Kavanaugh Latest, Census Troubles & Civil Asset Forfeiture


The blaze radio network. On demand. Grade is here on the please radio network too. Late. Nine hundred thirty. Three ninety three. Will she or won't she testify hang. That's the question on everyone's mind. No. No, no. No. I'm sorry. Interrupt you. But the question on my mind is where the seven million dollars that you are told me today that you were going to give me, it's got. I mean, you think it's in my pocket. I got a. I got a big jar at home. Weekly pause the show you go to the ATM because I was eating a Tinos pizza on national pepperoni pizza day. You saw you said, hey, I'll give seven million dollars for one square to give you the whole thing. And I'm starting to show you think I'm just going to forget that you took one sixteenth of my Totino's for seven million. That's how hungry I was in fact. So keep watching for that. It's it's on the way. Okay. Checks in the mail, triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three eighty three. This cavenaugh sexual assault allegation fiasco. I mean, it's just that it's a fiasco. Another person that knows the parties involved denied being at the party. Somebody who was accused of being the party. They've already come out and said, I wasn't there. I don't anything about that. That didn't happen. Then there's another person a classmate of bread Cup, Kavanagh's, accuser, Christine, blazey Ford, who said she, she actually put a. Posted something on Facebook, this big long deal about how? Yeah. I think this had there was a lot of there was a big buzz at school about that. And so why don't you just come out at admitted? Just fess up to it. Then she deleted that post. And now she's saying, oh, I have no idea if that happened. Wait, what. Speaking with NPR. She completely walked back claims on the deleted Facebook post that it happened or not. I have no idea. I can't say that it did or didn't. In the post she wrote, I did not know Ford personally, but I remember her this incident did happen. Many of us heard a buzz about it indirectly with few specific details. However, Christine's vivid recollection should be more than enough for us to truly deeply know that the accusation is true now she has no idea Idi of that is true. I didn't realize that we're going to have to defend what I said. What do you think is happening here? This isn't nursery school. Where is this isn't make belief time, of course, cable news stations are going to ask you to corroborate the story if you claim that you have knowledge of it. Nope, she has no idea. She just throw it out there. Really bad. You're playing games with people's lives in their reputation, family, and that is that man. I, you almost want to bring criminal charges against somebody like that. That's that's almost slander right there. You can certainly bring civil charges against her for for that. But. Why would you? Why would you make that? I guess you're just a an attention hog or what is that? Just so that people will think you're cool because you have some kind of knowledge about and event that's making the news and you just feel cool being talked about? I really she, she obviously wants him to pull his nomination. Yes, that's our goal. Yes. Just as it is with the Democrats. The accuser by the way says, hey, there's no rush here to the hearing. There's no rush. Well, yeah, there is trying to get a supreme court Justice confirmed. So, yeah, there's a rush and all the Democrats are screaming because it's an artificial deadline. Well, of course it's a, they're gonna put a deadline on this because they can't let this dry out indefinitely. All right. Just get back to whatever you want, and we'll just let these accusations simmer for a while and see what happens. That should be helpful in the process. So the Republicans have reached out to her multiple times. She's got a com- she's not going to she, she'll testify, she won't testify. There's no need. There is a need. Democrats are screaming that this, this could be the last chance she ever has to ever tell her story talking about. Of course, it's not the last chance she ever has. She could tell this story to anybody at any time and by the way, she said thirty six years to tell her story and chose not to until now it. So don't start blaming Republicans because this is a ridiculous situation. Even if he's confirmed that doesn't stop her from telling her story. It's just that the Democrats need her right now and they're using her right now and they don't care about her. They don't care what happens in her life. They don't care if she's dragged through the mud. They don't. They don't care if her reputation goes to hell. What do they care? They just want to stop the nomination of Kavanagh for some reason. Just it's pretty amazing. Hillary was on Rachel Maddow show. And here's again as she was months ago and then got bludgeoned with dump comment. She kind of skirted around that same scenario. We need to give the benefit of the doubt to these people sort of. Here's what she said. I remember back in the Thomas hearings when Senator Byrd was asked what he was going to do, and he said, in a situation like this, we should give the benefit of the doubt to the court and the country, and that's what the Republicans should be doing right now from the White House down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Senate, give the benefit of the doubt to the court and the country, and that have a an investigation that will then lead to a hearing that will then lead. To a vote, if appropriate. And instead they are playing the hardest of hard balls to try to pack the port with another nominee regardless of the questions. Okay. So a lot like the situation with Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey and one eat a broaddrick felt exactly the wait. No. You didn't feel the same way then? No. Would you do instead? Oh, played bull. Oh, you tried to destroy their lives discredit and humiliate them. This hypocrite should keep her mouth shut when it comes to sexual allegations against somebody? Yeah. Are you kidding me in her sitting there trying to pack? The court would not. They're trying to fill vacancy packages where its job of the executive. If he nominated six more people, then maybe trying to pack the court, but that's not the case. We're just looking for the normal nine. That would have been your hero FDR. There is no number in the constitution for supreme court justices. You could put one hundred of them in there if you wanted to. So if you wanted to really pack the court, this would be a great time to do it just pack the court with. You know ninety one more conservatives, then you'll see if we can overturn Roe v Wade. A lot on that overturn almost like to see it happening up. The same thing would happen when they're in office, so that would not turn out well, but what what to pock receive from Hillary? How do you do that with no sense of shame, no sense of self awareness that you're saying these things after everybody knows how you would after every one of his accusers, every one of your husband's accusers, you tried to destroy. One either broddrick. This certainly isn't lost on her this entire situation. She saying, hey, why don't you if we're gonna open up investigations? How about opening up the investigation of my rape from Bill Clinton? When he raped me as Arkansas attorney general, how about that. That's look into that the see if there's anything to it. It's almost from the same time period. Yeah, Joe Biden, he said something about how you know every every accuser should be taken seriously and we should investigate every claim no matter how old the allegations and that's when to Roderick was like, yeah. Okay. I got story for you. I know I love that. Yes, she spend. She's been in the forefront of this particular fight for a little while now and you know that takes guts because then it opens her up again to everything that I'm sure she doesn't want to be subjected to. So whether or not this woman shows up at the hearing, it might just be cavenaugh testifying, denying it because he is categorically sworn up and down. This didn't happen. I, I don't know how you'd ever prove this thirty six years ago. It's not like there's security footage of it or somebody had a cellphone video of it. None of that is true. People who actually have been named by this woman have come forward and said, didn't happen. You have to other women who have come out the dated Brad Kavanagh, and they said, no, this perfect gentlemen, this is not in his character. Did he drink? Yeah. So what who didn't in high school? Yeah, he had some drinks from time to time, but he was a perfect gentleman. The other thing I think we're going to have to decide is. The if the if the accusation is true, does that eliminate you from any sort of office ever in the future. I, you know, I something he did when he was sixteen or seventeen years old. Should he then be barred from becoming a supreme court Justice? I'd like I'd like to see what people think about that. Is there redemption? Do we believe in that. There's certainly forgiveness and you can forgive him without putting him in the supreme court. You can. So forgiveness is not the issue, but redemption kind of is because you just believe, okay, the guy changed if even if you did this. It's pretty much universal that nobody thinks he's doing anything like that now, so and hasn't in the last thirty six years. So does this qualify disqualify him from any position in the government now. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three. And at Pat unleashed on Twitter, you know, losing weight and keeping it off. 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Is here triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three just breaking news. There's a another mass shooting. Three people shot and killed apparently at a Rite Aid warehouse in Maryland. The details are pretty sketchy as they always are at the very beginning of these things. So we'll give you more as as the information becomes available, but looks like it's, it's happened again. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three and Pat unleashed on Twitter. It's hard to know where to even start with all the stuff we've got going on today. The. Hypocrisy of the of the left continues to boggle the mind. Then President Trump is making some very interesting comments about George W Bush again. Now, during the Bush administration, he called him a warmonger and a war criminal. And in an interview with the hill yesterday, he said he considers the biggest blunder in US history. To be the one George Bush made about going into the Middle East. Trump said the worst single mistake ever made in the history of our country going into the Middle East by President Bush Obama may have gotten them out wrong, but going in is to me the biggest biggest single mistake in the history of our country. It's a pretty big statement because we spent seven trillion in the Middle East. Now if you wanna fix a window someplace, they say, oh, gee, let's not do it. Seven trillion and millions of lives, you know? 'cause elected count both sides millions of lives. Millions if you include Iraqi and Afghan casualties 's it can't be in the millions. Can it. The what, what far left group are you drawing those facts from there for your reference points? President? I'd I'd like to know you had like to know. He said, when you consider the still ongoing war in the Middle East. The day, they decided that was a bad day for this country. I will tell you so. He's never been a fan of George W Bush that much is true. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three and we'll continue to follow the bread cavenaugh hearing Sega. In the meantime, Hollywood of course, is supporting the secure. They they're totally convinced and obviously anything that goes against Republicans or this administration or anybody who wants babies to live, they're going to attack. So a bunch of Hollywood actresses got together already and create a little. We believe you video for the accuser. Take a look. professor professor for professor for it. We know how difficult it is to stand up to powerful people want to thank you from publicly sharing your story of sexual as members of the Senate determine whether supreme court nominee nominal wreck cabin on Frank cabinet on it should serve as seen court, Justice, disagree, more less. This context is critical. The behavior described was wrong wrong and runs directly countered upholding the law ever Modi's. He should not be confirmed. He should not be confirmed. He should not be confirmed can also Sach or well-being must spend two had her choose shared on national stage without your permission should be the decision maker about how story shared ever. We plot your current coming forward for the public good, and we will be with you. Baffler ethical backlash, inevitable back. Glad. You are strong even know. You are survival survivor survivor and is of us have your back. You Andrew testimony, credible, you figure. Testimony, you're credible, you and your testimony are credible. What are the Thomas Ron's. Signed your sisters signed your sisters, signed years, sisters, sisters, zoo sisters. There is no way to redo nineteen Ninety-one, but there are always ways to better Anita hill set. Wow, that is, you know, it's powerful when you have four different people seeing exactly the same thing because it was written out for them while you just can't fake that people that don't know you either. Right? They have no idea who this woman is. Why she credible. We know you are credible, you credible. We believe you why? Based on what you don't know her. How white should we take it? Seriously? Yes. Should we just automats believe her? No, that's not how things work. Even if you say it at the same time. Multiple times. Dick Yetlis dear professor dear professor for dear professor. Ford, we believe we believe we believe you. It's it's almost cult like it's kinda weird and spooky and crazy people. They're just out of their minds, but those were four strangers though that don't know, don't know her. They don't owner and I don't know, but they still believe her. She's she's credible. We believe them. What do you wanna bet they've never seen her. They've never. They've never heard of her until this week. Just like the rest of us anything about or they said, your testimony should be believed or something like that. Yeah, there's been no testimony, right? That's the whole problem right now. Everyone including Kevin on silver saying, let's do this. Let's go testify and she's like, yeah, Kevin wants his day in court. He he wants the hearing any wanted public. Any wants to get it all out there and take care of it. So she's the one that's holding up the process. Well, there's no rush. Well, yeah, there is. We want to put this crap behind us if he did it. All right. Let's. Move onto the next nominee if he didn't do it shut up and leave him alone, they are dragging out every possible delay tactic that they can report that that she met with a democratic lawmaker I guess in July and we wait until we are literally on the eve of the judiciary committee, having their vote. And then this becomes known now they're saying, okay, well, let's you wanna do this. You wanna testify on Monday, and then it's. Wait, and then the deadline story. And so the game is, let's say that the Republicans are trying to rush this through. Let's wait until the last possible second on every little deadline. And let's hope that the clock turns to November and we win. Yeah, yeah, yes. That's Democrats are doing of course that and it's still transparent, has nothing to do with Justice, has nothing to do with with with her care about her. You really think those are her sister's? No, they're not. They couldn't care less about this woman blazey Ford. They don't care. They don't care about cavenaugh for that. They don't. They don't know anything about Kevin except that he's the nominee from Donald Trump, and that makes him evil in their eyes. These again, it's it's just hypocrites in vipers. I like that. Yeah, Henriksen vipers. That sounds like a death metal, like album title hypocrites in vipers. Just go with a pet also. Sounds like it might come from scripture, so oh yeah, we'll look it up. Okay, triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three ninety three there. There's some good news though, and I haven't heard anybody mention this yet. Maybe I just missed it yesterday because I wasn't here, but Ted Cruz has now opened up a nine point lead in this Senate race against Beto Aurore. That's good news. However, it's not as good news. I thought it was going to be when you said, opened up a can I thought Ted Cruz actually, you know, open again what pass on bedroom, lever mind doing that too, but at least the polls reflecting. Yes. Bit normally of how it should be. I mean, the, you know, it shouldn't be that this guy's within three point two points of Ted Cruz in Texas. It just can't be that. So they did a survey of eight hundred, seven likely voters to Quinnipiac poll. And Ted has a lead of fifty four forty, five right now there's a margin of error of plus or minus four, four point. One percent. So. Maybe all the stuff that Aurora is saying is playing right into Ted Cruz hands. He's saying it. Yeah. We have. We have some other brilliant thing that he spouted recently right? Does that we'll look for that. Betto video on here. Yeah. Yeah, right here. That's the bell clip. Yeah, let's let's play and you know what? We'd probably don't have a lot of time here for it anyway played after the second song after the break here, but. I mean that takes a little bit of the pressure off. It certainly doesn't end the concern in this race, but it's a sign of sanity returning to the planet, which is, you know we they'll signs are few and far between. Now. She's also on the governor's race. The Quinnipiac poll showed that that raises all over Greg Abbott has a lead over former Dallas county sheriff Lupe Valdez fifty eight to thirty nine. So he's almost twenty points head triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety. Three more Pat gray unleashed coming up. At gray returns on the blaze radio network, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three and Pat unleashed on Twitter. Here's a Betto showing exactly why he should be thirty points behind Ted Cruz instead of just nine according to the latest Quinnipiac poll. Here he is. Start. We talk whole arrest. Or. Hey. Four. We're. Solely of of this. Right on all. That. More here. That. Wait, what. So. So. So. Shooting. Growing. Why. Okay. Oh, man. Oh much there. Following what we thought was the end of that injustice at the end of the civil war, that injustice, too many more people here that I know firsthand continues to persist today. Jim crow stuff continues to resist like we've had no changes. I mean, obviously they're still going to be some racism until were perfected until we're. We're all living on the other side together. With God himself directing us. You're never going to eradicate it completely. But he continued that system of suspecting somebody solely based on the color searching that person solely based on the color of their skin, stopping that person solely based on the color of their skin, shooting that person solely based on the color of their skin. Throwing the book that person letting them behind bars solely based on the color of their skin as any have any of those things happen? Sure. And probably not just to blacks, Hispanics made even some white people in predominantly black areas. Look what's going on right now in South Africa. So, yeah, there are lingering issues to take care of, but good. Heavens, we've made a lot of progress. Do you want to turn that Senate seat over to a guy who believes like the things this guy believes about the United States. I don't. Again, he should be not just he should be forty points. Head of this guy. That I saw another one of those agonizing signs pop up in my neighborhood mushrooms everywhere. Yeah, it is. It's getting growing and I just want stop every time and go up to the door. And what the hell is a matter with you. What is what is the matter with you? It's a good way to meet your neighbors. I don't wanna be Mr. awkward or more awkward already. Hey, welcome to the neighborhood. This is first and last time you'll ever see me. I couldn't help, but notice Beto sign. How could you be so unbelievable. Stupider see, that would be more genuine than me just be given skit. I'll never say, again, enjoy the neighborhood instead. It's like, hey, I'm your neighbor deal. Have brain damage. Yeah, I'm just wondering, what is that are with you? When we talk about you, we want to know if it's like it's a genetic thing. What's the problem? I'm trying to wrap my head around insanity right now. And you guys are the very definition of it with that yard sign you have. We don't normally Beto supporters in the neighborhoods. I well it's it's becoming a problem around here. Yeah, it is. It is, but at least the polls are going the right way at least as far as Quinnipiac poll is concerned, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three Bruno in Maryland. You're on the blaze. Hey, good. So I was just wondering like this whole thing with the. The situation with the the the cavenaugh thing. Yeah. So what I'm hearing from you guys as far as obstruction, concerned, all this was going on pretty intolerable. But I'm just wondering like, you know, all this could have been avoided. You know if Republicans would have done the right thing before and what went ahead and pushed in mayor garland, where that he was supposed to have been. Well, we, we thought we thought at that time they should have given him an upper down vote night we, yeah, we said that multiple times I, I wish they would have done that because he would have he would have been denied the confirmation, but he would have had is he would have had his day. So yeah, the they should have voted on garland. But the difference is that was the presidential election we were coming up on and that was going to change the whole nomination process so that it's a little bit different situation. However, we're pretty consistent in that we will. We wanted Republicans to just give them a day in court. Go ahead, give him his say, put it up to vote in the Senate. He's gonna lose and then we move on know what it would have been great per sheet. It. Thanks. But would that have precluded what's happening now? No, don't. I mean, you got to be pretty naive to think even if they had voted for garland that the Democrats would be doing anything different right now they still be trying to draw this thing out past the election. But the, you know, the president change in two thousand sixteen was pretty huge. 'cause you're went from a, you went from a you would have gone from a liberal nominee to a conservative one, and that's what they wanted in. So they try to draw that process out here. You're still going to get the same type of nominee. So there are some differences to this. But yeah, we said it multiple times, give him his vote. I mean, don't you have the majority in the Senate anyway, give him his vote to confirm him. And that was so unusual is that was one of the very few times that the Senate leadership GOP leadership put their foot down to bomb or. Yeah, yes. And that was the one time it didn't. Exactly right. So this is so weird, very straightening because he died. He died in December, right? Wasn't December the school. Nine. In December of the previous year, twenty eight fifteen, right? Isn't that right? I don't remember what monthly died anyway. Yeah, but I mean they could have. I think it was summertime, wasn't it when Obama finally or maybe maybe it was only spring when he nominated garland, but they they could have passed on him anyway. They could held the vote and said, no, no, thank you. And then the process would have fallen where it did anyway to Donald Trump. Everybody twenty sixteen yeah. So I don't know, maybe maybe write it into the constitution that you know. There's a time limit on when when you get to a point, I don't know, but it's just it's just a symptom of nasty. Political scene? Yeah, nasty political age yet what a surprise. It's all partisan stuff steward in Virginia. Hi, you're on the blaze, hey, Pat. To begin with. Sorry, we lost you friend. Thank you. You know, with regards to these hearings going on the judge of, you know, Monday's going to be. It's gonna be a circus no matter what. This lady does not show up, you know, they'll be sitting up that everybody's got their speeches. Mome somebody on the Republican side as the foresight to say, okay. So to finally, did you discuss this would enter your colleagues on that's out of the out when y'all had your conference call? Did you bring this up at all any of you guys? That's how they all know this in advance. Point. One point, two lady doesn't show all hope. Gravelly has the guts enough to slam the gavel down. Say we're voting now. Me too. All right. Thank you. Thanks. Rarely does that happen though. I don't know what it is, but you can almost never count on these Republicans in office to do something bold and strong and stand up to the other side and say, no, we're, we're doing this. Now you don't let you had plenty of time and you know they all knew they all know about this woman since at least July and probably before that. But they waited until the last minute because they want to get to the election, David, Ohio, you're on the blaze, how you doing Pat? Yeah, it was wondering if she does show up to testify or give her testimony. She would be under oath. I mean, your congress believe you're giving you've gotta be under oath. Yes. No, she was caught lying. Would that be perjury because you're congress, what? Oh, so she, she actually could be charged with if she was. Well. I don't really know how they're going to find out the truth because he's gonna say no. Oh, she's gonna say if she doesn't show up, she's gonna say yes, no, real way to find this out. So it says circus. Exactly, exactly. But I think they should do is I mean any. I mean person man or woman than allegations charges against somebody that's sexual Roeber salt. This that are in pushes it with to this point should be charged with something to show that we're not playing this game. You're not going to sit there and make Falk Ebola patients against somebody, and we're gonna go over this. And basically it's going to be a line where you're not gonna pay the price because you're putting this man's because that's something you don't come back from rape or child molestation or something severe like that, you're labeled in the public. Has that no matter if you're innocent, we should take these people in like this woman lies or charging you and show people out there that this is going to happen, Dianne Feinstein, they should reprimand or thrower out of congress. You don't. I mean, if you know 'cause she's pushing this and she, I don't know if this is true. She's, it's just. It's a show there just, but I believe they should if she does show up, but there's no way to prove that she's lying. So it's just the show. I was just wondering that if it is perjury, if she's lying. Yeah, I'm sure they'll put her under oath prohibitive. Yeah, you can't lie to congress people. People who've been convicted of perjury. Tend to go to jail, so you don't. You don't wanna go there before the and maybe that's why she's had hedging on this. Maybe she doesn't want to be put under oath and say the things she said, wouldn't that be interesting. You mean might ima put yourself in danger of charges if you come here and say what you've been saying. It's interesting. But I, I don't know. I don't have an awful lot of confidence in the Republicans for them to really be bold on this and really pushed issue. I helped me do, we'll see, but they gave the deadline for her answer of tomorrow. So by tomorrow she there needs to say, yeah, I'll be there or non, not gonna come. I'm not gonna come to that hearing to Gasco. It's a circus I'm not gonna do it and then they move on and just like the caller said, that's when you vote. Yep. You make an announcement at the Senate. You just say, hey, we got some new information. We wanted to have a hearing and then Grassley bangs. The gavel says, all right time for the vote. Yes, you haven't shown up. That'd be great. Now we're gonna vote or the gods of that happening. That would be awesome. Yeah, triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three ninety three. 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Check out the video chooser caliber and download the app. So you're all set when this system arrives, you're gonna save a lot of money to you. Don't have to. A bunch of ammo or pay the range fees right now, you'll also save ten percent. When you use the offer code Pat to purchase the system. It's I target pro dot com. Offer code Pat. I target pro dot com. Pet. Great unleashed. On the blaze radio network. Pat gray unleashed bellboy. Cody Wilson is back in the news. You know, Cody Wilson, from an exception under what you know, just resisting, what am I resisting collectivisation manufacturer institutional, I'm not sure, but I can tell you one thing. This isn't a little. They can never radically gun from the earth. Okay. Oh boy, sadly, sadly right now, Austin police are working with international authorities to bring Cody Wilson back from Taiwan, apparently goes there on business trips. A lot. In Austin, he would face a an assault charge that's been filed in Travis county. Oh boy. So he missed a scheduled flight back to the United States and is thought to have left the country after a friend of the sixteen year old sexual assault victim alleged sexual assault told him that police were investigating him. They don't know why he went to Taiwan. They said he does travel frequently there. So apparently not trying to flee the country. But he's been entered into a national law enforcement compute computer for sexual assault of child. What is he resisting? I don't know. In whose conception. Maybe the state of Texas under what paradigm laws of the state of Texas. Just resisting what am I resisting? I don't know. Maybe statutory rape laws. I've, I don't know. Arrest at this point. It sounds like man, Amana, chev- it's not. That's so I, I hope he didn't do this, but. Supposedly, you know, the left hates him now anyway. So they're going to be looking for stuff. And then when you provide them with possible, things like this. Well, of course they're going to jump all over it. Apparently he had an online conversation with a girl under the age of seventeen and her friend says that he took her to a hotel. They met actually in person, and he took her to a hotel. They had sex. So that would be if she's sixteen, you know, statutory rape. Was there. Was there something about and then he supposedly paid her five hundred dollars? Yeah. Yeah, that's what I was gonna ask. So it could be a couple of charges. They're they. The girl told authorities that she created an account on sugar. Daddy meet dot com. That sounds like a quality website right there. It sounds like we're classy. People get together online, and then they began exchanging messages. He used the username Senju row and but then eventually told her, I'm Cody Wilson. I'm kind of a big deal. Some of the bitcoin rights, right? Yeah, allegedly. The the girl's friends said that coating took her to a hotel allegedly in and. They had sex, and then he drove her back to a water burger location and left her there. Wow, interesting. I don't know if she just was really hungry for that. Double bacon cheese thing afterwards, or I mean, it could have been, you know, she knew somebody there that was going to take her home. I don't know. I works if it's late enough, I you could get the bub there. You know the on a bun. All that's right. Could be. That's right. Might be. But I mean, she got to be let down if she signed up on sugar, daddies dot com. Date ended up taking her to what a burger. That's what you're looking for this. I just I helped this didn't happen. Yeah, me too. Because you know, he's he's a really smart guy. This is a really stupid thing. You would hope he didn't didn't do this triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three Jody in Utah. You're on the blaze high. I have a quick question that mostly rhetorical and then a bigger question. So the quick question that's mostly rhetorical is what the hell are they thinking to say, well, this is in retaliation of merit. Garland Gorsuch came in between if you're going to retaliate, do it now and get it over with. I don't know why you're going to sit on this and wait and wait and wait. That doesn't make sense to me that terkel the bigger question is, does Grassley have the cojones to call a press conference five minutes after the deadline tomorrow when she says no and says, we're not holding a hearing. She can't be bothered to show she can. You know she had her chance to speak. Now she can privy holder piece. We're going to the floor vote Monday. Thank you. Know questions. Take a, does. He have the guts, I doubt it love to see that though. You know, if for shipping call Jodi, if Republicans. Would conduct their business like that. They'd have a heck of a lot more support than they do now. If they gave us that clear cut difference that we're looking for that we're so desperate for. They wouldn't be in danger of losing control of the of the house and the Senate right now, it's again for the million time. It's why Donald Trump got elected because that's the perception of Trump that he says, things he's bowled. He sticks to it. Now he doesn't stick to everything every case, but enough so that people have really been impressed with him and they want that stand up to the other side. That's what we want, and it's what they almost never do. Maybe this'll be a pleasant surprise for us. I don't know. We'll see Denise in Virginia. You're on the blaze. All right. How are you? Good. Cavanaugh it's the allegations that she's making is true. Why did she go to the democrat party to report it? And so going to the police thirty six years ago. In fact, why? Why didn't you do that thirty six years ago? Yeah, thanks to its and that's the case in how many of these situations in almost every one of these accusations. Now they're things that happen ten fifteen twenty thirty years ago. It's impossible to prove now how do you prove that? Specially in this case, there's no friends stuff. He touched her over her clothes allegedly, and then somebody jumped on the top of both of them and they all fell to the floor. And then she left and that's the extent of it. That's what happened according to her. Now Cording him. None of that took place. So it's it's, he said, she said, and he's got his friends who are coming forward. And apparently she's got people who either are friends or are playing the political game. And initially at least saying, yeah, this happened. It was a big buzz at school. And then the next day retracting that walking it completely back and saying, I don't know. I don't know that habit. I've got no proof on. Wow. It's a crazy world. A crazy crazy world triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three and paddle east on Twitter. Pad gray unleashed on the blaze radio network. At grade is here on the blaze radio network. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three and Pat at least on Twitter by the way traffic and weather together every seven minutes on the sixes all day long and all night to check your math. Sorry, it's every six minutes on the sevens. And tomorrow we're switching it though. I don't know why the. Have to rework this, but it's going to be every nine minutes on the threes beginning tomorrow. So why are we changing it again? I don't know audience. Around are exactly on the seven, then they go to nine minutes on the threes. I dunno speaking tomorrow though, at this time hours from now. That's right, privy moron. Trivia. So we'll have all the traffic here on stadium traffic frog, nine nine that you need to get wherever you're going to plan, your tailgate. You don't wanna be sitting in traffic rather be celebrating the fact that the New England Patriots are playing at the Detroit Lions, and that'll be our game. So Detroit's the home team? Yes. We'll be starting in Detroit with their convenience store clerks and it's always an adventure when we go to Detroit. So that'll be fun. That's a bold move by the National Football League. Putting a night game in the city of Detroit, very bolt, very bolt. Things couldn't go much worse though for the NFL than they are. Right. Seems like boy, does Shawn Watson though. He's a man, I'll tell you what he stood up to that. There's a guy who tweeted out a racial thing about him. Yeah, that's right. A Facebook post or something. Yeah. Yeah. He tweeted out so Watson could Shawn Watson, who's the quarterback of the Houston, Texas for everybody and end familiar those villas Keats fantasy team but continue. Okay. This is right here. Important. Aside when a school official made a racist comment about black quarterbacks and it was directed specifically at the Shawn Watson. So the media, of course want to jump on that and get him to fire this thing up and will massive controversy about what a racist country where in nothing's changed in do the whole Beddel Rourke speech about how we're still in Jim crow times. Here's what he said. Yeah, that's on him. Let peace be with them. I'm all about love. That is, I just became a huge to Shawn Watson fan. I liked him before, but this really cements that. So what the guy say. Something that actually was quite racist that may have been the most. He was talking about a decision to Shawn Watson made in the last game, may have been the most inept quarterback decision I've ever seen in the NFL he wrote when you need precision decision making, you can't count on a black quarterback, oh, out. From foot borough. Let's keep Jackson used to say, wow. He later said, yeah, I n tended that comment to be private. He regretted the posting, the comment under a story on the Krahn dot com. Facebook page, it's Houston, chronicle Facebook page. So you meant to be a private racist, not a public racist. Okay, that makes big difference. I wanted to stay in the closet with my racism, but somehow that went public, I've dang it so, but to Shawn Watson could made a huge thing out of it. Right. And he could have. He could have made that. The whole momentum Shifter in the kneeling and this social Justice stuff that's going on in the NFL instead that's on him. Let peace be with him. I'm all about love, great way to handle it. Thank you Sean and hopefully the Texas. We'll get into the wind columnist week against the jets, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Meanwhile Jalen Drummond who is a black intern at the White House. He is been ridiculed over the last month or so. He's gotten all kinds of racist comments against him and it's all because he works at the White House and he's black. He's an university of Alabama graduate. And he was the black person in the photo of all the interns of the White House. As they put it, it featured his smiling face amid a sea of other white in turns. So in addition to the criticism you faced on the internet website, funnier die, even made drums appearance in the photo a mean comparing him to the black protagonist from get out that movie from a couple years ago. So. He is kind of on moved by all of this stuff, but these wonderful inclusive loving lefties have just torn into him online and they've called him the house n word. N. worse and you know that's actual racism though. That's not a dog whistle. I don't know if you idiots. No, this that's beyond dog whistle stuff that's not code for anything. That's the actual racism. He said, I never a million years would I have thought that such an opportunity would be stowed upon me in every kid who was raised in rural, Alabama and educated at a poor country school county school. That's what he said about his opportunity to go to the White House and an intern. There. He just he considered it an honor to serve in the White House and thought, what a, what a great country. And instead these idiots are calling them all kinds of racial nonsense. Just really said, really sad where we've. Where we've gotten to. Speaking of which can our rhetoric get any better. We have at least one indication that maybe it can. Maybe there's hope maybe we can come together and make a difference. Anybody remember Cameron Caskey. He's, he was with David Hogg on an appearance on Bill Maher show, and he's the one that got really carried away and to the point where Bill Maher had to save way will what will I'm? I'm a friend. I'm not the enemy. Just to remind you here, is that exchange between he and Bill Maher on gun control? A lot of people, a lot of people are trying to take us down quickly. They're trying to discredit us trying to say, we don't know what we're talking about. Well, until you've been on the receiving end actors. I am an actor actually. I'm in spring awakening right now at the Barclay performing arts center. It's a great show. What I'm saying? You know, you could say that we don't know what we're talking about because we're seventeen years old, but until you've been on the receiving end of an AR fifteen until you've been locked into your Wayne, LaPierre, Dana Loesch. I don't know. I don't know if you guys have ever had to deal with that, but as far as I know, that's not the case. We've been locked in a classroom. We have seen our friends text their parents, goodbye. We are the experts. We know exactly what we're talking about. How dare you tell us. We don't know what I'm friend. Let's let's take that again. I mean, even Bill marr knows how, yeah. Over the top that kid was. Wouldn't that happen? Like in spring sometime. March. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Between March and now something has happened to this kid. This is pretty amazing. He told Fox News, radio's guy, Benson, and Marie Harf that he's learned to listen to other people's perspectives areas. It's summer when March for life went on the summer tour of the embarked on. I met that person in Texas who's got that semiautomatic weapon because that's how they like to protect family. I'm at, I'm at fifty. Some odd percent of women who are pro-life, even though I thought that it was preposterous, but a woman could be pro life or not pro choice at the time. I learned that. A lot of our issues politically come from a lack of understanding the perspectives, and and also just the the fact that so often young young -servative young liberal, we'll go into debate. Like I said earlier, trying to beat the other one as opposed to come to an agreement. And then you know, that's not real. It's important for us to be competitive because I think competition is very important for everything, but it comes to a point where all we're doing right now is Dr other apart. I mean, the people who who were okay with Trump will now forgive him for anything and the people who didn't like Trump pretend at every single thing he does is pure utter evil, and and I, it's a direction we need to head away from. So I'm working out the effort to encourage bipartisanship at least discussion that is not that is productive and help a lot of people, the mistakes that I make. Yes. Thank you. Cameron. That's incredible. What a transformation of this kid in a really short, what less than six months. That's pretty amazing that freeze. Hopefully they'll avoid the mistakes that I made sound like Glenn that that's pretty. That's pretty powerful. That's very powerful that kid grew up kid grew up. I well, it shows that at seventeen you think, you know where everything, and then you have some life experiences where you talked to other people at different points of view, and you find out they're not demons. You find out there are reasons people believe the way they do. And I mean that as a compliment. Yeah, he went from a yes to a man over six months. I'm considered least intellectually. Thank you and there was more, here's here's what else? He said. I say regretful of a lot of mistakes that I made along the way and and one of the. Things I never really did was watch myself if I was on a screen. I kind of tried to run away from it. I, I'm not sure why, but looking back on that, you know, it's, it's, like you said, you touched up on this very well, the intro I'm not gonna kick myself for it. 'cause I had, you know, I'm I'm seventeen. And despite the fact that I thought I did at the time, it turns out I don't know everything but, but I but I looked at right there. Did you people who had just been buried positive for looking at fairly not. Okay. There we go. Did you hear what he just said? Despite the fact that I was seventeen, I thought I knew everything I didn't. Wow. That just that admission is worth its weight and gold. Yours arrest. Murderer team, the weapon, you hard not to to say something like that, but but I went into that wanting less conversation and more embarrassed Rubio and that was my biggest flaw. That was the biggest problem with my corroborative was I was going into to jab at somebody when I could have gone in and said, what can we do here? There's a kid who's grown a lot in a short period of time while really surprising more than for him. Most adults involved in this discussion. Yeah, seriously. Thank you certainly better than David Hogg. I mean, that kid has shown no restraint that I've seen. So I mean, that's that's great. Cameron Caskey who's come a long way, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three if fake news was a product, it would. It would probably be a SuperFood because look at your SuperFood containers. They have a supplements facts panel that. Means is. It's made if it doesn't have the actual nutrition facts, then that means it's an it's made from an extract instead of real food. But with the goal of creating a real SuperFood specially designed to enhance your health and help you reach your full potential. A team of top physicians got together and created brickhouse nutrition and, and with that, they then created the product field of greens, which is stuff. I love you just take one scoop and put it into a glass of water if you want about eight ounces or so, and it flavors water like Kool-Aid, or you can put it into a shake or a smoothie, which is what I do. Every scoop has a full serving of real certified vegan vegetarian and USDA organic fruits and vegetables. So you don't have to taste all of that nastiness. You don't have to, you know, the great thing about cooking. Kale in Teflon pan is that it's slides right out of the pan. Into the trash really smoothly and doesn't leave that itchy crusty stuff behind. It's so you don't have to worry about that with field of greens. It's just really good stuff and it's going to help you have a healthier and happier lifestyle. Go to brickhouse Pat dot com. Give it a try today. See if it doesn't make you feel better. Try field, greens, get ten percents off months, apply. Would you use the offer code, Pat brickhouse, Pat dot com. At gray unleashed returns after this on the blaze radio network. Had gray returns is they're just agree over. My show prep of videos available and I see reversing Roe trailer. So there is there a nother trailer about, of course, this isn't about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, right? This is just is this the pro life movie that they're making all? I think it, I think it is. So I've been hearing about this secret film that is being made in Hollywood and a lot of people when they found out what was being made backed out of the project. And so they had to scramble to find people who could who would actually be willing to be in the movie. And I guess this is coming to Netflix soon. It's called reversing Roe. Here's a, here's a look at the preview since twenty ten, three hundred abortion restrictions have been passed in his country. Many people are unaware of how restricted abortion has become the. Legislative priority needs to be something that will stop abortions when four women will have an abortion in their life. And when I think about how politicized this has become, I wonder, how did this happen? It's the basis of democracy that you control your own body. So the question is, who gets to make the decision? Is it the woman or is it the government. Monumental moment for this. Cream court Justice, Anthony Kennedy is retiring. There is a very real concern that Trump is going to point antiabortion judges. We've been very effective in targeting abortionists when worship Clinton's closed babies get saved. The idea that we would go back to that was just unbearable to me. Life is winning again. If doctors can't perform the procedure or clinics can't keep their doors open, then what are we left with. Baby's human being surviving. That's what we're left with. It's pretty amazing how they can't grasp that concept and that we believe that concept so strongly that that is human life that you're taking. It's so it's not about your body. It's about the body inside of you. That's what it's about. There's another person to consider here that you can't just dismiss. But they can't seem to get their heads around that. They just think we're, we're trying to be controlling a women as they try to control even the things that we can eat. Michelle Obama went around the country, stopping people from being able to eat certain foods at school. Michael Bloomberg tried to ban certain things in restaurants, and in fact, did. And that movement continues, they've tried to take away salt from people that tried to take away transfats. They've tried to take away cholesterol substances with any kind of food with a high cholesterol contact, which by the way they just found out there's nothing to the cholesterol thing. So they want to control our food, but they don't think we should be able to say, hey, wait a minute. What about the life inside of you? Are you going to consider that at all? So that'll be interesting to see how that doesn't athletes win when it comes out. It's a hugely contentious topic, but it's a topic we've we gotta discuss now. We gave up that ground for far too long and look what happened. It just it's by road completely out of control in sixty million. People are not alive today that otherwise would have been more than that. Yeah, their offspring eventually now it's true. Yeah, triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three alias. Dr. Chris Pratt is denying right now that Hollywood is anti-christian or anti religion. And he talked about why he's been so outspoken about its Christian faith. Lately, he said that he doesn't believe Hollywood is judge mental for someone having a religion or belief system, and it's pretty easy going with the entire notion. He said, I think that there's this narrative that exists out there that Hollywood is anti-christian or anti religious, but it's just not the case. They're kind of not anti anything. What. They are kind of pro, whatever is authentic to you. What? What? What are planet or you living on somebody? Right. That guy some lines man quick. She's so I like that because it's thank for me to be pro-christian pro Jesus. That's my thing. I like it and I've never had anyone tried to shame me to my face all believe me, Chris, they're doing it behind your. Wow. He said, if that's the case, go ahead, you can say, whatever you want to me to my face or behind my back. I'm not going to change. That's good. I don't know that I'm so much more motivated by where the world is or just what I'm feeling called to do right now. I think it's a combination of things that kind of message. It might not be for everybody, but there is a group of people for whom that message is designed. He added that there are fewer things more fulfilling. Than being able to hit the right spot at the right time. Nothing fills my soul more than to think that maybe some kid watching would say, hey, I've been thinking about that. I've been thinking about praying. Let me try that out. That's like the only way I feel I can repay. What has essentially been a giant gift in my life. It's nice. But again, I don't maybe doesn't get out in Hollywood all that much or read things in the newspaper or watch television or get on the internet. Live on the planet. Okay. But they are not pro, hey, whatever goes, wow. Nothing could be less true than that. No. And in fact Hollywood and those on the far left really enjoy manufacturing controversy where none exists. Like for example, seeing white power symbols where none exist. What? No, I grew old. We think this meant, okay. No, can I do. He just made the white supremacy. Similize said the okay. It was the okay. It used to be, but that's not what it is and you know, oh, Kay. The legend is or the theory is that when you make the old these three fingers, forma w. Like white power. I guess I, I don't know. I only need one finger to express myself but continue. But it's interesting to see the number of people who are flashing this. I now showing their white supremacy feelings started with what's her name Zena Basch. Is that right? A law clerk for cavenaugh sitting behind it all scratching her arm, and it showed her there. We've got the picture of the blaze TV oh no. She scratched her arm with her finger how dare you look at the white supremacy. You will be stunned at the number of people though who are starting to do this because it's, yeah, they wanna show into white supremacy. They are. Here's another person who's flash this simple Oprah Winfrey, the double white supremacist doing it with both hands leave that is on real to how does she have a network or a show, look at this person beyond say, oh my goodness, what is happening again, the double. Double symbol, rub our faces in that and a felon cap, or is that guy. With the white supremacy simple before your hair grow out to look at that. Okay. Eddie Murphy MS buckling days. Oh, Tae. What he really was saying was white power. That's what he was saying. Okay, but that's it right there. Alexandria, you Cortes and that guy flashed in the white supremacy. Wow. And. Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton, I feel your pain, why power? Everybody. Why power. Jesus. Okay. Okay. She'll stupid. It is. That's it's not a symbol of white supremacy. In fact, I think that was created is like a joke to show how gullible the left is, and they bought it and they bought into it. Absolutely. One hundred percent. Anyway, she's stuff. It's really funny. All right, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three and at Pat unleashed on Twitter coming up in just a second. We have Jeffey with chewing the fat. We'll get to that next. Pat gray only on the blaze radio network. At gray. It's time for the fat Jeffey less than a week to fall. Two thousand eighteen. I I'm with you Pat. It's time to cool down. Oh, please go. I've had enough of the fires of hell and now it won't cool down here in September or October. It'll be November. But by December it should be about eighty nine. So looking forward. All right. That's relieves change. It gets cold. Yes. In the rest of the country can get excited about that. It actually happens in the rest of. Just doesn't happen here. What was it? Ninety eight yesterday. Miserable humid. Get a lot of rain. So the humidity kicks up on the mosquitoes. I know. Meanwhile, yeah, but the right has helped my daughter's cantaloupes. I'm glad to hear that. They're good worried about your titles cantaloupes. What are you doing right now? Cantaloupes. And what else? Just cantaloupes just cantaloupes that you know of k. It's a Fishawy the snowy est September in history for Edmonton Canada temperatures remain well below seasonal this week, and there's a potential for another twenty centimeters of snow. I don't. So what is eighteen feet is an inch extra. Nobody knows there's no way nobody knows. No way to know that. It's a record snowfall. It's Denver eight inches. The metric system. It's a record all. I guess that too is global warming. I don't know. So maybe that's why Michael Moore says that, you know his new film doesn't doesn't do well. He's going to move to Canada trouble, please. I say, bye. Bye. Yeah, he's looking good. Look. He knows that this controversy because he draws explicit parallels between Trump's political trajectory Hitler's rise to power. My gosh. Always going to be good. It's going to be good. Listen if by taking Trump's mask off and exposes what he's really up to what's really going on here, and you may need to see it because you often don't get to see it before. It's too late. I'm hoping it's not too late, but if it's too late, I moved into Canada and look. He makes a good case to become a Canadian citizen because. Grandfather's Ontario routes, as well as his devotion to the Canadian may blackberry should get him right into being okay, so this doesn't. But what is to become a cow? My grandfather loved Canada, and I like the blackberry. So. Please? No, no, no, you can't? No, no. Sorry. If Canada does take, that'd be great. I want candidate to take. Welcome to go ahead. Yeah, he's pretty close. It'd be outside of Detroit lives in Michigan. So. Just open up the bridge, let them drive humble little, you know, ten thousand square foot mansion. It's just, you know, it's not that big. It's not Austin tasteless, right? Because he wants to relate to the little people. Well, looks a little people have a lake that it's on right as he does. See the little people over his boathouse when they're going by. That was it works out really good place for this. This is kind of torn between the story, whether I, I like it or whether it's a bad is a bad, you know, it is a bad thing, but it's kind of where we're headed and I don't really like it. William Smith twenty eight from Aurora, Illinois. It was was arrested last month. Following allegations by his then girlfriend that he had raped her eight-year-old daughter right now Smith was founded possession of child pornography. He was arrested on two counts related child pornography and one count of child molestation. The judge ruled that he didn't pose a threat to the local community and raise the thirty thousand dollar bail and free walking around the streets. The victim's family little shock, of course that he's walking around free. He was awaiting trial for his crimes. Well, the judge whose name they won't tell us was up around three AM. Dog was barking going crazy. When. Outside to find that the dog had founded decapitated body of the Manny law that he let free somebody took that off and left the body right in front of the judges house all while ago. So that's a bad Bill. He's dirtbag no question, but I don't know that we need to be taking the law hands and that's the way we're headed. That's a, that's a bad bad deal. Good news. Another more good news coming from the world news Colombian, cocaine, production, hit record levels last year. That's good news. I mean, right. The UN drugs and cry. You know, Columbia, here you go. Say Columbia says their production rose thirty. One percent in two thousand seventeen. They're the largest producer of cocaine, but Columbia is just milking for money. All right. We give them four hundred million a year. The UN gives them three hundred million a year, and that is to, you know, assist the war on drugs, reducing production of cocaine as working out because it doesn't seem to be money just blown in the wind. But fortunately, the new president is going to create a new drug-fighting policy, and that goal is going to have concrete results. I mean, it was really good, right, bright. So just keep sending the money, please setting the because we can't fight it without your money. And you know, every penny is going right, where you intended by the war on cocaine, and it's good that seven hundred million dollars. They're getting from the United States and the UN are two separate entities because the UN is loaded with cash, right? That's not what's not. Just the United States giving them this money, United States and the United Nations. Yes. And all of its our money. Every dime every dime, nobody their union dues or they're, they're United Nations, twos except us. We're about the only ones so bad. This is kind of cool. This is kind of a cool story to to youngsters, impair land, Texas to youngsters. These young guys are eating at McDonald's and they looked around and they were like. I don't have any Asians in the pictures here on the wall in McDonalds, and they're two Asians, and they were that other races, but no Asians, we felt like it was our duty to put ourselves up there. So they concocted a scheme by they bought McDonald's uniforms from goodwill, they created fake badges. They made this big poster of them eighty McDonald's to eighty McDonald's. If you're watching television, you can see the poster that they put up in in McDonalds, thought they were gonna get in trouble. They put it up in the store. It was there for fifty one days employees were like guess, longer somebody problem. So it goes viral. They go on Ellen Degeneres, and McDonald's says, you know what? We do need more Asian American representation in our marketing. So they're going to feature them both in an upcoming campaign and they're going to give it twenty five grand for the promotion. Nice say I would say twenty five grand for the fifty one days. And then I'm going to be in the promotion and in a little bit more money. I twenty five grads just start. Yeah, just the start, but that's kind of cool. That's kind of cool. And it was it was a prank that didn't hurt anybody, right? It was just promotion. It was great for those of you that want need life insurance, and there's some of that need more than others. Believe me, it's no longer going to be able to buy insurance policy from John handcock unless you either have a wearable device from the apple watched or fit bit capable of logging your activity because the firm announced today, chain, new policies did policies. You don't unless you're gonna wear this and we're able to track your exercise and what you're doing with your life where insurance have a nice day. Now, you know, plenty of insurance companies for the past. Twenty years. Have had deals where they want you to exercise and they give you discounts for gyms and they give you discounts for whatever kind of exercise you program on. I have an opt for any of those yet. No, they're available are available. But now I mean, they're, they want if you're going to get any kind of insurance at all. Here you go. Here you go where this want to know what you're doing and just wait to the government's demands access to that. Wait till the start demanding that you eat certain things that you exercise a certain amount. I'm not going to be that you take ten thousand steps a day or whatever that they will do that. I'm not going to be able to binge any shows anymore. It's going to be Hello sitting on a couch for five hours at move fat lung. Otherwise, we're going to cancel your insurance. Right, right. Can easily see that have absolutely. There's there's no question that's going to happen. Good news from Amazon though, and look, I is. It's going to be as on really the world soon, right? If they don't already really. Yeah. I mean they're considering a plan to open as many as three thousand three thousand new Amazon. Go cashier, cashier 'less stores in the next few years. Three thousand three thousand that would go grocery stores or well, seven, eleven subway, Panara bread. It's like the story where you go in like they opened up in Seattle, use the app. You go in, takes the shelf and leave, you know jars you because it's for pick up a quick bite to eat for people in a rush. You know, it's a, they want their phones at the phones. Go by that turnstile and then whatever you take boop, you're count. Yeah. So they've got one in the, they've got two or three stores open already. And they're planning on fifty locations in major metro areas by next year and as many as three thousand by twenty twenty one. So seven eleven. I mean, good luck. Yeah, that's the only saving thing is that they don't sell gas gasoline. Right. So you still are going to go to those convenience stores for gas, but why would you go there? I guess because you're getting gas, it's the convenience of having it there, but they're not doing most of it is going to be in urban areas. I mean, that's what they want. They want the urban areas, young affluent residents where they can. You know, people are walking within like a quarter of a mile. I mean, big cities, right? New York, Chicago, those cities where in Dallas that have to be about two blocks apart because people are walking anymore than Dallas. Yes, too hot out. No, I drive a car through now. If you have an air conditioned underground tunnel to get me there, I might consider that the underground city. Have you ever been down there? No, I have not either. Instance, but I've never been to either. I didn't even know Dallas had one do they have and it's been, you know, they like in Houston, I think so they built it a bunch of years ago thinking that it was going to save businesses and what it did is killed down down as everybody came downtown and went. Nobody's here right. That is the danger of that. Yeah. I mean, maybe you do it in have glass for glass ceiling. Got everybody down there. Okay, that's where all down there. Okay. Go there. And speaking of Amazon and companies as they have the new list of the top ten most relevant brands to consumers that are out, right. Okay. Relevant, private survey. Twelve thousand six hundred ninety four consumers in the US two hundred ninety nine brands. Thirty seven different industries, right? Customer obsession brand. You can't live without pragmatist brands. You can depend on brands that consistently innovate brands that inspire you. Right? Number ten. Nike number nine, Spotify, right? Number eight kitchen aid. Number seven, Samsung getting number six, Google number five, Android, number four net flicks number three, Pinterest? Number two, Amazon. Apple has to be. Pinterest was the only social media giant to crack the top ten. Is really fascinating and Netflix, right is they want was on still has their streaming service. I guess apple is coming on board with that. So I mean, but Facebook, Twitter, snap, Instagram, YouTube, none of those in the top ten. That's pretty amazing. I think that forget when this when they said this, they actually took this. So, I mean, this is probably if you take this the end of this year, some that might change Nike might everything's changing so fast? Yeah. Well, I mean, like it will lead you to believe that they're better off now. Right? I mean, that's their, that's their pro. I don't know that to be true, but they would certainly lead you to believe that. That's true. You know, parents in schools yesterday we talked a little bit about homeschooling. We've talked about home schooling on the show for forever, and the reasons that we home school, this mother in Texas talk a little took a little punishment to her own inner own way, Texas. Mother, thank you for being in Texas. Her son had been bullying kids at school. So she sent him to school with a t shirt that said, I have a bully on it pretty. I mean, he was calling other boys stupid, calling them idiots. And when she learned that her son was doing that, she had to wear the t shirt that read I am. And if you're watching television the kid with his tee-shirt a very old school parent Connell, my children, I don't sugarcoat the world to them. She posted the pictures on Facebook, but then she took those down because of all the negative comments, people were all wound up better psychologist or saying, you know, I don't know if that's what exactly the way who should treat children and what you should do with children. The school was all for it and one psychologist, one of my favorite lines was I don't think it requires the scarlet letter searing the letter b. on his forehead. Well, that's not what she did. Guess what you take the t-shirt off. He has right, not. I don't think we didn't. We didn't Brandon. I don't think it's worth branding, either horrid. Fortunately, we don't have to worry about. School is all on board. They understood why I was doing it while it's worth. It should drop and the kids head off and using it for basketball practice. Agreed. Yeah, I agree with you. It's not hundred percent Dr. Bad. The mob last day, but he'll survive. He's already been treating his sisters better treating his cousins, better. He learned from it. That's what matters. Awesome, right. I know. And then we have a school in the UK that. Kind of this is where we're coming out with the school with the kid with I am a bully. The mama took her little son to school on a brand new day. Charlie, six, he got a little punk hairstyle himself. He was excited to show off to his classmates, had the had all punched up ready for school, and they call the school called and said, no, it's their cuts cannot go to wild and crazy. You cannot have a haircut like that in school that mohawk will not do. We're not having that. And also she said that one teacher said, look, maybe need to shave that because. Might be book somebody's eye out. His hair poke somebody's hair with Berwick or maybe some kind of spray. He'll be fine, but they had it took him out of the school for a few days and they let them back in school, but they water it down. They won't let him have his like that. I mean, that's where they're out of the United Kingdom. So coming to a school near you here in the US very soon we hear stories like that all the time. It was dumb teachers and administrators acting like that for a little kid with his go to school. Erica, there's no wild haircuts allowed in the school. It's okay. Thank you. I mean, he doesn't have an Iranian is knows it doesn't have an earring in his ear or a big chunk of a lead hanging from his bottom lip just a haircut. Yeah, it's just a haircut, all right. We got more chewing the fat coming up with Jeffey just a second year. We tell you about how you can keep your ears clean and be able to hear feel better. Use wax Rx dot com is the place you need to go wax. Rx dot com looks the wax Rx system is a method physicians trust the most. And it's just like the system they use in the offices, but it's cheaper than going to their offices. The wax Rx system is a real solution for stubborn earwax. It Dr developed at work safely. When all other products fail, the wax softening drops breakdown the year wax inside the air. It's a specially engineered. Fitted with a unique tip to gently deliver the perfect amount of cleansing pressure to flush the wax away. And finally the ph conditioned formula rinses and Suzy, here's making for the ultimate most complete earwax removal system available. Go to use wax Rx dot com. For your reusable ear, wash system today, use the offer code radio. They're gonna ship it right to your house before free use wax Rx dot com. USC wax Rx dot com. Gray on the blaze radio network. Now back to pet gray on the blaze radio network, but shoot up in the fat Jeffy. Things that I have seen in quite some time is a wail died. Okay. A well died on a beach, and that's what they do. I don't know problem, but up in New Hampshire or where the heck wasn't? Yeah, New Hampshire ride New Hampshire. They had this wail on the beach and they decided, hey, how do we get rid of it? And somebody said, well, we'll just bring in the bring in the tractor with with the bucket and we'll put it in a dumpster. And there's a, if you watch, I blaze television. You'll see pick up the whale it's wail and obviously it's not going to fit in to the dumpster signing do, but the guy. It's unbelievable. What. Any as you have the sheriff, they've talked to, Jerry goes, yeah, I was a bad idea, but they brought in a bigger aby should've Masur. Brought it your dumpster, stay there all day, and then they brought it a different dumpster the next day and it was a big with. Yeah. Yeah, you know, somebody said, well, we got a baby whale. So they're thinking about the baby in this store. They talk about this dead WALE in Oregon back in nineteen seventy. And I think remember that at all and I seventy. Nobody's got got cell phones there. Nobody's reporting this. It's just a story that I see. There's a news report. Okay for Florence, Oregon, if nineteen seventy the sperm whale dies. The beat their idea is that they're going to blow it up so that it's all tiny pieces and all the seagulls have food to eat. I mean, it's kind of you know, he'd never let that happen today now jets. Oh my gosh. You can't blow up. It's dead dead. It doesn't care. This point be protesting. Yeah. So they interview the the guy that put the dynamo they bring dynamite. It'd be like twenty cases of dynamite in this wail. They don't know how much they don't know how much they're going to need. Talk to the guy goes the Barabbas. I don't know how much we're going to need. Got it. Got it boxed in there, so it should explode back out. Into the ocean. The seagulls could have it, and the news report is filled with other people will be to the sand dunes. People have come to see them explode. The whale the sperm, this. Mass flow wail pieces are flying in front of the camera. Whale pieces are flying. All over. People are duck good running for cover the cameraman stuff recording. Okay. Here's the news report suddenly gave way to run for survival is huge chunks of whale blubber fell everywhere. See that happening are you couldn't evacuate into spectators escape both the falling over automobiles apart car over crush mile some of the target of. Human was hit as badly as the car over everyone on the scene was covered with small particles of dead WALE. Was going to happen. Of course, the wheel is going to land somewhere best things ever, obviously enough dynamite. Obviously the pieces were too big. They needed more smaller. Baller live the seagulls. Got plenty of food. Yeah, that didn't work out for the seagulls, right? Yeah, but that is absolutely the whole report. It's like a five minute report. That's great. Troub- I'll tweet it out because I couldn't believe there was actual footage of it. Right? And they're just put stuff dynamite. Blown-up find what bring the cities here. Everybody's off with watch, blow up as anybody suggested that that we maybe that's a solution to the problem with you. Maybe that's how we get you kind of, you know. I do a whale story. Blaze radio network. Pat gray is here on the blaze radio network. Talk to Representative MO, Brooks of Alabama. Some states and cities are not following federal immigration laws. So the numbers of their citizens are higher because they're actually counting them in the senses when. Caso so that inflates their representation numbers. So probably a an issue that we should maybe take a look at anyway, here's a Representative MO, Brooks of Alabama. Thanks for joining us. My pleasure. You are responsible for one of the greatest audio clips of all time. You've been famous on this show for? I don't know. When did this happen? Like nine, nine years ago when you were on with Contessa brewer? Yes. And this occurred looking at going reverting into a depression at that point, everyone. We're going into a depression. Do you have a degree in economics? Yes, ma'am. I do highest honors. One of the greatest things the history of cable news channels. So thank you for that congressman Brooks again, my pleasure. But your office is bringing attention to the fact that illegal aliens are being counted in the US census and so that's acting representation in Washington, how how is this happening. Well, it's happening because over the years, the census bureau for whatever reason has decided to count everybody in America lawful emigrants, illegal aliens and American citizens, which is one thing. But it's another thing when you start distributing political power based on which state or community has the greatest number of hill legal aliens. And they're roughly nobody knows for sure roughly fifteen million illegal aliens in America. Those communities, those states that harbor them sanctuary cities. In particular, what that means is you're seeing a shift of about twenty congressional seats from states that do not tolerate illegal aliens states that have large numbers of illegal aliens. So in fact, you're rewarding illegal conduct and a state like mine state of Alabama. We're at risk of losing congressional seat if illegal aliens are counted for the. Purposes of distributing political power. That's an electoral college vote for the election of the president states. It's also congressional seat, so I'm doing everything I can to try to assert the protections of the fourteenth amendment. One man, one vote principles h of our vote should be worth the same and our votes in the state of Alabama. And in many other states that are losing congressional seats because of the counting of illegal aliens are votes and are voting power should not be diluted by rewarding those that support this illegal conduct. So how do you put a stop to it? How how? How can we help in in your effort to to stop this process? Why daily? We would do it through the legislative process. But unfortunately, as long as Mitch McConnell in the Senate decides to go with sixty vote rule, instead of majority vote rule, we can't get legislation through the United States Senate that would protect the. Voting rights, American citizens with respect to illegal aliens. So what I have done in conjunction with the state of Alabama and Alabama attorney general, Steve Marshall is we filed a lawsuit in federal court, seeking rid amend damages or an injunction, whatever the declaratory relief may be that compels the census bureau when it's informing congress in the states as to how many congressional seats you have based on the population count the twenty twenty census that illegal aliens will not be counted for the distribution of congressional power, which which only only makes sense, but the democrat Democrats, but it does to Republicans. American citizens are patriotic now the well. The Democrats know that this increases their power base because the the more illegals they have, they think eventually the more the more votes they have because they tend to vote democratic. And I think that's what they're counting on for the future is to allow all of these people to become citizens and then they believe they've increased their voting base by fifteen or twenty million people. Certainly, California is a beneficiary of the county of illegal aliens. They harbor a large number of illegal aliens and you can see where they're coming from. But at the same time, are we going to be the United States? Are we going to be the United Nations? We're going to be the United States in American citizens should be the ones who vote on elect our public officials. Similarly, it should be American citizens that determine how many congressmen, how many electoral college votes each state gets. Now you mentioned where the Democrats are coming from. I mean, let me be real clear. The Democrats won't to dilute the vote of American citizens because they don't like how American citizens are voting after all. American citizens elected a Republican House Republican Senate and a Republican White House. The Democrats don't like that. They much prefer that illegal aliens and lawful immigrants vote in our American elections, and you're seeing that in about a dozen cities across America. Most recently and probably the biggest one is San Francisco, where in San Francisco in a dozen or so other cities that are all democrat Democrats are allowing illegal aliens and non-citizens lawful immigrants to vote lawfully in their local elections. That gives you an idea of what they want to do to the nation as a whole. They don't want us to be the United States. They want us to be the United Nations quite frankly, as evidenced by some of the words of governor Cuomo of New York and others. They don't like the United States, and I think that's most unfortunate, absolutely. We're speaking with the Representative MO Brooks of Alabama, congressman Brooks, what. The odds, one of the things were really concerned with right now is the Republicans losing the majority in the house and possibly even the Senate from your standpoint in Washington, how likely does that seem? Right now? It's very much a toss up. We've got a lot of Senate races that are very close, their razors edge. Just a movement of one or two points, say towards Republicans on election day and all of a sudden we're picking up two or three or four seats. On the other hand, public opinion shifts towards the Democrats want to three points. Then you might see a Senate democrat majority on the flip side in the house. You've got a number of congressman Republican who retired creating open seats. Those are always harder to fan and the Democrats are highly animated to take over the house reinstate, Nancy, Pelosi, and you're seeing what Maxine Waters said repeatedly, and I don't know. People have done the math on this, but let me share whether you're. Real quick. She says, I that she wants to impeach Donald Trump and there are others who agree with her. Okay. Oh, yeah. And second, it doesn't make any difference if he's committed a high crime or misdemeanor or as a violated, any constitutional provision justifies impeachment. They want him gone and they're going to take him out. Then third Maxine Waters also said that she wants to impeach Mike Pence. Well, yeah, those three things together where there's no constitutional basis for impeach Donald Trump and peach Mike Pence. And what do you equal equal? President, Nancy Pelosi because the new house speaker would become president United States, and I'm flabbergasted Democrats and part of the Democratic Party leadership in the house of representatives of which Maxine Waters is would publicly argue for coup-d'etat, but that is exactly what they're advocating when they say they want to impeach President Trump. They won't teach Mike Pence there, the constitution, the house, speak. Then becomes president estates, and quite frankly, I can't think of anything more nauseating than president, Nancy Pelosi. That's that's chilling. I, I frankly haven't heard. I haven't heard the talk of impeaching Pence as well, but Maxine Waters came out for that twice in the last ten to fourteen days stating that might. We're gonna hang out and I guess he would have to be because Pence's even more conservative than than Donald Trump is, and they would that is exactly the way Maxine Waters has expressed it, that Mike Pence is worse than Donald Trump. And of course, if you're socialist or radical leftists. Yeah, anyone who's conservative is worse than someone who's not. But quite frankly, free enterprise works has given us great wealth as a nation has helped make us the greatest nation world history and dadgum socialist. Socialism isn't evil economic doctrine and so much as it kills people and it results in poverty and often results in the downfall the nations that experiment with it. Notwithstanding that history, that's where Maxine Waters and ANSI Pelosi and the other socialists wanna take us well, that's because nobody's done it right yet. Congressman, nobody these people would do it right this time, right? Yes. It's actually what they think they're so smart that they can do better than any other nation in history has been able to. Do it and it's they're flat wrong. It's the economic model socialism that does not work free enterprise works. That's why we're the greatest nation in world history where we have the strongest economy in world history. We have an economic concept that is based on freedom on liberty. You can choose what you want to do. You can choose what you want to be. You can choose what you want to purchase and that liberty is embodied in the concept of a free -eckognize, free enterprise economic system and America's been blessed tremendously by having free enterprise capitalism is our economic model rather than socialism or fascism or some other economic model. I know you don't have a say in this process, but if you had to guess, would you think would you do believe that Brett Cavanaugh will be confirmed by the Senate or or will they find a way to stop this? I'm not in the United States Senate, so I don't know the skinny on the very inside. Everything that I see in here is that if nothing else comes up between now and the time of the vote, that cavenaugh will be approved with a minimum of fifty. One senatorial votes. That's what I'm hearing now, whether that will play out. I don't know. I'm not in the middle of these discussions with some of our more liberal senators like Susan Collins or at least they're Murkowski and you've got some other kind of wildcards like Jeff flake. But from what I understand what I'm hearing, absent, something else coming up are fifty. One Republican senators will respect the right of the president, United States of the constitution to nominate a supreme court Justice. His preference and cavenaugh is a Purba judge. I hope he will be superb supreme court Justice, because that's what is history indicates. He will be joining us. Thanks for taking the time and and thanks for everything you do for the rebel you for trying to help voters be smarter. That's what America needs or at thanks a lot for triple eight, nine hundred thirty. Three ninety. Three more Pat gray unleashed coming up. You're listening to Pat gray on the blaze radio network. Pat gray. You just heard if you're listening moments ago, you just heard the guy who should have been the Senator from Alabama, the newest Senator from the state of Alabama, but Donald Trump kind of put the Khyber on that, didn't he? Yes, by supporting Luther strange, then lost ROY Moore who than loss to a democrat in Alabama. Wow, that's that's what out sex is that that I never thought of. I always thought, you know, the didn't think the census in relation to illegal aliens. Yeah, you know, I just thought of Drina resource though. I never even thought never Kurd to me. Got a ton of non-citizen making up the representation in many, many states manning state, well, they're in every state, and so it affects every state. If you start to count the non citizens. Maybe you could have a separate category. One that doesn't affect the representation numbers and because they're not citizens. But you also know how many illegals are actually here. Yeah. And as he said, this help states that don't enforce immigration laws in places like California thirty, what fifty five electoral votes. Now we're giving them more and more crazy congressman boy. So if you want to let your congressman know how you feel about this, you can you can call and here's the number. I put on a fancy computer graphic here on my computer. It's two, two, two, two, four thirty one twenty one. It's hard to write upside down to pet. Don't judge me two two, two, two, four, three one, twenty one. I'm sure that they will get right on. You know, you know, they will though. They'll be all over your. Your opinions, thoughts, actually pointless. You don't really. Not gonna make a difference. Let's be honest. They're gonna do what they wanna do. It feels like that, but you can't. We can't throw our hands up like that and say whatever it doesn't matter. It has to matter it has to triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three and at Pat unleashed on Twitter. President Trump has said that he should've fired James Komi. He mentioned yesterday should fire James Comey the day. He won the primaries. Wait. How would you have done your president yet? What here's here's what he hears. Somebody said. He was talking to the hill. John. Solomon was interviewing the president for he'll TV alongside Buck Sexton actually. Any asked if Trump fired Comey because of his poor handling of the Clinton investigation and not the Russia probe. He said, if I did one mistake with Komi I should've fired him before I got here. You couldn't have fired before you got there 'cause you had no thority do that. He went on to say, I should have fired him the day. I won the primaries. I should've fired him right after the convention. Good heavens say, I don't want that guy or at least fired him the first day on the job will now you could now into possible around. I was about to start firing people in DC. Regular citizen start fire people. Let's do this. I got a list somewhere. You make one for you. Triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three nine three. Also, one of the things that we've talked about lately quite a bit is civil asset forfeiture. Apparently there's a state. What state is it that is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Delfi of places to city that's trying to eliminate civil asset forfeiture where you just take people's property from them just because you suspect them of a crime, not because they necessarily committed one or have been convicted of it. You just pull up over, something's wrong in their car or maybe not even wrong in their car. But you see that they have a lot of cash and you just take it for the state. Wow. Is that unconstitutional? And it's happened all we told you cases of of people who've lost a recent example of ninety. One thousand eight hundred dollars from a traffic stop in Wyoming. We had the guy in Utah who lost five hundred thousand dollars. Now, why did he have five hundred thousand in cash on him? I don't know, but he wasn't charged with any crime. And that was two or three years ago when he was pulled over, they found the money, they took it. He still hasn't gotten it back and many cases have probable cost to even search your vehicle. Some others that we hadn't heard of until this article in Memphis, Tennessee. A man said that officers took fifteen hundred dollars from him on a traffic stop. He was charged with nothing border patrol. Seized a sixty thousand dollar truck after finding five bullets inside. Well, okay. Wait. That doesn't mean they committed a crime just means they're hunters or their target practice, and they some bullets fell out of their cases. I, I don't know, but it's not a crime. A mechanic. Chicago got his truck seized because his customers had drugs. He wasn't suspected that didn't think he'd done anything wrong, but they took his truck anyway. A restaurant tour was pulled over for speeding in the money that he was carrying was raised by his family to buy a restaurant. And they took it seventy five thousand dollars in cash that his family had worked so hard for and gave him and he was going to buy a restaurant. Sorry, it's now it now belongs to the state. A man was pulled over for tinted windows and they seized eighteen thousand dollars. He was planning to use by car. Police took seventeen thousand five hundred fifty dollars during a traffic stop from a small barbecue restaurant or. So the institute for Justice is now giving us a little bit of a breakdown about the amount of assets every state has collected most state and federal civil forfeiture laws, lack even basic transparency requirements, leaving the public completely in the dark about most of their seizures. Regardless the total amounts collected by each state are amazing in Massachusetts in the last well from two thousand two thousand fourteen they seized one hundred thirty eight million eight hundred twenty four thousand dollars in Michigan from two thousand one to two thousand thirteen two hundred forty four million in Arizona twenty from two thousand two thousand fourteen four hundred. Eleven million in Texas from two thousand one to two thousand thirteen five hundred forty million. Six hundred eighty nine thousand dollars. The Cato Institute survey two thousand Americans about civil asset forfeiture eighty. Four percent of them said they oppose the police seizing someone's money or property before they're convicted. Why? Because they're Americans and they think this is America. They're still under the mistaken impression that somehow we have rights in this country. So cute of them to believe that. Doral that is you guys are cute as precious. Criminal? Yeah, you shouldn't be deprived of life liberty or property without due process of law. I don't know that sounds like something that is contained somewhere. I'm not. Not. Something about a five and ammendment ammendment or something five amendment. I'm not familiar talking about. The government Sedley. By the way this article your relaying the things have been happening with civil forfeiture. If you hear someone say, no, these only have criminals. You don't have it a bad guys. You know let the new work that out if you didn't. Of course, you knew that had unleashed on the Twitter sphere. Check that out and share that with friends doing so many different things at the same time. You just it's like a whirlwind in here. If people don't even see, it looks like I'm just sitting here talking, but no, so much more going. You're not the puss what's happening you get so many things going on. You just do it with my mind to my mind is still powerful and being an octopus human hybrid. Like Alex Jones might say, you have eight brains, so you're able to do multiple things time. It's really fascinating to watch. It's a little creepy as well. I'm not gonna lie. All right. Well, you're gonna have to deal with it all, but I can't believe that the bashing of commonsense for the story is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Isn't that amazing. That's amazing. Again, twenty eight team. It makes no sense this, the world just doesn't in Texas. We are one of the worst offenders. This state is one of the worst offenders of civil forfeiture, and they blame it all on the fact that well, do you want the drug cartels to have free reign. No, but neither do I want you to forego the US constitution in your effort. We have done so many oppressive things in the name of the war on drugs. We had a statistic few years ago about about the Patriot Act and how many times it had been used and how many times it had been used to fight terrorism as opposed to drug trafficking, and it was almost exclusively used in the war on drugs. There was it was nine ninety eight percent of the time. It had been invoked in the war on drugs. Well, that's it's not. So you're saying you want the terrorists to win. That's what I'm hearing. Yeah, that's what America too, you know act was right. It's Minta stop terrorists. That's right. I know. And you know what getting felt up at the airport is meant to stop terrorist to, and gosh, have they done a good job of that? I don't know. Do they do a good job with that fat? I mean, because you've had firsthand experience multiple hands experience, and I'm just wondering, is it is many women's. They found on me so far. I mean altogether in all my trips to the airport and all the times I've been felt up. How many things have they found that were, you know, potential hazards on the plane itself. So not answering this question, carry the one. Does it bring down none, none zero. Zero weapons, weapons. Pat gray. Not a single weapon than not a single time guns. They've never. They've never found any explosive powder on my hands and they've never found anything near my gym blitz except what should be. There grew there. Surely. Problematic if they found absolutely nothing. I'm so glad you finally audience. Yeah, Tripoli nine hundred thirty three ninety three more pack released coming up. Pillow. Aunt gray is here on the blaze radio network. Thanks for being with us triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three Dannatt paddock on Twitter from right wing ninja one citizens. Congress equals crime. Congress lies to citizens equals politics. From Dr rocky MC rock face. I refused to listen to Beto without the necessary Beto guitar riff that should be campaigns on, oh, you're talking. Could use it. We don't want him to win, so maybe shouldn't maybe. It's just too good. He played on those. Musical bet, though. Events? Yes, Musica con. There you go. It's another little event to trick Texans into believing. He's Hispanic when he's Irish. Don't like this guy, but just with all the intensity of billion white-hot burning sons. That's all. That's all. Yeah. So that seems like a lot does, but it's not that many really. When you think about when you think about how many white hot burning sons there really are? Yeah, it's not that many. Well, let's put it into perspective. You said a billion burning sons. I mean, it's not how many sons are there? Not twenty trillion. Right. Hot burning. Sounds like our right so it could be much worse. Like with our with our unemployment rate was ten percent or almost eleven percent. And Obama said. Is fourteen or fifteen percent, at least it's not ninety eight percent, right. No, that's true. It's a good point. Good point Mr. because we should be grateful. Right. Thank you for also for leaving. Is this Renault gun? Yeah. Yeah. In Canada, if you haven't already, I think you should all do something nice for Texas Laurie d. No kidding. That's a good point. Thanks for putting us on the spot. She spent a fortune on food Friday guys, and it's good food. Maybe you all in Glen do enter blaze crush Jason could give her a signed copy of addicted to outrage. Oh my gosh, that's the least we could do. No, that's. Let's make that happen. Just awesome. We can make that happen. We can absolutely make that. I was just thinking about that on the last delivery. She spent a lot of money on us. That's, I mean, seriously. We need to do something nice for her and she, she makes food like she's a professional caterer sitting us, you know, fast food. I don't think I knew that if I knew it, I forgot it. I'm just going to. I'm going to the Antionette just kind of plan ahead. Send us something in the mail. Something homemade tired or this restaurant. Let's find out when national filet Mignon days or something like that. That's a good I and send it for Martian flatulence. Anyone who sees ecu's who sees this accusation against Cavanaugh is anything other than it attempts to delay the vote beyond the election is a moron. TJ top and says tweeting out. There are a lot of people who would be rolling in their graves at what Hillary said, if they didn't have their feet in case in cement at the bottom of the ocean. Yeah, but that's like one hundred forty. What is the death count on the Clinton boy Clinton? Death count is I don't know how many people, but on count that high, a lot of people and we say that ingest mostly sure. Yeah, let's go with them mostly. Sure. Sure. Millennial falcon tweets as faithful listener of Pat gray unleashed. I request that we get a little bit more of a spoiler alert before we have to endure. HRC speaking might ears hurt now because I wasn't properly prepared. That's a good point. It's worse though. It's pretty bad. I just Hillary speaking or Beto. Pretty talk. Is that worse than this and sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and with this administration, you're not patriotic and wishes sad up at say that we have a right to. Administration. Iraq. I have an answer now. I think it's Hillary lenders. Yeah, from MC fifty, five. Michael Moore is going to Canada to flee from tax evasion charges, duh. From coal dadgum socialist would be a good brand name. I think that was a term pronounced by MO Brooks, Alabama. Also DM XM assure hope. Jeffey doesn't run sure. Daddy sugar, daddy meet dot com for Cody. Cody Cody Wilson, the gun guy, what am I resisting? I don't know the collectivisation of manufacture the institutionalization, the human psyche. I'm not sure, but I do know one thing, it's a symbol of irreversibility that the gun will never be a radical from the face of the earth, and I'm gonna stay Taiwan for a while. On sexual cell churches. So what am I resisting arrest. Extradition back to America. Oh, boy. I hope he's not guilty to as be sad. All right, triple eight, nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety-three hey, we have something kind of to give you a little bit of hope just to build Limor of hope, a video that won't make your eyes bleed and it's from campus reform. Usually these really make your eyes bleed. First of all, sometimes they don't because they're so funny and so ridiculous. The things that these students will say and do. But in this particular case, campus reform went to believe they're on the Michigan state campus, and they ask students about the economy today and who gets credit for Trump or Obama. This just might spread you take a look President. Obama gave his speech this week in Illinois, talking about how it's wrong for Trump to take credit for how the economy is doing because it's still his Konomi. What are your thoughts on that comment? He's been out for long enough now that. It's not on him. More on Donald Trump. I guess he's a little bit in the wrong. I would probably Trump for this one. I think that he has done a lot for the economy that Obama didn't do such a good job on. But yeah, I guess I would Trump on that one. I feel like once the president's done, the handed off all presidents do this. They'll take credit for something that's happening down the line. I think you doing fundamentals are likely still largely Obama, but in terms of confidence and changing people's attitudes, I'd sit at mostly Trump kind of almost utilities the market, the market is going way. I just haven't kept up with that. So I, I wouldn't really really know too much of all things issues with economies. Not really one of 'em. It's more like foreign relations and just like public appeal and things like that. So I don't really. I think the economy's one of the things I think he's doing decently well. He's a bit says his strong with his tweets and stuff. I find very offensive because I'm a girl. So. A lot of them are against us or I can like, I feel like he's really helping tweets construes when you're in the roles president United States, you're supposed to bring people together, not polarize them, but overall, yeah, he does. He does definitely make some good deals. Conducting his business? I don't agree with, but overall, I think he's going to things. I think he has done a new job as far as like making new job, letting lowering unemployment rate should say Twitter, like talking about things, he shouldn't be talking about come into more like well-mannered, but I do know for fact, he's been helping a little bit and we've been doing a lot better with unemployment and everything. So. From my perspective, I think he's doing okay with that. I just feel his country, you know, like I feel like pretty well though on employment, very low GDP rates above unemployment rates, some to see that he's trying to bring stuff in house and make it healthier in long-term. How about that. What was the last time you saw any commonsense from college kids. Fix the water situation, at least in east Lansing, Michigan. It might still be bad elsewhere, but they're actually maybe getting some common sense in in the in the halls of Michigan state that that's amazing. Yeah, but the that's the most promising we've ever seen, I think. Yeah, just don't ask me about tariffs the rest of that stuff was good, but you know, it's like, yeah, these tariffs man going to get worse with China now not looking forward to that pet. No, I'm I'm not either, but that's all part of the negotiation tactic anymore about it. Yeah. Yeah. This plays out continues to be a negotiation tactic. It's we're not actually going to have higher prices on products next week, even though we already do next week, even more right stuff from China. Don't worry about it. And then again on January first, I go up another twenty five, don't worry about it. Next time you get pulled over. They're gonna take your positions anyway from when they think that you've got something nice. They're just gonna help themselves to. That's a good point. So different matter when cost for about it, a local jurisdictional have it. I still can't get over the guy in Utah that the highway patrol five hundred thousand dollars from him. And you might say, we'll wide the guy half five hundred thousand dollars in cash on him. I don't know, but it's not illegal cares. That's not the law yet. It's not relevant. The law is really why you have this for what purpose. None of your business. Gosh, it's it's none of your business. Why have five hundred thousand dollars in cash on me? Is it against the law? I if it were me and I had a bunch of money with me and police sought and took it, I. I probably wind up getting shot because I would not respond to that. Well, at all I guarantee you that and let's not forget correct me if I'm wrong here, but I've always thought that if you get pulled over an officer asked to search your vehicle, you have the right to say, no, you can't search my vehicle. Yeah, get a warrant. What is the probable cause if he has probably caused you any concert, but what is the tell me tell me what is causing you to suspect me if something and let's go from there at least while you're still some time to get a lawyer to show up there in the case of the guy in Utah. If I remember correctly, it was the police dog right thought really known drugs can we got a dog now is in charge of traffic cameras and charge of giving us tickets and red light cameras, stuff that we can go to. Court and ask to see so her accuser. So do that say, I want that camera to come in here and testify against me right now. Bring it in here. Let's do this seriously. If somebody would challenge those that you might just be able to stop it. You just might be able to challenge the constitutionality of the of the cameras goes back to us and it's it's symptomatic in DC as well. We're just farming out our duties being lazy to dog. The dog will do it the dog sniffed it out. So we're gonna do this now go to judge. Let's do this the right way. Speeding camera the ticket that the red light intersection. Oh boy, what? No have a cop there on patrol. It's so if you want it to be so much safer at these intersections, then put a patrol man, they're all right, but it's just like the legislative branch is gives up and goes, the courts do it. Everybody's so lazy. They're cameras have actually made the intersections less safe because people slam on their brakes and get hit from behind. Yep, more often. Yep. Because of the campaign, Greg Abbott are wonderful governors. He's trying to rid of those. Auspies is awesome. Mike and main you're on the blaze. Yeah. When I was in my early mid twenties had to come with a couple of buddies, spelling anti-guns and customizing guns and whatnot, Santa couple employees out California to pick up parts and few antiques, and they got pulled over and two hundred and fifty thousand taking. Oh my gosh. So the company gave him two hundred fifty thousand in cash to go out and. Purchase. Wow. You know, because it was all, you know, personal stuff. What did they say? Why didn't they say they were taking it? What did they suspect? Oh, well. Okay. They just the smell marijuana, so sure to be cool and the guys we're not smart enough to say, no, well, they come back and took it, and as. About two years ago, you're at half ago still is never been recovered. They started a company anymore, but you know, two hundred fifty thousand dollars. Amazing. Yep. And what state did that happen in California? Okay. Wow. Tease amazing. Braschi it it. Thanks, Mike. I mean, that's that's a lot of money to anybody to a private individual or a company doesn't matter a quarter of a million dollars that you just took just because and charge them with nothing. That is not American that that is not constitutional triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety. Three more Pat gray unleashed coming up. Pat gray unleashed ways radio network. Het gray returns on the blaze radio network. Some more good news on the civil asset forfeiture front. The Oklahoma department of public safety is purchased several devices capable of seizing funds, loaded onto prepaid debit, debit cards, so that they can aid troopers in roadside seizures of suspected drug trafficking proceeds. I can't take this. That's great. Neil. What did you bring this? The portable card? Portable card scanners are designed to be carried in law enforcement vehicles, and it allows troopers to freeze and seize money loaded onto prepaid cards and to return money to an account who's funds were seized or frozen. Yeah, but that just doesn't happen. The retarder just doesn't have toll road gets paid off on. We're gonna stop charging drive on it. Yes, it is. We made the three billion it costs to build this highway. Then we'll take the tolls right off will it was paid for thirty years ago? Yeah. Basim. Vehicle mounted scanners are also capable of retrieving and storing limited account information from other cards as well such as banking, debit cards, credit cards, and payment account information from virtually any magnetic stripe. Any magnetic strip guard. That's great. That's it makes it so convenient to take people's money from them. You're making meet angry, isn't this wonderful, love it. The card readers could reignite debate. No, nobody cares. Nobody cares. I can't believe how little people talk about this. It seems like we're the only ones talking about it. The card readers could reignite debate over civilized forfeiture in Oklahoma across the nation. State and federal laws allow law enforcement agencies to seize property and cash believed to be involved in the illicit drug trade, not proven to read that sentence. Again, believed to be involved. You can say anybody could say anything about believing you're involved. Well, based on what I'm sorry, you haven't even charged me with anything. And then they can take ownership of the SS through a civil court action or just right on the highway if they want to, which is what they're doing. I what I mean, this is this is really bad. This is judge jury and executioner right there on the side of the road. Lot forcement officials say that civilized forfeiture is essential in disrupting drug trafficking operation. Civil rights. Advocates argue that the process violates individuals property and civil liberties, and sometimes results in innocent people. Having money seized on the roadside without being arrested charged. Sometimes a lot of times how many stories have we had about this many way we could get around this from happening. If we had something like like a constitution or southern, we have laws written down that they gave you like what we do process work never worked. Give little easily. You mean like if you had, I don't know you list like initially you could maybe do. I don't know. It's an ten rights that the government can't violate people. That's a good number to start with. They expanded to, I don't know, twenty five twenty six, twenty seven in there something get to those. That's fine maybe, but can we. I'm insane. I've lost my mind. Can't take it. It's kind of amazing. Run in Utah. You're on the blaze. Hey. Yeah, I, I had a couple of guns. Took took the minutes, took a minute to sink in. Wow, you're in danger of just being hung up. Go ahead. I love BYU too. I, I had a couple of guns confiscated me back yet from me back in January. And did you really? I'm fine like crazy. Getting back. Yeah. So you're, you've got pulled over for speeding or something. I was sitting on the side of the role. And they just behind you and and searched your vehicle. Well, defense, I was falling down. Driver seat. So I was charged with the UAE, but they took the guns and and but I was never charged with anything gun related or convicted of anything gun related. So. In my mind, I should get the guns back. I would think so, yeah. Well, I mean they charged with what you should have been apparently charged with, but what what business do they have. Okay. So you didn't ever drive while you were drunk? No, I didn't know. I was. I pulled over the side. Got a little bit lost that went out to get some alcohol and got a little bit lost in a foggy night. Okay. Pulled over to the side of the road to wait. 'til bay light did do some drinking while I was in the car. Okay. Quite a lot of drinking in the core wasn't gonna drive human till, you know, I, I didn't intend to drive, you know. Good intentions don't get you anywhere where the laws concerned a lot of the parade, but yeah. Okay. So so then they found what kind of weapons did you have in the car? Well, one of them was one of those snake killers like you guys use to the little bear drill, you think of the main. Yeah. And then one of them was three thirty and one of the ultra light Taurus handguns. Do you have any Representative like a lawyer helping you out with this? Yeah, I just keep on and time. Sometimes it's hard to gauge whether it's, you know, whether whether it's too expensive to pay the lawyer let go, you know? Yep. If you have to do too much, you're gonna charge me more than the guns are worth, you know, gosh, and that's what they're counting on. Right. That's absolutely that that's. That's what they're counting on. You know, they, they, they want to get in your pocket. More than anybody else in this world government does. That is I swear that is unbelievable. For the call. Thanks. Sorry, you're having to go through that. That's I. I mean, it's again, it's un-american unconstitutional and it should not be happening. And yet even our president supports it, he he thinks they should be doing more of it. And when he heard about the, the legislator in Texas, I forget who the guy was. I don't. I don't think they said his name actually, but they said somebody was trying to draft legislation to put a stop to it like we should. We say his name and rooibos Corollas career. No, go ahead. You wanna say, it should say his name and make him a hero, a guy who's defending people's rights. Said. I still contend Trump had no idea we was talking about when I, yeah, I don't think he's thought just like any comments on things. He hasn't thought through what's president. Yeah, I know. That's stunning. Right now breaking news, everybody president. It said some things. He maybe hasn't thought through really what you're talking about this cresent president Donald Donald Trump. Yes, that guy that guy. You may have heard of. All right. We will see you tomorrow. Don't forget more on trivia in the second hour tomorrow, patriots and lions. Then. Pat gray unleashed on the blaze radio network.

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