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Episode 245 | Three is the Final Number


This is the I re- Tomic books. Podcast I'm your host Mike Rapin and with me. This week are to just incredible Human Beings Kirchambe ski and Paul Jason. Hello thank you both for joining me this week and I'm so excited to be here to talk about comic books. I know that we told people on our schedule that we were supposed to be talking with this show. Ta Today but unfortunately we had to move things around. That episode is coming soon so instead we're going to be talking about regular stuff and we've got a pretty fun topic today. I think so. Let's get into it. Let me ask the question. I ask every single week how you been. How Comic Books Ben? Let's start with you Paul. I've been good Mike. You know as I said on. Paseo bezos have been. I've settled into a nice regular corentin schedule here doing a lot of reading doing a lot of movie watching I can't complain so I dug into some comics. Of course like a lot of people at the end of March you know Michigan here was going into lockdown. I went to my comic shop grabbed my last of new comics for the foreseeable future. And I've been sort of savoring those reading them one. At a time I didn't plow to the whole pile so been rationing those out so I finally got around to reading the latest issue a love and rockets vying vying for number eight. And it's love and rockets comic. I absolutely loved it What else to say about it. Yeah that's a good thing right. Yeah you have a neutral from Los Bros Hernandez. What's really interesting is to read the stuff and see just how both high may and Gilbert managed to keep these stories going. You know so. High maize been telling this one wrong local story for thirty seven years now and the way he's able to introduce new characters so like this issue focuses on some recent characters have shown up Toyota and Julie Fair. There's a crossover of course you know Ray. D from the old oven rockets shows up the lover. Ox Radio reoccurring character from way. Back shows up. Maggie's only on. I'm like four panels in this comic yet. It still feels like it's part of her story. You know even though it's focusing on these new characters. She's still there you know it's like it's like seeing old friends again reading the stuff for me so. I really enjoy it and the Gilbert stuff. I've I've not read as of Gilbert stuff as as high maize because it's a little bit more rough around the edges edges. It's off putting at times And I think it's more interesting because of that in a weird way so it's almost like a a satire parody of overcomplicated SOAP OPERAS. Telenovelas the list of characters in the family trees. Involved are giving me a headache trying to unpack who they are. And I think that's the point you know Right so it is like diving into a brand new group of characters and this story that Gilbert on this issue ends in like an incredibly violent and disturbing way which I did not expect and it just made me think like high maize comics are like an old friend. Gilbert's are like shocking and weird and alike the dichotomy reading and back to back in this format. You know yeah. It's it's interesting to get like that difference in comics from one magazine. Right. Yeah like you're coming in and you're not just going to get one single store. I mean that's what's always been draw. I'm for you on. This is that you're getting a multitude of different things like an Anthology magazine. But it's just these two stories. Yeah exactly you know into. Sometimes they do weird one off one shots and stuff and The the difference in tone between the two of them even their brothers. I think that's what's so interesting. And if you go read the Collections Fanta Graphics. Does break them up. So you can just read the May stuff or just Gilbert stuff. So it's I did and now back to back in the single issue yet is server jarring fun experience so well recall. I'm not super into that particular subset of comics but from what I do know. Pol I think your insight right here is the first time I've really heard somebody talk about the two different people like you kinda started your thing with its Los Bros Hernandez and I think that's how a lot of people think of them. It's like yeah we know they're to people but like are they the same story. They're working on the same stuff. They've got a very similar style so it's really interesting for me as somebody who knows nothing about it to hear you kind of break on be like well actually stylistically very different and they have different like storytelling objectives and a different feel. And that's just not something I've heard about them before and I think that's love and rockets is it might be a hurdle to get into that stuff and I think it's easy to find one of them in latch onto like. I did high as soon as I read his stuff. So yes this is what I want to read and Gilbert. I had to warm to over time and I think that might be. Part of the enjoyment of getting into rockets is finding that you know that difference in in a way so yeah. I also want to briefly mentioned i. I've been following on my astro city. Read through I just finished line four of Astro city. And there's a nice. There's a character in there named Los Hermanos who's came basically like a A multiple man type character. He can make copies of himself and he appears on like one or two panels but the way the characters drawn. He has these really like round sunglasses. And I saw the said that's High Hernandez and then sure enough in the back of the book curb Buick doing the they had the character sketches and then curb usage rights. We had a character named monster. Man We figure might as well make no mosh to the Hernandez brothers who've made them look like highway. Which I thought was pretty fun. Random comic so very briefly. I do want to mention a habit of working my way through absolute Batman. You're one. I mentioned this on the discord. I want to talk about here. In the show. Very briefly Bama in your one is a comic. I've read several dozen times. You know it's like one of my favorite Batman stories one of my favorite comics in general. I finally pony up the money to get the big oversized absolute edition which reprints the original trade paperback version. Which I've had for years and years and years and that's the version I know so it's cool to see that printed on a bigger size it also reprints the original version with the original colors by Richmond Lewis. Dc absolute editions. Those absolute editions are like if you're a DC comics fan. How are you reading it any other way? I know the answer is money and stays this worth every penny because like I was saying like a reprints. The original version on newsprint. So it's like reading the actual physical issues when they came out you know. Oh Wow and I'm the newsprint under oversize version really makes you appreciate just. How much Richmond Lewis's colors add to Metro Art Work and with twentieth reprint the corresponding letters column so like obviously back then like the letters columns in the issue were talking about issue a couple months back so they kind of like lining up so the the end of the first issue. Get the letters. Calm those people writing about that first issue and sure enough in that I first letters com. There's a guy complaining that David Madsen chose Artwork. Looks Like Shit? And you can't believe were charging seventy five cents for this garbage. That was like Boyd. Sweet summer child's this guy ever figured out like I want maybe track down and say did you ever get it this when the greatest artists of all time and this is one of his achieving moments. Is this book so Oh goes to show you like art. Subjective for everybody everybody's got their own taste but you know. Sometimes people make mistakes and it's impressed. I'm glad that that that's been a guy. His name his address as the full thing. So yeah you can probably tracking by. So he's GonNa live in infamy for that statement. They'll just right just a postcard and be like. Hey No Shave. But what are you thinking? What happened here. What about you how you been? How comic spin all that stuff Lord? Okay so so. I currently work for a school. Which as you can imagine is a time right now and We've been adding these like online enrichment classes for the kids. So because like you know A lot of the parents that school are lucky enough where they are still employed. So they're like working from home and they want the kids out their hair essentially so this is like appealing for the kids because the kids get to have some more time with The teachers and it's appealing for the parents because they can stick the kid in front of the computer for an hour and be like okay now. You're being babysat which right sure so. So one of the other administrators was running. Like a little doodling class for our youngest kids but one of the older kids signed up for it thinking it was all ages and so. I got asked like Hey. Do you WANNA bring back like comics club situation for some of the older kids who have expressed interest in drying and. I was like what does that sound like. And they're like well. It's basically like you're just going to hang out with them on the computer while they draw and I'm like that sounds super doable and So I log on for this class. That's supposed to have like seven middle schoolers in it and it's just to middle schoolers. Neither of them WANNA turn on their camera. Which fine like mills worst? I get it and I was like. Hey guys like I'm. We're here to have fun time. Drying and like I'm going to draw and like you guys can draw and do you like. Do you want to turn on your camera so I can see like what you're trying and they're like no and I was like. Oh God okay. So within like ten seconds. I had to like come up with an hour long like drawing lesson and I am not an artist. I cannot underscore this fact enough like the last time I drew. It was like doodling teen titans characters in math class in tenth grade. Like I don't draw and I had to fake it for like an hour I was just like Oh God. Oh God What WOULD BOB. Ross say if he was in this situation. So I just think like ad-libbed Bob Ross Lake Hobby foot-dragging session. I I have a recording of the lesson. I'll share it with you guys at some point. I like my goodness. It's so awkward. Because I've just like now going to dress. I Drew Spiderman and did a spiderman tutorial and he looks like an alien. It's pretty great. 'cause I made like the Chin extra pointy because was just like what it's fine and we're just gonNA draw his neck so we can cover up the point of the Chin going on and on about how this like like these. I just when I'm talking to kids I I feel like I'm I'm trying to not like talk down to them and I understand that some of what I'm saying might go over their heads but I'd rather them like have more information as opposed to lessen formation of that make sense which which meant that I was like word vomiting about how like the style of Spiderman that we are drying is the Peter Parker version of Spiderman. Not The Miles Morales Spiderman. Would you might have seen an into the spider verse if you went to the movie theaters last year just going on. But how like spider-man's expressions really do have to come through his eyes because this is a full face mask that I was like. Oh God okay. What do I draw next? I don't know how to draw anything. What can I do? That's like a frame of reference for these kids soldier. Batman because the like Bruce Timm version of Batman from Batman the animated series in Justice League is basically like a box with ears sticking out of it that I can do. I can do that thing so I drew box Batman and then I was like. Oh there's all girls in this class a better draw like a girl so it's not just like reinforcing the whole only dudes superhero thing. So I started drawing wonder woman and that was a complete disaster. Like I'm sure it was fine for them but I was just like. Wow we're just going to like I feel like drugs a sword so we're going to stick a sword out of her back and now she's got to have a strap across front to hold the sword in place and I'm going to give her shoulder pads because why not just I showed. I showed the picture to One of the art teachers at my school afterwards. She just burst out laughing. She's like what are you doing? Cancer odd sorry and I knew one of the girls whose really into my little pony friendship is magic so I started drawing a pony which I also showed to those like a art teacher and she like couldn't keep it together she was just like scream laughing about how she couldn't believe that. I gave a horse. A button knows she was like it's like homer Simpson and a pony had a baby and then of course like while. I'm drawing this pony like talking to the girls about how actually drawing horses is like unknown difficult thing for artists like you could be an artist who specializes in drawing horses. And you're still like God it. What is up with these horses forces? I don't get it so I'm like telling these girls how hard it is to draw horse while I'm trying this little my little pony style character and then we have like fifteen minutes left in the class. So I'm like like I'm happy to just keep drawing what I want to draw bud to you guys have anything you want me to draw. And one of the girls goes. Can you trust side view of a horse with no reference no art experience and free handing it? I drew side view of a horse. And you know what? It is a recognizable horse. I have the basics down. It is not perfect but I did think everyone. If you're listening at home give care around him. He deserves it. I can't anyway so the the super long story short is if you are a teacher or know someone who is a teacher who's doing like distance learning through a computer right now please like give yourself give them a hug like send them an Amazon Gift Card like to something like it they really just. I only did it for an hour and I wanted to die like can you imagine having to do all of your lesson planning with no teaching for with training of how to do online learning and suddenly like calibrating. Everything you're doing to keep kids like engaged and learning while they're in a totally unprecedented situation and in their home environment where they're dealing with like home rules and that school rose at any so teaching is crazy right now so if you a teacher please be nice to them. Because they're so stressed out absolutely absolutely and then inter in terms of comics. I started rereading the infinite loop by Elsa not a and Colin which I read a few years ago and I just remember absolutely loving it and being like this is weird indifferent. Let's do this. It's basically like it's an oversimplification to summarize but essentially it's about like a lesbian time traveling time travel cop like you have to keep the integrity of the time travel continuum and I just really like the aesthetic of it. There's all these like really beautiful Pastel colors but there Within all these really Firm bold ink. So it's just a really like it doesn't feel like too harsh or too soft. This nice middle ground where it's just like bold slake what you imagine Maybe like Hanna barbera cartoon being in the sixties if they had made them like what for girls with like a lot of pink in there so yeah that books beautiful. That book is absolutely beautiful. So I'm enjoying the revisiting and You know when we do finally talk to Elsa sure it. I'm I'm just. I'm like really excited for this. Excuse to like revisit all her work because like I. I do love her work. But it's been a while so I'm like. Oh Oh I guess. I'll just read everything. Oh well plus shucks what a great use of my time yeah. That's me happy you mike. How're you Howard Comics? I've been all right. It's been a series of ups and downs in weird handful of days but all things considered it turns out that if you get a good night's rest he can totally change your outlook on life. Well him and that happened to me earlier this week. Got a very solid night's rest and boy. Oh boy I woke up the next day. Feeling like a million bucks and I it was just great But beyond that I've been I've been reading a handful of comics. Mostly just been reading one piece. Quick one update of up to chapter three sixty seven. I'm continuing it. Turns OUT LIKE I've been talking about this on our discord quite a bit? Now we've got like three other people who are also trying to do like a catch up to chapter one thousand challenge and so we've got about nine hundred chapters to go. I should say I've got another almost six hundred chapters to go but everybody else started from page one in so there are a couple of months behind me but It's GonNa be really fun but really. I did sit down to read some other comics. I read Snot girl volume two California's screaming. This by Brian. Leo Malian Leslie Hung. They are co creators but Leslie does all the art. This is like the wildest real book. Sometimes if you don't know girl is it's a story about Lottie AK snack girls. She's a fashion blogger. She has allergies which causes her to get real snotty which is not cool and not hot and it's very not cool and so she's constantly trying to hide it from everybody she's got friends who are also a bunch of models. Lash fashion bloggers slash like business women there? They're all like very cool in their tight knit group and suddenly one day Carolina or excuse me Lottie meets the school caroline and it totally changes her mind. She doesn't know if she's in love with her. She doesn't know she just wants to be friends with her. And then a murder happens and Lottie doesn't know what to do in the book just gets wilder from there. Like Lodhi is. It's very typical. Brian Leo Molly Book. Kind of feels a lot. Scott pilgrim kind of feels a lot like a web comic in a lot of ways where the character is just very real. And she's got all these very regular problems that are so overwhelming and it's unbelievably relatable to be upset about the fact that you couldn't find like the right shirt to go out or you couldn't. You didn't have any energy to clean up your room today because you have to be on a Webcam to you know. Do some sort of instagram blogging. Not a regular everyday thing but I feel like these little tiny things that set off in the book or just super relatable in a lot of ways leslie. Hung's is in fucking credible. Every single person in this book is absolutely hot and beautiful and gorgeous and she. She really like. I don't know shit about fashion but it feels like everybody in this book is very well dressed all the time Except for when they're not supposed to be well dressed to which they're under address but it still looks really good Be I just love this series? I think Brian Leo Malian. Leslie Hung Done Something. Really Fun with a book. That's about a strange time in the life of like an instagram influence. Her and it feels really genuine. And it feels like you get under the skin of these people to understand the yes there real people with problems and their insecurities of the same insecurities that you have. I don't think this is by any means like an original story but it is like a modern day telling of that kind of story. The next volume comes out. I think in June so I was really hyped to get on this and yeah. I really really liked this. This book like everybody is so lovable throughout this whole series. I think Brian Leo. Molly has a stupendous ability to create characters. That you really love or you really hate. It helped that we had just talked about Scott. Pilgrim pre recently so. I was like on a Brian. Leo Molly Train. I I really liked this book. I think if you like his stuff you'll definitely dig on this book. I think he and Leslie Hung have struck a really good balance about creating a solid comic book together at that just looks beautiful and reads really really easily the other book that I want to talk about really quick is a book that I picked up on a whim to comics submit book and by Matthew Bogert With Story by Math Yogurt and Jessie J holden. And I don't know why but something about the cover of this book really grabbed me. I didn't know what it was and in orders about. I figured I'd try it for like ninety. Nine cents in the covers is very simple. But that's I think what really drew me to it. It looks super-duper Professional. In for some reason I don't know what it is. I just pulled me in with the stories. It's got a very limited Palette. The Art is very simple very web comedy in a lot of ways. Kind of reminds me of Blue Dila quantities. She's human star really really cool looking in that in that capacity The story is it's one thousand nine hundred one. Our Main Character Allison's dad is a jerk and he's a state transition and she just discovered the early internet she meets a new friend and they begin the email on and off and she finally sees the way to escape her. Dad's bullshit now. I don't know what it is about stories that take place in the era where people are just discovering this very brand new thing called the Internet and how. It's it's really archaic. It's really simple. It's just text on a black screen. But there's something just wonderfully romantic about it and for me there's so much unexplored undocumented undefined wandering it the fact that people sons such found such richness in simple tax in discussion is just fantastic. Like it's Retro Tech that contains multitude despite being so like modern day. Simple in comparison you know. We've got twitter and facebook and all the other things youtube like streaming digital media all this other Shit Shit that we take advantage of you know like and we have this really cool stuff but in the nineties just the ability to communicate with someone who lived across the state with you instantaneously or semi instantaneously was enough for people to be just fucking blown away by it and I feel like I understand that to a certain extent because it's still is a wonder that you can just email someone and they get your information and second But I like that. The limit like the ceiling on this in the nineties a so low in comparison to Modern Day. I for something for some reason. It just really warms my heart and everybody like it but yeah incredible. Do Number One. It's a six issue series. I don't know if there's more of it. I only read the first issue but I really really liked it and I'm very excited to read more because I for some reason love that time period like early nineties Internet especially when it's about Internet and stuff but anyways yeah let's Lena Lou. We can move on really quick about some stuff that you guys have been digging beyond maybe comic books. What kind of stuff you've been doing your in your free time hanging out with and watching and all that other stuff let me throw back to you. Okay so I realize I'm a broken record on this but I'm really still genuinely depressed that I could not go to my perfectly planned Disney world vacation with my mom my understandable like literally two weeks before we were supposed to leave and they shut down the park and I was like totally get it. I don't WanNa go if it's not safe but I've spent like a year planning this trip and if you've planned to Disneyworld vacation you know that Shit's like planning a military campaign like if you sleep on it for a second. If you missed that one opening window where you can score your fast passes. It's over. You're not going on flight of passage so I don't know I like like I can't think about my tinder because then I'll just cry because it was beautiful So and I also just I I love Disney stuff at the best of times and now discovering it is extra important at the worst of times because it's such good escapism. Y'All like oh so So I was watching Tangled which as you might have seen on the Internet is like the weirdly perfect movie for quarantine that we didn't know we needed because like repub like Rapunzel has been trapped in a tower for eighteen years when we first meet her and like her opening song is just talking about all the stuff. She just does in her room to keep busy like she reads she paid. She bigs like candles. She Plays Guitar. She plays Chess Lake. She like all this crap. It's like Oh relatable and meanwhile you're sitting back with a no peddling go on tell me more and then Plot to us. They don't actually say this in the movie but the kingdom that she's the lost princess from is the Kingdom of Corona so. Several ones like so re puzzle is in a tower because her like evil like quote unquote mother. Who stole her wants to keep her away from corona okay. This movies from like ten years ago. Like unless you're a super conspiracy theorist like Disney. How did you know So I watched the movie and then because Disney plus is miraculously thing now like what a coup for Disney their entire business model is based on in person experiences and then they launched Disney plus like right before a global pandemic like. It's just it's just weird timing right so this animal crossing. I mean we're GonNa put our full hats on and talk about animal crossing so so so of course you watch something on Disney plus than then. They're like you might also like these things which is how. I discovered that there is a tangled series an animated series that was created for the Disney channel. A few years ago Wow so I can't stop watching it. It's so good so they they first of all have the original voice actors from the movies. So it's it's Mandy. Moore Zachary Levi and all the rest of the animation style is obviously different because the level of animation for the movie is like super expensive so they did like a super pared-down simplified version for the show which I actually really like like took me. Maybe like an episode or two to get into it but once I was into it I was like no no this work. See why they did this. And it's a television show where it's like it's for kids but they're not talking down to the kids so I as An adult like can genuinely appreciate it because it's like it's very adventure of the week but they keep like the keep continuity if something happens to like change something. In an episode that changed sticks in further episodes. There's an overarching mystery. Plot that they reference back to Alan Menken did the music for some of it so it. It does feel like Super Disney and in a really satisfying way. So I have. I'm almost done with season one. There are three seasons and I just really like it. It is excellent. It is like my My work is done for the day. I have no brain power. I don't want to read anything. I don't want to like think about anything to intellectually stimulating. Like I am dead to the world. I'm putting on tangled the series and just like having a fun adventure for twenty two minutes. Great I also Non Disney related. I just read a book called Cork Dork by Bianca car which was delightful escapism in a different way. Because it's all about this Journalist in New York who decides to quit her journalism job to become a master Somalia within a year and so the book is just documenting her journey to becoming a master smelly and like learning all about the super elite wine world of New York travelling around and learning about like our senses of tasting and smelling which we underutilized but are essential for the role of Somalia And I it was just really excellent. Writing totally sucked me into this world of like super expensive restaurants more affordable wine bars the different like of various winemakers like the weird courtly etiquette mystic stuff that as still have to be like trained on even if they never use it how expensive the whole endeavor is this is a very good read and I you know New York is definitely a place where the more money you have. The more you can enjoy it on these more like levels but it's just really fun to read about it and enjoy it Without ever having to pay for it is so nice. Nice reminder that like hey restaurants used to be a thing remember go out on see. Now you've got my interest because I've been reading drops of God and that book is all about wine and now I feel like I can actually read about real Somali as doing the stuff that they talk about in this Manga. So maybe I might have to check that out care. I'm glad that you talked about it. Yeah corked ORCAS super accessible like the the the writer like doesn't dumb it down but does go out of her way to explain like what she's like the novice. She's learning about this as she goes. She starts out as I like wine and ends up with. I can blind taste test. So she takes on that journey with her and doesn't really expect you to know anything going in that's awesome. That's awesome. What about you what are you? What are you been digging on? Well one nice thing about having all this free time is able to read a things that aren't comics which is pretty rare for me so like my my room in my living rooms filled with bookcases all my text books from Grad School and college all these like heavy philosophical texts all these great novels and really the only thing I ever read our comics and the occasional music biography as kind of like where I'm at in my life. So yeah so. I'm working my way through a spray paint the walls the story of black flag by Stevie chick it is as the title suggests say biography of the band. Black flag One of my favorite bands from when I was a teenager. I've I've been a fan since I've been like sixteen or seventeen and it's been a fun trip down memory lane some reading this book about the whole band and how important they were and then revisiting the albums. I lot of which I haven't listened to and you know a long time and It's been kind of fun to go back through that listener records that I member obsessing over now sixteen and is still haven't worked for me especially bike flag. Music is incredibly angry. So it's Kinda working for me right now. You know. Get a lot of anger out. I'm commute to work and such so And they sing to is that I notice Amazon. Prime actually has the documentary decline of Western civilization. Which is a a film about the new L. A? Punk scene in the late seventies early eighties and has a lot of footage from an early version of black flag's he can see black flag in nineteen seventy nine playing live in the documentary. Which again I hadn't seen in maybe twenty years. Go back and revisit that recently it's been it's been a fun trip down memory lane so those records still work for me that this book is interesting. That movie is still pretty. Awesome if you get a chance to check it out so Other than that I have also been really enjoying David. Lynch's daily weather reports. I don't know if either view of seeing these think you've said the couple before this is. This is something that I feel like you have to share with Nick. Immediately directly sent this to him. This is right up next alley. Yeah it's really interesting. So David Lynch the Avant Garde film director years ago. Maybe be like ten twelve years ago. He had his own website and he would do a weather report every day on it and he kind of stopped after a while. It's been an wild since he's done that and then he recently last week started doing it again on Youtube Sufi go to David Lynch theater on Youtube Hill. Post him reading the day's weather for Los Angeles every morning and it's nice because it's so normal you think of David interest being strange but literally him sitting at his desk telling you what the weather is going to be like day and is such a comforting regular thing and of course it's in Los Angeles so the weather's the same every day it's going to be seventy and sunny every day so it's so charmingly comfortably normal in regular that it's really kind of helping me in a weird way through all this uncertainty so that's great and that I mentioned gold. Paul watches the weather. We all find comfort in different ways and speaking of avant garde filmmakers. I've digging deeper into the criterion channels. I talked about on the last episode and last night I watched F for fake which is a nineteen seventy film by Orson Welles and I was fascinated by it. I've known about this movie for years but I've never sat and watched it. And it's Orson Welles is I'm fascinated with Orson welles. Think about this year. Career your filmmaking career. We've already had to legendary radio career because he did wore the world's whatever back in the thirties or forties. And then you start your the first move you make a citizen Kane like where do you go from like think about that career? You know so. This is a movie. This is the last movie he finished before he passed away. And it's documentary about an art forger but then it becomes a meditation about worse wells own theory about what truth is and what the function of art and the whole movie is him making documentary than it just smash cuts to him in the Editing Bay telling you his theory about art and then like hitting like you're watching him edit the movie that you're watching it's so strange and comforting and contemporary against mood. Made Nine hundred seventy three and I'm watching Mike. This feels brand new like there's things he's doing this movie. That filmmakers are still trying to unpack and understand how he did it. And it's so amazing as soon it got done last night. I'm like I'm going to watch us again immediately. Like it was a really interesting film experience and again a film watching experience I only would have made time to watch a head. I been forced to stay home. You know so I was really blown away by and I can't wait to watch it again. That's that's been on my list for a really long time. Maybe after move that up just so I can have another person to talk to about it because I feel like. It's not a movie that you can really watch alone until you really watching than fully understand until you've discussed it with at least a handful of people so maybe. I'll check that out. Paul sounds cool for me My interest really only go so far. I've been doing the same handful of things I've been doing ever talked about for the last few weeks but I have been listening to this podcast series called Binge Mode Star Wars It's put on by the Ringer Dot Com. If you're into star. Wars or game of thrones Harry Potter. I've probably mentioned this to you at some point. But it's a it's a series where they focus on a specific like things so in this case it star wars in other cases. Like game of thrones. They did before they did the whole Harry Potter Book Series and Movie Series and they go really in depth through all the information you could potentially. We've through to discuss these things and this star Wars One. I was like there's no fucking way they do star wars right. There's way too much star. Wars is way too much to even take in but every episode I listened to so far has been stupendous. Like I've only gotten through the episode one episode two episodes. Were they talk about the the film there? Watching them discussing them in chronological order of the of the FICTIONAL UNIVERSE. But between each episode. They've been doing these one off specials they did one about George banks because you gotTa talk about Georgia banks and they. Actually they go through the problems they go through the good things but everything and it's it's really unique. I saw a really disturbing t shirt featuring jar banks the other day it only. Yeah I gotTa send you. The link of is over Uniqlo. Uniqlo has a bunch of star wars shirts and the judge are being sworn is like jar banks but in like a Japanese art style. See Monster situation where it's just like his enormous head coming out of a cresting soon. Nami wave and it's just like every level I kinda love just the description of button. Send you guys the posted in the notes for sure. Yeah but anyways that podcast has been really good they I just listened to their episode on droids their study out of character study droid Star Wars droids general. Brian and Carrie. I think would be really big fans in that based off of the star wars episodes that they did on the Patriot on beyond that. I've been doing a lot of writing for D. stuff which means I've been trying to read and consume as much fantasy stuff as possible. We ran like a series of D. One on the discordant. I did try to wrap everything up this past Saturday which was really fun. At least I had a lot of fun playing it and I've been reading the name of the wind by Patrick Rothfusz. It's a pretty popular series. If you're in the fantasy genre I really love it. It's fantastic every like forty percent of the book. Yesterday's I'm almost doubled it and beyond that I've been just drinking Japanese whiskey on the weekends because I'm the type of person that orders whiskey on the Internet and I was like. Let's get some Japanese stuff and this is probably the best I've had. It's called Nickel whiskey from the barrel. Posted a link to it in the show notes. If you're interested in whiskey but it's very very good. It's very good whiskey of Japan when they think of whiskey because they tend to think of like Scotland or Ireland or American Bourbon instead in Japan is doing some really interesting things on the whiskey front. Yeah I've I've done a lot of reading about Japanese whiskey. I don't know why I just find it really interesting The Japanese whisky market was on a severe decline at one point because nobody wanted to drink. Whiskey and Japan's that they stopped making it a lot of places. Shut down and only a handful of distillery stuck around for a really long time in the big thing about whisky is age. You WanNa have really old aged whiskey so some of the stuff that's out there. That's been age thirty years. Forty years fifty years is so expensive it makes me. WanNa cry like I'm talking like eighth grand for a single bottle of whisky crazy only Japanese stuff. That's like I mean you can get it from everywhere else but the Japanese stuff in particular is extremely rare because of how few distilleries there were thirty forty fifty years ago and there's a lot more now like the stuff that I think I'm drinking here is only a few years old but it's fantastic stuff. I've every Japanese whiskey have gotten. I've really really enjoyed and yet so anyways we let's let's take a break. We were talking for a long time. Let's take a quick break and we come back. We've got an interesting topic for this week and you'll see what it is so we'll be back in a second for our show this week. We are doing something a little bit different a little bit strange because you know there's magic in the air well. I think that it's magic. I don't know I've been trapped in my apartment for eight weeks straight but I've decided that we're going to talk about the number three in more specifically we're going to ask three questions because three is a magic number. It's a powerful number. There's a specific reason why there's only really ever been three people on this show and there were still building to what that actual answer is. You will find out in episode three hundred when we into the true magic number and maybe even three thirty three when we get to the final number. That is way too ominous. Sorry you're here today here today to talk about three questions. I have given specific instructions to Cara and Paul and myself to ask a question to one other person. Who's on this episode? So we're going to start with Paul. Paul I asked you to give. W- care a question and she's going to answer it as honest as possible. So Paul. What was your question for Cara Cara you. And I are both Aficionados of strange silver age DC comics so I was wondering if you had the chance to bring back a revamp. Your favorite obscured D. Silver Age character for a miniseries. Which character would you pick? Why did you pick that character? And what's the creative team? You had pitched this miniseries. Okay so I have two answers for you Paul on s but first of all fuck you like one dare so I have to tell you my initial gut response for this question was going to be calendar man because time is meaningless right now so I feel like something weird. An existential could be done with that. But he's not. He's not a favorite character. I don't really know anything about him other than I'm so glad. He got included in the Batman. Lego movie but like when you like what? You think silver age you gotTA think like Ridiculous Batman Villains and like obvious and then my next thought was like Oh my God flashes rogues gallery but that was like now Cara they're not obscure you have to pick an obscure one Paul said obscure do obscure and then because you gave me this question like twenty minutes before we started recording is sprint it so okay quick back story last year. I'm Marie conduct the shit out of my room at my parents house and I was so into it and so ruthless that I was this close to throwing out my beloved. Dc Comics Encyclopedia because my thought process at the time was this is from like two thousand. Five there's fifteen more years of updates in this but my mother saved it. She was like this is. This is like your adolescence and I'm so glad she had that little little gut check for me so she put it. She moved it until like the family. As with all the fancy coffee table books so I like ran to the family room with that and grabbed out that book and literally flip through the pages being like okay silver age because they have all the little dates of when the characters were first introduced so and actually a lot of characters that I thought were silver age actually golden age like I was thinking Shining Knight Vigilante those dudes from the forties and right so And like I was really surprised by the majority of the characters in this book That I thought were silver age. Were either very firmly golden age or very early Bronze Age. So I'm glad I checked before. I gave the answer before we get too deep into this as someone who knows a lot about comic books and definitely knows the answer to this but maybe some listeners. Don't what is this definitely not me. What IS SILVER AGE golden age? What is Bronze Age? Good get these things confused question. I did have to Google it to make sure I was actually picking proper Silver Age. All right so hello listeners. Welcome to a history lesson. The golden age of conflicts in the United States is generally considered to be The thirties and forties. That's when like the mid like there was just an absurd number of comics being published. It was cheap. It was a good money. Grab Kids had. Some kids had a little bit of money to spend Superheroes became a thing starting with Superman Lot of patriotic heroes came out during the war. A lot of nachos superhero comics but Like wartime comex and There was just such a prolific amount of Content being created that it is considered to be the quote unquote golden age of Comics And specifically superhero comics. Because that's when had the introduction of a superman started at all Batman Wonder Woman The flash the original Greenland who was magic and not space cop to in America Archie comics is from that time also and they actually had a patriotic superhero named the shield. Who predated cap by like a month So I always have to get that one in there. Have to stay on. Brands appreciates US over eight. So then after the war There's kind of like a slump. And 'cause like everything was so wore oriented that it took kind of like a little bit for The comic book companies to kind of recalibrate a little bit All of a sudden you're getting into like like the space race and things being more. Sifi is like one of the many reasons wonder woman comics are so weird from that time You're starting to get a second generation of heroes that were introduced in the forties trying to get like Barry Allen as the flash. Hal Jordan is the green lantern like those rows row galleries come into Effect the silver age is generally considered to be I think like mid fifties to nine thousand nine hundred seventy like it. Seems like nineteen seventies like the tail end of that and then following that is the Bronze Age of American Superhero Comics. Which is like. Oh God seventies eighties. And then I think after that as the quote unquote modern age and we really need more distinctions. After that because that's like thirty years between then and now that we have to Is Bronze Age is more like The Perez Ron of wonder woman teen Titans X. Men are everywhere Like just like like disco stuff which I say specifically because of characters like Dassler as when have But yeah like a lot of a lot of character like This is the age of Justice League international so characters like Fire and ice Guy Gardner's Green Lantern So like things are getting a lake more modern big hair. Lots of weirdness Storm is everything over at marble. As as I'm concerned And then Yeah and then like the nineties. Onwards is considered the modern age. But the really need to be more sub distinctions after that because clearly a lot more has happened in comics since the nineteen then just the nebulous. Modern Age distinction. All right history lesson done so of scarier character of the silver age and now that I had like my fancy book I found a character that is like I love her but I don't know if everyone knows who she is even though she's been in a movie recently I will mention her and you guys will be like who so the character. I chose was introduced in one thousand nine sixty six at the tail end of the silver age but like a few years ago. So I feel comfortable with this. Her name is enchanted also known as June moon over. See you don't know she's been in a movie recently and you know it's okay. No I'm trying really hard. This is not a comment on you. This is the comment on how few people actually remember Suicide Squad. So chanterie's Over the years her team affiliations have included suicide squad and the shadow packed. She is a sorceress. Who's obviously far less known than Satanic And she I find so interesting because she has been both villain and hero and occupied That gray area between the till so I find her Maybe a little more interesting than some of the other characters because DC's very like Like as a as a company concept. Dc has Its roots very firmly in the whole. Like heroes are Paragon to look up to Ed. The examples of the best we can possibly be Contrasted with marvel where their ethos has kind of been for since the sixties like Human like heroes are also humans. And are they're fallible and have flaws So I think In chance is so fascinating as a DC comics character because she is one of the few. Dc comic characters. That I find has not really had an issue Being an anti hero in this world made of heroes. If that makes sense like I think it's really easy to To look at a lot of characters in DC and just get kind of taken aback by all the contortions. Dc has had to kind of do over the years to keep them the way they want them to stay. Especially if you've got like a really valuable Ip like Batman Superman wonder woman like. There's only so much you can ultimately do with those characters because they're your money maker but the smaller lesser known characters tend to have much more interesting character development storylines and plot developments. Because there's not as much money tied up in them so the creative teams working on them at the time can have a lot more fun than leeway with what they're doing so I was I've discovered in shelters as a character In the mid two thousand when I was reading all like the countdown to Infinite crisis stuff so she first appeared in that in the take vengeance miniseries which led into the shadow pack series which ran for. I want to say like thirty issues and like no one has read this thing. It's like not been republished but I am obsessed with like those are the floppies that keep because they did like one trade of like the first six issues and never collected the rest of it which is such a tragedy because I love magic and I love DC comics and this was a beautiful marriage of the two kind of exploring the magical aspects of the DC universe through the lens of this like magical based anti hero team like everyone had their shit going on but ultimately they're trying to work for good but they recognize that they're not all good people but they wanted to work together to defeat like profound evil that they knew as in the DC universe on the magic side of things so enchanted As a character appealed to me because she Like her magic. It like you thinks the Tana and you're thinking like stage magic and like doves and cards and like she does like her backer backwards speaking thing and she can make cool stuff happened but ultimately she still very grounded in that sphere of the stage whereas on to me is more like I am going to read your cards. I have these runes but they only work under the Moon equinoxes in the clearing with the fire at the certain like it's more like and She's like I think she got her powers like from a demon but she's like not But she's like not tied up in a Christian mythology she's very much like of the earth and like deeper more spiritual magic's than Maybe some of her companions in the shadow pack. Which is the team that she was on So for me shoes. A really compelling character because she hinted to something Deeper in the DC universe than just. I'm GonNa Punch the bad guy and save the day. So that was always huge. Lee appealing to me To sell like as as a way to think of this this universe where like there's there's like a populated galaxy that so populated need space. Cops send like there's like crimefighter in Gotham. That's so ridiculous that they need a whole bat family to do it. And then there's like in Chandra's who is making sure that the magical side of things is staying in balanced so I always like loved that whole thing and it's very clear that like no one really knows who she is. Even though Cara delevingne played her in the suicide squad movie I did have to look that up. I have to look that up because I was like wait. Wasn't she in the movie and I hated it because it wasn't who she was at all yes that she was also briefly in legends of tomorrow on the. Cw At this point you could say that about most. That's why I love that show because that show is everything I liked about the DC University for. They started rebooting it anyways so all. This is to say that in chances my pick and for my creative team because he did ask for mini series. Would I want for my dream? Creative team have said. She's like into all of these darker Lesser trafficked areas of the DC universe. So I was thinking Becky. Cloonan inks From her work in the The story she collected in a by chance. Or by Providence. Things like wolves all these really Bold fairytale ask Images that speak to something darker but not like not like hell boy dark but like there's something else in this world that we don't know kind of deal For covers and colors. I would want Stephanie Hans. Because I'm in for the fences here. Stephanie Hans Collars on her on her covers tend to be really vibrant but I would hesitate to call them bright so I feel like they would work really well in translating In chances like earth bound magic into something really elemental and powerful just through the use of color and then for my writer. I went slightly outside. the commack world to pick Lee Bar go who? She writes like a million bestselling. Why a fantasy novels But in comics world. We know her because she wrote the novel wonder. Woman wore bringer A few years. Yeah Yeah So. She wrote war bringer. We know she can do comic adjacent stuff and Her most recent book I think is nine th house which was all about like magic being a real thing at Yale University and how that plays out and how like New Haven. Connecticut is actually like bound by all these laylines. Mystic things happening So exactly so in thinking about enchant trysts and I was like well. I don't know if I want to like just take the lazy route of picking someone who's already written like a magic based comic and I was like Holy Shit Lombardo so That's all of my choices. Thank you for coming to my tedtalk over. Dc Comics. If you're listening. There's your pitch right there. I would buy the shit out of that Comex so right like oh we should. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA move real quick here and I'm Gonna I'M GONNA jump over to to Paul. You had a question for me. Which is what is the best dollar been purchase in your collection. And what makes it the best it with a follow up of? Would you consider bagging in boarding it and or mylar blocking to preserve it for future generations? So what what's your thoughts on that question? I have two answers for this and I will again preface this by saying this question was pitched for me about twenty minutes before we recorded. I didn't really have time to dive into my boxes. To define the real hip obscure pick that. Maybe I should but two books came to mind immediately to go with those in a pick them for very different reasons. One is DC comics. Presents number eighty five which is by eleanor. And Rick. H With inks by L. Williamson colors by Tatyana would letters by John Costanza this features my favorite superman story of all time the jungle line were superman teams up with swamp thing and the reason I picked. This is because I had a trade collection called. Dc's the best team ups in DC history. When I was a kid and this was in there. And of course it had the Green Lantern Green Arrow team had flash of two worlds all these classic Silver Age Golden Age Stories. And then. There's this story with swamp thing in Superman were superman. Get Sick in crashes a car that he's driving and gets healed by swamping. It was so strange it looked so different from everything else it burned into my brain was like eight or nine years old read that comic countless countless times. Unfortunately that trade is long gone. I don't have it anymore but I found this issue in the dollar. Ben Maybe five or six years ago and ahead that moment when you see the cover like this is it and I opened it up and it's the panels. Were just so seared into my memories like Oh my gosh this is the comic. I remember so vividly so finding that a dog eared Keno copy were one the staples falling out into the covers. Going TO GONNA fall any minute. It was such an amazing moment of Finance Alabama's like I think like you see it in your hands. Start shaking like oh my gosh. It's actually a physical thing in my hands. You know. It's not just a memory so that moment of finding that is really important to me. I've read it. That's very countless time since finding it again and to answer your second question no it's not bagged and boarded. I like the sort of Dog Years. But you want to preserve it. Paul. What if you want to read it again in fifty years? Yeah yeah good point the second you can find this digitally but again the thing about digging through. Dobbins isn't so much the story itself. It's seeing it. You know what I mean. So yeah very very brief tangent. I was doing online shopping. Going to a you know a store. That's comics. Were selling stuff online and doing ordering through them. And it's so hard to think of what you want. You know. Type it in and try to find it online. The actual act of flipping through issues and a dollar is so much satisfying to me. You know what I mean and my second answer would be Kill your boyfriend. Which is a one shot that grant Morrison wrote in one thousand nine hundred five art by Philip Bond inks by Disraeli? Color by Daniel Vizo in Letters by Ellie. Deville this book I knew existed but had never seen a physical copy of and then finding a dollar Ben was so funny because I found it and go a grant Morrison. I haven't read I. I take it up to the counter at my local comic shop. Mike you know the the The founder of our local comic shop here in Grand Rapids Kirby Yeah he's a kind of is a charming curmudgeon. You KINDA didn't get him on a good day or bad day. You know so and I remember going up to the counter with my stack. And this was on top and he. His eyes lit up. He's like Oh this was in. This is a great comic and he started flipping through. It has like I found a winner. I found her the. Yeah the treasurer in the Bob and the see there so it. Oh my years shopping at the job. I don't think he ever wants look twice at of my comics so I think you probably you found a true winner. Would that one yeah? It's a great issue. Of course again you can find it digitally. It's been collected but I never would have bought a collection that this was a part of you know so finding it for a dollar which is far less than the cover price. Oddly enough It's a grammar coming from the mid nineties. It's not a Meta textual exploration of the nature of reality is just a story about a teenage girl who falls in line with a bunch of near dwells in. It's a coming of age story. It's some parallels to a natural born killers. Which of course is a big part of mid nineties? Pop Culture in Right it looks great Phil Bond Art. It's it's sort of a hidden gem in grant Morrison's Bibliography are you know? His his collected works so finding out for a buck was kind of thrill again. It's not in a bag aboard it's in a floppy lying in a stack in the closet. So that's that's how I do. I mean I know it's the Paul way of doing things as I understand that but my my I guess my follow was was more like. Hey if you wanted to keep this book if you had to go through your your backlog in you had to find some books that you're like I really want to preserve these. I mean would you put these in a bag and board or a mylar block could say like you know what I have this one day. I'm seventy five years old and I've got this hanging on my you know my wall. Maybe something kill. Your boyfriend is something. You WanNa have just plastic wallet. Who knows yeah I mean? I commend your your optimism. Thinking that there's going to be a future. So I mean over here. Just still fixated on the fact that. Paul used the phrase narrative. Well into part of this book. When was the last summer heard? Anyone said that. Like talking to Anna chronicity lear. All over the place today. I am nothing if not an old man so yeah. I guess to get to our final question of the day. I pointed Keira to me so care. Could you read your your question to me and I'll give you my big goal. Answer that I've got. I'm so ready for Your Answer Mike. So you are stuck in a comic Book Universe and all of the rules of that universe apply to you for better or for worse. Which universe are you stuck in plot twist once you find your way out of this comic Book University will never again enjoy reading about it so that that plot twist really shook me? I'll just say well I if I didn't add it. I know you pick marvel and just be an ex-man playing baseball from now until the end of time so I had to make onto eight and a little bit. No wouldn't so it with that. I actually had a couple of different ideas that I was going to approach was. I was thinking like Archie Universe at first because like everything's pretty pleasant like and I'm talking like you know the classic style of Archie words just whimsical and everything's kind of fun and you can eat six hundred cheeseburgers and not get sick. You get a little sleepy but really my answer for this was the sonic universe dishonesty but okay. Yeah Yeah. Yeah so technically archie but not actually in the share Archie Universe Universe because it's cartoon characters. It's nonstop Chili Dogs. No real currency to think of cool leather jackets. And of course I'd probably be of -ducted and turned into an evil rohbock that sonic would have to save. I don't think I would end up being the hero. There's no way that I ended up being better than sonic but at least I have a ton of cartoon friends to hang out with and I'm talking a lot like if you don't know anything about the sonic comics. There is a lot to unpack in university back. there's hundreds of these comics that are out there. I was googling around to just try to make sure that by by pick was going to be a good one and it definitely is. I mean there's multi versus there's time travel like there's the real world our world that we live in today exists in the Sonic universe. Which kind of brings me to the end of my my point. But I'll get to that in a second multi user a big thing there are multitudes of different tales is not knuckles is and Sonics is in any character you can think of. That's in that universe but I think what would happen is as time goes on the super cartoony story of sonic and that universe would eventually turn into the Weird Nineties grunge cartoon that eventually the sonic comics became they went from like these really cartoony strip style. Comex into more of like real world problems were sonic is warping into our universe and saving real human beings from being mugged by other human beings like sonic has no business here sign exposed to run fast each chili dogs and beat up Dr Robotic and that's it and yet for some reason he ends up like the Comics. Go really really far like we talked about it. On a previous episode about crossovers sonnet crossover with like the Image Universe. At one point like all this stuff really comes together these image. Yeah I'm talking like the Max shows up. Spawn shows up. Savage Dragon shows up. It's really fucking weird I I. I'll find the link for you guys. It is in Sane so my thought is that I wouldn't have to find a way out. I think that the universe would fully eclipse each other and become one. And you talked about my optimism about like about things no it becomes a grim dark future where we're living with cartoon characters alongside of US Allah toon town from like who framed Roger Rabbit and like so eventually you end up with cartoon characters who are living real everyday lives. You've got people who are like fortune. Five hundred CEOS. I'm Talking Shadow D. bag boys at grocery stores. I'm talking sonic to sock soccer hooligans. I'm talking knuckles to professors at university like tales or Olympic. Archers like amy rose. There are plenty of sonic characters that could fit into the regular universe. But we'd have to live alongside them and it would be bizarre because they're cartoon antics would still take place even in the real world. So you've got some blue haired hedgehog blasting down the highway at nine hundred miles an hour causing all sorts of traffic and no one can stop him because no one can travel that fast. Nobody else's a cartoon so the reason why I picked this is also kind of just a period on the entire thing if I didn't have to read sonic comics again. Nobody would have to read them ever again. Which is probably better for humanity in general let me Sonic Comic facts? No SONIC COMICS. Are Really Bizarre. I think it would almost be wacky and wild to live in that universe for a while because the the place where sonic lives you know the Green Zone or whatever. It's I don't know enough about Sonic Lord actually be an expert talk about this but I know enough. It would be fun to live in this semi modern kind of fun. Wacky is forested area. That has all sorts of different climates in places you have to deal with Dr Robotic every once in a while but you know that sonic and the is GonNa take care of it so there's really not that much to worry about. It would probably be fun for a little bit. Everyone would be almost grossly optimistic but there are some serious things that happened in the sonnet comics. That I don't know how they got away with them in the nineties like again like a salt in people's stealing things in burbank jobs and all this crazy stuff that somehow fits into a sonic comic that only sonic in his crew of people can save like He. At at some point he eventually has a whole group of people like there's a wall risen there's four other hedgehogs and a rabbit and there's like a time hopping. I think there's a time hopping rabbit. If I'm not mistaken. I duNNo. Sonic comics are wild. But really that's what I would pick because it's it's the most cartoony Zany thing and if I didn't have to read them anymore that's okay. Look I'd have my fun and then I'd be done and that's that's okay. I appreciate your thoughtful response Mike. I couldn't destroy something I loved. Billy I mean as much as great as it would be to live in the melodramatic world of the X. Men then if I left there would be no more of that melodramatic expert for me. So how do I survive? I mean Kari you had your your spot right out. I would definitely just play baseball with the expert and not stop. I mean who wouldn't really and now all I can think of is where is my is my fan fiction. That is x men crossover with twilight so I can get that baseball scene of my head. That's all that I want. I'm sure it exists. Yeah Yeah so anyways. I Dunno that's-that's for this week. I hope you guys enjoyed it out there little last minute planning but I had a lot of fun. Thank you so much for the education care on the silver bronze and Golden Ages. Because I can never keep that stuff straight in my head all I know. Is that the comics. From those different times were different sized comics so have to buy different bags for them if I ever bought. That's the only way I've been able to distinguish them in my head. Okay that's facts. I'm a true comic Fan anyways so last minute thoughts about about your questions or any any responses that you guys want to get in before we wrap up. I mean I'm just really sad that my miniseries pitch is not a thing yet like as thinking. I was like wait a minute. They done this yet. Let's get on the horn with DC exists. I got a direct line to make sure that that gets floated to him in the next couple weeks and Mike confess to you you started talking about sonic in you talking about like Chili Dogs. I was like is he talking about those two offices in the drive through from the commercials. This you're talking about video game efforts by God. Paul took me a while to figure that out. I'm like again. I'm old so I so there aren't really sonic drive. Throughs in the Greater New York Metropolitan area so that frame of reference is not as applicable to people in this area. I think I've definitely been to was sonic three times in my whole life every time I left full of food and moderately disappointed me. Sonic fans as I said anyways. Thank you guys for putting this episode together. It would be less than I really appreciate it. You know you can follow us all on twitter you can follow. Cara CARA SEM. You could follow. Paul Ohi Paul and you can follow me at Mike Revenue. You can follow the show and podcasts where I post on instagram and twitter whenever I can Sometimes I post previews like I did today. This show and our many sponsor only episodes are powered by fans like you unpatriotic on you can join now at Patriot. Dot Com slash. Podcast if you haven't already please take a moment to rate and review the show if I to suggest rating five-star sounds pretty good You can do that on apple podcasts. Spotify horror ever. You listen to podcasts. China's on discord at IRC podcast dot com slash discord. That make sure to tell a friend or two about show. Infinity Shred is the best band in the universe. They do all of our music. I WANNA thank Zander for being an incredible editor and just just a good person overall. He's just such a Nice Guy. He edits the show I WanNa say thank you to Paul and care for being on the episode. This guys are incredible until next time comics are good. And so were you Did you happen to watch that? That were smoke documentary. Those Netflix's last year. I don't think I think it's called Appreciate me when I'm dead or the love and dad or something like that. I remember the exact title but that's really fascinating. I think that's obviously I've seen worse than most movies but watching. That really made me interested in his late career. So it's all about I I I want. We were running so talk more about Orson Welles for second because I really I really like your point is is great because like you start with one of a movie that is considered one of the best films ever made as the beginning of your career. Like what the fuck do you do? Afterwards like in the question is like a lot of weird shit and then you get drunk on. Set your bastard like I think that's the answer but Yeah I think they'll love me when I'm dead. Yeah which the high I haven't seen it. Yeah because it's about making this movie called the other side the way in which is supposed to be this big he was gonna make any never finished it But like yeah again. What's so strange that you start with citizen Kane then you make movies that other people best film critics say might be as good if not better than citizen Kane but aren't as successful. So by the time you get to late sixties and seventies like no. One was giving him money like he was self funding all of his movies. Since like it's fascinating like no one is taking a chance and Orson Welles. So he's doing all the stuff I've pocket that's why he's making commercials for wine. You know getting drunk onset doing commercials and stuff but then you watch F for fake and like do this on another level. He's doing shit that people still think people still trying to figure out like it was so far beyond his contemporaries at that point. You know so yeah. I'm just really fascinated with him lately. So that maybe my next deep dive is to get. We watch a lot of that stuff. Yeah I admittedly. I've think I've only ever seen fucking Rosebud Rosebud. Its new title. Yeah I don't think I've ever seen any of his other movies beyond just citizen Kane I saw says and Kane once and I remember my reaction just being like buck. Everyone's right. This is the best movie. It's not necessarily a movie. I will rewatch all the time but like while watching it was like even I a person who is not a quote unquote movie. Buff can recognize that. This is something special here. It does is so. Yeah so interesting. Because it's so early on in sort of like it's not that really history in their forties so probably the coming thing and it's like the movie. Does everything that you want a movie to do even back then. It's like before people knew what a good movie was like. Okay yeah this is exactly what a good movie as before they've been established and it's fan fantastic. The thing the thing that really struck me in that movie is the sheer size of everything. Yeah right like like it's like it's it's a monument to disguise. Wealth that everything he has humongous. And you can't find anything anywhere and he just got warehouses in massive buildings that like I. I love the that idea of the the the all the sets and stuff. They used as being this unbelievably huge thing as a show of like. That's how much wealth this guy. You don't understand how much money this guy had. And this is the forties to write like somebody nowadays doesn't that's not how they spend their money right. They don't they. Don't just say look at all this land that I can buy it. It's a totally different portrayal of rich like a rich lifestyle but I really enjoyed. It made all the people in the movie seem so small which. I'm sure it was the intent. Yeah right no matter where they went they were never going to be like the right size for this thing because he was bigger than all the like. I don't even know that much of film and I like really talk a lot about that movie. Oh Yeah Yeah. I think that's the thing again that helped establish the way people tell stories through movies. I think before that people are being more literal so the fact he's using visual metaphors. That's kind of brand new. You know and Especially for Hollywood movie. I think Germans have been doing that in the twenty s with expressionism. Bali in Hollywood movie. That's kind of rare and I think so you watch F for fake. You wash them with me like this is a movie about editing because actually a movie about how movies are because it's so crazy edited and so tightly edited. It's like I was watching that. Move Our know how the fuck he did this. He must have just been like on some sort of in phetamine in editing room for twelve hours at a time. Which just cutting the together. Because it's it's mind boggling.

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