Ablaze ep#14 Onwards


Yeah breath at the. It took take the I took breath. Good morning welcome to ablaze. Show by being beacons of light for God this is of course. Labra user and host of brain media. I want to thank thank all of our listeners. Worldwide were yarn amazing bunch and also guest. There'd be no shares with them. They'll be Christmas special visa visa released on the twenty third of December featuring all of our guests growing from January they'll be two teams to host. It will reach out to English speakers and French speakers. I'm researching our options to grow from podcastone radio. It's very lucky. A A social enterprise will get sets up for a community radio. If you're a Spanish speaker with the network Christian ministers and Christian business owners I want to hear from me. I will offer training. The shots are gusty Arabic and Mandarin speakers with networks meaning collections to Christian Mason Christian. Business owners please. Email me at s way across large at hotmail could UK as as you may fool wedding to advance a will throw a few questions to meditate on in advance of our Christmas special house is got cooling needs to be a beacon of light way your how would you feel if there was no religion. Would you be ready to love your neighbor as yourself and offer a room at your in. How much of you is in the way of. You've got spunk. For you for twenty twenty finally all the meditations I read were from creative retreat ideas resources for short short day and weekend retreats by Soupy cring and this book has permission to reproduce all the blessing said came from. Ray Simpson's the Celtic McBride book for You for Greg. Gutty Christians alternative worship for For the community of Aden help you can get both of those books at eight inhale the odor UK slash resources ablaze were regime on the sick of Jerry. Twenty twenty if I shows blessed you. Would you consider giving any amount on red suckled dot com slash show slash ablaze or. Leave us a review. Subscribe to our show is is to receive a Christmas special automatically. Renew US in your spirit permission for my shield is our co ooh a mighty power the holy. Jasey affirming three Innis confessing oneness in the making. Yeah it took it took. They took doc the.

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