105 - Nikola Tesla: A Strange and Beautiful Mind


Nikola tesla, a giant field of scientific convention. He created the first alternating current AC motor and was a pioneer in the field of wireless information transmission. He helped build the world's first large scale hydro electric power plant on Niagara Falls. He pushed scientific rival Thomas Edison into electrocuting pets to prove that his direct current technology was better and safer than Tesla's alternating current AC versus DC. Tesla rose from rags to riches and then fell back to rags during his strange turbulent life. He's the prototype for modern mad scientists, stereotype a man obsessed with invention who only slept a few hours a night and devoted himself entirely to his work. He was both a genius who we have to thank for much of our modern technology and also a man who never had a single romantic relationship in his long life, but did fall in love with the pigeon for real. He was a rising scientific star who went from being broken Europe to becoming a success. Scientist in America to digging ditches to become an a highly successful man again, to getting kicked out of one New York hotel after another for not paying bills to making a series of strange claims in his last years about stuff like having built a powerful death-ray Nikola tesla was a brilliant weirdo, Alec weirdos. So let's weird. Let's get real weird and dig into the strange genius of tesla today on time suck. That'd be Monday time suckers. Hey, he'll Nimrod praise bojangles begun loose FINA I don't trust you today. I'm Dan comments. AK the master sucker and you are listening to time. Suck your inside the colts curious, and I hope it feels also right. You beautiful, wonderful. Meet sec. Has anyone told you the you're Purdy today or you are you're super duper Purdy recording in renaissance in an oxygen California's day? I say renaissance, that'd be more exciting. Residents in not as exciting, not ideal, but I have full confidence in the Reverend Dr. Joe pays ability to sweeten the sound back in the Idaho suck dungeon. I'll be back in the suck dungeon this next week, if Nimrod wills it. Thanks to the time. Suckers who came out to Levy live in Oxnard this past week. We've got work to do to build the time. So I following an Oxnard, but the time sucks. Who are their time? Suckers diehards and fantastic. Meet sex. Keep spreading the suck. Thank you for the wonderful gifts trying to get better about poaching your gifts on Instagram. At Dan comes comedy, you spoil me. Thanks also for continuing to review the suck and spread it around the web. Appreciate it greatly next to word of mouth ratings and reviews spread the suck like nothing else reviews on itunes Pacific. Keep the podcast on itunes charts, which is the best way to kind of help get exposure and new listeners also since something you've been asking. 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So Cal October fifth and six at the rec room in Huntington beach. That room looks like an. Awesome place for show. Lindsey will Nabi with me that week, but I'll be there are we there entertaining the shit out of you and then back to the north west at the Tacoma, comedy club, October eleventh through thirteenth. I believe Lindsay will be there that one and then another live Matamoros narcos. Satan is called podcast on October fourteenth. And then those will be by only Seattle area shows this year. The rest of the year's tour dates, Dan Komen dot TV, Columbus, Ohio. Buffalo, New York Spokane, Washington, Saint Louis, Missouri Grand Rapids, Michigan coming down the two thousand eighteen tour pipe, and now it's mad scientists time this tesla time, it's time to light up this electric addition time suck. Okay. First things. First tesla Motors has no direct link to Nikola tesla. He didn't invent the electric car. He never started a car company. The name of modern day mad scientists, Elon Musk, car company is a whole mosh to Nikola tesla though Ilan had nothing to do with the name choice specifically the tesla founders, Martin abra hard. And Mark targeting came up with it and allow mosque was brought into run tesla shortly after those guys Inc. Lawn is actually pointed to tesla rival. Thomas Edison is being more of a personal hero to him than tesla still on old post on the automaker's website. The company did state that without Tesla's vision in brilliants. Our car wouldn't be possible. We're confident that if he were alive today, Nikola tesla would look over one hundred percent electric car and not his head with both understanding and approval. So clearly the all hold him in high regard as they should tesla filed for. More than seven hundred patents for everything from wireless communication to fluorescent lighting in his lifetime. He little long interesting, inspiring life. So let's stop digging around. Let's just get into it with today's time. Suck timeline. Wrap on those boots soldier. We're marching down a time sucker time line. Nikola tesla was born on July ten to eighteen fifty six to Milton and Duca tesla, ethnic Serbians in the village of switch, my guess Megyn leaker and the Austrian empire side of present day Croatia. He was the fourth of five kids with three sisters America Angelina Milka an older brother Dame, his father Milutin priests in the eastern orthodox church, aka the orthodox Catholic church, aka the Greek Orthodox church, and his mother Duca was an altar, boy, kidding kidding. Wrong Catholic church. And I know most Catholic priests on indicates maybe not positive, pretty sure some prison under the kids with the volume of scandals and well documented practice of how you predators, who knows how many Catholic priests do or do not want them less kids today. I'm guessing slash hoping the overwhelming majority do not have any interest in doing that tough times for pre spam. There were stock right now that they would be trading at all time lows. But that's now more talking about today. Tesla's dad is an eastern orthodox priest and tesla later described his mother as a very handywoman around the house who was known for her abilities to make tools and appliances, as well as memorize great poems tesla would also later say, in regards to his mother, my mother was an inventor of the first order, and would I believe, have achieved great things had she not been so remote from modern life and its multifold opportunities. Now's dad was also known for excellent memory ability to write well and his eloquent statements and speeches on Nikola also found him to have an exceptional wit. So clearly both parents despite being academics possessed exceptional intellectual abilities. Both of his parents also had to clear expectation that young tesla would grow to work as a member of the clergy like his father, which unfortunately for them, tesla had zero interest in Tesla's birthplace. Snyder there. I'm seeing a right in the mountains of modern day leaker a rural region of prison day. Croatia was a small village with recorded population of two thousand nine hundred people in eighteen fifty seven. The population has been steadily declining since then was a total of four hundred and eighteen people in two thousand eleven a lot like my hometown, a Reagan's almost the exact same current population. Man, it's like it's like what? The exact same person just two regular all geniuses. One invented a whole bunch of stuff that modern communications technology and so much more is based on one can barely pronounce the words of a single language who often forget what day of the week it is. But other than that same, the area of media has been populated since the middle to late bronze age. It sits across the Adriatic Sea from the eastern coast of Italy too quiet farming community surrounded by low wooded hills with large mountains in the distance, charming and quaint today can find Tesla's childhood home his father's church, which restored in two thousand six, the after the crew. Croatian war of independence. The service museums in the tesla memorial complex. Okay. So you know, I don't exactly have that in my hometown known, no, no museums, known even actually has a street named after me. I mentioned not even the most famous person from Reagan's anymore. Not after a Dallas Cowboys. You know, they selected Riggins a similar high school graduate late Vander edge in the first round, this pastures draft. And then that's a bitch said, he may be hard of me in an ESPN interview. Damn it. So you know, not quite museum level of respect from the from the tiny hometown. Other than that, we're kind of the same. You know, maybe maybe I'll just have to buy my own statue someday. Maybe I'll buy a statue of me just, you know, soft Cox, Rogan just Chica kilo style, the locals will then have to protest all the big deal. Why don't you start juice? Why are you discussed about Russia mortar thatch across three from grade school? Why? It's on petition. Not little of be renamed mood. She could dealer rustling field. It's throwing Russia name. Times of, you know, understand dork Gioacchino things. Typical American prefer football over subversive podcasting in nineteen sixty one, five-year-old Nikola attend school. For the first time. He graduated college six weeks later. That's fucking crazy talk. Now he starts school and is viewed by his classmates as you'd weirdo because he was this. This is how tesla would deliver described himself in early grade school. He said I had a violent aversion against the earrings of women, but other ornaments bracelets pleased me more or less according to design. The site of a Pearl would almost give me a fit, but I was fascinated with the glitter of crystals or objects with sharp edges and plane services. I would not touch the hair of other people except perhaps at the point of a revolver, I wanna get a fever by looking at a peach. And if a piece of camphor was anywhere in the house, it caused me to keenest his comfort even now I am not insensible to some of these of setting. Impulses when I drop a little squares of paper and a dish filled with liquid. I always end up peculiar an awful taste in my mouth. I counted the steps in my walks in calculated, the cubicle contents of soup-plates coffee cups and pieces of food. Otherwise, my meal was unavoidable. All repeated acts or operations. I performed had to be divisible by three. And if I must, I felt impelled or if I missed, I felt impelled to do it all over again. Even if it took hours up into the age of eight years, my character was weak and vacillating. I had neither the courage nor strength to form a firm resolve. My feelings came in waves and surges in vibrated unceasingly between extremes. My favorite line of that was he wouldn't touch anyone else's hair unless it was at the end of a revolver. At first I took the first I took that to mean like he would be holding a revolver now. Now I get it Louis, someone holding revolver him, you know, like would like be forcing him with a gun to test somebody else's hair. But I is even funnier than me just stuff standing. So close to me back away at once my God. Filthy hair almost touched me almost vomited this thought of that. The only way I shall come into contact with your disgusting hairs. If I pressed the cold steel barrel of a pistol against the side of your nasty hit. Also, if you think, man, you know, like the the way tesla described himself as sounds like he may have had aspects while you might be correct. Nikola is strongly suspected by many to have had or syndrome. So what is ask burger syndrome? Well, it's a very unique developmental disorder related to autism and characterized by higher than average intellectual ability, coupled with impaired social skills and restrictive, repetitive patterns of interests and activities. I'm sure we'll suck autism someday earliest. It'll pop up an ancillary topic, like you know, or answer Larry skews me answ Larry topic, like anti vaccinations, you know, the anti vaccine movement that's led to a will lead to a lengthy explanation of autism. If I recall correctly, actually the Victorian of my graduating college class suffered from or syndrome. I truly thought this guy is Zeke. I believe his name was I. I thought he was mentally handicapped for several years. I didn't think he he was even a student at the school. It turns out he graduated with double degree in English engineering. I think it was civil engineering straight as in every single class, nothing. But as the whole time, he's in college academic genius whose who seem to struggle through a casual conversation. I just think it's fascinating how the mind can work fascinating, how how people who may not have the required skills to even stay alive. Like in one generation, like I think about like of Tessa would have been born, you know, a thousand years earlier. His skills would have not helped him out really at all, but then can be one of the most important people alive in their generation. Timing really can be everything a test that was also an avid reader and read so much that his father became concerned about his vision, losing your sight because you read too much is an urban legend by the way, that was what I thought might be true or probably was true until this week according to the fine folks that prevent blindness dot org, although extensive or prolonged reading of fine print can cause is strain. There is no evidence to suggest that it will damage or wear out your eyes. While Tesla's dad believing this myth enough to hide all sources of light candles lamps at cetera to prohibit Tesla's nighttime reading sessions. So naturally tesla being the young inventive genius. He was, he just made his own candles just kept reading away, tested claim to prior to turning six. He'd already fallen in love with the process of creation. It will be the only real love is long life. His first MoMA. Real inventive. Laurie came when he wanted to catch frogs with other boys had no hook. So he's made his own hook which was a considerably better hook than the other boys news able to catch frogs better than they could. He also enjoyed taking apart clocks made himself a pop gun and more and then in eighteen sixty two young tesla dies and is buried and local cemetery in his family won't see him again until he comes back to life in eighteen sixty five. He was able to invent himself back to life. Incredible, fucking truly incredible. An eighteen sixty six. It was revealed that the eighteen sixty two stuff I just said was actually made up in two thousand eighteen for real in eighteen sixty two six year old tesla and his family moved to nearby town of gospels on present day Croatia, whereas father continued to work as local priest and tesla continues education through middle school. Yeah, goes goes pitch these words. I, I missed a few pronunciation next to him, but goes pitch man. Their their tricky serbian-croatian words was bit larger at a two thousand eleven population recorded at twelve thousand seven hundred and forty five. And while no exact figures given for its eighteen sixties population seems likely based on what other stuff I read five, ten thousand person range rains a lot and got goes pitch most of the year snows loud during most winters. Sounds fun. Sounds like it sounds like a good place for a young inventor to grow up because it sounds like someplace was really fun to go outside. The areas has been settled since. The stone age as long we look to his area for avid outdoor recreation, hunting fishing, hiking, that kind of stuff. Rest near the leak river were tesla would have a near death encounter. He claimed that a vision ran through him just as he was near drowning from exhaustion the river, and then he could clearly see how to maneuver himself to alleviate the force of the water and provide the necessary reprieve from his struggle to early sign of genius. He had this weird just very clear vision of like on, you do this, and then this and the NIST not drown on worked eighteen eighty three when Nikola it was only seven. One of those life defining moments would occur. He would witness his older brother. Dane die test is older. Brother Dane die by falling off a family horse, and some accounts indicate. The tesla may have inadvertently contributed to his death by spooking this horse. One account says that tested caused the horses spook when he uppercut it in the dick and then grabbed onto his balls with both hands and just yelled. Yeah, yeah. So Chow. Yeah, more. Stories place a lot of doubt on that account because it was made up by me and I wasn't there or alive even to see any of that. Well, whether he act only contributed to Dane's death or not, what's known for sure is that tesla adored and looked up to his older brother and after his death, he felt though that he could never live up to the potential of his brothers talent. Perhaps his brother's death actually helped contribute to his relentless pursuit of technological invention. Later in life, tesla would save his brother years later, I had a brother who was gifted to an extraordinary degree. One of those rare phenomena of mentality which biological investigation has failed to explain his premature death left my parents disc. You know inconsolable and also he says, I witnessed the tragic scene and although fifty six years have elapsed, since my visual impression of it has lost none of its force. The recollection of its attainments or the recollection of his attainments made every effort of mine seem doling comparison. Anything I did that was creditable merely caused my parents to feel their loss more keenly. So I grew up with little confidence in myself. That's pretty incredible that you know all you claim that the tesla would get throughout his life for just being like a very, very, very intelligent person. He still thinks years later that his older brother Dame was more intelligent than he was crazy. That is true in eighteen seventy fourteen year old tesla move to the roughly fifty thousand person. Croatian city of Colo, votes on the Austro-Hungarian military frontier at the time to continue his schooling at the higher real gymnasium. And no, he didn't go to school in Jim. I was just studying dodgeball, badminton, Germany. Some schools were and are called Jimmy. Ziems classes were taught in German tesla became enchanted with physics while there he lived with one of his aunts on her husband, a retired military Colonel also claimed that he spent the entire time in a torturous level of near starvation due his aunt's insistence that he only eat a little bit due to his delicate constitution. Sounds delightful. Aside from the constant level of borderline starvation, he found his time there. It'd be pleasant. He found his aunt and uncle kind refined generous. It's a weird description. There were great. They were kind generous. Always trying to start me was the one kind of off. One thing I didn't love was the almost always just kind of being almost starved other than that, I mean very refined at kind generous, huge every spare moment to learn and move ahead and accelerated pace graduate in three years instead of the standard four. It was also during this time that became a Navid with the study of electricity the area of innovation. He would arguably contribute the most to an eighteen seventy three seventeen year old. Recent grad tesla would nearly die application. A cholera cholera after returning to media damn dirty water. You know, as soon as he's done with school, what a, what a graduation gift that is you get a little Colorado, your system. He'd be bedridden for nine months in a desperate attempt to help alleviate some of the pain of tesla suffering his father promises, Sunday who'd be sent to the best technical school in the world to study engineering if he could only recover. So tesla was the rare person to get something good out of getting a cholera. If you don't recall from the Donner party, soccer didn't catch that one. Cholera is disease spread by bacteria in contaminated water to water disease, and it can be fatal in mere hours if untreated cholera symptoms as quoted from the mayo clinic's website are diarrhea diaries. 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Okay. So now back to tesla, having a shitty cholera field life and eighteen seventy three. His big accomplishment that year. Was not dying from cholera in eighteen seventy four according to some sources eighteen year old tesla, head south to the small Serbian village of Tamang. Gosh, a tiny village of less than fifty people today. Not sure if I pronounced that one correct because there was no pronunciation for because no one in the world gives a shit about that village right now what maybe fifty people tops living out a fucking woods. That's where he went into void being conscripted in the Austria Hungary, military, according to Tesla's autobiography, he didn't move to avoid joining the army. He was just a two week still recovering from cholera, which sounds like you know a probable his father insists that he spent a year regaining his health physical activity in the natural setting of the mountains. Either way he did spend about a year's time hiking reading, reflecting and planning. Mark Twain who later went on to become a friend of his was one of his favorite authors the following year in eighteen seventy five nineteen year old tesla move to the small several hundred thousand persons city of Grottes Austria and began attending Austrian polytechnic. On scholarship founded in eighteen eleven to school still operates today and is known as the Grottes university of technology Tesla's drive and borderline obsessive desire to learn and impress his parents. Let him to complete nine exams nearly double the requirement, starting ethnic Serb club on campus and earn the highest marks in the school will never missing a single class in his first year crushed his first year. He also started his work at three AM each morning and continued working until eleven pm each night, seven days a week, even on holidays. And now we've reached the point and auto biography of of great notable historical figure where I feel like a week whining. Why do I even bother trying pizza? Shit? Like I pride myself on hard work with good. Got four hours of sleep a night every night. No. After about three nights like that and all I start feeling highly mentally unstable after week. I feel very fragile. Emotionally. I start worrying about dying lot atrophy weeks start getting nosebleeds started thinking the deaths downs. Fantastic. Six hours a night I can do for a while, but even that doesn't feel healthy eight, eight hours of sleep for a few nights in a row. And I feel like a borderline superhero tesla was a machine and he would actually get as we'll find out even later sleep less than later on his life or even Leslie later on his life. So I had to like try and look listen for a second there. I apologize if there's any sound difference in the room right now. I've turned off of my wife and I were talking about this, Lindsey, there's this weird thing that I don't know if it's broken with the air conditioner, but you can turn it off all the settings to off and turns out for a little while the news like a little bit later. It's like, you know what we're going to be on again now. So that's fun. But he probably heard about Joseph is now, so I'll just anyway, I'll shut up about it as impressed as I am with Tesla's. You know, work ethic his father at the time, did not seem to be impressed. He returns home from that first year school where he just dominated he's now a recognized scholar in his dad made dismissive comments about feet, crushing tesla. Dad just didn't seem to care. However, years later, after his father died tesla, found letters from his professor that expressed great concern over Tesla's obsessive nature. They have written out of worry for Tesla's health and had advised his father to remove him from the institution before he literally worked himself to death. So it's possible that. Was dad just didn't want him courage, his son to watch yourself to death. Also possible father was addicted Bosley, but but probably the thing that would just of concern. I mean, that's crazy. When you're like the valedictorian, you're crushing school, but then the professor like I don't think you come back like we, we think that he's probably gonna die, becomes back to do just will not go to sleep like we, we're encouraging him to study less. He's the only student in the history of the school were like man fucking take it. Easy. Have a drink every now and again, relax when test the returned to school the following year eighteen seventy six. He was just heartened by his father's lack of apparent pride or even approval in his accomplishments, and he started gambling lot. Not taking school seriously this year play most card games. Also some billiards games he'd bet on and he ends up losing his scholarship. Just dammit. Even geniuses can't consistently win a gambling. Very depressing observation for any would-be gamblers. During his second year polytechnic. You also begins to question is professors. He's outgrowing their genius, and they're not intelligent enough to appreciate his. So it's becoming less and less of a good fit. In eighteen seventy seven things get even worse for Testa. His third year, he sinks into a failure. Even further continues to gamble, continues to lose and actually loses the money he needed for tuition and the money needed to live on. Luckily, he was later able to recoup the loss through even more gambling and repay the debt to his family. So you know, gambling does work, Yay, gambling. But all of his distractions with gambling led him to being completely unprepared for examinations, and he was denied an extension to take them and you got no credit for the for the courses. So boo, bad gambling. Tesla would later credit. His mother for helping him. Finally kick his gambling habit. He'd write one afternoon. I remember when I had lost all my money was craving for a game. She came to me with the role of bills and said, going, enjoy yourself the sooner you lose all we possess the better. It will be, I know that you will get over it. She, she was right. I conquer my passion then and there and only regretted that had not been a hundred times a straw. Long. I not only vanquished but tore it from my heart. So as not to leave even a trace of desire man, mom guilt, one of the most powerful tools of persuasion in universe. Nothing. Nothing like your mom confront you with not anger, which is utter disappointment in who you've become as a human being to make really think about turning to shit around after my mom confronted me when I was accused of stealing stuff from the grocery store. I worked in high school which I denied doing even though I did do it, she looked at me and she said, I know you couldn't have done something like that. But she looked at me in a sad way in a way that like I knew that she knew that I did do it. I just saw the disgust and just utter disappointment, like failed as a parent that look in her face never still anything again, other than some street signs of college, but that didn't feel like stealing. Even though I got charged with city theft that was more anarchy. I filed that under anarchy. I find that under crazy pranks anyway. Tesla's stop gambling. However, he didn't recover at school instead of returning and taking his exit exams in eighteen seventy eight. He ditches town in hides from his family. Yeah, he was shamed himself in December of eighteen seventy eight. He cuts communication with everybody knows moves to Meridor currently the second largest city in Slovenia at around one hundred thousand where he worked as a draftsman shamed himself. You so shame. He didn't even mention this little period years. Many years later in his auto biography in March of eighteen seventy nine Tesla's father finds even Mirabeau bore pleased with him to come home. Sadly tesla refuses ends up suffering. A nervous breakdown only to be sent home a few days later when he's unable to present proper residency documentation to local authorities and is essentially deported. He moves back home to goes pitch will the following month, April seventeenth Tesla's father dies. He was sixty years old and his health failed in the face of an unknown illness, possible stroke, curious, timing makes you wonder if the stress of knee. Cla hiding from his family led to, you know, to him having a stroke, possibly, you know, you kind of killed two family members now who who knew this would be a true crime. Stereo killer podcast episode Hailu Safina tesla was a mode. Era. A Twenty-three-year-old tesla remains goes pitch for the rest of the year, teaches it his old school in January eighteen eighty. Two of tests was pool or funds together and pay for him to go to Prague to continue his education. Unfortunately, he misses the enrollment deadline is unable to do so and then both fall into financial ruin and take their own lives. Mood era, tesla has a mode Araya. Now he's uncle junior's thing. They're both Gerald disappointed in him. Sure. There were numerous talks about not living up to his potential, you know, maybe lecture about, like, do you want to kill your mother to? Is that what you want? Do you want to hurt? Also dive embarrassment? Is that what you want you murderer? No. In addition to missing the enrollment deadline, tesla also lacked some prerequisites for enrollment. He wasn't literate and check or Greek is was required. He ended up sitting in on some philosophy classes but never received credit for any of the courses taken and their nineteen Eighty-one testimonies to Budapest Hungary gets a job at the Budapest telephone exchange. Now, phones are brand spanking new. At this time, Alexander Graham Bell had only made the world's first telephone call five years earlier in eighteen seventy six in Boston, Massachusetts in the system itself was not operational yet upon his rival. So he was put to work at central telegraph office as a draftsman within a matter of months, he was promoted to chief electrocution. So hey, things are looking up. He's chief electrician. Now he's on his way right wrong. Now he'd have a nervous breakdown in his autobiography. Bell recounts. Nuts. Excuse me about test the recounts. Having a complete breakdown of nerves at this time, his sight and hearing were amplified to excruciating levels. He claimed to suffer so much from his hearing that he could hear the ticking of a watch three rooms away and flies land on tables with a thud. The sound of distant trains were unbearably painful. He claimed that in the dark has senses were reminiscent of a bat. He could sense objects, twelve feet away when the with the peculiar creepy consensus in his forehead. And he said his heartbeat vacillated to became twitchy and physician seemed unable to help him. Luckily over the course of the year, these symptoms faded and he was able to regain his health. Yeah, he's, this is this is something he would kind of, you know, you'd put himself you hard and then have little breakdowns kind of a kind of one of his things in eighteen eighty two tesla moves to Paris and opens up a bagel. Shop the end. Thanks for listening. Everybody is a hell of an episode day is the best the best? No, he goes to work for the continental Edison company. Begins working for his future. Nemesis, worked on a project involving installing incandescent lights and buildings around the city. This was completely new process and he quickly became an expert in electro engineering, and then he suffered another nervous breakdown little one. And then he's back. He pushed himself to bring a sanity once again collapses. Then back again, you know, this is that's his style man all or nothing. By the way, the now twenty six year old has yet to go on a single date, not one, not one romantic encounter. A few scholars thing. Tesla was a closeted homosexual. Most thing to do just didn't have an interest in sex at least not an interest that was stronger than his obsessive interest in technological innovation. Just no time for boobs began. LUSA FINA got an equation. Boehner I gotta satisfy. A rub went out to these numbers sex numbers, math, and wires, and sparks and thing diggers feel so good wanna rub some of these gizmos and gadgets ding-dong. That was probably what some people would refer to as a bit much. Also eighteen eighty two tesla was a out of the park one day with a friend while he was reciting foster as nerd sometimes do. He was struck with the idea of how to solve a problem, creating an utilize alternate alternating current AC power after few years of working and this is this is going to be like his thing that he folks from most of his life after a few years of working for the French branch of Edison's company. Wanna test the supervisors, Charles Batchelor get sent overseas to the US to run Edison. Machine works New York City nineteen Eighty-four, and he recommends a tesla be brought along with him. His recommendation is accepted and on June six, eight hundred four tesla arrives in New York City and begins working for the company on Manhattan's Lower East Side. And then in July. Tesla has another nineteen nervous breakdowns. He does not just keep. I keep expecting them to have more. He does have a very stressful trip. The US trip is buzz nightmare. He had his ticket luggage and money stolen. We'll try to get to the ship then then we'll after he finally gets aboard a mutiny breaks out during the trip, nearly resulting in tesla being thrown overboard. When he finally makes it to the US he, he literally has four cents left in his pocket. He also has a few poems and a handful of other belongings and thank God. He also had a job waiting for him. I think for second about how much better travel has gotten in the past few centuries. I know we've talked about this before, but he, no, he almost got thrown off a fucking ship during a mutiny. I haven't heard of a single mutiny happening on a passenger ship in the world in my lifetime. It's just like like laughable. Like, can you imagine some carnival crews, seventy four people died on the carnival crews ship in the Caribbean this afternoon. When there was a mutiny board, it's insanity. Thinking about the void is I talked to in the about in the immigration subject. People dying on the on the boat left and right nineteenth century nearly that long ago and travel lot better. Like I've flown one hundred times as point, literally several hundred flights easy. Now, one death that I know of now not one medical emergency series now to even have the plane land in an airport. It wasn't originally intended for seems like every trip during Tesla's time. And before we just filled with death and despair. So you know a little little bright spots. Takeaway this episode as annoying life can be sometimes way better. Now, way better. Tessa was initially unimpressed with New York America. He'd write what I had left was beautiful, artistic and fascinating in every way what I saw here was machine rough and unattractive. Tesla was impressed by Edison. He found him to be a wonderful man, and he respected how much accomplished despite not having any early advantages or any scientific training. His opinion of Edison would soon change. Quick few words on Thomas Edison. Thomas alva- Edison was an American inventor and businessman. Born on February. Eleventh eighteen forty seven just nine years before tesla in the little one thousand person town of Milan, Ohio just under sixty miles west of Cleveland. His mother taught Edison at home, so home schooler. Oh boy, much education came from reading RG Parker school of natural philosophy in the Cooper union for the advancement of science art at it's an also developed hearing problems at an early age. Another disadvantage, the cause of his deafness been attributed to about of scarlet fever during childhood and recurring untreated middle ear, and Becky wasn't completely deaf. Just had some hearing loss. He later sold candy and newspapers on trains running from point or port skews me her on Michigan, Detroit still vegetables to supplement his income as young man. He studied qualitative analysis and conducted chemical experiments on the train like a young genius does later. Edison obtained the exclusive rights to sell newspapers on the road, the first venture and Edison's long streak of entrepreneurial success. He'd found fourteen companies over the course of the life. Including General Electric, which is still one of the largest publicly traded companies in the entire world. He was one of history's premier inventors developing many devices, a greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph, the motion picture camera the water balloon and the long lasting, practical electric lightbulb. Dubbed the wizard of Menlo Park. He was one of the first inventors to apply the principles of mass production and large-scale teamwork to the process of invention. And because of that, he is often credited with the creation of the first industrial research laboratory man. Oh, and he also did not invent the water balloon. That was nonsense funny if he did though funny, funny if he did, and if it was also considered one of his finest in benches, we award the Nobel prize to none other than Thomas Edison for his pioneering work with water balloons, joy brought to the lives of millions of children, cold wet anguish also brought to the lives of millions of children. And of course, the occasional eye injury. Edison and Tessa would soon become intense rivals. But you know, it's not a, it's not Edison suck. So fuck it. It's in right now. Back back to tesla while working frozen tesla was tasked with repairing malfunctioning. Lighting board. The s s Oregon, a record-breaking British passenger liner that was the fastest ship to cross the Atlantic. In eighteen eighty four. The organ was delayed in its sailing. Due to this lighting issue. Edison was irritated by is it was a difficult task through the way to system at originally bins to all of these, having trouble figuring how to fix it. And then tesla shows up and fix it less than twenty four hours works around the clock. He goes in for work. One morning stays until the following kind of early morning and then has the problem fixed and walks home while walking home tesla encounters Edison by chance is Edison and others or heading home from a night of drinking. Edison makes a comment about tesla being out all night as well. A reference to party or whatever Tessa corrects him and explains it. Now he just stayed up and fix that problem with the says, Oregon, good. Now, Edison didn't say anything. Just just kept on walking with his friends, but tesla apparently overheard him in a short distance away. I say the tesla was a damn good man. And then tesla and Edison continued to work well together for about six months before tesla abruptly quit over essentially, what amounted to a bad joke. Shortly after fixing the SS Oregon Edison told tesla, he'd paying fifty thousand dollars for improved design for some DC. Dynamos has direct current electric generators. Dynamos were the first instruments used as electrical power suppliers after months of long nights, experimentation, tesla presented Edison solution to his dynamo problem, and when Edison liked it, he asked for his fifty thousand dollars and then Edison allegedly said tesla, you just don't understand our American humor, you know the whole house. I was kidding about that. And then tests I got super pissed and quit. Now, I'm sure there's a bit more to the story than this, but, but that's the gist. I bet Edison was not joking as much as he probably didn't think that tests could actually fix it, you know? So you just throw out some crazy talk like, oh sure, yeah. If you can fix whatever you fifty thousand dollars and he actually fix it, he's like, oh, shit, pretty. Ballsy for tesla to walk out over that considering he'd only shown up less than a year earlier in a country where he had zero relatives, anybody except for that one business connection, and he had four cents in his pocket. Also, tesla tried to convince Edison to switch from using direct current DC to alternate current AC power while working for him. But Edison was not interested. This disagreement over which type of current to us define a longstanding future rivalry between the two early the following year in March of eighteen eighty five twenty eight year old test that would launch his own company. It was called the Thomas Edison can lick my Serbian ass Inc. No, it was called the tesla, electric light in manufacturing company, tesla, try to patent an AC, aka alternating current arc lighting system through Lemiel, w Sarel Edison's patent lawyer, and he went on to set up a meeting with Robert lane and Benjamin, Vail who were convinced to fund Tesla's endeavors. This is how tesla electric light and manufacturing was born. Tessa works on this arc lighting system and also earns his first patent in the US for an improved DC generator, which drew praise from fellow innovators. Unfortunately, despite his praise tested couldn't rally financial support behind his alternating current proposals. And he struggled together investors and he ends up sell selling patents to the company itself exchange for stock in anticipation of great success, but that's success doesn't come instead his investors pull the plug. The business is deemed too competitive for them and they move in another direction and now less than a year after leaving Edison's company Tesla's broke and doesn't even own the patents for his own inventions. So tesla spends a better part of eighty five and eight hundred eighty six working odd, electrical jobs and digging ditches. For two dollars a day. He would describe this time of his life with the phrase, bitter, tears, holy shit. He can you imagine that type of quick fall like you work in Paris for a few years work your way up. You become a rising star, doing a good enough job at your company that you're brought over to New York City to their headquarters. We are mmediately impressed. The founder of the company, then you quickly become a top researcher, feels like a like a, you know, like definite financial success laze in your immediate future. And then over a miscommunication regarding the centrally a bonus, you walk away launch your own company lineup, potential investors. You're feeling like a million bucks, right? It looks like it's the right move to leave. Success is right around the corner. You know, just this'll teach you Mr.. Edison get ready to place your lips on my dairy air Thomas. I'm going to bury you Mr. Edison. I'm going to fucking bury who we will find out how much you enjoy my Serbian humor. And then a few months later you're flat broke, no lucrative job prospects, and you're literally digging a ditch to put food in your stomach. Just shoveling dignities thinking about Thomas Edison, still out there kicking ass. You know, just damn you. Mr. Edison, Tammy, who I bet you expect me to beg for my old job back, take it back and half pair. Okay. Get these, these blisters, killing me one. If he would give me my job back God, please place Thomas please. Please give him my job back. Fragile you know that I'm fragile, delicate spine Colorado that time I I would delicate mind dying this ditch Thomas please. I'll die in this ditch an eight hundred eighty six while he doesn't get a either a new job or as old job back, he does meet Alfred s Brown a western. Nyan superintendent, and you also means New York attorney, Charles f peck and these business partners are intrigued by tests ideas enough to offer him financial backing and helping the handling of of his patents the following year. So in April night 1887 these three men, they formed tesla electric company. They split profits equally amongst themselves with a third going each man and they build a laboratory a laboratory for tesla eighty nine liberty street Manhattan, so so come back around back Mr. Edison. I'm back the next time I touch a shovel will be the burial, cold lifeless body. I'm murdered my brother and my father and in time is so shall modo you for I am a mother, her. Tesla's alternating current induction motor starts to take off in both Europe and the US and eight hundred eighty seven serves long distance high voltage needs. Well has a simple self study. Design generates a rotating magnetic field does require commuter doesn't require the frequent maintenance of other Motors. They use mechanical brushes the navy to eighty eight test the receives a patent on his AC motor peck and Brown worked to have it advertised in the press and seek to showcase its improvements over other existing options. Basically, they wanna show the public that it's better than Edison's shitty design options. And that pisses that is enough. He'll soon go to insane lengths to show that his favourite DC current vastly superior to test AC current. He's are highly competitive times. Given the giving the control to trysofi was it was a new and rapidly expanding field in high demand with vast fortunes to be made Westinghouse Edison and Thomas Houston with the three current heavy hitters in the field. And then I may sixteen to eighteen eighty eight tesla demonstrates is motor at the American Institute of electrical engineers, news of his invention travels to George Westinghouse the owner of a one. Eastern house, electric manufacturing company. And then by July of eight hundred, eight Brown and peck strike a high end deal with Westinghouse for the license of Tesla's AC policies, induction motor and transformer designs. The deal was for sixty thousand roughly one point, five million today royalties of two fifty at sixty two dollars and thirty cents in today's dollars per AC horsepower produced by each motor and stock in the company. Tesla was also given a one year contract, right? Westinghouse where he would receive the equivalent of fifty thousand dollars a month in today's money as payment as a consultant for the Pittsburgh left. So not bad man, not bad at all. He is not in the slightest bit concerned with digging ditches. Now, the only ditches now probably daydreaming about is that one to bury it, isn't it with a shovel, made a fucking solid diamonds. Things are looking at for tesla, but then Edison comes back into his life and ruins everything again by taking the first shot and we'll become to known or what will come to be known as the war of currents nerd fight. So here are the basics of the war. Of Currence tesla was arguing for an advertising. Alternating current AC. An Edison was utilizing in promoting direct current DC and one day during a heated argument, they kind of did one of those chest bumps dude. Sometimes you like chest to chest and when they did their penises touch tip tip, and that's how Angus young was born. And that's how the band ACDC came about. And that's what the song back in black is really about if you pay close enough attention to the lyrics. Back live on the sax and touching tips, electric man. My dad's, I'm a magic hand, sprung forth a smoke after two tip on something like that. And I'm back him there in this tip to tip. Okay. Now for that nonsense probably painful for everyone. No beginning in eighteen eighty eight Edison really did kick off the war of currents with tesla tests are really did advocate. An alternating current method of electrical fulfillment. Edison really did advocate direct current method. The current or electric charge only only flows in one direction in the case of direct current, but an alternating current electric charge changes direction periodically, not only current, but also the voltage reverses because of the change in the current flow, which is better well, in most instances, while better may not be the best word. Alternating current has been more efficient and cost effective over the last century and change. Direct current has been more difficult to transmit over long distances because loses little juice along the way has to be kind of reboosted and upgrading to higher or lower voltage requires extent expensive circuitry. Alternating current could be more easily transmitted over long distances can be also conveniently converted to higher or lower voltage using transformers, which are essentially a cold coiled. Wire that steps up or steps down the magnitude of voltage, those power lines. You see, taking like trysted your home around your neighborhood. Those in all likelihood carry AC power. However, this is change in some parts of the world in recent years were more efficient. DC power transmission techniques are being developed. Also portable battery powered devices that just laptops and cell phones use DC direct current power. How do they convert your home's AC power to DC power? Well, you know, the little black box that is part of your battery charger or like a little white box. If you're an iphone user that you know that little with actually the plug goes into that little tiny white square well, that that box will square thing, whatever. That's an AC to DC power converter. Now, obviously, there are more differences of variety of other bandages and disadvantages, and we could get way too bogged down in unnecessary details for today's narrative and put everyone to sleep. We're not gonna do that. I guess the main thing to know is other than the basic explanation I just gave is that during the war of currents Tesla's AC was actually the better choice. It costs. Lesson DC and despite Edison would say and try to prove it was not more dangerous. Both a c. n. d. c. equally capable of producing enough voltage to shocked her dick and or tits off. Okay. So the following the law getting into this war of current good, good historical reminder to not believe the hype all the time just because all your friends and family and media might be telling you something that doesn't mean it's true marketing marketing often mixed with so much disgusting blatant lies and manipulation. It's okay. So so eight hundred eighty eight Edison too big deal. He and his company are already various Alvis in phila- Christie's make a shit ton of money off his technology, and he wants to keep making that money and he's put all his chips, you know, or all his eggs, I guess in the DC basket and after developing the first incandescent bulb in eighteen seventy nine, he supports direct or supported by direct current. The new lucrative electricity market has opened his arms to him. He's print money. His invention was guaranteed to change the world. His eventual with godlike. Hold, just let there be light, revolutionary phenomena, Edison. While quick understand that its venture was guaranteed success. Also nude had limitations. You know, it's very smart guy. He's jeans himself. He knows it has limitations on being used over long distances and when former ungrateful employees, Nikola tesla shows backup starts strongly offering an advocate, and it's cheaper AC, you know, kind of a know method of transmission. He's not happy about it. He's not happy about it. And so he becomes a short, a ruthless line, mean-spirited Astle to try to turn public opinion away from alternating current or maybe he was already that kind of person. You just revealed his true nature to the world. Now, Edison launches a very mean spirited propaganda campaign that's wildly effective. He consistently presents Tesla's. Alternating current is being very dangerous and unreliable. Edison actually stated at one point just as certain as death Westinghouse, which is Tesla's AC system will kill the customer within six months after he puts it in a system of any size. He knew this wasn't true. You don't really see companies do that anymore. By the way. Can you imagine if the CEO afford showed up in a commercial just said something like, go ahead by Chevy. And then when it hit someone and you're, you're doing, you're done washing you, you're dead children's blood off the inside of the windshield. Maybe you'll be ready to buy a Ford for tough talking crazy just to like, you know, to say that your competition is going to kill its customers. Back in eighteen eighty seven Edison had actually already laid the groundwork for his AC. Power will kill you smear campaign against Tesla's Westinghouse backers. When a dentist from buffalo reached out to Addison in the hopes of finding a more humane way of capital punishment. Alfred P Southwick found hangings to be inhumane, but a recently seen a man accidentally electric himself and he thought that an answer to a more humane type of execution may allow or may lie within this new sites. Edison was always publicly opposed to the death sentence, but he saw the opportunity to to associate his comp. Titian with death. So he recommended the Westinghouse company and their use of alternating current to Southwick and worked AC current would be used for the electric chair. Starting in eighteen ninety on August six h ninety convicted murderer. William Kimbler will be the first person to be killed. The electric chair in Auburn, New York, and it was horrific. The generator was charged with thousand volts soon to be inadequate amount to induce quick unconsciousness and cardiac arrest. The chair had already been thoroughly tested. A horse had been successfully electrocuted the day before current within pass through Kenner for seventeen seconds. The power was turned off and Kellner was declared dead. However, he wasn't witnesses noticed, Kevin. We're still breathing. The attending physicians come forward to examine Kamler confirm. He is still alive. Dr calls out. Have the current turned on again, quick. No delay Keller was then shocked with two thousand volts blood vessels under his skin began to rupture and bleed. And someone says, would actually later claimed his body caught fire, the New York Times reported that an awful or. Odor began to permeate the death chamber. And then as though to cap, the climax of this fearful sight, it was seen that the hair under and around the electrode onto the head and flesh under and around. The electrode at the base of the spine was singed. The stench was unbearable. So they're cooking this guy when this is reported the smell of burning flesh and several nauseated spectators unsuccessfully tried to leave the room. The execution ends up taking eight minutes. The competitive newspaper reporters covering the Kamler execution jump on all these abnormalities. Each newspaper tries to outdo the others with sensational headlines and reports the head of Westinghouse Tesla's company. George Westinghouse later would comment. They would have done better just using an axe huge PR win for Edison. Westinghouse's. Alternating current became so associated with getting electrocuted that people began to refer to getting electrocuted as getting Westinghouse, man, how happy that makes us? Do you want my clean safe, not Schalke power, or do you want Tesla's. Death juice want my dependent will make America great against dips app or do you want tests those commies skin sizzler and how much that suck for George Westinghouse man to have your actual name associated with horrific. Death wasn't asked by the way, had tried to prevent this very strong. He had thrown one hundred thousand dollars into an appeal for Kamler to keep that dude from being electrocuted to try to prevent alternating current from being used in his death. This just a small part of this war currency. And this wouldn't happen till eighteen ninety. Meanwhile back in eighteen eighty eight Edison was just he wasn't just sitting around hoping for an opportunity to present itself. He was making it happen. He was touring the US putting on presentations or at least funding presentations. If he wasn't there himself about how dangerous AC power could be. You know, he he started publicly electrocuting dogs horses and even electrocuted in elephant with AC to make his case seriously. This isn't just on my weird shit. He really did this. Like what in the fuck bounce around the web and you'll see you'll read stories about him. Let Coon all kinds of creatures. We'll Edison didn't actually let shoot, you know these animals himself, but he, you know, he paid to have the demonstration carried out. So he paid to having killed same difference. Often he paid to having killed by an engineer and anti alternating current advocate, Harold Brown stray dogs stray cats horses rang Tang. Yeah, that elephant will talk about a little bit. June of eighteen eighty eight. He started. He set up a public display to warn of the dangers of alternating current at a dog's water dish hooked up to an AC dynamo, and when the dog went to get a drink, you have fucking. Shocked to death. Man times were different again. Can you imagine getting away with doing anything remotely like that today? You know, just like my God, just a public backlash while I mean, the laws you'd break and everything too, but just to prove that my carbonated life bubble soda is far safer than my competitors, big bubble cola this by being just the bubbly. I had five of these pigeons drink life bubble in five drink big bubble now. Sorry, what does it life bubble? So yes, life bubble at five drank five bubble. And then if I bring bay, but what now watch carefully see that that patient has exploded sort of that one. Oh, and the other three. All five of the big bubble cola drink is just had those stomachs blow up. You see him talking about, oh, oh, shoot. Okay. That's one of ours just actually explode as well. Oh shit. Okay. Two hours. Oh, DAL. Okay. Three, dammit, dammit, but. Okay, that seems to be the same as me it. So five of their pigeons exploded to death. Two of ours lived so life bubble the safer bubble drink. By the way pigeon's blown up from drinking carbonated beverages seems also be just a urban legend as does the alka-seltzer thing blown them up probably best, not to test a don't don't. Don't s it? Edison would test it though. He could. He clearly didn't give shit. We'll George west now sees how this plane out. He writes Edison letter at one point saying, I believe there has been a system systemic attempt on the part of some people to do a great deal of mischief and create as great difference as possible between Edison company and Westinghouse Electric company when there ought to be an entirely different condition of affairs. So he's like, come on, man, we we can get along. We can make this for everybody. Edison does not bother writing back. He does continue purchasing stray dogs for twenty five cents each to use in many more presentations. So really this war of current less of a war really just a continual assault against Westinghouse and Tesla's preferred, alternating current, a c electricity, an eighteen hundred nine Edison has luxuriant stray pets to increase his company's bottom line. Tesla travels to Paris for the exposition universal. L. where he finds inspiration in Heinrich Hertz, his electric experimentation that proves that electromagnetic radiation radio waves are released. Radio waves are in fact, real, and this led to the invention of his tesla coil in eighteen ninety one on aged ninety. One tesla demonstrated wireless lighting by skewed by electrostatic induction at Columbia college. He would later go on to claim that his new system of wireless Leiden he'd worked on for more than a decade would eventually lead to a system which signals and possibly power will be sent to the earth without the use of wires. Sound familiar. Sound like pretty much what most of his base most of our lives around now wireless technology, incredible how how important this contribution is to modern tech in the internet. Like this dude was, you know, trying to trying to get the internet going back then July thirtieth 1891 tested, became a citizen of United States. Patents is tesla coil. What is a tesla coil? Jessica oils and electrified cock ring what Scooby? No. Tesla coil produces wireless trysofi. You've probably seen a version of wanting to museum. Even some fries. Latronic stores have tested quotas place. It's a metal coil that shoots out what looks like a lightning bolts little of our arcs of electricity tests that would stand near an arc for demonstrations, hold a light bulb in his hand, and the electricity would pass through him into the bulb lighting. It up the concept behind the quills actually fairly simple and makes use of electromagnetic force and residents and their powerful these. These testicle employing copper wire and glass bottles and amateur like Trish in can build a tesla coil that can produce a quarter of a million volts. Well, 1892 Edison and Thomas Houston merged into a new company. You may have heard of called General Electric right as soon as working under other names previously now get General Electric. They celebrate by electrocuting and then stopping a hundred cocker spaniels to death, hailed him. No, I don't do that tesla lectures in London in eighteen ninety two and eighteen ninety three tesla and Westinghouse. Finally score a major victory defining victory in the ongoing war of current, which really isn't like directed at Edison. You know, in this case, I feel like Edison's, you know, battle or battles or moves during the war. We're very direct like just buried much directly shitting on a c. in Westinghouse, where an eight, nine thousand three tests on west. Now they just do something you know, successful which I guess is you know their side of the war that they win the bid to light up the world's Columbian exposition, also known as the Chicago world's fair. Now we talked about the world's fair back in h h Holmes murder. Castle episode suck number twenty five. H homes, you know, killed an unknown amount of random tourists who came to stay at his murder castle while they were in town for the expo or working out the expo or move down because the work provided by the expo we'll Edison. General Electric had originally proposed to power. The electric exhibits at the expo using direct current at the cost of one point eight million. And when that was rejected, they got their bid all the way down to five hundred and fifty four thousand dollars. I love that difference. You know, just like Edison like we can't do it for a penny less than one point, eight million. That's the that's the the least expensive way we could even possibly do it with technology. That's that's far too expensive Thomas and I'm so I, but we're, we're going to have to look elsewhere. Hello? Oh, hold on. Hold on. Just got new figures in my head half a million, but you never have a million like he cuts it by over a third or mentor DNA. It's down to like what like almost seventy percent less than you original offer within Westinghouse. Their offer comes in at three hundred ninety nine thousand so cheaper than the cheap. New option from Edison. And this is a historical moment for tests because they win the bid, and now they're able to showcase their beloved AC on big big stage. Thomas king dickhead Edison tries to rain on tests parade by banning the use of Edison's lamps at the expo, but Westinghouse's company quickly designs a double stopper lightbulb, which allows them to sidestep some Edison's patents, and they're able to like the fair anyway, and it was a wild success as Eric Larsen describes in the main source used for the h. h home suck the the book, the devil in the White City in which Eric Larsen wrote, if evenings, it's a fair were seductive. The nights were ravishing the lamps that laced every building a walkway produced the most elaborate demonstration of electric Lumine ever attempted and the first large scale test of alternating currents. The fair alone consumed three times as much like Tristan as entire city of Chicago. There were important engineering milestones, but would bizzare visitors. Adored was the sheer beauty of seen so many lights ignited in one. At one time every building, including the manufacturers and liberal arts building was outlined in white bulbs. Giant searchlights the largest ever made and said to be visible, sixty miles away had been mounted on the manufacturer's roof and swept the grounds and surrounding neighborhoods, large colored bulbs lit, the hundred foot plumes of water that burst from the mic Monis fountain. It was like getting his sudden vision of heaven. So you know very successful. So that's that's awesome. That was nice. Nice year for tesla. Next year eighteen ninety. Four has to be ends experimenting with what he referred to as invisible kinds of radiant energy, which led him to possibly take in the first x Ray photo by accident tesla was trying to photograph a buddy Mark Twain in his lap. You know, be deal no big namedrop. But the only image that came through is was a metal piece on his camera lens. So you know, maybe kind of technically the first x Ray photo agent, ninety five tests with the help of new financial backers, able to open the Nikola tesla company. The aim was to market and develop a variety of Tesla's previously patented inventions and pursue new work as well. Alfred Brown from Tesla's earlier day joins in brought patents from Tesla's work under peck and Brown, very little ended up coming from it all other than the fact that they continue to manage Tesla's patents for years and years to come. Then on March, thirteenth eighteen ninety-five tesla has what is arguably a terrible terrible day for scientists. His lab catches fire and burns to the ground notes. Research models all go up in smoke, and he is crushed the New York Times quoted him as saying, I am in too much grief to talk. What can I say? I can't imagine I've had hard drives crash in. That feels terrible. You know my my photos, Mike, my documents, my my old emails that are likely that I would never looked at again, but gave me great comfort to know that I could if I wanted to know. November of eighteen ninety six test to finish his work on a project on a brand new damn Niagara Falls. Using his AC system. The power generated from the falls produce enough electricity to power all of Buffalo New York. Now, this is considered by some to be his crowning achievement. Niagara Falls, the first major hydroelectric power plant in the world. Dr Charles f, Scott professor emeritus of electrical engineering at Yale University, former president of the American Institute of electrical engineers would say the time, the evolution of electric power from the discovery of fair day in eighteen thirty one to the initial great installation of the tesla policy system in eighteen ninety six is undoubtedly the most tremendous event in all engineering history. So you know, high praise now wealthy for the first time, test tested becomes a scientific free agent spends next twelve or so years bouncing around Manhattan Renton various spaces, Laborde tortoise. He can often be heard muttering under his breath. Just fuck Thomas Edison. How bury him yet. Bury him and one of those ditches reduced me to digging, we'll see who lasts last Edison. Yes. C. h.. Ninety eight test of freaks out an audience at Madison Square Garden when he demonstrates his tele- tele- autumn atone boat. That was radio controlled. Basically the first remote with the world's first remote control boat people, witnessing this hard to mentally process event because it never seen anything like this. They tributed the small boats ability to move to either magic telepathy or to the small monkey that appeared to be capping. It seriously. They had like a little monkey on the boat, and they truly believed that the monkey was the one controlling. It just is a totally normal boat. Captain monkey tesla tried marketing is mentioned the US military, but they didn't bite at the time. Radio controlled item state fixed in the realm of playthings until World War One when countries will begin utilize it. Sadly, he did not decide to toured the world with his boat captain monkey and devote the rest of his life to fuck with people's minds. That'd be great. As I introduced to you Zanzibar the world's first monkey boat. Captain tell him, we'd like to go and he'll do it. He understands all human language, all of them and no one navigates the sea like Zeng's ball. Tesla godfather, remote control cars, and drones. Do how cool is that? Eighteen ninety. Nine tesla moves to Colorado Springs Colorado and start smoking so much weed gets hacky sack becomes known for bacon. The most magical brownies you've ever tasted. He subscribes to a vague political and spiritual ideology of just be cool. Man. Just let it all happen. Man, don't you just don't worry about it. He stops eating meat sauce, washing his hair, spent a long time with some friends playing twenty minute long solos full of OSA, many deeply groovy guitar riffs. Now he doesn't do that. He said something experimental station. He chose location for its high altitude as he was interested in studying the conductive nature of low pressure air to all this guy cared about was the scientific work still no romantic life to do would never ever date a single person. No rumors of love affairs, no strong indication. You know, you ever had a sexual experience, but he time probably shocked as Wayne every time I got a boner you know, just until he condition it did to stay limp. What does big deal with them dig like this? I feel like he understands you go deal on some level. He focused on sparkin lightning. I was on George arousal get out here. Chettiar yards showed up in this episode. Of a bitch, you no place here, big deal. Go get tested yet. Unlike us folks only on the scientific life, Edison would actually father six children. He's married twice, dude, you know, found time to get it on eighteen ninety nine Tessa. Also looking for the ability to create a much larger working space for his growing experimentation, Colorado. He announces plans to create deliver long distance wireless, telegraph from pikes peak to Paris. So basically in eighteen ninety nine, he really is trying to advance the internet thing about what to do. We could do if he was alive. Now, like if you're working on some kind of teleportation machine beams around like Star Trek, Elon Musk, you're probably be assistant or maybe he and he alone would push each other. Maybe they'd be rivals like him in Edison. It'd be the war of space travel instead of the war of currents. So maze by the genius of people like this. Also in Colorado, he built a massive coral is new lab that was capable of producing millions of oats as able to produce a lightning. The could travel up to one hundred and thirty five feet with this. He studied it in depth also scare the shit out of the locals. He was like a dark wizard. These people couldn't comprehend him what he was doing. He was a mad scientist probably thought he was working on Frankenstein up there. Tesla began to notice strange signals from the receivers Labra and this time began to speculate that he's picking up messages from outer space from other planets, the media hold this had a field day, mocking him claiming the tesla was, you know, talking to martians tesla himself went on to wonder about this for at least a couple of years, making occasional remarks about it, but never solidifying where the messages originated from or what they meant. He was widely mocked geniuses, sadly often are by the ignorant masses who just aren't intelligent enough to begin understand him. You know, he may very well have been the first person to pick up radio waves from space. Satisfied was experimentation in Colorado in June of nineteen hundred them back to Manhattan and into the Fain waldorf-astoria. The most prestigious hotel in New York City for decades kings queens, presidents actors, actresses artists and more stayed there. President Herbert Hoover actually lived there for thirty years after his presidency gangster Bugsy Siegel own an apartment. In the Waldorf story, Marilyn Monroe stayed there for several months. I'm able least walk by once or twice. I might have been glared at by some hotel concierge do it in blown there. Know pretty pretty good hotel in July of nineteen o one forty five year old tesla plans to build a more powerful transmitter was the aim of advancing his radio based wireless transmission system, find himself in a race. Now against Twenty-seven-year-old Italian adventure, we almo- Marconi whom tesla was convinced was using his own invention to try and beat him in this race. Tesla secured one hundred forty thousand dollars over three point. Eight million in today's money from j. p. Morgan to build the warden cliff tower, aka tesla tower and Shoreham New York. In experimental wireless transmission station. In this race, tesla intended to transmit messages, even images across the Atlantic to England, ships at sea, based on theories of using the earth to conduct the signals. Again, dude is trying to invent the internet at the dawn of the twentieth century. We'll Marconi won the race by transmitting the letter s from England to Newfoundland in December of nineteen ninety. One and history is credited him as the inventor of the radio. Tesla was quoted as saying, Marconi's could fellow let him continue. He is using seventeen of. My patents to me that's nerd, speak for is still win. Makoni technology is based on my technology when he makes money. I make money when he invents. I invent I win Tesla's God Tesla's the greatest scientists who ever lived. I don't know. 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But other investors are busy dumping more money into Marconi than tesla. And the media also begins to turn on tesla. Edison also still not done with tesla nineteen thousand three. He further proves statements about the dangers of AC powered Coney Island. Now when he has that elephant executed for an audience of thousands, topsy was a circus elephant who've been labelled as. Dangerous to stay alive after having killed three different men to fair, though. At least one of the men she killed. I tried to feed her lit cigarettes, you know, making him a complete asshole who deserved to be stomped out by Melvin. Edison built the poor creature copper sandals, and then ran six thousand volts to her system with AC power. Ninety four j. p. Morgan and other tesla inventors were either cutting support entirely or limiting funds to the point that tesla had to take out a mortgage on his tower to cover living expenses. At the Waldorf historian a story. Yes, keeping by nineteen. O six is precious. Tesla tower had been abandoned in nine hundred six tesla open offices at one six, five Broadway in Manhattan trying to raise further funds by developing a marketing and his patents on his fiftieth birthday in July tenth nineteen. O six tesla demonstrated a two hundred horsepower hundred fifty kilowatt sixteen thousand RPM bladeless turbine cool. But unfortunately this invention making very little money and it's financial problems. Continue in nineteen o nine Marconi received the Nobel prize for contributions to the field of wireless communication. This apparently just about breaks tesla and then at the awards presentation ceremony, he tells the crowd gathered there that you ward is dedicated to his mother for always being there for him and always supported him. And also to Nikola tesla who could quote suck his dick and die and go to hell. While this remark is a standing ovation. And tesla is devastated. Now, of course it never happened, but it has those feelings were hurt. He'd yet to have won Nobel prize and he felt he contributed so much more Marconi Tessa would actually never win Nobel prize nineteen ten tesla sets up another lab at the metropolitan life tower where he'd stay until you can no longer afford the rent. There has to move out in nineteen fourteen nineteen. Thirteen is primary backer p. Morgan dies nineteen fourteen year rent some space in the Woolworth building until he could no longer afford that rent, either in nineteen fifty money, woes, continue and tesla loses the tesla tower. Now completely no longer been, you know, hasn't been used for almost a decade anyway, but now it's lost to foreclosure towers, demolished. Also nineteen fifteen tesla sues Marconi's company for infringement on his, you know, wireless patents and loses his case also on November, sixteenth, nineteen. Fifteen, a routers news, agency reports from London that that a tesla had won the nineteen fifty Nobel peace prize or Nobel prize. She's being physics that was given to Thomas Edison. Nikola tesla, however, on November fifteenth. A router story from Stockholm states the prize is being awarded to, Sir William Henry Bragg and William Lawrence Bragg for their services in the analysis of crystal structure by means of x rays. Some tesla biographers believed that tesla and Edison were actually supposed to have won that award. They were offered at first, but that they hated each other so much. They refuse to share the award. Now the Nobel Foundation has said that this never happened, but the rumor persists tesla moves around Manhattan for some years after this written various spaces struggling to find any investors, then moving out, leaving piles of unpaid bills behind him. He continues to ask Morgan's JP, Morgan son, you know, after JP died for for money but doesn't get it ends up in near bankruptcy nineteen twenty two Sixty-six-year-old Tessa moves from the world over store you to the Saint Regis hotel. Now where he stays for roughly year, you know, continues drug with money and falls in love with the pigeon. The pigeon thing we mentioned while back seriously, that's. That's when you know your life is in complete shambles when you fall in love with the pigeon, no one falls in love with the pigeon in any kind of romantic way while their life is working out really well and they're terribly mentally stable. Tesla began to fixate on these local pigeons during this tough time during his life that he would visit daily in a nearby park and moves onto feeding them from the windows room. And then he claims that one particular visited him and regularly and becomes injured. And then it's rumored that he spent over two thousand dollars building a contraption to help this little pigeon, help her broken wing. He'll and enter lake shared leg and our and our and our wing. And then the mess from these birds and more unpaid. Bills of course, leads to his vision and tesla would later say these birds. I have been feeding pigeons thousands of them for years, but there was one a beautiful bird pure white with light grey tips swings. That one was different. It was a female. I had only tuition call her and she would come flying to me. I loved that. Pigeon as a. Man loves a woman and she loved me as long as I had her. There was a purpose to my life has so funny slash sad to me. In late nineteen twenty two then big scandal for tesla. He and the pigeon get married, and then the pigeon dies for maternal bleeding. When tesla tries to consummate the marriage on the wedding night and that is insane. I don't know what ended up happening pigeon? I don't know what happened to tesla, sexy, love, budgen, pigeon, but I do know for the next several years, tesla continued to bounce one hotels the next leaving more and more unpaid bills as patents on his previously. Profitable inventions ran out and new inventions are not being used a nineteen thirty-one. Kenna's Souissi young writer who had been associated with test for some time organizes celebration for the adventure, seventy. Fifth birthday test. The received congratulatory letters for more than seventy pioneers in science and engineering, including our nine, and he's also featured on the cover time magazine, the covers captured is all the world's his powerhouse notes, his contribution to electrical power generation and the party went so well. The tesla made an annual event for awhile in occasion where he would put out a large better food and drink and invite the press over to. Inventions and hear stories about possible new inventions. The claims of an increasingly mad scientists, nineteen thirty one, longtime, rival. Thomas Edison also dice at year or not also like, but he dies at your day job eighty four. So really you know, between the seventieth birthday party and Edison, dine pretty good year for tesla and then following this pretty good year test starts to really kind of unravel mentally a bit. It is nine hundred thirty two birthday party. He claims. He's invented a motor that runs on cosmic race and know that that never happened that that is not a thing that exists in the nineteen thirty three. He tells reporters that he's on the verge of producing a new form of energy. He said it could be tapped with an apparatus that would be cheap to run and they would last five hundred years. He also tells reporters, he's developing a way to photograph the retina to record human thought. No, he's not developing any of that. And then tesla takes his crazy talk even further in nineteen thirty four. When he says he is now build a super weapon called a death-ray. He has now shifted into the character of the. Mad scientists, super villain. Surprised. You didn't hire an assistant called eagle at this point. Eagle show defying folks who've come to our party that I'm quite serious about my death-ray is of course, master tesla hit at once master tesla, eagle point to death, Ray at Marconi's laboratory that is master tesla at once master tesla. Yes. Can you send your imminent death? Mr. Marconi are you ready to be exploded or disintegrated or this rain in Papp's evaporated, even I am not sure what the death Ray will do to you. It's not. It's not quite finished. You'll find still fine tuning the death Ray, but but soon. Oh yes. Soon I will death. You never crossed mode or Marconi. I'm Motorola. Nineteen. Thirty. Four was seen house Tesla's former financial war of current backer begins to pay him one hundred twenty five dollars a month. Probably twenty one hundred and today's dollars in addition to covering the cost of his rent at the hotel New Yorker to kind of keep them afloat. This would he do this. For the remainder of Tesla's life, and it was listed as a type of consulting fee despite limited concert consultation, ever taking place. The rationale for why'd they did this kind of areas depending on the source, but but a likely theories at rather than doing a purely for humanitarian turtle'll reasons Westinghouse would just concerned about the the bad press that would come from Tesla's demise given the current struggles. You know, he's previous star inventor on one thousand thirty. Five tesla makes another crazy claim is birthday party. Now when he turn seventy nine, he announced his invention of a pocket-sized off later that would destroy the Empire State building. That's not a thing following this party tested became a recluse for his final years. Tinkering on various inventions talking about having built death, rays in the like after dying of a heart attack at the age of eighty six on January seventh nineteen forty three's talked about so many deaths raise no Santa things before that after he discovered by made his body is the FBI sends the alien property custodian to seizes belongings despite him. Having been a citizen in the US for for years. And then John g Trump professor at MIT was asked to inspect his items over the course of three days, make sure he's got no death race. Nothing similar funny that there were worried enough about what he's capable of inventing that they thought he may have in fact, built a death Ray or some kind of super weapon at a check it out. You know, every dies, make sure the whole hotel's not gonna explode random trivia, by the way, John g Trump President Trump's paternal uncle, and, and while this Trump never found a death-ray. Despite some conspiracy theories thinking he did and then it now blocked aluminum. Of course, he did find an issue of a comic book. I'll pootie and juju. They found issue number one. Oh seven from January nineteen nineteen called the electric mad wizard in issue dedicated to Nikola tesla in this issue. Pootie takes job as Tesla's laboratory assistant and isn't allowed to tell juju what's going on at this new job at your few weeks. Judy can't take the mystery and simply must know pootie is up to, especially since pootie came home one day with so much static electricity that their cat Dr dangles was nearly shocked to death and then hid under the couch for three days. So you snuck into Tesla's tower to see what was happening only to find pootie strapped down to an examination table like Frankenstein, juju watches, tesla polish, switch, and then giant arcs of lightning staff to the hidden PU booty with enough juice to make Putin's bones. Glow juju screams don't do test the don't you. Oh, my pootie, and he punches tesla in the face knocking to the ground and flips the switch back down and then pootie yells at you. Why don't you just put zip zip do we were playing who can be two longest lightbulb. And now tesla wins. He stayed lit for two days. And then Judy said, I didn't know know how pootie I thought he was killed in you. And then tesla pop backup, punch juju in the face to return to favour after juju fell to the ground pootie he'll watch out do and then little dizzy, birds circle around juju said, juju yield back too little too, did a pootie. And then tesla smiled and said, put that in your lunchbox Shirley and they all laughed and laughed and laughed, and then they took turns shocking the ever loving Jesus out of one another and saying cruel things about what a jerk. Thomas Edison was the end. And now back to the death, the real life Nikola tesla, January tenth tesla does Jan. Ninety four to three tests. The honored by the New York mayor time feared fuel Furio. Few fucking last name's LaGuardia is the man who LaGuardia Airport, same after and I should have looked up pronunciation guide. I fucking crazy s. to tally name Fiorello field a little few ran on legal entity who read a eulogy over the WNYC radio, violent music played in the background, two days. Later tests, funeral witness by two thousand people before his cremation few months after his death US supreme court overturned Marconi's patent in favor of tesla. And the credit do was finally bestowed on tesla for the invention of the radio. Now, this may have been nothing more than a political move just so they can save money by not having to pay Marconi because in Marconi was suing the US for for using his patents during we'll won. But either way the verdict stands and patent wise tesla. Now technically the inventor of the radio while most story and spilled it Marconi is still is still excuse me, the real inventor nineteen fifty Fifty-two Tesla's nephew, SABA. Coca Cola Novick received the remains of Tesla's estate in Belgrade the entire shipment contained eighty trunks. Tesla's ashes currently reside in the Nikola tesla museum there, and that is enough. That's it for today's time, suck timeline. Good job soldier made it back then. Nikola tesla came along way little Serbian village. Eddie compass life that son of a rural priest and a homemaker impressive. He possessed an extremely special mind devoted his entire life to the exploration of his many, many ideas. I sure he had some wacky ones towards the end. But as they say, it's a fine line between genius and madness, and he exemplified that. And I have a few more things to say about his life. But I, I found a video on YouTube called the genius of Nikola tesla, David Eick, yes, space lizard whistle blower and king wack. Doodle. David Eick has posted his thoughts on tesla. So we have to do an idiots of the internet. Did that. I posted a nine minute video of his thoughts on tesla on Tober v, two thousand seventeen and long story short, the gist of ice thoughts are that the aluminum body didn't want tesla to succeed because he wanted to make the world a better place by handing out free energy. So the repeal liens and their slaves and bloodlines continually work to discredit him and blocked the success of his many inventions. Of course, that is what I believes. Let's see what the geniuses in the comments section of his video thing. User dizzy dish has some interesting thoughts, dizzy, dish types. The world does not have any geniuses being born in this modern world. They are not all caps being taught and or train to think outside the box. I often wonder how many geniuses have been aborted by a woman that has no morals. I don't agree with either of your thoughts here, dizzy dish, and also your thoughts. Don't agree with one another. If the modern world is incapable of fostering genius, because no one is trained to think correctly, then aborting babies wouldn't matter when it came to killing future geniuses, what it. You gotta pick one stupid argument there. Either modern society doesn't allow for geniuses, doesn't cultivate genius, or we don't have genius because of abortion. You don't need any. Both in their user TASR goes a little harder on dizzy dish than I just did posting dizzy dish. You need help such poor grammar and a clear inability to think it's a shame that your mother didn't abort you. Yeah, dizzy dish had no reply for that and then true moron. YouTube user investigator posts just like we're brainwashed into thinking that Einstein was a great genius were also brainwashed into thinking that tesla invented wireless communication. I rest my case. Here's this case. You guys, the rest is case who cares? You didn't actually present a case who cares you? He actually have a case or that he didn't even hint at a case. He just threw out a few opinions that the entire or near entire scientific community would strongly disagree with and then he rests. Okay. What an investigator he is. I don't like bats and also I find slugs repulsive. I rest my case, hey, math is harder for some people to learn than others. And I like my iphone. Okay. But I kind of which I had a new iphone now I rest my case. SP. Spaghetti is delicious. But if you think about it, some people prefer sushi case rested. Fucking idiot. And last one today, protease games these su- excuse me. These tutto intellectual the internet, the person with all the answers who's impressed by nothing. Protease isn't impressed by tesla genius because he or she doesn't believe in individual genius. Just as a concept posting. An idea does not have an inventor in idea has time the idea you perceive to be unique as pondered by others. Subconsciously perceptive individuals share information when in a meditative state in inventor, by way of patent is only the first person to articulate and lay claim to the idea translation I'm as smart as tesla. I'm smart as Einstein. I know all there was possibly to know about everything because I'm a perceptive individual who can injure meditative state translation. I have very little formal education and rather than feel bad about that or or jealous or insecure, or even at least respected. You know that others have it, and it has. Value. My ego is led me to denounce it across the board and elevate myself to the level of genius without having to put any work into education or anything whatsoever. I just clear my mind, you know, and bam, I'm Doug ingenious to meditation. I'm gonna say that no amount of meditation. The world is going to give me the ability to create a hydro electric dam or revolutionized the use of fucking anything in the technical world whatsoever. I have no problem admitting that other people are way smarter than I am and tesla pigeon lover or not way smarter than me. You know waste Marta me when it came to tech and probably most other things if not almost everything else, I'm no genius. Thankfully, I don't think I am also an idiot of the internet as well. Internet. Okay. So time for some last thoughts on tesla before we wrap up today, the end of Tesla's life heat amassed roughly three hundred two hundred seventy eight, but the numbers a little hard to pin down, say spread around to twenty-six countries patents around the world. While many of his inventions have not been utilized, he was instrumental in the development of much technology take for granted today. Like, you know if something you use use AC power, all current you. You know, you have tesla to thank so very likely have tesla to thing for the for your house being lit up at night. Your plan says, you know able to, you know, run because of the the power coming into the house. Even if they're, you know, working on DC voltage is likely to be the power is being transformed from AC to DC inside the house has worked with Westinghouse, spread the use of electricity immensely. The tesla coil helped with the creation of radios and TV tesla developed a much of the groundwork that was likely used by Marconi in his radio development, and just so much more and part of what may have enabled tests to be so productive in revolutionary with the ideas he had was the possession. He had a photographic memory now. Now most I call just or many at least claim that a true photographic memory where you can recall anything you've ever seen with perfect clarity is impossible, but tesla claim to have it or very least he may have had something very close to it. He was known for his ability to seemingly memorize entire books. He spoke eight languages serbo. Croatian, Czech English, French German, Hungarian Italian and Latin had the uncanny ability to create his inventions without drawing or physically mapping them out. He preferred to just visualize their construction. His head, which is unusual. He'd have this to say about his ability. He'd say, when a word was spoken to me, the image of the object, it designated with presented self vividly to my vision in sometimes I was quite unable to distinguish whether what I saw was tangible or not. This caused me great, discomfort, anxiety. I mean, if that's true, it's like, I mean, God, this guy is almost like a curse. The kind of intelligence you had. Can you imagine just like you're able to imagine something so vividly, you're basically able to trick yourself into into thinking like it may be a tangible thing like it's like you had a certain amount of like they're like the properties of like LSD or some kind of powerful hallucinogen. The drug in his system at all times, he was able to channel it will, but it sounds like you know, like would channel more powerfully than he would have liked. This was particularly trouble troublesome for him when his mind would fixate on something horrible. You know, like his brother's death, it would just feel like it was happening right there. Again, he began to practice the art of controlling these visions fixing his mind and other things. And he wrote that he exercises skill habitually, pushing his own bound saying this ided constantly until I was about seventeen. When my thoughts turned seriously to invention, then I observed to my delight that I could visualize with the greatest facility. I needed no models drawings or experiments. Kind of you could just troubleshoot shouldn't tell your head like that. Tessa was plagued by what he referred to as luminous phenomena his entire life. It was something that he felt he had no control over in any regard. And they seem to generally manifest during stressful exciting or dangerous times. He claimed it visions of flames occasionally accompanied this kind of like little light sued see as well as distressing pain as his brain was on fire. In one instance described in his book. He claimed that he had gone on a shooting expedition in Paris, and then the following three weeks were plagued by the phenomena. He was then invited to attend another and he quickly declined alluding to the possibilities phenomenon, possibly be. Like some kind of premonition. So who knows what that she about? Like I said, special mind, rare genius. And now let's talk about a little hell little sleep. He got missed amazed by that tesla claim to only sleep two hours a night later in his adult life and just take a cage like occasional small naps. Or little additional tiny cat throughout the day, this claim may seem outlandish, but accounts were verified during his youth of playing cards or pool for stretches up to forty eight hours continuously with limited impact. He also spent a stretch of time working in his lab and would she was up for roughly eighty four hours straight as three and a half days a friend and journalist, Kenneth sweetie confirmed that tesla almost never slept. I do not understand how in the hell that is possible and it's not like it destroyed. His health clearly was not detrimental. I mean live until he's eighty six years old. He may have lived a long life partially due to consistent exercise and diet very consistent. He was never had a shape from eighteen eighty eight to nineteen twenty six, right? So for. So for almost forty years, tesla remained virtually exactly the same physically. He was six, two, six foot two inches tall, and one hundred and forty two pounds, dear God. I've never been that consistent of you've seen pictures of me from ten years ago and pictures of me like the past few years of me recently. I, you know, I'm I don't look the same about eighty. Ninety pounds heavier, and in the same height man. Yeah, this meets that has a little more meat in their sack. Then tesla would have. That's crazy. And just to be that consistent, he walked eight to ten miles a day. Another form of exercise, weird, former exercise you claim to utilize was he would curl his toes one hundred times per foot each night. He thought that helps stimulate his mind on the also just very regular with his meals yet have regular dinner off alone around eight PM every night. He was convinced that others ate too much exercise too little. Well, you'll know argument there that's prime. Most people in society. He was proud of his well-maintained physique and health. He eventually became a vegetarian and then went onto a much more extreme diet later in life. There was essentially nothing more than milk, Honey, bread and vegetable juice got this legendary self-discipline. Once again during the biography of leads, and I feel like lazy slob slash monster, almost don't want to take a drink from is smoke right now. I'm going to one last thing before we wrap up. Let's hear Tesla's thoughts on why he remained alone throughout his life as reported in a newspaper interview in nineteen twenty four. I guess now I really do want to take. I don't. You know what? No, I during the research I was drinking them. I'm not gonna drink on the Mike. I think that's route, but now looking at Moga I always this what he said he goes, I always thought of a woman as possessing those delicate qualities of mind and sold. It made her and respects far superior to man. I had put her on a lofty pedestal, figuratively speaking and ranked her and certain important attributes considerably higher than men. I worshipped at the feet of the creature. I raised this height and like every true worshipper. I felt myself unworthy of the object of my worship, but all this was in the past. Now the soft voice gentlewoman of my reverent worship has all but vanished in her place has come. The woman who thinks that her chief success in life lies on making herself as much as possible, like man in dress voice and actions in sports and achievement of every kind the world has experienced many tragedies. But to my mind, the greatest tragedy of all is the president economic condition wherein women's drive against men. And in many cases, actually. Exceed and usurping their places in the professions. And in industry, this growing tendency of women to overshadow the masculine is a sign of deteriorating civilization, practically all the great achievements of man until now have been inspired by his love and devotion to woman man has aspired to great things because someone believed in him because he had wished to command or admiration respect. For these reasons, he has fought for her and risked his life and his all for her time and time. Again, perhaps the mail into side is useless. I am Frank to admit that I don't know if women are beginning to feel this way about it, and there is striking evidence at hand that they do, then we are entering upon the cruelest period of the world's history. Our civilization will sink to a state like that, which is found amongst the bees, ants and other insects a state where in the mail is ruthlessly killed off in this major empire which will be established the female rules as the female predominates the males are at her mercy. The male is considered important only as a factor in the general scheme of the continuity of life. The tendency of women to push aside Mansa plenty that old spirit of cooperation with him and all the fares of life is very disappointing to me. And that was from this interview Texas paper in Galveston, actually not August tents, nineteen, twenty four. So tesla was a genius, but also very much a product of his time. Dude, worship women for a while and then became easily intimidated by them when they wanted. You know, God forbid to join the workforce. Translation for his rant to me is women are confusing to me in that makes me feel stupid. So you know, fuck women. Like even genius can be real dumb dumps. Now's moving along to today's top five takeaways. Number one, Nikola tesla contributed mightily to the development of the alternating current electrical system that's widely used today and discover the rotating magnetic field. The basis of most AC machinery, number two, tesla and Thomas Edison battled publicly over what was the better power source. Alternating current or direct currents. Edison won the battle initially and made a great deal of money. Tesla won the battle in the long run, but died broke. Number three. Next Edison. Tesla's main scientific nemesis was Italian inventor. We all know Marconi whose credit with inventing the radio. Even though after tesla died, tesla was given credit for inventing the radio. I based on patents. Number four. Tesla did not invented death-ray, but Hillary is an awesome that he claims as much and number five. New info did. Tesla is many conspiracy theorists and places on the internet claim. Create free energy in word. No, there is a belief in certain parts of the web that big businesses want to keep the truth, the free energy away from the public because too many companies would go bankrupt of free energy was unleashed to the public and given to the public. I, it's the same rationale behind the argument of the or the thought that cancer has actually been cured. But big pharma is keeping that truth from the public because of the money they would lose and look. I get that logic. I see that motive, and I don't put that past people to do. However, that doesn't mean it is true tesla, worked himself into bankruptcy trying to produce wireless energy based on tesla, coil principles was the purpose of his tesla tower. Did he think it was possible to create enough wireless energy to someday power the entire world essentially for free? Yes. Did he figure out how to do that? No, and no one has since although many of tried the United States and Russia both had test facilities developed during the Cold War. Based on Tesla's wireless power theories where they tried to do that, but no one has been able to figure it out. It may not even be possible. So there you go. Tesla is sucked. Hubba made some of our signs soccer's happy with that one test to let an incredible unique and interesting life. Now it's to suck him. I'm based on what I now know about him. I think it's safe to say that, you know, this is the first time he's ever sucked unless that pigeon lover had a bigger beak than I'm imagining big. Thanks as always to the time. So team, the high priests of the suck harmony village camp. Jesse guardian of grammar dope ner Reverend Dr. Joe paisley times like high priest, Alex Dugan the Biddle laser team danger, brain spaces, merch wizards, access to peril. Queens is combustive everything. Lindsay Cummins big. Thanks again to OG bojangles research assistant, and my sister, Donna HALE was her nickname. How about how about Donna, the dumdum destroyer? Maybe the dummy destroyer. She's teacher now they're putting education the brains of children every every every nearly every day I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go with dumdum destroyer like that, at least for today. And so what's up next week? Next week we suck Andrew motherfucking. Jackson, Andrew, Jackson, seventh president of the United States and also a goddamn savage when a man named Charles Dickinson call Jackson, a worthless scoundrel appel Troon at cowered in a local newspaper h no six. The future president of the United States challenges accuser to a duel to command dickens and fired. He fired. I, you hit Jackson in the chest, the bullet, miss Jackson's heart by barely more than inch. In spite of a serious wound. Jackson stood his ground, didn't even fall down raises pistol fired a shot. The struck his phone dead, killed him. Jackson carry around the bullet in his chest as well as a nother bullet from future dual for the rest of his life. Historians estimate that old hickory may have participated in anywhere from five to a hundred miles Jesus so much to learn about that crazy bastard. Next week. It's gonna be very exciting right now time to hear from you with today's time, sucker updates. Times updates or a hilarious. I update from faith Wolsey who unintentionally used one of the times gaps, new features to her detriment faith wrote in via the app, sane, either listening on Spotify from Alaska and finally decided to download the time so cap. The first episode I decided to listen to is the drunk as fuck ups up towards the end of the episode. You sounded way more shit canned than I expected. I e slow talking slurred speech. I chalked it up to the obvious and carried on with life. Next episode listen to is the same unbearably slow slurred speech. And I'm like, what the fuck is he just doing all his shows fucked up now, I mean, cool. Does your thing and all, but Dan Lewis to FINA any. I decided to check out two more episodes. Just see the trend continued sure as shit. It did. It then dawned on me that perhaps there was a lag or some technical term. I'm not aware of that caused the episode down just enough to make you sound like consistently drunk as fuck. If dunk is fuck ourselves hadn't been the first episode I listened to on the app. I wouldn't have listened to three more fucking episodes at three quarters, speed thinking you were totes wasted good times hill Nimrod. Oh my God, faith. Thank you for sending this message. Yeah, you can listen to the the the episodes now at different speed. It sounds like you were actually half speed because we don't have the three quarters. He goes all the way down to half speed and yes, I sound very, very drunk. I just I love so much you powered through three more episodes. I mean, my God that had to take you about four hours each episode, you poor thing, I appreciate your dedication. I think I'll have given up what a smash my phone or something. I, I'm glad that you are literally up to speed now. Yes, you can set it to the obviously the normal speed on the app which I would recommend for for long-term listing. Another speed. As far as variable speed and more related update comes in from time, sucker in space was her Jason king who writes dear great, sir, Dr. Reverend Don, Dan combs. The third last, the mohican most seconds. I'm currently writing this from Nimrod's ball Balzac as indeed I finally joined the secret suck and reached the final operating theme level of true freedom within the cold, the curious, all Justice. I, I did want to leave an honest and heartfelt message about how the is touch me and so many intimate ways. Oh, let's give a shout outs my fellow space wizard, c Hughes, ninety two for introducing me to your podcast just under three months ago. In that time, I've binged every damn episode and have to just say, wow, you, my friend of creates Eldon truly spectacular and so powerful. Even Jim Jones himself must smile down from heaven. As he rhythmically converged Owen t his pelvic incline faith. The fact that I can already say so much of these references today speaks volumes about the amount of knowledge you have decimated and your building to do. So in a professional yet side splitting funny way enough praise for your shame Cocteau. I want to share just a brief note on what time suck is meant to me if you haven't guessed for my extensively chosen username. I'm in fact in medical school at Michigan State University, hoping to graduate soon and go into pediatric neurosurgery and started and write the username in the notes. We're such a long career ahead at times. It is also easy to fall into ruts both in school friendships, my marriage, three years, exclamation point and life in general. Yet this all change when one of my longest known friends introduced me to your podcast, I shit you not the very first episode was the Andrei Chikatilo one if I became after if I became after just that episode, I guess if you come part of the curious just episode, I am just as messed up as you are or or you do one heck of a job as a podcast, either way your podcast became the means by which an old friendship was rekindled as well as my interest back into medicine and making a difference time and time. Again, your episodes showcase the need for humanity to open its mind a little bit, and be curious from your personal support, various causes. Organizations and movements to the incredibly uplifting stories of various times out there making this flat ice while circumcised global better place. I knew that I'd found a home. So with a long winded. Thank you for these past four months. I wanted to leave you with something. I hope makes you smile just a little bit while I assume this has been talked about before somewhere with the secret self chat room, social media or other emails, regardless. You need to listen to your episodes on double speed every once in a while. Seriously, you're green river killer or Golden State. I was mixed them up high pitch small, dick voice skits on double speed, kill me. Every time then factions. I'm in med school and listen to everything on Douglas beat. Oh, wow. For times they, I didn't realize what you actually sounded like until I was halfway through the available episodes, hopefully get a chance to hear some of those kids know it is pretty ridiculous. Tie triple double speed is great to and also like to personally suggest Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde is a future suck topic. Yes, that'd be a great, great suck wouldn't be complete Email without adding a suggestion. Once again, thank you so much incredible body of work that you put there. So far. Hope my donation continues to fuel your desire to keep the suck strong. It does hail Nimrod in his gloriously intact. Hymen Dan Lewis feed and her lascivious the lascivious excuse me, lady lumps praised me to bojangles and his worship, inspiring, trans, millennial here, wisdom and keep on stroking that limp shame cock master sucker. You'll get there someday Dr. J. man, thank you. Dr. J. what a wonderful message. I love hearing to these podcasts affects you in ways deeper than just, you know, some weekly laughs or some trivia and don't get me wrong. That's okay too. I love that I can provide an escape from the harshness of life, but when I hear stuff like this at feeds a cycle of inspiration, I inspire you. Then you in turn truly inspire me, which allows me then to inspire others. I really this reciprocal relationship. And if if you've heard my standup, it can be pretty negative. Right, can get. That's where let out my angst and it's because I just when I travel. I see so many people not seeming to care and all about other people in society, just so selfish. They don't seem to pay attention to their kids in public, even they don't pay attention to to anybody around them, especially in only like strangers. Obviously they don't hold up indoors or say, thank you, say pleaser or let someone cross the street at the dam crosswalk. They loudly curse and a family restaurant when is clearly kids around, they play ignorant, hateful music at full volume with the windows rolled down drive past a grade school or a park right is if everyone definitely wants to hear the talk on their speakerphone in the middle of a coffee shop speaking louder than everyone else, you know and not giving a shit how noxious they argue you glare at them, they glare back at you twice as hard. I see people treat their servers, rude at the restaurant at a delta ticket counter employees. Profusely thanked me the other day for allowing an elderly confused woman to accidentally cut in front of me in line. This woman thanked me so much, not the not the woman who's confused, but the counter thanked me so much that I asked her, what was that weird? I mean, would most people really just what just yelled at poor woman that there wasn't a return with, excuse me, I was next, would they really do that. I mean, she was shuffling not even walking at least ninety years old and she's by herself trying to make it to travel experience. And in this county just said, yeah, most people would actually say something. Most people would actually, you know, point out that it was their turn. It was next. She said she saw almost nothing but just rudeness from people. And it was just so refreshing to see that little thing. The fucking cost me nothing. What a one more minute to go then wait at the gate, and that's a big deal. Now, how fucking sad is that and I see all that and I wanted to give up on the world. I wanna just flush it down the toilet. I want some apocalyptic event to just purge the earth of the foul people that infected like disease. And then I met you guys, and then I get emails like that, and I'm reminded that so so much good also exists. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the continual reminders that there is still a lot of beauty and kindness and curiosity in a yearn for for learning and progress in the world. And that's that's also exhibited. By people who don't mind cheeky, Joe is well here and there so who who would have guessed that? Not me, man now me so I appreciate it. And now one more another spider Email from time, sucker in space lizard, Tricia co tour will end on a little low comedy. I love these. She Tricia writes, Dan Collins, you evil son of a bitch. I listen to you as I'm getting ready in the morning for work and getting out the door because I have to go and pack lunch and some other assorted mom shit for my child, aka aka the white devil. Sometimes a hear your bullshit and pieces, but never hear you claim. You were just fucking around. It took me until the secret suck to realize that there are no Roanoke spiders. Damn, you learned my lesson. I will now keep your pods in my listen holes instead of walking away with my phone. I realized that the white devil freshman high school was listening to when she kept saying Bob, Bob, LA, Bob Lebo, bog Bach, damn you Cummins well played. I love you. Love that. That is awesome. Thank you'll love chicken, Joe man- when's he coming back? Who knows now little cast of characters, who knows when they feel inspired to pop back into an episode. This is my mama lavar ball bomb. I still crack up randomly sometimes might when I think about people believing that the spiders would work together. That was my favorite part of that lie. They would work together and that one spider would actually lift up your eyelid to allow another evil spider to crawl, India, able. And then like I guess let the let the island snapped down. So does it, you know? So you had a hard time, goodness, spider back off your I. That would just be like the most cartoonish evil spider ever. Thank you again everybody for Senate in your messages. Sorry, if yours didn't make it on the air or feeding your response, you know, we try to respond as a team to all dimensions, but sometimes I'm sure sure. You know some vaulted the cracks. Never out of disrespect. Never had a disregard. Appreciate you making time for us. Thank you all for making this community. Something to truly be proud of. Thanks time. Suckers nine we all did. Well, that's all time. Suckers. Thank you guys so much for listening. Talk to you spaces on Thursday. Talk to the rescue next week. Have a great week. Don't devote your life to competing with nemesis to the point that you fall into financial ruin. In ended up talking crazy talk about death, race, and most importantly, keep on sucking. Spaghetti is delicious.

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