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Yeah welcome back to the Discourse Ladies and gentlemen little whilst came back in the studio today Mike Doing Buddy. It's been awhile. It's been a long time enough as number Matt enough. I remember how to do this so we'll. We'll see how it goes. We'll try and you got some. You know we got some material. It's been awhile so we've got plenty of stuff to talk about. I have one single double sided page of stuff. That's Mike's coming in light today. I who few yeah I wasn't sure to do me just got back from vacation boddington athletes and golf. I'm going to California soon. What a place in Golf? What are you up just got back on vacation in California so yeah you know how just back from lead stone? It's been a couple of weeks but it's been like two weeks since I got back from Ledge stone great time we'll get into that probably a lot of episodes. Just tell me about my nonsense shown awfully well couple rounds of did <hes> <hes> one round. I did not really hurt me. I was really bummed out because I can shoot the bed the final round yeah <hes> but it's all good <hes> you know I played while I was over my rating casper. Yeah you know brought home sweet. Prizes fries cashed your boy last cash carol baby last year. I was well up their time and <hes> yeah we got some got Dayglo just wrapped up here in a here in the mitten so <hes> yeah Mike would you got anything besides de glow over there cr man capital city renegade. We've had some big turney Michigan's Gal. I mean that was an eight year. You Know Ed pro tour with a D. Global. You know I mean that's all we get here. I mean right in fact. I don't know if we're going to get that anymore either. But why don't you just gives you wrap up. We'll talk about we'll talk about. We'll talk about the drama afterwards discrepancy this Craftsy C._R._O.. Pin is done over in the book. Scare girthy was able to fight off Paul Macbeth by two strokes. This victory came about a month and a half after double Jeez. I national tour win. <hes> he's band playing professional special discount over ten years. He finally gets national to win as an open player so congratulate him. That's pretty go through the solid shooter. That's probably just dumb luck. He's never gotten a like to win. I mean how there's probably dudes out there. That have like zero. I mean obviously he didn't have any type of like probably have a lot of a lot of being see tear wins. The League was tens of thousands of dollars with and and you're still doing very well. You know no good for him. Man I mean over a decade pro Dolphin finally getting first tour win three sweet I mean I'm sure he has tons of ones. Oh He's got. He's got tons of wins already made his first national. That's nice. I like G. Give them a green jacket or something. You know bombs man. He's not the greatest putter I've seen him. No throw in some great plus. Don't get me wrong but like that's where a strong as he throws right. I mean some great putz so that's not saying much couple the Nice upshots and my dad let me tell you can write that whole story in less than half page lots of Michigan pros are out there obviously dude Tim Barham took third place. He was just three extra three strokes off the lead and he made a really awesome put bird on eighteen at the devils done. No was the renegades trip or sorry but you know the one with the warrants all he nailed one hundred foot or so. I'm trying not to interrupt your during your pro tour up very nicely. It was good. Sometimes we get sidetracked and then all of a sudden twenty twenty minutes later you like well back to anyone wish I was saying something about tournament like a half hour. It was cool. They'll go check it out on Jomo's pro if you haven't already if you haven't already seen it eighty watched the first maybe what's the both rounds you know <hes> either way <hes> and your bar we'd <hes> he took fifth place tied for seventh newish player alert. Everyone Sam more desert. Do you know who that is doesn't. He doesn't play that. Many turn is not her age. I never heard him for before I saw on the final card on Joe Mez ad he either he was having a good round or he just having a good weekend or he really does this all all the time and but no he made he made some interesting disc off to watch we'll say it was very entertaining Willie prints and read riskier type for thirteenth place George about them Willie principles like I don't have a caddy somebody come caddy for me and I was about to be like I'll do it bro but I god I didn't want it was like nine. I I don't like being on a disc golf course if I'm out playing and I couldn't sit there and watch four. It'd be cool to play with watch the pros. I've done it before but I don't I I wouldn't want to Kelly I wouldn't want Academy for Somebody in ninety five degree while they're at the Toboggan which is just opened downhill the entire time like shut up the entire right dislike. It seems like it would be a cool experience. Maybe not Toboggan and the beginning July maybe firefighters September. That's what you WANNA go. That's I'm going for all right so we'll the prince read for skier. Willie prints would probably needed a caddy tougher thirteenth George Vino tie for sixteenth extinct last cash at twenty first place bark cow alinsky formerly Michigan our Boy Phil Finishing Twenty fifth and we'll go injure finishing forty. I yeah that's pretty good yeah. Absolutely I was proud of film. <hes> yeah fills fills fills doing things he's still young man. I think fills only twenty seven twenty eight now to play the Toboggan the other day it was open to the public and I'm standing there in this gold car pulls up and hawks. It's horn-like six times and I was just thinking to myself like how do you know her a discussion here. The window rose down here. That's that's that's bill. We were already on the third whole we were mid round. He was just getting there so we continued on. I knew him <unk> only playing with <hes> I think he he was just playing with Bob so they cut up to US pretty quickly <hes> we met them on top. Hill thirteen met up for a few minutes he was playing even dude. I was like eighteen over eight man. Do it still haven't played the divide them well. You're lame but it's tough dude grows you really tough work man. I think <hes> all right Alicia Gray Schafer who I'm friends with Don L. Capitan she will peck discs captain to she finished an eleventh place like sixteen over after three rounds that is super respectable in my book. Do that is really great score. I mean I know I know Paul. Macbeth finished eighteen hundred one round but ought to put together three what I would I would consider pretty solid rounds or at the dividing dude. That's wonderful dude. This is almost like a ten thousand foot hole just whole length of course man. It's ridiculous ridiculous hills. The rough is really rough. I'm talking. I wore Khakis Jackie's on an eighty eight degree day just so I could avoid will not only ticks but like there's so many thorns and Prick irs are not even aware of when you're all right well. If I just play it safe and play in the fairway here I'll be good to go and then all of a sudden you're fifty feet deep and on the Shit Shit you know so double G. Sure Finish thirty one hundred. I don't care but I'm not doing that. I don't have a six hundred footer in a bag see now but there's tons of par fours and fives on their though yeah and actually <hes> I took a par for I took. I took a four on one of the fives and that was about night then took an eight after that so it was a great day. It was a great day but I felt not really about the floor where you do. I mean you should absolutely play it when throat I mean I know he work a lot in the summer so <hes> yeah well you know that worked part-time with this restaurant to and it's supposed to be part time and <hes> my manages keeps hiring. All these young girls who I get it attractive girls who good for business yeah you're also competent. Staff is good for this. It was like seventy five percent dudes when I was in there today though except for the diesel otherwise yeah no I mean you know but I've been just working a lot. My part time jobs scheduled me like four or five days a week. That's why I don't realize disc off in the evening right so I don't know I haven't worked at a lot especially. You know I took a week off. I took a week off alleged on and it's not so much like the the expenses of the trip that hurts you. It's the week off of work that her Ju Yeah. You know so you don't get vacation. Pay The things that certain people enjoy <hes> yeah but you know it'll slow down a motel six or something unless John Yeah I was on you want me to talk about. Let's is going to be a while. Let me just stories here. In there. Yeah Airbnb it was dope nice huge yard yard brought to my blackhall pro with a got a black hole pro with marksman conversion kit so it was dubbed. What's the marksman mark makes it a marksman basket? Oh Nice and we were like the first night we were there. We started playing this game and it was like we had the Bassey I dunno it was like thirty five feet or so from like the edge of the patio and I started playing this game and it was throw oh three pots. If you hit one you get a point. If you don't hit any of them you have to go to your farthest one away and put that and if you missed that you get a negative point so what if you okay but if you make could you just zeros yeah but if you if you had all three three points that's a good game. Thirty five feet on a marksman is tough. It's tough like I was you know I I mean I think yeah I want but that's like the tiny one yeah. It's like the inside chains. Only you know like imagine like a change chain and host and drop nicely. Imagine your standard basket without side chains removed as what is what marksman has had to make sure I thought it was like made like you look like it was like mock X. style or something with no. No you know it's got the black holes. They have like the two Rosa chains. You're nice yachting weekend so yeah so it's just like the the single room yeah lech domain I can go on forever got to play the we didn't played an attorney but we played northwards gold. which is where gotTa just Mike here for? Suck do it up man. Northwards Gold is where worlds is the year but played that <hes> eight me alive so tough <hes> so I can tough that was just like we all want to play the seat here there because they had like a seat here every day of the week at the <hes> Flex Start C._T.. Just show up needed like a threesome shuts yeah so we did that. One of the days we WANNA played all the courses then <hes> you know ran into all the cool guys you WanNa see dude you sent me. Some great picks jealous of our House Rub it in into Mike a little bit great. I was so I was yes. It was jealous but also also so happy for that's awesome awesome. Yeah you know saw Paul Macbeth like the first day that ran into Terry Miller a few hours later and he's like just like walking through the fly mart Nez Terry Yellow. We're going to pick real quick. My Buddy is going to be so jealous US picture with them as he doesn't care about me. I was like we're big fans. You listen to the discourse. How likely there's a there's a cool riverboat casino? That's like just minutes from like almost everything there and there's just literally like you get a free way to get there from our AIRBNB on sounds like I'm I'm sure a lot of gifts discovered <unk> so the first night Johm is is there Lozada's there you know we say what up my buddy Scott. He takes a picture with Lozad all of a sudden securities on Kgo pitchers in here at the Casino. It's like no pictures. I never go to the casino. I mean I don't I don't I don't really listen pure you but <hes> yeah no pictures of the casino stupid flashes man. Turn that shit off yeah I mean. I don't think it's the flash I think it's for like security purposes. I'm sure basing the joint or something you know what I mean and then I guess they went. They didn't like they didn't threaten to. Hey No pictures. You know what I mean like kit do that and then outside. It was like like I was like sorry big deal you are that I'll do that yeah but the courses man so first course mcnaughton mcnaughton they call it man so I you know I was playing him for less time. I was alleged on <hes> in all the guys named three. Were like home mcnasty mcnasty. You know the core socks. I don't play it and I'm like this. Isn't that tough like I was like to overpower or something like that and heavy like and you were blind the I mean there's no playing little warm up around there. No no this attorney okay and <hes> yeah it just it wasn't that tough. I've played way tougher <hes> but there yeah they're calling mcnasty on Mike. You know like shut to over bike and didn't play like great. You know what I mean like. I don't know pause to drag right. Yeah exactly you know <hes> so yeah. I don't know I didn't get why everybody Hussein. Last time to magnetic mcnaughton was so hard <hes> cool now sitting in like a shot like a nine twenty five rated around which is way over my reading sitting like eighteenth place or something and after the first round then I yeah and then second round Westwood they took away way they took away to holes because it was dangerous is like how was doing well it rained ta rained a ton while we were down and he had the coverage was yet it rains todd and this was like back in the woods. Mike just everything was dirt so it was all obviously mud and there was what was like off and downhills it was it was dangerous is the only time I've ever played a course and I was like we shouldn't be playing this. This is dangerous. It was straight mud everywhere like steep hills ravines and you know all kinds of nasty triggers. Yeah there was one point. I'm walking down. I'm walking down the hill. You know to go to where you know go to drive or whatever and I started to slip a little and I just as I tried to stop and I was just sliding and I was like I just have to run as the only way I'm GonNa make it down without phone and I just ran down to the bottom in like caught myself on a tree and it it was like dude. This is stupid like they should have should have moved us and you know I mean I get it. It's it's hard to do something like that but it was dangerous. They really should've like cancelled around. Maybe really yeah I mean it was dangerous every single I said it was dangerous. The next day they cut out four holes because of yeah see I was dangerous and then <hes> but I had a decent around there you know none of it the super long so it's not getting any run run ups on your second throws. You know so you know I had I yeah I was stay out staying safe and <hes> you know didn't didn't really you know it was just structures to walk. You know what I mean. You got you got to your desk if you had you know if you were on a hill which there were hill right yeah <hes> there's a few shots where I was like you know had to find some flooding but it was dangerous at a Westwood. It's called the Mosquito Westwood Park calling the Dido Course you have Megiddo is the name of course <hes> I like yeah and then a final round the easiest course and I was so after that I was sitting in eleventh out of one hundred seventy wow yeah <hes> and then the final round unlike year ear Bradley Park Easy Right on my alley lot of a lot of two fifty two three hundred foot shots with just like a heiser line talking about their your voice shift about though and I I didn't play bad but it was just like nothing was good said it was mediocre. Drive Mediocre Upshot Oh now I got a twenty five foot or save par that I need may yeah and they're gonna hit chains and splash and I was like two or three over but it was just like I had no. Oh easy birdies <HES> and my putting safety like if I am I was practicing on that marksman all weaken though <hes> probably helped so like if I would have pot like I normally <unk> that round I would have been like twelve thirteen over probably early because I would have been bogeying almost every hole because every hole it was like thirty foot parlor and I missed a few you can't make them yeah I missed a few but it was one of my most solid putting performances ever you know but if I would have pot like normally do it would have been it would have been such a bad round that it wouldn't even be on my rating right now. Probably you put for Donen Yeah. I mean I've been practicing my putting. It's improved so I'm actually very confident confidence about my game right now <hes> and they need a need about fifteen more points after that to self but after the final round I finished thirty first out of hundred seventy Yep <hes> pretty respectable I was going into that round and I was like I'm taking top ten and you didn't but I'll still like two or three strokes out of the top ten. I think like two strokes will put me in like where is right yeah right. <hes> I think like two strokes better I would have been like in like a twelve way tie for ninth place yeah <hes> but got me like eight hundred points so now I need is like fifteen points to invite two worlds next year. I all right then yeah I mean that's one wondering about any. I mean as long as they don't come in mice like so I will. I could go play a seat here. I'll have to be three people at a C._T._O.. I think to get those points okay Yeah Yup and then they're telling me at worlds like if you like where it's 'cause that world is like a major to get like fifteen points or something for every person you. There's like hundreds of people. They're not just like an once. You know what I mean. It's like if I beat like a hundred people a world's next year then it's like that will give him. I invite the world's the next year that sweet so they got mine this year yet though so that's you know there's a long shot but yeah man it was one of your jobs right now. Man It was a great time and then like the final Nigeria Peoria attorney was over and we go to the Casino and the whole Joan as crews there than me and Jerry just a silo flight mud lake yeah. They're all there <hes> the me and Jerry very just sit at the bar just throwing back shots Jameson ooh yeah some might get a picture for me like four in the morning with me Jerry Gomez Eleven thirty <hes> yeah but yeah Jerry Goba's my jerry listening Bro you're next Arizona energies on me but yeah man great times <hes> so it's cool stuff got myself a misprint big Z. Luna Alright Yeah. I don't see that it's like I like my track down these hot commodities. What do we do without your Kong's? I I sold a few there. There's AH Zeus is now yeah. I have a couple after my attorney store. They the market oversaturated it was like everybody went nuts for those first flights and then people including myself. Everybody thought like the whole market was going to be like but they popped out so many of them to everybody's got him right right. They're not like special even without like trying to purchase them. I think I've got three because you gave me too well well. No you bought one yeah. I bought one Aberavon. No Oh you bought Raptor Raptor. You've raptor and I gave you a lunar and remember for your birthday talking about birthdays. Thanks which one of my birthdays talking about the most recent one oh well that's so I really hope he liked the rap job. This one is yes that is to grocery bags. My friends opened it on the backside so that was just completely uncovered and turn it over. I didn't include picture wire because I ran out of the other way. Turn it ninety degrees yeah there you go yeah yeah now. Flip it toward you upside down now flip yeah all right we got here. That's legit. I know you throw the king. I thought you might like that. That is so this is a bad man that is so it's a bad has discovered. I framed there's like the savage warrior king carrying a basket is like a Trident Haydn type thing it looks sweet. It is very disconcerting. Paul Holstein and Eric is I'm GONNA sit. I don't know if this is gaither work out schoolboy skull boy. I work a lot of disk gaither. This is so dope though yeah dude I I won an auction for five of them a long time ago and it was a really I got all the frame is very nice to that's so that myself. Thank you buddy well since we're doing gifts now. I got all of those cool so this was pretty cool but is this a heiser. Not hacky sack called the hustler handle. You did get them heiser ration- Mazar suite at it's already like Oh you don't gotta cut it open and take out the so one of those ones. It's like at the soccer ball tight yeah. It's nice to swayed well. It's a swayed dirtbag <hes> well. I can say fifty percent sand in like a plastic blend <hes> <hes> yeah I got. I have one of my bag already. Only wait. We had to wait the other day at hold on and guess what we did. Heiser hacked Heiser hacked and then like we actually were hacking and then like another. We didn't even notice the group was gone and another group came up. We're like Oh wait. Yeah you guys can just go because there was a lot of us yeah those that logo the mogul astronaut heiser astronaut low. They're real dude. Those are might be better than the minis yell. The Minis are hot stamps so there's a lot of direction that <hes> but no that's Nice Chris logo for how small like you can see all the detail yeah I mean it's shout out to our new sponsor answer pamphlet bags awesome awesome hex pre she and also if you guys are listening citizen email you could win something foot bags or you'll get. You'll get some discussion too but you also get you also get a coup boom foot bag from conflict bags. That's what these are the coup boom boom St- yeah so it's called their website. It's all all their stuff. They're like after like bombs like Kabila think wants new yeah well. I haven't had a hacky sack years and so be nice to have on the course yeah so yes shout out to to bomb fullbacks. Other products be available now at a is not to that and you know you want yourself. Heiser hack hit me up. You can get one Yup Yup. <hes> thanks for the birthday present buddy. Thanks for this to man no. I've had that for a long time soon as I opened up my like unknown auction package and that was in it. I was like Boom Espino Nice dig it. Also I had another birthday got another birthday. The other does my discover that Oh that's right five years since I started playing those awesome awesome picture of your starter set the rattler over still using like two years. That's been low for longer than that because I've definitely been we've been doing this for two years yeah yeah right right and the first episode I was like my first potter was a rattler yeah. I putter with a rhino. I look back that so yeah posted so my buddy dusted. What a shoutout Dustin? I think he listens now. This kid does the Aba so my Buddy Justin. I grew up with <hes> he moved out. I hadn't seen him in a while but he moved he moved out to the West Coast <hes> and then just through facebook. I saw you know he's been just often years before me and you know he's always posting about it so and so when I got my first set I you know I just tagged and I was like check these out. D You know I thought you'd like this so you say even look at my memories on facebook to delete stupid stuff most shoes literally pretty late accidents <hes> yeah but <hes> so I looked at it and I was like Oh my God I was like it's five years star played disc off that you have like a date for it yeah July Tenth Yeah Yeah. I didn't even think about like I didn't even remember you know what I mean. I didn't remember posting that until I saw you know what I mean. That's great because I just started going back and looking at my memories just delete stupid things. We'll happy birthday and happy thanks and then on my birthday my disc off birthday my. I don't know which I like more. I like that. Did you have to specify though I might offer. I gotTA blackest congratulations. Let me guess let me guess all right. Just give you the course bras. I'M GONNA go most obvious one. <hes> is it <hes> foreign sixes basket. I stood which basket though <hes> you were playing yeah you're clint six INNUENDO force yup no really from six T to force the basket. I made the Birdie Putt from abandoned way. Yeah I mean that's four from fours pad to sixs basket would be no little tougher born six. They're both like like they like almost looks like the toll actually place to force basket and it's closer to the t then sixers mascot. It's a little further but but forced to the left I mean that's just a little it's only it's like a twenty five foot pot so I wanted to the others through a little too high and it just kept on going through my boss acid. It just didn't hold straight at all just is kind of high hazard and but you made the pod yeah congratulations dues yup up so bad six eighteen four two four slash sixteen yup okay sixty four Alaska. That's Great Dude Yeah Yeah Black Ace one before it was that a it's cool but it's nothing like brag about. Oh It's another notch and your story. I mean it's a it's like if it was on xbox play xbox playstation with I'm a playstation got on a wise Xbox Q.. That's your fault you for. I was talking about Xbox. Culas doesn't play disco lessons but what are the other eat but it'd be like a trophy would be like a civil. It's about it right. I mean there's some there's a lot of close ones there. It's just a small park but there's other ones that could happen. I guess you could throw into tens basket from three if you're really bad yeah yeah but like if you're like playing playstation it'd be like which dog is down here. They're not there other astaire's astaire's it'd be like you unlock the trophy is yeah. pointsman credits have a black as I've only seen one once yeah. I don't know like four kind of dubious milestone. I guess one more thing don't have in my bag that you'd do so I mean what I got everything. I got pretty much accomplished. This is this podcast of the coolest thing I do nothing without no perfect it's great especially on your disco person yeah and I went out and I was like I feel like I get an ace on the discount birthday and I did but not the one I was just when you wanted Heidi beautiful throw just into the wrong basket manatee my buzzer assassin usually like usually problem is that I turn it too much. You know what I mean. It usually like it doesn't how you know. It doesn't heiser out. It's like straight liner. It's like straight line. I turned it too much. I busted my buzzed G._T._O.. At the scores so I just played you for the same exact reason because it doesn't heiser out that Shit did the Gotcha story. What else would I have to talk about today and get like you said you'd another achievement? Eh It's down in UTICA somewhere right somehow we're keeping score or need to keep the score you finished up well though he said he finished twelve hundred fourteen fourteen doubles okay okay Heidi was my partner. Well still give it to you <hes> yeah so well. What else is going buddy? I got my <hes> well. That was your legislation story. I myself went into my annual vacation flooding in Michigan <hes> Gendron I got up for at least one. That's something to hit up <hes> Mason County part which I'm sure you've probably heard of viewed abuse Goliath. I plead beauty. I was legit the only person there. I was actually really disappointed crazy. I mean when it like two o'clock on a Monday so you know how many times do you ever go out to a disc golf courses one. I mean I heard some people later on but I was already on like sixteen heading to the extras like I feel like you guys are playing like whole five right now but I wouldn't play beauty. I was really hoping to play beast with somebody that was going to be there. I would have played Goliath. They really want like all right. I'll suck it up with you guys but now what a beautiful course man didn't I thought it was playing pretty good but just you know golf happened like I went for skip off the skip off the dirt hit. A route. You know stopped me that stuff you know if you trees here and there was playing by myself. My wife did not want to go needed. The extra is I would. I go right in forehand three hundred ten feet up on a little hill at through like forty five feet in front of me and Dr to write off in the rough so when I told my wife I need the extra is guess what she says to me. Why don't you just through disks you don't like what do you even say right now? Do you know what you're saying. You know throw discs. I don't like how you play bad. That's how you really bad. I don't carry discs. I don't like we'll talk about their waterhole desk and I'm like what is that. I'm like I'm throwing my driver. I know I can get over and right there. We have you seen the drug dies does yeah you know what what you said it. All plastic isn't forever so yeah I mean you gotta go for it. I mean I champion dominated. Guess what that he didn't make any more champion dominators but it sitting somewhere in the bottom of a bell champion dominator does that is that a no vote. It's an it's an which I actually in Lahti Tan I swung by store that was right on my way back home from the beauty and I picked up a champion domineering. It's a little delme but they don't make it anymore. So I mean if seventy they'll sell it off. It's out of production. I didn't tell him out of production till after the purchase was complete that doesn't that barely even like increases like because the really popular discs like they don't go out of production brave but it's like a dynamic just like retired like fourteen other molds or something just <hes> we were professional. We would be covering stuff like that yeah but that does just doesn't make like it's not like just increases. The value just makes them sought after like if somebody offered me of crystal crank would probably by I mean I offered up like a forty dollars when I lost a crystal crank. I'm because they don't make them will they do make them look the quiz. They're like this crystal. Plastic is for like special orders EXAC like I could go order daughter we could get a we have to be like. I mean if you want like twenty five of them. I could do that while see right now. I've got like six of them all right so do I need them. Do I want them. Yes what are they going to be the same style. Are they going to be like I was F- Af fled. Is You never know I mean the price on Oh come on different. You know how exactly I mean I could get exist gifts but it's not right yeah right now. Crystals Different <hes> I had a crystal buzzed that I loved and then I lost it bell see I love your crystal is just like if you're getting accustomed stamped order you can purchase crystal plastic. That's what all of these are and I I was able to detour on yeah. Lt You up and whatever it looks. Aren't you know you're yes. Yes exactly which <hes> I found a different. One of those found an orange one definitely in our two unit definitely I mean it looks like what he's plugging into you so we can change the computer hack at that ship now picked auto. It's like a like a Pinkerton. It doesn't say Pinkerton. I wish it did but like Pinkerton open or something but I got it off dollar discs for like eighteen bucks. I would've paid more. I was going to win that desk. As soon as I saw that was a crystal crank I was. Dollar dollar dollar I will outbid you know started. Pretty good. Man Tried thrown busy when I was in Tennessee and it's just not same it's just not what are you going to do. <hes> I'd also played the Leviathan which is like five minutes from our cabin Wellington which I did in fact Watch de Glow on my phone in Leamington it was great but played there with my buddy. Kevin <hes> played there that course I'll years ago dude and it was muddy and buggy and the rough was rough and the walk to the next tea pat was RAF. It was hard to find the trails weren't carved out but this time dude they must put in some drainage man. It was dry. I looked up looked it up on a view and they had like it was like four point three six discs so I knew it had to be at least pretty good. There's some there's some sure holes. There's like local guys just up vote their stuff of course. I wish I mean I gave it. I gave it four and a half when I was walking out to anew I always just do like realistic like I don't give it for unless it's like well mic like I'll tell us out a lot of like three and a half but like to me he's like four four and a half or five you have to top course in the world. You know what I mean like. I don't know and they have a pledge of any of those. Now I was playing pretty well. I mean there are like there's some there's like four or five under two hundred got them mall except for one that was going uphill and only because they bounced off the cage and it did roll downhill and I put an easy tap and three but I got all of those I was five under at one point. I took six. I three putted. I felt don't really mad about it. But what are you going to do. <hes> played really well. It's really nice course it was really really well carved out this time man. I think I finished to under no yet you under couldn't I was at one and then I got another very walking out <hes> great place though <hes> it's part of school forests like kids are doing like projects and stuff in there so supposedly there's no drinking or smoking but there are lots of cigarette our butts in the trash cans which I do respect because at least they are smoking at the tea and put them in the trash trash and I do. I picked up one beer can other than that. I didn't see anything any other trash out there so hats off to everyone who's playing mason kind of disk off. The Omission County just golf club is very active. They really are there. Signs were great this problem. They're probably like up sure the clubs after cleaning oh he's they're. They're very active there. There's a big club in the very active the only dudes I assault Leviathan <hes> one of them complimenting my bag. Let them try it on. They were from skiing and so maybe they were littering. I don't know maybe it was there was it was a summer Shandy so call them out on that speaking of beer though I'm having a James Port brewery which is in letting tinebra backgrounder no only had a little bit because he's having a truly wildberry. You'll make fun after I got to work. A double broke into a bunch of beers today but I got shit to do tomorrow rose. If you're probably GONNA finish this tried any white clause or any other kind of hard seltzer. They're they're pretty good man in. It's like they're all water. They are good L. dollars. Okay I got I just you know you're passing up on this delicious hundred miles away man glass and has fast. This stuff is delicious wife Joe's that I wanted to get the E._S._p.. What are you going to do? You only got one griller still good cheers man cheers buddy. I was happy because you know in sport doesn't actually distribute like you can get a growl but they have cans and bottles. They don't have someone selling poem so yeah rare. Bring them Mike also to they gave me a pretty sweet lighter I did you gave me a pretty sweet later to it's an astronaut stirring up with the moon stirring up some kind of moon from kind of other moon order planet. Some kind of rocks have no idea later artwork but reminds me but I saw letter. It's a high out highlighter Bo show so <hes> what else is going on buddy. It's been awhile it has been awhile dude. We haven't been down here in a long time man. Sorry I mean you know we. You've been working <hes> <hes>. I've been working a lot. <hes> Oh yes. I remember you telling me Dude congrats man on what I think he might know team captain all shirk. Thank you thank you yeah yeah. Thanks lucky just off the team. Captain Really Feel Lucky <hes> a lot of a lot of quality players on the team the now I don't know how many of them applied for captain but <hes> yeah the chose me so both honored in humbled <hes> Yes you don't know lucky disc- off check them out. They do a price match policy policy plus ten percent so any disk you find on any other website you can get for cheaper lucky disc off they have a huge inventory and now the brick and mortar store Ford out up brick and mortar in the head in Las Vegas right outside of Sunset Park <hes> four dollars flat rate shipping on disks. You could order twenty desks. That's four dollars shipping. You know you get into baskets and bags. It's different sizes to be <hes> yeah. The Shane Hill the owner chose me bettine captain. Thank you <hes> yeah. I'm very honored. What what are your responsibilities well? There's <hes> <hes> choosing the team for next year. <hes> keeping the team engaged making sure made their you know that's. I don't know it's kind of an honorary thing <hes> big part of it will be choosing the team next year while you you should change your facebook named Captain <hes> I put it on my facebook. My did it says a my about it's like team captain. If you change it from heiser not in might not let you ever change it back to that so okay. No some people talk about I always see people like like girls who get married like I did show by United. Send my birther my marriage license and the change my name and I'm like his must be on some kind of like terrorists watchlist because I've changed my name on facebook like a hundred times like I used to be like no cabinet in a long time. No I haven't since I became a husband Carol <hes> that's been since before I even started the highs nuts. My name was that was my name on facebook yeah because I just I came up with it just trying to think something funny to change my name to on facebook and you so good yeah <hes> but yeah like I was I. I was just like I was like Noah Drake or no Jake Carol when I first joined facebook and then I was late I was like all these ask clowns barely barely known highschool to be able to find me everywhere yeah so then I went to like Noah Drake and then <hes> yeah and then I changed it to a few silly things like a game of thrones. When I was like really into the books I changed my name to change my name Noah north of the wall remember that I don't remember that though I didn't pulse you a lot of cultural cheated Jon snow something to change from Noah north of the wall to <hes> Jon Snow Jon Snow that I think I just went to Noah Carol after that because I was like I don't care if these idiots from high school find me over if they want to will mean gene yeah but I don't know I don't get it like why can't people like you can literally just go onto your settings and change the name on facebook you can but it doesn't always show up because I I try to add a nickname and like it'll show up like afterward but it won't like added to your name anymore? I doubt it. I'M GONNA go change my name don't do it. I'm going to be the house enough. You don't do it chains Johnson's or something while he's locked in office he does his cow count has been deactivated for a long time every now and then he'll he'll reactivate it. Just I don't know do some kind of creeping or something I did facebook. Does kinda sucks dude. I really like I don't aunts and uncles use it and I don't post about like anything besides disco F- really on facebook anymore I I really don't post- postal up I read a kiss shared my name the other day yeah I mean you've been crazed. Killer means that's in the late to the mean game but I'd be it's. It's not easy to do now but like the platforms are easy to make them on but right but when you have spelling errors and you might like I hate that thank God I sometimes see people share one and it's like I know you didn't write this but like I would never share me in those just like gibberish. You know just so grammatically incorrect. I know they're just jokes but like once like words misspelled from the just like especially when they're trying to make fun of something serious yeah right. You're trying to make fun of the government in your misspelling things <hes>. What do you think about this area fifty one ship off dude? I mean I'm a a huge fan of it. I mean I'm not I'm not GONNA go no. They'd you die. They're gonNA kill if that really happens GONNA shoot I duNno. I think that that's going. I don't think anyone's GonNa get shot either get. I think they're going to get taste as I don't think you're GONNA get into area fifty one and I don't think that they're gonna like just mowed down American civilians either. I don't think that these like you know deprived is probably like I don't know. I don't know who's actually like he'll do this. It's just a facebook thing thing like a who was actually going to be there because it's supposed to be like a month away. I BETCHA A it's like September twentieth with at time but like if you post that and they know when you're coming like well guess what you've ruined your entire was is what if there is any aliens in area in the area fifty one is a real place and it is like a secretive military base like it's it's like nothing there's aliens there. This is true where they may planes and his odds and stuff that can smart other countries but aw if there was anything in area fifty one guess what it's long gone now. Let's facility yeah right there like a right. <hes> what do you think they have like a radioactive like wall but they can just throw up immediately or something sweet and case thousand people do start running no much don't think the habit radioactive while come on we aren't trump's America now though so maybe from like a satellite no. I don't think radioactive laws are all right. What about like nobody's getting into area fifty? One also do not believe that the U._S. government will just mowed down American but I do believe a lot of people are GonNa go there and hang out and watch and see what happens yeah. That's what it's going to be. It's going to be like a freak fast outside like actually pretty sweet. It probably would be pretty sweep yeah. It's probably going to be like to work September twenty second but if you want to I'm GonNa Kelly on the twenty first okay so you're not going to be I could change and go a day earlier earlier and then go from Roswell to consult a schedules but I would be interesting. I mean just to even go to be area like see like you know all the bars in diners and stuff that held so weird area fifty one right. It's very kitschy. I think it is isn't real tacky touristy stuff in Roswell nowadays if this was somebody's <hes> brazen idea getting more popular bringing tourism in it worked too bright if totally where it is also great like the but then I see see like there's tons of means about it <hes> I saw one and it was like fuck area fifty one. Let's let's go storm. These ice detention centers Mexican kids. My baby would shoot you the F. if anybody try if anybody literally storms are they're going to get shot till I really like they're going to be they're going to be disabled. They're not you know what I mean. They like an okay. It's not like whoever is in charge of fifty. They know that this is a thing now. Oh yeah they know about it amended who was create right. I mean maybe that will. It's got like you know. I always interested just just to follow yeah but you know so many people. I just did that to Riley like but I mean what if ten thousand people are there though and they actually try to storm it I don't I don't know I think they're going to be ready to be ready for. They're going to be ready to demobilize them without using like lethal you know they've is legal force. Yeah I mean you don't want to openly kill. American citizens have been there done it before. Though they've you know American citizen you know think about all that they don't kill that arts. They're hanging now like we're not GonNa Notice that like twenty thousand people go missing right. I mean I've actually I bet you. It'll be a big party. It'll be big party out there but freaks will be awesome. It'd be awesome now that I'm thinking Alien Liam Lovers Right now. Don't WANNA go. Did you see the meaning of like yeah area on air. One is cool at all until they bring like they let loose their homeboy and it's the Predator right yeah. There's some good service Goodwin's. Do I know I cannot wait see what does happen. If it's just I mean I you know what would be the sweetest area fifty one. That's exactly what it's probably going to be. It's going to be a free fest <hes> but it'd be really cool if they busted and like found aliens cool and there were just like yeah and the we're also going to take them I mean it's probably predominant. If there wasn't anything to hide an area fifty one it is gone. They use the tunnels to move everything right. They just fly out of there. Have Allergy Yeah right there you guys you're not find dumped. Don't lose your life yet. Gave them too long as well right right three month notice. They're they're taking seriously Ashley now that you have like almost a million followers I'd be like I think it's pretty cool. Though this is going to be like opening what Al Capone's Vol do your although what if like they stormed like what if like armed people like actually stormed at like a decent number could like actually do it though the Tuesday or something because they're already there yeah. I don't know it'd be nuts. It probably would be nuts. Dude I mean there's got to be tons of classified. I mean even if it's now alien proof but the the you know there's going to be weapons there and like Batman type shit that just never got made John I mean I don't know I look what is it like. It's secretive of it's a real place but it's it's like there's real place. There's real signs and like back rockaway or you will be shot. I mean will Smith got him okay. Its lately <hes> Independent Studios Dope though <hes> Well Earth. Thank you Randy Quaid for your sacrifice. Yes there's something about that now to the whole area fifty one thing aw lost his mind that guy he's probably part of them. He's probably going to see the other one of chuck. Norris and Keanu reeves was real. I mean no of course not because movie star and action movie star who can actually do karate but I mean I think I'd be more afraid of key honorees nowadays not certain ours is still pretty good shape. I'm sure you could still kill a lot of people but <hes> calories is highly trained to he might have you know be about black belt former crow like Chuck Chuck. Norris has actually like he what future thirteen Chuck Norris was actually a before you got into acting. He was like actually like a world karate champion. I mean the man like Bruce Lee I think in just like exhibitions that open <hes> did they fight Bursley have no he didn't he didn't want it movie. I'm sure they came across each other time or two. I don't know Bruce Lee was younger. I just read I mean I think it was just for charity event. You know right kick me here. I'll kick you here and it's not faking predetermined. I mean it's not fakes choreographed. Yeah I saw there's something going to have Chuck Chuck Norris and canneries both were. I don't know if you want an edge chuck. Norris's like eighty. I mean just because a guy owns a bowflex do or whatever that Yeah Chuck Norris to him. He's probably see what if that's the new Justin Bieber. Tom Cruise's keener which I don't know I mean I know Justin. BIEBER's probably like works out but a skinny little torpey Deroga- but he's got he he prompt anything he probably is but I'm pretty sure with like ninety. Eight percent chance that Tom Cruise is going to beat. You're asked Tom Cruise is short but he's like pretty checked and he does all his own stunned. Dry Out. Tom Cruise lead jolly like he broke. His ankle kept on running because the scene was going well or something yeah now Tom Cruise is temperatures is highly trained. He's not like just like you honorees. He's not a he's not a black belt in anything but he's he's had training. I mean you know us to move that you learn in your one screen and I forget this showed like I saw something and it was like Justin. BIEBER's like five nine hundred hundred forty pounds and Tom Cruise is like five six one hundred ninety solid old man muscle man man muscle. It's different. These kids don't know that old man strength kicks in Andhra jacked like your force you got him. I mean but Tom is a Weirdo Justin bieber which is why they might do. Tom Cruise of ads like I don't know like scientologists should is weird. I don't really it's weird but it's like. I've never heard of Tom Cruise like doing. Anything actually like inappropriate like I noticed like active weird like on Oprah but I mean I. There's no rumors of Mike homes for that time. Yeah there's no like rumors of him like messing with children or anything like that or like anything actually criminal. You know what I need so scientology's weird yes. I whatever we were just talking about. Fifty one like we want like we think there's aliens religions weird you know but I don't know kick his ass. Tom Absolutely Hashtag Tom Cruise. This is a disco show. It is but you know we can learn out for a minute. That was fun though yeah we didn't even talk. We didn't even discuss bring area fifty one earlier. It was just US people you knew. Did you see that I've marked myself up interested in the only one of my friends I facebook Casaus like is other than like people sharing all the memes March Ikini our buddy who's actually the first follower of the show he doesn't even discuss. Here's a I follow around soundcloud. Thank you buddy uh-huh but he said he I saw that he said he was going and he said he didn't just click videos interested like shared it and was like fifty one baby and I'm like you're not going catch just like ninety percent of the people on their precisely right precisely. I'm not going either but I do want to find out what goes down well. What does it turns into like an annual thing just like ranger outside of fifty one every year they would hate it but that's how things like this? Get started rate for the area. I mean it's the desert. It's the middle of the desert. I I mean I'd be buying like fifteen. Gallons of water would be the first thing I would do before going out beer yeah. Let's go okay. I'm not storming nothing. I'm not going to be one of the KYW if I see the fence fall and there's not like fire gunshots being fired. I'll go on yeah definitely not going to be on the frontline though nope absolutely now okay what what would happen though is if a legitimate force of of people actually stormed it and went to tear the gate down. They would get down if it got. They went after the point where <hes> the U._S.. Government thought that it was they were their secrets or endanger getting out yeah Betcha they they would do. I mean they have to have some kind of like teaser. They have to write like or the gas you don't tear gas because especially if they're all wearing them and they just gas area fifty one just flows outside right. I don't know the worry talk about the march Saturday night. We got to see what happens. Now now reminds I don't. I don't believe any non military personnel will be stepping foot Mary fifty one anytime you know I I believe one hundred twenty percent correct I betcha there will be some tickets issued and a few people arrested talking. A lot of jobs and disorderly is going to be a big party in the desert with even now alien lots to probably some weird costs play. Doh Yeah it'll be yeah. We don't awesome it really does or you know secrets it gets to the universe or five thousand people are going to die in five thousand people are going to get inside here fifty one yeah good luck whatever he goes yeah absolutely probably want to be on duty that neither fifty one absolutely not you how somebody already check their ships Lena's day between twelve and eight. They're smart though they would all the real homeys that are actually down they. Did you know the the secret would be doing it like a week earlier. I mean we're going to have to do it early right. I mean you can't can't post about facebook right. Bergamo sabotage the government three months of timber. I wonder I yeah I mean dude so the person who started that like they could possibly be charged with treason. I mean right out it. No I mean that's a legit like yeah. Call against your government which I mean I thought you were in custody allowed to do in this country. I mean they're doing it the way I'm pretty sure whoever started this could be charged with treason. I'm pretty sure if they wanted to every person who claimed they were going to do it could be charged chooses better mark myself. I don't think I I'M NOT PURCHASING ANY TICKETS TO UTAH. I mean I mean I don't like insurrection something like that. I mean Rico you know right <hes> yeah I mean that's for like more organized organized crime but like high treason by Christ considered Organized Crime Gab. I think it'd be more it's like I don't know it would be different than just like criminal court. You know what I mean it like. I don't know crimes against you. Contrary like like different I mean that's like you've gone from a military tribunal. Yeah whatever guys go get them. Aliens Yeah please do the millions. I WANNA see the next stealth bomber honor right at you but well Mike. We didn't give them to the drama on blow all right well. Let me read this down. Real quick dude dude alright so Dayglo is coming on. It was the seventh stop or the sevens tournament on the pro. Tour Plum Macbeth did not shoot eighteen down this time <hes> but he is a backpack champion <hes> thirty one hundred par Kevin Jones made it really interesting. Though I watched live coverage from my cabinet Levingston <hes> he was a stroke behind Paul Macbeth <hes> took so second place he made a really nice pot tie it out Paul Macbeth had to make his he did <hes> no one from the top ten was able to no one from Michigan. We're able to correct the top ten read for skewered tied double G. and Andrew Prison out fifteen down for sixteenth place. <hes> Tim Bar Blueprints tied for twenty. I Ma- my man my new man sanders was tied for thirtieth <hes> Andrew Thirty Three Brandon Redman and Phil delinea- tied a few others that ninety third place at a plus nine. I mean dude plus nine after three rounds at Dayglo hats off to you guys dude <hes> uh run away victory for page peers thirteen down Katrina Alan second place she was that one under lease fakest medicine Walker just through fourth fifth Serta Mar out of an on Novi who I do not know <hes> she tied current World Champ page circus for tenth place lash cash in a four way tie between Hannah Macbeth Liz car scipion Alicia graciously for an sandy handle so no well then dude so there was some things on the online's that we also about the T._d.. And some course preparation. What do you think as a T._D.? Yourself well. I have never ran a tournament that large true. I know that my courses are ready the day before tournament. I don't often have a lot of prep work to do. Sometimes you gotta throw our legs eggs and Margaret few drops or something right <hes> now when we set up the temporary course of duly anywhere out there the day before marketing everything we had already to go to do is go drp baskets in the morning the next day which was toughen itself then this was a forty person little doubles tournament for us <hes> C- <hes> yeah the dropped the ball <hes> domestics happened yet are human yeah <hes> MHM duty a break sometimes yeah but <hes> maybe not the day before one of the largest tournament. You're throwing on the ten. Stop Pro Tour like this you. I mean right all Macbeth canaccord audio to rely on a boat right now. Both he's like this guy. I'm getting drunk while I'm marking has O._B.. The day before the tournament he did say having a beer. He didn't say he was aiming. Streak vote either way whether you were getting drunk inside. You are vote drinking craziest thing I've ever heard that I saw one funny comedy he was like if that's the craziest thing he ever heard. Did he should be out on that boat drinking with him. Had those forget who am. I like southeast Vichy disc golf page of the yeah I I didn't like <hes> I didn't like the response from cookie or Stevens <hes> did make Gucci doesn't respond to which Actually Minute Cook Dinner Respond <hes> I I read a thing on alter world that said they never responded to them. which yet which you know you don't don't feed the trolls but this wasn't just people trolling? You know what I mean. <hes> then you know Stevens posted something and then he deleted his common later but I saw it and he was pretty much like you guys need to shut up. A lot of people are like what we'd like you know what do you mean I think I think he actually tops. I forget exactly but he might've even tightly S._T._F.. You about this stupid stuff where she you guys need to shut up about the stupid stuff and help out and it wasn't well received I mean it did sound like they were down on spotters. <hes> I heard people didn't know it whole they were going to or where the whole was and just weird while those shock on start so that shouldn't be a problem just course was marked properly or like people didn't know whether there's starting t was because I think from what I was reading online wasn't marked properly okay and the reason why I knew I was going because I just went with Richie played it like the week before right. I mean I had a pretty you can ideas from going in years past but they also switched it up a bit dude <hes> what is whole on three when you're going back to the top of the hill what used to be a par-five. They made it a par four but they also the drone roane footage was from last year so it showed it it's old position but it was right at the top of the hill this year. You don't know what I'm talking about. Anyway played it but well either way of his home call tree that I did but I had twice so I hit them front branches on my drive and drop down and then try to get underneath it a hit more branches and down but Paul Macbeth three my second shot in his first shop and just hit the same tree something good. I was in the same around well. I'll be right back. We're a little we'll. I'll be right back. I won't be on if I if I can carry the show for to lie Brennan. I guess glove too which free yet and I think I think probably is closed right now. Yeah I mean in pro going forward with Autry Mike. What's that back road? Call you know or something. I don't know there is a way you can drive right into that park without pay raise but I mean I haven't natural park pass no no. I'm not saying do it but I'm just surprised like there's a relative goes right in. There just avoids everything yeah. It's it's like. It's supposed to be an exit but yeah if you know what it is. which is you know road like ninety percent share? It's like a quarter mile from from Holden's. Yeah you can just driver back I mean but what are your thoughts about just Daego general about the mishaps. I don't know I haven't really heard I mean you're out there with bliss. I know it's it was easier for us but you're after in blistering heat with me last year marking of course dually yeah absolutely and I mean I don't I haven't heard of anything quite like this <hes> in my time of like researching discounts and looking at other things so I don't make me if you're a little bit embarrassed man just for the state of Michigan like I feel we have some just because I think we have recourse to your doesn't mean all these pros agree with me but I've been we dealt with that. Better courses other places we we we have tons. We have what we have online. We have a lot of like B._T.. Or courses where there's someplace like you know there's not a lot of crappy courses like put in. I don't harm to speculating here. There's not a lot of you know there's not a lot of brises out and Kelly no or in Texas old around yeah <hes> right haze dishes. There's a we have we have more courses than all of them though we have good ones and but then like courses Stony Creek and Hudson Mills that I think are like you know the to my favorite courses those aren't like Pro Tour Calvert courses sources right there too short which is just unfathomable to me. It's not because they watch but even stony longs like you have those couples at a crazy long. It's only laws like there's nothing like after the first the first couple holes on like the blue course <hes> blue courses Asian greencore yeah but the long like they got the super long ones he started like one in two or like I've just seen the bill like seven hundred look the ones like seven hundred feet and the second hole something but other than that there's not even the longs they like not even four one hundred feet you know most of the long t pads just like fifty feet behind the shorts and the other tougher but I mean they're not a potter shots for a lot of the person I mean I'll be Macbeth's thrown that Luna four hundred feet now you know Lozada parks five hundred foot hole with potter once we'll still be still did get shot open but I mean I mean with mine have more big tournaments here. It'd be L. But we need. You know don't worry I'm GonNa win the Lottery Day and I'm gonNA completely change Michigan disc golf perfect. Thank you for doing so. I'm glad you have applied. Let's go to win the lottery. I I got actually play the lottery though to win. I don't really play. I do the shops here and there yeah that's money. It's not big money. It's not big money when I worked at a bar downtown. Dude one like twenty grand on scratch off on his shift just Kinda Cool Nice. I used to clean up. I used to do some Gwen so money Keno off but <hes> I I would play like when I was out at the Bar <hes> now's younger. I used to play a lot of keynote. I swear like all the time like outplay like out bat like two dollars on like pretty much every single drawing like when I was in like my like there was a couple of years there my mid twenties. We're like vows out at the bar. Just one and it's always pretty much like you know yeah. It was pretty much like two dollars like every like I don't know I think the drugs like every five minutes something like that yeah but I would like you know what I mean. It was is like I would hit and hit a fourteen dollars hundred ten dollars forty dollars. You know like every few drawings with the kicker. That's why played too. That's why he's I'll just about a dollar but the kicker sure <hes> gambling the house always wins at some people are their business people might win. You know there are people who in big money gambling but the house takes money they you know there are there are few and there are many who don't many people do everything gambling. I used to play Keno Casino and you know it's like if I go to the Casino lose fifty bucks. I'm done perfect. I mean Yeah Fifty Bucks me and my wife went to the casino last winter just because you know they have pool and hot tub and we was you know feel some enjoyment for a little while freezing cold at we went on on on on the floor. We both quit smoking a few years ago. Do so alert to fifty one just bugged us here in our headphones good both the same time yeah that's weird right. I don't know if you owe their shooting down. Hold onto getting better Morse code in their long short actually I. I hope I short long long audio. Quality is good but something just happened here. Something <hes> something that just went weird yeah we are plugged into several of a clean that how Perot weird could get a time check. I am not even it isn't ten fifty dollars on our minute count. We don't have jets we. We got a role dude. We're over the hour mark yeah. We're way over. We're way the over <hes> I it's been awhile guys like having been hang out. We haven't even gotten around together in a while besides playing no actually how about next time there's a reindeer windy and you don't have to work tigers and they don't have to work we go down to the velodrome. Okay I'm into that share a stud left your baskets kinda worried about him. Actually haven't been down there months and supposed to rain this week a lot and be hot and that play seem to be well. Oh Yeah it's called they have good A._C._N.. Good heat and they're a man dude. I'd like to get some something you know yeah. We should get out of here. I think we're probably about it like a twenty minute one hundred twenty nine to the coaching where our twenty minutes hour ago so she's she's going to <hes> well guys <hes> they while coming back in you know what we're we both had y'all both houses on vacations and then you know things have been hectic with us but you know we'll get back to more regular recording program you guys I'm going to play out grove the very first disc golf course in history designed by Patrick himself. It's going to be sweet yeah. I'll try to take a lotta pictures of an area fifty one guys you know we were just joking. We're not going to go south. If I did just be getting drunk out in the desert. I wouldn't be storming out by fifteen eighteen downs. That's all I want you to all right guys. You know there's been the discourse number twenty nine. I believe we're about to hit that thirty mark though this one soon but you know that.

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