Mueller Report Pt. 14


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What what do i have to get involved with putin for have nothing to do with never spoken to him. I don't know anything about a mother than you will. Respect me russia. If you listening i hope you're able defined the thirty thousand emails that are missing so it is political europe communist know mr green communism is just a red herring like all members of the oldest profession. I'm a capitalist hello and welcome to muller. She wrote and our special coverage of the redacted muller report. I'm your host a._g. And with me today julia johnson and jordan coburn hello so today we're going to go over volume two section two part d the evidence the analysis of obstruction of justice surrounding the removal of the director of the f._b._i. James comey who is or is not our homey. We haven't determined yet. We haven't seen the yes to be or not to be our homey hamlin. A decade will reflect with more clarity and this is going to cover pages sixty to seventy seven's if you want to pause and go read or read along with us either way <hes> that's fine <hes> however you know you do you <hes> so let's get to it. <hes> isn't previous subsections. I'm going to skip the overview because has all of the details will be revealed in the evidence and the analysis sections so middle page sixty two we open komi interior test of how we opened with komi testifying testifying to the senate judiciary committee and declining to answer questions about whether trump was under investigation. We talked about this in previous sections on may third twenty seventeen. Call me was scheduled to testify right before the senate judiciary. Committee mcgann recalled that in the week leading up to the hearing. The president said it would be the last straw if komi didn't take the opportunity to set the record straight by publicly announcing seeing the president was not under investigation the president had previously told mcgann the perception that the president was under investigation hurting his ability to carry out presidential duties and that's important. We'll find out why in the analyst so at the hearing komi declined to answer questions about the status of the russia investigation stating the department of justice had authorized him to confirm that russia the russia investigation exists but that he was quote not going to say another word about it until the investigation was completed so komi also declined to answer questions about whether other investigators have ruled out anyone in the trump campaign at as potentially a target of the criminal investigation including whether the f. b. i. had ruled out the president of the united states so so and we we've talked about this kobe was like i'm not going to tell you to stop and he was also asked about his decision to announce eleven days before the election to the f._b._i. Was reopening the clinton email investigation <music>. He's very like <hes> muller in that sense yet. They seem to be a part of their position as f._b._i. Director to be like. I'm not gonna tell you anything. It's the norm for me to not to have to tell you anything anything and they think this whole thing is ridiculous and they had to do things like testify. Yeah i think komi might have been a little more political or loosehead more yeah more komo more impact on politics than than a tap dancer. Haw cancers should be star. Oh yeah let's okay. Call me on there all right replaced by men. I'd watch that so we stated that it made him mildly nauseous to think we might have had some impact on the election but added that even hindsight he would make the same decision he later repeated that he had no regrets no regrets about how he handled the email investigation and believe he had done on the right thing at each turn yeah. He got a tattoo gertz yeah. I don't know that he did the right thing at each turn but i think he probably did the best thing that he could give into shitty or three shitty options totally but again we don't know because we still haven't seen the i g report about the weiner laptop handling of the wiener laptop within the new york f._b._i. Field office that was due out last year. I don't know why we haven't seen it yet but it worries me that we haven't <hes> and that that tells me. There's that it's good yeah i would imagine they're taking this much time to. They're trying to hide it because it's detrimental to trump interest. That's what i think i. That's what i think those are being so. I don't know for sure. We just haven't seen the report yeah the d._o._j. Always is so boring though there's a reason it's like you know. It wasn't an prove anything then i i feel like the public should really be the truth but i don't know he's not to be trusted at also. I'm kind of more on your side. Yeah yeah make into a common quick. I'm thinking like a komi book like sanctimony choirboy sc- power power lending and with curtains to noon lizard has visibility clinton. What do they call them. Chameleons yet there you go komi komi komi komi komi chameleon okay after comey's testimony the president met with mcgann sessions and sessions chief-of-staff a guy named jodi hunt and trump ass mcgann how komi had done mcgann's it colmey declined to answer questions about whether the president was under investigation and then trump got real mad and directed his anger anger at sessions according to notes written by hunt <hes> the president said this is terrible jeff. It's all because you recused a._g. Is supposed to be the most important appointment kennedy appointed his his brother obama appointed holder. I appointed you and you recuse yourself. You left me on an island can't do anything you've ever seen walking dead. The show the first few season. There's is a scene where the characters like she'd slap because her i guess authority figure or whatever like the person in charge of her is mad at something that has nothing to do with the character and she turns to her and slaps her and i feel like that's happening right now with trump only walking day fanatics we get that she takes her anger out on her and i feel like sessions as much as he's as you know racist pasta mosquitoes getting slammed right now for something that has nothing to do with him really besides takeover talking dead since chris hardwick got me to well. That's right yeah. <hes> i nominate lisa nice breath. Germany's sorry go ahead <unk> really bad a parallelism and that example because he starts off with this guy gives an what is it called appointed the appointed his brother and then this other appointed not his brother mother pointed also not his providence. You're not really making any point there. Yeah what's your appoint yeah <hes> yeah i think he was mad because apparently he thought holder was obama's buddy and they were in cahoots writes <hes> but yeah there. There's no other parallel besides his incorrect thinking he was going for just not we'll execute it exactly very now well executed and so he he felt like <hes> that jeff recusing jeff was unfair. It was interfering with his ability to govern to do as president job and it was undermining his authority with foreign leaders not that he's totalled. It'll dumb ass but this particular thing and sessions responded that he had no choice but to accuse and it was mandatory rather than discretionary discretionary. <hes> hunt recalled that sessions also estate at some point during the conversation that regret a new start at the f._b._i. Be appropriate and the president should consider replacing komi as director according to sessions when the meeting concluded it was clear the president was unhappy with komi but sessions didn't think the president had made the decision to terminate komi at that point man and recalled that the president brought komi up with him at least eight times times on may third and may fourth and according to ban and the president said the same thing every time he told me three times. I'm not under investigation. He's a show boater. He's a grand stander. I don't know any russians russians. There was no collusion yeah look in the mirror and say you're not under investigation three times in mullerpier. Does he really think that ah he does. He believe that he doesn't know any russians. I don't know maybe there commencing themselves because he really believed that in his head under technicalities yeah. I guess they're gonna miss universe. I i don't know them that well. Eighty four percent of his properties in florida were sold to russians the yeah he's kind of their kids. Rubliov bought his mansion in florida. Sorta like like the probability of anyone in this country not knowing a single russian is all this. I don't know if i know any russian. I think about it but i'm sure people are russian. You know exactly yeah but with a muller reported ships yeah very very focused one hundred pages a you know an russians quarterly totally yeah no <hes> and then say there's no collusion they would end with that every time eight times he spoke to bannon and bannon told the president he could not fire komi because that ship has sailed and and abandoned also told the president that firing comey was not going to stop the investigation cautioning him that he could fire the f._b._i. Director but he could not fire the f._b._i. I liked that. I liked that who told him that was banning. Yeah one of the rare smart things that i said yeah and he didn't yeah i guess all of the motherfuckers that he said along with it weren't included voted under subsection two on page sixty four when trump makes the decision to fire comey and we know about this the weekend following combs aether 2017 testimony the president traveled to his resort in bed missed bedminster new jersey where he makes all of his bad decisions and at a dinner two days later <hes> attended by the likes of kushner and stephen miller when jim the <hes> <hes> trump said he wanted to remove komi and had ideas for a letter that could be used to make the announcement president dictated arguments specific language for the letter and miller took notes as reflected in the notes. The president told miller <hes> muller has these notes by the way and as reflected in the notes <hes> the president told miller that the letter should start while i greatly appreciate you informing me that that i am not under investigation concerning what i have often stated as a fabricated story on russia pertaining to the two thousand sixteen presidential election. Please be informed that i <hes> <hes> what's please before that. I and i believe the american public including ds and rs have lost faith in us the director of the f._b._i. So this letter letter ever poorly written and portray. I don't know if it was dictated weirdly spoken weirdly. Probably i don't like ds and rs yeah. That wasn't a compliment sandwich much either that was just like shit all over yeah and a big giant lie in the beginning totally well he can comb actually did tell him before he was personally under investigation that he wasn't i personally under investigation right but the way that he were it was so petty you know and after the meeting miller prepared a letter based on those notes and some reach that research he conducted <hes> to support the president's arguments and over the weekend trump <hes> provided several rounds of edits miller said the president was adamant that he not tell anyone at the white house what they were doing because he didn't he abuse worried about leaks so in his discussions with miller the president made clear he wanted the letter to open with a reference of him not being under investigation and miller said he believed that fact was important important to the president to show that komi was not being terminated based on any such investigation and according to miller the president wanted to establish as a factual matter that komi had been under a review period and did not have assurance from the president that he would be permitted to keep his job. The final version of that termination letter prepared by miller began in a way that was closely tracked that closely totally tracked to what the president had dictated in the first place. It's a deer director comey while i greatly appreciate your informing me on three separate occasions that i am not under investigation concerning the fabricated and politically motivated allegations of trump russia relationship with respect to the two thousand sixteen presidential election. Please be informed that i along with other members of both political parties. He took out the d._n._r.'s <hes> <hes> and most importantly the american public have lost faith in you as a director of the f._b._i. And you are hereby terminated is that how all directors terminated with the f._b._i. They always say we have lost faith in you like buying by like the weakest link like it's so weird you just you just don't hand him. The rose yeah yeah. She's a letters pointless because he found out on the television exactly he never got taking the envelope. Just tweet it man yeah someone like that again. Uh this four page letter trump and bar big on four-page letters when onto critique commes judgment and conduct including his mayford testimony before senate judiciary <hes> and his handling of the clinton email investigation and his failure to hold leakers accountable the letter stated tacoma homey had asked the president at dinner shortly after inauguration to let komi stay on in the director's role and the president said that he would consider it but the president had concluded that he had had no alternative but to find new leadership for the bureau a leader that restores confidence and trust so that's pretty much i make sense yeah <hes> tobel every trust and confidence diffidence in the because the person <hes> helped you win the election and that's why you need to fire them yeah and to to to blame him for the handling of the hillary emails which trump loved the way he handled the hillary of course rappers probably president because of the way komi right yeah. That's my point. It's just it's absolutely a ridiculous charge. It was a bold move right yeah. He goes for the opposite. It's opposite day in the white house every day. Yeah it's like their reasoning for citizenship question exactly wow i'm sensing a pattern home. <hes> that'd be great. Here's komi. I have to fire you because of the voting rights act <music> and i don't like you. I don't think you face utah. You make me look short all right guys. We'll be right back back. Thanks to crest for supporting our special coverage of the miller report the crest three d. whitening kit is the perfect way to whiten your teeth and make the most of your smile as i'm sure you know all of the food food and everything we drink we ha- over our entire life takes a toll on howard teeth look and i found that crest white strips are the most effective way to whiten your smile. 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We left off <hes> interior oval office now morning of monday eighth. <hes> isn't it his neighbor day. Everything is not your husband's birthday. It is it's my husband's eight the national outdoor and of course day oh oh that's right which most people say is may i disagree and you're saying how did that disputes arise. Maybe with you so here we are mourning monday may eighth two thousand seventeen president matinee oval office with senior advisers mcgann priebus and miller among others and inform them he had decided to terminate komi president read aloud the first paragraph allographs termination letter that he wrote that miller you know <hes> road but you know he dictated and conveyed the decision had been made and it was not up for discussion. The president told the group that millard research searched the issue and determine the president had the authority to terminate komi terminate komi without cause and in an effort to slow down the decision-making mcgann told the president like slow ooh down the d._o._j. Leadership was currently discussing komi status and suggested the white house counsel's office attorney should talk with sessions and rosenstein who had recently gently been confirmed as the deputy attorney general we called him snoop dag but then he turned out to be a jerk <hes> so now he's just rosenstein so mcgann said that <hes> that previously scheduled in meetings with sessions and rosenstein that day would be an opportunity to find out what they thought about firing komi so he's like to hang on a minute. I don't know why he sounds like an old southern plantation owner to me <hes> at noon sessions rosenstein hunt jody hunt met with mcgann and in the white house counsel's office <hes> and one of the white house counsel's office attorneys named dylan and they met all at the white house and mcgann said the president had decided to fire komi and ask for sessions and rosenstein thoughts and they criticized komi and did not raise concerns about replacing him mcgann and dylan said the fact that neither sessions rosenstein objected <hes> to replace in komi gave them peace of mind that the president's decision was not an attempt to obstruct justice. I guess they were expecting like if sessions and rosenstein where no no no no no <hes> in an oval office meeting was scheduled later that day secession rosenstein could discuss the discussed the issue with the president. It's around five p._m. Trump and several white house officials met with sessions and rosenstein to discuss it and the president told the group he watched comey's testimony and thought something was not right with komi. Okay i am god yeah right. We can start instead of pot and the kettle we can say trump in the komi <hes> to the president said macomer should be removed and ask sessions and rosenstein for their views hunt who was in the room recalled that sessions responded that he had previously recommended the colmey be replaced. He's like i told you already and and <hes> mcgann and dylan said rosenstein described his concerns about comey's handling of the clinton email investigation so that's what that's what rosenstein said and the president then he just frigging goes with floated did yeah. He's yes no backbone. He's a wind whistle ryan of the d._o._j. Totally and it's just yeah he's spends with whatever whoever's in front of and the president then handed out copies of the letter and the discussion turned into the mechanics of how to get rid of komi and whether the president's letter should be used magana dylan urged the president to permit komi to resign but the president was adamant he be fired so here's some here's some you know objections. The group discussed the possibility that rosenstein and sessions could ed provider recommendation in writing <hes> that komi should be removed and the president liked that he's like yeah you come up with the reasons <hes> so he agreed them untold rosenstein to draft a memo and <hes>. He said he wanted to receive next the next morning. First thing <hes> so hunts notes <hes> reflected the president told rosenstein to include the fact that komi had refused to say trump trump was not personally under investigation <hes> this is where it gets weird because according to notes taken by senior senior d._o._j. Official of rosenstein description of his meeting eating with the president the president said put the russia stuff in the memo and rosenstein responded to that <hes> saying the russia investigation was not the basis of his recommendation he he was about the hillary handling of the hillary stuff so he did not think russia should be mentioned so the president told rosenstein he would appreciate it if rosenstein put it in the letter anyway and when rosenstein left the meeting he knew the komi was going to be fired and told d._o._j. Colleagues that his own reasons for replacing komi were not the president's reasons so no rosenstein and sessions didn't have happened objection to the president firing komi but they did have an objection for him saying it had nothing to do with russia. That is where it becomes obstruction of justice. Yeah exactly makes sense that they you would have an objection to that. I guess his reasons aren't my reasons and so on may ninth hunt delivered the letter from sessions recommending komo's removal and a memo from rosenstein steiner's well addressed to the attorney general titled <hes> restoring public confidence in the f._b._i. And mcgann recalled the president like the d._o._j. Letters agreed they should provide the foundation in for a new cover letter from the president accepting the recommendations to terminate komi and and not taken by donaldson may ninth reflect the view of the white house counsel's office at the president's original terminal <unk> determination letter should not see the light of day and it would be better to offer no other reasons so so he gets these two letters from rosen's rosenstein dinan sessions and he wants to put a cover letter on it of his own and they're like no no no and don't ask don't that original letter got destroy which you aren't allowed to do <hes> but i don't know what happened to it. Maybe he ate it and and no other reasons for the firing other than was in rosenstein and sessions memo but trump asked miller to draft a new termination letter and told him to i put the russia stuff back in and magana priebus and dylan objected to including that language but the president insisted and mcgann priebus and the others perceive that language to be the most important part the letter to trump so dylan made a final pitch that komi should be permitted to resign not be fired but the president refused so around the time the the president's letter was finalized priebus and spicer. That sounds funny. I summoned the spicy with a weed you board and and also the press to the oval office where they were told komi had been terminated for the reasons stated in the letters by rosenstein and sessions so to announce comey's firing the white house released a statement which previous thought had been dictated by the president in full the statement read today president. Donald j trump informed the f._b._i. Director james comey. He's been terminated in removed from office. President trump acted based on clear recommendations of both deputy attorney general rod rosenstein an attorney jeff sessions jenner attorney general jeff sessions yet technically and that evening f._b._i. Director andrew mccabe was summoned to meet with the president at the white house and the president told mccabe he fired comey because of the decisions komi had made in the clinton email investigation and for many other reasons mill the reasons as well and the president asked mccabe okay but he was aware that komi had told the president three times that he was not under investigation god. He's such a baby in the president also ask mccabe if people in the f._b._i. Disliked komi whether other mccabe was part of the resistance that had disagreed with the komi decisions and the clinton investigation anne mccabe dole the president that he knew komi had told the president he was not under investigation and that most people at the f._b._i. Felt positively about komi and the mccabe worked very closely with komi and was part of all the decisions that had been made in the clinton investigation and later that evening <hes> trump told told his communications team he was unhappy with the press coverage termination and ordered them to go out and defend him and the president also called chris christie and according to christie he said i'm getting killed in the press over combs firing. I remember that 'cause you included your dumb ass letter on top of it. You dumb fuck in the president asked. What should i do and christie he asked did you fire komi. Because of what rod wrote the memo and the president responded yes and then christie said the president should get rod out there and have him defend the decision and that night when the white house press office called the d._o._j. And said the white house wanted to put out a statement saying that it was rosenstein idea to fire komi rosenstein told other d._o._j. Officials he would not participate participate in putting out a false story. The president then called rosenstein directly and said he was watching fox news coverage have been great and that he wanted rosenstein to do a press conference earns and rosenstein rosenstein responded that this was not a good idea because of the press asked him he would not tell the truth that combs firing was not his idea and sessions also informed. The white house counsel's office <hes> that evening. That rosenstein was upset that his memorandum was being portrayed as the reasons for com. There's a reason for comey's termination in an unplanned press conference late in the evening adding of may ninth spicer told reporters. It was all rosenstein no one from the white house it was d._o._j. What'd rosenstein think it was gonna go towards. He's just he's just a gullible. Oh dude. I guess because you know i mean you hand in your letter and then the trump puts his letter on top of it and releases it with all the russia's stuff in it insists that the russia's stuff goes back in without consulting rosenstein and then putting rosenstein name on it. He's gonna pissed wonder if he could have retracted rosenstein like when he had a feeling like when they were going back and forth about it he'd have been fired for sure if he came out and said you know rosenstein did everything he could to just not get fired did if i was in his position and someone told me to her write up a letter and then used it to fire the head of the f._b._i. I would resign immediately right. Yeah i go out and defended and it like fuck off. I would resign to and i would say. Here's why i'm resigning. I didn't put my name on this. He added this russia's stuff in later. This is obstruction of justice peace out yeah visit obstruction of justice but it's also in egregious moral offense on another person's like just person hood. Yes that's been rosenstein can have earned his snoop tag tag title right then and there but he blew it now too late. I did yeah so never ever cooking. Show with off like snoop lion you into a whole new level so spicy. You know he's out there saying it was the d._o._j. Not the white house all rosenstein and so that night the next morning white house officials and spokespeople continued continued to maintain trump's decision to terminate komi that was driven by the recommendations for from rosenstein and sessions and and i don't know if sessions was pissed. He probably was just shut up by then because he was already mad at him for recusing himself but <hes> rosenstein was pretty mad and then on the top of age seventy one the morning of may tenth trump met with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov russian ambassador kislyak in the oval office and we know about this not because armenia was allowed in there they weren't but russian state media reported on it and they reported that during during that may tenth meeting the president brought up his decision to terminate komi telling lavrov and kislyak. I just fired the head of the f._b._i. He was crazy real nut job. I faced great pressure because a russia. That's taken taken off. I'm not under investigation. Even though <hes> who was it bannon told him you can fire the director of the f._b._i. But you can't fire the f._b._i. And christie told him this is going to elongate the investigation not shorten it here. He is telling the russians <hes> the pressures taken off. I'm not under investigation yeah. He knows the russians but he knows no russian. No of course russians yeah his pride. I'll be the death of him. He didn't meet those guys until i that justin they usually. He thinks he's smarter than everyone like. He's just gotta believe in myself and just stick to my story. This is the ball yeah in in period sounds nice but when you're trump you're an idiot. You know it's yeah yeah okay whatever trump no one believes you <hes> well unfortunately aw that's really weird yeah. I'm blame it. She did i say yeah so the president never denied making those statements by the way <hes> to the russians agents and the white house didn't dispute the account instead issued a statement saying by grandstanding and politicizing the investigation into russia's actions james comey created unnecessary pressure on our ability to engage and negotiate with russia the investigation have always continued and obviously the termination of komi would not have ended it even though he said that to the russians once again the real story is that our national security has been undermined by the leaking of private and highly classified information not by firing the f._b._i. Director that was investigating russian interference. Let's focus this on the snitch yeah. He's like a mobster gangster he is. He's like the bigger issue. I can't trust. These people need a loyalty loyal yeah basically their homes neutral term right. I assume so hope hicks said when she told the president about the reports <hes> on his meeting with lavrov that he did not look concerned turned and said of komi he's crazy and when mcgann asked the president about the comments to laugh rob. The president said it was good. That comey was fired because that took the pressure off by making it clear. He was not under investigation investigation so he could get more work done. Not if you're the one that directed is firing the eh an and everyone told you that wouldn't end the investigation and the same morning morning <hes> may tenth president called mccabe again according to a memorandum mccabe wrote right after the call because he's smart the president ask to come to the white house to discuss whether the president should visit the f._b._i. Headquarters and make a speech. The president said he received hundreds of messages from f. b. I. employees indicating their support for terminating komi lie he also told mccabe komi should not have been permitted travel back to washington dc on the f._b._i.'s airplane after he had been terminated and that he did not want komi in the building again even to collect collect his belongings that <hes> that i live sarah sanders got off way too easy on yeah peddling yeah and they talk about he. <hes> muller goes after for that too and and mccabe decided to allow komi to return on the f._b._i. Jet to washington after he'd been terminated which because he was giving a speech at the l. a. a f._b._i. Field office and he's like. I let them get back on the plane because the plane had to come back to dc with all of his staff and all the f._b._i. And the secret service we're coming anyway anyway yeah. We figured we give them a right. When you get fired and you pack up your desk you still get to walk out the same hallway. You walked in checked it out of your seat into the air and that's not in the report but i know that mccabe told <hes> trump that when he met with him he's like the plane had to come back so i made the decision and he was mad about it and so when mccain met the president that afternoon the president without prompting told mccabe the people in the f._b._i. Love trump an estimated that at least eighty percent of the f._b._i. Voted for him and asked mccabe who he voted for in the two thousand sixteen presidential election that afternoon sarah sanders. This is what you were getting at spoke to the president about his decision to fire comey and then told reporters that trump the d._o._j. And and members of congress had lost confidence in komi <hes> and most importantly the rank and file of the f._b._i. Had lost confidence in their director. In response to questions from reporters sanders said rosenstein decided on his own to review commes performance and that rosenstein decided on his own to come to the president on monday may eighth to express his concerns about combing is and when a reporter indicated that the vast majority of f. b. I. agents supported. Komi sanders said look. We've heard from countless members of the f._b._i. That's a very different things and follows yes total and following that press conference sanders spoke to the president who told her she did a good job and did not point out any inaccuracies in her comments and sanders told muller that <hes> sarah huckabee sanders still told muller that her reference to hearing from countless members of the f._b._i. Was a slip of the tongue she would lie ally and she also recalled recalled her statement in separate in a separate press interview that rank and file f._b._i. Agents lost confidence in komi was a comment she made in the heat of the moment that was not founded on anything. Wow that should always be like you know like on the little. What do they call it. The thing where the headlines are on the news. Where are the chiron the chiron yeah yeah. She's always put that when she's speaking like just quote. I never forget that. She said it was founded on nothing because she always that's literally every time she speaks that. She lied about that just like like her stage. Direction is always parentheses lying. Just genders sanders lion cut to lying just always in their bag quality to have to that when you get all flustered in a news conference which you are number one supposed to be need the coolest and calmest person. That's presumably why you'd be selective with that position that you freak out and just lying. That's why i like to go back and watch the west wing because she he was the best <hes> press conference holder in all the land and i just wish that that was reality <hes> also that same day by the way sessions and rosenstein spoke to mcgann separately separately each and expressed concern that the white house was creating a narrative that rosenstein had initiated the decision to fire comey and white house counsel's office agreed that it was factually wrong to say the department of justice had initiated combs terminations the white house counsel agreed and mcgann asked attorneys in the white house counsel's office to work with the press office to correct the allies that that huckabee sanders and trump told and the next day trump participated in an interview with lester holt dun dun dun and this is the one where the president told <hes> well before you went in the the president told the white house counsel's office in advance of the interview <hes> that the communications team could not get the story right so he was going on lester holt to get it right right and say what really happened. That's a little fun piece that we didn't know because he just because we know he went on lester holt and we know he admitted to obstruction of justice and we thought prov yeah but the fact that he told mcgann's office in advance of the interview saying you guys messed up. You didn't get the story right. You're wrong. I'm right. I'm gonna go on lester holt. I'm going to say what really happened. And during the interview the president stated he made the decision to fire comey before the president met with rosenstein in sessions and the president told i was going to fire regardless of recommendation right and only coincidentally coincidentally did rosenstein just on his own accord decide to bring this letter to trump right when he was also going to fire him he and then rosenstein. You know that that's what trump told hold like action kind of really what happened. Trump's is worst enemy but regardless of recommendation. I was gonna fire combing. There was no good time to do it <hes> and in fact when i decided to just do it i said to myself. I said you know this rusher. Thing with trump and russia is a made up story. It's an excuse by the democrats were having lost in election. They should've won and with how he said. Let's say to myself to just shows. He's trying to convince himself lisera. He's like look in the mirror and i'm like you didn't do anything wrong. I try to convince myself. I mean i said to myself also so they sh- of an election they should have one is that an admission of his undeserved kindness yeah rain they should have one yeah because we cheated did <hes> and in response to a question about whether he was angry with komi about the russia investigation trump said as far as i'm concerned. I want that thing to be absolutely done. Properly the president added he realizes termination of komi. Probably maybe we'll confuse people with the result that it might even lengthen out the investigation but he had to do the the right thing for the american people and komi was the wrong man for the position. I think he got that lengthen. The investigation bit from chris christie. Remember when yeah kristie told him that you can't shorten an investigation investigation at least he remember can only make it longer that price stuck with him like yeah longer like but i had to do it for the people in for me and the president described komi as a showboat and a grander again and said the f. b. I. has been in turmoil said he wanted to have a really competent capable director and the president affirmed that he expected the new f._b._i. Director to continue the russia investigation later that night following the lester holt interview trump tweeted russia must be laughing up their sleeves. I don't know what that old timey the thing that i thought i just thought it was the u._s. Tears itself apart over a democrat excuse for losing the election yeah. I don't know what laughing up. Their sleeves means yeah. I've i've heard i've got nothing up. My sleeve okay doormat laugh laughing up their sleeves. I don't know so trump tweeted the next morning again. The story there was collusion between russia and trump. <hes> was fabricated by dams as an excuse for losing the election. The president also also tweeted james comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leak into the press and when james clapper himself virtually everyone else with knowledge of the witch hunt says there's collusion. When does it end so when will never sir <hes> oh. I can't believe i called him sir guys. We'll be right back in just a second. Hey this is a._g. 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This is the analysis this is where we go over the three pieces needed to prove or i needed to you know <hes> indict someone for criminal obstruction of justice and the first of those three things is the obstructive act we were here on page seventy four for this and if you're following along and <hes> more says the act of firing komi removed the individual overseeing the f._b._i.'s russia investigation the president knew komi was personally involved in the investigation based on combs briefing of the gang hang of eight commes march twentieth twenty seventeen testimony about the investigation and the president's one on one conversations with komi firing komi would qualify as an obstructive act if it had the natural and probable effect of interfering with or impeding the investigation for example if the termination would have the effect of delaying disrupting the investigation or providing the president with the opportunity to appoint a director who would take a different approach to the investigation that the president perceived as more protective of his personal interests so remember for that because that's an either or both of those things don't have to be true. It doesn't have to disrupt the investigation and protect him. Allow the opportunity for a friendly director yeah. It's either of those things would do it nice now. Remember that because it's going to be important <hes> i'd like to add here that miller was only investigating instigating criminal conduct and not counter intelligence issues and removing the head of the f. b. I. not only impeded the investigation or seemingly so it might have impeded a future investigation by future f._b._i. Director actor but it negatively impacted national security because it could have impeded the investigation in russian interference in our election so to keep in mind. There's probably a counterintelligence aspect to this too so relevant circumstances bearing on that issue include whether the president's actions had the potential to discourage a successor director or other law enforcement officials in their conduct of the russian investigation meaning firing komi not only impeded his investigation but could impede the future director investigating because obviously if you fired trump or if you fired call me over the rusher thing that thing with russia that was over my head the next director isn't going to be so ready to continue the investigation which could impede impede the investigation because they wouldn't risk getting fired like getting settled into a position. I go get like you know exactly rejected from immediately hundred percent interesting yeah. I didn't think of that <hes> it. It wasn't just firing komi that impeded or disrupted the investigation it it was it was more that in firing komi four the russia thing the next incoming f._b._i. Director will be conflicted. Well wouldn't be conflicted but wouldn't be wouldn't want to continue the investigation or at least not as robustly early the president out of it yeah yeah keep the president happy so they could come mostly damaged goods like tainted yeah yeah before they get there and the president senate fired komi abruptly without offering him an opportunity to resign banned him from the f._b._i. Building and criticized him publicly calling him a showboat and claiming the f._b._i. Was in turmoil under his leadership and the president follow the termination with public statements that were highly critical of the investigation for example three days after firing komi trump referred to the investigation which hunt and when does it end and the reason he's muller's muller's putting this in there is because that taints future f._b._i. Director so these actions have the potential to affect a successors direct successor directors conduct of the investigation. They anticipated effective removing the f._b._i. Director however would not necessarily be to prevent or impede the f._b._i. From continuing its investigation as a general matter f._b._i. Investigations round around under the operational direction of the f. b. i. personnel levels below the f._b._i. Director and man made a similar point when he told the president he could fire the director but he couldn't fire the f._b._i. The white house issued issued a press statement. The day after komi was fired saying the investigation would have always continued and obviously the termination of komi would not have ended it in addition <hes> in his may eleventh interview with lester holt holt the president stated he understood when he made the decision to fire comey that the action might prolong the investigation and the president shows mccabe to serve as an interim director even though mccabe told the president he had worked very closely with komi and was part of all the decisions and the clinton investigation but trump <hes> but didn't trump also say that the firing <hes> firing komi took the russia russia thing off but like so what muller's getting at his note firing him specifically doesn't impede the investigation because the f._b._i. Rolls on but firing him taints future f._b._i. Directors which does impede the investigation. He doesn't directly say it here but he says you know this this. This is real. I don't have evidence of this. You decide so i think <hes> what molars saying here is there was an obstructive act by coming out and and criticizing komi the and firing him publicly calling him a showboat and a grand stander and calling the russia investigation a witch hunt right all goes to prove that it impeded the investigation because any any future f._b._i. Director would be reluctant to engage in the investigative act absolutely like if he had fired him quietly that'd be totally different but the way that he fired him yeah implies obstruction yeah yeah because he brought it up in the context of russia and the investigation <hes> that interesting it is yeah. Are you saying that it would <hes> or are they saying that it would affect a future our investigation because it's didn't dry. What's exactly the reasoning okay so just firing. Komi uh-huh doesn't impede the investigation the f._b._i. Is made up of a zillion people right investigation you would just continue on but to put a new director at to fire komi loudly you tell every function on him for the russia investigation right and all this and that he's a show about the next f._b._i. Director is not go could be tainted did like julius said right as yes. Oh my question was that is is the reasoning because then that person would be like oh well. Maybe this investigation is a sham and i and i'm going to change range now how i go forward with it. No i think it would be like. I don't wanna get fired so i'm not a that's the reason yeah okay. That's what i would think. Okay we see it happening with other there <hes> other things right like with these <hes> acting directors i remember reading about that somewhere like someone who was in a position where someone else have been fired <hes> i i forget the position but it was definitely acting one in recently to it wasn't like border patrol. It was like some department where the person literally in charge is like afraid of the personnel listen. I was fired before them and that seems to be true. Strategy i gotta come back with the source but i think trump being like a dick and using the acting positions as a way like threatened someone like hey see what happened to the last guy and not only that and that's why people turned down these acting positions <hes> but you know a lot of because you you think will that guy got a fire sessions got fired but bar so bar isn't going to do recused himself from things like the epstein investigation or things like <hes> the the mueller investigation yeah for some reason he's more afraid of what trump says about him publicly. He's afraid it'll get fire old yet but that's another weird thing right is that why are they not more afraid of the public opinion and trump's wise is trump's so i guess that's it. I would think that would be so hard to prove in court that someone would not proceed with the investigation out of if fear because no one's gonna come out and say yeah. I'm scared like that that's or thirty you're right. It's rare yeah yeah and to answer your question. Muller says two things here he says relevant circumstances bearing on that issue include whether the president's actions when he fire comey had the potential to discourage a successor director or other law enforcement officials in their conduct of the russia investigation and then he also said those actions had the potential to affect a successors directors conduct of the investigation have to come out and then kind of right right but it's just the active of firing him that way alone like the next director doesn't have to come out and say oh. I'm timid fly. I think what he's saying is that there could be a hundred reasons reasons that the next director wouldn't want to correctly and thoroughly investigate the russia investigation either he scared the public scared at trump. He's scared of getting fired. He thinks it's a hoax folks because trump told it was told him it was it could or her. It could be any number of reasons we we don't know what that really because we didn't. You know <hes> run run into that <hes> but yeah and since d._o._j. Officials are so by the books would be hard to prove which one of those maybe they were falling victim to you yeah because then you have to go to intent again and they would definitely not do what trump did right yeah. That's the whole reasoning behind them potentially not wanting to continue can you the investigation is because they want to keep their job. They sure as shit aren't gonna come out and say yeah. I'm not doing the investigation because i'm afraid i'm gonna lose my job totally right. Oh they'll come out and say we're investigating getting were thoroughly moving along and behind the scenes. They're just volunteered to their filing. Everything that comes to him. You know like oh yeah this is great thanks for finding that and and none of it would ever come out because they either don't want to get fired or they're afraid or they think it's a witch hunt. Whatever it is yeah i think mueller is saying here that it's not about just firing komi that would impede the investigation him being gone on the investigation can go on it's about a potential successive director and and they could impede the investigation so i think i think there is an obstructive act here and then in the next two preceding the next element would be satisfied by evidence showing that a grand jury proceeding or criminal prosecution arising from an f._b._i. Investigation was objectively foreseeable and actually contemplated by the president when he terminated komi and several facts would be relevant to such a showing at the time <hes> the president fired komi a grand jury. We had not begun to hear evidence related to the russia investigation. No grand jury subpoenas had been issued a march twentieth however komi announce the f._b._i. Was investigating russia including routing and assessment of whether any crimes were committed and it was widely known that the f._b._i. As part of the russian investigation was investigating the hacking of the d._n._c. Computers a clear criminal offense and in addition at the time. The president fired komi evidence indicates. The president knew that flynn was still under investigation. Criminal investigation could potentially be prosecuted despite the president's february fourteenth eighteenth two thousand seventeen request that komi let the flint thing go. Was it a valentine's day card and i love you. He put it on one of those little crunchy hearts. Yeah left lane go rhino. Maybe maybe much on march fifth in the white house. Counsel's office was informed. The f._b._i. Was asking for transition period period records relating to flynn indicating the f._b._i. Was still actively investigating flynn so well. We have so far as miller saying. The president didn't think he was specifically underestimation but he knew that there was a broader f._b._i. Investigation <hes> he knew that komi <hes> testified saying that there's an investigation and komi wouldn't say that trump wasn't wasn't invent under investigation and not only that but flynn was under investigation and that was all that was important to flynn so trump in the same day the president told advisors he wanted to call dana ben tae the acting attorney general for the russia investigation to find out whether the white house or the president was being investigated and a march thirty first the president signaled his awareness that flynn remained in legal jeopardy by tweeting that mike flynn should ask for immunity before he agreed to provide testimony to the f._b._i. And in late march <hes> the the president asked mcfarland to katie macfarlane to pass a message to flint telling him the president felt bad for him and that he should stay strong further demonstrating. The president's awareness of flynn's is criminal exposure so this is all that stuff that was in the flynn <hes> sta you know <hes> obstruction of justice stuff where he didn't really think that that was necessarily asking talking to let the flynn go thing. Go doesn't seem like that was an obstructive act but he said but keep and put a pin in this for later and now it makes it's relevant here because flynn being under investigation is the next to a criminal proceeding. Oh okay okay and and then we have intent and you'll find out in this section why it was important. <hes> that trump knew that flynn was under investigation and how that went to his intent of fire in komi and it's it gets it gets cool substantial daniel evidence indicates substantial evidence indicates that the catalyst for the president's decision to fire comey was commes unwillingness to publicly state that trump was not under investigation despite the president's events repeated requests to comi to make such an announcement and not just call me he has to everybody and in the weeks leading up to comas may third senate judiciary committee testimony <hes> trump told mcgann it would be the last straw if komen set the record straight <hes> but during his may third testimony komi refused to answer the questions about whether the president was being investigated and combs refusal easel angered the president who criticized jeff jeff now for leaving him all isolated on an island you left me on an island and two days later the president told his advisors he had decided to fire komi and dictated a letter to stephen miller that began with a reference to the fact that the president was not being investigated so this this this is really driving this home this tell everyone. I'm not investigated telling him well. I greatly appreciate appreciate you informing me. I'm not under investigation. Concerning what i've you know. Call which on that's how that letter started with firing have coming and the president later asked rosenstein to include the russia stuff in his memorandum put it back in there and to <hes> say the coma had told the president he was not under investigation and the president's thousands final termination letter included a sense at the president's insistence and against mcgann's advice and that pissed off rosenstein stadium tacoma had told the president on three separate occasions agency was not under investigation the president's other stated rationales why he fired comey or not similarly supported by the evidence so let me read that again the president's other stated dated rationales for why he fired comey are not similarly supported by the evidence so basically they narrowed it down to yeah yeah and so so the terminally termination letter the president incentive miller <hes> sorry the termination letter the president and stephen miller prepared in in new jersey cited commes handling of the clinton email investigation and the president told maccabee be fired comey for that reason but the fact surrounding combs handling of the clinton email investigation were well-known to the president at the time he assumed office and the president had made it clear to both komi and the president senior staff in early two thousand seventeen he wanted komi to stay on as the director nice facts see how well evidence says you lied about that and and so <hes> rosenstein rosenstein articulated his criticism of comas handling of the clinton investigation after the president had already decided to fire komi according to the president move dr octa lester holt and the president's draft termination letter also stated that the morale at the f._b._i. Was an all time low. Sandras told the press after combs termination the white house had heard from countless f._b._i. Agents who lost confidence in komi countless. You can't even count them this zero. That's what countless means but the evidence does not support those claims so here's where muller just straight out says the president lied president told komi at their january twenty seventh dinner that the people at the f._b._i. I really like him. <hes> komi right no evidence suggests the president unheard otherwise before deciding to terminate comb sanders acknowledges to investigators that her comments were not founded on anything so that's all bullshit this way. You know we're we're muller says all all of his other reasons are fake. I can prove it yeah. This is what he's doing right now. You don't want to try to light a molar situation totally especially with all alleged stupid bullshit. You try yeah. He's like this time on this day. This <hes> can't even remember i like. I can't imagine having to remember for all of his lies on it to all the time he'll that's. I think why flip flops so much i think he forgets the share he's human but he's the best and muller also considered a why it was important into the president that komi announced publicly that he was not under investigation it was so important to trump and some evidence indicates the president believed that the eroneous perception he was under investigation harmed armed his ability to manage domestic and foreign affairs particularly dealings with russia. The president told me that the cloud of the russia business was making it difficult to run the country the president told obsessions and mcgann that foreign leaders would express sympathy to him for being under investigation and the dictators perception he was under investigation was hurting his ability to address dress foreign relations issues. The president complained to rogers the thing with the russia thing with russians was messing up was messing up his ability to get things done with russia and told dan coats. I can't do anything with russia. There's things i want to do with russia to combat round <hes> no with trade with isis but they're all over me with this and the president also may have viewed komi as in subordinate for his failure to make clear in a may third testimony. The president was not under investigation other evidence however indicates. The president wanted to protect himself from an investigation into his campaign the day after learning about the f._b._i. Interview with flynn the president had a one on one dinner with komi. <hes> against the advice of senior aides untold komi he needs. That's komo's loyalty and this is the part where muller said that while the loyalty ask itself might not have been obstructive act that it plays into intent in firing komi to protect himself from the investigation investigation so he's just so amazing that it comes up in previous po- potential obstructive act and that in itself is not an obstructive back but when you put it in context of firing comey <hes> and tainting a future director that your intent is then you know that it comes back under to prove intent on another obstructive act or a larger obstructive versatile pieces of evidence <hes> use them again and again like wardrobe separates ha when the president will give you one of those fashion plates different top different yet obstructive use mix them so when the president later asked komi for a second time to make public he was not under investigation. He brought up loyalty again same because i've been very loyal to you very loyal. We have that thing you know and the president president learned of sessions recusals the president was furious and said he wanted an attorney general who would protect him the way a kennedy and holder protected their presidents and trump also said he wanted to be able to tell his attorney general who to investigate. That's scary in addition. The president had motive to put the f._b._i.'s russia investigation behind him. The evidence does not establish that the termination the nation of komi was designed to cover up a conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia as described in volume one the evidence and covered in the investigation did not establish that the president or those close to him were involved in the charged russian computer hacking active measures conspiracies or that the president otherwise had unlawful relationships with any russian officials but the evidence does indicate that that throughout <hes> that a thorough f. b. I. investigation would uncover facts about the campaign and the president personally that the president could have understood to be crimes or that would give rise to personal personal and political concerns so there's intent and although the president publicly stated during and after the election he had no connection to russia the trump organization through michael cohen was pursuing the proposed trump tower moscow project. There's something for everything through june. Two thousand sixteen and candidate trump was repeatedly briefed on the progress of those efforts and addition some witnesses witnesses said that trump redacted redacted and one of those in a while and you know <hes> at a time when public reports state of the russian intelligence officials were behind the hacks jackson trump privately sought information about future wikileaks releases and i think stones under that redacted stuff and more broadly multiple witnesses described the president's preoccupation with press press coverage of the russia investigation and his persistent concern that it raised questions about the legitimacy of his election. There's that sad dick energy again. <hes> those redacted bits like i said i think they're stone own. Discussing future wikileaks releases with trump gates <hes> witnessed it at one point. I think cohen did too and that was mentioned in volume one and finally the president and the white house aides initially advanced a pretextual reason for the press and the public for comex termination in the immediate aftermath of the firing hiring president dictated a press statement suggesting he had acted based on d._o._j. Recommendations and the white house press officials repeated that story but the president had decided to fire komi before the white house solicited fitted those recommendations and although the president ultimately acknowledged that he was gonna fire me regardless of the d._o._j. Recommendations he did so only after d._o._j. Officials made it clear to him they they would resist the white house's suggestion that they have prompted the process that led to combs termination and the initial reliance on a pretext. You'll justification could support an inference that trump had concerns concerns about providing the real reason of the firing although the evidence does not resolve whether those concerns were personal political or both so there's another piece of evidence towards and tat he he lied about the reasons for firing komi because he knew that <hes> that the evidence. This does not resolve whether those concerns were personal political but he he he hit. You don't hide a reason. You don't lie about something unless you have you know that it's wrong and that proves intact consciousness of guilt guilt exactly so intent i think was established so this i think is our first big walker. <hes> this part of obstruction of justice because it meets all three criteria we have the obstructive act of firing komi not because it would stop the russia investigation at the f._b._i. But because it could interfere and impede the investigation because of future f._b._i. Director would be reluctant and then of course we have the next two preceding yeah yeah. It's the flint investigation oddly but it works right. Oh yeah and then <hes> the intent and there were like six different <hes> reasons for intense incredible. Yeah i hate to be cynical here but all of these are conceivable things not they. They still have to be held up through an actual impeachment proceeding and i don't know if they will because i think they're too hard to prove i'm like traumatized by the thresholds that investigators need to reach and meet before they actually charge someone one but he has all this evidence yet but some of it is like like you would have to if that's the case then he would one hundred percent they like would would go to impeachment right now i think i think they know that it's not gonna be that easy. They're not going to be able to just be like look at this here. It is people are gonna make counterarguments. We'll know maybe you know it's conceivable that he was thinking something else when he said this and you can't prove that that is a recognition of his own guilt and his own guilty consciousness. Is this the yeah see i disagree yeah yeah because all the evidence is here and then all of the supporting evidence. This is just report in a summary. There's all the underlying evidence and documentation of this is noted. Every single sentence in this has a footnote by either from testimony or from a documentary from an email from text message or from a judiciary or a testimony a congressional testimony or from what muller got from three oh two and he lays it all out in each if you know three yeah these steps now. I'm not a lawyer. We're not lawyers no and so as i'm reading this. I don't think that first obstructive act meets all three criterias. I didn't think the second one did i do think this third one does based on him saying the words substantial evidence to prove and you don't only have to look at this but you have to look at this and here's how i proved this so that that means that and this and that is this us and flynn yep oh nexus and that is this and so i see it's all here right and we need congress people to see this too that the whole point of muller laying this out of so that people can be like oh here's one if the net like crux of their impeachment proceeding is going to be an obstructive act yeah okay but probably not the yeah yeah well obstruction. One of justice in in the miller report here could be a couple of articles impeachment or one article of impeachment. There's probably ten other ones that have nothing to do with obstruction of justice in the more investigation yeah okay yeah and congress maybe but because their congressmen and but they do have lawyers but it is evidence now whether or not the senate descended doesn't have to convict based on <noise> eat even if there's one hundred percent evidence even if there's a smoking gun they can still vote against it yeah. They may not hear it right but once trump leaves office in twenty twenty <hes> twenty twenty one <hes> and somebody else wants to bring these charges against him as a private citizen. All the evidence is here and this would be open and shut case. That's why those thousand u._s. Prosecutors said i hope so well. I mean to take if you don't take my word. Take the word of a thousand former u._s. No i'm not i'm not denying that. I think that that all lays everything out as it should be laid out. I just don't trust that the court proceedings would go the way that we want them to because they haven't all the way up until this point and a lot of other cases steaming with the senate voting in two thousand twenty four no like if he did get charged when he leaves the presidency presidency preceding trump left and they charged him for any en that tried to indict him for any of these but what what court specific proceedings amassing jordan the proceedings like have made you doubt so i shouldn't say court proceedings bed for example muller not being able to come on enough evidence to have more information in the miller report that would be laid out just like that because it doesn't rise to the threshold. I guess my point is. It seems like there's a threshold that something we can all agree upon that is a lot higher higher than we all would have hoped because it seems so clear as day and i like traumatized by that like why muller didn't indict or just that he kernan dying no like in other ways when he couldn't find like in volume one when he couldn't find the evidence exactly cry exactly stuff like that right and a difference i think personally and i could be totally wrong. Is that in volume one. He said we did not have sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges. He made that decision right and in volume two he says we can't exonerate the president for obstruction of justice yeah and he refused to say that he committed obstruction of justice and he refused to indict him for obstruction of justice hostas and so you're you're you you just have a bunch of information <hes> and we you know we're all sitting here. Wondering is this enough right. I think that is the first one in the second one wouldn't be enough to convict and maintain. I think this third one would but again. I'm not adalah professor yeah. I hope i hope so. I'm one hundred percent not thinking. I don't think it's enough based on my limited knowledge of how the law works and the justice this system i guess but just i'm truly afraid in my gut that even though it seems like it should be open and shut it's not because there's a lot of stuff in general enroll. That seems like it should be open and shut. It seems opening shot that if the president goes and says i'm gonna grab by the pussy that he wouldn't be elected. There's there's a lot of stuff. That just doesn't make sense yeah. I know that's a different example outside of the justice system. I know what you mean and and plus we just have this overall distrust in the department of justice right now because bars at the head of it and so i like when they shut down the n._y. Case <hes> into the hush money payments seemed like an open and shut case right and that got shut down right so maybe there's an example apple yeah or like i guess going back to the whole you know disappointment in court proceedings manafort sentencing for example something like that which i know is different sentencing right right but in general i just don't i'm afraid justice will not be served. That's all i'm saying. I'm not making a coherent argument is strictly a gun. I totally get it there. The wildlife trust is yeah and <hes> and let me try to inject a little bit of hope here though when we throw him out of office in two thousand twenty one when when we have a blue avalanche <hes> we will get new department of justice and we'll get a new attorney general and and <hes> we've got some amazing attorneys general <hes> at states and i think that <hes> based on what i understand from the you know what nine hundred something whatever former u._s. s. attorneys who said not all of these instances but certainly at least five or six of them. I can't remember what they were saying. Six of them are things that i would go to try with because i am confident that new would be able to obtain and maintain a conviction cordola so maybe after that it's a little bit better better but as far as impeachment goes this is well meets the criteria for an impeachment articles senate just won't go for it said it's not gonna go for it and and even if they did go. They're not going to remove him. Union having voted to remove him even if they brought it into the senate. Yeah that's kind of i guess also another thing i was sort of hinting at is less entertain the idea that the senate would would themselves entertain that this may be enough evidence for him to be impeached. I'm afraid that they even at that point. They're going to look at it and they're because they're going to have to give a the reason for why they would look at what the house brought them and say no and vote against it. They're going to have to give reasons for that and i'm wondering what their reasons are going to be. If that happens and i feel like it's going to be stuff like will just not clear enough in shit would be inconsistent with the law but they do have the right to do it right and that's what makes it different from judicial proceeding <hes> when it's an impeachment proceeding sylvia feel you on that yeah but i <hes> <hes> am hopeful. You totally blow me away with confidence on that statement there now i understand i tweeted it out. We've lost. We've faith in in the department of justice <hes> because of bill bar and the only way to get back is to get a new president and get bar out out of there yeah and i take me floundering to make like a good defensive mine. Non hope <hes> it's like. I'm like a regular regular citizen. I'm way more informed than regular citizen actually in even still. I'm just like it just feels like it's not gonna turn out well. That's basically all i'm saying and that it seems like but we did come up with a good example with the dusty n._y. Going dark on the hush money payment investigation into the trump organization. There were signed checks. Yeah totally signed checks extend and misappropriated funds that went to a campaign right and then there's the f. e. c. voting against looking into torsion and <hes> boot further with the n._r._a. That's what that's something else. That's happening during like right now when when we're recording this and just as soon as bard and they're just started falling apart and <hes> <hes> in it's just whether it's impeachment in congress or if it's the senate or if it's the department of justice. I think we just have a real hard time right now. Trusting the justice system system and that's what joyce vance was writing about yeah in her time yeah definitely especially if you don't have the privilege of knowing exactly how these things work and knowing knowing how maybe you know what we're talking about is cut and dry enough. There's just that lingering sentiment that i think i'm going to have for like you said until the whole fucking department airman changes yeah and is cleaned up. Yeah replaced good point good point. I am one hundred percent confident that he broke the law. Yeah yeah well what gets done about it. Sure feels that way is totally up in the air with with this evidence laid out in this way i am a hundred percent this is this is the first one at it could be the second but for me and my limited understanding of how the law works this is the first slam dunk with the way that he spelled it out so um anyway guys that is the section on the komi firing and all of the shit surrounding it and next time we're gonna go over sections e and f in part fifteen of our special coverage sorry pert fifteen what's perfect <music>. Oh no no no it's part two section two e af there go of our special coverage. The pages pages seventy eight to ninety four just go are there and it's about trump's efforts to fire mueller and his efforts to curtail his investigation. I bet these are gonna slam. Dunks do very juicy. Yeah 'cause muller was like hey bro. I'm investigating you fire on me. <hes> trees yeah there. I wonder if if he'd have you can't recuse yourself. I'm the. I'm the main witness in this. I'm i'm interested to see how we sorts it out. Any final thoughts guys know excited for more mullah report. This is actually really cool lake at breaking it down even though we've talked about a lot of these topics before like hashing it out her rehashing it always is nice and i wonder like actually which congress people are listening. Maybe like they should it'd be listening to some of these elision report yeah even like the regular audible <hes> one. I wonder like i don't know hey staffers. What's up yeah yeah. It's really cool yeah. It's fun. I learned a lot and also terrifying yeah. Definitely you know my sad. Feelings are now reminiscent of <hes> the twenty eighteen election when when i was discouraged by the results because i wanted there to be just a ridiculously large wave of it was but because the context of everything like he wants to write because everything else is so messed up in there such a huge hill to climb for us to get back to a place that is right it. It's hard to like celebrate what you just laid out which is a pretty big victory in terms of what he found at least in what congress could take and run with and what another office can take and run run with once he gets out of the president's the presidency but i know you're like oh. It's like i'm losing sight of what's in front of us which is objectively a good thing because yeah because we got forty two seats in the largest <hes> vote disparity between republicans and democrats since and watergate <hes> and we're all like oh man yeah yeah yeah like not good enough because for example where we're at right now because we don't have the senate. We can't go anywhere with impeachment right any gun. Control legislation getting passed nothing's happening. We can't get election security implemented. We can't get i think he's sitting on a hundred and twenty eight bills. Mitch mcconnell and you say when trump gets outta office. It's some people think if he's the first president i can think of where people are like. I wonder if he'll leave like as any other one. Maybe nixon right. No no nixon resigned. Nobody nobody ever thought he wonder right but filling signed finding such at sorry dinner no. You're you're right on point with. I like he's so different from everyone else right. Yeah no one's ever been like such a demagogue yeah or even joked on multiple occasions about a forever president through he's like oh it pisses off the liberals. Just keep telling him trump twenty forever. You know he keeps saying that joke. It's ridiculous ridiculous but i think deep down. He was trying to lube that truth. You know yes one of their strategies yeah we we thought he was joking about buying greenland and then no he was looking serious and he cancelled cancelled as goddamn me right greenland because they said we're not selling you greenland yeah the fact that he's president. That's i will never underestimate him because i thought his campaign was the job i think he i think he likes likes us to not know when he serious when his job it works in favour but then the objective truth going back to the election in this is that we are in a better spot now than we would have been had gone worse which was obvious statement. We're resisting that gives me hope but yeah the world is going through a wave of yeah. All you know boris. Johnson is like or a worse trump and right. We're just got elected. Imagine imagine imagine if muller like didn't or if he never went on lester holt or something just in these key pieces of evidence that led to him being able to write such like a cogent arguments arguments you know trump was smart. Yeah it could be worse trump going to be smart. You might not unhappy right now. I was watching johnson onto actually is like a smart trump because i heard that he messes up his hair on purpose before he goes on stage. I it could be a rumor. I heard from someone who's like political nerve but you know it just seem like a weird thing to make up a. He wishes yeah trying to give the impression of like our alma. Yeah i think so yeah. This is a few two thousand nine right right. I mean even if it's not a strategy. It may give the impression that he's a slob but in reality he may be smarter than that so it could be an unintended well. We'll always we'll always wonder like was it on purpose but he actually an idiot. I think a prime minister or yeah yeah so guys we will catch you next time and <hes> keep keep the hope alive <hes> i know everything seems kinda dreary <hes> but like i said justice the wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind fine. Yes yet once said. I can't remember who i do like your point. Though about how by the time he would be getting charged. Fingers crossed when he's out out of office. It would be an entirely different d._o._j. And that would hopefully base wage might have pamela harris as an attorney. I'm all for it yeah. What is it the whole like. Democratic democratic candidates all all of them get together and become the administration but usually happens. Oh good carson could be <hes> on commerce yeah yeah yeah that'd be great. Marianne is he just make up no heroin special unless you know i may yeah i know we're we broke up. That's fair but you know what she'll get through it. Oh yeah no goodbye doesn't need pills or anything to get through it. She can just do it yeah because she has a very tricky character. I don't know we're fighting and she doesn't care all right <hes> so we will see you next time. Please read pages seventy eight two ninety four. It's going to be a little bit of a longer one but we'll get through pretty quick because it's it's really sort of two sections that i think could have been one section but probably not muller knows best. I will see you guys is next week. Please take care of yourselves. Please take care of each other. I've been eiji. 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