Shaquille O'Neal talks NBA Finals, Kawhi's possible future in LA, the Rob Pelinka, his plan to fix the Lakers and Kincade's NBA Awards monologue for Shaq - The Big Podcast with Shaq - Episode 208


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They make sure that all the information is verified and up-to-date that way you're not wasting your time, and they're making the hunting for a new place process, and absolute breeze. So you can find what you want and start packing. Don't just listen to us. Us instead of taking troll yourself in visit apartments dot com to find your perfect place apartments dot com change your apartment, change the world. Tonight. Live. Check podcast is a set cast Bookham back. Today on the big podcast was shacked the latest on the NBA finals. The latest on the total abject mess that is the Los Angeles Lakers. John has prepared for us an entire NBA awards show monologue, and we'll see if shack wants to steal any of his jokes, of course, we'll get borderline and in honor of the finals will play around of buzzer beater. Now live from the shack cave in Atlanta, Georgia. It's John Kincaid in the big off, all Famer Shaquille, O'Neal. This is. Remember the first time we met. I do remember the for looking at you all's show. Yasser. LA. Never been. Oh, I love by the way, listening back to last week's episode. I use you sexy as all get out. She just is sexy lady, she's funny. She's cool hoping joined it here on the big podcast with shack you're going to get a call. No not. She's a may. She amazing feel. How does it feel what how's it going more book goes on? Pocus. This one. Are you feel pretty good? I think this is pretty good luck. We weren't for the passion. Dammit. I've fun with that. A love shows do. We do. We look a rap group that is we're like a rap group out of good one. Honky. What would it be China? We're like run d and Smith Aerosmith case way. Okay. Best part? Love it, by the way before we get started here. Did you see the live jeffersons live all in the family? I did Jamie FOX is the most time ago of oh, gosh. He was thought Sherman Hemsley was on that stages. He had all the mannerisms law. He had all the walking, but the Bob and of the head during the dialogue he was awesome. And when Marla Gibbs walked through that door that was awesome to she's eighty eight. I Jamie FOX was the most talented person I've ever met in my life. Do compla- sports. He can sing he can act. He can do impressions. He's funnier role. I've, he's a great comedian mortality guy. It's funny. You said that Shannon Shannon was same thing. We watch beat beach Zam. Okay. How does the beaches am? It's great show. But it's like here's a guy who doesn't need to be hosted a game show. And he does it for the television, hosted a game show and having a blast. But yeah, he's he's unbelievable. Talent. Is he a joyous, dude? Shaq's been on Jimmy for over twenty years because he seems like a really joyous gardens. Group is always been humble, as always been friendly to me, Jamie, if you ever need me in the movie, matter of fact, man, you should take over the new Rochelle series, Jamie. Wow. That's Stewart Jimmy two detectives to fully detectors, but and people s. I like that. That would be good. Ferguson, the movie. You're doing Jamie FOX and Shaquille O'Neal. You are. Terrible horrible this we get started where you were you surprised that the outcome of eastern Western Conference finals? Really, well, wait a minute. I thought you were big on Milwaukee's. Everybody. Wait a minute apologized to Milwaukee last week. And I was in idiot, 'cause I knew all along, they wouldn't get to the finals. And I backed off of it. They go to the finals. Yes. So could your aunt and uncle. If I'm walking in the hotel, and I keep hitting my head, I hit my head two or three times, I have to adjust yet I just have to just you can't put on us at the top of the key while they play a bullsh- highschools phone and have four people waiting for. And it's what I said before the finals. Mike Boone Holzer gets Mike Boone holes gets before the plans began. I said it Boone holes are helluva coach, but I think he gets totally overrated on in game adjustments and everything. I don't think he's a chess player. I don't just minority Nick nurse outcoached him. So I don't wanna hear Mike boot and holds his name come up where Nick nurse out coached him. And Nick nurse by the way, what a grinder to get to be an NBA head coach. This guy paid. We'll give him the coach credit again. This guy paid so many dues you go give it a coach's credit again. You know what he doesn't do by the way, he doesn't take the credit? He doesn't take the credit at all. He sits behind that microphone and says, you know. Yeah. Letting coli do is stay in things like that. Deserves the credit and he gets Nick nurse. Do gave a lot of credit to qui- mo- kuwa- is the core? Does he supposed to do? He's the main piece his other teammates, the others of always call them of, as I've always said that the others are reasons I four championships. All you need in explaining to the other day. When I say others any guy one game. I just need cow lower gonna have one game. He gave it to me. See I'm going to have a game. He had ever to me Marcus oil, you stand out there like an idiot passing the day, not even respect to shoot a three. He gave it to me. So the others have had tiny games. And then when they stole our game walkie when I came home they did what they were supposed to. But Kawai listen, I'm not going to give a guy a cookie when he supposed to do something because you're supposed to do it. You star play like that. Like me when I get my thirty nine forty posing it then. Kawai by the way, a thirteen and a half million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. He's from LA, okay? Oh, you're talking. Do you think it strange that he's buying it right now? Know that he's no. I think he's going to the clippers MO. He's going to be a clipper. I was getting ready to give you an analogy. Okay. But I bought a big mansion that LA too. But I wasn't gonna move there until Rando pissed me off. Talk a bargaining chip, basically. Like, just I'm going to hold this over your head because because before the Orlando Magic where contenders like just put his way we lose on Sunday. I'm I'm out son Sunday night, just to get the LA just to hang out, you know, just a party and just do my things I was always in relation movies doing my album and I got tired of waste of money. So I say, no by me, imagine on the beach. And I just had it there. So then when you know Orlando deal they did. And then Jerry West came with it with the piece of paper to said one two zero zero zero zero zero zero zero on it. I signed, and they would have been easier just with my okay. I already got a house out there. Boom, bam Bengalis doing so I suggest you enjoyed Orlando knowing that you bought that house. Jets that you enjoyed people talking about it. You enjoyed the intrigue. Of course. You'd okay? Good. Well, you're an honest man. That's I appreciate shown over one. We know this you, you enjoy that you would enjoy the fact that then people are talking about the fact that check just bought a mansion in LA. What is this mean those call bargaining chip? Absolutely. Sure. Comb. No question. No question hold this over your head. In case you ever forget? I'm not spending thirteen million stay in in the five and six ranger buddy. Chan's. He'll be don't be ideologue, uncle check. Well, you well, I mean you've because. Mojos in Orlando. Bugs voted to five probably put another five and to allow oh picking you heard it here. I I took it off the market. Well. Did you really take it off the market the market, take you off? One thing about me is when, when I bargained is my rules on auto. Okay. I put it at talking back put it in a twenty eight. I know I'm not gonna get twenty but anybody offer me something between twenty eight and twenty I would have took it. I'm not going to listen twenty from baby. I got some seventeen or eighteen is a couple of nineteenth but now but then I went on a date with my wife. My mama, my baby woman, and then you know she lives around the corner. I'm like, what am I going to sell my house never ever ever? So I took it up the market. So as mama, why does it mom move into the house because my mother is the most humble perjury said, baby let your house and I don't want to be in a way. That's not I've been offering her nineteen ninety two she was like, Nope. Sure house. Now, she don't want to see that now, you know, mama doesn't wanna move in on your space and makes sense. Well, he can't move the space, though. Well mean nobody can move the junk. But I'm not letting me go, okay? Let, let me think this way when you're talking about seventeen million dollar house, you probably have less than one percent of people looking for a house could ever even imagine paying that for house. We'll be freaking do. Okay. It's really hard. That's hard. Price boat got offers on. You know what I'm saying? I got offers, but me I'm stubborn negotiate at twenty this month, period dot com. If you're not talking twenty the Coles, don't get through them office. Okay. Having a hard time wrapping my brain around eighteen million. Screw you, pal. This house for my second at that point. I just can't. Yeah. There you go. Which is a good one. Some do you, do you think Toronto's got shot in the series? Everybody always has a shot. All sure about Amine. Legitimately. Would you go take care of that shot? So what I mean but they have the homecourt advantage. Gotta get those first two if you if you get those first two, you know, the conversation will shift people's thoughts will start to shift from people will be ooh. If you lose any one of those home, you're going to be in trouble. They're winning. I believe they will win one of the first two and they will win game five. And Golden State will win and six. But I think I think Golden State's going to be stretched to six in this and a twisted ankle here or something like that could maybe create a a seven game series, which would just be amazing speaking of I also the Kevin Durant with this house on the market is that true he did. I heard that I didn't know if there was any truth to go. It's got days in every bathroom. So I mean it's just as good. See, I hope you're NBA monologue is better than this. Wait. Oh my. I'm gonna tell you, log is I've run the NBA monologue. That's coming up a little bit later on in the show. I have run it by five different individuals now. And every one of them has said three of the jokes absolutely should be in his model. That's a nice, run it through this guy. Oh, absolutely. Well, he's the guy would have to deliver them shacks at tough judge. But I think check will find a few of them. Very funny over to it. Cited for Alexa, isn't the only one with breaking news, make sure to hang around at the end of this podcast for the latest breaking headlines on the AP news minute that farmers insurance. We know the sound of a perfect hot air balloon landing and a less than perfect one. Click. For more. Underwritten by farmer's truck. Fire insurance exchange center. Affiliates products available in every state, did you want to bring up this, this whole thing about Janas walking of the press conference because you emailed, me that you see on us walk out of the press conference after his team was eliminated when he was being asked? Liberties about me, and all the stuff I'm doing, especially when I'm talking. Okay. I can't be a hypocrite. I've done that. And the reason why done I don't have to talk to you. I got my ass whoop. I'm pissed, I don't have to sit there and listen to your stupid, little questions, we loss, you know, he loves has been dumb questions. Did you think question was dumb? I didn't even see. I just get up and walk out. The question the question he was asked to do you want to hear it? Let's hear it. At this point, you know, sometimes it takes experience. I'm wondering if now that you have some of that experience, if you see more validity to that point, or what you think about that now that you've gone through it. At which point he just walks off. He just gets down that question is this word for it wasn't a good question yet. Oh. Imagine yourself sitting at a table and you keep pouring watering, the glass that, that, that that's probably not the question that tipped him off. He probably have thirty stupid question before that. And he was already tired. And he just, you know, I'm not talking about this and just walk up. He has a right to do that. So, but calling himself, he's not soft John. No. I thought it would. No. I'm talking about soft being his reaction to losing. It's very much like, Joel Embiid MO the who was reaction. Joe is to tell my mentioned up. No wonder you can't sell hold on. Hold on. Second watch this is that uncle Alex. Is this? Sure. Alex. There's a couple of Alex's watch this. As the question polo. Alex, Ramona podcast tell these dudes what happened at the lose game. What happened in the house? House gets wrecked. Everything's trashed in the house. You're the, the whole house whole house on both were the only thing I didn't do bus ie windows. But lamps bulls. Yeah. VCR's DVD speakers. Yeah. So. Oh. What we will Alex Alex kids and the wife. We'll get to the point that when I loss disappear why for Sean come on. I'm gonna take the kids university for I'll be back. What are you came on all the Furniture's busted? But just know that like when I'm I get mad, I just get crazy. And like, you know, shawnee would have to tell them like, I remember you're married and your father. And I'm like, what the hell is that me? Don't bring your work to the house, and like it kind of taught me a lesson on in highlight to do that. So I when I used to get mad, I just used to drive around before I come home, because, you know, when you come home the kids and the wife don't care about that. I think they did. They just but I'm I'm pissed because you know what this, I gotta here, but hold like, John Kincaid. Free throws these overpaid, and I don't believe this. The only doesn't throw elbows against the Kip I gotta here on one channel, then you go to USPA Stephen Smith for Maxine all the grades. Yeah. He got three but Koby or blah you just have to hear all though. Issue, Keells, honest enough to not be like the frauds that play a lot of the professional sports today. That say all the time. Oh, I never listen. I don't know what they say on sports talk radio. They all listen with, like giant rabbit ears. They listen and the guy who says they don't listen is the guy who listens, the most the guy who says, oh, I don't buy I don't even listen to those idiots. They're the guys who listened the most they can recite chapter and verse what's said about them, and social media makes it even worse much worse because we read the comments, which is crazy to me like I mean seriously. As you say, who you've you've really helped me with that, that's the biggest thing shack. A piece of advice is just shackled say something about who said that. You got thirty thousand people come in. How do you why do you care and why? Why do you. Why do you care? Yeah. Exactly. Why would you even get that a? Why would you even give that a second thought because if that gets in your head, you're not going to be true to yourself? Who are you to tell me what to do if you or me or knew what I was doing? Then you would be me, so way works. Before we move onto the Lakers which we're gonna do in a second and John's NBA jokes. I did want to mention monologue rob sorry de did John's NBA. Folks, and on John's NBA thinkers coming up. This is thirty six straight NBA finals that have included at least one player who's played with Shaquille O'Neal. That is. Financial aid. No, it is a record. It's Toronto's, Danny green who you played within Cleveland in. Oh nine in two thousand ten or he didn't really play with them. He well, he was sort of limped around, or so, of course. I should say Milwaukee with the streak still was. Woah play with Steve Kerr. You forgot about that. It's not. It's not playing. Has to be player. Thirty six. The final someone. That's played nineteen Eighty-four that is that is stupid. Let's that's really great. That's insane. And the, the facts that insane, we're going to get to the Lincoln a second. The fact that people look that kind of stuff up to is also pretty great. Hey, what's wrong? 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It was not not complementary very complimentary though shack. I don't know how much of this did you really kind of see or or know about if you pay any attention to of been hearing stuff, let me I, I loved, Jimmy bus, and jitney Bush family, and I will never say anything disrespectful to her. The rob Pelinka situation. I know nothing about I'm not hearing good things about the situation, I'm hearing from inside people that even when he was an agent. He wasn't liked. And I was in a barbershop send somebody asked me, an important question, you said, who is this guy? So when he was capable Kobe's agent, I said, well, what gives him the qualifications to run the LA Lakers? And I couldn't answer. And then, you know, magic I thought that when he came in he was gonna take control and you know, magic talked about that he had other stuff going on. And he told me that he was going to be in and out and all that, but, you know, the backstabbing stuff is something that you can't have gone on. And again, you know when things are difficult. I find easy ways to break them down. So if I was in magic spots, this the first thing, I'm doing after the finals, I'm getting in touch with click like. I'll be like Klay you contracts coming up. Katie's country. Coming a lava guys countries coming up. They can't pay you what we can pay. You will be the highest paid Laker in Laker history. One wants you to come play. What lebron? And we want to get this thing crack. And again, we want you to live in LA. That's option A. Right. And and you know let's just say option acres answered. Now. You got Ma you got clay. And you got LeBron. That's a pretty good start now plan B I need meal, feisty little point. Car decker score. I'm going to Charlotte. Hey, kimba. Guess what? You wanna make a little bit under LeBron? And you wanna make twenty five thirty million? We need a point guard. L A, LA V market more endorsements. Boom Bambang those will be my, my AMP priorities, right there. Then after that, then ethnic Davis is going to be see. And those are the first three things now if I can't get any of those three things now we'll be in trouble again. But that's all I'm focusing on it, and we got the money and we got the power, and we got the city toback it up. So I'm going to clay myself as Jeremiah clip. I'm gonna make you highs pay leg. Laker history. Shocking, this much Kobe makers as magic and make this much LeBron. Oh, make as much we want to. We want to help build a team around you on a Brian. What do you say because of clay gonna win this year? He has four, but guess what? Claes not the man, you can come to LA and be the man, Mr. that's gonna be must Bill to him. cO Klay can make a lot more stain. He's he no you cannot. Yes. He can John. I'm not gonna pay out. They're not gonna pay all them people. They can pay. They don't even they don't even have to give them the big time, you know, max that they can give it what they can't all. Alternate make the supermax but he can still make make an offer him a lot more than the Lakers can financially. Okay. But, but he's a katie's up trae mounts up ain't gonna be able to pay those guys they're gonna definitely gonna have to break them up. No all close. Close look. You don't believe Kevin Durant is gone. I don't know the idea, no know. Oh, I do. I think just watching him at these press conferences, when people say to the warriors are better without you. And he standing there like losing his mind, seething, you can see it. Oh, I don't believe that's true. That's not the case at all even though again, twenty six and twenty six without Steph having Durant on the court thirty and one without Durant, having Steph on the court. It's clear, the warriors are better. They can win clearly without Kevin Durant. Hey big fella. But you put any credence. Can you put anything into the Bradley Beal to LA talks, what do you think about that? But he he's cool, but he, he's, he's not the God, it's going to get me over the top. I knew the guy that can help me get over the top LeBron when he went to Miami, d wave Chris Bosh they helped him get over the top, you know, the one, you know, Cleveland that they won. You know, the other just play great dream on got suspended. They took that game a LeBron to fabulous block. He won that one, you know, very emotional. But, you know, you, you need guys that's gonna help you get over the top on the Lakers before we move away from it. Couple of strange takeaways from the plank thing. He apparently told some smart of story, where after they saw the dark Knight with heath ledger as the joker that Kobe. Have a meeting with an hearing Pelinka set it up. And they had they talked about how to use on and on this role, and how did you pull this off and stuff? If the dark Knight came out about six months after he fled your pass and why would so and Pelinka's tellingly strange of all things then he has the story. And he's telling that story. In front of like Laker personnel and players video of it and nobody, it's insane. And nobody. That's that's sociopathic. That's like I mean, that's a completely. He told that stories if it's completely real like this happened. Look what I did zoom organization forever amount to hold my tongue because I don't you know, he say she say, no, no, no, no. There is. No, he said, she said. So he he just made up. This. Rob has always been nice to me, those respectively saw. I don't have any problem. Okay. All right. All right. I wanna play one piece audio before we get to the awards. Log this was a weatherman on TV. This has gone viral this past week. I'd be remiss if we didn't play it. There were some really bad tornados up in the mid west like Ohio and all that. Well, this is this weather. Man's name is Jamie Simpson from FOX Forty-five in Dayton, Ohio. He broke into the bachelorette. I believe is the bachelorette to do the weather, and tell everyone tornados were coming, and people were bitching atom, and he lost his mind. A little that's why this is a dangerous situation time. Stark salsa rainy. I was just taking social media. We have fewers complaining already just go back to the show. No, we're not going back to the show folks. This is a dangerous situation. Okay. It's nice right? Thinking about this. This was your neighborhood. I'm sick and tired of people complaining about this our job here is to keep people safe, and that is what we're gonna do. Somebody you complain that this is all about my ego. Stop. Okay. Just stop right now. It's not. I'm done with you people. I really am Fetig. Okay. That's so dumb sit dangerous situation. Here. I'm sorry. I'm just it just really bothers me that we have people that don't care about other people's safety around here. That's just ridiculous. Perfect. I'm John with these people. So I'm done with one thousand percent. No stop it. He's a thousand percent. Correct. First of all, he shouldn't be reading the comments. Exactly. Job. But hold on. He read the comments his sensitive, and he went off. Standard dude he's a urinal. No roaches need to be told the road. Richard and they go start flying star. To start flying flies. Rotem stepping on shut your mouth. Let me do my job so that cared about social media comments, I would quit the business long ago. I mean, seriously, I can't believe that your guys that do his job. Okay. Because guess what if you watch the bachelor and the damn tornado rip your house off? You're going to be the same complainer we'll nobody told us who was coming to shut the hell up I do now. Want to end every show with this, though. Don't with you people. I really am. This is pathetic. Approve the guy guy sweat, and Honey mustard on there. I, I must say I sure all right. Are you ready? I am ready to go. Hi, Jack bring you to the awards ceremony night in LA, and any one of these jokes. It's for you get started. Yes. We have a we have a panel with three people. So after you relieve your joke, we say thumbs up, you can even bring up Alex in on it. If you want if you wanted to be on. Good. All right. Here we go. Guys, give it just give it a thumbs up foams down in check, if you use none of these jokes, I'm not offended. I just did them for my own amusement. I think there's some funny ones some very brief background. In case you don't know Shaquille O'Neal is hosting the NBA awards this year on TNT judge June twenty four. It's means on the Monday night, which means you have to have some jokes. You have to have a monologue, if things like this. So I give it to you this way shack. All right. Here's a couple. What everybody knows night that Brett Brown helped me write my monologue tonight. So if it goes off the rails in the last few minutes, I don't want you blaming me. Okay. We have one here I enjoyed that shot. Didn't even. Shabby gave it a thumbs up to he liked that Joe world from. Oh, okay. I think consideration for the model you guys. I said, Kyrie irvings here kyri, every time you leave a team. It's a worse ending than game of thrones. He's. Good mind. All right. How about this one? He said my man Magic Johnson here tonight. Glad to see him and see, you know, magic you were actually supposed to be the MC tonight but you didn't show for hersal, and he didn't bother to call anybody. Thumbs doing that to Lakers. Okay. But you beat that you not find it funny. I just say Miami. I ain't in it. Okay. It's good there. I see Mark Cuban's in the audience marks wanting to run for president. I'm hearing. He's very qualified because he's got experience of spending over budget making dump statements and having defense issues. Because it's political. It's like he's so what it wants to run for president. All right. We'll take it off the list. We do that one. How about this one? I need a video screen behind you on this one, because, hey look Commissioner silver. Glad to see you tonight. I think you had mazing year. In fact, it was your best performance, and she started mega mind. Put the pig. Pig us missioner's next on the screen. Okay. Look, it's an amazing thrill for me tonight, hosting this event much like that time that rob Pelinka got to host the Oscars. Oh boy. This is Bill. For me tonight, hosting this event. Let's like the time that rob Pelinka got the host the Oscars on the sun. On the sun. Never see Astor's, and he just lied about it. Who rob Pelinka that he lied about the whole thing about Kobe having dinner with the thing that will be really good. That's a topical joke that I think would work the crowd really well. All right. Hey, Phil Jackson here, Phil. I know Phil didn't like the Knicks job because he said he didn't want to travel. But now with all the new marijuana legalization laws. I understand. He's considering a comeback. On the great wait a minute that would bring people would laugh at that time. All right. How about this? Oh, I see James Dolan's here tonight. I heard James Dolan, went to that same Jupiter massage parlor, but nobody wanted to take his money. Really good. Oh, that's funny joke. That's a funny gentle thrown out of the guard. That would be the good, follow up joke to that whole man. I'm going to get out of the garden and Charles Oakley. How about this at some point in the monologue Sacchi pick at you take out your cell phone and you look at it, and you went man, this monologue must be going poorly. I've already been slammed by three of katie's Twitter accounts. Oh guy. That's a great one. That's how about this one after that post-game display. The Joel Embiid head when the Sixers will eliminate it. Philadelphia's announced their changing the advertising patch on their jerseys to Vagit seal. See, I think that's a great one. I think people would laugh. Here's the here's the last one. Tyler showed up tonight. And he didn't have a ticket. They didn't have a ticket for him. But the NBA's apologize, Tai. They just expected you to be sitting on LeBron's lap. That's joe. Me. You get me a pretty us, by the way you guys just gave thumbs up to seven of the jokes. Well that's the shack. We're good. I sent them an Email right now. So, you know, there's I kept the one on the list about rob Pelinka because I think that if you're if you're handler saw that joke, they'd say, okay. That's a pretty good one. Yeah. So there is the shack job, John. You did. Really good there. I tried. I tried to Colorado jokes. Go to none of those two. I thought the James Dolan joke, though, would absolutely bring down the house Oakley. Hey Charles, this going to get us now. We're both stuck. Now, we both can't go to the garden again. And by the way, if I hear any of those jokes, I will wet myself watching that on television. I'll go wait a minute. I read that one. 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Underwritten by farmer's truck. Fire insurance exchanges in affiliates products available in every state. Coming soon to podcast, one, the podcast with Rick Fox jas hall, and Todd ROY, log on to see the world behind the east sports you love. And find out what good game really means from the trio, who's taken the business by storm, including the three time NBA champion behind team, echo, FOX download the podcast every week on apple podcasts and podcasts one. Choices. Jokes. What's that very few of those jokes? Again, I was proud of you. I think any smartly written on is. Or is it on TNT on TNT? So they could any one of those jokes could be on. I gotta thank big podcast listener. Connor who sent this one over this is from a radio station called six seventy the score. This is Dan Bernstein. I guess is the name of the host. He's talking about pop names, that were popular in his family. Burying the lead, you have a Bob in your family. I had an uncle. I Bob Wagner had an ankle. Bob bernstein. Sure. I had Bob's in Dick's all over. Oh man. Oh man. Bob's in Dick's all over. Okay. Excited about. His his voice stepped up a little, it was intriguing so thanks. Connor. Also, thanks to Jacob G mail, and as well as Brandon role hunt, and Darryl on Twitter for this one. This is Jeff Gundy during the Portland series and. I'm talking about. Banging guys. I can't believe you didn't get bang you right catches. Leave that. Listen, guys coming at me here. If you're not going to give them a thing now. When are you gonna man? I'm telling you. Hey. Jackson's pause. Yeah, it was bad. So also, we appreciate sunny and Kurdish that are g mail for sending our favorite skipping. Shannon are just our favorites. This is co why they're quiet after the Eastern Conference finals. And they chose a weird way to start this topic. I don't know how impressive was Wisla. No me this. Tell me lay it on thick. Wait a minute. Now scoop if you just if you just put in there, the noises they're making and then the and then the thing at the end he on thick. Our time. Off. Sibanda rope. That's. Bob's. Dick saw over. Sounded like. Lay it on thick. It's like my favorite thing now. All right. We're going to hear this thousand. Lou that on skipping out to that up. Oh, god. Oh, I don't even think I have that Shannon trip it up anymore. Oh man. That's okay. We'll. All right. Well, let's, let's wrap up here. Skipping Shannon and getting your close this out, here borderline again, this week, debating whether or not Jason Whitten's return is good or not for the Cowboys. The analogy becomes about snakes, which never ends well, with skip Bayless. But I'm a viper never Lagarde. Lagarde's grasshopper, the lives of. Anaconda. You whole. I swear to you. He's doing this on purpose. Well, first place while e holder. Never. The grasshopper, the lives of. Hole. On. Late on thickest just go to, you know what the funny apart said it really is. Aww. To about that. So much is in the middle of it. They start basically moaning at each other. It making four million a year four and a half million a year. Oh my gosh. Lay it on thick. Hey, sixty seconds, sixty seconds that's exactly how long this commercials gonna last and you know what else you can do in about a minute. Well rob do it twice. But you can get an offer for your car with truecar. That's right in the model time to take some Fletcher teeth. Do a few sit ups, which is listen to my voice, you can get a true cash offer vessel. You can do right now from your smartphone. So go to truecar and a your license plate number and watch how your car's details pop-up answer few questions, you're going to get an accurate true cash offer from a local truecar certified dealer, and it's totally easy. After that, you bring your car in, they'll check it out with you together you get to ask questions and get the answers you need. So there's no surprises then either leave with your check or you trade in your car for a new right? So when you're ready to experience a better way to sell trading card. Check out truecar today. All right. It's time for buzzer beater beat. Good. Single bring you back at the speed. Let's first, I welcome. Let's welcome Jaren to the show. Jaren you there. Yeah. Doing doing. Second jaren. I've known in my lifetime, Jared journo orlands. You already know that, you know. You know. Say he. New Orleans grow quick, quick quick. Hey, john. Zero quick man. Black people. Don't watch friends, bro. Oh my God. Thing you watch. You watch the black friends knock off. That's what you watched. It wasn't the knock off. Black friends. Wait a minute. You know, some executives over BT yourself word. Look at all these people watching friends every week and none of us brothers watch it. So they decided to come up with their own version of, let's come up with a show where everybody sits around in an apartment, stop y you a hater. You a hater. He ever ahead. I don't know. Him out. I go. A white version. No friends is a successful version of living single, a legendary successful version of living, Sing Tao, next. You're gonna tell me Martin signed. Timeout. Jaren. Look at what you've created rub. Your body, all people talk with with the slang Notre low. So some of the answer's going to be he ain't going, he ain't got to say like you got written. Now we'll do our best. Jaren. Here's how the game works. I'm gonna give you sixty seconds. You're gonna you're gonna go play this round with Shuki low Neil. And then you're gonna play around with jonky Cade. We'll see in sixty seconds how many items off of their respective lists. You can guess so here's your here's your first topic with Shaquille O'Neal, because we found out last week shack didn't really do a lot to prepare for games. So the topic is things that shack did before NBA games. Impairing NBA games. All right. So put sixty seconds on the clock Shaquille Shaquille, O'Neal, ready when you're ready, go go to what am I doing? Leaper. Get a poor poor boy, what I'm gonna do it. Eat it do to Riyan if I get on a room by myself. If I'm gonna whip one canal drive. What, what am I doing? Which eight again, if I'm a car on canal dry. What am I know word does? Okay. Fortnight as what video game if I got a little wine on. I what am I doing? Music listening, if I'm on the thing, and I'm looking at world star. Hip hop on my. Laptop computer. Yes, if I got a pin and a pair, do, right. If I'm all canal with my girl, and we bought to go. You got. You use Dr. Okay. No. I did not stop car. In the car, what am I doing? Nobody said Dr. We'll have to read it goes, it goes into a tie when we'll see. So that's seven. Seven with one under objection. Tamar J dog on that east of them, be crowded out. We get close captioning on this. Call. No, no. We cannot. All right. You're so at a place beautiful. All right. This is going to be we got one more to do here. So this is for Kinkaid now you got seconds. So with we talked about, kyri getting knocked out Joel Embiid. Getting knocked out and John kind of fills the role here to an extent. The topic is popular sidekicks. Okay. All right. Popular side kicks. So we can give you sixty seconds, John Kincaid when you're ready go Batman and Robin. Fred Flintstones, best friend. Oh my gosh. No. How 'bout Han solos best friend, the Wookey? Oh my gosh. Seriously? Acting Kirk his friend with the pointy ears. Oh, okay. Mr. Rourke on fantasy island had the little little guy next to him. Never saw it jeeze. Mike Tyson went to prison because he not this woman around. No, this was Howard Stern's partner. I'm sorry, Howard, Stern's partner. Oh my God. How about superman 's how about superman Clark? Kent's partner the guy that worked in the newspaper with them. Oh my gosh. Got to. Seriously away. Sticks. Oh my gosh. Later on. I'm telling you, dude. I. First of all, J does. Well, those are the words clues. Baca go because you gotta go. And boarding. Watchful insults. That's not being told I go on. All right. Thanks, share. And we. Oh my. Terrible. That was hysterical. No wasn't hysterical heads about to explode. Clues over shack assist. Wait a minute. Wait. What Fred Flintstones wrong? That story. I read this back to myself, and I'm like, man, I think John's clues might be too easy. His said unbelievable. Go black people. Don't know Jimmy Olsen. We don't know that cut it up. Superman. Nobody's those Robert, Mr. Smithers. Oh man. Well he. John can't beat me. Only lost one time now. No, I have not. Does your snacks? Don't go to. Kid. Feed. He will be given grim. Schist john. John. Oh. Jeez. Lay it on thick. Israel. I'm tony. That's sitting we shall we? Seriously? How do the contestants all of a sudden the minute I start talking give clues. We're doing that. Or fact or she. We fact or she. We are at the big podcast with shack on Facebook and Instagram cast on Twitter. Big podcast with shack edge Email dot com. All right. We'll see next week. I love you guys who. To everybody. All right, Bob's. And dick all over. Okay. So that's it. Great ball of the guys on Twitter at shack at John Kincaid and at rob jenner's or get more clips and nonsense on Instagram and Facebook at the big podcast with shack. This has been an exclusive presentation of podcast, one sports with new episodes every week at podcast one dot com. At farmers insurance. We know every windshield collision has unique sound beetle Burt boop. Drone seen it covered. Click for more we are underwritten by farmer's truck insurance exchange center. Affiliates products available in every state eleven dead in a workplace shooting in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute this city worker at the Virginia Beach municipal complex called nine one one gunshots. Gunshots kept hearing the cops get out and when it was over. Police chief Jim severa says eleven people were killed six were injured and police killed the gunman longtime employee of public utilities, will not release his name at this time. Immediately began to discriminatory fire upon all the victims will lighthouse says that President Trump is monitoring the developments. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway says a tariff on Mexico's exports might help tighten the border against illegal immigration presents being consistent about this for four years since he announced his candidacy, and he wants Mexico to do more, but made your business groups are speaking out against another trade war. There are new evacuations along, the Missouri river because a levies been talked. I'm Jacky Quin.

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