LADS#147 - No One Wants To Be Fourth


Brought to you by GS K. If we map the genetics of disease could we change? Its course a GS k we know the information encoded in our genes provides vital knowledge, so we're working with partners to decode using technology like an advanced search engine we can spot the patterns that lead to diseases like Parkinson's or else Heimer because by identifying the patterns that cause disease we hope to transform how patients are treated in the future. No, no. No. Thing of hey, AM, competitor and Martin Frazier. And we are loud Americans discussing soccer better known as last. All right today is Wednesday, April twenty four twenty nineteen from south Philadelphia and Charlotte North Carolina Martin, this might be the saddest episode of lads this year. What do you think we taught to what what the fuck guys podcast justna this up? He goes everything that could go wrong. Just went wrong for everybody in the top four race. And so we're salty sad guys podcast right now kicking off with a bang. I am been a piece of shit that I am and drinking Bud Light. But ice it is delicious. And it was the only thing left in my fridge. So a jumped on that like, why don't rice have how the fuck is you doing stewed? I was just telling you right before the podcast started. I am the busiest fuck and be in the world. I am pollinating every goddamn flour. And ruining my fucking allergies. So weird. That's why because these Bs be fucking. On my nose. But yeah, I've been good. I've been fucking crazy. I'm doing my friend's wedding this weekend or Friday shall at the J. Nicole Jay is a lad supporter. So I'm officiating my fifth, wedding, baby. That's five rings on this guy. I'm like, Tom Brady one more. And I am Tom Brady. I got my first month's rent up in Boston taking care of I got fucking trial going on at work. So yeah, I've been meaning to say like sorry guys. We haven't been really posting them much on the social media mean more have fucking sin. Some of the craziest weeks of our? I mean for me, I know more crazy like, you know, building, you know, some, you know, reads and shit. I don't know what you'd build morning. I. Rigs work good. Okay. I'm gonna give rigs you're making like a fucking monster, trucks and shit. I don't know. But this has been to some the craziest, you know, trying to find a job in Boston. Like, I have a place but new job like it's been fucking stressful, man. But you know, I just want to say that the person shout the Jess who's our website person for lads. She's been working hard on the website. So I'd offer still stands if anyone wants to join in on the fun and help us write blogs and keep keep on the lad stuff go and let me know, man. I'm totally open to that. And that would be that'd be really cool. But I feel about Martin I feel bad. I just feel like I've haven't been in full soccer Premier League MU mode just because so much. It's been going on our lives, and we've talked about that how we've been trying to keep up even though like I turned fucking twenty-five like in less than two weeks. And I'm like fuck like holy shit. Fucking adulthood comes at you quick and fast. And we we had this real sad come together come to earth moment a couple of weeks ago when we were talking about how how wild our lives are in the wildness of the premise season or like, I feel like we're not appreciating this as as we should as we could. So just bear with us as we fucking stumbled towards the end of the finish line. I am fucking stoked for the final five games of the season. I can't believe it's wrapping up so quickly. I'm about to cry. But you're all this has been another fucking fun as year, obviously over till the fat lady sings, but thank you all for sticking with a sticking together. And supporting the leads podcast, y'all. Adrian is about to be over Kevin's about be one year older and the proposed about lose another title everything. Hey. Sounded like a really bad green day song like a proven. April and you're a year older. It's like a blink one eight you song. But those right there get some get some chills. All right. Let's let's throw some headlines. Martin I got an all time line from the one in only on Ibrahimovic. Are you ready for this s? So there's lot in after criticizing the VA decision on Houston's goal in the galaxies two one win. He said, maybe the MLS will punish me. But I am the MLS. So don't worry about it. Fucking like let him the king of earth's like given that title guys. He deserves it. Yeah. I mean, just typicals lot. And I mean, the guy is just a walking quote machine and spot the live Martin. I mean, he is the MLS. I mean, he usually is like I've been trying to follow the MLS. And the only things I follow is like when's lines in the headlines. And you know, I if they find him, I you know, thoughts and prayers to them because their their biggest drawl I saw something today where what's it called the NBA ratings are down because LeBron's not in imaginative slot and wasn't an MLS right now. Just imagine could you imagine? I could not I think I wanted one MOS game this year, and it was the L A galaxy versus the union. So if slot was wasn't pain. There goes one audience member, right. There is lawn is so big them. Oh as can't hurt him, basically as law known them. Oh as the MO as belongs to lot now. And there's nothing that can do and in all honesty. This is a perfect scenario because this means law can shape the MLS ways lawn. Once it ends lawns gonna make pretty fucking great league. If you asked me a bunch of Lawton's running around I'd go to every single game. I would I would I think we'd all be pretty scared seeing a lot of signs on the field. Honestly, it'd be a little low terrifying. But Martin moving into more Premier Li news the list of the players of the year have been announced you'll may name for you. Yeah. So okay. Thank you. Yeah. All right. The players are Sergio guero man city Virgil Van Dyke Liverpool Eden hazard from Chelsea saudi-omani Liverpool Bernardo Silva man city where he surly city. Muhammad Salah are PFA player last year is not on the list. So that would cause a little bit of controversy. Low people are upset with this. But you know, I don't I couldn't see like maybe Bernardo Silva, even then I think he's deserving of PFA player shout or on the shortlist. You know what I mean? So I'm pretty fine with this list. Yeah. Man on the only thing that related me. Trouble on this is like you said Bernardo Silva inclusion on the list. But like I like you said give them a shout. You know what? Even if he comes in last place. The kid is fucking dank at soccer needs been improving this entire year under pennies getting a bigger and bigger role in that Manchester City team to the point where he's almost becoming a crucial crucial player for them in. That was not the case last year. And it definitely wasn't the case in the beginning of the season. So I think I don't think he will win it. I don't think he should win it. But I think it's perfectly all right to get the kid a shout. Put him on the list. Through the Salal exclusion. I personally am not too upset over it. Obviously there is some inherent bias there. But I think when you look at Liverpool season this year compared to last year in the impact he he had it as an individual on the Liverpool success of last year compared to this year. You can see nothing even remotely similar to what he did for Liverpool. This year this year living a more complete team. I think the inclusion of Van Dyke and Monay his absolutely warranted. They are absolutely the better to players on that letter poll team this season. So like, I said not a bad list. All in all let the English decide who the balloon door winners. Because apparently, the French can't do listen the English tan so big win for the British right now. Yeah. The whole I want you had to bring that up. I forgot about Luca Madre twin the bound your now won't fucked up got give it all right? Speaking of one of the PFA player nominees were hime. Sterling had a very interesting quote today where hime sterling on the punishment for racist behavior games. He said for the punishment. I'd call for an automatic nine point deduction for racist abuse is sounds harsh. But which fan will risk racist behavior if it might roll gate their team or ruin their title bid. And then I saw a bunch of. I think it was man you and like city fan saying like I'm going to Anfield next week and being racist. Fuck. So. Shout out to that guy. But. Fuck with that penalty. Dude. I, you know, you know, what if you guys wanna be racist will say goodbye three or four places. I can guarantee you that will shut up most of the racist soccer fans. Yeah. A racist might slip in every once in a while. But I guarantee you after the first time that should happen. Nobody's gonna let anything happen again. Nobody wants to lose nine points automatically for the punishment of something off the field nodding involving the team at all. So I'm kind of a fan for that punishment. It's kind of a strong punishment. But at the same point nothing has been done. There's really been little to no recognition by UEFA, the FA or fee for that matter. I think the FA just launched a say, no to racism, social media campaign, and in all honesty, saying with all the Twitter movements and everything else that ain't gonna do shit in the real world Balkan punish the shit out of the team. In that will cause the racist. Supporters daughter shut their mouths or you know, what keep doing it until the fans turn on him and the fans kick him out, and they're not allowed back in the stadium because of the fans and the police I'm about this rain. You got my vote. Yeah. I think I totally agree with your point everything else has been just like a slap on the fuck and wrist hasn't done anything to quell is that the word stop any of this racist. You know, behavioral games being monkey chance. Be bananas thrown on the field. Be antoine. Greece. Been doing black face, you know, tons of examples, but you know, I imagine a team in the relegation battle getting a nine point. She's Jesus Christ. Imagine if like. Oh, a magic Darby in. I think twenty two thousand nine season they only had ten points to end the season. Imagine at the finish the season with one point that would be a spectacle bar. None. All I. Yeah. Would you have Lincoln weighed? So if you could have this is just like a dumb question, but say they had like, you know. Had only gotten like five points somehow. And then you get a nine point deduction. Could you have minus points? Zero a true zero or can you did lower? I know you can have a negative goal differential were some no can you at two points tallies. Can you have negative points? Because if so. Ooh. My I suggest we start adding negative points to random aspects of the game. You get two or more writing cards over the course of a month as a team, you get a negative one point make it ruin arresting normally fucked up soccer's viewed I think we'd just ruined soccer. But imagine that like day one of the Premier Li next year some team gets them racist drug asshole. And then they started they start off the season minus nine. Get it in the community and they'd going to season minus nine. It's it's fucking born. So normally they're at the top because their names the first now for goals this. But now they're at the bottom with negative non blondes all I could be doing than ABI such shit Homa. God that'd be amazing. All right before we get into the games Martin. I just had one more little little fun stat for you. Are you ready? Leeds united. Went to the champion's league semifinal in two thousand one. This is just a reminder Martin that despite spending a combined two point five billion. Neither PS g nor man city have gone further than Leeds United in the Champions League. Fucking jokes clubs man sitting on PS, g leaders all also squirreling away their automatic promotion to the Premier League. So Kev, we might have to pick another team because leads is our current incumbent when Huddersfield puppies those away. And now we're gonna put our lads curse on them. So quick I feel bad for leads. So they might not wanna come up because they're definitely getting sent back down when we pick them next year from Martin let's start off with we're not gonna start off of our teams. I'm going to bring them Lynn. Let's just talk about the what was supposed to be the big match of the weekend man city versus Tottenham at seven thirty AM east coast time that was a rough one to wake up to Jesus Christ. But it was not the goal fest. We thought it was going to be the match ended one nil Tottenham had a shout for a penalty. But this was a true test for city to bounce back after being knocked. Out of the Champions League. And like, you know, titled like the centurions of last year, they've proven that you know, they're not going to get knocked down there. They're going to get back up that song again down. But I that that's them. That's that. They're good to go there fine. Yeah. I woke up for this before work, and I was hoping for a goal fist to keep me away in in that early fucking morning. But obviously feel folded the youngster the true Manchester City academy graduate opened the scoring in the fifth minute. After a gorgeous ball to guero who nodded across goal for Phil fold into dive on the bag of it. And that woke me right up. I thought we were in for another tree another fucking crazy outing, and it kind of let me down afterwards yet there was action sprinkled through ios open game again. But I just don't think you can go from the performance that city Tottenham gave him Wednesday to the weekend in replicate that. But I thought the biggest story line was the Spurs losing a Hugo Louise early in the in the first half with a replacement coming on and ending up doing a pricky fucking damn good job for the Spurs. Especially in the latter stages of the game when Manchester City was just piling on. So I think this can be considered a huge win for pet. Manchester City showed them that. Yeah. They lost on aggregate on Wednesday. But they are still the better team. They showed the world that yet the Premier League is obviously my bread and butter. This is what I do. And there does not seem to be any signs of letting up leading the foot off the gas in the Premier League for Manchester City, which bodes huge fears for me today Wednesday for the Manchester Darby 'cause I don't think it's going to be pretty we'll we'll get the may just United shortly because the geez. Sus Christ Martin we've got a lot of talk about. But I will say the biggest stand out for me was the unselfishness of Sergio guero in the box because he had an open header in under like Manuel. Pellegrini. I could totally see it just it didn't seem like a guero. Just a lob it off to the youngster Phil photo. And so that was really I was just like no fucking white. Because when I saw him wide open the box. I'm like, oh where was going to score back. Then the easy to see him. Like, you know, just like we'll join over. I was just I was a loss for words. Martin. I didn't know what even to say. I was just like, oh, this is this is the like, I think it finally hit me like this is the pep effect. I think I've finally seen it in action like live. Yeah. And and not managing that the level of Skillet. Took to look at the ball understand where your position is where the goal is read Goldie is in that split second of time decide to not put the ball net. But to pass it over to a streaking teammate. I mean that level of skill is just the Trojans. It's disgusting. It's it's scary and Sergio aggressively almost almost perfected that shit. And obviously that was the goal that put city ahead and kept them ahead. But it was not for lack of trying by sun by Lucas. There were plenty of fucking Spurs opportunities. I thought the Spurs could have capitalized on three to four of them, especially son. I thought Edison didn't much better job in this game than he did last game. But to me, I still think there may be a little bit of concern for Edison. Obviously he has a phenomenal record at man. Chester city. I think he has is leading the clean sheets along with Allison. But his positioning is super fucking for forward. You saw it in the Tottenham game in the week last week in the Champions League. When son got the first goal. How far Audi is? And it looks like son and co were getting closer and closer to hitting the back of their nets and just through personal mistakes or Edison goalkeeping they were camped out. So I don't think city was the dominant force. But I do think they deserve this victory at the end of the day. Maybe guero it was for twenty was a little, you know, had a little bit of schmead who's feeling a little, you know, little lightheaded. What's the so I don't know a great win for city. I don't think Tottenham should be. If you're Tottenham fan. Don't be beating yourself up. I mean, you're into the semi finals of the Champions League dog like. Like, I don't think there's any. Yeah. I don't see you have you know, going back to the ad again. It's it's I mean city losing it at the ad is like literally impossible on her pep and even before about greenie, so Martin let's talk about the other Manchester team we have to we have to. All right here, we go four nil. Everton Man United at Goodison Park. Martin. I'm gonna let you have the floor. What the hell happened? Oh, is it complete embarrassment of from start to finish? I woke up for this game. Accidentally. I thought it was on eleven. So thank God. I woke up at eight in put it on immediately regretted it from the absolute beginning, the Everton infield, the Everton forward in the Everton defence were clearly v first and the second to the ball. They were thinking ahead. They were thinking with stayed with attack. They were thinking out muscle help play out speed this man, Chesnut teams. And they did that from the first whistle to the laugh and in all honesty. It was embarrassing. It was pathetic end soldier had basically that to say in the post game presser. But there are a few instances where you could just see the absolute gaping Foltz cracks in this Manchester United team. One is in the mid field with Fred manage pug combination. It's it's pretty trash it appears that managed cannot only play as the central holding midfielder defensive midfielder or with Andrew Herrera. He cannot play with Martha. He cannot play with Fred he cannot play with Pereira. He James just real quick all she like manage can't track. Anybody like he literally disliked people. It is run by him. And I think it goes it was the second goal that guilty secured since strike if you watch that goal. You can watch the ball being spread out to him on the left hand side of the field. He is the closest clar-. He's about ten yards from gopher cigarettes in and then the to Manchester United central defenders were tucked in behind manage expecting manage to pressure the ball as literally anybody who's played a wink of soccer with no pressure the guy with a ball. But he does the opposite. He sits back he leads cigarettes takes takes face and really get to about five yards outside of the eighteen and Ripa discussing curler into the bottom corner of the net, and that shot should have never been loud to happen. Guilty cigarettes in should have never been allowed to press forwards. There was no pressure on the ball. I don't know why the fuck manage along with the the defenders behind were not pressuring him. If I am a Senator defender on icy my holding midfielder stand off from the other teams probably most dangerous player who is known to have a wicked right-foot. I would be screaming pressure him. Get the fuck on him. And there was nothing. There was no communication. There was no sense of urgency end that goal was in microcosm to the plethora of Manchester. United problems defense split open immediately from a wide spreading ball, no pressure on the ball. Handler no pressure on the ball handler as he dribbles. Eight takes his shot knows chance of deflecting the ball or getting in front of the ball. And it's just the perfect shot to. Hey, could not do anything about that ball. And after that manages felt worse and worse and the United team the United players there's spirits fell. And so did their performance and what I have decided their performance falling funky doing that. There's a reason you are paid big money. It's so you don't get. Affected by your poor spirit. Your performance is what matters. I don't care if you're feeling all shitty. And sorry for yourself as long as you're trying. You're fucking hardest. I don't care if Manchester United loses four zero I really don't if if mansions nodded played the way they played against PS g in the second leg and lost four zero. Fuck it. I do not care at least I know they left everything on the field. But that was sadly, not the case. It hasn't been the case. And I think all the Gomersall are really strikes truth when he says, I am going to be successful for Manchester United. There are players on this team that are not going to be part of that successful team. And I think he hit the nail on his head. I texted you Sunday night after Sunday afternoon after the game. And I said there needs to be a coal there needs to be urge there needs to be a famous there needs to be a vendor's whatever they knows endgame. Whatever that concern. Yeah. More. Well, you know, what I'm talking about where like half the fucking population dies. That's what needs to happen at Manchester United and don't restrict it to the dressing room. Bring it up to the staff level to the executive staff level because I guarantee you when an apple is rotten it as rotten to the core. I read a super fucking interesting article about how the glazers now want to emulate Liverpool and their their success story. So to speak about how they brought in Klopp how they did not target huge superstar names, and that is what does need to happen. But before all that needs to happen. There needs to be a coal pep. Did it when he came to mand city clocked it over the years at Anfield a successful teams? These successful managers are allowed to bring in the players. They want they want not the club ones. Not the board wants they want and. Dorney allowed to do that soldier needs to be allowed time three to four years of not going after the most expensive signing the fucking flashier signing by a fucking Declan rice from West Ham by fucking Michael Keane, from Everton by these kids, these English kids these kids who had proven that they can play in the print and start filtering them in you have to look at this long term. Don't get at it like immediate success like Chelsea Manchester City to extent. They can fucking plugging in play easy peasy because that's how their team was built in the first iteration of city in Chelsea plug in a great manager. Plug in these great players make the system work teams like arsenal Liverpool. Manchester United or much different. They need a solid foundation in if this is the biggest part or biggest piece of praise I can give to Liverpool than I don't know what it is because Liverpool under cloth and under the the family the American family whose name is escaping. My head right now who owns them. They have done a phenomenal job of looking to the long-term looking at the players. They want for the long term that type of culture. And that's what teams like mine and yours need to emulate because we are not Chelsea we are not city. We can't get the best players put system yet. The best coach it has to be thawed out. And Manchester United are seeing all the cracks in their attempts of plug n play over the past year's end and truly that four zero defeat. Pardon me is okay with it fucking show. How shit it is show? How rotten it is fucking time to fix this mess, the Manchester United way the old school way. Not this new age way nominee. Yeah. Holy shit. Martin you just sorry. Sorry. Just sorry to still pent-up Chit. I just I didn't want to interrupt with the same time. Like, I I was just gonna be like, I'll just you know. I didn't know what to do. I was just like, you know, I I wanted to myself. I guess. Yeah. Just to sit here and just fuck myself. I just wanted to, you know, get up on your soapbox. You're off it. Now. I'm glad you got it all out. I think you know. I think you're I think you're right. Okay. Char had come out and had very damning words for the players. He said if you wanna play at this club, it has to mean more, and I think that's you know, from a guy who knows it first hand for what it means. The flavor Manchester United you think he would be the first. No, no. I just wanted to say credit to Everton because they came out that play they showed up they played phenomenally. I mean, I I forget who it was. There was some commentators said when THEO Walcott scoring against you. What are you doing and as an arsenal fan? It's like where to fuck was this and also. Yeah. Like this fucking guy who's supposed to be our next on who. So on res number which I why? Yeah. People forget. Anyway, I am also a bit guilty secrets the fan because he was a swan, and he was from Swazi well weezer mice, Linda, but you know, what I mean? But Martin do you think it has to do like you're saying there has to be this purged this book in great exodus of players. And I think it's being shown because before it was like, oh, it's all marina this Marino's fall. He's the cancer. He's what's wrong. And then soon as soaks are comes in who's kind of like, you know, a part of the club seems like kind of a nice guy. Approachable a player is. Well, I mean, marina was a player by thing. You know, I think so people relate more to soak shar, they actually know his name is terms of legendary status. You know what I'm saying? And there was kind of like, you know, he had that whole was like eight game winning streak or ten that crazy record as manager coming in into the Premier League in the feels like it's kind of the lights gone out. It's kind of deflated and the players of kind of resorted back to like how it was. You know, just what was it like three or four months ago with Marino like three months ago? So I think it's definitely an attitude thing, you know, I think these players are just, you know, not up to scuff. And I think there has to be like you said the gotta go you gotta get. I think I think it was a Gary Neville or in a couple of other United players have come out and comments as saying like these guys don't deserve to wear these fucking jerseys that got a fucking go. Yeah. And I lodge Gary Neville whose commentary after the game. And then some of his other commentary on on a later Sky Sports show. And if you are embarrassing your former players to the extent that this Manchester United team is guys let's talk about sex good sex. Remember the days when you were always ready to go. Now, you can increase your performance and get the extra confidence in bed. Listen up blue dot com. That's blue like the color, blue blue dot com. Brings you the first Shuba if the same FDA approved active ingredients as Viagra and Silas. So you know, they work you can take them anytime day or night even on a full stomach and since they're Chewable they work up the twice as fast as a pill. So you can be ready. Whenever an opportunity arises. 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I just hear about it on the radio like every fucking day. So I know the content right? All right, man. It's fine. Twenty nineteen. Yeah. True. True. Big fan of Mary toe cocoa. But. Gary Neville's point was something that I truly agreed with he went through the Manchester United squad, and basically said who should remain who should go and let me just run through a couple of these names with you. The heya obviously upping stays smuggling. Let him the fuck go Jones. Let him the fuck. Go Linden loss. Let him stay actually encourage them to stay. He's he's trying to become a good defender. Luke Shaw, stay pulp Hauge. Stay madij dawn. Fred gone marchisio. Stay Lukaku, gone Radford. Stay the lawn gone fucking. Pereira gone Alexi Sanchez, gone Malta gone Jesse then guards day, so literally out of this fucking fifteen team fifteen person lineup that went to Everton four or five of them should actually be wearing a Manchester United color, and and that should be a fucking huge warning sign where the common fan like me. And you understanding can absolutely see that fucking Chris Mullin should not be playing in the same defense that Rio Ferdinand played in that that's just fucking that should be a absolute fact mattress should not be in the same position that Paul schools was Lukaku should not hold would Wayne Rooney's position fucking. Fred should not hold Fletcher's position. I I can go through the list that even the worst Manchester United players of the past things need to be. Change in a Manchester United. Yes, bef- before we get to you know, my team are endless. You know? Talk about another red team. We're going to get the arsenal. Who don't you worry? We're going to get the fucking gunners Liverpool with a confident win over Cardiff City who are fighting for their lives in the relegation battle. If you look at the stat sheet Liverpool dominated this every single way when autumn with the ridiculous just fucking hit in the box that ball mice. He'll be traveling in another penalty given to Mohammed Salah, you know, all send out all the dive memes, you one and James Milner who is more clutch than that in between water at the bar. I think I tweeted out that you know, you need that like little lake sneaky water in between drinks because if now you'll just be fucking it'll get better it'll get ugly fast. So you know, it was crazy watching this game going. No, no at halftime. The liverpool. Cool in the past this late in the season or other teams competing for the title would have faltered, and I just never had doubt in them are and they just look so good on the ball. You just could like you could just smell the goals coming. Yeah. Man. It's really awesome. Watching this Liverpool team. In this late stage of of the prim where all stakes are on the line, literally if you draw points, you're out, and they keep raising to the task they keep fucking getting it done. However, it needs to be done. And this game was no fucking different. They dominated this game. And obviously zero zero at halftime, but you could just smell. You could sense. This goal was coming. This Liverpool goal was coming in. And then it just happened. Then the floodgates opened. And basically, that's what Liverpool is so fucking good at just hammering on the opposition until they break, and then they're going to break again. And again, and again, I n and yeah, I just think this Liverpool team is a really really fucking solid squatters a whole from their obvious starting eleven their defense is probably one of the strongest defenses in the premiere. Lead to the midfield to their attack. But also their bench is fucking stacked Rhett to go. Always coming on trying to change something in the game. And this was no fucking different urine. Klopp has also lenders at Liverpool firing hord fast hot. And I it's just get me. Happy. Get me excited to see how the fuck this toddler is gonna end up because right now, both the Manchester City and the Liverpool or rising to task fucking getting done. Fucking scorned. A lot of losses. Lot of pretty fucking goals in lot of dirty fucking goals against their opposition enforcing the amulet forcing this other team to make mistake. And now all the fucking pressure is on city. They obviously play tomorrow Liverpool got their job done they break to this weekend. And I gotta congratulate fucking Milner on being the most. Cluj penalty taker since Andre his pillow, probably even a better than Andre his pure, sure. Sure, I'm pretty sure if James Milner heard that he'd be like ride may don't even put me in that kind of that. Right. It'd be fucking denied he'd be like. Okay. Okay. But I'm not really that. Good. I appreciate it. Like, okay. Thanks, James Milner down to earth. I wonder like how like him and his I don't know if he's married, but how him and his wife would like fight like James. You didn't take out the trash like ROY? I'm so sorry. I'll do that. Now. I don't I can't get mad at that. James? All right. Like, I can't imagine like them fighting and be like James get your feet off the coffee table you stupid. Fuck of right. Love me. Right release. Sorry. Yeah. No. Yeah. Totally right here. I'll go get into offi table right now. Let me go to the store and get us a new coffee table. I've absolutely ruinous one love soiled completely soiled it. Yeah. James is a fucking stand up. Dude. I'm just you know, I'm so excited for I mean, I don't want this season to end. You know what I mean? But I just I want it. It's a game of thrones. Like, I need to know who wins it. You don't he wanted? And but you need to know how it ends, exactly. Like when I saw Jack Leeson king Joffrey tell me how it ends come on. Just tell me how fucking ends, but you know, throw. Yeah. Dude, man. I can't game of thrones fucking vendors endgame. There's so many good things happening right now Jesus Christ. But let's move. Let's know congrats Liverpool. I don't see you guys slip in the rest of the season. I don't I don't mean as upon no pun intended. I'm just saying I see you guys going. It's man cities titled to lose and Martin. We'll get to our predictions on the Manchester Darby, but I I'm very interested to see what you have to say. You don't have to hear for me. Nobody wants to hear what I have to say about Manchester City, smoking, Manchester United. Let's let's move on to another realm of paying Kevin and not my room of pain. Let me side step this fucking shit that I have to deal with tomorrow into what you had to deal with on fucking Sunday. I'm sorry Saturday loose. Arzu sunday. You're right. You're. Ars? No versus Crystal Palace chance to move into third place. And like my dad loves to say or SNL always snapping snatching defeat at the jaws of victory. Kev, fucking added. Let me hear it. It's the hope that kills you. It really is. It's just you know, it's an that's an all time arsenal quo in late. The thing is like I was bragging all year about how fucking gray our home record is just throw that out the window. Just toss it rewrite the fuck in history books. Wipe the whiteboard. This is I just gotta say fuck Mustafay. Like, I'm not going to put all the blame on him. Biggest waste of thirty five million dollars ever Martin like I'm just trying to think of things more valuable. I could get with thirty five million dollars. I could have like thirty dollars. I can have thirty five million peeps for Easter. I'd rather have that. I'd rather have thirty five million double A batteries. Actually, you'd only probably get like ten of those five million. Actually, you can probably get more than thirty five million six if you were to buy looses or you could buy. Like, a normal person and get more than thirty five million or. Thirty million beards. I'm just trying to think what you could buy thirty five million. That would not be missed offi because pretty much anything you buy with that would be more more than Mustafay Jesus Christ. I hate I hate thinking about like the actual price of players because it makes me think of oh shit. How much can you buy with thirty five million dollars? And I just go down this wormhole of thinking what if I could buy a person for thirty five million dollars. You're going to hear something even more depressing. I saw on the news today. Some twenty four year old hit the fuck in mega jackpot lottery for seven hundred eighty million dollars in go fucking. So he's a piece of shit. Yeah. Yeah. They should never leave reveal the photo of whoever won the lottery Gleich. That's my big thing. If I if I ever win the lottery like I'm just going to go hide forever. Because I of course, you're gonna get robbed like that makes sense. But I wish Mustafay would win the fucking lottery. So I can rob him Jesus. Fuck like, so let's break this game down when Ben tech as Gordon against you. Remember him Martin, Ben Peccais? Twenty sixteen Kev. Did he score versus? Oh, he did. Oh, no. Donovan, you know. And then you're like, oh, well Oto gets on the go scoresheet nice one. But it just we just got like dominated this whole game. And then when you have wolford's Czaja James MacArthur right after another just dropped my jewel shit. I'm drinking it with my LaCroix PBR. So oh, I hate you so much more than Liverpool right now. Kevin that's hard. That's actually. That's a full. Hey, it's difficult. But the fact that like we brought it within a goal with seventy seven minutes. I'm still like we're gonna lose this game. Like, we haven't looked gray this entire Madge. And if you just look at like, this is such an arsenal stat line. Are you ready for this Martin? Yeah. We had seventy three percent of the possession. But Crystal Palace had more shots more shots on target. And it's it's so fucking typical arsenal, you know. And I hate to say it. I just you know, there's got to be a lot has to go. I'd like I really thought lane has been doing great for us like our goalie, but he just getting no help I feel like. I I don't even know where to fucking begin with this club. And like I like at least we're in the European league semi final. Which is, you know, saying something like it's like a nice. But like, I really think that this in top four race, whatever you're gonna call. It is just become a big game of hot potato like now, or like, you know, like back in like middle school, you'd be like with your girlfriend like you hang up. No, you hang up. No, you hang up. That's what they're doing right now. But it's a three way you hang up. I. And it's a real shitty version of Dan to it's it's everybody doesn't want to hang up. I that's the problem. Nobody wants to get into these champion league spots arsenal Tottenham Chelsea or United. And everybody's just trying to shit the bed harder than the other teams and ours. No, I gotta say Kev. I was the exact opposite of you. When you guys pulled a goal bag on through ozo-. I was just like okay arts an arsenal was at was called them Hartson like Oso fucking dummy. I myself, I truly did think that you guys would be able to pull a back at least get a draw out of it. Because of how strong you have been under unite entry at home at the emerets. But I truly think that what did you end was the missing of one player, and this is gonna be real fucking shitty. Because this player is no longer with you come the end of the season. I think the loss of Ramsey who you guys haven't had in the past. Fucking hurting you because as shit lung would have it. He has really been coming into his own under unite Emory justify talking bail and who came in who fucking replaced Aaron Ramsey. Fuck L nanny, and then jenkinson featured in the fucking midfielders to. So. So it's it's almost like two steps forward. One step back for our snow and feels like and this is a game. I really thought you guys were going to win. I continue to think until like the eight minute that you guys were going to win or draw. And like, you said Kev, you know, what they say about arsenal. Saying always try law get in God it the IT crowd. Anyway, one of the greatest episodes of the it crowd. God damn I love that show then in between God fucking image winners fair. You know, I just couldn't fucker because my Cox was too big. Simon's mom, stone, cold FOX and the one guy is a pedophile. What do they call? It's so funny. I can't remember what it's going. They either call him a Pedo or or gay, right? Yeah. He's gay. Yeah. God if you ever watch in between just stop what you're doing. I think it's on Netflix such a fucking. Of like three seasons of TV shows every single one is fan fucking tastic if you'd like British humor, it's it's super weird. It's so weird. But it's so funny. Oh my God. When he pukes all over the kitchen, so. After drawing I love you in chalk on her driveway. God guys, if you know, you know. Man that that pains me so much that like Ramsey is. Now, the answer that arsenal needs and he's fucking gone. You know, how much it just so arsenal? Can we please get rid of any all these old Arsene Wenger who thought we're going to be fucking wonder kids and just suck. Like, I get it on any that great goal against Barcelona in the Champions League. We still lost like four one people. Forget. I people about the reality of that game to like, oh, well, people are so still hanging onto the member owned any had that ridiculous strike is. Like yet. Do you know, we got our asses kicked in by Barcelona that game, man? I I really don't I really do like Emory, and I still think he's done a fucking fantastic job with his first season with arsenal. But this is just this is just pitiful this whole away for this whole like getting down on themselves this there so seems to be some lingering winger 'isms this. Oh, yeah. This needs a purge. I mean, the style is still good. I still love how we're playing is. Just like, I think it's just the attitude Sony's like some, you know, someone needs to guess lap on the ass or something, you know. But all right. Let's move on to another team who decide who decided that they don't wanna win in in being the Champions League Chelsea versus Burnley to to affair Gonzalo. He we had the weirdest celebration where he ended up getting his face stuck in some titties. Good good for him. I guess but this was a fucking goal fest till four goals in the first twenty four minutes, and then it just became Chelsea doing every single thing. They fucking canned and try and win this game and just couldn't pull through. So does anyone want to win this or win the top four spot? I don't think so. No, absolutely not especially after those. From in the in the beginning of the game. I was just like, okay, everybody else has lost its only Chelsea chose is gonna fucking somehow sneak in with sake. Sorry into the top four hell, they might even get third place. And I don't even know what to believe Israel, and then fucking my boy Jeff Hendricks scored a rip tastic fuckin- volley from the edge of the eighteen pass Kappa. And the game was on. I was just like okay shit. Nobody wants to win this obviously Chelsea God two goals back in quick succession. And at that point. I was like, okay. Chelsea woke up the games done games. Over Burnley got a back. And I gotta say both of Burnley's goals came off set pieces. Joses defense look fragile the entire game when it came to set pieces. Once again kept my feel like a broken record here. This is. Another fucking team who almost needs a purge date, coal get this is a team that has a bunch of players that are lingering from previous managers. Fuck it. I think some of these players go back three managers at Chelsea. So this Josie team needs to be fixed. I don't know of saris the one to do the job correctly in this game. Again, this should have been easy Chelsea victory. But it was not. And it seemed like Burnley his back to what Burnley does best. Eat worms in defend defend defend and score off set pieces. Fucking welcome back to the big leagues Burnley. I think every time I see Burnley's score off a set piece Martin. I just wanted. I just think of that mean more it's like the hand slapping the nut button. That's me. Yeah. Yes. Bringing me m- humor to the podcast. Yeah. Everytime. Burnley scores off a consent piece. I'm just like. Yes. That's the men to be. Yeah. It's what it's what Burnley does. It's I don't know. I mean nice draw for Burnley. I mean, but Chelsea yeah. There's a whole sorts of problems going on here and alleviates rude who I might say has the same amount of European goals. Top European goalscorer as Lino Lino messy ten in ten just saying. Yeah. I feel like we're gonna look back in two routes going to be one of the most underrated strikers of all time. I'm just saying I really love he had fucking talk. How important it was in the World Cup? We're gonna look back on that ten years from now I realize one we're under appreciated geniuses. And so it is. So is route is World Cup performance. Should put him in the hall of infamy at the very least. He was brilliant, quietly brilliant infamy. I is that the right? I think that's bad. Isn't it? It it sounded right? If you don't know what that is don't Google it. Okay. Just don't stop stop right now. You wanna title Montpellier, FA cups, an arsenal? I mean World Cup. I think the guy he's like, I think the third highest goalscorer in France history or fourth something like that. The guy's a fucking ledge. I don't care. He's the most beautiful man to do it. So fuck all y'all preach. Kevin prank. You. Defend alluvia. Do I got I I mean, I have his arsenal jersey. So I have to. Imagine a Livia in the center of a top three with Alba in lock on each side. I would fuck with formations nut hit the button. All right, good. Let's moshe. It is scared. The Popper Ono song. Paul martin. Let's move into some fan questions. Are you ready? Yeah. I am. All right. This is coming from our Instagram. Give us a follow at lads podcast. This is a question from last week, which I it was sent to our messages not like when they answered the question on our stories. So I forgot about it. But I screamed shot it. And I said I would say it for this episode of here. The fuck I am ready. Yeah. This is from C Molinski. He says guys with the Drake curse striking down yet. Another time. This is from a man city fans. So he's referring to the Champions League match. He says, I think this brings up an important subject preparation. What is the emergency protocol? If I'm scrolling social media before one of my teams games in see a pick of Drake wearing jersey of one of the players on said team. Do I not watch? Do. I not watch the game. Do I just carry on? Do I grab a go bag and just head to the hills of North Carolina and incomplete in completely ditch social media like Martin oughta gather, I don't know. I actually have a better solution than all of those. Although you are more than welcome to join me in my hermit lifestyle. Last push a t the entire game. That is the only metal heat and override the Drake Kerr's pushing t basically makes drank a powerless. Yeah. He he just says baby's name. And Drake's just like, oh, curses gone. Yeah. People forget that Drake. Did a black face. So don't forget. Yeah. So pushing it. Yeah. Push push a called shit out. Yeah. Dude. When you see that? That's just a that's just bad news bears. I just I get the willies chills. And when a team loses in a bad manner. I'm just like, I just wait for social media on Twitter. Just a spam of pictures with Drake with one of the players. It's phenomenal. It's phenomenal. All right next. Question comes from our Twitter. Follow us at lads podcast. Lads underscore podcast, whatever Frank Lucas at underscore Mamo. Chon underscore. I think I said that right? Do. Do you think? Manchester United will lose any players as the rumors are saying, and then he hasn't parentheses pug, Marcio or rash furred. So Marin I'm under the impression you think you're going to keep all of them. I've been hearing a lot. I just saw on ESPN FC today that Marcial was apparently out not officially, but that's like the big hot topic. But out of these three who do you think is most likely I think I was we've seen rumors and whisperings of all three of his players the most notably being punked by Real Madrid rash for to Barcelona and before marchisio signed his his contract extension back in November. It was more Sheldon PS. Gee, I think rash furred is main born Umbro read, I think he's gonna stay. I don't think any club can take him away in all honesty. I think Radford has that old school mindset that that you stay with your fucking club. More shale. He just signed a contract extension in November. So I really don't see him leaving the only player that I could see leaving is Paul pug, and that may be incredibly fucking clear with you. This is obviously gonna create some type of controversy but out of those three players, Paul Pogue. But is who I'm most content with letting go and the reason being is because I know, for fact, Marcus rash, furred bleeds, red he born in Manchester. He's been a Manchester United player is entire life. I know he is fully committed to the Manchester United team and fuck it use all how he played under Louis van Gaal. You saw how he played under Jose Marino. UCLA plays undersoil char. The boy tries is fucking hardest. The boy has played through sickness in injury. I don't see him leaving marchisio. He just signed a contract. Extension logical thinking says he ain't leaving. Hauge? I dunno dude. I could seem leaving in the next couple of years. I hope he sticks around is a huge part of soil Kiara vision. But I think he is most likely to leave, and I'm not all that cut up about it, yet Marshall is an interesting one. I can't read the guy because he doesn't smile. So I don't know. But I feel grassroot will stay in pug buzz, also iffy. But the next question from Belan betted Bennett at Belan underscored Bennett, he said who would you rather have on your team in defense Van Dyke? I guess he's the best need no other options. Okay. I guess this is a pick them so in the midfield. Martin. Would you rather have pug, bud, debris Ericsson hazard or Kante while I guess Conde is is very different from the other those hazard. Yeah. He's hazard plays more on the wing. So I guess it would be between Paul by the pro in Ericsson. I that's that's actually a hard tossup. I would if I could get a healthy, debris. I'd probably pick to Brenna. Yeah. I was about say that if I could get a healthy to broin out. I'd pick the Brown. But this this year has been horrible for him. Unfortunately in terms of injuries. So I got it. I I gotta choose Derek in. Kevin. I gotta choose Ericsson. If I'm taking everything into context, I think Ericsson is the most consistently best player out of all of them right now. Yeah. Ericsson's been top notch men. He's been fucking phenomenal. So I would have to be you know, right there with ya. I think he's just so crucial to that Tottenham side. And just not in creative goals. Just you name it. I mean that little from whoville whoville. Does it all so and then forwards sterling Sante Mondays Salah, Lukaku rasping, son or Lorenza? I think those final few. I'm not too sure why they're included. But I mean, I guess on. But I don't think kitchen giggles. I jus I can I do too for. Of this question to do to for I'm gonna pick sterling and son. No, I like that. I would I would have picked sterling as my number one. I would probably pick sterling in money. I fucking love. There's those two are just so fucking bad ass. I would love to have them on my team. Dear just so dynamic, and they can create it can score and they're just so athletic. It's unbelievable. So. Schindler, dude. Sterling and Monay where son is he's kind of a slower player if that makes sense like he slows the play down where Rehim beats you because he's so fucking quick not just physically, but mentally he knows what the fuck is going on before you do and same with Monay. So just because of a little bit of variety. I'm gonna I'm gonna go with sterling in and sunny. I like it. I like it a lot. All right last question is from our discord channel if you like to join just messages, so one of our social media's our Facebook, which is pop in. I think that's almost up to fourteen hundred. I think you've passed fourteen hundred followers on that Twitter. We've would we just passed the thousand which is wild and Instagram, which you know, that's a lot harder to do social media. But were around five hundred with that join our discord channel, it's a place where people who like the show who like soccer who like drinking who like other sports in American sports, just come out to hang out and talk shit. The question is from Brian Inge Elino, he said, what's the most German name of all time? And I had actually responded in the chat because this is a conversation before and more in. I said bastions Schweiger good boy good, man. You have learned from the soccer garage. Well, Kevin bashed in. Yeah. I gotta agree wholeheartedly. Yeah. I mean. I can't think of a more German name. I mean, that's pretty up there. A couple of people made jokes said Adolf, and I'm like. That's true. A couple a couple of other people. Oh cringes. Mc basketball, one of our discord channel people said the most dusty of all time is close Joan hunter lar-. It is. I mean, put this in the honorable mentions for Germans. Miroslav closer. Good one hitter. She might go. Faulk in Michael Ballack like that doesn't sound German. But by the way, the commentators used to say his name that's on a German shit like black and that cinema lull. Low bit of German fear through me Marin per murder soccer. Great. Yes. Yes. That's that is a solid Germany the cunning stunt said France on Thuan Beckenbauer Beckenbauer. Yeah. Yeah. And Mathis I can't pronounce that guy's name. Yeah. It's Lothar mafiose M A T T H a US with the funny. A with the two dots. I don't know what that's called. But it's called something when they put the fancy like the you with the two dots above it. I don't know what that's called the fancy dogs. Yes. Of course, ES. But I think I think my winner has to be bashing swine Steiger, which doesn't mean pig killer. I thought it did. But I guess not I told you that for years. I. That's such a bummer, dude. Like. Fuck. I mean, but yeah. Bachelors wanting Salgar definitely most German name of all time, we should do that like go through like, what's the most English names of all time? Probably John Terry, John Kerry or a Wayne bridges. Knows that name. Well, don't you boy Heo you drink water? Yeah. Daniels drink water. That's that's a classic British once. God. That's that's so fucking good. All right. Well, guys, that's our episode. We will see you Friday. I will be doing a wedding that day. But Thursday night, we will be with you to cover everything Premier League. Over the Manchester. Darby Marne was your prediction for the Manchester Darby real quick before we close out. Ooh. Three zero Manchester United. Okay. So mantra. So so Liverpool Liverpool fans Virgil Van Dyke. Adequate this week said like they need to do. So. Yeah. Talking about Manchester United. They need to do themselves a favor, not us or whatever. And also so all of Liverpool. My God Martin. I mean, you do want to win this game. Right. Yeah. But I know we're probably not like it's that famous. Would you rather die or be killed? And I I don't know. Kevin. I I really don't know. Would you rather? Would you rather be hurt or injured? I'd rather be hurt because you can play through hurt. I think that's how that works. That's what my old football coach told me, at least, I don't know. He probably lied to me. Yeah. It sounds like a football coach. All right. Well, love you guys. And we will see you Friday. Bye.

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