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Listener edition: how to keep old MP3s and stream them


Talking Tech is brought to you by Pitney bowes with send pro online from Pitney bowes you can easily print postage stamps and shipping labels even while working remotely for as low as four dollars ninety nine cents a month stay tuned after the show to learn about their special offer just for talking tech listeners. This is another reader. Listener edition of Talking Sat. Lousy Market Nakajima has a question for me. I'm going to answer Leslie on the phone from Hawaii. How you doing? I'm doing well. Thank you for asking us about your burning tissue while my burning techies you. I've had for a long time and it continues to be a problem. I so many people. I guess if my generation had a massive CD collection. I went through the pain aback in the. I guess two thousand three two thousand four of ripping although CD's to my Mac. And then I had them stored there in itunes which was the best way to manage them at the time. And then when cloud match came out you know the generously allowed you to upload all that music to the cloud and stored there instead of using your hard drive and they would match that with the rice so that you could listen to it on your ipod etc. But then several years later that disappeared and unfortunately for many people like me all that music disappeared too. I only have those recordings and the rights to listen to them on a ancient ipod touch that I have that I have never updated the software on an. I'm trying to figure out now how to seeing that music. Play somewhere else Without having to update the software on that I pod touch. I don't even know if it supported anymore. So that's my question is how do I see what's left in my digital music collection will the first thing I would do is I would plug welfare. I take off the Wifi and I would plug the ipod into your Mac and and in an open up I tunes and try to find the songs and copy them to your hard drive from there. Okay that's good. And what if I keep it on my my my math because that might take up a Lotta space Yeah but you've gotta get it off somehow so do you have an external hard drive or you or USB. You could probably by USB drive one twenty eight Gig for twenty to thirty dollars and had that in there and put them all on there. That's a great idea. And then from there that you can upload them you can't upload them to Amazon Amazon will not let you do that Tammaso Music but you can upload them to youtube and Google play music I did both of them today as a test in spotify says that you could upload your MP threes there as well a really had no idea. Do I need to be paying spotify number two to that that I don't know because I because I'm not one either but You know certainly one of those three will work hand or not And it's a shame about Amazon's really surprised but my question is what. What kind of music are we talking about that? You couldn't get them streaming or do you just not do not subscribe to any of the streaming services. I currently do not subscribe to any streaming service. Typically I've I'm just an old fogy. I liked to listen to the music that I've always listened to you for the most part. And so if I if I'm not trying to expose myself to new things by just listening to youtube in hearing the latest stuff. I've just play my old music and I use that ipod touch in my car so when I'm driving around that that works just fine but trying to listen to it. In my home I am getting a little bit sick of to commercials on Youtube. So I've been trying to figure out a way to do this. That's going to work in my home. It will good luck. Tell us where you listen to. Who are some of your favorite musical artists? The Rolling Stones Stones Sapling kind of a little predictable that way but I like the old music and then I've got a lot of Spanish artists that I like to listen to you from when I lived in Spain so a little bit of rain that my collection. But it's it's all stuff that I love and I listened to the same things over and over again with the with the ipod touch. Let us know how that works out of. This has been a reader. Listener addition proxy tack. Mostly Morgan Nakajima with her question about saving her digital music. Thanks for Thanks for the question even listening. You've been listening to talking tech. We subscribe to show wherever you listen online audio. I'll be back tomorrow with another quick. The world attack shipping just got simpler and more efficient with send pro online from Pitney. Bowes you can print postage online for mailing and shipping for as low as four dollars and ninety nine cents a month you'll get access to special discounts and save up to forty percents off. 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