AMT388: Lolly Stick Jokes, Pizza Cutters, and Wombat Scat


Does Michela bomb podcast, do sums about squarespace. How close would you win Langley? Get to Abacha's face. Well, well, well in step aside when we were contemplating the origins of Flap Jacks the ot kind versus the pancake kind, and I mentioned this draw of myth in Scotland that used to be full of cold porridge. Why do you have to imagine that? Again, it's giving me for them and yet a lack of evidence pointing to the definitive existence of those rules lucky for us. Nick from Renfrewshire has piped up to say I am in Scotland and I can confirm the porridge draw story is true is checked. Every joins free, but a smear of oats. Nick says it doesn't happen anymore these not with anyone I know, but the older generation with teddy that they used to regularly get porridge slices from a drawer, there would be big wooden metal tray line draws in the kitchen. This was the porridge draw or just a general cooling draw. Size. It's like if you use the solid juror in the fridge, but filled it with. Yes. I mean. There's nothing repugnant about solid drool when you use that terminology as pretty repugnant glow green slime in it. Rights Future Generations might be as equally off as I am by the very concept over porridge draw. But maybe it's just what your acclimatized to just don't know how you would get that metal tray clean. Ever. Exactly. My son's vicks every day that shit hardened select foundational levels of it is like cement I. Wonder if maybe in the Scottish highlands, they did use the porridge draw as a general kind of households. UIS will like a cement mixer come. Yes. Story well, sticking with the food chance We have the following correspondence. From Francesca, we'll non. Helena to me. This did FAB lollies used to have a joke on the stick? I mean, I would argue that a FAB is slowly is in itself. Giancana. Sh. Why while you? Why are you baiting people this? Really. Having a hard enough time. If. So when did the jokes end? Laughter Fade it as the ice creams melted. Another ice lolly that used to have jugs on the stick. Sometimes when I'm researching stuff of this show, I happened upon a lacouture in the Internet where Phil like there is under representation of knowledge on a topic that a lot of people care about. So to me all the time and this one I, think they could well have been on a FAB I. I can't remember specifically, but walls and lines maids tied them. Lines made produce the FAB I was curious to find out that the FAB was one of two ice creams. Bro Towns to ride on the wave of popularity of thunderbirds F., A., B., they launched Zoom. I. Remember that one that was like a rocket in three flavors are dunked. I'm I did three years of overnight radio and. Your don't have a ready answer for, do you remember the name? On shake. I don't David Jordan. The same was Iraq now, like rocket that's for boys. So a few years later, they announced the FAB for girls originally had lady penelope on the rapper 'cause goals. Actually was some bird brandon and it was an official tie. It wasn't just inspired by the name has been ret conned to fruit and Berry fabricated and bullshit like. That works for me but Pass the laugh because zoom is no longer manufactured and Fab is. Great in the seventies and eighties, there were the informally titled Lally Was I. Think It was essentially getting kids to spend that twenty five pence on Wolseley versus aligns made lally. So there was free shit like cereal toy style Deva's with. Cards, badges, Moscow magic tricks, little facts on the rappers. Some something. We'd have comic bookstore characters. They wanted to collect the more. Stories, but some of them, this up lines made had A. Crime. Squad, which on the stick had a secret code, and then wolves had the rival super spy which had the same, and then some of them really went for it. There was another lines made lowly logical goal. Once you ate it, the stick revealed a little plastic lower, and then you could paint it, and if you collected ten than you had enough for five aside team, you could send off for Kevin Keegan's mini football pitch. So that was Iraq as well to get people to buy these team faulk. Me Painting lolly sticks a collection. That's your summer. But this I thought was actually quite Cool Wolves did a Count Dracula's secret lawley on the stick. There were little stencils Eddie. You could draw faces. No six different wants to collect Georgia. Different Vampire faces other lot seem quite fun and what was secret. Secretly love garlic. Yes. Garlic flavored lolly. So I remember when I was secondary school and must be specifically between about nine, hundred, ninety, two, and nineteen, hundred five. There was a girl called becks who is collecting all of the lally Jake. Sticks. And eventually she, I, think, just right to wolves to ask for a full list. 'cause couldn't complete collection. It's for the latest. Just ask for the sticks. Now, if they were winning to distribute the sticks, he say 'cause then maybe she would like make our own bootleg lollies but then the joy of collecting sticks surely not to know what the joke saw what you've just said the joy of collecting the sticks are pretty low energy joy I've already said I. Don't understand how people joys were so low generally I mean it's extraordinary now, but anyway Anyway. That happened definitely in the nineties. However, I. Read that they phased out lally stick Jake's in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eight So therefore, you think, but you have full memory using that actually because there were so many different ice cream distributors doing the lowly stick meam that it carried on or properly. So many sticks left or maybe just the the school tuck shop had stuff that was like years of date. But it also could've just been the start of a phasing out, and that supposedly is because at that point, this ice lolly market aimed at kids whether we're extremely low price, just not considered worth it anymore and I. Guess also like in the wake of haagen-dazs. So go for this fisted auto market is worth more go for the ice cream van market, and so you off when all the twenty five dollars with novelty sticks such a shame because even as a grownup, I, think with an ice lolly, it has to be on a stick. So you've got the stick anyway. The stick interesting. There have been a couple of revivals of these in two, thousand and eight indeed. Walls hired James Corden to write new jokes. Who did he hire to write the gags? Well, also, there was supposed to be printed in English. German, and Greek, and because of these just word playing those dating, translate you. In fact, we have to write different jokes and localized free to those cultures for the plans to make sense. Yeah. Like my four year old son's favorite at the moment is, what's a pirates favorite letter R.. COM translate. that. Into Greek row. Conclusively Than You can't say that it was on a Fab. I. Slowly, it just sounds like it likely walls if she remembers it because it was on. So many I. think it likely was as well because Fox one of the few of these identities tweet and I definitely remember Iceland Jakes, say anecdotally I have absolutely no doubt if we can find someone who seen a porridge draw Someone listening to this right now, either knows for a fact that is long had on the mall probably still has wom-. Probably has a collection of jokes on sticks. Last. Here's another question of jokes. David, and Jane who say only answer me this. How did knock knock jokes come about what is everyone know how to respond to them all they actually funny, that's very subjective. Isn't it? Wo-. It is subjective although I think I can represent most of they know they're not funny what they generate is. The recognition that has taken place. Yes. It's an effort to go ha ha. After actually forced the laugh when really what you things. Yeah I, see you've done a joke. I. Think a lot of the formula jerks of us. It helps that it's often a cute kid doing. So then you feel like you're boosting self confidence by offing, maybe you'll just hindering their career and doing better jokes, but in terms of where they came about. I actually guessed the answer to this using my actual knowledge and then was proven right, which doesn't happen very much. Spare. I guessed correctly because I remember seeing a production of Macbeth in the nineties where this was very labored and it stuck in my mind the porter in Macbeth, the comedy character comes on stage basically saying knock knock. So yes, Shakespeare wrote effectively the first not joking sixty six. It doesn't follow the same structure of the knock knock jokes we know in now I'll read it to you I. Mean You have to bear in mind I'm not a comic actor and you haven't just seen someone stabbed to death so I'm not providing any light relief. Imagine imagining context ACTA wakes up from a drunken stupor at the sound of someone knocking on the door to tell him that the king of Scotland said and says to the audience, knock knock knock. WHO's there in the name of bells above. Here's a form of the hanged himself on the expectation of plenty come in time have Napkins, and now about you hear you'll swear for it s a little longer than the knock knock formula using extends to these days. It's Shakespeare. So there's certainly rhythm, but it's not the rhythm that we've become accustomed to is it it does actually carry on a second and third verse. Knock, knock. WHO's there in the other devils name faith equivocated the could swear in both the scales against either scale who committed treason enough for God's sake, yet could not equivocate to have no come in equivocated and then the big punchline knock knock knock who's there faith his an English come hither for stealing out of a franchise come in Taylor here you may roast, you'll goose. You have to remember that it is a really grim story Macbeth. So like if you imagine equivalent in a really gritty Jim, McGovern drama than a commercial break in diversity, come on that dancing is like that it's such a different tone than itself is going to funny. That sounds like almost a character catchphrase. But that's a far cry from it. Being a formula where you say body, Blah Blah Blah who? And then the reveal right and sloppy lost in the midst of time exactly who I put that formula together although we know that by the time, Bob Dunne who's a cartoonist in the nineteen thirties in the states published a really popular book which had a series of the jokes in it. Obviously, by then it was well established by nineteen thirty s establishing some people, credit him as having invented the molten knock knock joke. But I think it's more complex than that because there was a music hall comedian cooled wee. Wood who was on the radio in the nineteen thirties. Now, his act was basically like Janette grandkid dwarfism and played schoolboy that was his stick and he came on the radio ended upon on his own name. He said, I'm George would knock knock. Because his name's would. Right. And that was a hugely popular radio show at the time. You have to remember like mass transmission of media and he just happened people being very cheered up by their stuff. So everyone went round the next day in the school yards. Basically saying I'm Georgie would not knock and I think there was a residual memory of the Shakespeare because obviously it carried on being stationed four hundred years. So I, think those two things conflated into the that became the knock. Knock knock joke that was then solidified by Bob Dunne and it was in America where it really really took off in the states they already had. It's like more aggressive tradition where they would say do so it's more of a punked thing pranking someone you got someone in the street and say, do you know offer? They'd say author who, because that is how you'd actually not reply to that question and then they'd say a joke like off the moment. And runaway, that's. An anticlimax right does mean that you're kind of a victim of the joke rather than laughing along with, and if you think about it, there is an American tradition of that which you see in the simpsons when boggles up mode and does the is there I'm who I'm about-face. Exclusively American formula after Georgie, would was on the radio in. Britain. Radio Orchestras in the states started using knock knock jokes to punctuate their acts like a bit like a kind of comedy ident- even had like, knock knock clubs in my. Turn to snap. Seed Nightmare. Just waiting for the drop ways question from Noam. Brooklyn. Who says recently a dungeons and dragons playing friend sent me a link to accompany that carves game dice out of Arctic Swedish. Moose Pu priced at two hundred and fifteen dollars for the set. What Alex? Well, how much would you say that a games dice carved out of uptick? Swedish Moose should be retailed at two dungeons and dragons fan. Well, you get several in a pack dot e Fit Dungeons and dragons. multisided. Sight, there's probably some skill to make the sides equals role in. But I feel is not good. It's not good substance for it because it's a hard enough I'm looking for number. What do you think is a fair price? Well, I bought my nephews from in plastic for like twenty dollars. So I put novelty pay maybe fifty, fifty I actually to be fair would expect up to one hundred and fifty, two, hundred and fifteen degrees little steep. Thoroughly delighted said Noah forwarded the link to my family for a laugh at which point my father informed me that this was a waste of time and energy because clearly he said one bat Pu is by far the superior Kufa dice as it is all ready cubed. That's right. Point of origin. Really. Cubic. Pu. They do now the only known mumbled cubic poos. It's. Advantage if you WANNA six sided dice game series, Gamer you might want twenty sides, ten sites falsehoods. So Helen this, what the Shit is going on with one BEPPU We've been to the museum in Tasmania, which is a museum of animal paying amazing. We went in and chat with the proprietor in open for three weeks and thus goes out of paying for. It. Also meant, we couldn't look at the exhibits, but is mainly words on the walls throughout the actual pays. Disappointing, yeah. That one, but who is caved, but then also saw on the verge outside having that, oh. There is a lot about by around everywhere because wombats produce between eighty and one hundred poos in a single night. repressive is a lot. It seems like a lot because wombats a quite small eighty bowel motions is a lot. But I'm just think about my own poos thinking if you divide them into cubes, I probably could produce like twenty a day and in doing about eight keeps per movement, right? Okay. So that they thought maybe won't bouts of Square Mrs, and that's why this is. But now they have discovered from some roadkill wombats in Tasmania? That they have dissected but. One Bucks, intestines, which by the way, a longer than those of a human, that nine meters long. Oh. Just remind US how logical? It's like. Two Feet Long. It's like a big pillow. the hub of all eight many gross and Balk. inbreeds. Digestion is very slow a to fourteen days. Travels through the very long intestines. 'cause said Honda preserved. They can get, and then in the last eight percent of intestine, that's where it turns from liquid into the cubes. So that last eight percent of intestine doesn't stretch evenly says not like a circle, of Mussels, some of the muscles, really stretchy and some of them are firm. That's what makes it into these cube shapes because it extruded through this. Tube. which allows it to become a cape. But I also read that sometimes in zoos where animals have more access to hydration make less cubic. Right? Well, the moisture just like round off the edges wouldn't keep. Cube shape, but then some people theorize as to why this is a feature to that I. Well, it's queued. That means it doesn't roles. So maybe they're shifting it and leaving it in special places to communicate with other one bats. Maybe they're stocking up whereas all the scientists know the shaking weather like if you're doing one hundred hits a day, it's not that strategic. Right, well, I think that's onto this question. Have you happy with that? Now? Empty one bonus, amazing combat facts about the back end of a wombat who wouldn't? They didn't have a lot of defenses against predators except for they have kind of amish plate in the top error of their asses say. If like a Dingo is coming off to them. They can go into a borough, and if the DINGOES head is coming off to them, they just crush it with almond bums. and. How do they make sure they don't inadvertently crush other things. They're bums like during sex or whatever. Heaviest. Just. They can exert a lot of bump. Still, force that thumbs up against slight the reef of that borough right crushes. The dogs had between the boom, the burry what a way today from to the. Question They not class. To me. Dot Com. CASTA commando. His question from Katie who says my mother and I visited London for the first time last summer, and there's something that's been on my mind ever since why does twenty-first-century first century country have? Monica. That's not a question. That's mine. Being that she's not a very adventurous eater. My mother we ended up having pizza twice whilst we were in London. Actually think if you not very adventurous eater than having pizza only twice, he's quite restrained and although it was pleasant in taste and texture at both establishments we visited. Phase soap about on tripadvisor. Restaurants ago hard enough time at the moment, we were flummoxed that when it came to the table, it was as a whole pie. Thank Tiring completely on sliced, we are not provided with a pizza cutter. So we did the best we could soaring away at it with a knife and fork. So al-anon's me. This is uncivilized pizza. A London thing. No. She says I've never been to Italy. But growing up in central New York state. I was surrounded by pizzerias owned by first and second generation Italian immigrant. So I thought I knew a thing or two about pizza. Yes. You don't think about American, Pizza. Yeah. Well, I suppose that's the nature of her question. She says, I did a bit of research and I found that the inventor of the pizza cutter was. was. Indeed. American. So has this invention not made it across the pond in these last one, hundred plus years? Now we have them here. I grew up with one actually in the house and we didn't use it that much because that kind. Of Shit, thenn quite blunt, very hard to sharpen by orphan children eating pizza. They're more fun than using a knife and fork. That's reason it's great to have rotating blade. I mean spirited when trying to cope with knife, you drag it. Don't you see drag the ingredients and because you're not doing that with a pizza cutter, if it's shop is a superior instrument, well, I think a lot of American pizzas have more share on them and they're thicker necessarily get through it with a knife as easily you. Drag some of the ingredients across the pizza I never thought of that as a negative before. But if you did think of that as a negative, then there it is. It's not clear city who invented the pizza cutter who she's referring to with the inventor. The Scott Being American was a guy called David Morgan in eighteen ninety two patented a rotary cutter four wallpaper trimming in one thousand, nine, hundred to a call a frame of Canton Ohio registered a similar device a rotary cutter although bit crinkled around the blades that was to cop does that was role, but it's not clear who actually fought Bingo Gedney uses for pizzas that was probably Probably a bit later and they do have them in Italy as well. But they also want us in Italy as a Mezzaluna will slow. That's one of these big curved blades with two handles Iraq back and forth are lovers yet I mean I've never used one. But I, love the look of a very useful for chopping. But also now just office to use that for pizza that was invented by Italian Silvio patchy in seventeen o eight, this also gonNA lovely name like some by Pacini Yeah Hoffman is what methylene soon, most letting thing is like over in Britain, but even more. So in Italy you're more likely to have an individual pizza. So it's not cut into slices for sharing because it's not three feet white. So I think that's part of it, but in Italy and I confirmed with our mutual Italian Frederick, Keller from Naples, which is the pizza it. She confirmed my memories of people eating pizza in Italy with a knife and fork like we other fate. You'd cut off little bits and eat them off the fork yet because it is a casual food that to you know is the street food, but it's also a food. Do you have in a restaurant in a way that it just isn't it? Okay. So when I was spent time in Florence, when I was eighteen knows there for a couple of months and? And I made my American friend and she was twenty nine and we went to pizza place and she was like, what do I do because the pizzas were not sliced and she'd never encountered pizza before he didn't eat just go hand options fairly obvious I would say if it's in front of a note, she has never used a knife and a fork together. What's and I had not been to America this time. But now I have I know the food is engineered for single implement eating. Or hand eating because it's quite soft, our world were I would. Yeah. But what about I mean I? I? Know what you're saying? About. Britos or fries or whatever. But I mean, what? About steaks? They love a stake in the states. You definitely need an eye for that, but they give you a dagger for that was quite high in food stuff. Like if you twenty beginning at for steaks all the time she does have being raised vegetarian I'm not meaning to shame you're twenty nine year old friend that you. You met in Florence Twenty years ago I met a I'm just saying the strikes me as someone like that who managed to get their way over to Florence, but nephews knife and fork in might be unusual. You think not I think just it's much easier to get away with it in the states because there's a lot more food that is yielding yeah I agree with that. We have another Pizza Kosta. Question. From Jessica in Los. Angeles. Now, the piece of the Pie which were not calling pie because it's not a pies not fucking Pie Jessica says my husband and I got fed up with all burgum pizza wheel cutter. So as we're in quarantine and not shopping in brick and mortar I absent mindedly ordered a new one online. The thing is monster. The whale is as widened. Diameter is a teacup salsa. It is shop a F. and most importantly, it has no sheath sheaf flashbacks to contraceptives in textbooks. Is the problem only. I don't know where or how to store it. We live in a tiny Los Angeles apartment. We have only two small shallow drawers in the kitchen, one utensil pot on the kitchen counter. If I put in one of the drawers, I couldn't put much else in the drawer because one large wheel to fear of cutting myself when breaching for different. Utensil. I can't put it into utensil pot on the counts because it might slice up the other utensils. And I would add as well. The other utensils might amrried the blade. Yes. If it's hitting up against metal spoons and to her anxiety Jalan, she's got enough troubles as it is. I would say suggest that it's even more of a terrifying prospect for your hand thrusting into a forest of utensils, one of which is an unsheathed blade. Agree. Jessica says, it currently lives awkwardly half under the strain on the counter. That's not optimum. Eat Pizza very often, but often enough to buy this thing I guess. Yeah. But if she's got the same view as Katie if Americans just Connie. Pizza Cutter and this is going to be a problem. Isn't it beyond news? Pizza causes over the nation, but she is in. America. So hope ought to come pre cut only aunts me this. How can I keep all fingers safe and this thing out of the way produce somewhere else all the pizza cutter wheel slaves underneath their sheets, but couldn't you put it in a Jiffy bag? Or tupperware Jiffy bags not bad but I do know because I've done the research, they're all sheets. FOUND PAMPERED CHEF DOT COM for three dollars. Fifty Replacement Protective Cover for pizza cutter. Now, obviously, that is for their brand of pizza cutter, which might be smaller than your monster one, but it might be worth measuring your one and seeing if if it's put yours in a CD case, if you can still get one of them, the ZIP bonds got for the car. I would also suggest not keeping in the drawer, just put it in the fridge save. You are using it sporadically back of a cupboard in its sheath or put it in A. A. Different in a different room like I know that having a pizza cutter in your bedroom chest of drawers might be old. If someone would stumble upon it and you're a mass murderer, where'd you keep your toolkit all the winter coaching for the ten call days in Los Angeles or your rain boots? Yes. Where do you keep your screwdriver there, but it there right? Camping gear spare lightbulb. Put It in a sheet or Jiffy bag or Tupperware or flop box like get some. See's candies. Once you've eaten them, put the pizza cutter in that. Earthquake. Could be released for the. Bears and stuff if you need to cut your own hand open during enough quake. Helen Oliver. Though life is full of questions. There are answers you must know who won. Own It will not fall but marder ration- in off things to. Probably use we. Find out on. Times three most people. Honor. And My? Favorite is dawn. You try and. Ruin your plan. US, turn to thank our sponsors for this episode. The great courses plus who have more than eleven thousand lectures available to watch on demand. I was watching very interesting episode of undestanding Japan. Today. Yeah. It's was about the artist Hokusai and the art of woodblock prints. So, you know a lot of the very famous Japanese wave prints or the people. That will by this guy and then interesting Thailand, is that one point because it was like what he did this, but he also did a lot of this stuff just to you know sell like Dickens writing these of serialized potboilers in order to earn an income and one point he published a so of his how to draw like I can dropping and. Through this, the comic book evolved what? Japanese autism died in forty. So going back away, and when you look at it, you're like, oh. My God, you can really see the direct. Influence on twentieth, century, comic books here. That's really fascinating. Actually, obviously a really good use of an on demand video platform, but actually a lot of their lectures you don't have to look at all. So I've been listening to one. Am I say listening because a feature on their up as you can just download, the audio is a podcast. So I've been listening to shocking psychological studies. Lessons they teach. I mean you would have to listen to bachelor. Wouldn't you want see it? What did you learn? Well, it's very much an overview and introduction of various horrible psychological experiments across the is a yeah. The Stanford prison experiment is in their. Borough? Twin. Study. At what he's essentially saying is look at these studies on a hideous on their terrible ethical issues with them. But also is it really anymore ethical? These days be using social media data without people's consent that you're doing that for psychology, you know like all the ethics around using any kind of experimental detail. What about when being ethical actually means that the experiment can't really work like you can only proven by doing. Worth doing. So yes, lawyers love that kind of each ebay That is interesting. Love that? I really really enjoyed. It sounds cool. Anyway, right now, be great closest plus a limited time offer just for you. Our listeners. Yes. You can get one entire amount of access to all of the great courses plus, library for free. All of the courses, every one of them for free go to the great courses plus dot com slash answer. That's the great courses plus dot com slash on Sir Hello, Helen machinate, a Christian, which is I'm in New Zealand of the moment and I normally in Germany. And if everyone here has loans like lawns, I think presents for loans as well. USF loans. Everyone has lawns and I find it weird because. where I am in Germany people are Leash law native still tons loans but This have near a place called community has gotten which has. Like meadows like wildflowers. Unilateral Same. The botanic. Gardens. There and Belen, and it's clearly bitter for the bees and six the birds. My question is, why did he run have alone and I? Think the answer is probably status and? Some idea of tidiness. But also, how can we this way to know him learned anymore with that? Make a significant difference to the ECO system I. Mean. It seems like a very basic thing that if we could start a train, people would be really. Making a big difference in actually all it means you're saving money by notch. Mowing, your lawn, paying someone to me law and your seven Pallor. Maybe need to get some seeds to start off with, but they kind of Cordell and there'd be lots of flowers cheating. Really good idea. We'll fast while loans. The initial reason for loans was while like if you go back to say a causal hundreds of years ago. They would have grosses around partly for grazing animals and partly so that you had a Clare Eileen. If your enemies were approaching, if you'd go woods then yeah. They can hide whether it's just the con-. Yeah. I was just trying to think well, the alternative would be, but yes, big tool for. That would be an issue. Council Times but yeah. Okay. Yeah. But also similarly like when people were hunting in ancient times like it was a lot easier to see predators in grassland ten coming up from a long way away. But then from cancels, you can kind of trace how they were a symbol of a wealth and status side I. Think they particularly took off in the seventeenth century. That was when like the kind of English fancy garden in fancy houses really became a thing because you'll showing all of the places from around the world you've got blogs. Blogs from as well, which is a thing that gets lost these days when you can buy African roses for three pounds in the petrol station. Yeah. But even if you want if you just using plants that were growing in ahead dry, it was like we can afford land that has no purpose except to be decorative and exist that don't need to put animals on it. We don't need to grow vegetables in it. We can just a fucking loan and Knot Garden, and we can also afford people to take care of it. As far as domestic spices, nonce didn't take off for a wall bill. Now, they were very much like the preserve of the rich I, think in the nineteenth century parks start to become thing because like outdoors was considered healthy and kind of moral. Anyway. So it was like give the pause some place they can be in some gross they can be on but. A huge thing was the invention of the loan mirror, which was first developed in eighteen thirty wasn't great like it took quite a lot of people over the nineteenth century to make it good. It was a guy called Edwin bid budding who I developed, and he'd seen like in fabric production. This rotating thing like the thing that takes bubbles of sweaters. Bid Budding is an extraordinary. Invents. The lawnmower has a reference to both flowers and hair in his name. So he thought well, we'll just make a big one for Gross, but the problem is his blades often didn't really contact gross enough. Also loans like wouldn't necessarily gross they camera loans and time lawns were thing I. Think Grassi self was. Another state assembly because it's not actually a very good plant is quite about Cape. Does. Melissa will give it that. But by the eighteen ninety s, the lawnmower was like good enough and popular enough that it made loan having a lot more possible, and so that was when people weren't. Aristocrats could also have their own lawn. I think we'll say just like you look at house-building translate mass housebuilding trends and a lot didn't have a load of outside space. Think till the twentieth century because then you had like look, here's your luxury of the suburbs and you can have my space around your house and alone you don't even have to have your own herd of sheep to keep the lawn tidy. I think in the states like houses, I think partly because towns built somewhat later to. To The K. and also it's a Murimi country. So I think it's normal. See a large amount of grass around a house there than it was here. Also, lawns then became more popular in public events. So like most sports the now played on grass, it wasn't always thus like you said, put in tennis player on clay or something, but apparently dyke love sports played on different surfaces, and then it was like Bras Cross cross big grass really asserted itself. Okay I. Mean I feel like actually in lockdown, the front lawn has really had a bit of a resurgence for those of us. Lucky enough to have won because especially, if you can't read someone's back gone without going through that how. It's become a social space again, hasn't it? It's a place. You can stand safely away when Alice says, why do people grow wild meadows in their front lawn? You can't do that. That's why do you think at the moment? My parents that in some, they just let the girl scroll waist height, they have a big long the by quite infirm. So it's not easy to most they just know like a couple of through the gross and let the rest grade for the summit I'm into it like I don't aesthetically think a mowed lawn looks better than the wild one. I like wild grass bud round here. If You let flowers take over, you just get stinging metals and that is not my favorite. Actually only leaves things to guy while they might be good for nature, but it's GonNa be good for the people who own the property as well. If every time I walk out, my front door gets stung. That's GonNa make me think I'm going to pop great my artificial disneyfied wild meadow. I would seem also in certain places keeping gross long would be something of the fire risk. Yeah, and also again like having insects in, it is good for the insects and I good for birds, eat the insects, but not necessarily good humans 'cause they bought you. But they say Auntie loan trends, I, remember years ago. There was an upsurge ninety, nine percent invisible about how having a lush green real lawn in California, where there'd been a drought. Drought for many years without point was the opposite of a status symbol. So there were trends, kind of like painting, your front garden instead or replacing it with something else. There's a game actually that we play me and my son Harvey, you know Front Lawn. The road is kind of framed by two hedges. So you can sit just next to the hedge and you can guess what color the car is going to be but comes passed. So I did it once and I've had to live with the consequences ever since. He likes game where it's like I. Say it's going to be read. He's GonNa be play, and then there's the jeopardy of what's the going to be here? It coming I wasn't going to be, it can be readily and invariably silver nervous wins. He's quite fun as as games that I play with my four year old, but he doesn't really understand that it's the context of our front lawn that makes that game fund. So now every time we're on a road. He says, let's play the game. What colors the car. I can see the fuck. It's red. So do I say is going to be read by that changes. My gamble them I'm lying if I, say I think he's going to be Imola. Away. Just, by using common sense I, suppose as a compromise, you come to find the wide ranging from the game which would be watched like, what are the next time 'cause going to build something. Right. What's the tenth cog? In Base? Training him, up to. Gamble yes. Lyman influence you want to be who I am you B. Everything on my instagram, but it's all stock photos. My Life's a talk show. I can't even do young, but I'm a real health expert I. Use Quest Base photos ended vice are all in one place and I built a store. So you can buy into my a. Dollar SMOOTHIES. Yes. Thank you very much to squarespace for that sponsorship and patronage. If you want to design yourself a website, you would be an absolute fool village as look anywhere else. Don't be mean only one it. You frame it as a postive. You'd be so incredibly wise and very attractive to follow human beings. If you choose squarespace well that we cannot guarantee. But what we can guarantee is that squarespace has award-winning. He designed templates as drag and drop tools to make building your website very easy and you do not. Not have to understand code or anything, you can just look at it and you're like, that looks like a website broaden of things that are in square brackets. That's right. So you'll still have a beautifully designed website the end of the process, even if you remain incredibly unpopular to other people that is out of our hands, but it is a, it's quite nice failing when you start a new project starting new podcast whatever as an e start. And you make something and it doesn't look completely to us. Actually looks really nice and he gives you this little like inkling of Oh. Maybe the project wanted Kennedy is going to be really good and be as good as my website. Maybe I've not complete toss after all. Well, I. Didn't go though if you want to be more Martin and experienced that feeling for yourself, then head on down to squarespace dot com slash answer the two week free trial. Then when you sign up at temps off your first purchase of a website demane if you use code Here's a question from fill in Manchester who says growing up in the north of England. We're often told fables and tales about the man who lives in a farmhouse in the middle of the M, sixty, two, two way between Manchester and Leeds. What. So in between the North and southbound ways? Yes. If you if you actually just google like house on the m sixty two, a is a thing. People have always been curious about the house is actually called start whole farm. The name of the man who lives that was pulled up. He's lived there for ten years and yeah, it's an amusing picture even on Google maps because you've got the MC, which is huge six lane highway than just splits down the middle with the left carriageway around the Farmhouse on one side, the right carriageway going the other Oh, it's almost like an in the middle of a river but made of roads rather than. Exactly you can see why if you grew up in Manchester Leeds, this would be something. People would. Talk about? Yeah. They'll says, there were stories that the might builders couldn't get this man to move as he was a stubborn Yorkshireman. So they simply built the my toys around him. Their other stories that is farmland wasn't suitable for roads. So again, they just built it around him all onto me this, why does the man live in the middle of the m? Sixty, two motorway? How does he get to and from the shops as a consume running across three? Three lanes of traffic with his bread and milk will ever be able to sell this house. Well, you've said, someone's only been living in ten years. So they have managed. It isn't owned privately by the people who live in it. It's owned by Yorkshire, water, nowadays, and so the people living there attendance. So that deals with issues, they chose to be tenants presumably. Yes. The Guy who lives there now someone who's worked on the farm before he lived there. So. Chose to be tenants managed to get to work. I. Guess Before Leaving Nineteen. And the guy who lived there before you know we'll see a stubborn Yorkshireman who said you can't build the motorway here, kind of, and that's why these stories don't quite die. But then so were like you know tens of thousands of farmers. He lived across the same sixty, two and loads of other motorways built them Britain for the first time. Of course, they said, you're not in my house down most of them took the money and sold up, and in his case, it became a non issue because they realized there was a geological fault beneath the house, which meant it more practical for the engineers to leave rather than blaster and destroy it. Basically, it was too wet and too steep, and they wouldn't be able to get all six lanes of the motorway up there. So they just didn't. The boring well. That makes sense. Yeah. You can see why people like the kind of local hero idea that someone the big government organized road, but I mean actually a, it was just really hard to build around it and I suppose to answer the thing about what, what, who would wanna live there now. As you say it's mythologised, it's fable is it is in any case, quite a nice old house. It's three hundred years old. It's fifteen acres. I. Believe and it's Quirky because he's in the middle of the way. Everyone knows where it is and you take get random passersby by coming in and talking to people like. Don't. You think it goes. Back. That's interesting. Isn't it that you would choose that life, but you know people won't all sorts of different lives even fill doesn't. Yeah. You might want easy access to a service station and that's the thing like. How'd you get bread milk? While you get on the motorways, your drive fifteen minutes. If you're a film about might be quite a nice break from walking around with shape. WanNa get and you travel at speed, maybe he grows on his. Milk, and bread and toilet paper Nigga out the sheep will. But the the sound, the traffic I mean, some people who would want to live on a motorway. Actually my wife lived on a motorway for five years where we were twenties on the and forty in London, there's a parallel which is just on the that's what it faces, and you know you get triple glazing and yes, you can hear the traffic. All the time is like That's all the time and you get used to it like a babbling burke. It's not as Nice as the houses, three roads down that cost more because you. You can't hear that. But it does cost last full that reason, and that's the truth is like you know different people are willing to make that sacrifice, and if you want a big farmhouse in Yorkshire I, Guess having one in the middle of probably would be cheaper and also something rely cars. As I said, alien I will sit with my son and watch traffic and that's an entertaining sport. So you know he'd love to live there. Hello. I'm Wilson. The bowl from castaway and here. Is My song about my favorite? Bulls. Football Rugby. Voluble. Tennis. Ball, so we will basketball. Netball Handball debutante Ball Bowling Bowl baseball. Big swear to blue. And the Sports Day a marathon fun and games out now onto me, this podcast dot com slash albums. His question from Joris Age, thirty, two from the Netherlands, currently living in Somerville Massachusetts Helen. Ounce me this. What is proper instagram etiquette for liking suggestive. Photos and he has put the word suggestive in brackets with the question will return to that. So. suggestive. Let's say exactly, but my wife's fourteen year old niece posts on instagram in general I, just like whatever she posts, it's not something. I actually like just to be supportive. She's on holiday with the parents and aren't on Ibiza and the adults posted pictures posing in the harbour I would judge has kind of tacky. But that I liked regardless, but the fourteen year old included again, he's put the word suggestive in question look in brackets, photos in her bikini. If I like her bikini photos MIS creepy uncle, or is it just a normal thing to do what is the proper instrument? Instrument Etiquette Yeah I coming into point in my life where this is starting to become relevant because some of my nibbling 's are in the early teens and they're on Instagram so far by post pictures of all, they've done or plants that they're growing the trucks I drops not even any pictures of themselves but I did think while you know ever fourteen year old niece. So should I be prepared but I think what I would say if my niece did stop posting shots like that is probably just hope you're having a good holiday something like that very general where it's like. Acknowledge the picture I haven't said anything to suggest I have only focused on the fact of you in your Bikini. Yes. I, think there's a few things at play him in one of them is. Is your approval going to be that important to her because I don't want my nibbling to feel like I'm kind of spying on what they're doing. Obviously, the doing it in a public forum, but I want them to express themselves without thinking. Will my elderly relative Helen? Think about it I saw the opposite to stem like whenever I see one of your nibbling and one of my instagram pictures of Mike. Posted recently half I said nothing completely ridiculous for it. The problem is the more you like it as well. The more instagram is likely to serve it up to you, and also the more that other people will get to see it because that's on the algorithm works, isn't it? Whereas tonight with comments as I think. It's a good suggestion that you made. You know hope you have a good holiday, but I suppose that's still interaction with the photo which does bump up, doesn't it and he said that there's other people in the photo. Yeah. He's also I think it's important that he did put suggestive in brackets with a question mark on it because I think he's acknowledging there implicitly that. It may not be sexually suggestive at all. This is a fourteen year old having fun on holiday. She may not be thinking at all that photo could be seen in in a sexual way or interpreted in a sexual way. She might be because some fourteen year olds are there at that point in their lives, but they're not necessarily think about all the implications of that in a platform accessible to adults. That's the question. Isn't it and that's you know the answer to that question. So that is slightly Difficult. Area I. Think it would be weird to draw attention to it. especially, if she's comfortable with being in photos in her bikini, then she's not my body confidence than I've ever seen and it will be ashamed to make herself conscious if she's not currently, but you wouldn't notice you withdrawing your likes become self conscious I. Think as you suggest, but you might notice if you had word with her. Right. Don't do that. I. Guess. We'll play some sunshine emojis. Don't post an eggplant and water droplets emojis. Maybe someone who's grappling with a wider problem is as a man who supportive of. Woman voters which include them in it with that being a creep, and obviously this is the one of the more extreme. Parts of that equation when it's a fourteen year old girl and a relative, that's a place where you definitely, they want to see my creep. Any different to be postive. Obey the things that I think the problem is also just the light function is so emotionally unsubtle. You. Can't really pause what someone. WHO Now. She's probably thinking that valence in my uncle's likes. Well, that brings us to the end of this episode about to me this. But to my future episodes, we need your questions and we'll have nothing to discuss put us in that position. Please don't you dare not. After all this time three, hundred, thousand nine can only exist with your cooperation. So if you have a question, send us an e mail or call us or send us better voice memo attached your email, your contact details are upon our website. PODCAST DOT COM, and halfway through the month, you will have a retro on semi this in your feed. But if you want to hear episodes wants two hundred of this or any of our six special albums or best of compilations from the olden times. Then those are all available for purchase. STORE DOT COM. We also have other work. You can discover online helen. What's happening in the illusionist at the moment I recently had the host of the podcast Koto girlfriend. As a very popular choice. If you like them, you should listen to that one and I had some fascinating translate is on talking about translating black lives, matter slogans into Yiddish. Laughing because he's like a parody of the kind of subject that you cover. But actually I'm sure that would be absolutely fascinated was yeah. That's available at the allegiance to Org. Also other focus protocols investigations is at VM IPOD, DOT COM, we're getting to the end of season two Veronica Mas now. Only, which of your man productions is up next. Yeah. I've got five podcast, which you can discover at Elian Dot Com. I host a radio four podcast called forethought F. O., you are thought to words. and. It's a lecture series basically and the broadcast version. I'm only in it for thirty seconds. But if you download the podcast, then you get an interview between me and the speaker. After each talk Martin, we've just launched a new podcast, which is a science podcast, a musical focus for young people. Eight, seven to nine. So if you're. Someone who is there's a podcast for you. Could Maddie send explorers hosted by Youtuber? person. Might, demote. Every episode we explore a question about science through signed and as a piece of music, which we make from the signs that rediscover by we. You mean you compose? Yes. Well, yes. I'm using the roadway and we will be back with freshness. Upset. Wants me this on the first day of next month. So do circle that and Yaris.

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