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We have former member of the trio stealing angels, which scored two top fifty country radio singles before they went their separate ways, then went to join the amazing race on season twenty two and twenty four to. Yeah. We almost won the second time. I'm like looking at my notes. I'm like, where she missed the winning first place in one million dollars by four seconds. I know. I bet you're like you're like too soon to pseudo. It's okay. No, it's been it's isn't a couple of years. It was just like four seconds away from million dollars in second place is only twenty five thousand so it's quite a drought. See, and you also have a podcast interview the wives of country. Music's biggest stars and influential stars themselves. Your podcast is all about honest. Women having honest talk, which is definitely something I can get behind. Please welcome to the pod. Caroline hobby. Thank you, always wanted to play like a soundbite of like, like. Clapping. I'm like, Nope. There's birds chirping we're at my house, in my podcast studio, and it's not like precious. Isn't it amazing? I'm just obsessed with it. Do you just stay in here all the time most of the time? I do all my emails and here podcasts hang out. It's my ladies loan JR. But the only problem is. It's not sound proof like it needs to be soundproofed because then you can your airplanes in the birds chirping and kind of nice Adzic, a raw real effect to it that you're talking about, when we get an anxiety about the podcast recording. But I just looked good. Oh, god. I just did one the other day and I just couldn't find it on my reporter and like I guess had recorded like a couple of things after it. And they're only nine seconds long. Silence. And I was like, oh, great. It was like a great conversation, course, and I feel like the last thing I want to do is woman to come have this conversation again. And you could never get it back. No, no, no. It's never the same. That's I mean, I was telling you that happened to me. And it was really really deep. Converse. -sation and we had to go back. And it just wasn't the same the second time. No, oh, it's terrible. It's terrible absolute terrible. But tell me about your podcast. Okay. It's called get real Caroline hobby, and it is all about. Just chatting with that ass. Women love it. A lot of country music women artists, but women in general who's like yourself, you should come on it. I would love to come on your podcast. What's date follow up with you, then but women who were just like bad asses, doing their life vulnerable real someone I started with country music wives because so many of these women are married to superstars and you see their Instagram real and everything looks so beautiful and limericks and everyone thinks that you have this perfect life, and they do have an amazing life. But then there's this whole other side to them that I feel like sometimes doesn't get featured right? And a lot of them are my friends, because my husband's in a band called a thousand horses. Yes. So we're in the country music world. And so, I was like, you know what I'm gonna just spotlight some of these incredible women because they are also strong, so strong doing so many great thing. So passionate. And it's just been great. I really loved this really good idea because I like Kaley Dickerson is one of my friends, and she does a shit on a stuff like she is she knew, sir. Yes, she does everything for Russell. And they're like, they're so sweet sour couple there. They are their power couple cheetahs so much. But he you know he's the star and I always love talking to her because of my real star. He's the talent. And he's a star. You know, but she is doing all the heavy lifting, by the scenes as just so wonderful. So I think that's a really cool idea. And I do find that any kind of stars whi partners, even athletes, there, these rocks in those lives. And they probably have so many stories because I today a hockey player and that life was not for me. But all these women who could do that. And, you know, had a family and they went out they, you included strong women and it's nice that you featuring them like that, because you are pregnant right now pregnant with a little girl. My gosh, is this your first yet that is so exciting it. I interviewed your husband on a red carpet ones. Oh, Michael thousand horses tall. Yeah. Where's the hat? Yes. So good looking. Sure. I did. Because I was doing the fiftieth anniversary for the as okay? And I played games with all the people who came down the red carpet. And I've got the game here for us to play after. Ooh. La LA, we're going to give you a chance to redeem him. He. I don't actually remember, I think they did okay? I use the one the answer them, but I just wanted to like him. But yeah, so that's cool that you're doing that with your pockets, you're pregnant. That's what we're oh yeah. With your first little girl. Give names out, obviously, don't tell me. Yes. We have a name on my gosh. And you both agreed on it right away with it. And I just fell in love with it. Really? When are you do end of August, beginning of September? Okay are randomly went to launch the psychic which I have given up psychic. So I used to love to go to psychic you up. I love psychics. I give him up because my pianist started playing itself. Oh, what this one note over and over again. What? Yes. And then my husband, he had been drinking a lot of tequila one night, but he's, he's probably gonna be mad at me for telling you this is he's not drinking now. He saw this like figure of a woman in our stale, stairwell, one time, and he might have been just this akilah. And he's not into psychics and stuff like that. And so I don't know. I just started feeling like our house is haunted. I started feeling like I was tapping into much other. Yup. That realm. And I just really only like to have good positive energy around me, and I don't need any more answers in my life. Yeah. I'm gonna distrust to God and have faith, and I don't want to tap into all that because I think there's some negativity out there. They're to be. And I just don't want to get the wrong energy. Yeah. So I was like cut it off. Yeah. I stopped to completely well cool. I was addicted for a long time, I, I could be if I will allow them to help to go there. I think they just read your energy is what I've realized, I think psychics just like they see that you're into it. So then they're like, oh, she believes me or they have an ability to pick up, maybe on, like some your wavelength, but they're kind of telling you, what you're thinking is what I think. I don't know. I don't know anything anyway. So accidentally went to let a psychic. Yeah. Black. It was an accidental meeting. We went to the songwriter front, and he was writing with another friend and her manager happens to also be able to talk to dead people go. And she said that our baby girls income three weeks early. Really? So that'd be mid August. Yeah. So that's what I'm saying now into August now. Okay. Now if she is right. I might take. I've I'd take a second back into mallet. Yeah. She's an accidental psychic. I feel like it's okay. What do you mean accidental? Like you didn't mean to stumbled upon her by accident. I did not wasn't an accident. Maybe she came to me. I don't know. Maybe we were meant to me, but I didn't seek her out. All right. Let's hold up for a minute to talk about something really important are mental health. 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Go to better help dot com slash vine. Simply fill out a questionnaire to help them assess your needs and get matched with a counselor that you will love one more time. That's better help dot com slash vine. I think I have a spirit in my house, how do you know but a good one not a negative energy to how do you know because one time we were. Were it was me and my ex we were here, and we had just talked to a medium and Sean had said something about. He wasn't quite sure about that kind of thing. And I said, well, you just have to ask them for assign. You just talked to a medium. She gave you a lot of information that you were very surprised at and that she couldn't just Google right? You need to now. Ask for a sign, and we were redoing, the bedroom. And so we're sleeping upstairs on a mattress on the floor and in the middle of the night. It was like two thirty in the morning. The TV just turned on down here and the sound went all the way up. And at first, we didn't know we thought somebody who's in the house, so we called nine one one because we thought there's people in our house. We didn't realize we panicked. It was very quick. Number one thought somebody. Then we're like somebody trying to lure us downstairs, because there's something going on, like, why is the TV up full-blown? Yeah. And the eight cops came and showed up at the house and do this full walk around, and we were like so embarrassed, and they said in no-one's, down here, we're like the TV just turned on out of nowhere, and they're like, that's crazy. But. Sometimes we get calls like when people think they heard something something's happened. And then they believe their spirits in their house. But that's what I believe. There is a spirit because that happens now every so often. Turn on freak you out. No. Why not? I don't know. Because I'm like, well, it's probably just shown grandpa. He was we asked him for a sign. He gave it to us. Okay. I don't know if freaked me out to have like communication. What did you feel things or did you did you see anything? I have a wild imagination. Yeah. So I don't know if I've made things up on my own. Yeah. But, like I did feel like cold feelings. Yeah. That's yes. And I don't know. I had someone come over and say Jit, and I say all the time, but I do I had someone come over and like cleanse it like one of those people who you like as cleanser. Yeah. I don't know what they're called spiritual cleanser. Yes. Come over and like do the house. And then you didn't feel it anymore. No. That's awesome. And then that was when I shut the door on psychics. Right. And I was like, no more for me. That's what did you do growing up to be to be like that? Like to be. So imaginative I grew up in Waco, Texas. And which is now on the map because of chip and Joanna. Yeah. Our? Yes. Oh, yes, it was kind of it. We had, we didn't really have, like, we had David crush the Branch Davidians, which was a Colt before. Okay. Put us on the map, and now we have fixer upper, so it's wonderful that really traditional life, like mom dad's still married older sister went to high school college, and, you know, most people just like normal lives. So did you hear that you're ice machine? Oh. There's a knocking wait, wait a minute. Go on freak you really wants to come in anyways. Yes. But I just always wanted to be like a performer singer or an actor or motto. I didn't know anything about, like hosting and podcasting and that whole world. So it was like the obvious. Like, what are the things that you feel like you can obviously perform in right? So I always was chasing that I just to I always wanted to perform. I was like I wanted to be a dancer ought to be a singer. I want to do anything that's performing. And then when I went on the show, like, oh, podcasting, okay. That's how I was with amazing race like I had done singing and music career because I thought that was like the an avenue to pursue it. And then I went on amazing race and it's like, oh my gosh. There's a whole world where you can use your personality for job. Isn't that lovely? Yes. So do you ever sing with your husband? No. I also you're on the house and stuff. But I kind of like quit singing altogether for like two years. I stopped just because just. Well, I've sort of extreme with everything in my life. So when I stopped music I dislike cold stopped. Yeah. And I just sort of, like, I guess it was like smoking, I just sort like took bike. And now I have just been like singing around again and like liking to sing again. Oh, that's cool. Yeah. But I kind of stopped for a while. I did that with dancing. You call stop. Yeah. Sometimes you just have to give yourself a break. Yeah. I was kind of losing my passion for it as well. And I moved and I just kinda was over it. But now I'm like, why did do that? Well, I think it's good to remember why you love it. Yeah. You know why? Go back now. I did a did a dance for my scrunchy launch, and I saw that in the in the studios like this is my happy place. I loved it key. We need to talk about mazing race. How were you four seconds? Oh my gosh, is like and, you know, John Wayne, don't you? Yeah. She's my partner on amazing. Oh, okay. AM ever. Okay. We're like partners in life for ten years. Okay. Doing music and amazing race. And we, we were like the two blondes that no one was scared of. They thought that we were, they weren't worried about it, right. To fierce bettas women. You're like, but we were just like always. So nice laughing our way through the whole experience. Yeah. And we just got really far we never fought each other we because we kinda made of algae other that we were gonna soon the best in each other, and we were going to do the best that we could. And so we never like self-destructed within each other. We made a lot of probably part of the battle, like I feel like when people go on they probably fight each other. And that's yes ruined things for the oh, people. Just fall apart. Yeah. And so we made a lot of good allies in. We just sweet as I don't know. We had different strengths and we were able to stiffen able it and like get to the in. And so we were at the last we're. In Las Vegas, and we like went up on the top of the Mirage. I'm like. A hotel in one of those window wiper things. Yeah. All, and we had to put all the light bulbs in the letter, I on the top of them. Do they do the same things over and over? Or was that I remembered this episode? And I don't I haven't watched very many. I don't think they probably do the same challenges. So you probably you was Rachel Riley on your she from big brother. Yes. We were name asus. Okay. That's why I remember her. And Brandon read the brinjals. Yes. God. Oh my gosh. That's so funny. I remember that the brinjals hated us and we well, they did they win. No, they got third. Okay. Right. Yeah. They got third you beat him. Yes. Okay. Oh racial was. I mean I thought Rachel is nice. But then we just had a turning point in the middle of the season where we just went in different alliances. And after that, it was over. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway. I mean they're not the most loved couple out there. They weren't on big bro. Are they still together? Yeah. Yeah. They have a baby down. Okay. Does she just went back on amazing race with like she did another girl? Not brendan. Oh, yeah. I didn't know that. Uh-huh. I just saw on the previews interesting. Yeah. So we had done really well on our challenges. We were making great time and we were going to the last challenge, which was to skydive into the Motor Speedway. And we are in our taxi cab, and we were in the lead like kicking butt, and then all of a sudden, our friends, who are we love them, Dave, and Connor father daughter father son pair, they've paid their cab one hundred dollars to speed past us, which we didn't even think about that. We were just going regular but they dislike book didn't speed passes. And they got to the clue box four second floor school. I don't think so. But in spine, that's how they won. Well, and then it was the stop clock thing, which they never have, which because you're skydiving, they had to have a thirty minute explanation procedure of like how to skydive and go through it all, which they never do. Yeah. And so it stopped when you've got to the clocks, so they got to the clue four seconds to force, but I was ready. In my airplane, five minutes before Dave. But because we got to the clue about four seconds late. They took offers that would keep me up at night, s- I definitely had PG SD after. But we love that maybe. Oh, my God is before I got married, and I think I'm going to be married five years this summer. Long jewelers together. Yes. How did you do that? 'cause we went on one season. And then I guess we were fan favorites and they asked us all stars. That's so funny. 'cause I'm like I kind of remember you guys now and that might have been the only season I watched because I'm such a big brother fan and I was like, oh, Brennan, Rachel from big brother. And I remember tune in. But the obviously was like we were the country singers on it. I remember that. Yeah. And it's funny because I know Jen and I don't think I've ever put that together. Either. I knew she was on it. Yeah, I don't know. There's maybe slot. You know that's a big accomplishment, though. It was really fun. And it's probably how you feel about the bachelor like getting to travel the world to like twenty different countries because of it. And when different between the two seasons, I, I went to the states, I'm Canadian so I consider that a different country, I went to Europe and I went to Indonesia was it harder being? Because you were on the bachelor to was it harder being the bachelorette or on the bachelor. It was way harder being the bachelorette, I would billion, because your heart is so tach to all these people. Yeah. And you're just constantly disappointing everybody, and there's so much pressure. And then you're just hurting people's feelings on the bachelor. I was having the time of my life. I'm like is great. Yeah, we're all Dan, the same guy. I'm I'm here for the friendships and the free wine and like travelling, and it was, so I loved it. I miss it. I look back on photos from the bachelor and the good old days. Yeah. Yeah, I just feel that way. Because like when you are the one that's not the one everyone's so heartbroken. They're like, how can you do this to me? Yeah but then when you're the one that has to do the hard decisions. I mean you have to make those have to continue to date, all twenty-five guys, you have to and guys are very sensitive to a girl, same no to them. Like I feel like. But a mass shooting. Yeah. And then they get vulnerable. And then you're like that wasn't enough for me. And they take it really personally, when it's just not a connection. Yeah. And they get angry. Yeah. Girls move there, Fred. Yeah. Girls get sad. But guys get angry interesting. Yeah. And that I got an anxiety, every time I had to, like, send somebody homes of rosary awful. Yeah. Just because I wondered each time, which guy is going to say something rude on his way out and some of them would be like your problem non mine. Thank you. Like, did you always know who you wanted to send home or was it hard? Sometimes sometimes it was hard. I knew for the most part, but there's times I just lose left with so many good ones that I just I didn't want to send any of them home. We're not just be what's that religion where you have, like? Yeah. This is derived sister has brother, husbands. No, no. That's not fair. I think that would be harder than anything. Good. Yeah. I don't think I'd be down for that. But yeah. It was really challenging where the bachelor was just the most fun. You ever did. If you're single, I think I probably would have done it. Yet, I was single. And thank God, I didn't because I was like what? I wasn't nearly as poised and put together as I am now. What did it take age getting married? My husband like him, just loving me and, like making me embracing who you are in letting me feel stable and able to calm down and just be who I think I'm supposed to be because I was on the dating game. I did not know how to date I was kind of defensive you're on the dating game. What goes in the dating? Oh, I thought you're on a show called the data game like there's another show. I missed okay. When you're in the dating game you were a hot mess. Yes, I would drink too much like I always like, drink too much to start the day. So I was nervous sedating and then I didn't know how to I just like thank God, my husband loves me. When ladies meet, you've been married, five years, we've together like ten what we broke up two years of between. You did say every great act has a halftime show. Well, I'm going to break up with my boyfriend. Jay favor. I just kidding. Yeah. No. He he's the same way that reminds me when you were talking about your husband, just the same like stable and can keep you calm. And that's exactly what are you a Gemini, I'm eleo? I, I don't know any signs except for Jim. And I and I always say when people are, like me, are you a given? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. What does Leo? What does that say lion, just like I'm a Leo and a four on the Ingraham? Have you done any? Oh, yeah. I'm three. What's the four threes and achieve right? Yeah. Four is the romantic. So it's like the individualists and I'm just like loss in my emotions and feelings. Oh, it's like it's a great time. I'm like that, too, though will your wing your wing or probably. So you probably have my wing is a three. So I'm like a four wing, so we are similar. We are similar. Okay kinda got that. But they emotional part man, I had to work through that my twenties just therapy. And yet, like working on myself and then being with Michael thank God. You did all those things for your. Thank God like I started therapy, probably three years ago. Isn't it great? It's incredible. I absolutely love going into therapy. And I love coming out of it, and I just feel stronger all the time, and they give me all these tools, and she's always, proud of me the next time I go in, but that's great that you started doing that in your twenties. While I think I just such an emotional mess. But you recognize that, yes. 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So all you have to do is fill up your blender with one of the single serving bags adds, some coconut water, and then blend for an exciting smoothie dole crafted smoothly blends. Find them in your frozen. I'll I was talking about this on one of my other pod. Casts with being emotional, because I've started to notice that it's usually just five days, a month that I'm really emotional. And then, like, how has it taken me thirty three years to figure out that, that's your period and hormones Caitlyn? Like that's why and a lot of girls who will do something like drastic in those times of hormones emotional state, where they can't control it and their emotions become stronger than them. And then they spend the next three weeks trying to make up for that week worse. And it's just like a spiral, an ongoing thing where you just keep getting yourself into these negative thoughts and emotions. And I just don't know how to help other girls with that other than to like journal, your emotions and see when the dates are and write down, how you're feeling. How do you how do you help yourself, the okay, I hate coming back to Michael because I have done a lot of work myself. Yeah. But being married to. Him has been the greatest blessing while we personally because he's so fun to be married to. Yeah. He's seven on ear. So he's like always having a great time. Seven again, they're the enthusiasts. That's Jason to. Okay. Yeah. So just like happy-go-lucky having a glass, half full always gonna find the positives as and not going to let me sink to the bottom of my emotions and live there. Yes. And he he's also super soda and not make you feel silly for going there. Right. Yeah. Yes. Like he'll be like, okay. I get it. Let's like target up. Now we gotta move on. Maybe I'm not gonna live here. Right. Love that live there. Yeah. I would just live there and the feelings. And he won't. So that's really great for me. And also, I think just like being with him not for so long and being so accepted by someone you feel safe. I feel safe, and I feel like I don't have to emotionally, I guess, like act out or something like I don't I'm not looking for any sort of allegation anymore. I think that's. It's a big problem that I've had impasse relationships and just in my past like you go to like your child like self. Yes. And it's almost an out of body experience where you're acting like, you know, you're doing something wrong. I don't want to call them oceans wrong, but. That's just overreacting and way, more emotion than it. He's having near you know that you can't stop. And you, you know, you're even pass the triumph point. Yeah. And you can't come out of it. Yes. And I think that does come from a place of feeling insecure one, maybe not even with yourself. But with somebody or, or with yourself or not feeling safe. Yes. And you just I don't know if it's because of my childhood to were if I screamed and cried, and I gotta tension from my parents, then it would make it all better. And maybe I tried that in relationships. I don't know. Yeah. But that's I find myself. I've done the same thing. And I don't feel that way in this one. Yeah. Isn't that wonderful? Yeah. And I'm like 'cause I felt silly, I would same thing. I'd feel silly, after I had these emotional breakdowns. And I'd be like who am I? And how old am I am when is this going to stop? And where's it coming from? And some of it was hormones, but some of it was just not feeling real hormones are so real are. So real in sometimes we can't do anything about that. Not women. Just have to sit back and accept surrender to hormone. Yes. I think like you said understanding them as helpful because now I am aware of when I'm lost in hormones, and I don't blame anything else for before. I didn't know I didn't know when my cycle was that what was happening. So I just thought, that's how feeling. But now I'm like, no. This is hormones just move through it, and it does help to just acknowledge it and understand. And that's why do use a period app. I use P tracker okay and was clue, okay. I'm looking for new one. Oh, you hear the dating period is. A new one. I'm going to swipe right on that one. But yeah, I always I make notes, and I it has moods on it, and you can go one two three how bad your moods are, how bad your if you get dizzy, if you get hungry, if he craves salts sweets, whatever, and I keep track, and now that I have for a few months, I look back and go, oh, I can't blame this on anyone else. Oh, this is just me. Yeah. And I really warned Jason about it, too. And so then the worst thing you want to hear is. Oh, is it that time, because I'm being a little bit, you know, because you're like, no, this is how I feel like it's not that time. Daria. And then few days later, you're like you look at your outta Yang. It it was right. That's one of the hardest things to do in relationships to just admit that, that they were right. Okay, fine. Yeah. Okay. So how did you and your husband means we met at the tannery of, which is a bar Nashville Upton Rupe? Okay. Yes. And he's younger than me. You just turned twenty one was twenty four. Yeah. And so we met at a bar and. There's this guy hitting on me that I thought was like creepy. And I sort of knew Michael. Yeah. Because we were both in music had worked with the same producer over minute. And so, I was like asked him to come like hang out with me to not make me have to hang out this other guy. And I was quite the makeup bandit back then. I'll get it like if I wanted to our I wanted to make out those my nickname on the bachelorette makeup. Big opened it because you because you love to make out loved it. This is the best, and if you're going to try and find your husband went on make oh, you gotta make out, Hello, socially with all those cuties. Yeah. That's a once in a lifetime over -tunities firm league. I want to do. Is it weird to watch yourself making out? Especially knowing my parents are watching too. I was like I could do it. I know. And I'm sure some of them got like steamy. Oh, you know what? Well my season was very Stevie. But the kissing I pretty tame. Okay. Yeah. Is there any like laying down fondling? No. Okay. I mean there's this one time but. But for the most part, I remember being very aware of cameras when I was kissing didn't want to be that gross maker outer, yes. Yeah, good for you. Yeah. Anyways, tin roof. Yeah. So we met, and then I was I was leaving. And I was like, well, are you not going to walk me out to my car, and then I just took him home with me? We didn't I I was I was like a virgin. And really, oh, crude we'll make open version of that point. But I was still really prude. Yeah. And so he just came over, and we made out, and then we started dating in every broke up for four years. And then we broke up for two years. Okay. How hard was that time really hard and I moved to Austin for a year. Why did you guys decide to break up just timing time ice, timing? We're both really young, both really intensely chasing or careers. We started dating so young. So I think sold a lot of self discovery to do, so it just like it even. Oh, we loved each other so much. It just hit this head and just, like, I think it just had to happen. Those are some of my favorite stories when relationships go apart for a couple years. And then they come back together because I think that's so romantic. You couldn't fight it. You just needed to be together and truly like there was never anyone else. We both dated a lot, and I continued my makeup in at streak throated. He when we were single. And then we got back together randomly two years later. Yeah. And eloped four months later. Oh, really? We'll beach where the Bahamas. That's like my dream. That's I would wanna love each do it. Yeah. It's the best planning a wedding is too stressful. That's I'm not a planner either. And I know I could get a planner but I'm like to eat till they call you anyways to ask you, what you want, and I'm like, I don't know. I just want someone to pick it out for me own and be like I like these colors. This is. I don't care. I don't care. I don't even care about my dress. Yeah, I got married. Cover up. Oh man. Say I soon as a cover up. Yes. Brian just great got barefoot on the beach, Michael at Spearfish all morning. Swam up changed in the bushes. And we walked down the sand. See I into that. And I think that says a lot about your love. That's just doesn't matter. Let's just get married. Yes, that's so sweet. It was the best. Oh, bahamas. So when you're a little bit, that means there's like no one else, there, it was just we were actually on my family vacation to the HAMAs with my family ever since I was four, oh my gosh. That's awesome. Yeah. So we have this little island that we go to and Michael would come with us a few years. And then we're off on the beach one day my mom. But we've gotten back together, we've been four months, and my mom's like what y'all just get married here, and I was like, oh my gosh, I could not believe my mom suggested that because I thought she would want me to have like a big web go, because my sister had quite a large wedding, and I was like okay, and so we just pulled it all together, and like one day, and Michael's dad and brother, flew out, so. Like family was there. My family was there and thought this sweet. It was so great. Yeah. I'm into that. We'll be right back with more off divine rate therapy. Alexa, isn't the only one with breaking news, make sure to hang around at the end of this podcast for the latest breaking headlines on the AP news minute. Hey, if you like my show than you're gonna love. AJ Benza famous bitch on podcast. One joined the gossip columnists as he gives his unfiltered opinion. Biggest scandals with his insider perspective on the lives of who's who in Hollywood and tough guy demeanor. Download new episodes of famous bitch every week on apple podcasts and podcast. One. This is off. The vine grape therapies like we were talking about before you obviously talked to a lot of women on your podcast married country singers, and you can relate. What is the hardest part for you about married to someone in the country music industry? I think because I was in the industry for so long and stealing angels and we toward around in tour bus for like three years, and I get so much of what it takes to make it in this industry. And I understand like the ebb and flow. And I've also been like a song Plugger publisher of an a which pros other artists now hosting and TV, so I just really feel like I have an understanding of what it takes to make it. And I'm Mike all about that life because I love the pursuit of dreams. Yeah. Like I just think that, that is for me that's the only life to live. Yeah. Personally and so I just and I think Michael's the most talented guy in the world. And I'm obsessive as music and band. And so he so an a lot of these wives, I've talked I've talked to have husbands the same way that are so supportive of their marriages and inclusive of their wives and want the family vibe on the road. And yeah. And michael. Well, and all the guys in his band, like all the other wives or three otherwise, we're all best friends, we all hang out all the time this, he's like a reality show about that. Yeah. We all like we like Michael in one of his bandmates grew up in the same home town. And then that bandmate I introduced him to one of my best friends from my hometown. And they got married. Oh, really? And then another bandmate in Bill and grammar cousins. And so now like Amanda Andrea or cousins by marriage, and then rain and Zach are they are the best. It's so we all get along. So on hang out with family such a family. I find that in the country music world. I find that the everybody's very family oriented. And everybody's just got a close bond, and they all want those guys they're not rock stars who go party. No, I mean you guys can party but like family, and I don't know. It's just such a sweet world. It seems like to be a part of it really is. So I feel like me understanding it just from being in it for so long in different avenues. And then. Appreciating the hard work it takes and also feeling so valued included from Michael and the band. I don't really have a lot of struggles it to be honest Macy. And I don't mind being by myself like when he's gone. I'm fine with that. Early. I'm binge-watching that flex. Yeah. I'm totally into my alone time. I love alone time. And then you get to miss them, and then it's nice when they come back and you have your own things. It's great. I'm not worried about having a baby there. I don't know why I just know all work it out. Yeah. You're, of course, it'll just work out. All right, everyone. You're on your way to work. Listen to your favorite podcasts mine. Obviously, what's next you have. That's, that's my question for you. Are you craving something sweet? Maybe something spicy, maybe even spicy and salty, if you're getting crazy, go get some blue diamond almonds and find your new favorite almond. They have great flavors like Honey roasted, Saracho, Emma, Sabi, and soy sauce. Flavored almonds blue diamond almonds, isn't you're usually boring snack. And it's better than whatever you're snacking on now. They're so good. And almonds are SuperFood. So don't deny your cravings eat them. Blue diamond almond crave. Victoriously. Let's get real. Gotta confess to me. Something, did you come up with any came up with a confession? Okay. I actually feel bad about this. Okay. And now that I'm going to confess it. I'm going to change my ways. Okay. You heard this is something to everyone listening. I don't want your judgement and I'm going to change my ways after coming out with it. I don't pick up my dog poop when I'm walking here. Oh, I know. I know I'm gonna I told you I've privacy's. I'm going to change by ways. You have to change your way. I it's changing spoken it out loud. I can't dislike act like I forgot about why don't you pick it up. You just think his gross. I am usually such a great Samaritan in the world. And I like want to do good. I don't wanna be unneighborly. Yeah, it just I, I don't know. I just never have and I just one of those things, but now it's like I just don't do it. Do you look around and be like, oh, I don't have any things kind of or do you just own it, it just depends on someone's looking have you ever been yelled at for this? Yes. Someone brought me back from their house. One time. Oh my gosh. Does your husband picking up? I mean, he's not I I'm not gonna put responsibility on him because I'm the one who, like, would bring the bags and have the stuff and I walk her the most so. Yeah, it should be on me to bring the bags but he will. Yeah, he had a bag he'd pick it up. I know I know I know I'm changing my ways everyone. Please don't flood me with terrible terrible comments. Because I feel bad about it, and you are going to change, and I'm going to just didn't like weekly check ins with you because if I ever see my neighbors, letting their dog poop on my lawn. I have a let him have it Nelia. What do you say, I'll do the same will bring him bags and I'll be like, and then I'll wait for them, sometimes if they are like gone, I'll just wait for them the next time on my little portrait. I'm looking angry old lady. I'll just sit on my portrait. Wait for those assholes to come back and be like x. Lot. Seventy didn't pick up your poop. Yet, do you call them out? Yeah. Oh, yeah. The time good for you. Yeah. No, but I know I'm sorry, everybody. I'm sorry. The bad confession. It's which makes it a really great confession yet. Okay. So you have to confess. I know. But nothing's as bad as that. No. I do this every week. So it's always hard for me to come up with with confessions, if you ever had anything, as bad as what I just said. Populace isn't it? I did do the feels employment. No, no, no, you disappointed. I'm a little disappointed because I know you're better than that. I know I know that's why it's a really it's a low Mark. It's a little hard on my life. But then it makes me happy again. Because you just gave me a really solid confession. And it's one that's like like I believe you're going to change. Well, and now that I've spoken it out loud. And, and I'm sure so many people are in me Madam doing loser lapse in east. You to pick up your dog. Poop, I'm going to strap them, a fanny pack every day with mobile bags in it. And I'll make sure I pick it. I did do that. Once in Germany, I was watching one of my friends Bernese mountain dogs, and he took the largest poop I've ever seen in my whole career. And I was so disgusted that I couldn't do it. You left it. Yeah. And that's a bail amount of poop, huge. Yes. Your drug little, she's meet him. She's a thirty five pounds. She is a lab coordin- mix. Oh, what cute. She's so cute. What's her name sugar sugar? She's the sweetest sugar. That's amazing. I love that. I know. But with my last dog Tucker, I would just love to pick up his poop because I felt like I was taking care of him. I was like he's my baby up your poop. You're a better person than me. I really like I don't really that's one of the worst things I do in my life. Yeah. That's not that bad. If that's one of the worst things you do your life. You're doing a okay? I feel really bad. About it a lot. I know people are going to be hey giving me the hater eight for that one. No. My listeners are the nicest people in the whole world. People have said some real nasty confessions and what's the worst confessions? You've gotten like one person their school on fire. What? Yeah. Where people in it actually pretty sure, you know, these people Brad ripple who prayed ripple. Brad and Curtis ripple. The. I'm going to make you all those high valley. Yeah. Valley there. Larry, I, I paid my pants latte, interviewing them, they are from Alberta, which is where I'm from in Canada, just like the waste hauler town. They are so funny funny. They remind me of like guys, I grew up with the boys back home. They're so so funny. I couldn't get over how funny they were I laughed so hard. Yeah. They are they, they always like movie quote, and their little banter togethers German. Yeah. Yeah. They're very quick, and wary. Yeah. Yes. I really enjoyed inter their school on fire. Yeah. He liked put a pizza pocket in the microwave on like an hour. Blew up the cafeteria. Wow dang other people. A lot of poop in their pants. Yeah, we're gonna play this game because it's what I did on the red carpet and your husband was there. He might not own a few. Doing this. I don't know why the timer makes that noise. So it's called the five second rule. Okay. So I'm going to say something to you, and you have to name three things in that category in five seconds. Oh, gosh. Like, for example, you can this is his practice round named three bachelorette party activities. Okay. Drinking pedal tavern and going to honky Tonks get great perfect. Okay. Kate ready. Okay. Name three reasons to have a drink. Broken up volume love surgery. Surgery up. No. Surgery. I don't know. A bad surgery, you might wanna glass of wine. Painkillers. Let's go party. Name. Three uses for toothpaste, Zik cream teeth brushing. Those good those it cream. Yeah. And what else use toothpaste for? Like an going to say, like scrubbing something, but use the toothbrush for that brush, that's a hard one. I don't think there's three purposes. I don't think there is either. Yeah. Google that one later. Yeah. Okay, I'm going to I'm going to do on ready. Okay. Three things. I haven't read the has before three things that could get stuck up your nose, your finger a nose ring and Kleenex we go killing it. Thank you. Okay. Ready is this, you know, this is you? Okay. Oh, named three celebrities that only go by one name share beyond say Brittany. She has two names. Britney Brittany speeches. Would've accepted Madonna. Okay. Okay. I'll give you that one K named three people as you. Oh, I guess, so this'll be named three people you'd like to see shirtless. Chris Harrison, because I wonder what's going on under their Jason and. Oh. Who is the third? I dunno. Shirtless shirtless Leonardo DiCaprio. Yeah. Sure. Although he liked changes bodies. He's got I wanna see movie body and then like off movie by what I wanna see because I want to know what Baud that's which bought we work in you ever want to know what Chris Harrison's body looks like under there. I've never thought about it. Oh, yeah. Me either. Total joking. I definitely know what Colin's looks like because he isn't a shower every five seconds, five six. He just that dirty, I guess, so do they always make people shower that much? I remember when I was on crystal season, he, he had a lot of shower scenes, they just want. And I think it's the ones who like to show their body, get a lot of showers, did you have to do like absolutely not? I was like, please on ever put me in a bathing suit. I I'm not I don't feel like I'm like the sexy bachelorette. Look. I'm like can I work converse? And like a backwards hat, like I feel uncomfortable when I'm being sexy. But you're so cute and fun. Well, thank is beautiful and sexy, but you're not playing that card. I, I guess that's, that's like, yeah, I'll play the cute fun sassy witty comfy. Yeah. Then then I'll go sexy if I'm really feeling it. Yeah. K one more ready? Okay. And find a good one. Named three things you pop zits God doesn't say you're no, I'm not going to say it. I'll say it very, your charity. Well, that's the thing in tarts darts. Ooh. That's a good one things. Love pop tarts. Okay. This one's for me, okay? Named three reasons. You wish you were dog. Oh playing Putin and neurons and food those stupid kid. Why would I wanna poop in yard because you want someone to clean up your poop for you? Oh because. Yeah. That'd be nice. Yeah. And you know what my owner would your owner would because you have a good owner even owner who does the right thing. Yeah. Ideal kate. We do have a couple of question came listeners. Right. Love it. The two questions are from team Jaylen, Jaylen Caitlyn and Jason you'll have a name guess, so Jaylen Jalen, seventy no Michael, right? Carolina'll. No. Michaeline michaeline. Yeah. Is is hobby his last name. I like michaeline michaeline. Yeah. It's going to land, okay? It's going to stick for you guys have michaeline. What is your number one thing on your bucket list right now? Right now. I mean. I would say probably is so cliche, and like. It's not really that it's not nothing nuts. But delivering a really healthy happy, baby. Yeah. No, what do you mean? That's amazing. That'd be my number one thing to have a really smooth rest of the pregnant young and delivering a really healthy happy to that is a great bucket list item. I like that. Okay. Somebody's getting into a Twitter fight. Tweets right now. It's people go after it. Oh, yeah. Nice super deep. But what do you to do both body and mind preservation? Was I mean, preservation like to preserve our body and mind? A lot of hot yoga before. I got pregnant, I got so much anxiety now with working out being pregnant that I didn't just walk now by hot yoga is my favorite. We're do. We're in Nashville is a good place to go for hot yoga. I like well, if I say, it will everyone start going flooded. Maybe tell the afternoon after because it's already too busy, where I go. I do that all the time. Or I'm like, I don't want people to know because then it'll get too busy. And I like order out right now. It's like already there's kind of weightless. We list, all, you don't sign up in time like you can get on the wait list and you might not get in. What's, yeah. Okay. You can tell me, but I love hot yoga. Yeah. Thanks. Bye. Meditate. I try. Yeah. I try to, but I'm not a regular do you. I love meditating. Are you on every day or twice a day? What what did use an app calm, the calm app? It's because there's once four everything there's ones like emergency anxiety. There's ones for loving kindness. There's ones for relationship with yourself. Relationship with other people closure like there's so many different ones. Does it guided yes, I need guided I if it silent, I'm like, let's food dinner. Fall asleep. I just I need need the guidance. Yeah. That's I would say meditations a big one for me. But I do love hot yoga just haven't found a good one here. But I, I feel like that's for my mind. For my body, I go boxing. I saw you boxing on your Instagram. Well, it's not good. I mean you're getting after it. I'm getting better. I'm really good on a bag. Like, if I'm punching the bag, but when I'm one on one with a trainer and he, I'm trying to think of all the combos my arms like me. But I can't like punch hard but I still doing it. Hey, how did you end up in Nashville? Will it got engaged on though? Okay. So he lived here. Yeah. Okay. He's still does. And so, yeah. Got engaged on the bachelorette, he lived here. I lived in Vancouver, but I always wanted to come to Nashville because I love singing, I love country music. I thought it was a cool like a big city feel, but small city vibes. And my sister had been here, and she was like you're gonna love it the love it. Love it the best. Otherwise, I'd be gone. Not. Really? Yeah. Yeah. So when, when we broke up, I was like, I'm going to buy the house and I'm staying. Yeah. And I don't have a lot of friends, so you don't know, I've never hear oh my gosh. I'll be your friend. Okay. We'll have a lot of really great friends. You're really fantastic. Women on some of our thanks. Please do. Yeah. I have like Kaley Dickerson's one of I love her. And then I have my other friend, Elizabeth I've my other friend tan. Yeah. There's really great girls here. Okay. Like great, great girls. You. Please introduce you set me up on some girl dates for all day. Live. Live that on gosh before, like, okay, we've got another game. Or are you ready, ready? And then and then I can go I'm having a great time. I'm like we've. Oh, wow. It's been fifty minutes Phillies twenties. It's so great. I love it. And this is just called your favorite. What is your favorite piece of advice? You've ever gotten trust your gut. It's crazy. How much you should trust. Your gut intuition. It's crazy. How powerful it is. Yeah, I think that more than anything is the best advice I've ever gotten and for a long time like early in my twenty s I didn't trust my gut all the time. Or sometimes they were fifty fifty. Yeah. But now I really trust my gut if you really listen to your body and what you're feeling it will tell you. And if it feels in any way wrong, don't do it. Exactly. Yeah. And also listened to notice resistance like I have not. That when I am trying to push through something, and I'm getting a lot of resistance. And I feel it like that heavy feeling. It's wrong. It's the universe God that higher force saying, this is not your road in, in my younger days, I would push through it. And now like if I hit resistance hard, I'm like, okay, got it off message received a love that. And that, that just makes for a happy life. Yeah. A stress free happy life and sometimes hard decisions. But it's worth it, of course. Yeah. Favorite song to listen to when you're feeling down anything. Bob marley. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I love reggae. Reagan makes me feel so good. It just makes me feel like I'm on vacation. Yes. And I love listening to reggae on vacation, I've rate, all the time on vacation, especially like islands or my hobby place. Oh. Oh, yeah. Bob marley. I'm going to Mexico tomorrow. Oh, excited. Oh my gosh. Favorite thing to eat while pregnant pasta. Yeah. If I'm going to, like, pasta pizza. I'd have really liked juices of getting a lot of Jesus. I should've got you a juice. We have what we thinking. You know what my people told me to get you a juice? And I was like she wants juice. I'll sparkling flavored water. I thought they're just saying guess she's pregnant, so maybe get a juice, I should have got you do so upset about it. I'm really embarrassed. You're forgiven for not picking up your. Our even okay? Okay. We'll call it even favorite way to unwind after a long day. It would have been back before I got pregnant doing hot yoga and taking bath. But now it's kind of a friend of both of them because I'm a paranoid freak me pregnant, I just like more than most people like a lot of women do hot yoga and a lot of bass. But I just scares you, but a bass beam pregnant, it's just like the temperature Vegas too hot like it. They say can like, oh, do something. Yeah. With the baby. Okay. I would be paranoid about that, too. I think I'm going to be a paranoid pregnant lady, I am, and it's so annoying. Okay. You're just being safe and loving your little human. No. But I've got to learn how to render it over your second one you'll be much. I know that's what I know I have to have to because if I have one I'll try to bubble rapper. Yeah. You know, I mean literally I hear you. I feel like I was that way about a dog. He's gonna be the same way favorite adult beverage when you're not pregnant, I don't like just love. Drink drink. I like to drink like fancy cocktails. I I wanna craft crock tail. Yeah. I'll do of wind. Yeah. Or like an IV draft beer. That's sort of light light, Hoppy. Oh, and like the flavor like peach. Oh, I haven't craving like a peach IV draft beer. Have you ever had sour beer? I think so. I don't love a heavy sour. Maybe baby like. Love sour beer. Your favorite quote or motto. Okay. I love be yourself. Everyone else has taken. I also love and God didn't bring me this far to leave me and. Quotes all over my house by. I think it's Helen Keller live. Is either a great adventure or nothing at all? And I love that. Oh, yeah. And I love the four agreements. We have that written on our hor, which is always do your best. Don't take anything. I don't take anything personal. Don't make sumptious. Most of do the right thing. It's like be OB. Intention like be something with your word. Oh, but yes, it's always like. Yeah. Like dang. That's gonna bug me. I know everyone at home that knows the book. It's on. Right. We have it written on a chalkboard. And I look at it every day and it's like I'll be impeccable with your word the impeccable with your word. I really liked that one. I try and think about that. A lot one of my girlfriends really helped me through that in my twenties. I was not impeccable with my word, I would just say, what people wanted me to say, and I would tell her I was going to be somewhere and I wouldn't and edge and choose, like this is something very important in life, like it should be a life skill and like something you practice every day is to be impeccable with your word. So I read that book, I was like shadow to just Kanoute. Newt's news. What up near? That's funny. Favorite date, nightspot or activity. We love to go out to dinner. Yeah, we love to go to dinner. I do too. I was loved eater, so many. Good places here. So many good places, and new ones coming up all the time, we go walking Dallas every day, which I love love when I don't think it my dogs people, which I do what you do now. So clearly there's a lot of poop on people's grass yards. All right. No more. I'm cleaning it up. I love that. You're very like sorry about it. So I feel about it. I feel like people are going to forgive you, do you think. Yeah. Are they going to come out me a little bit maybe to? Well, I want everyone. I'm changing my ways and I had you Elliott mid it until I said it, I would have been in denial. Yeah. Okay. I was like this is a safe place. So we want you to feel safe to tell us those things. And so we will be on your side, and we will do chicken, but you also will make Hannibal and I, I should be held accountable because it's something. Count. Ability is very important. Yeah. Yeah. Last one favorite way to boost your confidence. I get a lot of inspiration from my friends. So I feel like in like my husband, but, like I feel like I love hanging out with some great girlfriends, just having some good talks. Maybe going on a walk and just sort of, like reconnecting that we're all just like in this thing doing, and we're all doing a great job and we're all supportive of each other women do that. Don't you find that so nice when a group of your close women come together, and you'll just support each other great conversation and relate? And just realize the force you are as a woman. Yes. Yeah. Yes. I hear that. And then I, I really do love hot yoga. That makes you feel so good to reset. I agree. There's something about it, where it's so good for the mind and sweating at the same time that you just come out feeling like a new woman. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I hear that totally. I get so sweaty. What makes you what do you like to do is your confident, I would say, the same I like surrounding myself with my really core group of people that make me feel good about myself, as you know, in the world of entertainment, or any world. You're really in. There's always people that will bring you down. Always not just this world, whether you're in a Bank, or no matter what. Yeah. And so when you just realize the kind of good, people, you have in your life, and they just kind of ground you and then you go back to be like, oh, yeah. This is what matters like somebody asked me the other day. What makes me feel beautiful? And I honestly said, just being around, like Jason or just being around my family, because that's what I feel the happiest when I'm the happiest I feel beautiful. Yeah. It's not like when I'm in a little dress and heels, nah, not me now. It's like one of comfy and around people who love me. Yes. Yeah. He see for you. Yeah. Because beautiful now what else is there? Anything else you wanted to talk about that I missed. Tell us where we can find your podcast anywhere. Okay. On itunes on, I heart on. Anywhere that podcast are Google it googling and your Instagram is care. Oh hobby. C. A. R. O. H. O. B. B Y. And that's your Twitter too, right? Yeah. I'm so bad. At Twitter, are you? I am I only use Twitter when I have something like, really funny to say or when I'm watching the bachelor or the bachelorette and have my little commentary. I'm so hardcore into the bachelor now, I'm bachelor in paradise. I love it all is they're going to be in her bathroom paradigm. Oh, yeah. Of course of love, all that's almost sometimes better because it will come on the podcast game. We'll do recaps. Oh, yes. Because I now I wanna hear I mean to gosh on paradise it's so good. It's probably the best of all of them. I think I think so too, because there's so much happening so much. There's so many just Moody's for releasing there really is. And you spend so much time with each other in paradise does, you know, okay? They were going to ask me, I think this year but. I'm too old for that. Why did Jason go on it? I think it was almost going to be the bachelor, right? Oh, yeah. I wanted him to be the bachelor so bad never one. Yeah. Me too. I was like that guy needs to be the bachelor. He'd be the best bachelor. Yes. He didn't go on because it was really, really soon after. And I think he was like I gotta go back to my like real job. And I don't know if this world's for me, and then, and to be honest, I think he knew he had a little bit of a shot at being the bachelor. So then he couldn't go on. But I think that's maybe his mindset and then yeah, I don't know. I just paradise is like I love watching the Demis and the younger girls and everything. That's, that's what paradise is. I just feel like I turned it around was coach crystal turned it around around. I thought like, oh my gosh, there's no hope. And then she is like awesome. Now, I know. That's, that's what I love about paradise choose it. There's the redemptions. Yeah. And Mr. Dempsey and her dude. What's his name, Chris, which he also? Was like oh, and now but he was a home paradise to and then got like somehow awesome. At the end. I wanted to be awesome. But he just needed opportunity to be awesome. And he was trying to be awesome in like the way like he's trying to be awesome TV. But really, he's just an awesome guy. And he needed to just accept that. Yeah. Yeah. The. Yeah, they've really like really blossomed. They are really sweet together. I really think they're great. And I think casting, Colton are great. I was wondering how that was gonna turn out. The are the sweetest like she like fell in love with him because I didn't know that was going to happen. Yeah, I think what I think haven't was used a scared she's young. She doesn't know what world she's in choose kind of, like my dad. Yeah, it was just all these like big question marks, and you're on a show where you're supposed to get engaged. But I hung out with them. Now a few times. They're just the best. They see, like diet store, then they are and happy. They are. Yeah, they're happy and adorable. And so their hearts are so pure. They really are. I love that. Oh, they're so cute. And they not really make it. Yeah. I believe in them. I know you're just love a good love story that comes out of TV. Sure, do I know? I really do. I'm so happy, you came over and did this with me. Thanks for having me on. Cute pregnant, thanks. The cutest bumping, you are building come back anytime we'll do bachelor bachelorette bachelor in paradise Rico. I'm so in for that. And maybe I'll bring a psychic, if you get back into it, and we on have a moment, if you've read, okay, I would use I show you, but you have to get a legit one. Do you have a legit when here? Yes, there's this guy. Frank costs Yano I think is his name. Gosh, Frank is legit, but haven't gone to Franken a longtime. He was always a really good one. Okay. But does he like watch the bachelor? I don't want them to know right anything I don't know. I don't know what he does outside of you should tell him that you have a podcast for him to go on and don't tell my name and. Tell them the podcast or anything in the bring him here, and we'll just see what happens. Oh my gosh. Okay. Can we do that? Yeah. I'm so excited. Okay. Okay. Well, I'm gonna go pack for Mexico. Have so much fun. Are you going in this? Yeah. When this comes out, we'll be in Mexico. So everybody have a mercury to with us. You listen to the pod that I'm just in my happy place. Have so much fun. I'm so excited. Thank you so much. And everybody listened to her podcast. Go. Thanks for listening to off the vine rape therapy. Tune in to hear new Minnie's odes every Thursday, and checkout new full length episodes, every Tuesday exclusively on podcast, one dot com, the podcast, one app and subscribe on apple podcasts. No TV this week. Scrape therapy is sponsored by dole crafted smoothly blends find them now in your frozen. I'll blue diamond almonds crave victoriously customink, go to customink dot com slash vine for ten percent off your next order and better help. Go to better help dot com slash fine and use code vine for ten percent off your first month.

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