LADS#185 - Liverpool Pump Arsenal, United Blow It, VAR Sucks, and Fan Questions


Coming from the vivid seats studio. This is overtime media overtime media finding the right pros for home projects can be tough and spark a lot of questions like how do i find a pro who can help will they do. A good job will get a fair price. That's where home advisor can help from leaky faucets to major remodels. Models homeadvisor connects you to the right pro for the job in seconds and even helps you get a fair price. Read reviews check project cost guides and book appointments. Go to homeadvisor visor dot com or download the free homeadvisor app to start your next project boo. No no this thing hey i'm competitive. No merger and we are loud. Americans discussing soccer better known as today is wednesday august twenty eighth twenty nineteen from somerville massachusetts and charlotte north not charlotte goddamn. I know you don't live there anymore mooresville north carolina line. I don't know why i was just so used to saying now. It's it's been so hard work in my brain now. Get i'm just caddy. Womp is because arsenal losses weekend got shipped pumped pumped by liverpool manchester united lost this weekend via. We gotta talk about v._r. Again it's going to be a very depressing pod but said boys paulin sad again the prims back sad boys are back to go hand in hand. It's time for us to get said again. I know i think it's great for the listeners to be. He like usually it's one or the other arsenal wins or manchester united win one and the other will lose but it's a special treat when both our teams lose and we get the bitch. It's a pretty especially in the matter that they lost. It's it's the perfect bitch weather. It's it's a storm front. It's moving in. It's called bitch fest twenty nineteen featuring martin kevin uh let's go yeah like one guy dominated away from home at anfield the other lost at home when they should have you know both just like shitty losses so it's pretty exciting stuff but before we get into any of the action including some v._r. Controversy which again we are now in matchday week matt whatever i don't know three three out of thirty eight games into the premier league season and we're still talking about v._r. We're going to get it right one of these days but martin before we start. What are you drinking for this podcast good old screaming eagle budweiser. Y'all <hes> i go by <hes> you know sales and it was a twenty four repack for eight ninety nine and you know what that's custody in shambles. It's <hes> it's what i have to do to support the local gas station so i'm going to keep doing that and plus twenty four beers for eight ninety nine tummy one bar all of america or the world where you can get twenty four beards for about a over damn math for various dollars. Could we do. Can we just say less than ten dollars after you say that well. Let's let's do that simple father dude when i was in north carolina with you. It was literally like a thirty pack acrylic. Ten bucks like that's stupid like that could kill that. I mean it's great but i seriously do some damage. No wonder the south goes the hardest when it comes tailgates and shit like no offence to the big ten. I love big ten football. I love college football and the northeast but qadam the south they just have the supply you you know the the supply and demand at the end of the fleas circle that's right. He's like people were questioned like well well. I don't have to spend like twelve dollars for a beer at a bar new york where i could just go to the south and get it for a nickel so i don't know man. I think the south does it right. We gotta make a trip to atlanta. That would be going out the n._f._c. guys. That'd be sick. <hes> that somehow i've only been to atlanta one time my entire life on the southeast coast of ours and <hes> it was spring break with some of the usual suspects dunkin john mo- yeah shut out to all of them. We ended up going to his own. Goals plays in just getting hammered off of moonshine and he just brought marauded out of his basement like he bird it and was very proud to show it off and i could not be more willing recipient than i was that night but holy crap atlanta i wanna come back and see i wanna see everything you got yeah. I was in atlanta for three day weekend with our good friend. Brandon remember emma for like a hardcore punk festival <hes> emo bands and i see some of them. I got to see the descendants which i never thought i would do. I saw a lot of awesome bands <hes> <hes> which was really cool but i never got to explore the city which i felt really shitty like i didn't get this taste of food or go ou- we walked through. The city wants to like a mall buffet. They you know they got this year cool. What am i drinking. I'm drinking harpoon. I guess it's like a local. There's the brewery is in boston. I remember applying. There didn't get the job but would have been cool but they have a really cool tiger on this. One is a hoppy floro chris pretty good. Give this a solid seven point five out of ten pretty saw. I don't think you're gonna rate your budweiser. Are you know everybody knows what it is. That's the world we're known budweiser just quality just so much quality all right martin. Let's just let's just rip this band aid off. Let's get into this is what people want to hear they. I want to hear sad kevin arsenal losing three one to liverpool at anfield. You gave your scoreline prediction as three one three two. I think i picked us to lose to but it was going to be a lot closer. Our midfield was just non existent and i just have two words for you. Daven louise what the fuck like. I knew david louise was going to screw us over martin. I didn't think it was gonna be the sued did you do i. I'm just saying that he's probably a secret agent from chelsea's trying to ruin your season also like if he's not that if he's not purposely trying to be so bad then then i can't explain what the hell he was doing. We'll get to the specifics in a sec but like he just grabbed and yanked mosul all back like if there was a referee on the other side of the pitch. I've never seen a player do that before. That's a foul anywhere on the pitch so stupid so i'm going to do this. This is what a talk defender disco pool wrote in the cable champions league achievers league winning defender. Can you believe that oh my god used to be like talented around. It's like one of the <hes> god. I knew. This is going to happen and i actually went to the lear bar here in boston. Which is the big arsenal supporters. <hes> bar here in boston was super packed. Everyone was too. I met a lot of nice people <hes> so shout to the lear bar even when things we're down <hes> they kept their heads relatively high even though i was just like god damn but both those goals by mohamed salah <hes> were because of david louise's please one because of the obvious horrible penalty and then others just horrible marking like where were you nowhere to be seen <hes> but marin prior to those two muhammad salah goes arsenal was looking good like before awesome before the mat to go and i think the forty something minute forty second. I can't remember <hes> <hes> arsenal. We had some good chances like a bomb. Young almost chipped it over. Pepe looked fantastic. He had a one on one with the keeper. Essentially he should have finished that. I mean i but i am kind of set because i think peppy broke virgil van dyke's record for getting dribbled past like he was like fifty dribbles against the no-one instable by him and eddie finally did it an arsenal fans are like praising that it's like dude we still got our shit rocked at anfield like come on now like like like cool all nice but like please don't hold onto that please after i just said it. No one remember that. Why haven't we seen the front three of obama. Yang block is pepe yet why and why why did fricken when i am reset up our midfield which became nonexistent. Why did he set us up that way marin. He played so timid. I don't understand ed yet. Did it looked promising the first half in all honesty there is some chances that or snow got thrown goal of a had a couple couple great chances to test adrian and <hes> and it looked like your mate shift defense. I'm going to call that because that's what it is does not and <hes> and was doing all right at least enough to stem stem the flow of the triple threat threat that liverpool have up top and then i genuinely think that that foul by david lewis on mohammed salah in the forty nine th minute just set the tone for the entire second-half and just you know the entire team capitulated after that it just blows blows my mind i as someone who played soccer and someone who watches soccer obsessively to see a professional athlete commit a foul that nature where yeah probably didn't really impede he'd most law but it's such an obvious foul in you know the ref regardless of who that ref is regardless of where you're playing. That's going to be called a foul so it just is boggling that he would commit such an atrocious mistake not really because it is such a bomb but i do think that that mistaken and bad goal all set the tone for the entire second half and at that point i just felt like liverpool was unstoppable than faulk me dude like ten minutes later. <hes> dan lewis gets done on the sideline by most law any just streaks down the school <hes> the field and scores it. One of the prettier earlier goals that i've seen this season so i think it's just once again individual errors in that bag forward that are causing you these games because it was is proven in the first half that you could hang. Maybe not you know you know dominate but you could definitely hang with the liverpool win and menges mistakes and mistakes and mistakes <hes> especially by david louise and i just think that cost you the game in allowed liverpool to run all on you like they did in that second half i just i just remember call him kev at like the seventieth minute or so and it was it was nightmare situation it was it was time to get him a cabin coal call his run home. Yeah i just went home and just like just kept drinking. It sounds very depressing but i was like so so pissed off and it's been awhile since i've been so upset by match especially because of arsenal specifically arsenal where i went home and it just ruined the rest of my day. I don't know the people are at home like i'm sure there was man united fans tottenham fans this weekend who all went home and we're like well. There goes the rest of my day. Hey are you going out tonight with everyone. Nope i'm going to sit here and i am going to just you know dwell in my sadness and that's what i that's that's. That's exactly what i did. I went home and i was like all right well. I'm i'm going to rent a leader battle angel which wasn't that great of a movie and it was just it was a very sad seen anyone could have seen it. It was not a good look. <hes> ooh by did give myself a mustache weekend which is a very good look. My mustache looks fucking looks pretty fucking hot martin. I'm not gonna lie. I got a whole who did you say in your sneh. Ah when you said colmey something oh <hes> remember. I would probably pick like burt reynolds. I've like burt reynolds an oldsmobile ron swanson <hes> who else has famous mustaches martin who's the most famous person with the mustache foof miracle run ron burgundy from burgundy reagan. He had a pretty famous mood. I don't think ron gorbachev. Gorbachev didn't have a moustache. You had the scorn stolen. Oh solid had a pretty sweet wine. I mean that guy is a monster oster. Let's not get that going backwards in russia after i got gorbachev wrong. I'm just going further back because i know i know one of them had had to have a moustache coolest tips over there. I feel like woody. Harrelson at one point had one and that's the guy that's the kind of company as i wanna be in <hes> so stop naming naming dictated dictators is what you're saying. Please stop naming. Put him in the same. <hes> sentence as dictators like probably famous moose stashes yet. We'll fair they. They did make them famous for a reason. Okay what are were what our final thoughts about liverpool arsenal. I mean it's arsenal. Fans are losing their shed. 'em replayed way too timid but then again it is going up against champions league winning liverpool at anfield which <unk> also do you wanna hear a crazy stat. Indie roberson has never lost at anfield in the only time he's ever lost was when he was playing for whole that's that's a pretty conteh referring. I hate that picture of raw bowlin. Who's the other one. Oh here inquired yeah rob owen harry maguire claim for a whole and just imagine us five years from now on playing for liverpool the other plan for united and yet you know that's just it was crazy how his hours potential has been realized and now he's playing on a team that has genuinely not lost a game at home four fifty one straight games. That's just a step that just as balkars man. That's not a real staff. That's one of those stats where you have to look away for a second and then come back back because you don't think it's real and an so arsenal fans you had to have known going into this that that anfield stadium stadium is a fortress you'll never walk alone and you'll be with a shitload more of liverpool in losing their absolute frig mind <hes> with every touch their team take so so it's it's formidable and the respect is definitely deserved. I don't envy anybody playing at anfield end kevin it. Just you know it looks like another anfield game. It doesn't look like it was a top six battle. If that makes sense it just looks like liverpool dot the done moving moving on business as usual just just as usual. I'd anfield ari guys got another win against arsenal. I think it's four years in a row they've at anfield like we couldn't even get a drawl. <hes> uh it's i know it's but martin martin you wanna hear. I got spin zone for you. Are you ready are if if we would've walked in with a three goal lead barcelona we would have one that is true that is true what you you are technically better than barcelona aesthetical scenario and the hypothetical scenario that or snow could be liverpool the poll three zero at the emerets god. Damn it all right. Let's move on talking about arsenal. Make it hurts more kevin <hes> no i'm done. I'm done with the pain. <hes> bring the hurt this way. Nope we're going to get to that. I want to give a little break from the her. We're going to go over to chelsea versus norwich which and then we're we're coming right back to you martin with manchester united <hes>. Can we say that thi mookie is the next alan shearer alan shearer team. Oh kooky at twenty nine years old you think he could go on a tear and alan shearer shape tear. I think so man go to be able to see it. I mean he might be the best striker in the premier league since <hes> and we've had a lot of good strikers in the premier league i don't wanna i don't wanna piss anyone off pandering right now so bad <hes> you you know since one of those good ones but anyway let's get to the actual game <hes> great performance by the youngsters chelsea tammy abraham with the brace mason and malcolm who's making a name for himself now <hes> which is incredible to see <hes> but chelsea really getting by the skin their teeth and this match. Don't you think yeah i definitely think that blam howard's apparent goal is to bring in those youngsters and make those youngsters play game in and game out and build those youngsters into the starting eleven for you know years to come so i i do think that while they might have survived. It was definitely a such a positive relief for lamport and chelsea fans. I think that <hes> they've been on a a positive trajectory. Since that four zero humiliation <hes> at manchester united the first game of the season they drew last week now they won this week and they're getting these goals for mason mount tammy abraham so it seems like it's starting to click. It's starting to catch on on <hes> hopefully for joseph panza. It continues to get better and better and you know. I gotta say mason mount that could be frank lampard two point. Oh that boy and the two goals that he's scored for chelsea this season. That boy has fallen over with each shot. He's taken his just putting every single single ounce of energy that he has into these shots and then he just falls over wakes up like a <hes> like a cow like oh shit what what happened. Oh i scored. I fucking dig this kid. He's he's real good and he's <hes> seems to be the driving force in that midfield so i could see this show c._t. Team turning turning this corner getting another win next weekend <hes> and getting into that international break on a high so <hes> i say good on you chelsea timo kooky. Let's just call them. The goat already let's he. Let's skip <hes> rinaldo when yeah we're not a messy. The guys scored five goals in three <unk> games. He's the second ever player to do that. Imprint history so let's let's just shut out to the new goat new golden house house. Just appreciate them always here next thing you know he's at real madrid. We appreciate his time at in the premier league before you've been a man united. I do have to do a quick shot without martin aston villa the curses over jack released has one fucking jackie boy has broken his premier league losing curse it was going to be twenty one games or twenty twenty two yes but peaky blinders came back on the air gave him the motivation to get out there and and beat everton which again everton. I just read this. I don't know how true this is. Someone fact checked me but i pretty sure they've spent the fifth or fourth most most money in the past three years in the premier league like something up there in to be losing the villa two nil like come on now like marquez silva. What are you. What are you doing man like you. Gotta be doing better than that. But you know shout the jack relish i he tweeted out afterwards. Thank fuck and thank fuck for jackie boy. I'm just glad to see villa back in the prem winning. It's it's a good feeling. It's good to see them back yeah man. I love jack relations so i guess by default. All i have to love aston villa so it's it's good to see jackie. Boy get his first. W after twenty one defeats also tweeting out thank fuck look. I can dig that tweet. I can get behind the relatable very really very relatable. I'm going to start saying actually. I already do say things folk <hes> but flip side everton kev. I've a theory for you. Ever ten has been absolute dog shit for the past three are- seasons in the beginning of the season. Do you remember the ronald koeman travesty that occurred when he first took over and he just drove that club into the ground around <hes> then you have the marcos of just you know dumpster fire that was last year's beginning of the season and now once again just just you know losing to ask villa two zero third weekend in the program and it just my theory is they get all their shitting this out early. They you know clear the air that way. They're going to be decent and secure that top ten finish by the end of the season because they don't have any more badness in them mm-hmm. They're a team you gotta. Shake it off. Which teams usually do before the season starts but you know ever ten. They're just a little different. You know they just got to like really just walk it off and shrug off all the everton means once they do they get rolling and then it's like halfway through the season the beat like artisan or man you and you're like i thought they fucking sucked await. I guess they're good now. God damn. I thought we came to an agreement. Pretend that you weren't going be that good this year but you just suddenly turned it on great great thank you when you're we're trying to make a top four push and here you are ruining our fun. Thanks everton. They're they're making up for lost time. They're just like us shape. We gotta get in the top ten. I guess we've got a beat. One of these chumps our united time to hate everton again r._i. Chelsea we know you took all of our players. Here's some new ones for you to poach but in the meantime will score some goals. What's up arsenal you. You liked that top four plays time to get out everton's the fund runar dude. It's the fund runar. They're the ones who essentially like come to the party and and they're like well. Are you guys actually smoking weed here equal. That's either legal like should we call the cops. Get the fuck couty narc get the year this none of this is for. You and i can say that because it's legal in boston so martin you're you're. You're the one in trouble i i have. I may i may have been to the dispensary and found some dummies allegedly and could have been tasty anyway. <hes> miri smoke the devils lettuce us held. Dare you in legal state in in a legal steak. Well you know we're getting closer to nineteen eighty-four so how much legal how much more legal things going the b. anyway with that. 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I'm very sorry i should have shared this information for you before the podcast started so hopefully we can get that guest on who it comes on his show all the time apparently a really nice guy. I just could not remember his name anyway. We talked about the match. Man united fans are overreacting. Are you overreacting reacting to this matter. How are you feeling because so like you kind of like were dominating this match and then it all went to shit yeah. It's i i think that against the run of the run of the play in the thirty second minute jordan just took control and and completely destroyed stories that manchester united centre-back pairing and had a one on one with david and slotted it home perfectly and you know it was entirely early against the run of the play but it took the wind out of manchester united sales manchester united had a whole lot of chances go missing and once again a penalty comes up and marcus radford's the one who takes it this time this time he hits the post and and so there's more controversy on that so so it's just it's it sucks to see this. This game that manchester united one thousand percent should have been leading going into halftime <hes> <hes> and if manchester united was more clinical than i absolutely think that they would have been another huge downer was luke shaw going down injured down here comes my new least favourite manchester united player ashley young onto the pitch and and you just saw just saw what the inclusion of young oversaw did to the squad it did not have that usual brilliant overlapping run forward by luke shaw as well as that trend tracking back and you can actually pinpoint the final goal to an ashley young heir to an ashley young giveaway which led to a throne and then impa hauge air so you can just see the fact that he does have on the field so i hated that substitution. I thought that was a stupid. Substitution by <hes> saux saux are to bring on ashley young and <hes> you know that second half once again manchester united dominating could not find that finish could not find the goal had plenty of chances could not exploit and then daniel james my boy. I'm loving this dude scores a godly and then you know celebrates celebrates like he's just one of the champions league which like koo koo koo koo kid but we got a game to win and i think that instead of keeping keeping the foot pressed fully on the gas remaining laser focus <hes> let off the gas bid and just a stupid mistake again in that midfield field led to patrick van and hold getting the ball after czaja's brilliant run and he just <hes> makes <unk> make another mistake so it's it's just mistakes steaks and lacks a days playing again that are costing manchester united huge when it comes to points because they were the better team ain't no debating that but they weren't clinical who almost pete there and that was bad and and they're lazy play their slobby. Play is getting punished because opponents know that shit is coming. Just bide your time and wait for that mistake. 'cause it's gonna come and crystal palace shoutout to those eagles for being united for the first time since nineteen ninety one one way. I've heard avon also eighty seven. I don't know it's been a fucking like twenty years minute. It's been quite the minute in it and also it was relegated at any point probably had to do that as well. He may have been in the championship at some point. I don't i'm not a fucking historian here but i have to agree greek you marin you should the soccer gods look down upon manchester united at old trafford inside again nope not today. There's nothing you could have done. The soccer soccer god's pulled it out from you but i brought this up last season. Martin is old trafford losing its intimidation factor. Two teams were palestine at all fucking horrible the first two games of the season and then walk in old trafford and get a win mattress united should have they should there should have been so many goals in the back of the net especially coming off that wolves game this should have. I've been the bounceback game so now is next week the bounce back game. What's going on man. That's that's the tricky issue because next week is the last game before the stupid stupid stupid stupid international break dwyer might be international rate full summers worth of international okay anyway if united does not win the game this coming weekend against southampton than i think that they are in serious trouble like fruity loops cereal trouble because that's just a horrifying downward decline. Get that ball busting four zero. When a startup that season then you know shit shit drew the wolves well. We couldn't do anything about that. Goal from emma from my main man ruben neves but at least we were the better team same shit. We were the better team again and so it's it's just the downward spiralling that i really hope not to see so early in the season so i'm i'm. I'm begging praying hoping for w next week a resounding w next week but man like you said i don't think trafford has lost its <hes> <hes> fear factor but i think manchester united definitely have like all these smaller team so to speak they're like little sharpies and they're coming up to this big old aw great white shark who is the talk of the town for a while and then you know the pass through for years he doesn't get that you know you know big fish that swim by couple more fish go by he doesn't get them and so these you know small sharkey start taking bites out of the big shark and before you know it the big shark isn't isn't even doing anything to fight back in the smallish smaller sharpies or just you know getting results against this team regularly consistently and has applied. This big sharp needs to wake up shake off these little shorts and get back to their form because it's bullshit martin. These are games that we should be winning. I'm one hundred percent with you. I think manchester united has played amazing. These first three games and the results are just size the chelsea match or not showing it. I thought brian has looked so good and played their best squad like now. I don't i don't understand like i love daniel james. I think he's been an absolute absolute break out like i think he's already exceeded expectations for kid coming from swansea. You know i'm a big swansea lover love swansea. You know <hes> and i was. I was like wow daniel teams losing his father. What a great story like scoring on his debut seven minutes in like the guy he's been sensational. He's giving you so many options and this whole ooh penalty debacle. I don't know what's going on there. Radford stepped up and could improve himself. Soak shara was like here's the keys now go do it and then he didn't the now soldiers like fuck all right back to square one but i feel like we lost the key. Yeah i feel like all these like shake the boys and be like i should take congestion you guys. You've been playing so fucking well. Just put the balls both go into the back of the net. Don't put your head down. I mean i need to like shake them and give them like an old like sir alex like screaming like speech. Maybe like labs like your fucking great but you need to put the balls in the back of the fucking can net like you're playing so good. Just finish finish the ball i. I'm one thousand percent on the same page. I genuinely they think that this team if a little bit of lock in a little bit more skill in a little bit less mistakes were placed could could be you know a top all three team and i just you know i. I do think that we have lost some of that fear factor. I think that manchester has the united is really rebuilding the right identity he i think under soldier but it ain't proven itself on the field so far are in and the last thing that i want to see his is <hes> players getting disheartening. Stop trying his heart <hes>. I think that there are a couple of players on this manchester united squad god just to name a couple luke shaw lennon gordon scott mc tomei. I don't think that they are the best at what they do. In this is the same argument i made for ender harare but they are the fighters on the pitch. They are not going to be out run by anybody and that's the team that that i wanna see so as long as they can. Keep that attitude up. I see positive results in the future. I mean going to southampton ak kevin's least favorite team <hes> <hes> let's hope for goodwill boys and girls night. That's all we gotta say. Hope hope that soccer god's looking more commonly on manchester united's y. Yeah i think manchester united fans just need to chill out or three games into the season and i you know there's already pose out there and people saying soak shore out before christmas. I mean i think i think mostly because of the board won't do it because they'll probably look at their money and be like oh. We still have lots of money. Oh we like like money. Oh good good. Yes yes okay well. Some folks are can stay <hes>. I don't know i don't see him leaving. Maybe sometime time if if there's still continues until like maybe like february then maybe but i doubt it. I think he's here for the long stake. You have seen progression under him him and he is playing with a pretty young squad. I mean i think it's the fourth youngest starting line up in the premier league so first youngest adding youngest well maybe not with ashley young on the pitch rather than luke shaw but yeah are starting eleven was the youngest on opening match and we <hes> you know didn't change it since then so <hes> so beds. That's really awesome to see and that's that's why i'm giving chelsea some shut up. They had the fifth it youngest <hes> squad on the pitch on opening day so that's you know real wild to see from chelsea. You know the talent factory that is the sheltie use system. Mm-hmm is a now just bring back some players and they're turning out to be pretty darn good so that's cool to see it's cool to see united building on some youth players so right right directions head up high and don't give up. That's you know my advice to any manchester. United fan. Who's listening with a heavy heart like mine is just is is towards the horizon exactly walk down to that horizon like buster scruggs will not exactly <hes> anyway <hes> we're going to talk about v._r. A r i guess in the next segment with city and tottenham and also <hes> cities win and top names loss <hes> which is a nice consolation prize for me is an arsenal fan but probably should have been a draw because v._r. Keeps fucking up before we do that. We're going to break for a quick add right now men. It's a harsh reality but many of us are struggling or will soon be struggling doug link with hair loss. I'm forty years old and i've been bald for almost twelve years and in fact two out of three of us will experience some form of male pattern baldness by the age of thirty five. I've whether is good news for us. That's why i want to tell you about. 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Overtime keeps has more five star reviews than their competitors competitors and nearly one hundred thousand men trust keeps for hair loss prevention head the keeps dot com slash overtime at receive your first month of treatment free. That's k. the e. p. S. dot com slash overtime martin. We're back and where do you wanna start. You wanna start a city <hes> beating the shit out of myth or do you want to start with tottenham newcastle. It started off with old tottenham newcastle because this was a game that i did not expect i expected that city ass beaten but this new castle game <hes> first and foremost i am the biggest hater of newcastle once again because they fired our guy rafa benitez an ios peres is no longer on the team but this new castle squad matt ritchie <music> martin dubrovka and then joe ellington upfront up gal miguel elmore on shutout atlanta. I have heard that he does does good things on the field. I leased from major allegedly. He's pretty darn good. I just have never seen him play. I don't i don't no no anything about but this. This new gaz squad is is kinda stack with talent but tottenham you know once once again it was almost manchester united crystal palace ask newcastle seized the opportunities that they were given and when that opportunity community came from that long ball from dubrovka he jumped on that ship and davidson sanchez pretty much could do nothing at all to stop abdourahmane than from rocketing that ball past <hes> hugh laurie so <hes> i think just a huge shout to newcastle for getting the job done <hes> <hes> against tall them at their home ground so i was surprised nine ten out of ten very surprised color me show yeah and also we've got to talk about the v. a. r. I don't even wanna talk about it. There was also a penalty in the manchester united match where marcial got pulled down probably should should. I should have been a penalty <hes> again another u. Now v._r. Call gone wrong. Tottenham should at least walked away of some type of points but martin what what are we to do here with that doesn't work. Can we just admit it doesn't work. Just cancel that just cancel it games into the season yeah. Everybody hates it like i'm not saying in that because i hate it but i do hate it but if you talk to the people in germany the players germany it's plagued with constant constant mistakes. Italy is slamming it. Currently <hes> syria is just hating it. Inter milan is already <unk> bitching about it. Gunderson is bitching about it. Handball rules are leading to more and more criticism of v._r. And so i just think that ah we can admit that it don't work. We tried it. We tested it doesn't work. Let's remove it because once again third week in a row. We're talking about how v._a. Or doesn't work in two major decisions. There's no consistency number one when it is used even if it's a clear lear penalty like that marsh aon was and that harry kane one was those are clear penalties and they don't call it even with v._r. Then it's broke kick at the fuck out it's supposed to make the game better number one. Is it making the game better know. Is it making the game more enjoyable. No is it making it more accurate no so bing bang boom three strikes. You're out get it out yeah. It's like also like oh the referees on the future her upset because it's losing their credibility and it's like like well. Mike deane is allegedly the biggest spurs fan. That's the big meam. That's always going around him so i honestly like i don't know what to make of it but also like you can't blame this game solely on the v._r. Call i mean i'm serious perfect shirt. I sure as i fans like you have a definite shout. You definitely have a shout four it being a cause of the loss and a draw at least but you <unk> had eighty one percent of the possession and he didn't really do much with it like are in like the dominate the ball and they could just it's like typical spurs. It was like the champions league. Finally they had tons of possession and just there's nothing they can do with it like maybe when delis back in the squad ericsson's not coming off the bench. Hopefully he still stays or so rumors of hint possibly leaving like if you just don't have that final and you have harry kane who's like the best you know alleged number nine in the premier league. I think so so like why can't they put goals in the back of the net i i really i really think that the issue is entirely focused on erickson. I think the wishy washiness of what's he gonna do if he is he gonna stay or go <hes> they are one thousand percent a better team when ericsson plays and he's not been starting for tottenham so i i do think that is a huge reason that they are not doing as we would have expected them to do this season so far but on the other hand i think lamelo <hes> has really come into his own as you know as a secondary striker winger a senator attacking midfield player route so all around guy i i've always loved lamelo. I know you and i don't know why hate fuck lamelo but like why what's people's fascination with him. I don't understand i think take up like most punishable faces. I don't care like a don't get me wrong. I love pacino. I actually really like a lot of the spurs squad but lamelo i just i can't stand that guy. I don't know why i had that weird. Mohawk thing. I just hated it. I just could not stand him. I did hate that. I did hate the weird low mohawk thing but his hair has calmed down and he's a he's a dangerous addition to that spurs midwood. I still think that that he and lucas are best used as the the one two one two punch in terms of substitutions. I love the idea of bringing lucas off on on in the sixtieth minute and him just tearing up the defense. I think that's when he's at his most dangerous <hes> so i think that the spurs have a lot of figuring out to do you got to figure out figured out on another huge thing. I think it's davidson sanchez. I'm i'm gonna feel pretty confident gordon myself when i when i call him shit because he's he's not taught them. Centreback quality <hes> yawn vertongen couldn't cannot comeback comeback fast enough for them and i think that once he returns that they will be in a much better place but that also tells you the issues that they need to address as as soon as possible because both yawn and toby auto water water water getting up there in age plus they were missing their new boy in boy in kobe delay in aa though indo blah saw also indubitably so that was also unexpected so i think that the spurs deaf oh should have won this game. That's how the kids talk defa one. They should've defa one and and newcastle just took advantage of those opportunities and dubrovka was a beast in the back as usual so steve bruce got that w against his better luck came right out of greg's got a nice little lake sandwich and he was like oh right. I gotta manage a premier league team today. Fuck them now coaching wigan anymore ho shit whom i know newcastle all right. Let me let me get myself a pie since i got to win with this dumpster fire of frigging club at the moment but hey you beat spurs at home so all credit to steve bruce what a fucking would've fucking lad martin. Let's talk about man city born myth three one again another poor v._r. Call but i just want to talk about about sergio where amazing brace regime sterling on the scoresheet again and also that phenomenal harry wilson free-kick unbelievable right. It was harry wilson's ulsan streaky. Yeah i first and foremost let me just congrats born myth on continuing to just be a a group of lads <hes> eddie how ryan frazier a harry wilson <hes>. I just dig team yeah. I just love this team and <hes> they put up a fight for about you know four minutes and then <hes> the bad boys of the prim came into town and david silva and bernardo silva are currently having a one on one contest for who is the best midfielder in the prim right now the best yeah who's the best silver silva who's the best midfielder then katie jumps in the mix and he's like what about me one two three. It's you and me and then senchenko jumps in because he's just a clone of katy b but plays defense for some reason so it's just this team with a lot of talent all over the pitch katainen dyson and slashing and slicing all all the way to gold town and kev once again dude like there ain't no stopping this team. It doesn't matter how good or bad you are. They're going to score some beautiful fucking goals. They're going to play some beautiful fucking football and we're just going to continue to prove that he's one of the best s. on prem aguayo after the alleged hissy fit last weekend just goes on and scores embrace this weekend and it's scary kevin. I want to live in a universe where manchester united is as good as manchester city in. I can't live in that universe. I hate it now. It's the spider ver- i system multi-diverse. There's something going on in this universe right now where man city are too so god damn good. It hurts martin. They just have so many options options are everywhere and they have all like clones of each other and they're all like shaving their heads. Now they're joining the it's the cult of pet whole that can fuck right off because they are all like just morphine interim yeah. They're all like you never get quotes from any of them. They're never on unlike bleacher report football. Yeah just like literal clones like every time they talk in an interview like there's never any like quo or anything out of them. Even when there is like sergio aguayo fighting with pep. I didn't see any backlash after that. It was just business as usual like i don't understand. They're just so robotic like they're just like can can jonestown brainwashed right now manson like brainwashed by pep guardiola to play beautiful football and i just it's it's so terrifying. It's more terrifying the manson family or manchester city like they're both up. They're they're. They're up there in intimidation. I'm just saying that this team is our man. Oh man i gotta sit the first our look. This is one of the best folk that i've ever got up. Donna jen's to watch play soccer like the way they played football. It's genuinely like pep has taken the fee for game and reprogrammed at so only his team can play perfect rick football and the other team is always going to be helpless no matter what they do or or how well they defend like. There's going to be one person open even if there's a mistake that k._g._b. Fluff on the first goal fell right to aware on a guero had the wherewithal to not even look at the goal but to strike get perfectly in the corner where the golden could not do god damn thing about it so this team is just drilled into intensity. They are intense. They are peppering corner and like you know they've already taken over the prem so to speak next thing they're going to be taking over the world champions league but no definitely. I just can't understand that like just so good. I can't like praise his team enough enough. I know their second behind liverpool right now but they should have beat tottenham. We can all admit that that was just a crazy like again. Soccer god's looking down being like there's nothing you could do. You can have thirty shots on target or thirty shots in total and you're gonna you're not gonna win today and martin like if they three p. again again or three games into the premier league. I mean obviously mississippi were already the heavy favorites going into the premier. Li season like gotta put them. In the pantheon of greatest premier league dynasties these like there's no denying like money aside like doesn't matter like and i knew that pain you as a manchester united fan but jesus christ aac going like what getting ninety eight points and then becoming centurions the next season or i'm probably mixing that up but i mean it's unbelievable right. I i mean i absolutely think that they are one of the best teams ever to play in the program. I just also think that there has to be that asterik by their name like there ain't no denying how fucking good they are that asterix only there to let you know having got that good and so if you take hey to wait you know any context of of the team itself were how bill you just look at the individual players as well as the coach that it one thousand percent. This is one of the best teams in history and i i mean that wholeheartedly team is infallible. It's it's it's it's a it's a terrifying sight to behold and it doesn't seem to have any signs of slowing down man which is just a scary scary thought like they are bind well. They are supporting their <hes> starting cast well and it's all run by the mastermind vakhin evil genius himself himself pep guardiola so they're on the right track there on the right trend and who knows when this train to stop and doesn't seem anytime soon but again masterclass by pep against board and we kind of knew it was going to be a blow out but you know berman held their own. We can't deny did whatever they could against this monster which the city but that's that's how the cookie crumbles but marin urea do some fan questions ready as ever be all right before we do our questions. I'm going to announce the fantasy leaders after matchday week three or match we met whatever so the fantasy leaders in our fantasy fantasy lot americans league are pinball rovers salt and pepper. You are my soak shar buxton for jack in the box. So in pep guardiola did broin identity who ate all the pies fighting mongooses stratford soldiers just my two sinks thanks panda football clubs so there's our top twelve people in our fantasy premier league right now <hes> out of one hundred and twenty thirty i don't i don't know how many maybe warner league but make sure if you wanna join you might be pretty behind right now but you will still be giving a random prize to one lucky person you could being last place and so when a prize so we're going to be given out adidas shirts bucket hats and stuff like that at the end of the month so make sure to join our fantasy the premier league make sure to make your transfers before friday if there's a match <hes> i haven't looked at the schedule i know he's got the north london derby coming out and i'm not ready for that and yet i'm not ready to give my prediction for that but martin well season fan question before that we're going to break for a quick ad ray now we're back and we're gonna do some predictions okay starting from our discord channel which is our chat room room for lads or you can come out and talk to me other people who are fans of the show and <hes> talk some footy some beer and just some life so first question russian come from x._x._x. Big baller sixty-nine x._x._x. He says predictions for the darby this weekend also pepsi or coke hugs and kisses hugs and kisses. I don't wanna give my prediction for the north london darby ed. I'm not prepared. I want to say arsenal because it is at the emirates. I believe but i'm not ready. You gotta stay tuned for friday's episode but martin. Do you have an early prediction. Our hit you with a two one tottenham victory <hes> again. I'm sorry it's okay. It's you know i might have something similar but i feel good about this arsenal squad but then again it's it's just like the false arsenal hope also koci definitely a big coke guy not like the the substance but like the drink zero preference you know when they ask you <hes>. We only have pepsi products. Is that okay. No does that include coke. I i don't know who owns who just give me the dark brown shit yeah and put some rum in there some whiskey all right next question <hes> from bi carbs nineteen eighteen. He said who played their week was. I probably say mohammed so law or a guero so i'd probably pick salah. That'd be my player of the week. I'd have to say tammy abraham or so law just because abraham. I'm getting chelsea that i w salah donate against you know in top six opposition <unk> accustomed to guera them as i get that he does. That's shit all the time. He's a poacher. He's go gator like he'll score some goals so i i gotta give it to. I'm actually going to give it to tammy. Abraham burhan forgetting. I kinda. I kinda love that thank you. Martin next question comes from kung drew he says what do you think about what's what's happening with the bolton wanderers and berry ooh. This is a tough subject to both clubs have essentially gone bankrupt and are asking for money from all the other top six clubs. These teams have been over in england for over one hundred years so it's really sad but i don't know all the details specifically. I just know there's one side where it's like well. Why should we bail them out like you know they just handle their finances wrong and other side being like you know these are historic clubs like almost it was like historic landmarks. We should take care of them the amazon rainforest so i don't know martin. What do you think i am. One thousand percent on board for the top six clubs belen out the smaller teams like i remember when i was first getting into the prem like watching weekend week. Kowt and bolton was one of the boys in the print on. I just can't imagine that club who has been around. I think thank you know since the early early. People had gone up the english league yeah yeah and you know sam allardyce manage this team from ninety nine to seven and so this this team genuinely had a a great a grip on the premise team has great history and the prim and in england so to imagine this team going under because a top six club and i'm i'm just gonna be honest with the all who have more money than god who have more money than you know a patriots team a you know a lakers team manchester united madrid barcelona or the top three richest sports teams in the world for them not to be able to collectively come together and show outs and cash give it to bury and bolton at bullshit. I am one thousand percent for keeping these clubs. Alive like people have been going to these like ninety year your old people have been going to these games since nineteen seventy eight since nineteen fifty and they had so many legends like ivan campo jay jay okocha owed and fernando and so it's it's so much historian i i say if you have the means to keep these clubs alive do it otherwise you're just kind of spend that money on alexi sanchez and i'll tell you what's worth more than lexi sanchez bolton wanderers gave that money to bolton or name may mark or more yeah i i would definitely give my money to these clubs the name our next question comes from salah is a one season wonder he he says can lester wolves actually break into the top six season well less than sitting in fourth right now and the wolves have looked pretty nice. Even though they lost burnley this weekend i believe <hes> which of course after you know drawing manchester united they would go and just lose the burnley. Sorry martin <hes> you know. It's just how all the cookie oh sorry. Sorry sorry. They drew burnley so i dunno leicester's. Midfield is really fucking nice man. They're probably all gone. Madison's probably going to be sold for like a couple of like fifty million ex. You're madison's really nice and they just look stacked all over. I don't i'm still it's still too early to tell but if i was gonna pick a team right now less there would be my back because god damned. Jimmy vardi such a bad man. I know that that james madison is already linked to manchester united in the january transfer window who who is linked to manchester united martin. I know this is but i would love to see james madison. Just like a love harry maguire james medicines dope and it looked like back so bring that beck's hair back <hes> so i think that you know jamie vardi left-foot strike that he had against bernie <unk> law fucking power red bull and cocaine is is what powers that man and i. I love the lesser team. I love the wolves team as well but do i realistically think that they can talk crack into the top six six now i it's thirty eight games and consistency wins out the top. Six teams are the best at being consistent and and so i'd say <hes> you know non times out of ten a top sixteen would win those games and it just didn't happen for them this weekend so <hes>. I don't think that they have a chance of cracking the top six as cool as that would be yeah. It's a marathon so you gotta pace yourself so we'll just have to you know everyone grew on everyone else. Pace yourself as well too deep breath everyone just relax or three games end but also get stoked because merely we can say now is officially back all right next question comes from plo tear need to the guilty says ken chelsea avoid relegation this year. Yes chelsea will be fine. There's no relegation relegation thoughts in their mind. They got their first win in the premier league. I think chelsea is looking mighty fine christian pulisic getting his first assists baby. That's an american <hes> yeah. Chelsea is fine time for sure because he's on justice building there on a projector. They're on the up and up for sure. I buying stock in chelsea right now. All right next question artists firmly known as k p x one says ken norwich. Keep playing such attacking style and say up well. Have you seen kooky. I mean we've already announced him as the go of the premier league season so yeah i think norwich can stay up but then again we're only three games into the season but i mean there are teams looking pretty shitty like wafford who are have a very tough schedule coming up and they've lost their first opening three games so not i. I believe they've also three three yet. I think it's too early to tell norwich. They look nice. I like norwich so far yemen. I definitely think that there are teams that are applying much worse than norwich are <hes> throughout these first opening games. I mean newcastle's one asks him villas one watt. I is definitely one so i think that they do have a strong chance of staying up <hes> if they keep playing at this level that they're playing even if dip a bit <hes> we already said cookies the new go go and <hes> i'm predicting about you know fifty four goals from him this season so that he knows screw the wolves and lester norwich is cracking taught six yep. That's our that's our black horse. Alright darkhorse black horse. I don't anyway the black door course the black horse very dark. <hes> black black black hole horse all right next question comes from our instagram gives a follow lads podcast. <hes> <hes> soccer's sean says will the u._s. Women went on in the olympics. Obviously we're just powerhouse. We're gonna ship every single team. There's no question i didn't even know the olympics were next year but now neither do i. Near years i get if there's a a soccer competition involves volve the u._s. W national team bet on them. That's just a safer bet yeah. Just take my money now next question. Will we see a rematch in the playoffs house of the l. a. darby who wins yeah so the l. a._f._c. l. e. galaxy play this weekend and has not lost elliott elliott elliott f._c. Has has been dominating. M._l._s. somehow can't beat l._a. Galaxy again this labs talking major league soccer is not going to be great great. Apparently it was an amazing match. I didn't watch it three three yeah. I saw the highlights apparently lacy and then i saw goals in fifteen eighteen minutes. I fifteen minutes. <hes> carlos vela you know taunting is latin. I saw the highlights those pretty cool <hes> i'm just gonna bet onslaught as much as i can in the m._o._s. and <hes> that seems to be doing the trick for me yeah so hopefully we see a rematch tabby electric and i actually watch the major league soccer playoffs because the philadelphia union. We'll be in them all right next question. <hes> ducks girl out says are krista palace going to be this season's giantkiller or is united in for another year another trashier no. I don't think chris is pretty these shy to be honest. I think they're not great at all. I just think it was just you know. One is unfortunately games reunited. Should one and i don't know if you can call it a trash shear if they somehow make the top four. I think that'd be pretty. You know pretty good them to do so. I would give them probably like a b. if they made the top four so i don't know i but i do think crystal. Palace are not that great yeah. I mean aside from wilfrid jaw. They don't really have committee stunners on their team but i'm i'm in the same boat. You know top. Four is a good job but it ain't all obviously then go. I guess it depends on manchester. Just united goals in manchester united fan goals. I mean my goal is obviously deficient. Talk foreign then challenge for the title next year because it obviously ain't happening then this season so poor weekend but nothing to be fearful of now just everyone again relax <hes> last question three braves three games only three games all right last question from our instagram <hes> from sweeney. How should the last a gofundme metoo by bolton f._c. I i would love to be no nerve general weekend. Lebron we could lebron at like he did to liverpool. We can just be american owners yes or like swazi swazi and then there'd be a revolt from the welsh <hes> i kind of like this r._a. So someone star go fund me page and the lads could be sooners. N._f._c. could be fun. Imagine two drunk american idiots running a good great. Obviously they can't handle it. No we might be better. I honestly let the tape show. We've never not succeeded at being english soccer owners so who who's to say. I think we've probably be pretty good. Martin all right last question comes from our from our twitter lads underscore podcasts. Give us a follow on twitter the soccer new at soccer new u._s._a. Says why are zero nil one match results so rare in major league soccer. You're probably because the defense sucks. I don't know like again. I didn't know it was rare to be honest. Yeah that's crazy. We don't i don't know maybe because the other other leagues in the world have like the top defenders in the world if you if you want to go to syria which has the best defenders or best defensive schemes in the world don't expect like three three. The crazy matches like l. a._f._c. Versus l._a. Galaxy i mean it's bright because the level of defense is just way higher and that's why you see. M._l._s. players struggle struggle to score when they come over like miguel miranda. I think he only has one goal since coming over from last january. It's when you're going up against like virgil urgel van dyke and the harry maguire's. I put them in the same conversation. You're martin. Maybe not the louise but anyway. It's it's a whole different. Even david louise is still leaps and bounds so. I don't just saying a lot so yeah. It's probably i that would be my answer yeah. I'm right there on the same page. I really don't watch law them but i mean you know the reason there are high scoring football or basketball. All games is because there ain't no defense and so <hes> put two and two together and it leads you with a four one no defense has played and <hes> just the quality of defense around the much different coach better tactics etcetera etcetera players so you know i mean the goals is that the scores that little league games are never one zero. They're like thirteen twelve so just you know subtract the talent quota from uh defenders in the prim compared to defenders in the m._o._s. and that's why we see bigger margins in the games and you know what i'm all for it more exciting. That's for damn sure but it's just you know a lesser quality for sure yeah. I mean josie marino his ideal game winning one nil just totally out defensively offensively tactically like the other team jersey marinas a wet dream is a one victory throughout the entire season so what it's soaking think anyway all right guys. That's our show. Thanks for hanging out with us on a juicy marina wet dream. Thank you guys so much awesome. Show we love you and we'll see you friday bye they not this has been a presentation of overtime media and vivid seats use the promo code overtime in the vivid seats mobile lap to save up to one hundred dollars on all ticket purchases first time customers only.

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