The main plant for this week is mum's chrysanthemums as they. Used to be called. Now, they're mess embry anthems and don't try to spell that. Don't even ask me how but they're the. In Nail. Genesis of gotten in there, and now we have actually a a will just call it a real. Rainbow of colors in mums and some other plans for that matter. But the MOMS that I was saw this week were in containers. The container was according to half pot. The plant hung out six inches on both sides. It was probably ten inches tall in the middle, and then there were twenty six of them all in full flower and what a show. Now the mile fashioned one that's been sitting here for years was unceremoniously divided and moved about six weeks ago is not in full bloom at this point the buds they're they're they're opening. I can see color tell that it's. Going to be yellow. So there's a very very Asian in timing and depends on who grew them. If it's Lazy Gardener like me, they're not doing much at the moment. It's grown professionally. It's probably fantastic full bloom, and then I mentioned a yellow there's yellow there's whites there's creams rust there's it goes on and on and on, and then there are various kinds or show out, call it kinds of flowers Tight button some are much more open spoon shaped petals. There's all kinds of things they all make a terrific showing from now clear into and quite often passed the first frost or two or three until a hard freeze. They are plant that I recommend. Well I playing, recommend them period because they add so much color for the next six weeks or so however when I want them to grow over and be sure that they are perennial or at least more sure I liked plants in as little plants in spring. Now, that's if I'm going to have a show of various colors, sizes, shapes, and so on. In the spot that I can handle, just call it visually handle just green all summer long until now but right Now these sixteen to twenty plants that I saw are just a dazzle I'm sure if I had looked at them from two hundred yards away I still could have told their size shape and so on. They're just they are a magnificent plant right now and properly planted fertilized and that always when you take them out of the container scores or root out of the edge I, wouldn't go anymore and a quarter of an inch deep and then plant them tamp them in. Water, them water them, water them. No that's every I three days, and then back off from there, they should then go into winter in good shape being planted at this point.

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