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From workhouse connect in. Aj Benza vein. he likes to be walked on a leash and play really dirty kinky sex tapes. CBS The guy. Put the cock in the peacock network. Okay Bitch Hey everybody. Aj Bend to here with famous bitch. This is your show for January. Twenty seven twenty twenty. Obviously What I'm going to speak about can compare to what just happened? Twenty five minutes ago. Kobe Bryant going down the helicopter. Uh It has to be the biggest death of an athlete in my lifetime. I and probably for ever Lou GEHRIG. Of course the New York Yankees way back that was a big one Roberto Clementi Thurman Munson Len biased. There is a handful of shockers. But nothing compares to this. Nobody was on the level of Kobe with five championship. Rings eighteen trips to to the all star game. I mean just phenomenal phenomenal resume. Oh God if you live in L. A.. You know he is is just on the Mount Rushmore of Los Angeles. He's probably on the Mount Rushmore event of the NBA. But kind of tough to go on and do his shell. That's not going to talk about about him exclusively but I will have. I will have stories on Kobe probably tomorrow because I want to get into his whole career and not going to rush that in particular the rape case That's important I. I don't WanNa put a damper on on things but it is part of the man's life it was part of his legacy and listen. I don't WanNa be the guy that turns off the lights at the party but as much as we're going to Miss Kobe Bryant. For many years there was a faction of people who just fucking had it with him. His family being one to them you know he's he. He was on the outside his mom and dad they. They don't talk as much as you do with. Your family. his teammates had issues with them in particular Shaquille Shaquille O'Neal but look that's why I say that's way today because right now nobody wants to hear those stories but I wanna get you anyhow. We'll get to that like I said the day For me here. I'm watching brain games with the kids. I love that show and we love that shows a family but it hasn't been on for a while so you know we see this a new season. Hey Cool we love a new season of brain games now. The first season they had Neil Patrick Harris as the host. I can't with that I I just can't just a little too smug for me I appreciate his acting and his overall image resume. You Know Stage Movie Atv Dancer. Whatever the fuck but I lost it when they asked him how I met your mother as the straight guy who always always gets a Lotta Pussy? Come on just stop Hollywood. Why not cast in mckellen as James Bond for Fuck Sake Sake? Anyhow seasons two through seven went with this kid named Jason Silva Good Guy. I love this kids. Work came out of nowhere. Brain Brain Games majored sink. And you could participate with the family in front of the TV. That's very rare nowadays shows that put the family together. Sometimes I don't WanNA scream and watching my shows. My daughter's online my son is watching Tick Tock videos. Jesus remember when we all used to watch while L. Kingdom or even all in the family. I know I'm dating myself but I don't give a shit. Though show's brought a family together and now they got that penny as Keegan Michael Key. He's the new host and I can't like this guy I liked the show key and Peele. But he's another smug smug prick that. I just can't I can't with this guy. He's made the show very loud and uproarious and always looked at him. Like one of those old black performers who are being paid to make Whitey laugh you get you know what I mean he's D shucking and jiving. He must be embarrassed or other. Black folk must be embarrassed for him the shell which was once a show that had a great great pace to it. Because it made you think like I said and it wasn't about you know in your face madness. You want that. Go Watch Ellen's game of games. Whatever the hell it's called you talking pies in the face people slide down slide? Whatever Jerky Shit? But you know the day I stopped liking Keegan Keegan. Michael Key Kegalle Keegan. Michael Key was when he was interviewed on the Joe Rogan podcast and he was talking about. How comedy is not really his truest passion and he he he does more than that? You love drama. He loves serious. He studied serious acting and he said to Rogan. That comedy is just one thing he he said and he actually said this. I have another Arrow in my quiver. Go Fuck yourself all you've got another Arrow in your quiver. I've never heard an actor. You give me your all time greats. The fucking Barrymore's never said something like that about quiver. My phone's going off the hook right now. I shut the everybody's telling me Kobe's at an hour later I was looking at it at eleven twenty seven when I texted me anyhow anyhow By the way the did What I tell you the other day about female singers who suddenly have to tell us that they suffer from something? Remember and as if on cue from what I was just saying if you days ago Taylor Swift has to inform us that she wants struggle with an eating disorder. Yeah it's going to be revealed in a her new documentary that she used to starve herself after seeing Paparazzi photos that she didn't like she found unfavorable favorable. It's called Taylor swift it's called Miss Americana and it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last week and it she said it only happened in a few times in a not in any way proud of it. Then shut the fuck up. But there's a picture of me where I feel like I looked like my tummy was to bigger or someone said that I looked pregnant and that will just trigger me. Just start a little bit. Just stop eating. Aren't we all like this. Don't we all see pictures we don't like what would she have done. You know twenty five years ago when somebody grabbed an instamatic took a picture and you have to wait a week. 'cause you went to fold them out to have the pictures pitches developed. When they came back you had twenty four pictures in the role of film? Maybe twelve sixteen of them. Your eyes were either closed or read like the devil yet about three to choose from that you might WanNa put in your phone allow album or the fucking corny collage on the wall but these bastards now you know I have to start myself. Shut the fuck up. Just how much more famous do you WANNA be. You what are you worried about your making tens uh-huh of millions of dollars nobody cares. I got news your most of your fans are oversized fourteen. They look at you like a toothpick fucking people are insane and she goes my relate. You know our my relationship with food was exactly the same psychology that I apply to everything else in my life. If I was given a pat on the head I registered as good if I was given a punishment I registered. That is bad. That's only all do anyhow. It's sometimes these assholes after. Call him out. Because I told you last week. Everybody's got an illness. Everybody's a victim of something. We all need to feel. Sorry for people any I look. Here's the Gysi of the meat of today's show the Harvey Weinstein trial had a familiar face on Friday my ex-girlfriend often Kara young testified. I had no idea this was going to happen. I let me just say this. I'll tell you why when I watch snippets of the Harvey Weinstein Trial. It's been obvious to me that he is producing this trial. Like I said a long time ago. People with a lot of money who being used to bossing people around or like this if if they ever have to face a jury that could you know that could put them away for life. Harvey Weinstein is a producer. A Big One and the way he had a list of attorneys come. Common goal is exactly the way producer or studio had taste meetings with directors and actors when he has a property he wants to make into a beautiful and powerful film. He's had over a dozen lawyers at least sit down with him and he's fired a dozen dozen more who didn't see this trial or his situation the way he sees it. So let's go and it's no different than having creative differences over a movie or a play or TV series. You know and and by the way he's got nothing to do either he's got no job. No office the check in with every day so this is consumed him but basically he's essentially acting like a a paralegal to these attorneys and that can be dangerous lawyers don't like this style cramped. He had a natural guy man. He had been Bronfman. I've been a real New Yorker this home court trial for Ben Bronfman if he would have kept him home game. Ben Brought Him Great Puffy puffy combs trial years ago. Go puffy had weapons. Possession and bribery charges in Brompton was lead guy. I'll give you an idea of how well respected and good he is. He was the lead and co counsel with Johnny Cochran. Johnnie Cochran was basically the side kit council puffy wanted Johnny. They're like You know I respect Johnny. I want him here kind of thing and puffy walked. That's that was a big victory and by the way Ben Broth and not. The tallest guy stood next. Two hundred seventy street. Maybe five foot one. But he's fierce as a mother fucker and this was a case that had witnesses that saw puffy we do things and he ripped through like a pit bull. His preparation is always intense. He prepares the same. Whether you're the guy who can afford the best so you can't afford the best. He's great at this. When you're in front of a jury you have to be yourself? That's the main thing that's what a lot of great lawyers will tell you and he is. If you're not yourself okay can tell. Michael Jackson also hired him when he had when he had bonk Erebus on his team. And you know he said that they missed. He said recently. Recently Mr Weinstein did not invent the casting couch in Hollywood. Bad behavior is not on trial in this case and that led me to believe that they were going to go for a defense said said well okay. Perhaps something's inappropriate some relationships with people I work with whatever but you know it was all consensual. They seem to be going forelock. Hey this isn't necessarily criminal sort of defense but then Weinstein lift Bronfman go because they had creative differences assist. They butted heads Rothman. Had an idea and harvey would run these ideas by other attorneys and he would get second opinions and that's always a problem novel. But that's what he does. Then he hires Casey Anthony's attorney Jose Baez who. I've been with that guy backstage in Fox at the Geraldo show and and other other other shows and he's a character you know. There's there's a story that perhaps Casey Anthony paid him in other ways than cash. If you know would I mean. But he's a guy that bonds with the jury you know he'll walk in every Good Morning Ladies and gentlemen of the jury how are you this morning and they they love it they enter him back. He also rep Aaron Hernandez who was already convicted of murder being tried for a double murder and he gets a fucking not guilty verdict because he created a relationship with the jury. Trust me. I think that was the big difference. Also he makes great opening statement and he's great at closing closing arguments Bruce Cutler did the same thing with John Gotti. I was there for many of those Court cases so he was headed for a third time with a super high profile case. It seemed in the court of public opinion that Harvey Weinstein was going to be found guilty but the way the public talks about him and then they had a falling out. Then Harvey brought in Howard Sullivan. Who who's a Harvard Guy? No good and now he's he's got his New York lawyers that I think are excellent and blow them are married husband and wife team authorized dollar. WHO's a TV personality? He's got a good warm presence. He's guys guy he's buddy buddy with caught offices a walk through the halls. Have a Yankee game. Can you believe what they did to To Stan last night and the the the office love him. He's great down at the food court getting coffee not food corporate getting coffee talking Shit. How about ally manning adding yesterday? They love that Shit. A lot of lawyers don't do that a lot of laws put their nose up in the and they're to fucking good but like authorized Allah loves that and he's married to Marianne tuna very prestigious lawyer. They got a firm together and their associates. Name Diana Samson she's a former Manhattan. Da It's a very sweet story. Her husband proposed to her in a boat in central park. Very New York City. Couple big wedding three hundred people there. That's a New York team. That's what Harvey's got but because Harvey does nothing small. He's got more he needed. He needed something to compete was whatever the the prosecution acution would bring he. He wanted to have his team more complete so he brings the stars from Chicago. Donna tuna forty two year old criminal defense fence Laura. She was a prosecutor at one point. She's the lead attorney from Chicago and also Damon. Sharon's and listen. Tony is one of the foremost lawyers in the sexual assault field anywhere. She that's her expertise and having a female in this position is very important. It's still a little more comfortable for a woman to do cross which by the way has to be very effective but for a woman to do a AH in a case that's about sexual assault is very important because you got to undermine the credibility of women as you do it in for man to do it it can be look at like I don't know You know some women might think it's the guys being to touch when a woman does it. You don't have that thinking thinking but that's bread and butter. In fact she has lost sexual assault case since twenty ten. I mean ten years. Being undefeated is unheard of. She's also very relatable. She's not the kind of chick who Works for only white collar. People and I read some. She wrote for Newsweek. She wrote an op Ed for Newsweek. And she said my father always told me to never let emotions cloud your intellect on the issue of Harvey Weinstein Prosecution between the passionate activists and the formidable advocates assisted by the media. My father's lesson as often disregarded so this this woman not only believes Harvey Weinstein is not guilty. She believes he's innocent. It's a big difference. And that's the reason in my opinion why she is on the team so this was surprising to me as the defense was going at Annabella Sealdah the wonderful Actress who said Harvey raped her in the nineties. The nineteen ninety-four exactly. I saw the car young. My ex girlfriend was called to testify. Now I didn't know this yes I had no idea she was going to be called in. She didn't tell me she had just been in. La with her family. Usually she calls me. We meet for coffee or dinner and this time. She didn't and I saw the on instagram that she was in town. And I didn't WanNA bugger. She has your things to do. She got nieces and nephews and family and this time I found it on. I didn't even get a phone call. And then I see. She's being grilled by authorized dollar when she got back to New York. And then it made sense so I'd Allah was grilling and a and matter of fact he was so tough. The judge actually shutdown questioning on Friday. After I doubt got very aggressive with first of all I gotta tell you. I don't think it went went. Well for Annabel's Kiara as well as she may think. Put it that way I know she She told me way back last February that she I was nervous to go up there and talk. She wasn't even sure she would even testify I think it showed because right away they expose the fact that she he's been She's been caught in the past telling elaborate elaborate tales. Put it that way. They found clip for the David Letterman. Show which by the way had been scrubbed rug from the Internet but they found it and in that clip of the show. She's telling David Letterman Something to the effect of. I'm going to be careful now. How answer answer questions? I've been known to tell long tales for example she wants. Her father had an iguana farm and she wants said also so that her and another actress live together in Paris which is not neither one of those things is true and look. She was young she wanted to. You Know Oh she wanted to take a lot of interviews that press junkets for a ride I get it. It gets boring repeating the same shit all the time for those of you who don't understand what press junkets junkets or like you sit there and a number of people from different newspapers and websites. Common ask the same bullshit questions. It gets tiring so you want to spruce it up up. I've been there and I've been there and it's been because Harvey's told me you've got twelve interviews today that started five am time be on your tolls. Don't fuck it up. We gotTA sell this book and after a while you just got. Yeah whatever so. She told some tales that made things fun. She spiced it up opening. You know in fact. It's usually a good practice if you're an actor to tell a law and see if you can get out of it you know but they jumped on that and it didn't make her look good. You know I can't say what she did is bad. I've done it. We've all done it at times but none of us think it's GonNa come back to poke holes in are rape trial down the road. So I'm surprised I see Kara. Is there you know. And she was with Annabella in the nineties. They've been friends for very long time. And apparently one night in the nineties At Abella and car and some friends all you watch the Academy Awards together at the artist. Julian Schnabel's loft down in the West village and car said she noticed missed cuts on Annabel's thighs and she said in court. I asked her. What those cuts were and if she was cutting herself and that's the way car car is she gets right to the fucking point she don't care the truth is everything to her and Annabella admitted that she was cutting itself? So Weinstein's lawyer authorized. Allah begins his line of questioning by asking car if Annabella war close short enough even winter to expose the scars and it continues with a series of rapid fire questions directed at Kara which led to the judge James Burke to interrupt idolatry and ordered him to sit down and he'll by this time he'd also ignored multiple objections from the prosecution but he wanted to call a really hard. Did you seek. You're getting medical intervention for your friend. Did you talk to anyone about how to help your friend. Did you do anything at all to help your friend. Long thin scratches. What were they tell me like like scratches from a cat? And then he went on crazy and I know Kara when she's put against the wall like that I know her. I know tips. She'll start scratching a knows. I know she doesn't like that kind of treatment. I thought he was going to ask. Did you order the Code Red. You know like Nicholson my God son. We live in a world that has walls and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. WHO's GonNa do it? You You Lieutenant Weinberg Eric. I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom you weep for Santiago and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury you allowed that luxury of not knowing what I know that Santiago's death while tragic probably saved lives Chico and I saw that movie When it came out and he went again the next day alone and he memorized the whole fucking thing he used to do it for people at restaurants nightclubs? I would say cheek due Colonel Jesse my God. Chico had such a memory he used to call a total recall. Anyhow the judge eventually interrupted dala spoke to the lawyers privately and then he dismissed car and she was seen leaving the courthouse in tears. I texted her and said if it's any consolation you look beautiful walking out there but I spoke through Saturday and she told me she'd been bothered about testifying for a year and by the way she also was getting calls From Oprah Winfrey about the Russell Simmons Documentary and at one point. She answered call Russell and said. I don't think you're GONNA WANNA be friends with me after this documentary entry. And he told her I don't care. I walked this doc to get made. I want people to hear my side and looking back. Last as February. was when Kerr called me and asked if Annabella could have my number Because you WanNa talk about the fact that she was his At a film festival and saw that I was in a documentary about Harvey. In this whole thing you know I guess you you know. She's been going through a lot. Obviously she also told me she was sequestered in a room for hours and she warned me. When I go to New York I bet a hit the head before I get to court because once you're in that room you can't leave to pay so I guess I'm not taking my blood pressure medications that they cause there's a You know That those pills make you pay. I ain't doing that shit but I told I told Carl what I tell. Oh you guys. And that is this how I can't see a woman talking to or remaining friends with her rapist you know. She can't tell me why but she does admit women have a problem going back to abusers There's there's an ex tennis pro that she told me about that. I've known the story named Vojtech Fiba. WHO's a real creep? and He tried to push himself on her one night before I knew her and I used to always hope I ran into this motherfucker so I could deal with them but it turns out Donald Trump dealt with him when he was dating which which I think is fantastic. It's a great story. It's a real creepy scandal. It was a huge deal in France That the tech DOC. I'm sorry that Vojtech feedback was involved in back in nineteen ninety eight and it reads like a synopsis for Trashy Airport Novel. Scott sex movie stars politicians Arab princes arm deals and a publicity hungry judge who took them all all down and the case uncovers the the brutal methods used to to snare a lot of young women. Some as young as fifteen years old into into a call girl agency which specialized in wealthy high profile clients the case also exposed attempts by the French government went to block an investigation which would have embarrassed. The politicians an damage French interest abroad and in this particular case six. The people were charged with running an international prostitution ring whose call girls entertained. Ready not only feedback feeback but also Robert Deniro to senior French politicians and a bunch of Gulf princes among others. What happened was the agency? Didn't see was specializing in tricking trapping. starstruck teenage girls into selling their bodies with the promise that they'd have careers as models or actresses and at one point according to the report of the investigative draw a judge the agency became kind of approved dealer dealer in girls and they operated with the blessing of the French Foreign Ministry and the French secret services so by steering Middle East arm clients arms clients actually towards girls from a known and closely watched agency. They thought they'd be a reduced risk of blackmail or the leaking of secret negotiations. So the leaks from the French investigation investigation eventually suggested that the agency wants brokered almost a million dollar almost a million dollar deal for an Arab prince to spend the night with a Hollywood actress. They don't name the Hollywood actress But the files of clients of the names that were seized by the police are said to include a many well known own members of sports and show Biz jet said people on both sides of the Atlantic and the initial name. That emerged back in ninety. Eight was DeNiro Also feedback but he didn't carry the same weight as Deniro. Sometimes you guys see these things on facebook about Deniro being evolved in a coal goal ring. This is also a French producer. Name Elaine Elaine. saw so deniro was kind of arrested so to speak and he was question Shen only as a witness and an occasional client of these prostitutes. There were two principal people accused. And you've never heard of them. Jean Pierre Bourgeois who was a failed fashion photographer and Anita Brew Mark. who was was a Swedish model? She was a Swedish model and a one time beauty queen. What would go on? Basically was bourgeois would hang out Paris nightclubs or casting agencies that he would scout for these possible victims and he picked on young women mostly teenagers and teenagers. Ages are always going out and I mean you go to France. There are thirteen fourteen year. Old Girls at nightclubs also girls from England and Eastern Europe and he would invite them back to his apartment in this beautiful area in France and he would take some trial photocells Dell's and after he gained confidence. The judge said that he would persuade them to pose for more revealing pictures and the girls were then convinced. That prostitution was the best way to get into modeling or movie careers and if they refused they were blackmailed. Melt blackmail threat that the photos would be sent to their families and in some cases they were simply kidnapped. Several girls in the investigation talked about the bourgeois. Raping them so the pictures. These girls basically circulated around possible clients. it was gross. It was gross thing and this is what happens to young girls particularly models annals when they go overseas the whole thing fell apart when they expanded the operation into the Arab market in one thousand nine hundred ninety six and there was some big old Lebanese businessman. I his name is too long. Nobody knows him but it all fell apart. But anyhow this vojtech feeback dude was a pig and car never forgot what he tried to due to her one night at a party you see. Unlike other women who befriend there would be rapists. She avoided him for years. which is exactly what I think? Women should do accept so many. Don't so one night she's having dinner with with With trump at this big table of people and feeback walks in and he sits down and Kara leans over Intel's trump trump that she's not comfortable Because what he tried to do to her years earlier so trump just shouts across the table table. My girlfriend says you attacked her and she can't eat with you here so you gotta go and he slaved away and he said well where shall I go and trump said. I don't give a fuck but you can't stay here and I fucking love that but here's what I think about Annabella and why she looked bad. Listen saying that. She wasn't sure if what Harvey did to her was rate really makes my brain hurt art. She thought a rape consisted of a stranger. Trumping out from a dark alley and and you know Doing it behind founded dumpster. Shit like that. Not a famous producer allegedly forcing her to have sex with him. I a. and listen. I know more than a few of you have written me and I'm sorry if I acted angry or indifferent but I'll just you know. Look I will never believe you've quote unquote experts. Who testified that many women remained friends with their rapist? I know about this. I read everything. I I love when you guys tip me off and say hey that you see I know I read everything I get up at four o'clock in the morning I'm on top top all sorts of shit. It's not foreign to me but I will always judge women in general by the women men who raised me and the ones I live with now and I don't know any of them who would stay in touch with a man who they say raped them. Annabella didn't look good saying she wasn't sure what rape was especially considering she'd she'd already just starred in a movie called the hand that rocks the cradle in whitchurch character is molested by her doctor and she goes to authorities authorities which results in others coming forward and the doctor killing himself which sends his pregnant wife played by right. Rebecca de Mornay into miscarriage and vowing revenge and it was Alabama's biggest movie did did she not learn anything from that. She never told anyone in twenty five years. Why is is it so hard for me to believe that someone who felt like she was raped? Wouldn't say anything to anyone for twenty in five years and listen it doesn't diminish what happened but it does diminish the provability if if she was raped forcibly entered. She's got a duty to herself and other women to call the police and report a rape and as much as there are women who here this and WanNa yell and scream at me. You know you should consider how rape survivors feel. They don't understand how these women wait over twenty years to come forward. What and they go to the cops? What if I happened? I know why some may think maybe she wanted to continue her movie career others others would vow to get his ass in prison regardless of what had happened regardless of any career. There's also school of thought that these women them kept quiet and enabled him and they should be ashamed of themselves and Annabella was one of those people enabling him by not reporting it. If it if it did indeed happen the way she describes how do you not know it's fucking array. How stupid can she be to not know what allegedly happened was raped? I call all bullshit on this one. My guess is that it was a quid pro quo say yes to sex. You get a movie deal. Aw He got something she got something. Is it wrong. Sure is rape on not so sure because just a couple of years after that she starred in cop land which Harvey also produced I. I believed Annabel's claims until is revealed that she emailed a friend as recently as twenty seventeen in which she stated aided that she hoped Harvey would have a job for me. Ask yourself guys. If you've been rate would you want to accept a job from your rapist. This is as ridiculous as Mia Farrow claiming woody molested her daughter and then showing up on the set of I dunno Manhattan. Murder mystery expecting that she still be playing the female L.. Lead in the movie. Who the fuck would do that answer? Nobody I'm AJ dancer. And that was your show for January. Twenty seven twenty twenty and I'll talk. Here's Mark Thank you for listening in a famous a bitch is an AJ Benza. WORKHOUSE connect production featuring the endless wisdom insightful commentary sometimes fucked up perspective of Aj Benza. `Executive Producer Mike vino technical producer Brian Vasquez.

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