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Friday Four - NBA Trades


Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes? Set up screener questions then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash podcast. That's indeed dot com slash podcast. NBA trade deadline did not include the Lakers acquiring Anthony Davis wall with. Isn't that tampering? Some Eastern Conference teams bulbs seeing their rosters all be the second best starting line for the entire NBA Marcus all married tits. Marshall full who are you? Why do I got to talk to you? Major league. Baseball rule changes. You got. Have won their six Super Bowl. Frank Robinson is one of the great players of all time. Pop five toughest players first African American manager. This is somebody that changed the way baseball looks for the tools or break dead. Very open the door. Job you're Super Bowl hangover yet. Another Friday four on outside the lines on Ryan Smith in a week that began with a Super Bowl title for the patriots and ended with praise on Rondo revenge. Gave revenge game winner against the Celtics. The big story this week, by the way, nothing to do with Boston. At least not yet. The big story. The NBA trade deadline and all the wheeling and dealing that was involved to the extreme this season. But at the end of the day, the biggest potential deal that we all thought was going to happen. Never happened. Anthony Davis thing put New Orleans. That shock. You know, it didn't shock me guys because it seems like the logical incentive based business decision for the New Orleans pelicans. It was wise wait till the free market when I say the free market. I mean the market where you're gonna have every player in the trademark see what the Celtics can bring the bare. Ryan you say it didn't have any with Boston. We had everything to do with Boston. So this didn't surprise me. Just shows that there's only so much muscle only so much power. You can bring the bear behind the scenes only so much LeBron James Rich, Paul and clutch boards can do in the end team's going to do what's best for them. But the back lets you the Knicks unless the backstory here is what I'm so fast. I buy can we all agree here that the NBA is the best soap opera in sports. Right. I mean with the leaks. We now have their skulduggery. What was really going on here? We were a really it's like, it's this isn't as the world turns this is as the wo- JR. Tweets, and these tweets really, what was going on here with a pelicans really just playing the Lakers, right and all of these. I mean, look five players to draft picks for Anthony Davis and to turn that down with this really just an attempt at revenge because there are some perceived tampering going on on the part of the Lakers. So I think actually the trades that don't happen. And why? Or more interesting now than the trades that do happen in the NBA. Look, I'm old enough and all of us at the table with the exception will remember when the NBA finals were on tape delays. So the idea now that the NBA trade deadline is some kind of major event on the sports calendar. It's just taking me a little time to adjust this new reality. Now, I happen to be out of the country this week. And so I wasn't immersed in it the way that everybody else was. But it's just it's just a standing that. The league has been able to create this kind of excitement. This kind of anticipation over something that even just a few years ago would've would've been greeted with a collective yawn on the part of most sports, but I wonder what cost when you talk about the players. Kevin Durant talked a little bit earlier this week about media coverage not only of his process and free agency. But he seemed to reflect the players the feeling of a lot of players about all of this sort of brouhaha over where people will be going take a look. Nothing to do with the Knicks on. No who traded porzingas. I got nothing to do. With me. I'm trying to play basketball y'all come in. Yeah. Come in every day actually about free agency ice. My teammates. My coaches round up the fans about it though. Let us play basketball that's all along San. And now when I don't wanna talk the problem on me woman, grow up. Grow up. Yeah. You grow up Mamba. I mean, come on. All right. I mean, look, you know, I think we've we've referenced this quote before in this show, but Oscar Wilde the only thing worse. The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about it. Trust me the money. They get the attention. They get you know, the social media followings. That's because the media is asking questions, you think he wants this. I'm not saying he necessarily wants to be question about free agency. Clearly, he doesn't but he wants tension on the league he wants a tension on its games. He wants people paying attention. These are all things that have crew in terms of real hard cash for players. You can't have it both ways. I actually think this ties together with the conversation about how entertaining the trade deadline is first of all, I don't know. What's eating? Kevin durant? Nobody truly knows what's behind the scenes. There's something deep and at a at an ego level with Kevin Durant right now in the attention that he gets that. We cannot answer the warriors thing when he came over to the warriors the criticism he's nine. That's what made Budweiser really quick. No, no, no. You're not jumping me. I think it's working perfectly together we do need to. Poxy of Kevin Durant being upset about his speculative future. When he can tales he signs one year deals if he wants to take this conversation off the table. He can we moment he wants with the warriors. But here's the thing. You guys see a silver lining? Don of do the trade deadline, and I love it to trust me man on in on it's fun. But I'm not sure it's the healthiest thing if the best conversation about your league is about what happens off the court. And the reason why is because it's so predictable on the court. There's no drama. There's no tension. We know who's going to win. So we focused on off the court. This Kevin is actually what saving your lead right now this off the court conversation. I think it's part and parcel. I think when there's interested in what's going on on the court. There's interested in what's going on off the court. I think that it's symbiotic I think they go together. And I think my point is you can't have these shoots social media followings. You can't have everybody tweeting and building up audiences creating connections for fans in a way that the other sports are struggling to do without having been the drama about where somebody's going to Will's point. There is a danger. If the most interesting thing that's going on in your lead is where players are going to go. Right. I mean, there's a couple of sue was loved for. By Jimmy the NFL just had an amazing year based upon what happened on the fence. Right. As having amazing year ratings are doing great, and they're not all India ratings are down this year. NFL ratings are up this year. Look, if you're going to go back, you know, we're talking about the last couple of I mean, we could slice this pipe different ways compared to five years ago, and it fell down compared to five years ago NBA continues to be up there all different ways, we can look at it. The fact is that this excitement is what happens when you've got players who are stars who breakthrough in transcend their sports audience. Let me jump the one other thing LeBron touched on this earlier this week. There was a lot going on with the deadline including Harrison Barnes getting traded within a game. He had this to say take a look at this. Retreated because he feel like is for the better of his profession for better pers- career or Claire decides he's a free agent he wants to leave and that should be the same conversation that should be the same narrative and not that this guy or this kid or whatever the case may be selfish, ungrateful or. You know, he didn't appreciate where he was from. Or appreciate what he got. I think you do is best for your franchise was best for your career. Because today we we only have so many years to play the game. And you want to try to maximize as much as possible. Now, he's talking about the idea that people should be forced to kind of suck it up if they get traded. But at the same time, we call him selfish, if they wanna leave what did you think about that? Do you see that there's some sort of double standard here? I don't I think that LeBron is speaking of someone who should probably pursue self employment. I mean, if you wanna have dictation of aware. I'm sure that we'll win is. We all work for somebody and the rights are not equal between employer employee. We have to account for the money. We are paid. And they tell us when and where we have to show up. That's the nature of not just his business where they make millions to do it. But ours in anybody else's who has then to get on guys when they say, I wanna play somewhere else say how could you you are here with our branch Braun created that player empowerment is what it is today because of LeBron and the decision a through line from that to where we are today. So it's interesting that he would say those two business. It's a business. It's a business. It's business. Anything else that we take into consideration? When we have these discussions is secondary to that truth in the sooner fans, except that the sooner players except that media teams. That's what it's about. That's what it's been about. And we'll be about for a long time business doesn't mean it's not a hard business. Well, here's another story that happened this week, and it's a big one hall of fame outfielder Frank Robinson died at his home in Los Angeles on Thursday. He was eighty three alleged on the field over twenty one season. He won the triple crown in nineteen sixty six he is still the only MVP winner in both the American and national leagues, but he also broke the color barrier in the dugout becoming the majors. First black manager in one thousand nine hundred seventy five and Jeremy you spent a lot of time with him. I look Frank Robinson was as you just said one of the greatest players ever is in the conversation. The top twenty he's a pioneer as well. Not just as managers the first black manager in the major leagues. But as one of the great African American stars of the nineteen fifties. He's a guy who was terrific a for the game. He's a guy who embodied the toughness of his ear in baseball. But underneath that. There was this undeniable warmth, he's the guy that I think people really enjoyed spending time around and he saw everything. His life encompasses in baseball. So much of the history of the game in the second half of the twentieth century when I last sat down with him for lengthy conversation. A few years ago, we talked about his decision to accept that assignment. As a manager back in the nineteen seventies. He says this is a chance for you break ped- barrier now open the door, and the let more African Americans have the opportunity to come through it. And I thought about it that way I said, I'll take the bullet. And there was going to be awful lot of pressure of a lot of expectations and a lot of unhappy people because when things went right fine. But when things go wrong, it was going to be doubly bad because of me being the first black manager. I mean, the things that Frank Robinson had to deal with particularly as young player coming up in baseball in the nineteen fifties. And then the way that he performed in the way that he demonstrated leadership is a manager and as an executive he's one of the great figures in the history of the game. He really is. I remember loving baseball growing up and seeing Frank man seeing Frank Robinson managing a game. I remember thinking I could do that. I mean, it's such a powerful image, especially if you're African American in this country to see people like Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron people like that in these positions doing these things makes you feel like you could do it to his first game as a player manager and nine hundred seventy five for the Indians. He didn't put himself in the lineup that morning. The general manager said you gotta play he said, all right? I'll play and his first time up. He felt the guy was trying to strike him out documented to the Yankees. He hit a home run off medic his first time as a player manager. That's the toughness of Frank Robinson really demonstrated that there's this phrase going around social media right now. Oh, it's been a part of I think of Ted talk notice be the person that you needed to see when you were growing up Ryan to what your point right there. That's obviously who Frank Robinson was not just for you. But for many somebody that others needed to see when they were growing absolutely was. Well, that's depressing. I don't think I'm that guy. I'll try well. Coming up gotta ask this question who is the real MVP of Super Bowl? According to one of these guys, it's not Julian. In writing words, Julian? Indeed knows finding the right hire takes time away from your business. Hiring a qualified data engineer felt like a second job more job seekers use indeed than any other sites. So there's no better place to find someone with the skills. You're looking for I needed someone with a masters in computer science and database experience. Plus indeed screener questions help you find your shortlist fast. Now, I'm back to having just one job could a fifty dollars credit to give your first job. Posting premium placement at indeed dot com slash credit. Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply. Additional terms online some sports fans never get the feeder team when a championship. So Pathak mcgillicuddy knows how to make them feel jealous seems about every year. He got to go to a championship parade in Boston. He was spotted on Tuesday with his latest signed seventeen years old twelve parades. It's a sixteen. Sixteen. You're right. Yes. He's older now. But he's still got those twelve parades. I have one maybe. All right. Welcome back. Let's talk about underreported stories. And will you have an interesting one about a guy in the Super Bowl? Yes. Don't get me wrong. Jillian element. I think even during the game and certainly in the wake of the Super Bowl. There wasn't enough credit given to a position in general gets no credit. And in this case, I'm going to give it to the winning member of this position. Ryan Allen the patriots punter both. He and Johnny Ecker really were valuable and incredibly important that game that was a field position game. Now Hecker boomed him for fifty over fifty yards average per punt. But Ryan Allen consistently had the Rams pin back against their own goal line inside the twenty. And if you don't think that play a role in the game, you just don't appreciate the nuances of football, Ray guy award or something. Guy war guy. Me MVP on Sammy who. Julian fueling. Give your award to Ryan, please. My my under reported story is a million of solid now. This was a story that we covered earlier this week on outside the lines. This is a soccer star who recently Cardiff City at Premier League team paid a record amount transfer fee for him to sort of join the big leagues of soccer, he boarded a plane to Cardiff City and that plane and the pilot and solid disappeared Justice morning. His body. Unfortunately, it was found. So a really really tragic story for weeks people were wondering where is he they found the plane? They were wondering is that him. And so now that's been confirmed, but the real tragedy here is this was a guy who had a chance to be a very major soccer star cut down far too young my condolences to him and his family, but just wanted to mention that so lily, and Jeremy you have stories, well, well, it's another soccer. So it's interesting. It's it's a big story in the world right now of human rights, and it's big story in international soccer's. Well, Hakeem Alaraby who. Plays in Australia. He is a refugee has official refugee status in Australia. He's bahraini. He was charged and convicted of a crime in Bahrain stemming from things that happen during the the Arab spring eight years ago, he says he's innocent. There's evidence to suggest that he is innocent. He goes to Bangkok with his wife on vacation at his detained there on an INTERPOL red notice, apparently he should never have been detained because he has refugee status. He was now Thailand is considering extraditing him to Bahrain where he says he will face torture again and unfair imprisonment, the international global soccer community is trying to stand up and fight forum Fico's late to the game on this. But apparently now is on board and his life is very much at risk. He says if he goes back to Bahrain. This is still developing story this really quickly. Jeremy I think it's fascinating beyond the details of this particular story is it shows a the Justice systems across the world aren't quite up. Up to the United States standard. Even though the United States does deserve scrutiny from towns, I'm any use of INTERPOL red notices by dictatorships and and bad countries to to bring people back to not Justice, but to injustice and Russia's one of the prime candidate use these red notices to get back with us. Your questions are fearful was slow to actually extremely slow extremely which is outrage. Trying to get Gianni Infantino who runs fief involve, you know, everything is political in fee. I think cooler heads are prevailing. But remember, you know, one of the most powerful people in soccer is member of the Bahraini, Royal family. He was Infantino opponent for president three years ago. There are a lot of considerations that fee for takes when it makes any kind of political decision, and that was the case here. But the overwhelming voice of the people is that they should fight for hockey. Goodness brings been needs. Attention. This story does let's talk villains. And let's start by the way when we talk about villains. I don't think it's a villain. But Jeremy does this idea of. Well, it's about baseball rule change. What do you think? What do? I think I think baseball's got fine rules. I think baseball is perfect. Wait, wait. Perfect nece before you go off. Let's just talk about if before you go off I'll talk about three of the major rule changes. They're thinking of instant their proposals back and forth. Thinking of a twenty second clock, right? Also, a three batter minimum foreseeing because they clocks, but actually in a three better minimum for pitchers that's one and then a university Dench. So universal D H is what bothers me. The game was created for pitchers to hit initially. And there's more strategy. It's more interesting to me. I know the pitchers usually an easy out. I want to see pictures hit. I grew up watching National League team in New York as well as American League team. It's more interesting nationally baseball and besides I think there's an anti Mets bias at work on Park Avenue. Mets happen to have a couple of. History to guard. Jacob degrom Noah, Syndergaard, it's one of their few advantages when they take on other teams in nationally parts. I saw you rolling your out. I saw that. And we'll this will not stand. Let's see how perfect how did you leave off at their renaming the disabled list the injured? Well that happened. This week. There is no offense to slight no small. No battle too small to fight anymore. The disabled are we going there is such thing as workplace disability. Do we need to readjust that as well? So that is why they changed it because able the determine, but look baseball's timelessness is what's so great about it and the twenty second clock and the three pitcher minimum. I can't stand too long. They are. But that let the pitchers. I wanna universal D H. I'll leave it at that done. All right. So my villain surprise surprise. Is lavar ball possibly the most delusional person in all of sports? This week said Lonzo ball is better than LeBron James said it with a straight face. This is absolutely ridiculous. Obviously didn't want his son to be traded to the pelicans. He'd rather go to the sons, but come on lavar ball, he was quiet for months, and then he opened his mouth and said something that is just preposterous. So why do we care? I I I hate to be when go away contrived with no time left on the clock. But everybody else was trying to dictate where it son went to play. What did he get to have a voice is tons being dangled out there to the sons the pelicans to say the Lakers never gonna win a champion without with without his son? When LeBron is their tomato. Outrageous. It's ridiculous hasn't happened yet. Well, that's true. Well, let me tell you something, you know, that song if you can make it there, you probably not that good. You'll see what I mean. Heroes are next. I make. I'm tokyo. Technology truth brought to you by. Echoed truth? You will certainly send any text about your supervisor to your supervisor. What's Janet's fangs? Did she lose that? We'd winter. Oh and Sint, wait. No, no, no, no, no truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. Janet, I think my phone was hacked or something. Gogo fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. Sports owner six PM eastern with sage and Keith they're going to look at the impact of the Lakers win at the buzzer. Last night in Boston plus breaking down free agents. Baseball's free agency issues with Harper Machado still unsigned, can you believe and inside the Cowboys contract toys this off season? They got a lot of them. Sportscenter sixties, turn after PTI and then to the weekend with our NBA Friday doubleheader nickel Yokich and nuggets taken joylin veto by Harris and the new look Sixers at seven eastern, and then AD is back for this one. He leaves the pelicans against cat and timber wolves in New Orleans. All right. Let us talk heroes will you lead. Okay. Look, I'm not trying to be sanctimony. Is here. I have no interest in this. Everyone who seen me on television knows. I'm a Cowboys fan. I think we still need to take a moment to really appreciate the greatness of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. And here's the thing. I love sports for lotteries. But one of them is I find inspiration from sports the sacrifice these two men of me to their personal lives and their professional life to achieve this level of greatness has put us in a position where we are watching historical levels of greatness. We're talking Yankees. We're talking fifty sixties. We're talking something that transcends are time based upon these men here. And I I don't know, man. I find it inspiring. They are no doubt about it. My hero. This week is a colleague of ours. Adrian, of course, woes because we talked about the NBA trade dead. Like what he does what he did this week the week that was voted the week that woes it's unbelievable level commitment. I can't conceive of it. I can't work that hard stay up that late tweet that much. He must have carpal tunnel remarkable John about this. This is sure reporting, and it's it's impressive. That's why he's my hero. Doesn't hear many people to do things? I can't do this job or not for sure. Yeah. My hero. Well, let's before I tell you who my hero is let's talk about Kevin Durant who was silent for a week. And then said this at a press conference just a couple of days ago. You gotta do eat straw from coming here. And. Just give his whole opinion on stuff and make the same. Like it's coming from me. Since Strauss of the athletic is a pros pro he just did his job. He wrote a story basically about what everyone in the NBA is talking about and that heaven Durant may end up with the New York Knicks and Durant called him out. And I have to say is the way Strauss handle that the aftermath of that was as a complete gentleman, really, pro's pro pro. Well, my hero is the New York Knicks, and here's why people don't like them right now. But I have seen year after year of the Knicks being mediocre. They finally embraced the tank. They finally embrace the tank which means a lot of things first of all I'm proud of New York knick fans for accepting this losing team for the next couple of seasons. Not only that will. And I can finally get exceed justness. Okay. Look, I know that I don't die. We went through the process came out the other side, you can to New York Dory. I'm on your side kinda felt live is next. It's true. What? Message and data rates may apply to become okay for men to be Lazier softer fatter. We need to bring the men of this country back to greatness, and it's easier than ever with ageless male max, a patent pending formula with ingredient that helps boost your total testosterone promoting greater increases in muscle size and twice the reduction of body fat percentage that exercise alone. Plus an amazing sixty four percent increase in nitric oxide, which can be handy in the gym and in the bedroom. Take your manhood to the max by trying your first thirty day Buttle free just pay shipping and handling not ten days not fifteen days, but a full thirty day supply free. 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