is a great offense offense as a whole. I'm not super waiting to get my piece of it and when I get my piece it's not going to be for the rookie Titan. I think that the the Denver broncos will be surprisingly better this year. Well I mean Look Vegas Vegas with you. When it comes to you know you brought them up in the same breath breath as the dolphins right who are like three hundred one because we're not sure what's going on but they put him kind of in the category of Tennessee and Carolina that that level of odds to win? I think they could be nine seventeen this this year going up from Santon so but Philip Lindsey Roy Agreement. That's where I was. Are you afraid to click the draft button. Are you afraid to take Philip Lindsey at his price point right now. We've talked so much about him. He said literally I think it was yesterday he will be one hundred percent yeah. He said he's going to be one hundred percent for the start at camp at the wrist. He's he has said he feels one hundred percent but it's also up to the trainers and not a leg injury though I mean we're right similar things with David Johnson coming back right obviously a a significant injury. Would you rather draft Royce Freeman at his current average drought position of eight. Oh four or Philip Lindsey at what is now being shown at four zero eight. He's dropped a lot. If I have to take one of them all still take Lindsey yeah. I know that Lindsay is falling on on. What is it around? I would take yeah I would I would too. That's why it's been freeman all offseason but when you talk about four zero eight. I think I'm in now. I think I'm back in yeah. He started to move that back up in the third like high third and can hi movies A._D._p.. What show was it that we just talked about it was but which one was it like to? I'm trying to figure out what's killing his A._D._p.. That was Saturday. Show I believe was it. I think so okay. Maybe it's not me. Stanford live show up so sorry right any other storylines from Denver. We moved on moving on all right. It's hard knocks time the raiders foreign twelve wrapping up the A._F._C. West. They'll start at home against Denver. In Kansas City this year Jon Gruden Company and then the colts that is that's not that is not a good luck in verse four. We imber Kansas City at Minnesota at Indianapolis analyst on paper a rejuvenated revamped transformed team at the high level and you guys we can get into all the players at the highest level. What happened to this team to me? The biggest biggest problem that this team has was an and what may dare cargo from M._v._p.. Candidate to <hes> short range <hes> you know B._B.. Gun was the offensive line. This was a top five unit that dropped dropped way down assembly fell off a cliff and they couldn't keep Derek Carr on his feet car. Got Skittish. He started preferring the shorter intermediate routes to taking shots downfield because historically he's a good deep passer but when you barely do it and you're skittish and afraid and not making clutch throws. That's what broke this team down. I don't know how you do better than getting a Guy Antonio Brown tyrel Williams and Josh Jacobs Bribe to fix that problem. I mean they marchand gone. You get the more versatile Jacobs in the Backfield Jordy Nelson gone you get the younger tyrel Williams as a deep threat to me. It's all about the offensive line and the offensive line provide enough time time for car to be an effective passer to bring up the fancy value of everyone around. What are you guys think <hes> look? I think Antonio Brown being there's going to help the offensive line in a sense the the fact that car will have someone to go to car is a super late round guide that you know there's those guys like do I look there are there are those guys are finding wrong about where it's like. You know look if he's great. This is one where I'm not. I don't think car has a great year but I'm not I am not super confident in that at all it he's got the weapons both at running back and it wide receiver to put up enough. You know enough fantasy for just got to play Kansas City a couple of times other great offices. I think Derek Carr could be a surprise late. Round guy that ends up as a successful fancy option this year they also added Ryan grant to the offense was like a free agent pickup lasts off season by for Raigmore wink wink to the colts and then Marshall Eightman flash last year. J Nelson was in addition. They still J. them Rashard in the backfield. I think the offense is probably underrated. Mike I really do okay. I like you said everything looks. Great on paper looks great on paper but I don't I just I don't believe in Derek Carr as as a quarterback. I don't think he's that good okay. So what is that translate in carry that believe you into Antonio Brown not not not to car cars not being drafted Grafton a position where you have to justify his failing or succeeding Brown is I mean Braun is being punished and a lot of rankings because of the transition from Big Ben to the raiders even though he is Doug Guy Runaways dub receiver in football from his skill standpoint yeah and I won't. I won't argue with those points but we've we've seen great wide receivers. Many many times have bad quarterback play behind them and it's car is not the worse by. I don't think he can help out Antonio Brown anywhere close to the level that you're hoping for now his draft price what's interesting about him. So I'm looking at fantasy football calculator right now I mean he sandwiched literally literally right between Juju and Mike Evans and would would you rather have Antonio Brown from with Derek Carr as a quarterback or do you want Mike Evans Jameis Winston so I've gone back and forth on these two guys specifically and and then right after that is t. y.. Hilton right and I do land on the Antonio Brown side. I think that while Antonio Brown is not going to be the number one wide receiver anymore. I've still got him within astronomical target volume. What won't be there? The way it was in Pittsburgh is the touchdown numbers I mean Antonio Brown has always been a double digit touchdown guy last year. What do you have fifteen touchdowns? I mean that's not going to happen so I think the ceiling might be off a little bit but I I mean the difference between in car and Jameis Winston in real life is not that much you you forget car two years ago. He was a top ten fantasy quarterback which is crazy to think about when he had the weapons there so I think Antonio Brown I'm certainly not taking him over Juju but I would take over. Mike Evans Okay Josh Jacobs. How many passes does he catch this year? What's his fantasy ceiling? How are you looking at Jacob's? Isaiah Crowell went out got hurt. They picked him up instead. They have to replace him with cramps Doug. Martin is back again <hes> yes. This is Josh Jacobs Backfield yeah he should have every opportunity to contribute in both facets which means that you know this is not even if you don't believe in the offense even if you don't believe in the defense the game script if you think is negative if you're pass catching running back like Jacobs's you should be pretty consistent pretty relevant. I mean look at Lindsey would be very Lindsay's a very interesting comp here because the Broncos were six ten last last year and Lindsay's not somebody that you would look at as he prototypical like you know. He's not going to carry two hundred fifty times. We've never seen Jacobs take a workload Alabama so but the let's go six and ten. Maybe they're not a good team Philip lizzy still at a great year right I right now. I Have Josh Jacob Sketching about forty passes which is is not number but it's you would be perfectly acceptable. The problem with four Jacobs is just the you're buying into the idea that he was the first round running back has a pass catching skill sick because they have Jalen Rashard he still on the team and last year when things when the game script flipped upside down it was Jaylen Rashard just getting absolutely peppered with target so do they do they take that jump and they say okay where it's GonNa play Josh Jacobs on all three downs or does he just get worked into some passing plays plays on first and second down and then regard is is a bigger thorn than your expect. I think the fact that they used Jalen Rashard so much last year and then turned around and said yeah we're going to spend a first round or on a running back and we're going to get is as corral says what they want and what they want is not <hes> Jalen restart well yeah they. They don't want him to be the the grinder but last year eighty-one targets sixty eight receptions for Jalen Rashard with those those are real receptions for running back right for sure but that that also says dare cars looking to that position offense can utilize it but I don't think it's going to be restarted. I think it's going to be Josh Jacobs he was he worried me before the draft because I thought he was going to be drafted as committee guy but the combination of him being given a first round draft capital and then having Isaiah Crowell go out out to a season ending injury says he's got. He's got the shot of being a truth three down back. They'll mix and Rashard. They'll mix in cramps but he's going to he's going to take the lead of this offense from the Backfield for sure. The first round draft capital nearly assures heavy involvement but you're it should they couldn't really throw the ball and anywhere other than to Rashard last year so it'll be interesting to see that as your A._F._C. West <hes> I want to get into the mailbag bag a little bit this show if you've been listening to it either shortwhile along while it's all about you your league you the fantasy player. We're trying to get you as much information as possible to make you a better fantasy player year to year but also enjoy your league more are enjoy running league. If you're a commissioner and so we like to get in and answer as many questions we can hear and over at joined the foot <hes> let's jump into the Malay mailbag the right you like this one Jason Keith in Albuquerque New Mexico we are getting rid of kickers and replacing them with an extra flex position -gratulations KIEF. What are you guys think the ideal bench sides should be in in order to keep some talent on the waiver wire into deal with bye week so if you have a league where you have an extra flex spot? I guess he's wondering how big should the bench be to <hes> properly sure populate the waiver wire so he says he currently has a six bench and they do have the I.. R. Spot as well so I would just keep it at six yeah. I'm one hundred percent find going to five bench an I.. R. I think five bench in an I._R._A.. Is Great six is also fine I would I would really it's a matter of your league right because I think that the more into it your league is the if you've got eleven other owners that really take the serious. It's one of those home leagues it. You know has been going for six seven eight years. Everyone's competitive additive benches great but if it's where like you've got a handful of people that aren't as into it then you know those those those more shallow waivers <hes> you know it's hard for the casual people all right <hes> questioned from Derek in Orange County California. Do you each have a position your consistently better at projecting <hes>. I E wanting to know whether like Jason's better at running Baxter Mike it wide receiver etcetera I think within ourselves we do not necessarily like I'm better to position than others but I know when it comes to like rookie scouting I am better at scouting running backs than quarterbacks for example. I I trust Andy Scouting on quarterbacks better than my scouting on quarterbacks and I trust my scouting on running backs better than everyone's. There's a ton of factors like in season last year. I just happened to be more accurate when it came to running backs and wideouts than I did quarterbacks and tight ends so that's a little different than draft scouting obviously <hes> but from week to week. It seemed to favor those positions <hes>. Do you remember what you you were most accurate on my off the top of my head. I think looks like you were the quarterback whisper. Yes and running back pretty well too. I know over on your tax. Usually where I feel strong over the years though it it does tend to change. I don't think it's a universal truth to answer the question all right. This question comes in from now. Watch out hang on comes from the Texas Hitman in Houston low so you leather face. Oh you know thank you for listening to the show well the Texas hitman leather. You guys don't yeah so yeah. It's scary I it's a massacre. I just didn't know if you'd permit more than one Mike. There's there's plenty of room there was there was many more before me and there'll be many more after video games yeah all sorts of Hitman out there. Would you really really feel comfortable with Nixon. As you're running back. One is the question and a half point perception league my rankings and my brain say yes I would yes. I'm okay with it. I'm not like thrilled. I would much rather take James Connor but I would take do you owe you would much rather take James Connor than yes Joe Mixon yes I am. That's official commentary. No that's you guys can keep down James Connor. All you want your wrong. I don't have any he problem against James Connor but I would not say definitely rather have James Connor than Joe Mixon. I would say that Oh waterbed not that that was that was just formalizing <music> a an open secret here s you know that I in in public <hes> forums we have disagreed on James Connor. <hes> you're going to be very sad. Okay James Garner success you. It would be best for you to do your victory lap now while nothing has happened as opposed to later win. We'll say we do have some fantasy source friends who have may or may not have talked to Mike Tomlin Okay and Mike Tomlin said that you know he can see the future and knows James Productions when other players were named on that team he said no James Connor okay. We'll see what happens <hes>. This is a informative podcast. Yes what other players were being named running rex. Can you name them. This is Jalen Samuel. Yes okay so. I don't think that there's been contentions made on this show by me that James Connors not they're starting running back. That's not the that's not the pretense by which I argue argue against James Connor. If you listen to live show argue I argued against James Connor on the basis that he fell off a cliff halfway through the year and he's more of a rb to than an rb one. That's my only contention not that he sucks. If you remember what I said as I said hey he's he's more in the RB twelve to fifteen range. He's not the RB six. You got at the beginning of the year so I don't have any doubt he is the starter I do have concerns about the offense absent Antonio Brown <hes> I assume you are not anti Joe Mix in your just pro James Connor on yes all right one last question Henry in Cincinnati Ohio too quick questions up. You know I say one last question in Henry Henry a second you only get one says. It's quick all right how you convince your league to use sleeper instead of Gal who and do you think is being drafted at his at his ceiling. Yes he's being drafted and his ceiling to me and sleepers the it's an easy to use APP. They're very customizable and they're always listening trying to make the platform better veteran better. It's certainly if if it happens to be dynasty or keeper League something like that the platform runs in the off season. You can trade picks and things like that that you can't do on some of these other platforms <music> aren't as we wrap it up pristine deal of the day De'andre Hopkins Sign Taxes Jersey yesterday went for fifty four fifty five dot fifty four yes so so close to the perfect amount of money whoever won that should be disappointed that they didn't just pony up once. It's a huge made awesome yeah. That's a tip. You should've tipped them. Shame on you yeah Pristine Action Dot Com use the registration code ballers. That's when you sign up and <hes> that'll do it for today's episode of The show unless you two gentlemen have anything else you Wanna add I would just add if you are a winner and you're looking to get some fantasy football hardware in your life. Police checkout fantasy champs dot com the absolute best in the business us at Bronco ballers. You're going to save money all right that is it follow us on twitter at the bar. Thanks for supporting the show. We'll be back very soon goodbye.

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