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It'll how many coming back. It might sound corny but me so horny so no need to warn me if you WANNA Forni welcome to Comedy Bang Bang. You just made that up. I did not make it up as as a matter of fact tough. Shit Elliott made it up possibly and centered into us. Thanks to tough Shit Elliot for that to catch race emission. Welcome to Comedy Bang. Bang for another week coming up on the show we have. This is incredible. We have someone who works in a gymnasium. Liam that's going to be very very exciting and also we have our old buddy. He's been on the show so many times any as a new movie. That's coming out this Friday All about the Olympics Nicole is going to be here and I thought he would be here at the top of the show but he is running a little bit late and so he will be joining us at a certain point and I do want to say this is the second week. But welcome to America's podcast and it feels so good to have all of America Rally Allie around this podcast over the past seven days and say yes. We are America's podcast and I really appreciate everyone accepting the mantle that I've chosen for it and that really has been thrust upon it. I really appreciate everyone embracing that. So tell everyone about it. Any American certainly. Well you see Comedy Bang Bang. Tell your family tell your friends. Oh and speaking of rinse it's time to get to our first guest. What's rundown his filmography Saturday night live for eight seasons or seven seven seven seasons their contractual seven and then out like a light? Yeah Half Zante on the flight of course a lot of people don't know would you the NFL they put you on a flight. You have no idea where you're going you get half zanny right. You have another pair of underwear and you wake up and your new party tired of your career and you don't know what it is for you you lucked out. It was Brooklyn nine nine. Yes which you also are doing for. This is the upcoming seventh season which eighth this is the gate. No this is this is this is this happened but you will be doing the eighth. which is longer than you did? Saturday night live correct. Also we have pop star never stopped stopping. Ah Hot ride yeah. Have I covered the bulk of your movie career. That's my boy I was in that talkline did the bash brothers Bash. Brothers is a piece of content. I don't think it's a film. I think it counts as a film. You think it's a film. Yeah a twenty minute film. Sure sure film is a competing or did it compete or was it. Eligible for the Emmy's it was eligible for the Oscars short film. It was now ami's I didn't get shit. Welcome back to the show. One of our oldest friends Andy Sabota- for T. S. T. S.. Eliot I I understand. Thank you tough. Shit Elliott Please explain all jokes to me if they ever pop up during the show and I'm not saying they will I but if anything anything humorous happens welcome back to the show. So it's good to see you. I'm looking right at you and I saw you the other a day rate goods store in the office that we share but which I'm hardly ever there and you're hardly ever there. We're we're barely ever there. But it's wonderful when we cross paths it is it's like hey look at that guy. Companies remember him and UH Brooklyn nine nine is coming up. You're on Thursdays the Thursday night block. That's right yeah the home of the cosby show the new cosby show. Oh yeah that too. That's the end of the list. That's our peer group in every way welcome Peacock Peacock Bromo. You're going to be on that peacock coming up the peacock is a streaming service I believe. NBC's P Cock streaming isn't it l. l.. Like how did they run that through any test group to say like. Hey we're GONNA put two words that have to do with with say tits. I mean Dick's but I guess Dick's go allante. It's I don't know how does sex work. Jesus Christ I think I mean look. We're talking about it. You know you know what I mean. They've got our yeah peacock. It's got all the sex. It's something that's in it and then the thing that it is you know how network sitcoms are sects. Excel nonstop poundage. Speaking of which Brooklyn nine nine you you got married to a a amy is editor named Jake got married. No you got married a came Andy. I play a character named Jake. I take this seriously. Scott Peralta right. Yeah how was that. How how did that name get settled on? Did you have to run that by people did you. I think Gore Gore inch and make sure already had it ready when they as ready to go to the show and I stress. How the oven and I said I like it because Reminded me escape boards. Oh in what way Pal Peralta Alta elaborate stacy. Peralta Skater continue. They formed a company. Paul Drought says that is some sort of a skateboard company. Yeah Okay Ed look. I know you're not a joke. But a lot of skaters don't like sports either. You should be friends with them off. Okay I guess. The skaters are like the dropouts in the losers of the hall l.. When we were young? But now it's like X.. Game so yeah exactly. Yeah it's different Peralta what about Jake though Jake. It's Chinatown it's less than it's less weight. The name Jake is less than less than jake less than Jake Better Than Ezra. Hey Lesson Jake better than there should be a ban that comes out right in the middle of those two is just like hey seven seasons in how is it like what new things are coming up on the horizon of this show or you adding characters of course so you got rid of Chelsea oddly phrased but she is not in the cast anymore. So do you like do you need someone to to fill that vacuum or or at this point is every character talk to each other or are you constantly being like. Hey wait a minute. The Serge's never talked to this guy over here. Why don't we do a scene between the two of them we've done our share of cross pollinating characters certainly There's been more hitchcock in scully. Happily to the best and it gives us the opportunity to do more stuff with with the other characters. There's more space right. Do you have you how how. How few days have you gotten down to the? You'll shoot for episode man. I wish I could say like one or two but it ended up. Being last year was pretty pretty grinding for me. There's a lot of episodes this year. The whole cast is together the whole time really. Those are tough to shoot therapy. which yet but they're also fun and wasn't the the issue on the ninety ninth episode? I would like all of you. Were together the entire. Yeah the ninety ninth was not fun to shoot but turned out really really well. But it's it's very tough to to have everyone there at the same time. There's a scene in the nineteen th episode. Where Andre and is characters thank you? It's not us in the show are having a conversation when everyone's asleep the whole squad. Quad is asleep on the floor in the same room and during the course of shooting that scene multiple cast members actually fell asleep and started snoring. That's the dream and we. I had to like wake people up. I wish I could have slept on my show. There was a grip who who literally. I was in the middle of an interview and suddenly I heard snoring directly behind me. It was like could someone wake up. Please it's getting in the way of the Improv. But you remember who the guest was on the show. I don't remember. It was one of those things I just could not believe. It was happening that loud snoring. I was like the reviews are in surreal. So can you hype anything. That's happening the season. Give me something to hold onto. I mean the the viewers loved the show one of the best shows on TV. That's just a light of an ray of sunshine every every single week every single Thursday replacing the cosby show in our memories. It's it's a hoot overseas overseas. Yeah I watched every APP you know yeah is it. Producers contractually obligated heavily involved in the editing process and therefore I've seen every episode multiple times You know you constantly saying like. Can we favour my good side on the on this angle or are you. Are you like. Hey Look we've seen my bang on this. It took until season six. I WanNa say before I was like I look like shit in the shot. Only police use a different angle but it took really six years before I said because that's not your personality. You you want everything you want to be nice guy. Yeah I gen- generally think I look great right okay. So you didn't think you look terrible until season season six just getting older. That's correct started getting old. Yeah Oh man are a your approximately sixty three at the three and a quarter. I still count the quarter. You're so good. She never too old to count the Gordon Decor. Is that as you know. Oh it's just like an old Jewish guy wants his money thing that's thing to say right so no answer from Scott. I have no opinion on what's cool to say what's not not cool to say I. It's going to constantly change people listening to this in ten years. We'll be like they shouldn't have talked about any of this. I'm assuming who are you rooting for Joe Rabbits Scott. Hi the girl. The girl hiding in the wall you were the hiding in the wall one. Yeah those were beautiful shoes. Whoever got to whoever tipped shoes off somebody came purloined them? Yeah someone really scored on those shoes. I really so you don't know what happens in the season. You just think it's a wonderful wonderful wonderful season. No no it. Picks up where left off halt has been demoted and. He's having a lot of trouble adjusting to his his new position in the police. Force and wait. Can you say what his new position. Yes I think. He's like a uniformed officer. Oh Yeah went from from captain to demoted all the way down all the way to. That's below you guys guys because you guys donor. Imagine like they're dynamic is completely turned on its head. That's I I mean I. I have not seen that on the show correct because that dynamic has been has stayed the of course throughout six seasons at this point and now for the seventh. You're saying it's turned on its head. Correct wow I would I want to say that it stinks but it's it's actually pretty good. I've watched it was there. But you WANNA say the. WHO's that who the hell? It's been me all along long lamp over there. Nick Kroll the entire time. Ed Krol from MMA. Let's go through your filmography. You got the basketball one others and the two guys. It's such such a pleasure to be back. If feels so good to be bad. You crawl from big mouth taking a little time away from the big mouth writer's writer's room. Am I correct in that assumption. You are deep. You're very correct. Correct News even that correctness. What I was enjoying was Being like how many episodes of Brooklyn nine have you watched got have I watched I. I would say approximately sixty nine of of of ninety of of a current ninety nine. No it's probably at a hundred and forty some around up there. Yeah I I would say the majority. It's yeah the preponderance I would say. Scott texts me and says I saw the episode when this happened and I go. He's really watching. You really is. I believe I. I once texted you shipping you and amy and you said what is that and I explained the concept of shipping to you. Yeah appreciate it all the way every definition from from ups and then I moderated a panel and so I watched that so nick. Yeah unfortunately unfortunately more than big mouth I would say that's fair. Big Mouth Your what two seasons in that have aired or three Three airs there'd there'd three have aired and we're we're deep into. Where would you say balls? Deep deep we are we are way ahead of what is has aired aired already really. Yeah Yeah Yeah. What are you working on writing season five right now? Holy yes so it takes a long time to actually have the this show come out. Yeah why is that Anna like are you drawing everything to draw everything myself. That's why I'm such perfectionist. I understand that I insist on drawing all myself myself. I cannot draw Brooklyn nine nine. Big Mouth Crossover episode. Where like those? I see there's these cop characters on on big mouth all the time committer drawn exactly like me and it's so funny they're a cop characters. We've was a little bit. They're they're cap- characters on big mouth that that do. And when someone pointed out look like Scott and Paul Tomkins in reality they are modeled there modeled after crews and they're yeah they're yeah yeah exactly Dennis Farina and David Caruso and they somehow now exactly like us and people are constantly like. Why are you doing the voices? I guess. WHO's doing the voices mullany? And Neil Casey. Oh man those guys get fucking everything so but I'm saying there are some cop characters are sold. What if there's a little crossing that'd be fun? You know what I mean Farina Caruso I know and get them. Oh Rina's gone to that. His police station up in the sky and Russo. He's also said at the very appreciative. Respectful of you to talk about another way. I didn't now don't. TV COPS stick together. Yes what about real cops. How do you feel about? The show is great. They're bringing that back doc aren't they. Yeah probably they're bringing it all back Malays in it. He's everything he they're bringing back Reno. Yeah they're bringing back they bring back everything the rematch. NYPD blue collar while they tried to shot a pilot today. Yeah with Francis grandson character but yeah everything will come back. I'm sure at some point comedy. Bang Bang get the call and I'll rise the occasion just like Rambo. We need you back. I'm not that guy anymore. The first one beautiful with a real political message the second four next for just killing his killers murdering have you met Stallone Never Have you met stallone. I haven't I do I do him on the show. Yeah I what I would good. You know what I really want to do is I want to do you remember the rocky versus Rambo script that I wrote in Harris whittles roads and cool up and Paul Rust Neil Campbell in my cassidy. We watch all three Rambo movies one day and then we beat out Iraqi versus Rambo Script in fifteen minutes and then we all split up and wrote twenty pages of peace. I remember this And the script is really funny. I would love to do a reading of or man reading well I would love to do it either. I do I love to get stallone and you sure do and there's a video of stallone. Do you want them to do at the update desk. Yes of course if we get the update desk the stallone There's a video on him. I follow me on Instagram. And there's a video of him on instagram. Where he's like he's got Pacino coming into to his house? He's like a great but Pacino's like is not ready to be on camera and he's like dealing with the hair is today they walk into the kitchen. It's Guy Fieri I've seen and it's like two titans just love. It thinks that always. I think he's fine with it to titans pitching heads doncaster. Yeah I've been read nor seen any interviews with Pacino like getting into his head space process like what does he. What does he like all day? Big Yeah Jeans Jeans. I saw him now at a few awards. Things this this run. He has a thin scarf that is constantly lopsided. Sided right that he's trying to fix. What is the purpose of the scarf? Is it to most scarves. Aco To cover the neck. It's not it's too thin. It's just like it's unclear clear. It's he's he's made. He's been rocking for a long time. Since maybe Frankie Jining like with him with depth there becomes a thing with certain actors who are like the more things I where the more. He's peacocking Marcis Peacock. Yes by the way I like that. It's peacock this streaming service is like unreal the never ending. Yeah you're going to go out there hard for peacock. Always you repin peacock this fall companyman is I saw those. Hulu commercials virgils save for Peacock. I'll do whatever it takes. Yeah yeah got to sell them. TIKKI TIKKI them shows. Yeah but what. So so. He's wearing the scarf. And then Pacino and I felt like watching Deniro and him. I don't know if you guys watching this stuff. They've been on the run for all this stuff feel like Deniro just as sort of like leading Pacino. Talk himself out. I think he can barely talk at this point Deniro. Yeah really I think he i. I don't I don't want I don't want to speculate on what's going on with him but I think he's just like I think he's been they've been head to head for so long. I think it's a cycle. I'm GonNa let Pacino GonNa let the genes run with. It sounds better if you could see the face. Cows me because it's good to narrow face yeah but anyway a Pacino. He looks great. And here's what's weird is when a Pacino okay. He starts to wear the scarf in real life and then he goes he he meets with the costumer of every movie. He does he goes I this scarf at the ready and he puts into his movies do is he wearing the scarf in the movie wears them in the movies as well. It's wrapped tight or can you still we'll see because usually it's like around the back of his neck and he started like doing this right right right. That's been since the nineties. Yeah yeah since like is it like scent of a woman center woman they would wear this carver yes like D- do you. You have things with acting like some actors are like they WANNA hold. They always are holding some. Do you have your little business. Are you a proctor. I once I became a proxy prop actor i. I started actually getting good because I wasn't just like looking at the at the other actor the whole time. Yeah you know what I mean. It's like you get a little business and then suddenly you seem a little a lot more real. I just stand in one spot and stare down the barrel. Yeah I try not to get it too complicated because then you can cut out anything. Yeah right yeah must be your yeah. You're you're in the business of keeping that day short and efficient efficient. I'm officially with minds if the jokes good don't matter yeah. Don't need to be eating pit style. Oh my God I when I was on Andrea savage show. I'm sorry the first scene shot or something was at dine her. I was like okay. I'll we're supposed to be eating some Pi. I didn't think about it. I didn't realize realized how many takes we were going to be fair. I think we did. Maybe twenty five takes or something They told me at the end of the scene that I'd eaten to complete apple pies because I didn't match it. I had to match what I did on that I take the whole time. I never even horrible often have food in front of me. Yeah Oh yeah I made a couple a couple of big early on in the league. It was like what do you drink at the bar named dry and not a big deal Truly has turned out to be seven. When's that coming back? Everyone loves it. I don't know I don't know I made the choice very early. On of like My character drinks vodka sodas and so I just drink like clubs soda at the Bar Dr. Everyone else was drinking like red wine and beer and they were just in. It's like red wine is like like I concentrate grape juice I'm like no no no no my character has that show Biz. No hope that my character has scruff and he drinks and he plays basketball and he plays basketball. Whenever again? He wears a scarf. Only thing I would have changed. I would have said he plays baseball. Base- Kit Ball. Do you watch that movie. I have never receivers love to see it is funny. Good Ball and orgasmic both have super funny show over to your place. We'll do a double feature. Joanna Scott was that no okay. Whatever it's over? We probably shouldn't talk. Well this is exciting big mouth. Oh wait nick you you have something coming out that you WanNa talk about I do. I have This movie called Olympic Dreams. That I made at the fuck is that I remember when you told me but I We went to the Winter Olympics. I went with a cup away. I remember this you win. Yeah Yeah I'm about to explain it this guy you guys have an in so nobody needs to go. Guys has no okay well. Then let's check my phone. I went with a couple. Alexi Pappas and Jerry Return Sure Alexi is a summer Olympian. She was she's a long distance runner. She ran it Rio in the Olympics and they got a grant from the Olympic Committee to go shoot a movie inside of the Olympic Games And never been done before. Never been done before so we went to the Winter Olympics and we had full access carte blanche to every you sort of the athlete's village and the Dining Hall and the MED center and all the events that MED CENTER MED Center because my character is a volunteer dentist because there are these volunteer doctors then as Chiropractors who all like love the Olympics so they volunteer go and they get to go to the Games and and treat the athletes so the it was the two CASTRUCCI happening. Interestingly Alexi said at the summer Olympics a ton of the athletes get their dental work done. Because they're from countries countries there and so it's an opportunity for them to get medical and dental care but then they have to like run with the Novacaine mouth that's but they know but but in reality So the Winter Olympics a little less with dentists but Anyway so it's the three of us made the movie there's no crew. They so Jeremy Shot. It was the sound Guy We had no crew at all because we were literally inside of the Olympic. Amity shoot did on Saturday I forget. It's like a Sony It looks Greeley. Good shockingly good competent. Good company like Shotgun Mike on the camera or a camera shock on Mike and we were elected but we had a crazy long Remote Lava situation situation to pick up a distance because we would shoot. We'd be in like the athletes dining hall with like a thousand people and we'd be like forty like yeah cables away and he would be long lens and we would just be having a normal conversation. No one knows you're shooting. No one knows you're shooting. It was really crazy. You are in your character the whole time. Yeah I mean this movie movie when you watch it. You're it's you in character doing interacting marriage. Yes exactly so. They know they we weren't they weren't like you're cranking them no. We were pranking them but there there are moments in the movie were. Nobody knows that I'm who that I'm just asking for directions. It was completely legitimate. Like I was a real person and then run back can get a release. That's a good question I think we were. We tried to make sure we're on everyone's back does Olympia and just sign a blanket. Release for when you're in Olympia. and Um 'cause they're also used to being filmed for journalism like you know reporter stuff so that but we would all the other actors in the movie are Real Olympians. We're we're the only two people who everyone else's basically playing themselves including this Guy Gus Kenworthy. Who's a freestyle skier WHO's on now on American horror stories? One the two dudes who is came out or his gay openly gay at the Olympics Got A tiff with like Mike Pence in the middle of the games so it was crazy. 'cause we were it kind of literally like I'm dentists in the movie. I'm sort of interviewing. I'm giving like all these athletes dental exams but in reality I'm kind of interviewing them about their experience of the game like I was talking to this woman was like I just got here like two days ago and was the middle of the Games and she had basically not qualified and and then someone dropped out and she got a call in the middle of the games like hey. Can you fly from Belgium tomorrow. The next day she'd been like working out at all or she command. I'm and I'm not making it occurs hundreds of Kerr's So the circle so but it was. It was pretty wild and it was just ed because there was no crew we could kind of shoot anywhere and we were in the opening ceremonies. We were like in the right before all the athletes walkout into the games involved. Are you in the editing. Because from what anti tells me he's very involved in the Brooklyn nine nine. Editing won't shut up about. Well I mean I I mean I'd be curious to talk to you about the you know like when it is I was a producer on and I'm a writer on it because we it was all improvised They had a they brought me like an outline and we wrote it and and you know it. Is this this weird thing when you're when you're just an actor you're like okay. I guess like it is. It will be what it will be. But when you're premier night yeah when you're a producer you're like shit I have to. I want to it's hard. I mean you're similar. I think it's hard for us to let go. Yeah right yeah are you ever do you ever her envy that time when you can just not be a part of it. Oh yeah take. It was hard for all sort of let go but she tried twice able to. I don't know I had never watched that movie but nick wins. Come Out It comes out Old Hold you never watched frozen. I watched the first one same same. You're not all did at Scott in. I okay me okay. I wash views of fucking. I haven't seen the like a frontier fronter. I watch all the FRAC. Dole's Dell's everything. Does this. Come out this comes out On demand and in theaters February fourteenth. Valentine's I will say I. It's a really sweet little. I describe it as like before. Sunrise meets lost in translation at the Olympic. And they have a nice meeting and the. It's really sweet tweet and Alexis Great. She's a real athlete and but she's also really good actor and Jeremy did a great job shooting. And so you know what I'm GONNA ask. It's just the three of you. They're married and Dan. You're playing her love interest. You're like alone in a room. Yeah can we get this going guys. Where where's the lie? I ended up fucking him on camera. That's my that's my. Is there some sort of Weinstein thing happening. Is There Olympics. Is there an artistic consensual sex mass. You play that's just watch. Yeah Not Scots thing. What you just was there ever time where you picked up on your lives? Someone walking past going. Should we take the steroids. They say you know they had in the bathroom. You know you hear like people have a lot of sex at the Olympics bathrooms. They had a little like little condoms and was always empty. Really I did not have any I had I had. No you know sex during this though. Oh sex so we're we're seeing like a backlog essentially yeah build up you didn't want to get like Torna shreds by some Olympic Lady. I would happily happily. What's it called Nick? Total it's called Olympic Dreams Olympic Aka torn to shreds by some Olympic Lady. No not very very I will say this verwoerd. It's actually a very sweet. It's very sweet. Movie are wonderful. Look we need to take a break when we come back. Oh we have someone who works works at a gymnasium alone. So that's exciting. Hey great that's right. 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Bang Bang for fifteen percent. off-break on wireless ear buds by RECON DOT COM slash. Bang Bang Comedy Bang Bang. We are back here. Andy Sandberg Berg from Brooklyn nine nine also in the news recently with Palm Springs. Your movie would you sold it Sundance for Use you set a record. Sundance dance record for how much someone's spent on a movie is that is that right. That's right The previous record was earth of an Asian nation which was seventeen. A half million is is that right. You guys sold palm springs for what seventeen and a half and sixty nine cents. That's right let's hope this one turns out better than that one. Yeah full disclosure is your. We didn't know that was the one that was the previous when we got cheeky about the number so not respect anywhere but We did the sixty nine was funny. That was literally for six and seven. Yeah that's awesome dino when disclosure when is coming out do you know or like leave it to them we ever comes. Yeah like I just got back to town so we need to. We're going to meet up with neon and who and what was that was that did you have the fun like late night. Everybody everybody bidding like. Where are we going those late? Yeah yes but I wouldn't describe it as fun. No it's we were so tired. Yeah and it was like multiple places were are interested and then you go back and forth but you have to give them an hour to talk about it internally with their whole company and so we stand up to like five in the morning just being like fielding calls or was it like meetings in person. What was the game both? Yeah definitely took some meetings at like one in the morning which felt insane because we had the premiere of the movie which you've been working on for over a year and I was like so relieved. It felt like it went pretty good and I had a couple of drinks and then everyone's like stop drinking. You have to go to work. So we like all sobered up and started drinking coffee like midnight very different for my sundance experience with movie. Tell me about it. Oh Hell we watch it sucked art party and got yelled at by the dumpster and then a famous actor from teen show hopped onto our van but none of us knew him but we realized he was air because they were too like budweiser girls on the on the van with us and he had his arm around one within five minutes. uh-huh yeah why interesting stuff. Yeah similar to the biggest sale and Sundays. It's the streaming wars you know. Oh It's got bets are off. Yeah congratulations that's an. I can't wait to see that a little bit later Probably after I see the Olympian challenge what is your limbic big dreams. Olympic dreams are well we do need to get to our next guest I talked about is. She works at a gymnasium. Oh and we've talked to her before. Please welcome back the show Becky from the gym. Hey Scott Sir. He viewed every big nasty. big-time me big big town. So he big and great to meet you guys big Fan. Thank you Nick Candy. You're familiar with their work. Then annoying I don't watch TV. But I just on the fence of you guys sitting in the room with you guys movie studio do you watch movies. Ni- nothing you don't watch anything I've read you. Read what books Years Papers Books I raid a look of just like non fiction nonfiction. What's your favorite book? David sedaris books book. David sedaris books. Okay good well. Hopefully it'll be on the show Sunday. I can tell him that. Okay yes they would be great. I was very excited to hear all this stuff about the Olympics because I work at a gym gym so wipe Dan the machines at the GM a twenty four hour fitness. Okay twenty. You don't have to be clear. We talked about this before. You don't work the entire twenty four hours. No I I work work. Twenty four hours often dying and the Knicks Story Got Vicks so I got over there on a handsome fern eighty nine. Yeah you guys have been right the rest. Our they the waiters yell at you yeah. Where's the gym that you work at all? I don't want to give that information a wide on John Eighteen wherever. Yeah Yeah store across the street nextdoor nextdoor during that four hours you go to bed vicks. That's right and you've worked up an appetite from the twenty hours. Even working slight Hungary slaw I eat as much as they possibly can. And then yeah I also Loyd funny that you were mentioning it six. I have a lot of six in the Snake Rhyme of the gym trainers or with sweet. Different people go to the gym. And it's just sounds similar. It's funny yeah no it does and I'm sorry I don't want to point this out but I noticed an accent. Yes that's right. What was your story in your from? So I'm a High Gal. Through into the broad I was in high school. My host family hated sided. Me and I was there for about a month of now neon back on time you went to Australia. It sounds Australia. I would've pegged it as as Qe. Oh interesting yeah a lot of confusion but I got it okay. You went there for a Muslim. You came back to Ohio out your now here in Los Angeles. It's right I'm making it big in. What were you making? I'm doing enright at the GM. Well actually it's not fully trove but yeah I found myself here. What's been going on? I remember there was some issue with A. It's not the problem really did. Hey six with my boss Shannon Shannon senior chase a title beach and she's always like wiped in the machines bitter and I so anyway the work you do the better down or you don't lease in an ideal L. Weld. My job doesn't exist. Everybody wipe stand their own machine. There'd be redundancy right but so I'm already doing a favor to the community by wiping in the machine. So you paid for your favor okay. So it's a job so anyway it's a holiday patty. The ended up hooking up machine that night the beach road. My boss I hooked up with her in the Senate chrome and next Di. She's obsessed with me wrister. She's constantly yelling at you. But that's just a cover for her being exactly obsessed with you exactly. It's like a fourth grader. Something she's obsessed and and she's jealous and I said Leeson on not going to work here anymore. I'll still live in a snit chrome or wiped in machine. I'm I'm not. I'm not doing this with you. Good for you you have to set boundaries you'll still wipe down the machines though. He's a good year. The sum total all of your responsibilities still wife Dan the machines. But it's an here that's four Doshi setting boundaries she setting out so you're just not going to get paid anymore exactly and so I'm I'm looking for new work. I went next door to a debate ought to be a wider. How long did that workout not too long? I'm too Nice Red It would probably be good in another restaurant where the customer's always right but not at Aetna Bevacqua that's right that's right it's almost like a customer's always wrong over there. Hey exact play. That's what I learned so people would be like I'll have a cheeseburger and I would be like okay. Sounds good and then what do they. What do they want you to say? They're going to be like e stupid motherfucking beach. Wow why could you not get that they get that persona going i. I don't know I think that all my anger I just like to sit down so it doesn't matter fuck it out in the snack room breath but now I mean I'm I'm trying a new thing trying something new okay on on on thanking being the still pictures of my fate online. Oh I how I say smart and I said your feet look I mean. Do you have attractive. Feet by Sandra long fades really be long ties. They look like fingers so they listen to your hands down at the bottom east okay. How do your hands look under the table those toes? He's all God talking here upside down. I have a hard time wiping the machines. Let's be real anyway on thinking you guys. Maybe you guys could tell people about my money feet business. I already put my I feed online on we keep fade all got one hundred nine reviews five stats inc pretty good a five hundred. How many at of nine staff not okay? Okay so not as good as I thought originally good but not bad. Yeah but definitely better with the nine star system. Do you ever think you should take take pictures of your toes of your hands because those look like feet instead of your feet which looked like hands get better reviews. Well I'm not a hand model little. That's not my thing. Will you lie. I'm saying you could lie and say these are my feet because your hands look but if an enemy to if if we don't have trust on wikipedia feet on this to be devastating for people anarchy honest about this. Is Your your hands look like beautiful beautiful feet thank you climate. They look so ugly for hands. Thank you well I mean I don't know what to say thank you now. I'm noticing there's a woman in the corner who's faced away and she seems really angry with the name. Texas Shannon is this these these Shannon Shannon. Yes it's sheen. And she says she came to you to this guy told you. He's jealous shape. Thanks I'm going to have sex with you guys. Oh that's that's not happening. I just WANNA make sure. Well I don't know yet as far as I. Can you know not putting out any vibe off excited. Thank you nice sexual vibe. I appreciate trying to put out. Do your toes ugly fingers East okay. You're considering should we talk to Shannon. Do you think that's Something that we should do. You want me to bring here. Yeah Yeah British International. Let me see what I can do. Hello Hi Hi Shannon. Hi Your Shannon. Hi Hi I'm Shannon. Yes hi I'm Scott This is Nick Kroll who you may royal the leak and this is Andy Sandberg from SNL l.. Obviously I'm on a boat etcetera. Thanks for that you were on the boat. Yeah I appreciate the plug. That was great. Yeah Yeah how. Many a youtube views for that boat millions and millions and millions. Sat Pain bump though you gotta you gotta factor in the pain bump are you. Can I started Shannon. I'm sorry to do this. Sorry we brought you over here but I have a question when he won the massing or were you like crazy excited re pulling for them you know. It was him I sort of know what you're referencing. The Massingir the show on Fox. Yes yes yes by the way. It's good that he won. He's a professional singer whilst they most of them are really like athletes. And well. It's it's kind of. It's actually a mixture. The last year with Paul Shaffer was on and Wayne Brady and watch do you watch my singer. I've never seen it but I hear great. Thanks what have you heard what I heard. You have the great things that you've heard that it's highly creative and expressive of and certainly I would find family family. Funded is a lot of family. I would agree with all does with Andy's family. Do this is true. My parents hang out with your parents and Watson Zoo Shannon We wanted to call you over because you you looked so sour you were standing in the corner. And you're you're facing away from us and you're sort sort of shaking your fists as Becky over here was talking and What what's going on at that? Jim They're the twenty four hour fitness. While I run a great gym mm-hmm it's a perfect business really and I made his way twenty. It's open twenty four hours. The perfect business so other businesses does not close. All they need to do is open up for the rest of the hours that they're closed and they would be perfect. Exactly that's once you turn the lights on for the day. That cost is their exact. Turn them off. That's not saving you any money. No exactly now. It's self sustaining. Having a cow Shannon I joined the twenty four hour fitness about nine years ago for about a week and I still get phone calls from you guys. Yeah we are. We're an aggressive bunch. We you WanNa make sure that we stay family So part of the family. That means you're forever part of the family income. One hundred sixty eight hours you were there. I was there for one hundred sixty eight hours. Go Straight what was the mistake you made with with Becky or was it was I I. I did it and I'd be lying if I said I didn't. I didn't fall hard very hard. Yeah she's she's very alluring without sort of upside down body verse she is Yeah It's a it's a whirlwind and I guess I'm just I don't WanNa be I don't WanNa be in love but I am and I. I don't know what you guys. What your intentions with her are? And that's why I'd like to be I'd like to stay close. I have the intention of Talking to her and interviewing her and that's about where it ends as far as I'm concerned a relationship so I'm not looking to step out anyway. That's great to hear Ya. I'm I'm quite married. He's he's he's like ninety nine percent married at this point. I mean I know the whole the whole the whole okay. Wow Yeah it's great here beautiful so we have no designs. We're not pursuing. We're not pursuing becky so you can feel safe at least from our side that that's kind of course we don't know what Becky is is doing with us. We're three Hollywood. Sort of shots guys also also like I definitely don't trust nick. Yeah kind of a liar. Well it's like I have no. I have no designs on Becky. Yeah but I cannot control troll. Becky does to me to your body in my body. Yeah so she initiates. I can't I just can't speak to what you're not going to Swat it away. I don't know I don't know I I can't I can't predict the future right But I I will not pursue her in any way but you cannot predict the future I can predict the future. SORTA SORTA saying you can always calling us up until he is not to take certain buses and it's true it's true. I've got a lot of psychic psychic energy to me And I was like because when Andy got offered Saturday night live. We didn't know each other. Well it all the time that's true. In fact at all. Yeah he called. I mean you were shut. SNL right and I was like. I think you should do the best advice anyone ever gave me because you were. I mean you really worth thinking. I was on the fence. Yeah I was like they want me to do it. I don't know I was like I gotta move to New York. I got to do with my friends. I'm going to go and you guys have been working with forever. And make new friends I'm going to be at the forefront of digital digital videos also and I was like I know this sounds like a bad idea but I have a hunch right and the craziest part about you telling me more than even the advice itself is again. We didn't really know each other now. I mean you who had done nothing. I had done some videos. Well I don't know some. VH1 awesomely bad songs. Remember this. Yeah Yeah so thank. Pat Is number just cold call. Yeah cold calling anyone to see if anyone was psychic. No just cruel. Yeah so okay nerd on the new new is named this guy he crushes it on. Vh One knows the future. Hit him up in what happens and I was like I don't know man. This seems like a good idea and same with the sale he was like. Should I sell this sundance movie for more money than anything has ever been sold. Its Annette's and I was. I think we do. This doesn't have a good feeling about this. Sound Psychic to me. That's what's so weird about it. I think he's saying he sees the huge. Okay Yeah so you you you can. I make up of a psychic. Please make a prediction. I think you should let I think you should let down your guard. He should trust becky. Jackie and I think you know she I know she she was cheating on you. She sounds like a sex addict and possibly with a personality disorder. It's hard. It's hard but Lutheran ladder you want the SNL of relationships seven years seven years of abuse years of constantly wondering how you doing doing Feminine House Out of the other people feel about me person's GonNa leave me. Yeah I guess I I do want that. Well then then get in there and open your heart open your Heart Shannon. Thank you guys just figure out. Do you WANNA be Lorne Michaels or do you want to be one of the customer. I think I WANNA be warned but I know that she is Lawrence. Oh I know that she she will be up there. Judgy me Becky we come back over here by the Mike. What are you willing to open? Open yourself up to this relationship as well Noy You're not on just like yeah like you he can. She can have whatever relationships that she thinks. She wants from me in all their workout. Proximity wise like I will be in the gym. I'm still going to be there because we're live. I leave all of the wiping duties. Although you won't be getting paid for duty just a question does so you need help. I say. Press the button and I'll be there. Wait so you're just there on a button pressing access buttons in the bathroom. You're you're not out there like Preemptively wiping down the machines. You're they're only. If someone presses the machines I go around. I make sure they'll wipe down with the bathroom wiping the button. You gotTA press the bathroom. Okay got it the becky button the Bikini. So you're willing to have any any kind of relationship that she wants to with you but but it's only on in the gym okay. But you're there twenty hours a day exactly those four hours it at diabetics or whatever. When I won't do my I'm person so I just think that they want us to think about the Shannon Shannon Shannon? Yeah do you think that's maybe she's just trying to set boundaries for your relationship right that those four hours or her for hours. Yeah I mean I'm I'm I guess I'm okay with that because I know that I'm one of the cast members at this point But you can get could be one of the STAR CAST members. You could be Kate McKinnon. You know like someone. The writers go to like we need to put her in. This is to make sure it gets on the air. Yeah you you could be Andy. Sandberg certain seasons what are three through six. Go through every episode and think about what years were the good ones. Maybe three to take a look. Look Shannon Becky. We need to take a break. Don't answer yet because we still have a little more road to go down but but When we come back we'll get an exciting update on what you've agreed to do during the break about your relationships so we'll be right back more Andy Sandberg More Nick Kroll more becky more Shannon? We'll we'll be right back with more comedy. Bang Bang after this to everything. Turn turn turn as the Bible one said as well as the birds but what about turning your dreams into a reality. 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Winning customer support. squarespace empowers millions of people from designers to lawyers artists to gamers even restaurants Toronto. In gyms to turn great ideas into something real head over to squarespace dot com slash. Bang Bang for a free trial. And when you're ready to launch us the offer Code Bang Bang to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain that is squarespace dot com slash. Bang Offer Code Bang Bang Bang. We're here Andy Sandberg from SNL seasons three through six. Also Nick Kroll Roll League maybe one and two and we have becky and Shannon from from his big mouth which is and Olympia. Lou Ella Victory Olympic Drain. Gus Yes I know it's right. I forgot got you know gus some good friends with Jean. Yeah he comes to the gym and also I know there. Was You from Ohio. But there was a period of time where you lived in telluride Colorado. Yes it's I I'm forensic prince guys family. Yeah that's right. He's an he's a really good actor not state. Yeah that's crazy and he's like So 'cause I beckon I I do know each other a little bit. What you guys know each other by? I'll quit I kind of like dishonored. This is a bombshell. Yeah we went a whole segment with you pretending not to know her and giving them therapy basically. Yeah so where. Where do you guys know each other Becky in Nick from the twenty from the twenty four hour fitness? The one week that you were there. Yeah there yeah the one hundred and sixty eight hours so I was actually dating someone else at the time. And Nikkei mean and he said he started working on the machines and he did not live down. Nick come on deck. I'd like to leave my mark. Jesus my sent so so he's sweat. Smells like came fire. Yeah and hot dogs There's an I have an oak. There is a there is a an oak equality to my. Musk USC so I walked in the machines. He said you Mr Spud right on my crotch. You guys know that by point out your if you need me to go there then you need to press the button. Oh go into the bathroom. Thank you well. If you anemia go there. You needed President Nikki Button so you guys basically hooked up in the gym. I was dating someone else at the dating. who were all these people that you date? Islas Dieting L. Name Dinah stakes at the Thomas Sticks his daughter. Oh Wait Nikki. Six named her daughter who Nikki sticks. Dana thanks Dana stand stakes then he said I have. I give you guys a therapy session. We started talking and then one thing led to another hats off. You smash like a lot. Yeah Yeah I guess if you put it out there no you're constantly and just putting it out like sixers. Maybe because it makes them feel good about at themselves. Sex generally feels good. Is that what you're talking about Noah. You think you're you're such high because they always the star. Oh Oh they are really but let's fucked up. He's Augie didn't the head because they know that I'm make them feel so great. I love view the piece. Would you say that. If you don't actually feel Fiv Shannon Shannon's what she's doing to us at. Yeah she said Datum. She said she loved us. He said she loves me. She wants to have kids with me. Kids sit on to impregnate her. How would you do that? I got my ways on a lot of scientists. Oh yeah they're working on that and you did Shannon. Did she tell you that you're the beast. It said that I was the beast from the east. The is she saying that you're a beast or that. You're the best of Ben Best. I see ADS. Do little impression do pretty good impression. Our impression of Becky hi gaws Hill is close that it means better than I could do. I mean I have to say like as messed up as that relationship is there Israel like love there and do feel like Shannon gets becky. I definitely only thinks the if you have something special. Obviously I don't know why we're standing in the way of it. I think you guys should just do it. You know I I think in some sequences were using you guys all like performing live thing for you guys a little bit. We need to know the you guys feel like you WanNa hate sixers us then we will die they. Oh and then you'll feel better about yourself and you'll go in and just rub each other raw after that. Is that what it is. Oh I don't know how it works between. I'M GONNA take off guys. We're running out of time here. We only have one final feature on the show. Oh and that of course is a little something called plugs. Zeus So that was a thanks. That was plugged this this hole in my heart by Chicago Com Stanton or constant Constantine Constantine but spelled in a different way. Thank you very much for that Plugs theme wonderful of you have a similar one or I guess it could be dissimilar probably as dissimilar as you can make go head over to the message boards under Comedy Bang Bang threads and you'll find out where to put Amora guys. What are we plugging? Andy of course Brooklyn nine nine. Do you ever shorten it to be nine nine. Yeah all the time. Wow especially in text. Yeah I bet. Yeah what are you what are we talking one. Yeah numerous yeah there you go. Would you ever do a show where you were like three. Sure I'm not like some asshole asshole. I'm saying once be nine nine goes away withdraw. You know it it it will. We don't want it to but eventually you will in all things. Have you wrestled with Ed at this point yet. Like being number three on the gauzy. No I guess Brooklyn nine ending but after that no if you were offered like just shoot me thing thing where you're like you're five sure. Okay what do I care that much money. That's what it's all about for you. I'm a money guy. Yeah I once met nectar. He was on my show and I said to him. So why did you get into acting acting. He said well. I'm not gonNA impression because you know who it is. He said well. I looked at High paying jobs and acting was one of them so I said okay. I'll do that one. Wow in Brooklyn nine nine Thursday. What what time are we talking as a good questions are good? Ask questions saying somewhere between eight and ten just turn your TV on morning or wait and watch it on. Hulu like every child in America Damn blowing up because I just sold a movie to them. Yeah congrats and also peacock eventually. Oh Yeah we're going to be one big thing at the end. Yeah it'll just be like content tend. You'll just tear you press a button that says content. Yeah I will just come up exactly nick. We have Olympic Fever Olympic dreams February fourteen February fourteen. Then and what. What are your Valentine's Day plans I I don't know do something I'll do something with. I probably won't be well. I'll I'll figure out a night to do some of my girlfriend. Would it be that Friday it can. I mean I'm probably going to. I'm going to be playing that Rebecca Black's song on Friday. Right okay well. That's what I know for shoes. You'RE GONNA go to like a cool restaurant for dinner. I think we will go. Yeah we'll go somewhere Kulik ed tobacco and And then But I'll probably go. I'll probably go to the theater To go see Olympic dreams on Valentine's Day by myself that's great rates impromptu. Talkback yeah interesting. I'm GONNA do some screenings in the next couple of weeks in New York and La Cuny's live screenings. Oh that sounds amazing. Yeah I would love to go to one of those as your guest. What's your favorite scene in the movie? So there who. That's a great question. There's a couple There's a lot of fucking I really liked this movie. I really like I. I'm very happy with some of the interviews is really fun and then their stuff. We're we're like doing scenes literally at figure skating at Olympic like the luge and skeleton stuff where you see people running down sliding down like a Goddamn ice slide and it's insane gene. It's a bummer. You didn't do it. The like Kerrigan year. You know I know that would have been so cool you in the background of Love Shot Heart to heart you mike. Mike Jeff Gillooly rolls over video evidence of trying to break in character. The things in the movie is because people don't know that we're we were shooting a movie. We originally shooting these scenes like these really romantic sort of like intimate scenes and then people would just walk up to because I'm wearing a volunteer Jack and it start asking me for directions questions. So it's very weird and it makes the whole thing feel very natural to work it in. Yeah yeah they're in there. Did you give the directions or were you giving him wrong directions. Yeah I was like North Korea and probably go north. They were the Kim Jong the North Koreans. Were there cheering hearing like there. We saw their cheer squad in full effect. It was wild. Oh wow that's cool Harry. The unions They're Kinda boring blue and white and not too not too exciting. Who at the best ones and Sweden? Sweden it's yeah. That's the fun thing we're in the athletes holding pen right before they go out into the into the world in the stadium and they walk around and you see everybody's and it was was that was for me not even shooting movie. That was like the coolest thing like you're just amongst like thousands of people knowing that they're about to walk out for like a billion people to watch them around the world. That's it's pretty cool to get to try on one of those gold medals. No but there's a scene where one where Alexi gets to hold a metal and she's a real Olympian and so like that you could feel her her experience of like feeling that metal. It's it's wild and we went out with a bunch of athletes at the after we finished shooting and it was weird because they're all like seventeen to twenty twenty two and they're like we don't know what to do the rest of our lives. Now that's sort of what the movie's about a little bit You get to try out one of those silver medals follow-up follow Becky what are you on a block. I'd like to plug for me and Shannon. You can follow lowest on twitter and instagram joint account. Yet we do Co. what's going on. I actually don't want to give away the name because last time I heard I don't WanNa get made fun of. Oh No not make fun of you give it away give it away give it away and now it's it's at l. l. y. y. l. y.. Lily Ily Lilia Louis Louis. Okay so you have not confusing it. All it's totally normal is it. It's not a Pailin Rome ny whatever the what is it an Anagram okay. It's lily. What are your favorite calendar speaking? Appellate Trump's Demetri Martin. I don't remember I don't know what founder Madame Adam my name is Adam. Okay that's IT I don't know racecar. Yeah Okay Okay Anyway. Pounder is the the same backwards and forwards hominy Haman was a hominy hominy is like a grain the KENO curly uses A. What do I wanNA plug between two ferns movie always? He's out there on Netflix. Comedy Bang Bang is on Netflix in the USA. If you're in Australia or Canada I have no idea why they took it down. I don't I'm not in charge of the licensing of the show. I wish I were. It would be out there everywhere every episode but if you're in the USA all one hundred ten episodes are out there. You can watch them on Netflix. All right let's close the plug bag soon. Another one right now with a scene when you won't Oklahoma successfully killed Holy God Don't close it forever. Don't did horatio gone on. Did and he just it for everyone. Involved ooh stop. Can you just push a button. Push the button the friend I shop Eh. All Right I wanNA thank you so much Andy. It's always great to see. You continued success with Brooklyn nine as long as you want to do it. Which Sean blessings you could be? I mean you're thinking it could be like the simpsons we're just like hey. We're on for thirty forty year. Forty s Simpson's would you. Would you want to do do it until it's Brooklyn one hundred for sure. Yeah when does that do the odometer. Just click around two hundred zero era zero zero Brooklyn Zeros. Yeah that could be good jokes jokes raw L. Jokes so good to see you and thanks for the in the middle of your busy workweek my pleasure I I appreciate it to nick. Thank you Anne trying to take take that girlfriend out on for Valentine's Day I I'm going to I think we should all whatever ever whatever. You're doing Valentine's even if you don't have a Valentine even if you're let's don't Valentine getting like you spend it with someone you love with a family member a friend. He's found house. It wasn't really about Gubbay actually busy on view. And where are you as you guys do together. We're GONNA WE'RE WE'RE GONNA go to the ADP vicks romantic giving up planes. Great all right. We'll say thanks sure everyone. Thanks for listening and remember. Are you shopping for a business like me. You'll find the supplies. You need. Zoro DOT COM. That is Z.. O. R. O.. Dot Com at Zoro. You can get tools safety and office. Items cleaning supplies and more in one stop and Zora has great brands like Stanley family. Black and decker prestone three M. and rubbermaid visit Zoro dot com that's Z.. O. R. O.. Dot Com Slash Bang Bang and sign up for Z email to get fifteen percent off Zoro dot com. All you need to make your business.

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