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Back in on the drive. Here's Sean here. BK Here we're joined in studio by the plaid prints. The editor in chief of era had pride. He is also the CO captain captain of operation. Optimism Sean is the captain and you are also. I don't know about that. The coach captain of Darwin Thompson Hype Train. I mean that I will into you might have like a hunger games on who the leader of that. I'll ride the train all day but I'm not getting on the optimism. Bad ways she. She wanted to do that. You can oh no you know whatever B. K. Says Paul. That's what you know. You said some very gracious sakes don't play this for you. This is Andy Reid. He's talking about the role of Spencer ware. which would mean a diminished role once again for you to his favorite favorite player? Aside from Patrick Mahomes nosy offense. So it's not learn. He'd have to go through that whole thing he can come in and he's in pretty good shape. I played football. But he's in pretty good shape so it's important they practice hard does all that and then we'll see we'll see at the end of the week it's in is not going to be your starter Carter. Who doing but we'll see? We'll sell workshop. Sean if I set the over under oath carries it for Darwin Thomson at three and a half take the over or the under it keeps going down. It was ten twenty four hour on Monday. You said at nine and a half then we got the Spencer where news and he said yesterday I think at five and a half four down to what he wanted to now three and a half barely getting four. I'm hammering the over. I think he's GonNa get the bunch of carrot even with a bunch define a bunch. I just want to know what a bunch of carries for Darwin Thompson is seven six to eleven. I said at the beginning of the week. Who's going to get like what I what I say? I got kind of excited. What is it you said he's GonNa get fifteen again? That was before this news came out and that was after we saw him against the raiders. Never going to get that though peaches. How would you say six to eleven guys because you guys are the conductor of the train notes because he region opportunities? Okay well okay deserving an opportunity and then giving them the opportunity sooner two different things if he gets eleven carries he will have the most carries in the other guys have to fail before him to get an actual shot. Like we've Seen Damian we've seen daryl seamless Shawn McCoy we saw Carlos side in the preseason. A sign some dude. I never heard of. They just went out and Got Spencer. Where like how many other dudes get a crack at it before we get a chance guy? I felt like in this game on another another one spencer where that's it. So how do you know the answer. I felt like in this past game and I understand. It was garbage time. I understand the raiders. Were done but the achieve still needed yardage to ice the game. I just haven't felt like at any time this year consistently even for like a big stretch of a game the chiefs needed yardage art. Aging could get it freely on the ground like they did this past week and for what it's worth I mean it was. It was the rookie and an an andy through the healthy scratch and through putting the ball in other player's hands and not giving them opportunities has basically proven through his actions. That Leshan. McCoy's not the guy you can understand why and you have a guy that just came in off the street. I understand. He's been here. I understand. He's been in this offensive scheme. But I think it's fairly obvious to me. See your best running back right now. Is the rookie. So what's the plan with Spencer. Ware just a good insurance policy. Yeah that's what I'm talking about joining me right. The Detroit train ride the train all day right but the buy a ticket. I don't know how that thing works. His Darwin's played it. You can't play. It was going to buy you set him up. Just leave Sean. You ask me Sean you get your blue choose. We'll eleven nice time to do it. Here's what his nickname's Detroit it's worth and and he says because he likes to be the conductor of his life that's the reference anyway but yes. I think that Darwin for me right now based upon what I'll ask him he's been better. That was a better. I understand was a quarter. I was a better quarter than you've seen from any any running back in a long time for the Gandhi to Sean. I just Pete I just WANNA understand. Why are we spend more time talking about a player who has sixteen Carey's than Sammy Watkins? I don't want to somebody helped me understand the science because I hear you guys were saying you guys been you guys. You Watch the game last Gus. Both of impound on the table for him to get an opportunity every single week. The chiefs basically tell us they're not going to give Darwin Thompson Opportunity this season. I'm not saying they're going to give them the opportunity. But Sean came in here all excited see I told you. They signed a running back the moment that our show ended they signed a running back. Well I think that's more because they don't want to just have two running backs I don't don't get the feeling that Damian and Darryl is going to be available so you need to have a third round with back if you WANNA put of a small wager on it I wager. That spence aware has more carries on Sunday. Darwin Thomson. It's such a crapshoot. It's so hard like that's one of the toughest pets in sports right now which running back in the lead. The team encourages anybody. Get in touch a double digit time like you just never know each week. I know that it's not Darwin Thompson. Listen because I have thirteen games of evidence to suggest that it's not gonNA be Darwin's. Yeah but Damian wasn't injured der wasn't injured. It took half the season for the Shawn McCoy to find himself in the DOGHOUSE. Cows and we finally got Darwin Thompson an opportunity and he scored a touchdown and did something on the drive. That I didn't know they could do. I'll give you the same bet. I'll bet both of you when you want to support Light Burrito if that's what you WanNa and do you want to do what you pull labor. Let's do lock it in. Did you guys know how many snaps Darwin Thompson had coming into this week. On the season for the entire season with doc about Fox News about three to five game. I don't know the exact number. It was twenty two at some point. It's not going to be about twelve but at some point it's not going to be about that or what you're talking about. Maybe are you one day is going to be good two or three years down the line. Could he beat good or can he be the best answer at running back for the last four games of this season and the playoffs Pete at this point it's not the marathon at the sprint and I think he's going to at least get the opportunity on Sunday. David writing this carousel all year. I mean it's not like it's been one guy then. All of a sudden Darwin comes in and has a nice stretched stretched. It's been Lesean McCoy. It's been Damian Williams when he comes back at stretches it's been Daryl Williams it's been let's try and find out whoever works. Finally you hand the ball off eleven times last week. And the guys able to get yardage and scores a touchdown again. I understand. It's the end of the game but you're trying to ice the game. I I think that Jon Gruden is GonNa Coach his team to to stop playing and I understand what was happening but the same time you saw it. I mean I. You're watching the game CD. Did a running back this year. Make you feel like Darwin Thompson or give you the confidence that okay. He because he's allusive enough to pick up yardage tough yardage this year then that stretch. I don't I don't think that's the case was coming like yeah. It was the end of the game but Oakland. Exactly we'RE GONNA turn around hand the ball off and you had success with that. Drive is something that she's on a lot of drive this season none of them look like that. I mean this an austere since I love both of you guys. I can't talk talk anymore about a drive in which a team was up thirty points more than we we. We've seconded that. Dr Dissected any other drives so far have not been a lot of good things to talk about the chiefs running back points and they were running the football to run the clock out we've been. Has You ever felt this. What are you talking because you know what would have happened? If that was Damian Williams he would've average one one point five yards per carry and the chiefs would opponent if it was barely probably got injured. If it was a strong McGLADE. Probably would have fumbled. The good thing was we saw my guy. And Pete's Guy Dalwin take the ball down the field double digit carries and ended up in the end zone. Plenty Room right here on the Detroit Dom okay. No thanks right out with our ride. The train all right now. We're talking to sweeny. Is the editor in chief of Arab writer. Peter are you picking in this week man. This is a tough game. I got this piece. He's believe I believe I use Owen Right Dan defense. That's come around. You believe in this team. Are you picking them. I don't know I in this game. I don't know what to do in this. There's no wrong okay let. Let's start with this. Then what are you unsure about therapy your. What are you unsure about? So it is his Wednesday. You're the editor in chief of the second most popular chiefs website on the Internet assigned from chiefs DOT COM. If you look at the numbers there are some days. We'd be changed. Yeah that was a rag. I've ever heard of just tell you the day's worth with worby. I've seen numbers I've had both numbers I've seen. ESPN numbers Arrowhead. Pride gets a live use. No they do they do. I'm only what what are you hesitating on making a decision of WHO's GonNa win this game so I think the Patriots offered the Best D. in the NFL. I don't think I'd want a different defense. All right the D train all day. who a lot of debate? The only four seconds. That's take full responsibility as I was high like the Patriots defense a better than any defense in the league. I think I think that right. And here you have the chiefs offense and this isn't a popular take and I saw the replies to be catered the other day but Patrick mahomes quietly is in the worst. Few Games aims of his career. And the offense for what it's worth doesn't feel great right now. How much are those circumstantial? The factor played in Mexico City and he was just coming back from the week before and then they played windy. Game and Travis Kelsey drops everything thrown his way. Like how much of it's PAT oppose. Do all the other things show has capable in from from a homes. If you missed it happened I mean there have been throws like there have been throws that have been off mahomes he. He does look slightly. I fear to step up in the pocket concern is invisible. Patrick Mahomes give you any concern whatsoever. On any level. A small percentage percentage. I think he's fine. I think he's fine but again. You're I'm just telling you what's what's a fact. He's in the worst few games in a row of his career. And you're facing the the best defense in the league in one of the hardest places to play in the history of the national football league like that doesn't give you pause like what he watched. And that's how I feel. It sounds like you and I are on the same page at least in this individual game. You don't have to be Bill Belichick or some great defensive mind to know exactly how the Patriots are going to try to defend the Kansas City chiefs. They're going to try to double team Tyreek Hill and make it where he can't get the big play over the top. They're probably GONNA put Gilmore on Travis Kelsey and they're gonNA they're gonNA roll the dice that Sammy Watkins doc in came beach you are McColl harmony can be or marcus. Robinson can't be in that you can't run the football effectively. The thing is there's probably about five players on the team. If you can get one or two of those guys is to play well. This is probably a game. You can win if you can get. Darwin Thomson the Sean McColl way. If you can get the any of those receivers you probably got a chance to win this game because there's no way to. I need that hill or Kelsey both have great days. Maybe one of them right no chance that both of them play. Well it's all about to. I think third and fourth options sometimes with the New England patriots. Because you're right they do take away a lot of your your your your best talent on the team and so if hill and calcium locked up I mean you gotTa have a better day from Sammy Watkins than we've seen in a while. I think there's a reason to believe like McColl hardman touches the ball a little bit more in this game with his yards per reception. That is better than most to the team I I. I think there's reason to think okay. Let's get hardman involved. Maybe they don't see this type of thing coming Bill Bell Chaco is says you know what your third or fourth option and this is a perfect game for a guy. And you don't want to say this for like Spencer where Darwin Thompson or McColl Hartman has been pretty good. What's happened to all those other wide? Receiving options goes. You mentioned macgarvin. He he had his moment in the sun. Same thing with trump wrangled. Marcus Robinson Hell. Sammy Watkins that. Two hundred yard three touchdown game. Yeah and since tire has been back it's been tyreek Hill and that's it is forest ars key wide receivers. I don't know if Sammy's right again. It's just as long he isn't this just saying well I think in the beginning getting of the year he truly was healthy. And now it's just the same deal where I don't know how banged up. He is game was the exception to the rule when it comes to saving now correze read what you've seen the last month and a half two months where he hasn't gotten in the end zone and average is one point five catches per game. That's the Samuel. I think that's what he is like like inbetween plays. I'm not sure when he's going to look good. And when he's GonNa look like there are plays throwing a game where it's like. Oh Man. He came up lame like he's going to be done for the rest of the game and it goes back in and has an amazing mazing play and then three plays later. He looks terrible. It's weird and I don't WanNa call him out because you don't know what's going through a player's head you don't know the details of it but I remember it was either the preseason or training camp early on in the year where he kind of ingests told a story where he's like yeah. I wasn't really running during practice and Patrick Mahomes had to get on me. And it's like criminal. Does he take plays off. You know. And because for all that money and for what we've seen him able to do like you mentioned in that first game and and and what you've seen on individual plays his ability to get away from defenders like why is he so invisible so often I wanna go back to something Sean said in. I think that she's fans. Maybe don't want to admit this the lions show the NFL. The blueprint on how to defend the Kansas City chiefs and I think teams have been daring the other guys on the team to beat them one on one in man coverage and they can't because think about all those games you're talking about happened before the lines game and then after the lions game remember Kelsey said we got to figure out how to beat me and coverage since then that's what teams have been doing teams. He's been playing pressman coverage against everybody not named Travis Kelsey entire Rico daring them to be. You can't be you consistently now. Hardman can make a play and he started saying they haven't done anything since then but I think the lion showed the NFL the rest of the blueprint and just teams had to stop being afraid to actually try and and a complete lack of running the football ball and an ability to do so has hurt them greatly. I know I don't want to get back into the running backs but that aspect of not having that has hurt them greatly two games ago. Patrick Mahomes who this year had a dislocated right knee was your leading rusher. How that makes you one dimension? Good you know what I mean. And so they're they're missing that running back and and I don't blame the chiefs. I've always said this. I don't blame the chiefs. Four getting rid of Kareem Hunt. But there's no answer right now at that position. That is a the problem Pete. The shovel is out. There's a pile of dirt. You've got an option. Do you WanNa take the shovel. Pick up some of that dirt and throw them in the Patriot you know. Both teams have their flaws right and so usually in the NFL. When you feel even about a team you go with the home team and so that's why like I hate to say it in this game I? I'm slightly leaning New England. Because their home. They always perform at home. I'm not a traitor. I look at Tom Brady and we. How many times do we have to do this? But is this different. Like doesn't the entire team and Brady Louise's more vulnerable than they ever have. We've said in different before I until they lose in the play offs for two seasons in a row and Tom Brady says this is it. I'm done he's seventy seventy seven years old coming out in one of those. Maybe rascal wheelchairs were to be like damn it Tom. Brady's GonNa beat us again. Isn't IT I. I don't think it's impossible the chiefs win but if I haven't forced pick I just it's hard for me to pick the chiefs in this game. I feel like this is the most conflicted. You've been this season aside from the Vikings game like you and I talk a lot on the air off off the air about the chiefs the NFL. You've side seventeen times in fifteen minutes. I feel like this is the most conflicted. You've been about a win because I maybe I'm reading reading it wrong bright. I think you look at the Patriots and notice how vulnerable they are bright but the logic of the last fifteen years will not let you pick a team to go go into foxborough in December and leave with a win and that's it and and what's what's preventing me from saying and I try to stay unbiased as possible this with preventing me from saying The Patriots who's going to roll over the chiefs there at home they got Brady is that I seen Patrick. Mahomes home gets up for games and I just think he's GonNa get up for this one and I doubt that was what part of the reason I asked him today about Tom. Brady this could be the last chance he has to beat Brady. I mean he joked and said Oh. I've thought that for several years and everything like that but I just think in the back of his mind I mean you only get so many chances to beat the greatest of all time when he's forty four years old this could it'd be it and so I think he gets up for this and that's confusing pete. I'm curious what you think about this. I think this game this one individual game this next sixty minutes. Are The difference between US viewing the Kansas City chiefs as a legitimate super bowl. Contender are looking at them as the same chief team we've seen for twenty years. Though when eleven games they will have beaten a lot of teams that they were supposed to be in the second round of the playoffs. They are going to lose to a team that was better than them. Throughout the course of the regular season. Yeah this is the last game of the season that at the chiefs should have a chance at losing the rest of the Games you should take care of and so this is going to be how you think of the team ahead of the play offs if I I think these Games really matter and give you confidence in the play like I think you really have to believe in yourself in in the playoffs and if you lose this game against the Patriots and even if you win the last three against the bears the broncos and the chargers do you really truly in your heart of hearts believe in yourself. Can you grind out a win when the margin of error is going to be so small in the. NFL fell playoffs. I just don't know if the chiefs could lose in Foxborough and then feuded rebound enough to beat three really good teams that self confidence matters in football football. It's all you know it's Cliche but it's a game of inches. I would love to see them. Get this win to have that confidence. I just feel like at least people nationally. It'll people locally probably going to do it to the same way that we look at other team schedules and then asked the WHO'd you be when you play good teams you lost. I think that people outside Kansas City are going to do that. Same thing for the chiefs like if they don't win this game aside from the Minnesota Game it man that Baltimore win was a long time ago. The different team that people are going to look at well. You lost the Green Bay. You Lost Indianapolis you lost a Houston. You'll Austin New England like people are really going to play the WHO'd you beat car to the last two months so even if this team quote unquote gets hot. And they went seventy eight people are going to say well whenever you play legitimate playoff teams you lost right like if in a weird twilight zone yes we had the college football playoff of the NFL. Wouldn't we be saying well. Who did it chiefs? beat you know they're kind of out of it and that's I agree with that and so you could say similar things about the Patriots. I know I saw a stat this morning. That was interesting where their eight no against less than five hundred teams and to and to against winning teams and so the got a little bit that going onto at the end of the day in the enemy but this is a game the chiefs need. Pete is my favorite time. is rapid fire questions with Sweeney. sweeny time text line six nine three zero six. If you've got a random question to ask Pete Sweeney about football or otherwise we will ask you to text line six nine three zero six pete. How much money did you spend on black Friday? I didn't spend a dime I I wasn't really in the market for a TV. I got a good TV. I was trying to money saving mode got a lot of Christmas presents. Tobia was smart. Smart dishes do you have cable. I have playstation. vue Is what I use. Can you help Sean get his situation. That is there's it's like there's gotTa be twenty among Saturating. I bet there's twenty different ways to get a quote unquote version of cable. These days. No there are just came to the damn old school plug the actual cable wire into my television set and give me a guide jazzy. Old School cable. This got nothing. I'm on my cellphone. Even just give me traditional cable bay still sell it for one hundred dollars a month. I'd rather fight to try to find the free streaming services all right six three zero six. What's the worst Christmas present? You've ever gotten the worst Christmas. Probably socks I mean just like everybody else where your mom. Tom Is trying to address you. And I'm like a certain way and you get dressed closed or your grandmother or something like that. No one wants to give my girl. You know the answer to this I gave. You've got not the one that you've given away. What is the worst Christmas gift that you have received? I can't tell the story on the girl of dog toys. I don't WanNa hear that story. My Dad got me a couple of years ago. I think he went to spencer gifts. That place still exist and he got me a neon playboy bunny light. Any told me the entire ninety talkers thing I very much enjoy. It was a really gifted owned more text. Line six nine three zero six. Do you think the bears and chiefs get flexed out. Oh my gosh I hope so. I hope I hope they get fly. I love noon Games so I I'm hoping that does I. I think there's a possibility if you look at the schedule. We don't know who protect ex- watt but there's an eagles. I believe Eagles and cowboys game. That you might see getting flex sure. Yeah text. Line six nine three zero six. Why don't the achieves give the ball to Anthony Sherman more short yardage situation? It's a question if you would have given Anthony Sherman the ball instead of Patrick Mahomes. You would've had them for the whole year dumbfounded by that question. I have no idea you have a full back on the roster and he and he's pretty good special teams but they never hand him the ball they never hand the ball in those situations which is crazy to me because he's pretty good at picking up yardage I remember the Anthony Sherman game which was week. Seventeen game the patent home started. He had that we'll we'll route touchdown last year week. One what do you think honey. Bryant Badger has been worth the money I do and not not just if you look at his play but I think what he's been able to do for one thornhill. I don't think that's just coachspeak in and play you're speak. I think one thornhill coming in on a lot faster because of that guidance from from from Matthew I don't I don't know if he's as good right now with Adam Thornhill Pete. How big is the gap between Baltimore and the chiefs in Patriots right now? I like Baltimore better than the chiefs in the Patriots right now. I just like the hot teen. I mean that that could change in three weeks. If they're you're not playing as well but how do you not like. If you're betting right now playoff start tomorrow. Are you betting on anyone but Baltimore. Have you ever asked yourself in a moment of clarity last couple of weeks. How in the hell the cheese balls the last two times? They played them. Yeah I mean it's a good question I it's it. mahomes is to Lamar Jackson as like Brady is to mahomes homes. Innocence can't beat them. Are you more worried about the offense against the Patriots Defense Sport. The chiefs defense against the Patriots offers definitely the first the offense the defense. I just don't think the chiefs offense is playing as good as they have before. And I like I said I really love the Patriots defense especially bill bell check and what he's able to do as far as this game planning and then mid game adjustments even a is the best. He's the best. Don't get the two seat. It's going to be a stretch. Shaw's the the only one holding onto the dream. They beat the Patriots or three. I wouldn't I wouldn't bet it I mean I. I don't think it's impossible own bed sean. What is would would you have to get to bet on the chiefs to get the two seat? It's probably less than twenty percent. I mean they'd have to run the table basically the Patriots to lose to the chiefs and probably lose the bill. So it's not it could happen but it could. No it certainly could happen. I just WanNa know what is that you have to get to one hundred dollars. I'll tell you this if they don't win this game then it's technically over then it's done then it's actually over then he can't win it so that point you're just talking about three of the four seat so if they're win this game they're still at least on the table a lot to play it for I feel like they need to scrap this playoff system. A AH it's a mess right now. That's aside as on cowboys about the seven and nine host. Application winners should get a into the playoffs. No doubt they. You shouldn't get a home game if you're nine and seven and there's thirteen team. I hope you have that. Argue whenever buffalo wins wargames in Kansas City. This game shouldn't be played here. You don't quote me on. This should achieve. According to five thirty and have a ten percent chance of getting the buy a ten percent Thursday the chance I just want to point out that is Sean. What would he need to bet on it he? He hotline blinked danced out of that one that was that was a good day juice. Fast every guest. We've had but I asked you about it. I me tomorrow. Now's not even realistic. All right the patrons leaving. That is our Guy Pete Sweeney. He is with Arrowhead Pride. He is the editor in chief and he has an amazing beer. Pete I I would say thank you for coming on majority Girardi off peak. Couldn't wait to get off of this show coming up on the other side. He train all day B. K.. Was Listening to Boston. Sports Talk Radio and I'm here to tell you that you guys think the negative the Patriots fans were way more negatively artist. Dr Dry six zero.

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