Week 12 Buy or Sell + Triple Mailbag, Sneaky Tank


This Dede Westbrook here with the Jacksonville. Jaguars and you're listening to the fantasy footballers podcast you go to the fantasy footballers podcast coming to you from Pristina. Auction Dot Com studios with your hose. Andy the Holloway. Chason more and Mike Right. Oh I could hear the echoes of football time. That's tomorrow I think it's I think we. Oh Gosh I only do it on Thursday. Oh man leave the people wanting I can't wait. Welcome in the fantasy footballers back again Wednesday November twentieth. Jason More Mike the Fantasy hitman right. I'm Andy Holloway welcoming you into the show by your cell today. The Thursday night preview some very important mailbag some news to get into. It's nearly playoff if time they did. And we're GONNA leave you in silence on that. To just think about the weight I would like to take a moment of silence. Yeah apparently for those who have not made the playoffs and for those of us that have very nice straight. Shh Oh did you hit the mute button again so soon faces let it happen all right before we get into buy or sell. WanNa remind mind you can find us on twitter at the F. F. ballers instagram dot com slash. Fantasy footballers if you want to follow Jason on Instagram or twitter he can do so at Jason. NFL You follow. Mike like an F F hit man. You can follow me at Andy. Holloway posted Posted this morning to lay the land wanted to. Here's some feedback on the show. We always want to make the show. The two most important things for us is that it is the most accurate show that helps you in your league and it's the most entertaining show and out there because you listening all the time and we want you to enjoy your life We played fantasy football to have fun. So we do this show and have fun just by also. Winning is fun despite what you may have thought about fantasy football yesterday. Yeah well it's good. It's good to be back America. I have come back to life. I hi no longer hate everyone. Everything I have moved on Bass Philip rivers I did a healthy Baxter punt him off the bridge situation on my roster and I'm I'm super excited for this show is to sleep recovery. It was needed to reboot needed to sleeps and I'm back. It was so bad that I thought there's a chance you would rebrand one of our two bathrooms here in the studio bad pictures in the mail. Okay all right because right. Now it's IT Jeff Fisher which I can't imagine he loo. It was the last time it happened. It was Greg Olsen. Yeah he did me wrong and I did him wrong. You really did very vindictive with my losses and fantasy all all right. Let's get in to buy or sell buy or sell presented by Pristine auction all right week eleven last week we did. AFC West addition. We did all right. I I suppose Keenan Allen he did top seventy yards Damian Williams one hundred total yards kind of unfair but also didn't seem like he was on his way but You guys both. He would've got there Sir Sir but I win and then Derek Carr top ten quarterback. He didn't get it was the QB twelve yeah yeah he was a QB twelve. which I believe I said he'd be top twelve top ten it although I did lose this week and on the back of the Philip Lindsay call all is the way that I see it. I was super happy that I bought Philip Lindsay because of his utilization. What finally happened this week with the Denver Broncos but the sixteen carries he's but the match up was too tough against the Minnesota Vikings? Yeah Darren Waller five catches what do you do now. What do you do at Dera Waller? I can't imagine not playing. But he's just he did. He had five receptions he had he was back to having a a solid game. That's fair he did drop a touchdown so I mean that sucks but he had had that opportunity where the play was exactly for him. It was executed perfectly except for the part. It always comes down to the details like like that Mike. Well with the fins fins flippers or they fins fins are osiander flippers. Like a the fish. Yes yeah yeah you know what I mean yeah all right. That's why shady fumbles all the time. Well yeah the slippery fish. I haven't said that nickname in a long time because he hasn't been very slippery. been a sticky fish water. All right bye sell for week twelve. Let's start with Calvin Ridley here. Is he going to finish as a top twelve wide receiver against Tampa Bay Week. Eleven last week was the first top twelve finish for him since week to finish as the wide receiver. Eight last week. Tampa is the juiciest of all match ups for white outs. I have to buy this Prequel Prequel to tomorrow show. Yeah I love Calvin Ridley this week. I do think the line is too high here. I'm going to sell similar to Derek Carr last week where I do like them but I I just don't think he cracks a top twelve. He'll be a great play though. Do you want to shoot your shot and say top fourteen but not twelve. I'M GONNA say top eighteen but not all right yeah. I'm going to sell as well just because the line is tough but and you're right that the matchup is about as juicy as comes on looking at the stream finder here though shocking. Talking to me you know who the second juiciest Mansur booze for for fantasy wide receivers the Minnesota Vikings. They've been so good to run fallen apart. Heart but Xavier Rhodes has been terrible. And there's only been a handful of times. He shadowed this year and those have been really bad for them. Those are like groundhog shadows. Yeah sometimes you see him. Sometimes you don't mess all right. I'm with you Marvin Jones. Tin Fantasy points against Washington. Marvin Jones has since week six six. Here's this fantasy finishes seventy third. I sixty fifth fifth twenty-ninth and now eighth. You are leaning on Driscoll skull which all on paper Arvin is not the worst thing to do. Washington is one of the best teams to stream quarterback against to the point. Where you you look at Driss going? You wonder if you could recommend him this week. But I want my by selling the hands of old driscoll. I mean even on his down weeks here when he was the water super twenty nine against Chicago he was still over this line. Only stay straight weeks of doing that. Yeah so what do you got what do you got. I'm going to buy Ah In for those if you are not fully paying attention. Marvin Jones currently outscoring Kenny. Golladay and a half point. Pr Scoring format a the surprising but yet just I'm just here stating the FACS. Yeah I will I will go and sell it. I'm going to sell Marvin Jones. Ten fantasy AC- points. I believe that you can run and pass against Washington they slow the total play countdown. If they can run against against them they will. It's the trick who's going to run the yeah. Bow Scarborough F- Now I'm going to sell it and I finished just below. I will sell it as well. Jarvis Harvest Landry Landry the touchdown the touchdown streak. Does it. Continue Against Miami. He scored a touchdown in Greece. Straight game revenge. Inge is a revenge game. But I'm going to buy this. I keep now. There's a complete narrative narrative here where it's like okay. There's the targets are still going to Odell Beckham like he's leading. You know you look at the last few games. He's getting more targets in Jarvis's services still producing for fantasy. The narrative is this week with a bad pass. Rush A poor secondary. They're going to actually be able to connect on those targets. And it's going to be an Auto Beckham game. I'm going to wait till I see that before. I say that Jarvis isn't the better fantasy producer. And so I'M GONNA say drives gets another touchdown. This week I think Baker is a great play stream of the week yesterday and he's his number one wide receiver. It's GonNa get another touchdown. Yeah Jarvis Landry is getting a monster target sure. Sure so I know they're both I'm going to buy it. I'M GONNA sell all right. Just because the odds of a touchdown come the games in a row Miami. Though it'd be nice matchup is all right. Curtis Samuel Willie received seven point five targets against New Orleans in do we care freaking Kyle. Keilan DJ Moore's liking it say more target share is way up there. He's at thirty percent over the last six weeks. Believe it or not by Curtis Samuel Not in there so I'll go ahead and sell. It occurred the the what's setting is the match up this past week. Now I know. The the Atlanta Falcons had a revolutionary meeting. Apparently with during the bye week because their entire team has has changed their defense looks incredible. They're sacking the quarterback like five times a week. The past couple of weeks again. They were averaging point nine. There's more than they were not before. But Curtis Samuel in that match of come through four for twenty five against the Falcons. I will the line here. Seven and a half targets unless sell it. I will sell as well while. I want to be. contrarian there's only been three games this year where he has been at eight or more targets despite the average being seven point eight because he's had a couple of monster. You know thirteen eleven targets. I think he ends up about seven. Hopkins is the target share lead over the last six weeks thirty five percent Beckham Twenty Seven Jarvis Twenty six. So they're both getting a their fair. Share seems like the Landry ones are probably higher probability targets targets so he's ending up the fancy play. This is a really really tough on L.. Is I wanted to get my answer out. I okay and loudly. Don't in the question I didn't want you to think I was following a it was gonna be Mike Right as a top ten analyst in fantasy. Sell Michael Gallup. Seventy five receiving yards against New England. We gotTA move this line. The lines battle eight. I have already sold. It's going to be three south. Don't just be via copycat patriots right now. I I'm afraid to play any wide receiver against them. My Michael Gallup forty five yards doc by forty five yards Michael Fifty fifty five yard got. It's gotta be the new line fifty five fifty five yards because that's a that's a good line to make you have to stop and think fifty five receiving I will sell it I will. I will all right. How do and we go tiebreaker? Forty yards I will buy forty yards So forty five. You said you would buy forty five forty five forty five forty five forty two forty four forty yard for the man with glasses. What are you I'm fifty oh all right so the line so said the low forty five sell Sell aren't that you could be. Okay See oh by forty the moral all of this story guys if we want to really drill it down or the people that were expecting Michael Gallup to receive between forty and fifty yards maximum in this game making a very look. It's hard to sit him. And not if Amari Cooper out how do you make that decision to sit him you think. Hey whoa boy boy gala bonded that stall no I you play. Are you playing Gallup. If Cooper's gone no I depends on options of course but preferably not it. It's in New England. Oh Oh no. It's just a very that being said. You know that Gertz had a very fine game. I mean being the number one target. Last week he had nine catches. You had a nice fantasy day still a very different player. Gallup has been fantastic and a DNA level. My I totally different. I think any size yes the season. He's been great. It's it's really just a matter of do you believe that deck and the cowboys can get it done against this great offense if you think they can get it done and you brought up Zac. Gertz people do score fantasy points. It's not like you can't start. Michael Gallup but Gilmore. I mean you say yeah. Well if Cooper's out is that actually good that actually galleons word. The New England patriots are famous for taking away. The number one option. That would leave Gallup as that number one option. It's almost like who has a better game here. Michael Gallup Randall COBB I. I don't know I'm tempted to say. Just because he's the third option on the team and they'll be like let's make Cobb beat us all right. Well he's look. Is it tough situation deciding. What upside you really have those players and that's what it comes down to? I'm not worried about him. Having a target share I'm worried about him having production so in the fifty five receiving yards not doesn't get me excited all right that was by herself from Pristine Auction. You can buy or sell. I can't use cell yes you can sell right you care. Yeah they do both both but we normally go buy some autographed sports memorabilia. But if you have some laying around I'm sure can all right pristine auction. Dot Com use the code ballers Talk News. News and notes from around. The League presented vice sleeper. All right Tyreek Hill. Big News tyree kills hamstring injury deemed minor after an MRI. He's got the bye week weekday today. I mean that's that's great. News is just seems like he could've got back out there for one pass. I'll tell you what I'll give you one point picked for that news. I will take it. Because Thursday point stat correction correction. You could give me a win and then David who has been designated to return from. IRA practicing today's eligible to play this week. I am wearing no pants. This is great great news designated for my pants are not now not designated to return on. I R look look. I'm picking up David in Tokyo. I am. I'm not playing him this week. Okay I want. My son is gone not eligible to return as they not designated to return which really based on our proximity. We are the ones that the most now I have very haphazard the stable I have have proven. I don't believe the foot clan knows this. You'RE GONNA share this. I'm going to share this because I said look I sit back behind the table. I that that could be wearing no pants. And you'd never know and Mike you're like there's no way I could know we did a Sirius. XM Live show. And I got. I got toast bands down and after the show we like. We were none the wiser. I did a whole hour. No pants and that's the same as right now David and joke off of our so again i. I'm picking him up. I am not starting him this week. I you know I'M I. He's been gone too long football shape. I'm GonNa say something they play Arizona Arizona and they play them in fifteen of the playoffs exactly and even if joke who has one bright light left on this season so pretty bright light right that week. Jason will be right it look. He's played basically one week. The see this year and he was the titan seven and then he gets injured and we can do and has been like like that sample but yes thank you but look the. Here's the schedule Miami okay. That's that's a great way to kick off Pittsburgh not so great Cincinnati Great Arizona in a great. I mean those were playoff weeks. Yeah I'm again. I'm going to wait until he's show I've held. Will you put your pants back. Aw consider will you consider that to be some shorts. Okay all right news notes as always brought to you by the sleeper APP. You don't WanNa miss a a single piece of impactful news because you may or may not need to keep take your pants off if the parents. How long did it take you you? I'll ask this before we move on. How long did it take you to take them off? Was this a quick they were. We didn't hear very slow. It was a process and I imagine your engine them down on a good. It was just like you know I might see some might be a little break. He has the question I answered. Yeah so all right well we we've got some mailbag. We've got the Thursday night preview before we move on one thing. Today's sponsor Mann's scraped fellas. It's time to gear up. Get yourself a gift of shaving and we're talking about serious shaving this holiday season. I'm talking about about the manscaping. Perfect package two point. 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Take your Thursday night players out of the flex position put them into a running back wide receiver spots so that you have flexibility later in the week because who knows when Robert Woods will decide to skip a game gonna GonNa say that it. It came through this week. If you played your lineup optimally and you put the latest guys into the flex position and and Sunday night showed up and you had Robert Woods there. You can at least pivot to multiple position be stuck a lot of people that I saw pivoted bad necessity to Lesean McCoy right because you know he he was a guy that wasn't being used wasn't lineups and then he went out had a cellphone. Decent game all right. Let's look at this. This one colts Texans both teams six and four divisional match up Thursday night game. Houston three and a half point favorites forty five and a half point over under you. Look into Shawn Watson in this matchup. He's coming off the worst game of the season every time he's done that he's had a very big game following however this is a divisional match up in the the last time you played the colts he was around the twenty point mark. So while. I like Watson and why you'd never bench him. I don't expect them to go off against the Indianapolis Indianapolis Colts. There are pretty strong defense thirteenth against fancy quarterbacks six against running backs it's going to fall into Shawn Watson shoulders in this game I I don't expect Carlos Hyde and do Johnson to be able to you know. Move the offense down the field against this colts defense. So where are your expectations with the quarterback quarterback playing this game. Yeah I think both are are good options. Obviously you're going to start Shawn Watson as far as what my expectation is. I do think he has a very big game game. You've seen him when he comes off a bad game that he works extra hard. I mean genuinely like I remember his last really bad game. He stayed at the stadium. Four hours basically shut the stadium down because he was so upset with himself. This is who he is so I think he comes back and has a good game. PERSET has shown himself to be every bit a bit good enough to compete in the NFL and for fantasy purposes. Look he just gets touchdowns I mean. He's not a huge yardage guy but he's been very efficient. He can rush touchdowns as well so you know like hurry them along like really Russia. Hurry up get touchdown already. He was the QB for the last time he in Houston. Yeah three twenty. Six and four wasn't home though it would be nice. It must be nice to have T. Y.. Hilton in this game for. Kobe Said said it would be nice but the nice thing with some questionable situations is that you get the advantage of Thursday night right. Well Fuller Game Gametime decision. Ty Hilden didn't practice. Tuesday doesn't need to practice to play a game time decision. Would you put him right into your lineup. And maybe I'll find some options options for you until you compare it to Eileen that I would what about him versus Devante Parker. Who's been on me? But Hilton is is obviously an upper echelon guy when he's play again TAKES ON YEAH CLEVELAND Browns in Cleveland I would. I would be playing Parker there. Yeah I believe I'd go Parker okay what about moving into a robber woods. Would you play. I would play T. Y.. Hilton Robert Woods and his personal issue and Muhammad. It's a new then against Dallas. That's a good one mom to new or would you just go Hilton. I think I'd go by Hilton. That's where I lean is. Yeah de que madcap go mad cow. I would go Hilton. Bill this is this is a good example of saying okay when when a star is coming back off an injury sometimes you have to play him when a good quality option is coming off of an injury. So you don't and that'll be Willfuller. I can't imagine that's not the same game. Yeah he can't go out there. Catch a deep bomb Dutch down but he hasn't done much this year. He's coming off of an injury that he pretty much always re aggravates them reenters his injuries. I there's no way I would touch will fuller in this game. I agree with you on that. Here's a fun fact. Coulter actually six. Oh in in one against the spread versus Houston in their last seven games this is for the. AFC South Division. I would take the colts in the points in this one myself. Wow Wow wow. That was so then. Why wears drop? Well I thought about it but people are so used to hearing on Thursday Friday. Didn't know if it was like you know Y- aren't you. Yeah I I don't have the drop. Oh all right. I don't have it now. Ah this drop. Thank you for Jacoby beef brisket. Naim hines Jonathan Williams Jordan. Wilkins Jordan Wilkins returned to a limited practice. On on Tuesday his status today will be huge. Yes if he if he's limited that we still have no idea eh who will be between him and Jonathan Williams. The fact that he's limit on Tuesday I would expect them to be at least be active but he's a full participant. Ah between him and Jonathan Williams man I I just don't have confidence anti if Wilkins's full practice today. Do you still have your Jonathan Williams. I do and and I look. It is every time during the year good or bad. You've gotta feeling about a player. Based on performance. Last week he had a monstrous on strong performance. Eight point nine to carry on a ton of Carey's the coaches like him. My confidence is with Jonathan Williams. Tonight letting it go. Even if Wilkins Zach I will say this in in our League of record I am the MAC owner so this is a devastating loss for me in my playoff push and I had to. I had to take a deep dive last night. Really wanted to try to get this right. In my opinion I was swayed by reading and seeing. What the coaches had been saying about? What's happening on the practice squad for a while? The only Jonathan Williams was actually only active for this game. Because Wilkins was injured right but they were saying. He's just been unbelievable unbelievable in practice all season while he's been a colt he's been great so I think Jonathan Williams has himself a really good game. Here you're security. That's just where I would put my chips. If I have to play a colts running back I put it on Jonathan Williams. But there's no security in this game and there's GonNa be Korea distribution of carries across whoever's active. I found the button. Andy's almost oh stop set of the week. All right. What about Carlos High Duke? Johnson I will play both of them. Carlo side continues to see the ball. A ton is averaging nearly seventeen opportunities a game. Because they're at home. You like the Vegas Line in no it. Just he's a running back who gets opportunities like seventeen opportunities a game usually leads to usable fantasy production. I agree on the Hyde side. I don't think I agree on the duke side. Yeah I'm I'm not excited about either of them. I mean the reality is Indianapolis has been very good against the run there. The sixth best as far as fantasy points given up against the running back position Carlos Hyde has been surprisingly good. You know he was the running back eighteen last week. His previous games the runningback sixteen ecksteen. That's that's a startle asset. But that's not a must play guy and when you're in a tough match-up that I expect to be high. I would would take over on this game. Which is rare for me on a Thursday night game But if that happens then you would see more duke presumably then hide and I'm not really loving either of them are Indianapolis does have the highest pass rate inside the ten yard line this year. This is what we're talking about with perset ending. Up with good touchdown totals Hebron last week. This disappointing didn't practice Tuesday doyle who had three consecutive consecutive solid weeks goose. Not just like I a few bad targets. We're talking zero target. Goose for Jack. Doyle and then Durham fells. Let people down as well so the titans are kind of. Who are you forgiving? Willing to play this week or is it none of them. I look I mean I. I think it's both of them. lebronettes doyle I think are both start table assets once you pass those top eight quarterbacks even off of the goose it's shocking that he didn't get a target but he's still out there. He's you know he was out there on sixty five percent of snaps. And you go back. The previous week's touchdown in each of the week before for oil Four for sixty one the week before that but compare them to the the the waiver and I say I think I would take all of those guys the Godart Hollister Fan Griffin. Yeah take all those over Dole yes griffin hollister and got her. I would play over Dole or Hebron yeah I I think it's too much risk for me man. It's too much. That goose is too much risk the shared snaps. I want them. It's tough it's tough. You also didn't have reset. I mean you never set for the last game that he ghost either but what does it make a difference to you of active for that for that prescription now really. What'd you play Noah? FANT WHO's his target's share is absolutely absolutely incredible since sanders has gone but he's got the matchup against buffalo so Jay. Would you play fant over one of the colts I would not I would I would I would I would. Yeah Yeah. Maybe we should bet that one. I'm not going to bet on these guys. who whoever gets a touchdown wins? The Bet and you know trying to predict those is is bad. The only reason. I wouldn't bet on fant Evan targets. Last week I get it and wait for who knows fan. And he finished as the tight end nineteen he was four for sixty with the red zone. Target in the game. Wasn't that bad. Sure I'm just saying eleven targets Jag. Abbas we all come on the one we examined it gives zero one week sample. I've always career of Jack Doyle being involved in an offense. We'll probably just play Philip rivers if I know. I'm going away from a career where there has been how many how many top twelve performances in the career of Noah Fan. Have there been well. He's a rookie one one. I'm just just saying you WANNA talk sample size I can. I can be dumped to just love here in Utah. Positively about Jack. Doyle Noah could baby can jump over Jagd oil and his baby beheads that is probably more and more yes involved. All Right Hopkins highest target. Sure over the last month he's going to be in your lineup. And if you are desperate desperate if fuller's out you go with stills because of the snap count but it really hasn't manifested into production. Yes when they played you know Indianapolis in week seven. I believe leave us. Four for one zero five. But it just hasn't come to fruition yet. He seems very scary to play. Indianapolis beat Houston thirty to twenty three. The last time they played it was at home in our art it was in Indianapolis and the other takeaways from his game. Not really want to get into all right. Let's do it MAILBAG him some little different about that. Mike it wasn't going to slightly lightly different rain. I my throat hurts horrifically bad oh really yes. Oh I'm playing injured and I I didn't tell anyone don't tell the NFL. It's better better that you didn't because we might have. Had you not do it and that would have been worse for our listeners. Oh you should have heard Jason warming up before the show. He thought he could do it. Like a like a Frank Frank Sinatra. Now do it do it okay. MAILBAG BED EH. That was more. Elvis was that was pretty rotten. Yeah now is the new place. This is the way I knew. I understand With the with the beat-up voice but I'm really glad you on the line. Then you still subjected the listeners to that well I think you can do better mail bag all right if you have a question for the fantasy football or you're still listening visiting head to the website. The fantasy football dot com. Click the submit a question button. You can also dial our voicemail hotline three zero two four six four T. F. F. B. Keep them short brief. Keep them concise to the point and we'll get to him on the show. Let's start with an instagram question from Andrew Pot. Seventeen do you prefer total points. Four or head to head record as a tiebreaker for playoff seeding I prefer total points four. I think that That is the best indication of who was the better team on the season You know I in the NFL. I think they would do that if they only played offense but they don't. We don't play defense so I know a lot of arguments while the NFL does it this way. They can't. They can't do it the way that we can do and fantasy so I think point four's best tiebreaker. I agree I understand like if you miss out on the playoffs to a team that you beat head to head that kind of stinks. But you're looking at the season long teams better. I I agree with you. Total points voicemail question ballers Steve primarily member the foot clan and Dan Spit Wi calling today with A. Would you rather questions this week and the rest of the season. Would you rather start Devante Parker with magic as his quarterback or Alan Robinson with either Jason's favorite Mitch trubisky or possibly Chase Daniel in the ball. Does congrats Grab Brooks on the engagement Brooks so. Let's see is a fiancee now. All say no on say all right. I'm going devante Parker no question. I'm going to Bhante Parker if you're talking about you're going to on tape Parker. If you're talking rest of season I think devante Parker has a great schedule. The he's been far more consistent. He's got the better quarterback play. Yada Yada Yada I mean higher baseline I agree. I am on record saying that. I believe that that I loved the Monte Miss. You are on record this week. I am more inclined to play Allen Robinson The New York giants is a great match up. I think there's been so much made of the trubisky situation. They're going to try to get him involved. And I. It's not like he's been bad had like he's had Allen Rob this yeah okay no trubisky's has been and is the worst but Alan Robinson has had plenty of good games this season. It doesn't he had had to to real stinkers in a row or something like that. Yeah Allen Robinson has had so three of his last four games have been poured. They've they've been games four for ago. It was not the worst but two of the last three have been terrible. That being said he's also got plenty of games inside the top twenty fourth position. So it's just a matter of okay the match ups great. You didn't you didn't like them against the Los Angeles Rams last week with Jalen Ramsey. You didn't like him against the Los Angeles chargers a couple of weeks ago. with Why do I always want to? I always want to say it's careless but yes casey those were tough match ups for him. The New York giants. This is a good match around Robinson Cleveland but if you have to If you have to just decide one now for Parker going Parker as well Parker schedule coming up as Cleveland Philly. The jets the giants cincy. That's the championship week. I mean I think he's Loo doc passing volume matters. I think we all think Alan Robinson's a great wide receiver. Probably better than Devante. Parker is but I am fairly confident at some point. I think it was like week three there were there was like a quick question that was. Will you ever start a Miami Dolphin this year and fantasy football. That was a legit Gitte question. We were asking. Yeah now. They've won two of the last three years. I wonder going back if we made mention of. If it's Patrick takes over maybe then we'll start them. Watch because that feels like what would have happened Here's the scary question. Followers in Brooks love the. Show this randy from Virginia calling. I just had a quick question so I'm walked into my play off right now but I'm curious. Is it wrong long to openly tank for playoff positioning. I probably can't get a buy in my team and my week. Thirteen is already eliminated from playoff. I just wanted to get your thoughts on that. Thanks Yeah I get it I get been there you look at it the bracket the CNN going. Oh Man if I lose this game. I'm GonNa have a much easier run at the playoffs. It's wrong it is. So here's how it's wrong you. The the question was. Is it wrong to openly tank and it always is you have to be slapped added like ooh. I don't really believe this is the better match. Add up I mean you can't just put garbage players can't leave your roster on fielded but you are making a choice as to play. They don't know what you're thinking behind the scene go with with real high variance writers. I think you guys are right. I mean you can't get on the high horse and say that you're going to do everything for the integrity courtesy of the entire league in every circumstance without you know it's disingenuous to your own team's chances and if you believe that your team gets better by losing a match up. It's hard hard to resist that human nature aspect of it. I've seen professional teams. Do this right. It's difficult and fantasy because somebody you have to realize somebody else is GONNA pay the price price for what you do. Somebody else will miss the playoffs. Somebody else will miss their seating based on the fact that you're making a decision about your team and that's where the balancing act is awesome. That's what I miss the playoffs. When I put my best team in there and kick them out I mean? It's hard because you can't you. You have to draw a line in the sand. Yes and if you don't draw the line in the sand it leads to problems for your league for example. What's to say you don't get a question about it's in my best interest to drop good players because they they will get picked up by another team? That will beat an opponent that I need to have beaten. That's in the best interest of your team but then you're damaging the integrity of the League there too right. It's a slippery slope. I if I drop players so mike can pick them up to beat Jason because I want to make the playoffs over Jason. That's the same logic but that infers you know kind of like a one sided collusion and were two teams are working together to beat one team. That's always going to be wrong. The line in the sand to me is obviously collusion is a clear line in the sand. Two teams cannot work together to beat a team. You know and then the other line in the sand and I think this should be a rule in all leagues. Is You have to field a legitimate legitimate roster that you can't leave people off your roster You know and be like Oh. I'm benching my team. That would be objectively wrong I think as long as you're playing guys I it's it's hard to say that playing a sub optimal chance to win is the wrong thing to do. If if it's it's the right thing for your team now having said all that it's real easy to look at the match up coming ahead and then you screwed the pooch on your process and now you've put put yourself up against the team who blows you and you didn't think you could miss the playoffs but all those other team yet one and the new law. How would you feel this week? Jason because you are in in our league record tied with two other people you have more points. You're in the playoffs. How would you feel if one of those other teams that to the the opponent and you needed to have defeated? Here's the thing here's the thing I wouldn't know because I'm not talking about. You would know you would have that matchup. UNDRAFTED played Michael Gallup over Michael Thomas. No I'm you know that's that would be where you know. It's it's you look over. And they got a bench just full of points. But that's the that's I'm just I'm just illustrating the two cited acquaintance. Get what you're saying. If you've got Michael Gallup and Calvin Ridley. You could make the argument you know. Look Gallup's certainly certainly hotter than Alvin Ridley and I'm GONNA choose to put him in. You are winking throughout your lineup process this week all right. Patty ice eight on on instagram. How would you handle it? If you're commission changed the playoff tiebreaker without consulting rest of the league the main issue being the tiebreaker is now significant in his favor. This is garbage. Oh Get out the league is that is down the toilet. Look thank you you. You can't change it's along. You cannot change the rules of the middle the middle of the outgoing woman. You can't change any rules in the middle of the season without one hundred percent. Vote right from the League in if you want to change things for next year. Also you need to vote for me is. That's more like a seventy five percent for a a change in rules or any kind of structure for right now. You need one hundred percent of the people to agree well. Here's the thing it's ridiculous here. Here's the thing that's that's true in our leagues. We put everything to our leagues and I would say the majority Jordy people out to put things to a consensus vote and certain rule changes need one hundred percent certain need a majority Yada Yada Yada there leagues where the Commissioner just decides and I think that is okay but even in those leagues you cannot change a rule for thus this current season in the middle of this current season people have drafted. A certain favors offers him his outweigh and is ridiculous. I mean please play this for him and if he has no shame please exit yes he either needs to undo the liberal or everyone should leave the leap right. Right mill midseason yeah. It is a boycott Sich boycott Sich as as I always say all right. Andrew Dry from facebook says Ravens or forty niners defense for the fantasy football ball playoff ravens. This sounds like a great use for our strength of schedule tool we just put up. Yeah that's not bad the ravens the ravens the Ravens play in Buffalo in Cleveland and at home against the jets. I'm less confident than you too about the ravens defense because of the two road games Buffalo and Cleveland could both put up. Some points doesn't mean they're bad playoff d. I chose to let them go in in a league. I picked him up. And you did pick them up Who are the forty niners matchups? Though they would be playing the saints Atlanta Falcons and the rain. I mean between in those two. It's clearly Baltimore. I the rams since since the RAMS have one they've gone healthier and then the trade for Mark Peters Have Ravens. Yeah I apologize the the Ravens since the ravens have acquired Marcus Peters they are completely different like their outstanding. Marcus Peters is has changed everything for what they can end. Jimmy Smith is back right. Yeah so with him and Mardasson. This is just been such a good defense so much so that look look fourth fourth second fourth the last four weeks. Yeah I mean we don't always make a super early We're not even finished just with the current week of games waterbed for the following week but when we do. Mistakes are often made I. I made a top fifteen waterbed. Ah with Jerry. God I did and the more that I looked into the ravens has lived. I glad I tried to make you look into it. Live no oh by Gillette. I was reading their finishing. I want I gotta I gotTa be honest with the focus of our. Our job here is to make sure people put their best foot forward. Jared Goff my current quarterback twenty. Yeah it's putting your best part forward. Yes shared off the Ravens. I the ravens have been a really really good defense. I I mean look at the I mean. Would you say the Shawn Watson and the Houston. Texans are a really good often. Have Lord. Yeah of course. How did they do against Baltimore? New England dude. They finished fourth against. It's New England to. Yeah so I would. I would definitely say the Baltimore Ravens Dancer and I'm glad you dropped me Andy but it won't matter because filters and I won't make boils we're back baby all right. Let's go to another voicemail question. What's up footballers? This is mark from Washington state. Quick question for you redraft really happy are who would you rather have rest of the season lengthened for me. Please devante Parker Tyrel Williams and Mike Williams thank you so much of the show you said them in the order that I would vote them on. Tyrel Yeah Mike. Wow man what a world for Devante Parker it is the world we live in there. I asked Brooks and we'll save. Save it for tomorrow. But tomorrow's quick questions going to be billed the build the roster of players. That will be the surprise league winners and we'll have have the opportunity of naming them and you've might you've been we've been saying this for Awhile Parker's on that list. He's going to be one of the White House of that because of the schedule because of the emergence of Parker as the target share leader. And you're GONNA have the variable of Ryan Fitzpatrick either being hurt or turner turnover in his way to the a binge but right now with him on the field. How much does that change? If Josh Rosen takes over Woah Argos from the front of the list to the back of the list and not not even on the list. If Josh Rosen is the quarterback he'd on he's off my roster I will. There's no reason to play him. Would he considered just retiring. That'd be the ultimate Samat. Leave the league with the Commissioner of you makes a bad move if the team. Just put Josh Rosen and Parker. I am announcing a young guy. You can you could unretire after a CD. I will say this. I do think tyrel Williams is close here. I don't sure that's an easy. Mike Williams's Williams's third but tyrone Williams had a lot of good games. Yeah upcoming schedule. The next two weeks is the jets and the chiefs. So you know I. I think I'd like both of those players all right instagram question. Do you believe Joe Mixon. This is from Zach Damien Eighty. Do you believe Joe Mixing can keep up his recent fantasy production. Just I think his fancy production Now that's not to say he's going to get a touchdown in every game so you'll be a little bit disappointed but his volume will stay. The talent isn't going away so let's have a good day. I would say the last four or five. Thank you for rhyming. Last four or five games have really been a boon to the. Aw the psychology of all. who own him? INNKEEPER in Dynasty Leagues. Let's put a shower because the quarterback situations not good. The team situations not good in yet. He's been productive. Sure seems like they're going to have their pick of quarterback next year. Yeah and we've got variables on that front now so it's going to be whether it stinks. It's going to be very very interesting. Did you know the mega done is one week. One week away seven days from now for off. Aw Very nice the mega done show one week away brooks. Are you ready. No no you're not. You're not ready for that. Is the right answer. No one has ever been ready ready for the Medical Don. Not even us. We'll come. I have been drinking Five thirst busters a day. Wow that's the prep mound. Do you got a prep that prepare. Prepare that bladder moon for rapid. Oh yeah no expansion. Miami's you're stretching out your bladder Thursday buster so that you can endure along show. Yes I see. I've never really went to the went to bat for my bladder like that You GotTa do what you gotTa do. Five third that's why I'm a professional. Yeah clearly you also have. Diabetes is not yet but soon maybe that's that's next Wednesday one week from yeah and he might say they want week. It's the same data's now just always seven days seven days from now. It's going to be amazing. I want to thank our studios. Sponsored Pristine Action Today. LEVIAN BELL SIGNED JERSEY. Oh My oh gosh can I get ready to guess that. That's absurd. Thirty two dollars. Seventy six cents Jesse Jersey away. Does this mean autographed by Adam gays because that would be nobody wants to tell. That's raw is that I mean. Look maybe this is all about how. Oh great proceed oxygen is they are great you can win auctions me. It was a little indictment alleges. He's talking about my start of the week tomorrow. Oh I I know that's the beginning of the show. Let's hit this button instead. All right that is a next week. Dude that's right that's right I was gonNA start it now. CHECK US out. YouTube dot com slash the fantasy football or subscribe. Click the bell. We'll talk to you tomorrow. Goodbye thank you for listening to Another episode of the fantasy footballers podcast join our fantasy football community on joined the foot dot Com and follow us on twitter at the F. F. Bolers foot clan do not forget about manscaping this holiday season at that perfect pack as two point. Oh it's the perfect gift for the holiday season so perfect to get yourself your dad your brother your friends. Your uncle's whoever. Whoever you know look they need the manscaping perfect packs two point Oh our listeners will receive twenty percent sent off plus free shipping when you use the code footballers at MANSCAPING DOT COM? That's footballers at Man Scape dot com or finance gave products in target stores.

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