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442. Jamie Denbo, Brett Morris, Matt Apodaca


Four. It's time for episode four forty two of who charted the show where comedians discussed the top five songs and movies of the week. It's the final week of may. I've your h Michael Cray Howard craving for some. Shirt shirt. Hey, I am here with the star Brett Morris and Hugo, Hugo. I'm in Dhaka, and let's introduce our guest. Oh, hi. I. Intro. She's an actress writer and comedian her podcast. Beverly in LA is available now on Sicher premium and her TV show American Princess is out now on lifetime. It's J. D V Jamie den though. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Jamie before you get started. I want to remind you say nothing not suitable for work or podcasting. We do have a youngster in studio with us today. We do that youngster has been exposed to way too much already. See. So I feel strongly that anyone can pretty much say anything and it's sad that she will be like, yeah, I've heard it seen it done it. So she's an LA. She's a show biscuits. L A kid for sure. I don't know about show biz kid, but she spends a lot of time around a lot of adults who really can't let go of being adolescence. Well, this is perfect. And have you been to a lot of podcast as she take a lot of these Nola. Have you been to a lot of podcasts sometimes? Yeah, sometimes she's been to a lot of. She's tagged along. You know, when not, not when she should be in school. It's not like boy, you've got to hear the. It'll be much more valuable than science. Do you play this podcast? You're on. Do you play them for your friends at school and stuff? You keep it on the down low. Yeah. Not, not the podcast and doesn't have a very cool vibe around the sixth, graders of Los Angeles because I think it probably does what at six is what podcast today. Listen to what podcast, do you listen to? L in science. We listened to plant podcasts, lamp plant podcasts. Do you know that they capture carbon dioxide see that? She's really got the full photosynthetic cycle under control. I think it's great. However, kids can get the information, right? Listen, if it comes into your ears, your eyeballs ears and is at the same time great. And what do you where do you get your music from? What do you what do you listen to music in the car? What on like serious or something? On IT tune sago. We do a lot. I IT. Questions too. She's probably more interesting because she's more impressionable. You just put your stamp on her taste now. I, I like you know, pinning together the different generations. What they're doing with the technology and everything. So this is a this is great for me know she'll she'll weigh in on that. All right. Well, I'm about to wrap the music theme to the show. I was wondering, could you to be my hype man, and kind of throw in your two cents where where you see appropriate? I can't wait. And I'm going to count down the history of music in how long it's going to be quick, quick. I'm no healer MAC. I'm not Taylor. Mac? Why who's that guy who takes think? Eight to ten hours to do this to music really. Lynn men, manual manual. Mary. Was long. You probably enjoyed Hamilton. Right. What was it like that? Well, because everyone did I never saw? But I liked it yet size it. No, no. I know. Like to criticize it. I did enjoy it. I do enjoy it. I still enjoy a little long. The, the running time of the show where it's still in the in the culture as a minute to takes away. That's a long requires a long period of what we would call attention span. Good attention span. So maybe that's more about you than Hamilton. I was raised just like the youngster here with all this media all over the place. Yeah. Well, she saw sitting pretty patiently. I'm sort of now. It's competition between the two of you. She's trying. I'm not doing that. Now, she is drying, she's doodle all day. All right. We'll be crumbled up by the end of the fair enough. All right. Well, I got I got a lot of plates to spin here we go. All right. This is the music chart. We play L. Then we went to see. NCD's guy said. Download and we stream and that speaks our brains. Chart? Scream here. Go. Oh, wow. That was great. Yes. Okay. Very good with this. That was a lot of fun to do at that time people usually we've in their own. Oh, I felt like there was no other option felt like you're handing the baton to me is this, how American Princess gets written? One hundred percent. There's no there, so interplay, this just you lay down the law and there. Yeah, I really I really I, I like to treat it like a concentration camp really, really traumatized. The writers know that our show was made in more of a concentration. Six million Jews. We do this every couple hours. How else they gonna learn through comedy? Yeah. We should be noise cancelling. She we'd maybe unplug her from the show. Absolutely. This is this is part of her education. She's getting this considerate a home school day, I would actually enjoy being talked about like this. When I was a youngster. Oh, would you. I don't know. Are you enjoying this part? Sure. She's very agreeable. I didn't I have two kids. This is the agreeable. You're welcome today, privileges, do you get from being the agreeable one you work in that for gifts and stuff? You're going to be getting a phone at some point, you know, that, that's all that your brother wants is like he's salivating for a phone. They're obsessive. True. Yeah. Defending this interesting. Now, now, they're against me. Triangles gonna out all that talk of being agreeable. We gotta disagreement talk about now she's being incredibly difficult. I am so sorry. Turn on a second. You never. Well, I'm glad she's here. I'm glad you're here. Thank you to what is our chart this week, Matt are chart this week is billboards breaking entering heat seekers albums chart. So this is the, the top selling albums by developing acts to heaven appeared on the top one hundred yet. Okay. So we're going to get some curve balls here these going to be wacky stuff. You've never heard, but it could be interesting. All right. Let's see. What's coming up? I write coming in at number five number five. It's Jimmy von with be my lovey dovey off of baby. Please come home. To see very brother. Yes. On from the fabulous Thunderbirds. How's this breaking? Is this a current occurrence twenty nineteen? I always bad mouth discharge whenever. This is I mean, this is this is we may as well. Be our remark MC fly all gonna walk outside into the studio. There's gonna be a soda jerk. So I think I've done this once before, and I, I didn't remember, if you liked it or not. I don't know who curates these things often wonder if it's a human, but they always, yeah, they have these, it's used to me, these albums at they don't know where else to put says it's ranked by sales data as compiled by new Nielsen music, so there's their sales sales data behind it, but sales of not hard LP's, obviously our vinyls re re buying vinyl. But, like, yeah, I think maybe at least at least a CD download yeah. Okay. Sorry. Someone under said that, you never know what qualifies someone for this chart. This guy is breaking new ground. No. He's not a new act. He's just this guy's name is on the tip of everyone's tongue either. Like they're not he's not like a heat seeker. Like they're not talking about the water cooler. There you go. The soda jerk. Talking about him there. What are you playing what the cups now? What do you Anna Kendrick? Yep. She the want to do the cups, that I get rest. Her. She did the cups too much for me to not poor. Here we go. Good with a big Cup like that. I think she can handle the cop, but I just saw vision of as all get tricky. Arsonist you've ever. You don't play with matches. Do you. Vision of Howard as the father. Hello, my baby. How's your hand? We do it the way that we were taught the way that we saw boy, there's a lot of hand shaking in his. Before and after napped Hello, awake. Well, I thought you did great with that water. All right. Let's see. What's coming up next? Right. Coming in at number four number four. It's Mattie, pope with wildflowers off of world. Wind. What kind of music is American Princess? We have we have some Indian indie rock. We've got it music supervisor Bruce Gilbert, who does a lot of great shows us to do transparent. I think he does glow. And I believe oranges new black. Adults adults. Yeah, it's not a kid show. By the way, I know we'll tell us again. I mean, I know the premise, it is about a upper east side gal who wedding goes off the rails. And she winds up at the renaissance festival watch, and she becomes an amer- with the lifestyle or she sort of stays there as she can't quite go back home yet, because very embarrassing things have happened. And she really just needs a place to collect herself. And that place turns out to be a very warm and welcoming community. Full of Turkey legs and mud. People. So she winds up staying a little bit longer than maybe she ever -ticipant. Are you pretty familiar with these places? I am. I worked, I was sort of sort of took the story from my own my own experiences, although I didn't have a wedding that went off the rails and run away. I wasn't a runaway bride. I was sort of a run away, college graduates, who at the time there, being no Google joined a renaissance festival, because I didn't know what it was. And I thought it was Shakespeare in the park. Based on sort of just though flash words that kinda stuck out to me, like there will be Shakespeare. We will be immersive entertainment and some improv, there will be immersive, and there will be people dressed up don't work there. We and they will also be great food, and we'll provide you with housing. So I heard Shakespeare in the park thought that didn't Attlee Portman do that this amazing. How, how long were you like up there with them a couple of different seasons? I would there for multiple seasons in the night worked at random one offs. Little little fairs all over these coast. Okay. So yeah, so good. A good amount of time. Differences between the east coast? Ren, faire people in the west coast, not necessarily the people, but I would say the fare's themselves vary from from place to place city to city state to state. A lot of fares are sort of a little bit more comic Connie anything goes, there's a stormtrooper Bill and Ted's. And then summer much more authentic about the historical accuracy. It's like Queen Elizabeth. And then, you know, if you have a Shakespeare, then you're gonna want an older Queen, Elizabeth because they didn't exist at the same time and, you know, it's too young people, you know, sort depends so fair to fair, you're going to get a different experience. Actually go my question is to actually go as a renaissance era person. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Most people who dress up. Michaelangelo actual Lawrence. Yes. And all those more England's it's more English. And he is he is you're thinking of the Italian Renaissance. Yes. It's usually more English renaissance usually gonna get an English monarch almost always Queen Elizabeth occasionally Henry the eighth. Sometimes there's fictitious monarchs. But typically, you're going to have more of the English literary. You can go could you go very late middle ages. If you want to you can do whatever, what am I what am I getting getting chainmail from you? Our? Chainmail in a very small banana. Hammock. Not year. No. I, I would have whatever battle axe. Maybe you could have a battle-axe because also you have to imagine like the almost like every decade, whatever the pop culture fantasy thing is going on seeps in so like, in the past few years game of thrones has been huge before that it was Lord of the rings like crazy than it was. It was Robin Hood before that. So, you know, there's always a lot of influx starting with those particular scifi fantasy things all based in medieval battle axe. Would you guys hang out with say the medieval times, guys, I would argue that not only would people hang out with them, but I would say they probably share a lot of jousts say a lot of those guys being that there might be limited places in the world for that skill the two top ones being medieval times, and rented, let me ask you this. If the renaissance was kind of a blossoming of, like art and literature. Why, why are they still jousting? It's an excellent question, it was at that time more for the spectacle. It was less of a, a war, a war tactic and more of a military exercise. So they would put on jousts for the monitor. I know a lot about the snow. This is great. I let me ask you. This was the early like okay. You know what the NBA, right? This comparison might not work for me. But yeah, okay. They make eighty million dollars now. So a lot of say, oh, well, those old players laid the groundwork. But they didn't make that kind of money early renaissance sats when it was hard. Okay. Again, sort of not the greatest. I don't know of this metaphor or simile or whatever we're saying is gonna track. But I will tell you that there's never been a tremendous amount of, of money to be made in this particular although people do live, very, very happy healthy functional. I'm just saying that in the early days of the renaissance those people had it hard. Once you get mid renaissance late renaissance like just cash on everybody in the sixties. So I would argue at the very least those people had better drugs. Are you talking about the renaissance? You've talked about the actual. Though historic renaissance not the fair. Oh, oh those people had it hard. There were. No tampons back then. Yes for sure, we are mocking them with our like crazy underpaid. Sheep war that I did not go method. Do you go method when you're there, they'll, I certainly do not even wear a comfortable birkenstock as opposed to as opposed to a renaissance leather shoe? That would give me blisters what my child is poking me. What do you want? Like there is like poop and rotten food in the streets, and that's really gross. History from the mouth eleven year old is that the, the fair that mommy works out. She means that the renaissance. And that's because they didn't have they didn't dig any tunnels, right? Porta-pottys which street fairs. That's right. Also couldn't drink water for the most part, they're just drinking wine. Everyone was just drunk. Wow. All day. Daydream. Wow. To see a lotta pictures. Probably most people were quite heavy is because they packing on just like the calories from beer and wine that you're just drinking water. Yes. No. So, yeah. Yeah. I get you now. Yes. Just like the NBA. The Wilt Chamberlain of the row sauce. Lot. Oh, hit tons of we had lots of what he was. A bad guy out. He was a bad guy or was he he's not like the one who ushered in the good stuff that would have been his daughter Elizabeth. But I think it started with his loosening of the marriage restrictions, and like separating. Oh, well, yeah, he's like, well, the sense of he had a lot of relations. Oh my gosh. Right in front of she is an LA kid. I've said they bought him say there were cats. Vero cats running in the street. How can what were you thinking? She sleeps, AVI. Okay. Wrong place. Yep. Nola. What's the worst word? You know, don't say, not, not. No. I mean the like the F word go ahead. Fuck. She says it's like angels singing, I try not even to say that on here. Sorry. That's okay. You can cut it. If you need to do so from behind the times. Yeah. You gotta catch. And you say twice. Go ahead. Twice. Oh fuck. Needed permission. I don't know how to pair it all I want is for child protective services to visit my home after this podcast. The most amazing story and then we'll podcast it. We'd at me if you're listening to have that kind of clout. All right. Let's see what's up next. All right. Coming in at number three. Number three. It's calm True's with ultra fee, Chev you off of persuasion system. So now we're just into idiom. So while chart. Let's go and the consistency. Between these pieces lacking that's Rapids. Death. These charts are hard to read. So now this is the soundtrack to an eighties. This is like a romantic interlude between Gina Gina Davis with full hair, afro hair. And Sigourney Weaver, having a conversation as they walked down the street in a in a very clean city with a lot of mirrors on the walls. What time period are you in with the American Princess? We are in modern times, but the fair takes place in fifteen eighty five. Gotcha. And Steve AG. We had him on the program weeks ago. The greatest is great pays attention. Steve AG is a delay. Is that because I'm not paying attention. He goes in screen saver modal. Sometimes I just don't have up at each. Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. For sure. I don't understand. But that's okay zone out like zone alley. I love about AG, though, also is just he is a very big dude. He's super tall. He's just a big broad guy and our lead. Actress is literally half his height, and they just have a great onscreen chemistry or they just he just is so aggravated by her. It just looks like he's swatting. Very small man. That's very cute. And the C play a big night. Does he wear garish shirt does not he plays a big angry and noise boss at the rent? Fair runs all the administrative stuff. So he's a regular clothes. Oh, well, he's actually he puts on Ren, faire stuff. But then like he'll wear like a baseball hat. So it's a stupid, what you could have just not worn a hat or put on something a little bit more friendly for the for the period. This sounds fun and this premiered last night. Right on lifetime. Yes, sir. It sure did. And to outback toback first and second ask what you're leading. But it's you're so leading last night was Pretty Woman was it? I was like, I one of aggravated by, and then I found myself, so delighted watching Pretty Woman. Okay. You know what this is this is one of those movies. That's when it's on it just stays on. So let's keep it on until their show comes on. There you go. Probably gave everybody a nice warm, five. Certainly a romantic one last night. You mean Sunday. All right. There you go. All right. What's up at this crazy chart, what do they have next a little crazier coming in at number two about to it's full of hell with thundering hammers off of weeping choir? I mean it's really fit. Is that selling your cell like dogs? Do you enjoy this death? Yeah. That's, that's what I imagined held to some. That's what they're going for. Yeah. I know how to punish you. Did you go to school today? Oh, that's right. It's true. There. He goes forever. Do you like someone like summertime? What's your favorite part? Swimming. Yeah. I like swimming. Got a new bathing suit. There you go. Don't start to summon last year's bathing suit. Can't do it. You did just get a new bathing suit. Yeah. How did he know Howard's got a bunch of rules? I got ruler got rules for we should explain the real passing. All right. One of the rules is you gotta have a summit gum. You pick out a gum. You chew it all some of that. You summa gum. What are we going to do for some gum with flavor? All right. I'll find one can't be meant way way. Can she pick her own gun while you gotta pick the girl? I two time I know I know what to be. It'll be grape. Icebreakers. Why can you take her to the store and have a pick it out of her own? All right. We'll go look, we'll go look juicy fruit. What's that one with the stripes, and zebra bubbalicious? No, that's no then there's zebra stripes. And then there's chools member tools Noah close as board. I think she should get to pick her up. And that's why she's becoming blood blase about it find, you'll pick your own gum lucky that Howard is here to tell me how to mother. I'm telling you how to some of this guy. I'll give you the other rules as we continue. Yeah. That was a crazy track. Play the next one. All right. Coming in at number one, number one number one. It's Christone king fish Ingram with outside of this town off of king came. And guess what, John, that is? Swirly and sixth street. Nas. I, I mean I I'm asleep. I just felt like all of a sudden I was at the bar when that ban started playing and I was like ooh. So late. This music lessons easy. Can't do it. You got to cut that. Thank you. Eight years of my life in Austin, Texas, everyday, go to do comedy. Bars and every bar was Steuer that no, no, thanks. Lifetime that you good over there. Absolutely. Yes. Yep. There because we're different than what the people think of as lifetime, think, lifetime. They think sort of the hallmark kind of movies, you know, those silly movies, and, you know, they've always got an eighties sitcom star in it, it's just kind of, you know, a lot of murder with no blood or, and then somebody crying, and then romance and our show is really not like that. I mean it does sort of follow their pattern in terms of, really cool scripted program. They had unreal. They had you another have us. So we hope that people will look for the not judge it by the network. I don't even know a lot of times, what channel stuff is on. You can see it on itunes. I think you can see it on Amazon prime. He might still have to pay for it like I tunes, but I know that that's another option. If you if you don't wanna be a man being seen scouting, your lifetime app. This. Isn't that for every channel now? Isn't that right? Have you seen mommy show pretty good? It's really inappropriate. And it's going to save. Parents who are listening. I'm sorry. She, you know, I live in a house with my kids who are up in your face and up in your stuff, and you're in their space. And she's going to see at it says, I'm working on them. So at that point, it was like, all right. Ms. Well, see it I'll put together, and I would close her eyes for certain things just FYI. You could edit this at home. There was looking at cuts been edited, but I could look at stuff. There is a little bit of button nudity. Couple good swears and some very questionable situations. Gotcha. What about horse manure? Very go for the kids. Road. Apples. All right. Well, we'll be right back with the movies chart. Away, offers high quality luggage at a much lower price by cutting out the middleman and selling directly to you. Choose from nine colors and four sizes. 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Oh, enjoy that when it happens, and be sure to use the code charted at checkout to save thirty percent off your order to do it. I'm H Michael Krim of your with Jamie, a an A for end done. Bo. Nola. Brit and Matt, Hugo. And this is the movies chart. Just like tweet. Release them constantly. We don't need to see when you get a good one. Ooh. Yeah. Really, really hit that right into her. Kids. They see through now. She enjoyed that very much insight in there, right? Yeah. She's she agrees with all the all everything that you really highlighted. Feels good to be able to write a song at my age that connects with. I don't even know what generation you are. What's the name her generation? I have no idea be generation negative ten AB. What year were you born thousand seven? Yeah, they're things I feel like I haven't cleaned up in my house since two thousand. That's yeah, that's your whole life, the year, the iphone came out. Oh, yeah. You're Osas at years old as I good. That's a good convenient for for having a baby. I will admit. Yeah. So she was conceived during the flip phone. Oh, yeah. Bigger deal for you. It was really hard to starring the conception. Remember what's the matter? PS. Let's go. Yes. Yes. You were messing up my rap name, okay. Well, let's get into these movies and see what Hollywood is up to this week. All right. Down to number five number five. It's John wick chapter three para. Bellum. I can't not think paranoid. Time. I see that. What's that a part of the important part, particularly in childbirth, which mart? Part of the body. Okay. It's between between connecting the dots. You know what I mean? The noman's-land. This see I see this, and I fall asleep. Really, it was a female like a very specific female gender situation. Like this is just not just don't care how they decided to state some fights. That's what I always say, if feels like it's a movie built around just like let's see how many fights we write it is. And then when that's exactly what it is in its, I think it's the only thing that I like, hang on Laurence Fishburne is in this, too. So this is not the matrix, but it's wants to be the matrix. The. Trix another matrix. Well, daddy, I don't know if he knows. I'll tell you this. We showed art. We showed the nine year old son, the matrix, and he loved it. That was super fun. I matrix is Holly berry twenty-five forever. What is happening? Incredible doing well, whatever. She's doing. I bet it involves moisturizer eating right? Yes. Yeah. And witchcraft, probably some witchcraft channel baby, too. I think at the age of fifty anyway. Whatever did you want to engage, Jamie and debate about the fight stuff now. No way. Not. I think it's, it's fine to not be on board. I go because Keanu rules. And he's, he's. So what does that mean you like the way he delivers a line? I think so I don't think Kiana was trying to be like Daniel Day-Lewis. He in his own specific little zone, and he gives you everything he's got every time, okay what does he give he have? He has a certain. There's just something about him. I think he does have he possesses a magical quality or I can't stop watching him. I think he's I think he's great. But don't you wanna? Watch him when he's doing something other than like with the hair and the sweat, and the intensity. He doesn't talk a lot in these moves. Here's the thing. He's very funny. Oh, he's so funny. And he's not funny at all. These look very earnest very serious in these, I will say, the John wick movies are too Ernest to me really. They're not trying to be matrix that trailers ruler nece. Yes. Some fun. It's kind of like just pure funding. He does the tickets to seriously. He'll deliver a joke in a very serious way in these movies, and it's like very, very fun. John new makes me laugh because he will always be like, Bill. Trying to be serious. Me, but the don't get because back in the day when all that first came out. They used to say he was a terrible actor and then that never changed. But now all the sudden he's awesome, everybody say. Oh, he's awesome. That's just because we are ridiculous culture has not on him. That's what is that about. It's cool to be too. It's cool to hate someone. And then be like, actually I think he's awesome. I, I have a genuine love for Kanter. I don't know what he's seems very attached. And so I don't wanna mess with something that happened in his life. That was. Short something. For that, too. Okay. So something, very joyful was happening in his childhood, her life when he experienced Kano, and there's an attachment there that we can't understand. So that's what's going. You're saying this because we did a very special pre stream or other Mike cast this past week and ledge. I allege the exact same thing about his attachment to fallout. There's no other explanation. Attachment, really good must happen. You got to a on the test day, the album, something very much one hundred percent. That's his associates. Thank you for being thrilled to you're, you are sort of a validate or for your who, who was the red in, in the X files like Gillian Anderson that, thank you. Yes. Sure, who was the other guy David do sex. Coveney. I think there was a period where I Ronnie was really popular like something ironically. And now we're in a post period of that, where people aren't even sure if they're being ironic. Yes, people. But I'll tell you for me, personally, I am non ironic. When I say that some is the greatest season of all. Yeah. Awesome. Two. I'm not ironic. When I say Brett attacking me. All right. I'm not again we're not gonna this is not. We can't debate this with you, because you are formed, and it's like it's in. It's not going anywhere. W. A lot of these arguments with these guys. And then I don't know. I just like it. Okay. Well, that's good debate and head over to teach spring dot com. Sure. All right. What's next on the countdown debuted at number four number four? It's my. This looks interesting looks like a comedic version of get out or something like that. Good reviews. It got audience gave it six critics gave it sixty. So not as horrible as it should. Get decent. Lonely middle aged woman, befriends some teens and oh, shit decide to let them party. That was in book smart. I haven't seen book smart is wonderful. And I'm sure it's not on this list. I just wanna say book, smart is terrific. I thought it was great to I haven't seen it yet but people who made it. I really wanna get on board with this wave. That's should get casting, and say, great film, sweeping podcasting or they all over the podcast right now. What, what's that? What's this wave? You're talking about somebody else came on and just said it was great. It was great. Fetterman. Yeah. He's everywhere. Is that Chile? Jalil. I saw at the farmer's market months ago. And I saw Chris Los Angeles. The most LA moment, maybe ever, had a saw her, and then I saw the four non blondes, Linda Perry. Wow. I like that. You know who walked by squat multi other night? Natalie portman. Nogi. Child here. But that was a lot of great fun. She didn't stop. So she's no just Grogan, but she did swing Ellen love, Jessica, Ben. And she loves us grow really are you serious. Okay. I got to give you a little backstory here. I do a sidewalk comedy show. We walk up and down the streets, and we stop and do stand up and the other night. Josh Grogan came to my show. I have a picture right here. Very big fan of Natasha Pierre, and the great comet of nineteen Shapir, his girlfriend or something. He was a Broadway show. So I assume this is where you guys glaze over he was there with a girl. So I was wondering if that was not Natasha, that's eight character for Russian novel from for more peace, so they turned it into a musical. Did you think would especially hate that one? Shoe likes borscht, but. Mr. Grogan you ask him to sing you a couple of bars. I don't know if I'm gonna see him again, but he did. Hey out for the entire show, two hours, walking down the street good show. Thank you so much, or he's terrible. Give me one of the I look at it like this. He does Madison Square Garden, entertains everyone six to sixty and when he needs to be entertained. That's right. Thank you. I'll find that picture for you. What's. I totally believe you. I love that. You're looking for proof. I do believe you. What's happening now? Oh, we're about to see another one, Matt. What's coming on? Next debuting at number three. Number three rocket man. Ooh. Can't wait. Boy from nowhere. Get to be a Solman. To kill the person you were born to be in order to become the person, you wanna be. Very traumatic. Nine to Elson, but that's more night. Oh he bit. His friends name, be the best sailing artist of, here's. I know exactly what sucks about this. Go ahead. Apparently, unlike bohemian rhapsody, they didn't sanitize it at all. This is a musical, isn't it? I think it's muse I think it's got musical style elements in it, but it's. Told me yesterday it was a musical goes at a musical by. Quences that go in and out of his music. I just can't take my children to see it because this is I have apparently really need to draw the line on this one. Because because there's just there's graphic closure. There's or cheese. Oh, what human back on and stuff like that? And I and the thing here's the thing. I know a lot of people were down on bohemian rhapsody. I get it. It's not a perfect movie. It was such a great movie to take my kids to they loved it. Yeah. They loved it, and they got a taste for Queen and a little bit of the rock and roll spirit in that. So was it a perfect film for cinema files? No, it was not was a great film for us. And the kids. Yes, I don't think rocket man is going to be the same experience actually well, but it's supposed to be great. I, I will not beg to differ, when they make the grove in movie. That's when I will be hitting home. We're all going together. That look who's in that picture off to the side off in the same. Look, I'm watching the show over there. The hat. No. The other guy very is gosh grove and he looks a little heavy. Well, it's just compared to me because I keep myself. So felt he really that's not as a terrible angle. And by the way, who took the picture a person one in the crowd? Interesting we go. To picture because I realized that it wasn't you taking the picture in the picture. I was able to prove otherwise unless it'd been a self, that's not a self. You have two very long arm. What are the ratings on this rock, man? I'm curious rocket man critics ninety one audience eight. Okay. They're saying it's really good. Write a story from me grove and registering live from me and grove and to come in. American, princess. We got an amazing review in the Hollywood reporter which was great because it counteracted the horrible review in variety, which, I think, but I only bring it up because I think it's really interesting. I think it's fine. It's great to have polarizing reviews like that. I think it's real. I mean it'd be awful to have all horrible reviews, but I think it's better to have a crazy, awesome review. And then one person who clearly doesn't just it's not for him than to have just tepid reviews all the way through. It's gotta be for somebody, and if it is, then it's. Maybe somebody else and these people were very passionate. So maybe really, we'll say to these people writing, these reviews, be careful. How passionate you get about television? That gets cancelled constantly. I mean give some of this chef a chance to run. Well, let's, let's hope that this runs because there's some good stuff coming up. Absolutely. All right. Let's see what's next down one and number two, the bre to Aladdin. A prince on the outside and change anything on the inside Showtime. No. I'm in charge you like this. It was good. It was good like Will Smith. Humorously better than I thought he was. Okay. So you were skeptical. You thought, oh he's not a Latin. But then he won you over with his performance. Here's what also happened. Let's be honest here. The clip that they like released was really bad. And in my opinion, they should've used never had a friend like me. Amazing, the user on cut and I dropped both my daughter, and my son in Aladdin, three D And went to go see book smart. So I really enjoyed the lead in that day. Skip it book Martin three D. I watch. Which was really great. I got a lot of benefit seems dimples. You can just go right ahead. Not sitting in their Hawkin Yik all over yet. In that movie theater, you get to have more fun the run around in there. She doesn't really talk to. Oh, you mean. Movies. Oh, it. So it was the same exact experience, pretty much did. Now. Did. Now, the did you, you give them the Germ-free rub pure pure? Oh, my children, because they were going to touch something new in, if, if you, if you don't have your eyes on them in the movie theater for a couple of hours go there beyond the stage of putting everything in their mouth. That's a real toddler. But I know you. Kids have trouble figuring out what stage they're in these guys are good. These guys are good. I love being pretty entertaining. I'm not gonna lie. What's coming in at number one debut at number one number one Godzilla king of the monsters. This is already out. Yes. Wow. My so this is John wick with CGI monster. Well, this is also like Infinity war because it's got every mile. It's got Millie Bobby eleven in it survey cross Zamin, you follow her online. How do you know follower online, and we watch the stranger things foresee eleven character. Screaming. Oh, no, no, no. Okay, I'm gonna say it, and I knew this before you even showed me this this trailer. He is. Why is he so fast? He got a chunky guy. No, no. Got sylla's. Never been that fast Zillah I will say this. When I had pet lizards as a kid, you were supposed to look for fat ones, because that meant they were healthy and they were eating. Okay was that Christmas week. I don't think he's in the movie sometimes she likes to show up in random thing, Kyle Chandler. Vera for Migo Millie, Bobby Brown. Bradley whitford. I guess it was very for me marijuana you like this so much. I didn't see it. You know, I wanna see it, though. I like I like Godzilla I think he's a good guy. I root forgot you'll get me to I it looks very, I mean the palate is just a video game. I haven't seen a humid yet. I mean fighting, though. They're not real. Oh, god. Oh, god. The old gut Zillow the old ones. I'm very gender specific straight girl. Sis girl and I can tell you right now that, while all y'all were watching your God, Zillow's, I was watching three's company, other things on the UH channels. Whatever this was Godzilla, and I were never like ooh. This is cool. Never who do identify with and three's company. Well, I wanted to look like Christie's. No. But have. Janet's practicality. But actually know Jack Jack one hundred percent Jack. I thought John Ritter was the funniest and still the king of comedy. Three stooges absolutely, not the women in my family. Hate. Hey. Three in it. Forgotten black and white comedy. We'll go to ball. That bring presence. I, I love to have the young perspective on this. So thank you for coming. Have you ever seen in our rated movie? The pilot and airplane. Gladiator movie guess? Yeah. So I wanted to. Yeah, she's seen a few. Okay. I don't care. How do you like mom's dyed hair? You help her with that. No. It's pink cool. Mom. Is there anything you need to plug while you're hearing Noah plug? Podcast. Listen to Beverly yet. Now I'll be Beverly, and I'll yell at you. Beverly in LA. Oh, this children are so stupid. These days. Three they watch their ipads. That's all they do. They wanna see God. So they bring it up on the ipad. And then they talked to it like it's a real thing because they don't know how to distinguish from reality. Let me get back out of here. I'm to go to the bathroom right now. I've idea. Just don't molest that little girl, while she's in the you're gonna ruin a brain. Okay. Just relax. Okay. It was a joke. What are you so nervous because of me too? Okay. Joe Joe me too. I'm gonna you know what I mean? Harass you? That's what it means. I can put my fingers all love you and you can't play sheet. Sure. Just hanging open, right? It doesn't matter. I'm gonna leave anyway. And then I'll come back at a few minutes, and you'll pay me for my work. Okay, I'm back. Sorry. Fetal position takes over. Somebody could see the New Jersey come out you probably dealt with that. Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's bad. I it makes me want to do it again. I feel. Oh, wow. We're really hitting a pot. You're just concerned about how a daughter grows up in this kind of environment whole. Do you know that? That's not mommy when she starts talking like that. Or you go though. That's mommy. And I I'm, I'm holding her accountable for that stuff. That's mommy. Works for job. Can't say anything because everything I wanna say, I wanna say is Beverly, and it's just don't want to traumatize. Anymore already been traumatised. LA is amazing shot. So yes, it is amazing. Thanks. You guys. I had a lot of fun making it. I wanted to make ten episodes of something that had meat to it. I mean, I think there are a lot of comedy podcasts where it's a lot of meandering. I mean this has stuff that very specific about your structure. And I, I know that a lot of character work sometimes is very meandering, or there isn't really necessarily an endpoint, and what I wanted to do was cruise ten episodes, that had a story had field pieces and had interviews that it all fit together in this neat little spiritual journey of this character. I've been realized that this was something that like that. This is a limited. It's ten episodes. It's, it's the way I kept saying, I'd love to produce ten comedy, albums with Beverly believe me, they're not that polished. I think there's definitely a little roughness around the edges, but they are ten comedy for better for worse. So that's what it is. And I'm super proud of it. Did you get to be on that then mommy spot casts? Would you get to be? That got to be Nola. No, you didn't. That's not your character's name. Well, you tell them you characters name spaghetti os. Characters name is spaghetti is because Beverley had a neighbor named Gloria Alber Getty, but she never forgot remembered her last name. So she called a glorious spaghetti that this glorious grandchild, because her parents are in prison, and so she stays with Gloria and sometimes Beverly takes her for a weekend. Terrible. Terrible influence, your parents imprison spaghetti os de Mr. parents in prison. Your parents. Do you right to your mother? They let you Chicago in a prison. You're too young to go. Visit what are you going to bring her Schiff? I don't know. Do you know what a ship is? It's what your mother to defend yourself at night from creeping prisoners. Yeah. Learned okay. Little education. Never heard anyone was that your debut and podcasting. I mean that's, that's pretty great. I'm afraid that her idea of podcasting is just gonna be like this is what everybody does best because of her amount of exposure to podcasting to make sure she knows. Well, I guess, certainly in our world. So, yes. Okay. Great. It's a great living. Very lucrative so Google residuals when you give them go for it. All right. Well, we're we will be right back with the hot picks with the third chart. When you need a breakfast, burrito at eight AM low red wine at four PM will sushi at nine pm. Yes. And I vote profe- I've approach at ten AM, give me three post mated. Post mates is your personal food delivery, grocery delivery? Whatever kind of delivery service, all year round no more trips to the store gang anything. You're craving post mates can deliver within the hour twenty four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year. Now I've been given a checklist here. You guys name a food in a day. And I'll tell you, if it is available a food and the day time of day, okay? I'm gonna I'm gonna say Mongolian barbecue Mongolian barbecue type do you need it? I'm gonna say Father's Day at eight thirty AM. Oh my God. That's a Sunday. You animal. You're testing the system. Let me see here pays seventy nine thousand six hundred twelve be there. There it is, you can get that Mongolian barbecue. And they can also bring by some ASTA spoon day with that. No problem you go. What do you need like? Some MAC and cheese, it simple gets a MAC and cheese. I want it. Maybe that sounds like an afternoon food. Yeah, I was thinking about, probably like three PM or so that's going to be no problem whatsoever. You're gonna fall right asleep after that they have a few dead zones. But she's a true now you can get it. Absolutely right. You can get anything you want. And they're the highest on-demand network in the US and offer delivery from all the restaurants grocery convenience stores, and traditional retailers you could possibly need. Now. I notice that my neighbors do a lot of food delivery. And I often see them running out to grab their little bag, and then I'll always laugh and I'll say. I already ate. Something like that. But when the weed guy comes through that, I'm, you know, that's just here in California. Yeah. Are they doing the delivering or are they getting the deliver? They're getting it delivered. Laughing at their hunger. Like I'm laughing go like, oh, the last half hour you've been so hungry. Now you run out to this Prius and grab your little bag. Yeah. Post mates is changed my life like legitimately. Yes. The dumbest oppose mates order. I think I've ever gone was like one USB cable 'cause I was desperate, and I got it from, like best buy. Some guy had to go into best buy get a USB cable for me. He has to buy it himself and bring it to you. Well, you know with my money but yeah, but I mean like at a restaurant you would figure he's like they got waiting for him. Oh, maybe they do bus. Okay. Yeah, I'm not sure I like to think about him. I'm into having to trek through best buy and finding that USB section. Right. Dealing with the cell phone, seller down that person's deep lying. Passed all. 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And let's see you did not. Sir. They are two. They are two. Well, that's good tunes. I was a happy mistake. All right. All right. These are the hot picks. These are tunes that we brought on ourselves to curate, because we think maybe we can do a better chart that then billboards breaking and entering heat seekers album charts. Yes, I think we can top, for sure. All right. Let's see what's on this thing. All right, number five is Howard's pick. And it's Cardi B with press. Ooh. Back then. Cinnamon to set you sick. I, I. Quote, he don't need. Tell me who see coach. Must be whipped older of every. She is killing it right making babies. How is culture how doing great because no her offset her back together and the baby can grow up with both parents? Now that makes me happy that makes me like the song more. I'm glad that my daughter knows that the Gord culture is spelled wrong. It's particular. That does fill me with joy, g. Yes. Ostra fiji. Well, I think what she's doing. There is great. The ding Dong. It's just she's making records that really haven't exactly been made before I'm gonna say that press press brass. I don't need more press. I don't know where have you heard that sentiment before up in a rap song is I feel that, that is going to bring her more proud, of course. Yeah. But the song itself is that I love you. I need you or not. I'm excited about, but you're busy drawing listening. I sorry. Listen. I enjoying. Oh, did I just go Stevie g on you screensaver? There you go. That's why you didn't recognize it in him. Now you're right. Okay. I, I definitely listen. I love Cardi's voice, and I love the way that she speaks and I love the jams. I just sometimes get concerned about who's watching culture. Okay. Good. Yeah. But I mean she's probably has daycare for, so okay, I, you know, I don't know how quality the daycare is. I don't have the information I need to feel secure. That's all worried about others babies, but not my on cursing. Feeding back in these phones. Yep. She loved it didn't faze. Okay, right comb. Or let's see what's coming up next. All right. Number four, is Jamie's pigan? It's a lizotte with heaven helped me. His say whoa. Say the tic TAC. Everywhere. Plowed. Yes. It's incredible can that some for sir. I just love. It's the right combination of melody and rap. And it feels so passionate and so good. And it's kind of buried in the back of the album because I love you. But I just love it. And it's got this great piano intro, just feels like it could be I don't know. I like this actually much better than the other one that multiple people have brought us. Yeah. Yeah. I like to to love that singing break best. Great. Let's good. Yep. She's, it's got everything song. Notches Eric untarred. Yeah. I did it air traffic connected me with guitar. And we're now. Missed it. But that's yeah. She's got that like choir behind her. I'll I'm a sucker for anything that has a big Ospel choir sound too. She really does. It twist on then. I like I don't listen to regularly, but when I've I have been exposed to it in any form, whether it is the color, purple, or an are the occasional time that I've been to like black church like it's having black. Before you were born. Bullshit, life Moore your born. Youngsters and. I didn't see with my eyes, so. All right. Let's move on from that one number three's breads, pick and Brett what do you got? Okay. I got druids with the whip. I thought it said very. The. This is Twitter feed the music. Oh, yeah. You can rip through some. Growlers growlers. This isn't true growling to me. There's no, this is more like that's yes, Jamie, those. There's nuances. This is growling, right. Harsh harsh. But a true growl is different. Well, true. Overshoot river. He's doing light grass. He's more like bellowing. He's Abellard or marriage is a cool style, and like stone her and, and do medal like this. No. No. There is melody. If you listen for it's almost like the sexualities right, Jamie? It's like there's so many of them these days, transgender by. Hereditary. Voi-. Yup. Nambla. This is something why we're getting. We're getting all different types of music today. Well like that. They it energize you used there for Sheila. She likes. Music to fall asleep to. It's something. There's music happening. Are you going to go swim in the summer where? I don't care if you go on swimming this summer. The day after school, my friend invited the whole grade over for report. Oh, cool. So the cool pool over there. Get I have a summer secret. Some are you gonna have some secret? Sure. But you have to. You know what I don't wanna courage her to catch from her mom, but I wanna say, I discovered a loophole the whole have some really belief system. Here's why weren't exposed right now at thought of this yesterday. And if this has been going on, for the many years that we've been doing have a some than she on you people, and I want to say, I'm about to set it out now. So you can't do it anymore. It's no longer valid. Oh, I see. Okay. So here's what it is. I think that some people's summer secret is that they didn't get a Sunday evening, suit or. Treacherous. Yeah, you can't do that. Kid. That's Osama allu- wishing for a million more wishes or whatever. What's your secret? I never got a new baby. You can't negate one of the rules with following you can't follow rule by negating another. There you go. So much. Shame on anyone doing. And, you know, we need this throws. Correct that with shame on you. Shame on you. Yep. Okay. Let's see what the next pick is right? Number two, is my pick and it's Wight reaper with might be right. Pretty fun. Makes me happy. Take myself like like Arcadia. Yeah. Having a great time. Yeah. So fun. The child likes it. Fathy. Oh my God in a different arrangement. It could be a fifty song. I love y'all doing brothers to they handled sausa- sounded like that. Then do that. Nice job hay day. I like this better than that. Fall out. Boy, you made us how well yes. You made us. Exactly how that went down. A great episode was agree. I said it was a lot of fun. If you don't have since you gotta get on it to listen to Matt, this past week, teach start, and I about fallout. Boy, that's right. We challenged you on your belief said, we got a great debate. Yeah. It was sweaty and nervous that I was gonna get torn apart by my by two friends here. And then it was actually it was a very positive experience distress you out of. You did a great job. We'll make you do it again for panic at this new. Oh, new. All right. Good. Pick their white reaper, with might be right. All right. The next pick mind I will say I picked again, because you missed the week that I picked him originally. But for some reason they do musical about four. It seems like this whole only they're only subject seems like this whole album is about Thor hammer and. This isn't let's be clear. This is not Marvel's. No. Or this is a real. From real Swedes housing in about the Swedish. I just need to know is in Swedish severe. It's accent. Their music is in the tune of Sweden. The the. The two already. My favorite thing that this was great and you're gonna love it just from the title alone. It's called shield wall, and let me tell you this growly. We this. Here. The difference desperately difference. I'm not okay. I mean like a fine one. This is just we're back to God's Zillah again. And. I mean I get it. This is what but, but you, you, you can hear the word of God Joe's like this guy needs to take a lousy. The words are no what he's saying, like gangs, raised this shield wall. I love that you like this. I'm amazed just won't away. You know what I like about this one this, making me laugh, is that, you know, like rage against the machine, they would always repeat, the same thing over and over. But it was always something about, like, you know, your socio political status, or whatever it is this. This. Vikings Rams your she. Montemar. I'm on board for those reasons, but I'm on this is one of those things that I don't want to experience myself. I just want to hear about a gory idea. But like. But through it, it's tough this is ridiculous. But this is very renaissance fair. This kind of stuff like you know, old befouled G and all that. Yeah. That's the only thing that this has incompetent you could work in a character who, who likes to growl who likes to bring this stuff into it. I suppose a lot of people those ran fairs that would like this music. There you go. Okay season. Two people at renters like along to Josh Grogan comes in as growl, we should be so lucky. I'll do it. Okay. Wait. You just probably me, Josh. This business. Wow. But I'm so excited. This is out a new show is born and hit the airwaves of Eric in Princess. Unlike time Sunday nights, yes, I've heard nothing but incredible things really top tier things that a religion to talk like Trump. Talk to things the best best thing really like when you work here around. It's like there's internal talk of employees things you can kinda tell when something bring. Shape bring. Sure. Wrassling. Thank god. Here's the thing. I appreciate your opinion. But I know that you're young man, probably does a lot of smoking of marijuana depend on you. And I don't know if he'd know if you heard that you hear voices, although you're so much cleaner than you used to be really Iraq nightmare garbage can somebody to take a dump outside. Likes alleys. Yeah, he was. There was a terrible thing for him. Anyway. It's much better now. Okay. I'm coming back to Jamie. Thank you. I love hearing that people like it. I'm sup- everybody. I'm super proud of it, and it's nice dirty and gross and has lots of dick jokes. So very cool. And how many episodes she shook her head? She your head addict jokes. Well, she knows what I mean. There's a character name Richard and lots of jokes. What were you gonna? Oh, ten episodes and they are forty two minutes because it's like an hour like our, our. Okay. I've been picture. Pesos for depth. Very good. So what, what was that? There's a little bit of this is us in there. Oh, yeah. There's a little bit of this as a little bit of this is them this, this is every, yes renaissance. Thank you so much for coming in. You guys got anything to plug nothing for me. No. Well be playing with John Daly. Sattelite at the satellite. Yeah. I think next week. Okay. So check that out. Get follow up next tour on. No. Thank you big it. They got their own kind of guys got. Thank you for that. All right. Come out to the squat melt comedy crawl squad. No comedy, crawled nine is this week. Meet in front of the Steve Allen theater. We'll head north of Vermont. We had an exciting show last week. Mr. Brent wine Bach Mike for from the birthday boys, and then all of a sudden you turn your head and there's Natalie Portman she was in Star Wars. She she did action quicker that one shooter closer closer to maybe not. Remember and she Klay villain, man, did I have a crush on her from Star Wars? Absolutely. Well, some set. Do. I wanna welcome new patriot subscribers Matt Tom Riley Ryan Wendell little pump. No little pumps. Do. And David Shoup. Oh, no. Thank you for that. I had thing that you said the I send you an ipad. Now, you know the one I, I. Remember to get your gum your bathing suit. Your some secret your some ago all that cut type stuff checkout, come on over to patriot. I just posted more old MTV footage. It's exciting everything going on there. All these new patriots subscribers are loving come. Join them over there and we will see you right here next week on who try. 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We dive in with everyone from professors to Pulitzer prize winners about topics like transportation guns and the constitution transitions and the military, big tech sleep poverty environments in more. And, you know, do my best to make it funny. It's an investigative comedy podcast for curious people who never stop, asking questions. So go on subscribe now to factually with me Adam Khan over out now. Listen, Stitcher, apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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