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Celebrity olympians general knowledge cryptic capitals movie remakes and four-letter advent words. These are the five topics. Today's episode said get ready for quiz bed number. Forty one thursday. Hello and welcome back to quiz beard. Your weekly installment of trivia with twenty five questions over five rounds. There are thirty points the play four as you can nominate anyone of your five rounds in which to play your blackspot card which you'll receive at the start of play when you play your black spot. It means that you get double points on or create dancers in your nominated round and remember to declare your black spot before the first question of you nominate round has been asked a rundown of how to play can be found at quiz beer dot com. You can also print your own answer sheets and black spots from the quiz kit page of the website. All you can get hold of the quiz skip book from amazon dot com or dakota uk or wherever you buying it from the website can also tell you how to subscribe to the podcast on different players. And if you can. Please leave review on apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen if you'd like to offer even more support you can help quiz bit. Keep up and running by going to quiz bid dot com slash support to find out how before we start here's a quick reminder of today's round one is celebrity olympians round to is general knowledge round three cryptic capitals round. Four is movie remakes. Round five is four letter advent words. So have i think about which ones fancy your black spots. And let's get on with the questions. Route won't is celebrity olympia ins number one which taza won five gold medals swimming over the nineteen twenty four games in paris and nineteen twenty eight games in the damn number. Two better known as the james bond villain our job in nineteen sixty four goldfinger. The which sport did hawaiian-born herald. T sakata win a silver medal at the nineteen forty eight london. Olympic games number three perhaps more famous for becoming billionaires and suing facebook's mark zuckerberg twin athletes tyler and cameron winkle voss secured sixth place in the olympic men's pairs rowing event in which olympic games number four which. Us army officer famous for leading the forces on the western front in world war two as well as for his rousing speeches and fifth place in the inaugural modern pentathlon event in nineteen twelve a number five which british violinist represented thailand alpine skiing in the two thousand fourteen winter olympics in russia round two is general knowledge number six which city is the second largest in the republic of ireland number seven which british gopher when his third race to dubai title in december. Twenty twenty number. Eight which coffee jane to name from the scrupulous and steadfast first mate of the peak quad in herman melville's nineteen fifty one novel moby dick number nine which entrepreneur. Ceo and charismatic. Pioneer of the personal computer to died in two thousand eleven has been portrayed in film by michael ashton kutcher justin long and no awhile and number ten according to the gospel of matthew. How many people did jesus feed within the five loaves and two fishes route. Three today is cryptic capitals. I'll give you a cryptic clue to a capital city nor would like to do. Is the name the city number eleven. The iron dukes preferred footwear number. Twelve a vhs copy of the life of bryant number thirteen way. You might pay last respects to an automobile before teen. That badly behaved child is made out of magma. A number fifteen. The crooner lost all his money. Round four is movie. Remakes number sixteen based on a nine hundred thirty one. Release which franco zeffirelli film of nineteen. Seventy seven tells the story of an aging boxer struggling to support his young son by returning to the ring number. Seventeen which martin scorsese film of two thousand six is based on the earlier hong kong crime movie internal affairs number eighteen in which two thousand and three heist remake did mark. Wahlberg play charlie croker. A role made famous by michael. Cain the original nineteen sixty nine film. One thousand nine. Which film of nineteen ninety. Six starring robin williams and gene. Hackman is a remake of the nineteen seventy-eight franco-italian film the kaj afo and number twenty which nineteen ninety-one remakes. Robert deniro max katie. A role initially played by robert mitchum in the nineteen sixty two original round five as its leaves christmas. This round is called four-letter advent words. I'll give you a series of definitions and you give the four letter word described. All the answers can be made using the letters from the word advent. That's eighty the anti number twenty one the initial contribution that each player makes to the pot in a game of poker number twenty two. The central area of church number twenty three a depression knocked into an object surface number twenty four and administrator in charge of a division of a university or college number number twenty five europe's highest active volcano right then ancestors today's quiz round. One was celebrity olympia number one. The tars and acted won five gold medals for swimming in the nineteen twenty four and nineteen twenty. Was johnny weissmuller number. Two the james bond villain or job goldfinger was an olympian in the sport of weightlifting number. Three more famous becoming. Bitcoin billionaires and soon mark zuckerberg tyler and cameron winkle secured six place in olympic rowing in beijing. Two thousand and eight number four the us army officer that and fifth place in the inaugural modern pentathlon in one thousand nine hundred twelve was general. George s patton and the five. The british violinist who represented thailand in alpine skiing in two thousand fourteen in the winter olympics was vanessa. Mae ran to the general knowledge round number six. The second largest city in the republic of ireland is cork number seven. The british gulf of that won the race to dubai in twenty twenty is lee westwood number eight. The coffee chain took its name from moby. Dick is starbucks number nine the entrepreneur. co and charismatic pioneer. Been play button. michael fast bend ashton kutcher just inland. No while is steve jobs number ten. According to the gospel of matthew jesus fed five thousand people with five loaves and two fishes round three was the cryptic capitals around. So i give you a cryptic clue and just wanted the name of the capital city number eleven. The jukes preferred footwear his wellington of new zealand number twelve. Vhs copy of the life of. Brian is montevideo. Montevideo montevideo in uruguay number thirteen Way might pay last respects to an automobile is the city of khartoum in sudan number fourteen. That badly behaved child is made of. Magma is breakfast lava in slovakia. A number fifteen. The crooner lost all his money is singapore capsule off. Singapore round. four was the movie remakes round number sixteen based on the nineteen thirty one. Release the franco zeffirelli. Film of nineteen seventy seven boxer Struggling to support young son is the champ. Seventeen the scorsese film of two thousand and six. Based on internal affairs was called the departed number eighteen. The two thousand three heist remake where mark wahlberg play charlie croker previously a role for michael cain with the italian job number. Nineteen the film of two thousand and six starring robin williams and gene hackman remake of kasha. Afo was the birdcage number. Twenty nine thousand. Nine hundred one. Remake starring robert de. Niro's max katie. A in a role initially played by robert mitchum was cape fear and finding round five was the four letter advent words round so i gave you a series of definitions. Annoying you have to do is to give the four letter answer. All the answers can be made using letters from the word advent number twenty one the initial contribution each player makes to a part in the game of poker his anti a. n. t. e. number twenty two. The central area of a church is the nave and twenty three if depression knocked into an object surface at twenty four and administrator in charge of a division of a university or college dean a number twenty five europe's highest active volcano aetna eight t and a. Okay thank you very much for listening. That's it for another week. Please remember to get in touch if you'd like to suggest around and try to include it for next time i'll be back soon with another five rounds until then take care goodbye.

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