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This is the base of the Dan lebatardshow with this to got spot casts. Dan van Gundy's back. Mutual decision to me too. The plan in Detroit. My god. Billy is not wearing a shirt and ROY is not wearing pants. This is a very exciting time. Making his return to aren't airwaves every Wednesday here during basketball season. Best ball season open last night, and the highlight of the night was the equipment manager for the Golden State Warriors. Everything that happened after that was totally predictable. Those rings with the highlight of the night. I think those rings were incredible and elebrate it an equipment manager. They gave him a moment in the middle of their ring ceremony. That was a very nice thing that they did that he's been working there thirty years. They said. STAN was not moved by. He doesn't like all these shows of sentiment. He does not like he doesn't like right now you're still you're still shaking a fist, the t shirt cannon guy. Aren't you. No. No, not at all. And I like the ring ceremonies. I mean, that's celebrating an accomplishment. I don't have a problem with that. Dan. I'm not an old crusty guy come on now, but STAN. I mean how about they trimmed down by fifteen minutes? A game was supposed to ten thirty started eleven. Oh eight. I mean you celebrating your third title in four years enough already been there like get it over with five minutes rings. Let's play basketball. Well, it still was about half the time of those jersey retirement. You're still mad about Ramon in Miami, which which I think is still going. You were so mad about that. You love Alonzo Mourning as a player and your so mad about a ceremony that included, you know, a giant jersey being hung in the banner in the in the rafters. It is the largest jersey ever retired by far. I mean it's a like, I don't know a two hundred XL up there and look. I was coaching on the other side and that we have like what an hour and a half half time to get that ceremony done was was infuriating. Still mad about it. I do wanna talk to you about things going on in basketball, and I do wanna talk to you because I know what a big baseball fan you are, but we have to move side for the story of the day which was talking about during the break, which is he was saying that he would put Tom Cruise's top five movies against anybody ever. And I just don't think that can be accurate. We go to the expertise of STAN Van Gundy on this. I don't know who is favorite actor. I don't know what is movie watching habits. But if you had to go get an actor with top five better than Tom Cruise, who are you getting? Who are you going? Tom Hanks like what you're gonna have a hard time, not gonna few good men out of there. So STAN help me help me form this discussion. This important topic of the day. Well, the the two actors I would think of right off would be Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks, but I don't have a list of their movies in front of me, and I will say a few good men in mission impossible. Topgun that's three tough ones to beat right there. I'd like to throw in a new candidate, Leonardo DiCaprio, okay, you have Titanic. Oh, that's a good one. You have the departed. You have the epic performance that I believe one of Oscar, the wolf of Wall Street, right? No, actually that didn't revenue did and reverence. Not in the bear was the star barren. Can't catch me if you can get Django unchained you get inception. Would it be very, very clear about this? Okay. We have five cards right each and has five guards my hand has top gun a few good men. Okay. Eight has tropic thunder. It has mission impossible, and it has Jerry Maguire like, go ahead and be. I'm leaving out some great movies as well. That's a pretty good five. No one's gonna beat my five. I mean, you don't think the Tom Hanks I, Tom, Tom Hanks top-five is going to be pretty damn. Good. What about Brad? Pitt? You get inglorious. Bastards white clubs. Seven. Have you been moved off your same now you're still you're still going, Tom Cruise, Ben Gundy. He played all I'm saying, I, I've gotta think Tom Hanks. We gotta get the five movies for Tom Hanks because I think you're going to be close Dinsdale Washington's gotta be in there to write it saving private, Ryan Forrest Gump, castaway big. I mean, maybe I mean, maybe favorite. Just start naming. This is the this is the part where I deduct points from Tom Cruise on this discussion. Go ahead and start naming the part, the movies of Tom Cruise, just name them how, however, in whatever order you want, he's always the same dudes, guts, go ahead. All right. Born on the fourth of July, cocky, paraplegic the last samurai, cocky, samurai guy. I mean, you're samurai jockey hockey, ninja non-asian ninja Juerg wire. North agent Vanilla Sky, yeah, cocky, face scarred. Hockey, sexual deviant Anais wide shut cocky, pool player in whatever that pool movie was with Paul Newman hockey race, car driver with days of thunder, cocky, bar, tender with cocktail. Ooh, that's an assault five, but he's playing roles in which you have to be cocky. You only kind of chooses have to be a cocky samurai. He's a cocky spy. When is he not cocky? Saying, go to you. No, you're right. They're all they're all the same. But those that is a good list of movies. Now it's hard to argue that. Did you take away anything from last night after the ceremony? The warriors defeated the thunder, the Celtics. I've been curious what your thoughts are there, what are the Sixers, what are the Sixers going to be and how much better are the Celtics. Well, the Celtics are better obviously than what we saw in the playoffs because they get kyri and they get Gordon Hayward bag. Gordon Hayward doesn't look great yet, but it won't take long. I don't think, and they thoroughly dominated Philadelphia last night. Look what you got to remember. His Philadelphia was twenty five and twenty five before a great late season run and that late season run two guys that were very important worse on Elliot's Sova and Marco bell Anneli gave him shooting, gave him veteran intelligence. Those guys are gone and they're replaced right now in the rotation by a rookie Landry Shamet and Marquel fulsome, another cyncially a rookie to me, that's a loss for them. So I've gotta say that Boston got better and I'm not so sure Philly did. Now. Brett Brown, I think made a great point. You're trying to get your team ready for April. As time goes on, maybe they'll get there. But right now there's a huge gap between. Boston and Philly, and we saw it last night standards. It crazy to say, I feel like what happened to the Celtics, losing Gordon, Hayward, losing Kyrie Irving towards the end of the season, going into the playoffs was kind of a blessing and disguise because I think the Celtics team is actually better. I think the Celtics has a chance of winning the NBA title this season's and you're one of the few who think that. No, I do too. I think they're, you know, I think that Golden State will get challenged in the west by Houston, but I think their biggest challenge will be Boston. And I think Boston's very capable of beating them. I think Boston talent matches up. I think Boston's deeper than Golden State. And I don't think any team in the league has the toughness from the top of their rotation to the bottom that Boston does all of those guys for Boston, their top nine guys are outstanding competitors and really, really tough guys who is going to end up being the better player Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons. Wow, that now that's a great question. They're both outstanding been Simmons with the ball in his hands. We even saw it last night, particularly in transition. The only guy better in the league that you know of anywhere near his size in transition is LeBron Westbrook is obviously smaller, but very good. But been Simmons is incredible summit a passes through last night where outstanding, the shooting still is a problem and especially the free throw shootings. A problem guy is going to go to the basket like that, but there's not many guys that are more difficult matchup than he is. So I would say just out of unique abilities been Simmons wind up being a better player. How did we forget how did we forget Mike, Jack Nicholson? I mean, Jack, Nicholson is achieved code because he's got one of decapa goes. He's an all their Tom Cruise is. That's amazing to get one flew over the Kuku so you get the shining you get as. Good as get the bucket and take back what you said about Tom Cruise, Stu gods. Take back what you said about Jack Nicholson will never, I will take back. All right. You guys debate it. You guys are the one big with stugatz stugatz never admitted mistake that much. I no, no, no. Tom Cruise is the greatest actor of our lifetime, and he is. That's it. Whatever it ended discussion about Meryl Streep's. You gots get out of here with that. Throwing me next Daniel day Lewis plays. To the most overrated actors in a history of acting done card, and finally, three time Oscar winner. Daniel Day-Lewis has retired from acting good. Why good cares about Daniel Day-Lewis takes himself away too seriously. I'm tired of him. The actors actor, please get so deep inside the role plays Daniel Day-Lewis go away. See all your life is without acting fun. Enjoy stugatz less good thing. He's done. Go ahead. Naming Daria. Go ahead, Lincoln. They're willing blood. That was good. That was back in two thousand seven though. What are you done for me lately, these live at our show with this two guys on ESPN radio. Mike. We need an alarm system at the company on our show. We need badly, a dirty player alert whenever anyone in sports accuses anyone else in sports. Of being a dirty player. We have to have an alert around here that allows us to discuss and take sides, which side was dirtier. If you're not watching last night, Manny Machado, the dodgers won and Manny Machado grounded out. He had a frustrating night. He they all did well. But Machado was particularly frustrated because the unpire on one time up he called time and with plenty of time and stepped out of the box and the allow the pitch and he struck out. So he was annoyed with everybody there. And what he did is he slid his foot on a clear ground out at first base and kind of kicked, hey, Aggie lar- the the first baseman shaped like me for the brewers who who is so lovable and shape kind of like standing Gandhi as well. Don't laugh too much big man. You look more, you look healthier and more radiant now because you're out of that misery of basketball and whatever the comfort food that was required with the losing. But let's play for standing Gundy the Christian yelich here Christian yelich calling Machado and yellow cheese. Not a controversial person. He was on with us a couple of weeks ago says nothing. He says, but math Machado's dirty player, his player history of those types of incidents. No one times and actually TV over and over and over again. I just thirty. It's a dirty play by thirty player, and that's. I have a lot of respect for him as as a player, but you can't respect someone who plays the covered all bases. There. Not all his basis. He put him say, yes, history spanning many Machado though. Didn't like any of that. Let's listen to this offline baseball team. So. Commerce through their common. So I can't even about that. Why did you collide with Agar there? Why. You saw the replay poly, so this by trying to get over him. Caters that's thirty. I'm, I don't know. Caller, which did you kind of patch things up after the fact or stays on the field field in between the lines by? Was he still angry with you? When we go way back, you know, we, we go way back to my Lisa gotta so you know whatever field between the lines. Okay. So that was a dirty play and he and he's lying. That seems to be very, obviously something he did on purpose, but go ahead, STAN. What do you got for us as a lover of baseball on that. No, I I saw it last night and it clearly was intentional and was dirty play. But you know, I, it's not as bad as what happens in baseball. A lot of times. I mean, the biggest problem in baseball is we have this old code with guys where you know you somehow for various acts, get the right to throw one hundred mile an hour fastballs at guys heads. If we wanna talk about getting guys hurt in baseball. That's the one that needs to be addressed. But what Machado did, Stu gods are you here for thirty player discussion like somebody's a dirty player. I feel generally speaking, like dirty players are the the Hustler's. You know, the the guys who play really hard might get accused of some Duri Pierre rose. Accused of that ended on all star catch rear in an all star game. Like he ended his career because he did stuff like that. But what I guess what I'm asking you guys tell me STAN, would you be willing to name some guys in your league. That you that that you thought had in your locker room, the reputation of dirty player that guy's not hustling. That guy's not playing hard. That's guys not even being tough. He's getting frustrated and every once in a while he's just dirty. I don't think I really had those guys, but I, I've heard the accusations on guys wins. Oppa Choya was with the warriors. You know, he was accused by coaches and players. I've never thought he did anything, but but play hard. And I think you're exactly right most of the guys that are accused of being dirty players simply go out and play real hard. Will they go over the line at times maybe, but I don't think they're necessarily dirty players. I've seen very few guys who's intent when they went on the court was to guard volunteers. Bertha CT is the is the example throughout sports right now, right? He's the guy viewed as the dirtiest player because he's, he's like, you see what he loves to pointed people. He hits people illegally, and then he tells your boy that I was call Simon Schuster juju Schuster I always gone Simon Schuster. No, it is. It is what he pointed at him after he takes on Tonio Brown for the second time, and then he points it Schuster and says your next like, who, who would you rival right now? Who would you push the table and stand by the way you protected everyone there except Pachulia who you then defended? You did not name single dirty player from your league. Again, I need some sharpened hot take from you. I need you to get better at this to say the things like you did when you are a hungry rookie and you told us that Scott Brooks was an idiot. I wish we can get off the record yelich, but you know what? I think we have. It might Houma who was covering the series for the New York Post. Okay. He is covering this series said after yelich finish answering questions about Machado. He walked away from his locker and blurted out bleep that mother bleeper. Which begs the question, why didn't yell at say a single thing when he was on with us. Cash more of the Dan labor I show with this guy gets then to one eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN news gyco presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Belinda Collins live on the scene of a recent hailstorm here to describe the event of bro. I was just hanging on the roof. When this gnarly storm starts dropping baseball sized hail. The shingles got beat up a few windows broken. It was savage digital, anything to help, bro. I was in survival mode. Your football can't help you in a hailstorm, but the guy go insurance, it can see can help you get covered for personal property damage, call gyco to see how a Ford -able homeowners insurance can be done. Libertad Stu gods. When we decided to move to Florida, decided that he was gonna move to Neptune. He thought that would be good commute keeps buying homes further and further north still guts. Last time I checked in with him, he was he was having a home built on stilts in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. These live our show with this two guys on ESPN radio. In ten minutes, we are going to put Dan van Gundy's, hot basketball. Now get in your faith. That's going to happen. Ten minutes from now I want though before we get to that before we get to, I'm gonna make stand and the audience laugh with these grudges that he holds. He holds these grudges across years and decades in a way that is funny. So we'll get to that in a second, but the timber wolves in that story. That's God's was reading. Can you give me the best thirty seconds? You got on that timber wolves situation with your friend, Tom, fitted with the understanding that you're not going to repeat any of the things that you said on get up last week when you were asked about it. Well, I probably will repeat it. It's the same thing. I mean, people have made this out to be such a unique situation in reality, all thirty teams in the NBA have something similar going on. Disputes between players, players not like in coaches or management distractions going on. That's a big part of the business appro sports and how well you can put those distractions behind you win. You get on the quarter on the field to play has a lot to do without successful. You're going to be. I don't know what's going on here. STAN and he may be Dan is rusty. I have no idea. But if you notice that he's putting you in these small thirty second windows to give point. This is STAN Van Gundy Wednesday. I've been trying to get a fired four years. He's finally here. It's finally arrived out the man and just let him go, right, but I'm full court pressing him because I demand a, I want him in shape and the warriors aren't in shape Steve Kerr's telling you the warriors just started the season and they're not in. Shape. I want stand in Gundy and playoff shape on, and I wanted to happen quickly. So the silliest thing that it's made its way into your locker room. You don't have to name names, but that has made its way to your desk where you're like, really? You guys are fighting over this. This is a problem in our organization. Yeah, we actually had a problem because it was actually when I was a college coach, we had a guy borrow another guy's car and get in Fender bender and it came down to the level of, you know, okay, you pay for the car. It's all it should be. But you know, one guy felt like the other guy didn't care about him and you know, didn't respect him. And we ended up with this huge team meeting where we were like Baring our souls. It was like the Barney song. You know, I love you. You love me were happy family and I couldn't take it anymore. I was in a system coach and I just said, I started singing the song in front of an entire room, full of players and just said, like, can we get back to play in big, ten, basketball? These. What is big. Has no time for your feelings come on, let's go be better. So STAN Van Gundy will join us Wednesdays during basketball season, but he is in a way that is really amusing and insufferable grudge holder. He has still not forgiven Charlie weis for saying many, many years ago, maybe more a decade ago. Notre Dame might still be paying him that he had a commitment. He had a significant, wait a minute. What's the direct quotes then? What? What is the direct quote on why early Weiss told his, yeah. Every time they stepped on the field, he told his team, you will have a significant schematic advantage. So just an absurd comment, what nobody else can coach. So. The need players here. We don't even need players. It's just we're going to have such an advantage. You know, we'll win all the time which didn't happen by the way. Okay. No, that's right. Except that the Bank, but he's got another one. He's got another one that he's holding onto this. Larry fedora at North Carolina college football coach. Who do you remember the remember the direct every once in a while when when North Carolina loses forty, seven to ten, I got a text from standing Gundy with house our military going to react. This feat now that to what is the direct quote from Larry fedora. I don't even remember it. I don't remember the direct quote, but it was basically that he had talked to generals and that generals had said why our military is so good is because of football and that if football goes down, our military would go down and then our country would go down. I mean, so you know, football's really the entire thing here. It's the most important thing in our country is football and nobody forget it. You pretty close close to quoting him almost directly. There stand perfect or the general told him that the United States is simply the only football playing nation in the world. And that's our advantage July's Dan, let it go. It's not that money we spend. It's not the money we spend or anything else? No, not that. Let it go. You you're, you've been. STAN got has been for years saying that Kevin Durant has zero rings and his personal record book. He has been holding on to this grudge, which put it on the poll Guillermo, what is the better grudge that STAN Van Gundy has Charlie weis or Larry fedora because he's not gonna. Let go of either one of these. I was staring at us to gots to talk. Sorry about that. Do you agree with me by the way of certain you do congratulations to Kevin Durant for not winning his second title etched last night and getting that rain that really doesn't cat. You agree with that those Dan, like Kevin Durant from this goes against everything. We learn about sports and you can't beat the Golden State Warriors with Russell Westbrook up three one. So rather than come back and try again, just joined the team that you can't beat. So therefore nothing that Kevin Durant does with the warriors counts in my personal record book. Fair. That's absurd. Stugatz it's not like this guy. He's writing somebody else's coattails of two penalty finals MVP two years ago, but I understand that you did and I appreciate you taking the penalty for me, but that's absurd. Kevin Durant, spin, their best player, the last two years, particularly in the finals. And couldn't you say the same thing about Chris Bosh, for that matter, would you say the same thing about Chris bond now because that team was already great before Kevin Durant got there and he just couldn't beat them like what Bosch day, but LeBron way that team wasn't terribly good. Those three came together after never playing before STAN and it took a minute, but eventually they got it back to championship. Second third season completely different scenario. This was an all time great team before Kevin Durant, join them. I'll be fair enough. You're right on that difference. He did go there and he were simply the fifth best player if he were a guy right in their coattails, but he's really been the guy that's been their best player over the last two years. So I'm not sure they're able to repeat without him. I think he's just credit to ring hole knee still got yours. Right. Got him over to my side. Who crushed him in the debate format. It's why I am trying to coach him up because clearly he is not in postseason form, just done. In the last segment being Gundy puts his hot nuggets in your face nex donlevatar mummy. Me yuck. Still God's don't. Do y'all. Basis. It live at our show with Stu gods on ESPN radio guys, ready? Is everyone ready back there? I don't feel like you guys ready enough. We have not dusted off. We have not shined and polished the nuggets that STAN Van Gundy in a long time, and these basketball nuggets were strong. We had imaging had production. STAN Van Gundy is back with us on Wednesdays during basketball season. We're very excited about this. Everyone here is happier today because STAN Van Gundy is in our midst giving you thought that were slower and less efficient than the ones he gave you many years ago when he was in his prime as a sports radio best, we all were yes, but he slowed down some tough. The toughest thing in sports, the coaches, the aging superstars. So we're seeing him fade. We'll see if we can raise the level though by going back to the nuggets that were better when they were prime not gets now they're a little bit stale nuggets. We'll see what we've got here. See if he is in midseason form. The legal pad is ready. The imaging ready is the incredibly crappy imaging from many years ago, ready. Let's do this here. It is hot nuggets in your face and now time stamp Indies top NBA nuggets, only Wednesday show. The thing. Yeah. Wow. That did not hold up. All right. How many of these nuggets are there three nuggets or more nuggets than that? No, just three. Always three. Okay. Three. I'm rusty. Yeah, you are rusty year aging also. So the NBA is changing rapidly as we know there were several significant changes in the five years between the twenty twelve thirteen season. And last year, the first is the pace is considerably faster and scoring his up. There were ten and a half more possessions per game last year than there were in twenty twelve thirteen and scoring went up by eight points per game per team. Number two. Slow down, slow on, hold on. We need absorb it. When echo you gotta get you gotta be prepared for mind to be blown. Everyone needs to slow down. So that was the third one. And let's slow down here because pacing isn't quite right here. The second hot NBA nugget that stand vein Gundy is going to stick in your face is. Well, everybody's talked about the three point attempts and it's true. Three point attempts are up forty five percent and only four years. Five years ago teams average twenty five years ago teams average twenty three point attempts per game last year. It was all the way up to twenty nine in twenty twelve thirteen. There were twenty three guys in the league that average to made threes per game. Last year fifty. Eight guys made at least two threes again. I am delirious is are spinning like a kaleidoscope collided scope spin. Yes, somewhere in there. All right. And finally, the greatest of the nuggets from this week according to stand Van Gundy is. Well, this one doesn't get talked about as much, but the best players simply don't play as much as they used to. I've talked about this for the last couple of years last year LeBron James led the league averaging thirty six point nine minutes per game, five years prior to that fifteen guys played more than that in the league last year only nine guys played twenty eight hundred minutes five years before that twenty guys did. Hey, single mine in the back room. Those nuggets straight fire, stugatz fiery nuggets in your face and many people are writing in delayed reaction. Dan, love your worth the poker Robert deniro raging bull taxi driver goodfellas. I mean, this guy's wanna great actress godfather to deer hunters. You name it, pick the five, you one, you want analyze this. I'll give you analyze this. You wanna comedy, what midnight here guys? The green is this guy out here. I was about to still writing me about John q. and my blasphemy against John q.. So put it up on lebatardshow John Hewitt, one time we actually agree love Al Pacino. Have you heard of the godfather the godfather to Surco dot day after noon, sensible woman. I mean, carlito's lay communities who sit Tom Cruise, what kind of a moron. Still writing me that John put it on the poll. Guillermo is John q. classic because that's what I was objecting to. You can like John q. is a movie and not think it's a few good men like we were talking about the catalogs of the five best movies, the best actors of our time have made. But a classic is in the eye of the holder Dan, that's what it is to stand in John q. is an absolute classic see class, but that's not for you to the side with Tom Cruise. I two cruise, John q., Tom, Chris jumped up and down Oprah's couch, that's the best performance you've ever given in a movie. Ten hobby mess. Nonsenses ethic. Who that is talking. I'm curious stand, do you know that because it's a bit do for a while and invert makes appearances to annoy me and he floods the past the gatekeepers? Did you know that was him. Well, I've seen it on your show before, so I I know that I know the bit, so. Okay. I didn't know you want starlike. I've never watched your show. Watch. I covered the raptors magic. Two thousand nine stamp ban Gundy was the best part of that entire series. All those quotes from STAN van with the best, but I worry but anybody who's this? Tom Cruise has got the Pokharan. That's it. I love it. Work done tar. I wanted to do the show that we do on Wednesdays, which is wacky and pop culture, and we'll talk about Russell Crowe's got a evidently a book of divorce, like the art of divorce. There's an actual book out that he's got that I want to just read from Stu gods. The the art of divorce was I think, just the auction, not an actual book. Youth other guy wrote the book on divorce. I don't know eighteen the proper way to for a free. No Russell Crowe was thank you. That's okay. As the book on divorce. All right. That's aired it and it's a fine. I mean, yeah, mistook a book for whatever it was an auction auction. VC's live at our show with this two guys on ESPN radio season. Four of thirty for thirty podcast brought to you by ZipRecruiter. Launches today thirty for thirty podcasts, pitchers all new stories from the same folks who bring you the thirty thirty films. You love and let's be real. Some stories you just have to hear to believe wasn't today on the ESPN app. Apple podcasts tune in and available on Google podcast. STAN Van Gundy in with us as he will be on Wednesdays during the season. Number things I wanna talk to him about Carmelo to the rockets, Anthony Davis to clutch sports. If it makes it inevitable that he'll end up with LeBron the Lakers weird roster construction. But before we get Tenny of that as I was trying to prepare for that segment, Stu gods and Billy were scheming stugotz is always trying to scheme his way into a place that he can make some money. And so I just overheard you guys scheming why don't you tell STAN in the audience? This thing. That you have had to call a planning. You can call it scheming. But anyway, Billy I were planning, STAN. What do you think about this? Dan? I don't know if you if you were aware of this while you were coaching the pistons, but Dan got engaged, and that means there's a wedding on the horizon. And I read that story about people selling their their wedding tickets online until billion. I were thinking of scalping tickets to Lubbock towards wedding. What do you think about that. Scalp your own tickets, or you're gonna scalp your own tickets to rather than go to the wedding, or you going to try to make money off of Dan's wedding at the idea? Yes, it's a win win for me. I don't have to go to the wedding money off of it. I mean, it's a win win for me. The. We were all might be a win win for Dan. If you're not at his wedding, that's might actually be a win for Dan. That's the things Dan. We were then trying to see if Dan would be willing to give us a table that we could sell the tickets for he'd get a small cut of it if he wants, and he could keep all the presence that are brought the listeners. This is one. I know you guys don't. Yes, you guys don't see anything like sacred in a wedding and anything special just another way to make another band suffered. And Billy said to me, Billy says to me, hey, Dan, if you went to Valerie and said, just a table for listeners and viewers at your table, how would that go? And I told him that would go me being told to go bleep myself is how that would. I think I'm to do it. Listen, I regret that a married. What I'm gonna do is I'm going to renew my house and sell tickets to it every single month every month. I'm going to do this. Standing how much money you'll make on that stew. I think people would love to come to my to my wedding. I do stand. I will tell you like the wedding day. I think any married bam will tell you this guy, the best part of the wedding. If not the cake, it's not dinner. It's not your friend, not your family. It's you're sitting in a hotel room after the wedding, and you and your wife. You're eating some food. You're having a couple of cocktails and you're just opening envelope after envelope, counting those checks, everyone. Here's agreeing with me. I don't care about that. Should the richest person hearing agreeing with. You'll open those those for you, and I'll count those checks for you. Are you already getting? The president goes are so Mantech. I am. I already getting presence. Jordi go to bath and body works bed bath and beyond skin. The things that you want from people for your wedding, Billy come on. What's the matter with think? I'm going to someplace to scan wedding gifts. I honestly. It's really wait a minute I want. So wait, you've got me going appear. One scanning stuff that some you got me doing peer one, maybe triple bees. Target. I mean, pure one fancy. I'll be skinny barcodes tickets. You think he's kidding stand? There is the very real chance I run into a stranger at my wedding and not Stu gods and that stranger will have a smile on her face because they know that they sold that they bought Stu gods. His teeth tickets for for five thousand two. What kind of contribution I've been the one thing that really occurs to me in this Dan is that Stu is assuming he'll be invited to your wedding, good point invited or not. I'm still scalp ticket. The crown fits up on the black market. He's going to create a whole website to hub where you could just get tickets. His renewed vows Billy get on that. Hey, Molly care of here host of ESPN's I take and I am super excited because football is back and you know what? You'll find me this fall at the game. Thanks to vividly. The official ticket partner ESPN with vivid seats aphid so easy to find all some seats to any game in every purchase backed by their one hundred percent fire guarantee, head to vivid, sees dot com and enter promo code ESPN at checkout to get ten percent off your first order. Get in the action with vivid seats. Your team need you. Dot com. Donlevatar fans, right? Obviously, I think hobbies are dance right doing that. Yes, man. Absolutely. Always always always. Today's guts, I love my dad more than most people love their dead, right? I'm better loving. That. Dad says the all the time. Lover most love in the world. Libertas show with this to God's own ESPN radio. My daily existence involves wandering the halls around here and having the frenzy and the OCD of Stu gods and Billy, and that Rosie's like sort of lap up against me. So for for two days, Mike Ryan in stugatz have been. They've been arguing, we need to do old faces new places. And as they're doing this, Billy is talking about the poison seeds. He wants to plant on our show. That's how greeted me today. Said during the local hour, I planted some poison seeds because he wants to do what things cost with STAN Van Gundy because he believes that STAN Van Gundy has not shopped for grocery for himself in about three decades and he wouldn't know what anything costs do you. So how, which one of these do you wanna? Do you know what? Let's do in both. Let's go ahead. Why? Let's just do them both. Let's go old faces new places and what things caused will do both of them. The same time. Gentlemen been too long since we played old faces in new places, old fates, number one for the crew where is Jeremy Lin's face. Then you gotta sit this out and just listen because you're gonna know the answers to all of these, but we don't know where the hell is Jeremy. Lin. His last stop was with the nets, right? Thank teams ago. I think I have it. Wait. Do you know? I'm not sure. No Orlando, Dan, would you like to venture guess? Okay, STAN. Do you know this just yes or no? Do you know that? I do know, yes. Okay. I do here the hell. Was he just traded? I'll guess clipper. The answer is Atlanta. Oh, name name, five hawks. I dare you not used in name three hawks. I dare you got his trae young. I got trae young, Vince partner now Jeremy. Lin again, we did it all right now, that's enough old faces new places. What the hell is this bad part of music. All right guys. Here we go. It's time for you to get the prices of common everyday items that we looked up today at WalMart dot com. Guys. Do you know how much progressive soup? Traditional chicken noodle soup? Nineteen ounce can how much is one of those costs? STAN? What do you got there? Nineteen ounce can of that. I'm gonna go a dollar. Forty nine. I'm gonna. Go buck ninety nine. I'm gonna go to ninety nine. Wow. It was a dollar eighty eight. That's right. STAN. Take your defeat like a man. You went over though. I mean, I was closer than anybody. Let's go back to all faces new places. Gentlemen, where is a Pachulia old fame, I know where that old thirty faces. I actually know. Do you know God now I'm gonna say Portland Daza. Pachulia was so happy that the previous regime was overthrown in Detroit that he immediately went there too. Van gundy. Just waiting if they could just get rid of that miserable bleeding as president and I will join them and give them all dirty tactics. Go ahead. Billy what things 'cause I right guys, how much does more than I had is table salt, all purpose, iodized salt for cooking seasoning, and baking twenty-six. Canister cost. His sis- what Billy's wanted to do is tire. You just give us a things that cost a couple of dollars like clearly cost. A couple of dollars can't just say salt. All right. Go ahead. What do you got? STAN. To nineteen. Okay. I'm gonna go a buck ninety. Nine again it's going to be my guest for everything. I'm gonna go three dollars and thirteen cents. Ooh, wow. Twenty-six. Canister cost a dollar forty eight low. Another big victory for. I, we all end wins again, I'm crushing everyone. New new faces, old places, old places, new faces. What is it? Where is Marsin gore tots, old face. Oh, I stand. I dare do I do. I dare bring up that Marsin Gortari once referred to you as a master of panic, I'm scared to bring that up with you. I think it's a bad subject. That was a bad subject between you and I, but I love more senior tat so and I do know where he is by the way. Okay. Let's question is Dan. Do you love Marsin Gor Tom to know where he gonna guess the clippers. Stew. I was gonna guess the clippers as well. We'll guess what if you were gonna guess that you'd be right. All right guys, how much does it Jurassic world adult inflatable t. Rex costume one size fits most cost. I saw them over running with hitting. That's not a, that's not a common every day. I'll say forty nine ninety nine forty nine. Can we go faster with both of these games? I'm gonna guess twenty nine ninety nine. What do you got to God? Our ninety nine forty eight ninety nine. I got a big purchase. Let's go to the other game. I have. We're Skippy Moscow face, oh, Moscow, Idaho, MAs, where the hell is Mazda. I'm gonna go nuggets. I think that was five teams ago. Sacramento stand, you know where Moscow space. Oh, wow. I do. Yes. Do you here. Yes, can we? Can we? Can we stump stance? If you can stump staying with anybody? Go ahead Billy how much is an area cue sixty men's inline skat- sized twelve. In lines, go head stand one skate, just one pairs. Selling. To nineteen to nineteen for skates. You had someone selling one skate. That's what we said. All right. I'm gonna go to skates. I'm gonna go thirty bucks. I'm going gonna go. I'm gonna go fifty. Five dollars sixty seven twenty nine. Let it go worse, Greg Monroe, where's Greg Monroe? Llambro wait a minute. He's not what the books anymore. Where's Greg? Face Detroit, STAN, where's the face? Bregman Rome. Where's the old face of Greg Oden? I actually. Greg ode, why he's got an hour later on, you're not going fast enough. So where is he two dollars. No, I was just making a joke. Where's Greg Monroe? Tell us in Toronto. Standing. Stanford, I thought we were doing Greg. Doing what things come on, how. No, don't slow down. Visit dragon yada. How much is the dragon Pignon STAN nineteen ninety nine without candy without candy without candy. I'm gonna go eleven ninety nine nine hundred. Eleven. Oh well sixty four Jamal. Crawford z. Jamal, Jamal? Crawford. Heads to stop dancing to the swing music and tell us Jamal Crawford. Denver nugget. I don't have any idea China. He's. He's the son, oh my God, Orage Dunkin. And. Say it again how much is in orange stuck in imperial yoyo a yoyo quality a yoyo ten ninety nine expensive tasted yoyo STAN. What are you? Gots God. I'm going. I'm going for ninety nine for the. I'm gonna go three ninety nine five ninety nine. For the hot streak, Austin rivers, whereas rivers rivers, oh God, they just told me this the other day, and I forgot just told me this the other day I have now forgotten where Pero. Pero pepperoni pizza Anderson. Where is Ryan. Vida. Original. Derek. Legal three pack chapter. Green is Irish spring bar. Three points out six cow to Williston. Okay. See bitchy didn't know that little Debbie. Swiss rose triple Reza Phoenix AD last why back clip suspenders one inch wide colored black Mark appel back with the Spurs Stanley fifty one one. Four sixty rubber Malley. He's a wizard. Dow Jo- six class series. Four k. twenty one sixty p ultra HD HD are smart. LED sixty five f one two thousand eighteen model. I. Donlevatar Marsin tot does he look like a genie or like an actual wizard? Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie stugatz. Marsin cortott looks more like a genie or like a sorcerer, sorcerer, sorcerer, sorcerer. Genie. Oh. You're a rebel. This is you lebatardshow on ESPN radio, listen, you heard correctly in the middle of all that chaos west segment. You did hear correctly. Derek Anderson is starting an NFL game this weekend for the Buffalo Bills. He started one game in the last three years. Did you see the report? That's why he's starting because they just signed him last week. How many games is he started in the last seven years. It's because Josh Allen is heard, and because Tom Brady would have to throw a thousand consecutive interceptions. I'm not making this up a thousand consecutive interceptions to have the interception rate that Nathan Peterman has his next one thousand. I'm not making that up. That's a statistical fact. Tom Brady's next thousand passes would have to be picked off to have the interception rate that Nathan Peterman last seven seasons. Derek Anderson has started four games. There was one random sort. I think they were punishing Cam Newton during primetime game for the first nap and Derek Anderson. Had a turnover pick six. Let's start the game, Derek Anderson disaster play of some sort, but he's starting because our reports said, have McDermott throws out Nathan Peterman to start. He wouldn't lose the locker room. Yeah, the players don't want him tired of it. I just don't understand what these people are seeing way to get a lotta Anderson though in practice that we haven't seen. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance guests on the Dan lebatardshow here via the shell Pennzoil performance line. Here's your sport center, update canal Alvarez. Assign a five year. Eleven fight deal where they minimum three hundred and sixty five million with the new sports streaming service does on this deals, the richest athlete contract that sports history. Wow, that's our boy skipper. Getting back in the game, the former president of ESPN just threw big dollars canal. Oh, Alvarez to get this thing started. What's the name of that? What is the name of the surveys called does own, but it's spelled DZ n or something is it? Are they? Are they in America? Are they? They? Are they have a bigger footprint over in Europe. Now. Four giants player, Steve Gleason his wife, Michelle welcomed a baby girl by the name of gray. And finally, millennials are killing American cheese. For all the latest headlines information tune in the sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day, the American cheese industry is hurting. I mean, standing believe is a is a big advocate on behalf of American cheese. As my, I think both standing, I would pick it millennials if we knew that this was a fact interestingly enough, the American, right? The American cheese industries actually thriving their forty percent more factories in the work ten years ago. However, younger people wanna fancier cheese. Dan, they're not, they're. They've grown tired of the boring American cheese. In fact, even fast food restaurants, go for fancier cheese options and just American cheese. Yeah, I like a little like sharp cheddar, like Monterey Jack, like stuff like that. So I don't go America cheese. Like to me like a craft American slice makes the sandwich kind of stand. I know your old school. I'm wondering, where are you on the cheese front here? I'm a cheddar and a pepper, Jack gangway. Those are two, oh pepper, Jackie likes a little spice in his life. Yes, go ahead. Let's let's do this. What would be what would get the Alabama and Clemson rankings, the Alabama and Ohio State rankings. You know what we're gonna do this around the room now we need to stop everything top three cheeses from everyone in the room. I wanna see if there's anything close to a consensus on this. This is so tough. I know it is maybe the toughest question No question and I think it needs to be answered and we're the only show with the balls talk about it. It's everyone else at this network is afraid of it, and we right here for you. Every one of our guys is willing to talk about it. So Mike already ready to go. Chris doesn't even need any prep Roy's ready to guard. Let's do it. Chris, the top three cheeses anywhere in the world. Number three plays Swiss. Number two. Munster. Munster monster. No, it's great being the threes number one, a muscle and. You are your dad, son mozzarella two dollars. Get out of here. Billy go head a wheel of cheese, and you get out of here too. I don't wanna hear the rest of what you've got rowing. What's your number three, please? Munster. Number two, Kobe Jack. Number one. Mike, what's your top three threes Gouda. Why did you say like that? Because it's surprised Gouda number two. I'm also going to go mozzarella. Good is how I say the word, good number one, and nothing's better than putting out some wine and some parmesan. I had parmesan on. I took it off. I replaced it with Ricarda. ROY, seems jealous of you and much fancy to Sandra's. Got you. Heard drool something on the word Ricardo. Here's what stand knows. There is nothing better than a hot meat ball with a cold scoop of Ricardo cheese. You knows that. Monterey, Jack, I'll just. A sharp cheddar. It's moving to pass for your saying, keep up man. These are important conversations. I don't want you get fired. They are. They are number three up to might. Your timing is terrible. Yeah, you're tired. STAN. I said, number three is Bree. Oh. Three re who jacket, that's those are excellent choices. I'd go. I throw blue cheese in there. Is anyone with me? No now. All right. I'm feeling very insecure right now. I need to go to. I'm sorry, my list. Good. Everyone is judging my list. Well, what's the rest of your night? I'm scared to reveal it. Judge had list. I don't have the confidence. I had one, I limped in with an unpopular opinion. I knew unpopular. You guys confirm that was unpopular the rest of my list falls apart after that because I'm leaking insecurity. You are actually sweating. Once we can turn it to you about your blue. I know. I know. I feel like I feel like I might have chosen an awful cheese in that everyone Nelson, the audience is disgusted by now right more more than the usually are. You can listen to the donlevatar show with the stugatz then to one eastern on ESPN radio, and you can wash on ESPN news.

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