The Amazing Roberto Clemente


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The first thing. I was ever truly into was baseball cards. Like getting the newest edition of the beckett's price guide was like one of my like the highlights of my month when whenever really yeah for a few years of a super in baseball cards was funny is like i would still. I'd watch baseball here there but it was baseball card in particular i really cared about but yes. I didn't really watch baseball. No not really interesting. But i really love baseball cards. Like i wasn't like oh. I hate baseball but baseball cards. It wasn't like complicating complex like that. It was just. I did watch i. I baseball cards more than i liked baseball itself. That's all i got for you roberto clemente fan. Well i mean he was He was playing his final years. When i was being born so i was not a fan but i i grew up Obviously a braves fan. But the in the mid nineteen seventies. When i first started being a baseball fan the pittsburgh pirates Had a couple of really good teams and he was He was not long gone before those years. So is aura was still sort of ever present when i first started watching baseball in the pirates when they had those great awful stove top flat cap. Oh i love those things but yeah their own just as an article of fashion their horrid but they were so unique and different to you know. Yeah i mean they were they. They rank among the worst Uniforms but All right very seventy s. So yeah they are super seventies. I think is why i love them. That at seven. I think there are a throwback to the old days so that was the original version but yeah i don't think they like invented those caps. I think like some of the early baseball caps might have been filed that that I think the astros had the best seventies uniform of all though they they rank is one of the worst to. Oh you crazy. You have terrible tastes sundays. I'm just talking about i if you look up articles like worst baseball uniforms ever. Those are the ones that are listed. Okay well then you're not crazy whoever's writing those articles is crazy. Assume you're talking about the orange. A shooting star and stripes. Yeah with like red and blue. It's very pretty okay. So anyway we're not talking about fashion or uniforms or anything like that. Although this is not at all surprising that we even started on this. We're talking about one particular player. Who wore that funny looking pirates. Hat roberto clemente. Who was actually that had so well. Then what are we doing came along. That came along after him. What's the point of even doing this episode. Then if he never had. I'm just. I'm just trying to get keep pittsburgh people from emailing. I appreciate that chuck. I appreciate it So we're we're talking about a pittsburgh. Pirate roberto clemente. And i knew like i knew of him. I was aware of him. I know that he's one of the all time greats. I hadn't seen many plays of his but Like you can't you can't be into baseball and not know about roberto clemente. But i definitely didn't know nearly as much as i do now Thanks to this Help from ruse who apparently was raised a pittsburgh pirates fan so he had plenty of good essay about roberto clemente. Think maybe we should take off a few of these career stats just to give you an idea of who. We're talking about here Lifetime batting average of three seventeen which If you if you don't know anything about baseball and you think a success rate of thirty percent is terrible. It is in almost everything else in life but in baseball. That means you're hall of famer. That's how hard it is to hit a baseball right. I was gonna say goes to show how difficult hitting baseballs in the major leagues are. You know yeah you hit three out of ten in your great I think if said that before on the show but he got twelve gloves in the right field led the league in batting the national league. That is four different times to world series championships Mvp nineteen sixty six in bp the world series and seventy one rebutted four fourteen which is just crazy. Good think sixteen time all star just Really just an amazing career In early instant fame career. Yeah and he was really well known for his arm like he would throw people out at home from right field from the outfield. He could throw without a bounce. He could throw all the way in and beat a runner to third or two home which is just amazing. It was one of the things i really got. People excited about him in watching him play. But like if you look at just as stats especially taken individually like he was a great player in one of the all time greats but statistically speaking it doesn't necessarily show up like there's plenty of people who have better stats but one of the things that may roberto clementi such an amazing baseball player as he was one of the true were called complete players or a five tool player where he could run. He could throw he could bat. He could field and like i keep i keep forgetting what the fifth witness but he could still cracker jackson the stand like nobody's business as well you got an actual baseball guy. The other end of the call here. You know who me. Oh okay well. Mr baseball guy is not selling cracker. Jack's what's the fifth tool use at your disposal. It's a hit for power and hit for average so there's two hittings that's the well. Whoever knows that nobody knows that. You can't just use the same thing twice in call at five tools. Well now you can because a lot of players can have a big boom stick but they like to thirty but if you can hit for average hit for power it's a big big deal and if you can make the most exciting play in baseball to me which is a right field to third base assist. Then i mean there's nothing more thrilling to me. It's really a nice row c. For sure it definitely wasn't even home plate for some reason probably because further one of the things that i think people loved about roberto clemente and i think that made him such a true baseball player in a lot of people's is at least in mind but he was very well known for going. After pitches that other people would have taken as a ball. Clear balls well high and outside high inside low in whatever and he would go after him and he would hit them a lot of time which is one reason why is batting. Average was so high because he would go. After those pitches that other people Would just let go by. And then in hitting them he would send them into places where you wouldn't expect Him being a right handed batter to hit so he could get to base pretty pretty frequently to. He also was a fast runner but he ran like he was out of his mind completely. Yeah it's it's pretty fun to see him Run he would hit pitch outs. Which if you Like i said if you don't know baseball pitch out is win. there's somebody on first base and the catcher signals to the pitcher right Before they throw the the the gown i is going to steal second so they throw it completely out of the strike zone. Catcher can stand up and catch it to make a throw a second and it's called the pitch out. It's not not even a real pitch and he would swing and hit pitch outs. Which is that's awesome. No one does that. it's unheard of. It's crazy that is crazy so suffice to say that roberto clementes one of the great baseball players of all time because he had it all videos also it turns out really great human being a lot of ways to he was an activist for civil rights during the civil rights era and he was also humanitarian as we'll see like he really cared about other people and especially the plight of people who were less fortunate than him because he came from less fortunate circumstances to begin with any never forgot it like he was genuinely one of those guys who never let fame get his head in the ways that he led his fame get to his head was in say animosity toward the sporting press. Or or saying like. You guys aren't giving me enough credit for being what a great player that was separate. That was different when it came to people outside of baseball everyday people he was. He was friends with those people throughout his whole career in life. Yes and that is why major league baseball has honored him with the roberto clemente award every year. Which is given to the player that they feel best represents the humanitarian and a humanitarian and philanthropic side of the game Or outside the game. Rather so right. Quite quite an honor to have an award named after you so i think we should take a break and then maybe go back to the beginning Where in when he was born right after this. Hey friends. chances are you've heard of salesforce but if you're like a lot of people you don't know exactly what they do. Well here's the simple version. Salesforce brings companies and customers together. And we're not talking physically together. Of course they bring you together digitally. Which if you haven't watched the news lately is pretty important these days. That's absolutely true. So how does this work well with salesforce different employees across your different departments like sales marketing customer service. 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His mother's maiden name was walker and His father's name was clement day so he used both until he got into baseball and he was born in the middle of the great depression The youngest of seven kids very tough way to be born into life. It was but i mean like if you're you know if you come from farming family and makes sense to have a lot of kids yeah sure and plus you have a lot of people to play with as you're growing up to. That is very true. So he his father was actually a foreman on. A sugar cane plantation And his mom was a huge influence in his life. I get the impression slightly more of an influence than his father was even but one of the things that She had hoped for her son was that he would become. He would study engineering. I'm not sure why but she wanted to become an engineer. And he said. I really like playing baseball. Like to the point where he and his brothers and his friends would make baseball's out of whatever was handy like. They would put stones in a sock. They would watt up paper tape whatever they could get their hands on and use whatever they could for a bat and they would play baseball and then as they got a little older inserted to start playing in school. They had actual equipment to play with and they would just play constantly. I i read. He had ten home runs once in a game. That started at eleven. Am in ended after six because they just kept playing and playing and playing like. That's all he wanted to do was play baseball and one of the reasons why is because he was really really good at it from a very young age yet. I think the I have a theory about caribbean players that a developed so well because so many of them don't have the right to growing up and especially back then because if you're out there with a broomstick in a bottle cap imagine what that does for your hand eye coordination to when you have like a real barrel of a baseball bat and a baseball like. It's no wonder that he could hit anything. If you're growing up hitting bottle caps. And this wasn't just him so many dominican and puerto rican and cuban Now just all over the place In the caribbean players are coming up and they I think they make do with less as children. Yeah and that really really hone their skills in ways that There's a baseball problem in america period. Like far far fewer kids are growing up playing baseball now. And there's far fewer american baseball players now as a result So one other reason chuck is super into baseball was because the whole island of puerto rico is into baseball at the time like it had been exported a couple of decades before he was born from cuba to puerto rico and then also by the time he was playing the puerto rican Baseball leagues head really developed into something substantial and they played their season in the winter. So you were an american ballplayer You could play in your offseason down in. The caribbean is specifically in puerto. Rico among other places but puerto rico is a really attractive place to play because they were so into it. There are so many teams and so many good players already down there but one of the still is. Yeah but one of the ways that it developed was from Especially negro league players making their way down there in the off season to play I believe roberto clemente actually played a season with Willie mays himself. And willie may suggest led the The new york giants to the to win the world series and a couple of months later. He was down in puerto rico playing during the winter the winter league. Because that's just what you did when you really wanted play baseball. You go down to the caribbean in the wintertime. It's something that still happens in. It's mainly what you see. Now is players younger. Players play winter ball in puerto rico to Just their skills and to get better It's not something you see. A lot of veterans doing That's why it's pretty remarkable. And i think shows the love of his country and the game. Yeah that clemente played winter ball like every year through his career. Yeah one of the reasons. I saw that he did that was because he knew that. Most of the people who lived in puerto rico wouldn't be able to afford to go up to the states to watch him play and he wanted to for them to be able to see him play so he played every year another thing. It was like you were saying that some of the younger players hone their skills Down there he kept his skills honed by playing winter ball like he kept his swing loose. And he he. He didn't fall out of shape ever because he played baseball. Basically year round for eighteen. Twenty years yes so many hits fourteen. He's recruited to play Softball which is a little weird but it was a competitive softball team Then eventually an amateur baseball team and was making. I think like forty bucks a week at seventeen Playing amateur baseball in puerto rico and this was This was a time where you didn't have baseball. Scouts combing the caribbean for the next new young talent it was. It was very new idea. Yeah to go to the carribean define players and not a lot of teams. I mean most teams were doing it a little bit. But they didn't have the robust scouting programs down there like they do now right and they sent The dodgers the brooklyn dodgers who very famously broke the color barrier with jackie robinson and forty seven sent scout a name companions who went down to puerto rico saw a nineteen year old roberto clemente in one thousand nine hundred eighty four and said this guy is a five tool dynamo and we need. We need to get him up here as fast as we can. It wasn't i mean that was actually kind of Insightful of him because it wasn't readily obvious especially very early in his career When he was playing with the Where they called the kangaroo harris the crabbers That he was just going to be one of the all time greats. He swung lots of pitches that other people wouldn't have swung at he ran like he was crazy He was still finding his his skills but to to be able to see how great he was going to be At that young stage. I mean that's a that's a credit to that too was his name. Campinas is Eye for talent. Yeah yeah he went on to be a lifelong baseball executive. I think retired In shame for some like Racial statements he made but longtime baseball guy But the dodgers got clemente and there was a thing those rule back then from nineteen forty seven and nineteen. Sixty five that They got rid of In sixty five for good reason there was a little bit weird. If you're a baseball fan today because it's so different now but the rule was that if you were a player that was signed for more than four thousand dollars signing bonus then you had to be on a major league baseball roster for two full seasons And if you weren't then you had become part of the rookie draft and clemente was signed for. I think ten thousand dollars. And i'm not sure why they signed him for that much. Maybe he wouldn't have gone for less but it was not a great move because this meant that the dodgers had either take him to the major leagues for two full seasons which was not a good call because most players in baseball start out in the minor leagues fact. All do no one makes that jump straight to the major leagues even. If it's just like a cursory half season so that's really rare but they They kept them in the minor leagues and their plan was to hide him and literally it would he would go like two months between starts because they didn't want they wanted to get those two seasons out of the way because after those two years you could send someone to the minor leagues but it didn't work People saw him play and even though he didn't get to play much in the pittsburgh pirates really homed in on him right away. So yeah the pittsburgh. Pirates were Lead i think they're. Gm was branch rickey. Who is the guy who had scouted. Jackie robinson got him onto the dodgers now. He worked for the pirates so he ended up getting his hands on roberto clemente and brought him to the pirates. It's so apparently when They found out or when clemente found out that he had been drafted by the pirates. He's down in puerto rico and he said later on that he had. He didn't really know where pittsburgh was. He had been excited to play for new york. Because there's a big puerto rican community in new york and all of a sudden he sent off to pittsburgh doesn't know where it is and doesn't really know anybody so this is kind of as his entree into America but it actually was even rougher than that. Because i he started out I guess i'm pittsburgh's Minor league team or in. That's what it was. It was in spring. Training down in fort myers beach florida And he came face to face with the the stark reality of of basically jim. Crow south in the fifties First thing when he got to america and he he was one of the reasons. I said earlier the civil rights activists because he did not take very kindly to that and bristled in in railed against it from the outset. Yeah he didn't he didn't have any He doesn't have any frame of reference for this like he came from puerto. Rico were this wasn't a thing. He was of african descent so to americans he was a black man to him. He was puerto rican. He was caught between two worlds and didn't understand why he had to stay in a different hotel or eating a different restaurant than his white Teammates and so this really upset them and and what upset him even as much was how his other black teammates on the team understood it in just basically had to take it because they were afraid. If they caused a ruckus that it would be sent back down to the minors and he was just like you shouldn't be deferential. Like what's going on in this country. And he he would speak to the sporting press about this stuff in the sporting press either would just ignore his comments about that or actually yes they would ignore his comments about that and they would just talk about whatever he said about the game but then to kind of heap This sense that he was an outsider and outside outsider. There wasn't respected because he was looked down upon because of his race and his his Origin They would quote him phonetically in the press so when he said you know I think there was a headline. That famously said like i get a hit. I feel good but they spell it out like i get heat h. e. t. is how they spelled hit. I feel good. That was a headline in the pittsburgh news papers after a really big game and he found that extremely demeaning And actually really kind of framed. The way that he felt about america Yeah framed how he felt about america. And why don't forget like puerto. Rico was you know by this time it was an american territory have been for quite a while. So people in puerto rico had long considered themselves american people in america. Increasing sitter puerto ricans. They consider them and they. The roberto clemente was treated just like any other person from puerto rico which was not very well back. Then yes so. His reputation started to develop as a loner. It's very moody player The pirates were really bad team. I don't think we mentioned that At the time just terrible like one of the worst teams baseball. He didn't catch on in his first few years. They're either Think in his first five seasons the only hit over three hundred one time and a lot of this was due to injury. He had a car accident that hurt his back. So his back was all jacked up for a while He had other you know injuries along the way and he would. He wasn't shy about talking about it. He would complain to the manager complain to the press about his injuries. And this baseball still kind of this way or most sports are actually as you kinda. Don't take that stuff public. You don't wanna be seen as someone who Either fakes injury because they don't wanna play or who complains about it too much right so he. He didn't have the best reputation early on because a lot of this stuff. Yeah i know he was thought to be complainer. A hypochondriac moody Abrasive egotistical. And that was something. that like. That's indisputable as egotistical part. Because he was. He knew that he was playing better than he was getting credit for it and it ticked him off because he knew the reason he wasn't getting credit for was because he didn't act the way that the white sporting press expected him to act and they didn't like him for so they didn't really give them any any credit. They actually withheld credit. That was definitely do him for the way he was playing. But like you said. I mean it took a few years for him to start to catch on but even after he did which i began in the nineteen. Sixty world series When the pirates went from. I don't know if they went from worst to first but it was pretty close to something like that He was he was passed over as the world's series mvp I think like a a lefty relief. Pitcher got more votes than he did despite him being one of the clear. Heroes of that series And he really was not happy about that and it really kind of created this. This lifelong animosity with the sporting precedent. Already been brewing. But that one to him showed that he they were basically working against them at that point. Yeah and i think nineteen sixty was a pretty bittersweet ear because it was his breakout year If this status right. Dave says his average never dropped below three hundred. Yeah then that means he that means he was hitting three hundred in game one which is pretty remarkable To start out that hot and to maintain it over the course of a year right but if in playing winter ball in the caribbean just a couple of weeks before that it would make sense you know. Yeah and he You know they won the world series. Which is a big big deal in pittsburgh. But he didn't feel like he was getting his do like you said so. He didn't go off and celebrate with his fans He kind of went off to himself he was happy but it said The quote was. I'm happy but not but unconcerned with all the fanfare is what reporter said and he just wanted to get back home to puerto rico so he could use his world series bonus money to buy a house for his mother and he was loved there. So you know he wanted to get back to where he was Cherished in any did when he went back to puerto rico he was a national hero and the press like followed him everywhere he went and the kids loved him and he bought a big cadillac and mentor all the kids. So it's not like he went back like Like elvis in just sort of live high on the hog like he did go back a hero but he really really got involved with the community right away. Yeah he kept playing he would mentor little kids. Who were Learning to play sports in that actually became one of his dreams as he wanted to Make enough money and get big enough to build a sports complex a sports city or See dod deportes bad If i can pat myself on the back for that one where kids could learn to Play but also you know like you didn't have much of a role model kind of place you could find a role model to and not just play baseball but also play basketball or whatever sports You wanted to play. And i think that that was at the very least on his mind back. Then if not like one of his stated goals in his life by the time nineteen sixty rolled around he went back home. Yeah absolutely He got married in sixty. Four to Vera zabala and She was from his hometown. There in puerto rico. They had three kids and He was very insistent that all his kids be born in puerto rico which they were and i think one of his sons. I think junior even played baseball in ended up being an announcer. I don't think i mean. Obviously he was He he he never achieved like what his father did. But it's pretty imagine tough to grow up the child of roberto clemente. Sure it's gonna be in michael jordan son or whatever you know his his so he had roberto junior. There's also luiz roberto in roberto enrica. Those are is three sons. names callie. so so by the time nineteen sixty. It's like you said that was his breakout year. He got married in one thousand nine hundred sixty four And when he was down there in puerto rico one one thing. I always say I that i saw a lot of people kind of overlook is. He played winter ball almost every year. But there was one year i believe in nineteen fifty eight where he he didn't play winner ball and instead enlisted in the marines reserves. And that's how we spent the winner and he ended up spending the next six years as a marine reserve which is something that very frequently gets overlooked especially from americans who really don't think of puerto rico as a territory or fifty state like. He became a us marine while he was in in upping come in baseball star and then even after he was a baseball star he remained a marine until apparently one time I the i think the one thousand nine hundred sixty four world series Coincided with the training exercise in the the marines. Were like you're you're dishonorably. Discharged go play the world series. But he's in the marine sports hall of fame which. I didn't even knows a thing i didn't either but it makes sense. I think he's the only player in there. That's right that's not true. Surely there's a. I'll bet the rock was in there. Should we take a break. Probably all right. We'll take a break and talk a little bit more about the game of roberto clemente right after this. 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He was built for the game he was You never look never lifted weights in his life but he was sort of a perfectly chiseled specimen of a baseball player Very very handsome which has nothing to do with being a good baseball player but doesn't thought he thought to throw that in. It moves those cracker. Jack's sure does so. He was just very fluid aside from his base running. Like you mentioned earlier. It was kind of crazy. Think one sports reporter said it looked more like he was fleeing than running You'd have to see him run. He just all of his limbs were kind of just swinging and it wasn't the most graceful run which is weird because he was a very fluid and graceful player. yeah And those five tools You know he had. He was known most for his outfield arm. In i think he led the league in outfield. assists Five or six years in a row now or maybe not in a row but five or six seasons And he was fearless. He would he would. He was sorta like willie mays in that he would go after These outfield hits with reckless. Abandon like just run right into the wall to try and get a home run ball yelling over or like i said thrown out those players from right field to third base which is just a very very tough thing to do. And this was like before padded walls or at the very least. I didn't have them in a lot of the places he played because he would get like. Stitches are really mess up his shoulder or something like that and don't forget he's also playing through a spinal injury from that that car wreck and yet this guy's throwing like people out at third base from right field Or running for an infield grand slam. I mean just doing crazy stuff. Despite these these chronic injuries that he's been accumulating and i've read somewhere that he credits his mother with his arm he threw a was yeah. He was javelin thrower in highschool and that Really kind of helps you develop all of the same muscles that you need to throw something like baseball from right field the race or home but he still said yeah through the definitely surely helped but i got my arm from my mom. She can throw from second base to home plate with something on it still when it gets there so he said he got his arm from his mom. Which i thought was pretty sweet nice. I love it You know off the field is why he got the award named after him he would mentor Because he was one of the first latin american stars he would mentor that came through especially through the pirates organization but he would reach out to players on other teams. That were from the caribbean to try in Pave their way a little more smoothly When he would go to different cities he would go to visit kids in the hospital. Basically every city they visited He would mentor these players. He would this great great story about the friendship he developed. This is a good sign by dave About carole breezy vetch or brazil. Vic i'm not sure how you pronounce it but She was a phillies fan and a teenager and was hanging out after a game looking for autographs and saw little crowd around clemente but didn't really know who he was because he was playing for the pirates and she was taking spanish in high school so after she got her signature. She kind of let out a very shy gaseous and he just lit up in started talking to her in spanish he was like oh i don't understand so he switched to english and they ended up talking and talking and talking in the parking lot. Such that He and his fellow teammate. There were there missed the the bus back to the airport so her dad had to drive them and he was a big time. Philly's fan if you know anything about phillies fans. He was probably not happy about this but he had to drive to pittsburgh pirates To the airport and he and his daughter struck up a real genuine lifelong friendship right and like like like she was little sister figure to him so as her mom as well he kind of adopted them both as sisters Because he had had a sister had one sister out of his siblings and she had died in an accident when he was young. And so this girl just kinda stroke them and just the right way in her mom as well and so he adopted basically your whole family He had them out to I think the next away game in new york that they played he invited the whole family out. Put him up in the pirates hotel Took him out to dinner afterward. And then as their friendship continued he and his wife had a little carol Down for christmas in puerto rico. One one year so yeah. This is just this this random girl. He wasn't even a pittsburgh pirates fan. He became basically lifelong friends with her and her family. Yeah and i think it's really speaks to the man he was because it was a time in america where just to hear an american girl say gaseous. It seems very throwaway today. Because so many people have learned spanish and it's taught in all the schools but back then it was a big deal that this little girl said two words of spanish to him and that was all it took Just really really very pure sweet story. I love it. Yeah and the fact that he was you know out there. Signing autographs is apparently pretty standard firm to is known to be like the kind of guy who he's stuck around to sign every autograph that that was asked of him of all the kids. So here's a pretty pretty good guy. And so that's what makes it kind of rewarding than that. He finally started to get the recognition that he had long sought the he felt like he definitely deserved and one of the other. Things too is easy to point to roberto clemente and be like e typical. The guy was. He knew he was a great player and he wanted to respect for it to him. He represented puerto rico and the puerto rican people and he wanted respect not just for himself but for them as well like if he could gain respect other puerto rican people would gain respect by proxy. And so i think that's why that was one of the reasons why it was so important to him. Not just because he wanted adulation. And respect he wanted it for all puerto ricans as well and he was like a vessel for that kind of thing so finally when when it finally came around In one thousand nine hundred sixty six It was he. He actually started to loosen up. He became known as less moody bonded with his players a little more. Because he played all eighteen seasons in the pirates he was a pirate through and through but he he became. He was voted as the national league. Mvp in one thousand nine hundred ninety six and apparently that was a huge turning point for him and his relationship with america in baseball. Yeah it was a big deal And nineteen seventy-one one is when he went to a second world series. Great great world series. The year i was born. I remember it well. He was There was an underdog against the orioles. Who are really really good team at the time and it went to a seventh game just like the yankees game did and he got one. He hit an all seven games. Hit safely in all seven games which is a really huge accomplishment and hit a fourth inning home run gave set in game seven that gave them the lead Basically the go ahead home run and ended up winning the world series. He was named. mvp Like i said earlier after batting. Four fourteen in the series batting three forty one for the season and this time he was really really involved in the celebration and Like you said since sixty six had worm to To baseball to the writers a little bit more in definitely to his teammates right so it was like a really great way to end the career and that wasn't the end of his career. He played another season. The nineteen seventy two season And the pirates. Got all the way to the nfl east conference. I think they made it past They made it. I don't remember who they made it past but they face the reds loss to the reds for the nfl title to move onto the world series. But they got pretty far pretty respectable season And in that season he got his last hit. He had three thousand hits on the knows he was only the eleventh player in baseball history to reach that milestone And he was the first latin american player to reached that milestone which was a huge accomplishment for him as well. But there's also something really great about just such an even number three thousand hits And he got that three thousand fit in the in. The regular season They they didn't make it to the world series that year but he He went back down to puerto rico basically immediately after the season to go play winner ball again. That's right He he had the distinction of managing an all star team down there in the amateur baseball world series tournament which was held in nicaragua that year. And he really really felt for the people of nicaragua and Very tragically in december of that year. Big earthquake struck killed seven thousand people and left about a quarter million homeless and he really wanted to get involved. His heart was broken. He had met so many great people in nicaragua and wanted to get involved and help them out and organized personally organized organized a relief. Mission there Raising one hundred and fifty thousand dollars by going door to door to purchase food twenty-six tons of food and clothing medicine. He gets the word that there President there was corrupt was Like so often happens in situations commandeering the supplies and they weren't getting to the people so he said you know what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna get a plane. And i'm going to fly shipment of supplies down there myself. And so he boarded a seven on december thirty first new year's eve nineteen seventy-two two to do just that right. Yeah he did and it turned out. Unfortunately that that Highly successful campaign. The drive that he he spearheaded that produced twenty-six tons of of supplies well twenty-six tons was way too much for the dc seven that he charted and the engines were taxed from the outset. It took off from puerto rico inserted flying out over the ocean and the engines actually blew up and They tried to turn the plane around while i was on fire and fly back and they made it. I think a mile from the coast before the plane broke up and fell into the ocean and all people on board were killed including roberto clemente who again Overseeing personally humanitarian mission to nicaragua to help people who were victims of an earthquake and that's how he lost his life at age thirty eight yeah just brutal brutal end to his story People search for his body You know people on the beach. Shell daily vigils hoping that he would somehow be found alive and rescued But you know obviously nobody survived that crash. His body was never even recovered and A few months after the crash he was inducted into the hall of fame One of only two times. It's happened the other. Was lou gehrig where you don't have to wait that mandatory five year period after the end of your career and in fact i think his set the precedent now that If you had been deceased for six months you're eligible for hall of fame induction. And he was just the second one. They created that award in his honor. Clemente award the the which is for humanitarian baseball players. So that's a huge honor in and of itself I think you said that. He got like twelve golden glove or gold glove awards for fielding his last as thirteenth His wife accepted on his behalf. The following april after he died and vera dedicated herself to seeing through His dreams and actually organized in that Sports city in puerto rico built. And it's still there today As mashes amazing. Yeah yeah she. She really continued his work and It you know the. I hate that phrase behind every great man is a great woman because it's really beside every great man is a great woman right and that was definitely the case with vera in she was a lifetime. Humanitarian flan through pissed as well which is amazing. Yep one of the great things about roberto clementes. He's the kind of guy you can name a school after and feel pretty good about it. And it's a result there's in the round the world there's forty public schools to hospitals and more than two hundred park and ballfields named after him and i think now there's at least forty one public schools because this past september in orange county florida stonewall jackson middle school was renamed roberto clemente middle school. Yep well that's about Appropriate for our time. It's pretty great so Now there's forty one schools named after clemente so if you have a school in your like who can we name this after. You could do a lot worse than roberto clemente and people still probably complained about that. Who cares who cares eventually. Chuck you just have to say. I don't care that you're complaining. Yeah 'cause you're in the wrong that's right. You got anything else about roberto clemente. nothing else. Watch youtube videos of him to gather. Yeah just just say just typing like roberto clemente throw from right field or homerun. He's had some amazing home runs Yeah it's just fun to watch. Plus you're right. He he was. He was pretty easy on the eyes especially as far as baseball players. Go you know. A lot of them are horribly ugly. That's right by boom. Since i said that it's time for listener mail and she think think so This is Called eddie van halen. We lost eddie van halen recently and it was very tough for me but We got up an email from australia. Says jinxed it is in writing in because i was just listening to the political polling episode and chuck mention having a break from internet news and he was only looking at something that brings me joy like old led zeppelin van halen youtube videos cut to a couple of weeks later in the tragic news of eddie van halen passing like at some weird twisted way. The interesting oh you found something that brings you. Joy and twenty twenty. I'll fix that. Don't believe in that stuff but it was fairly ironic but truth be told usually be found watching old van halen video so I know i'm making light of the death of someone. Oh i don't think you really are matt. That would have been a massive influences a lot of lives but in these times we need to find a laugh wherever we can anyway love. The podcast can't wait for you to touch on some australian topics hint hint All the best and that matt from melbourne in you even said it right chuck thank god trucks. The i'm sure. Jimmy page's like i'm chuck. Stop watching videos of me. Okay well if you want to be like math from melvin who is awesome. Just for being from melvin. Because we've been melvyn. Melvin is a pretty great place Wonderful you you can send us an email. Send it off to stuff. Podcast iheartradio dot com stuff. You should know is production of iheartradio's how stuff works for more podcasts. My heart radio. Visit the iheartradio app apple podcast every you listen to your favorite shows or the headline. What does it for us. I'm eddie kaye williams an attorney and former public defender and host of a brand new podcast. Where we're going to cross examine news-making cases and famous faces to understand the cortex. And i'm dustin ross. Tv writer cultural observer and i am thrilled to be co hosting holding court with k williams is not a podcast about the law. This is the show for the people to help us navigate a rick system teachable moments from the so-called law and order headlines. Listen to holding court with ebony. 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