Compassion over Pity with Humble the Poet


This is five minute Friday with humble the poet in this special five minute Friday I've got my friend humble the poet on to talk about the power this is five minute Friday a dot com day with humble the poet one of the reasons we connect with Lewis I pay offer for our listeners again design is the key to differentiate yourself in your space in your industry check it out right now at design crowd dot com I'm not telling people that they should become these stone cold stoic and feel nothing I'm just saying we need to learn to limit ourselves pity the goal isn't to encourage you can get all your personal design needs at design crowd dot com slash greatness they've got hundreds of thousands of designers from all over the world looking for you give the details of what it is that's inspiring you for this and then designers will start creating branding for you you can give feedback on them and when you want to pick a winner you choose one of them and then you just pay that and right now you can go to design crowd dot com slash greatness for a special one hundred dollars site stuff with book covers coming out with a new book with t shirts with logos with graphics with social media stuff any type of design that you need it's out right now and big thank you to our sponsor design crowd now designcrowd has been my service that I go to for all design with pitch for greatness but thing that holds us back from discovering that greatness through these challenges are plenty in one of those things has become easier to deal with a show myself compassion and allow myself that time don't often tell anybody about my challenge is because I feel like I'm going to fall into this trap Tom Slash greatness that's D. E. S. P. N. C. R. O. W. D. dot com slash greatness and this is five minute Friday I just took me a wild Figaro because the moment I vowed no more self pity I came out of the gate cold and apathetic towards others looking back that will create designs for you all you have to do is fill out the form of what you're looking for whether it's a logo or website or t-shirt graphic or whatever it may be you submit which looking for pity invalidation I'm not sure whether it's right all the time to do this but sometimes the difference between the self pity and self compassion a way too subtle to nose pity sleep with my weapon of choice to deal with the pain regret stress and anxiety and the overall weight on my chest sometimes still uses the coping mechanism but only for short the more you get to know Louis the more you realize he's gone through some stuff the thing is going to stuff and challenges a life is the rest that was understandable and I slowly warned back up to people and needed the time we all need time let's give ourselves that time our two when I'm stressed out and I know that anything else is just gonNa make things worse I give myself permission to do this because they noticed a pattern for let some time pass self-pity we can't learn from our challenges were too busy filling soifer ourselves and I learned this firsthand I once spent a week in bed johnny himself in an ongoing balancing act between give us a hug and a pat on the back and giving us a kick in the but we can learn how to improve how we treat ourselves to our relationship with compassionate a challenging time even with a one time occurrence it's easier to let things slide off my back if it becomes a pattern while being cautious not to throw a mask on your pity we aren't victims of life we are life we have power over our efforts which gives us may not be our fault but they are definitely our responsibility so ask yourself how well does excessive self pity and seeking pity from others help with that to fight your feelings to help you determine whether you're feeling they're holding onto the steering wheel and are about to crash you into apart for children too much we're always hey guys if you enjoy this inspirational clip from past compassion towards others goes hand in hand remember that inner child the one that we all have the one who knows the world only references themselves behavior than just like a child the response has to be elevated of the behavior is not validated that's teetering mean talking but it works power to adjust ourselves depending on which way things are blowing self-pity serves as the barrier to those sales and sets a one way path downwards our problems a with a millionaire mindset get your free copy at the millionaire morning dot com and just pay shipping again check it out right now the millionaire morning ons ability the more we exercise power to turn our days around the more the tools to help us we'll find us champions have to feel like champions way before episode of the show then you'll love the free book I'm giving away right now it's called the millionaire morning includes some of my best tips for starting off your oh well is because his authencity and the value he asked wildlife through his conversations with all these people but as well as when he shares don't personally towards adults and someone is rude to us on the bus we take it personally rarely thinking about what got that person to their breaking point so showing compassionate for ourselves of limiting yourself pity and the importance of becoming compassionate with yourself he's also got a new book out things no one else can teach us so in addition to limiting yourself pity let's work on feeding yourself compassion that can mean anything from taking a day off from work to eating three extra fare Rochet's the ever raise your hand in that big victory so remember that you're a champ and act like it uh-huh and has to learn empathy even though they need discipline and teaching they also need love I try to see the inner child everyone including myself and when I need to we must self compassion by not allowing myself to be in situations that drain me of my energy or my attention or my love my time I recommend you do this too being not the next ten people who asked you for favor to walk away from an argument even if we know we're right because we can't afford to spend the energy it can be hard to feel compassion.

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