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Tonight Breaking News Fourth of July fears as America March, the holiday in the middle of a pandemic Kobe cases, shattering records more than eleven, thousand and Florida just today Miami. Beach is closed this weekend Texas with more than eighty two hundred cases, a new high hospitals in the Rio Grande valley diverting patients, popular beaches in California off limits, but cautious crowds are beaches in New Jersey where masks are mandatory at partygoers are back crowding pool bars that Missouri's lake of the ozarks. Trump's risky celebrations, the president hosting a salute to America in the capital, despite warnings from the DC mayor that it's safer to stay home. It comes after flyovers and fireworks, but no social distancing at Mount Rushmore where a member of the president's inner circle Kimberly Guilfoil. Donald trump junior's girlfriend tested positive. The new lockdown Spain, confining some two hundred thousand people to their region, were covid cases are surging and the UK reopening pumps for the first time, but threatening to shut them down again if cases rise. Terrifying ramming the disturbing moment of vehicle slams into protesters on a close stretch of highway. Two people hospitalized both in critical condition. The driver is in custody, his motive, unclear, growing demand for justice for Elisha McLean after the release of self fees, appearing to show police officers, reenacting the neck, cold used on mclane, who later died? and deadly shark attack paramedics arriving by helicopter and a desperate attempt to save a scuba diver at nearly the same scene of another deadly attack just three months ago. From ABC News. This is ABC news tonight. Good evening it's great to have you with us on this Fourth of July Saturday. I'm with Johnson in for Tom Yomas tonight and we begin with American. Holidays celebrated in the shadow of the corona virus, pandemic and more people testing positive than ever before records shattered in recent days, the curve is not flattening more than two million, seven, hundred, eighty, six thousand confirmed cases in this country and tonight Florida reporting more than eleven thousand cases in the past twenty four hours. All beaches are closed in three south Florida counties including Miami Dade this weekend. Weekend Texas, also reporting a record today more than eight thousand cases in just a day. Some hospitals now one hundred percent capacity patients are being diverted hospitalizations in Arizona, also continuing to rise and after California's early success, an alarming surge there as well forcing some of the most popular beaches to close during the holiday, but we're. The coast is open people. Are there in Hampton. Beach New Hampshire doing their best to keep social distance. The same is true for the beach at Coney Island here in New York and ABC's Trevor All, is there. Tonight millions of Americans marking this unprecedented fourth of July as the pandemic ravages parts of the country I think it's great family friends get some fresh air with everything that's going on in our country beaches in New Hampshire and New Jersey even the lake shores of Indiana packed with people on Minnesota's Lake Minnetonka hundreds crowding together forming an of boats. Partygoers filling up pool bars advisories lake of the ozarks. The crowd's already worrying health officials they now the fourth of July weekend. Everybody wants to get together. I'm nervous that it's going to bring more positives as people congregate with cases increasing in thirty nine states, nationwide eighty percent of fireworks displays are canceled in Florida beaches that would usually draw hundreds of thousands now closed across the state, and we have to follow the rules, but. Definitely here the beach where the young crowd. A Idea Florida logging eleven thousand, four hundred fifty eight cases today alone a new record, high and just one hundred cases fewer than New York log the edits apex in April while out west, most California beaches are closed. We don't WanNA. See you bunch of strangers without being physically distanced and healthcare workers at some testing sites worn. They're running out of supplies today. We had to make the decision of who gets tested Based on Swab, availability, which is unfortunate. We want to be able to test everyone that we can today. President trump railed on rising case totals, and what he thinks is causing them saying if we didn't test so much and so successfully, we would have very few cases. The daily nationwide death toll and the mortality rate have been on the decline, but deaths arising in fourteen. Fourteen states and hospitalizations are up in twenty-seven among them Texas. where new cases hit a record high and Rio Grande Valley hospitals at capacity are diverting patients to other parts of the state. One North Texas family was seven family members infected, including their eight year old grandmother Marie Israel for the people who believe it's a it's a fake news or Joe. It's really not A. Austin's mayor now criticizing the governor for a hasty re opening plan, and not ruling out a second shutdown. Don't want to do it. But it's certainly an Arrow in the corner at this point. In Arizona is cases surge Tucson Dr Matt, Heinz Warns the State has never seen this level of demand for hospital beds. We will get to a point where we have to start looking at those God awful rules about who not to put into the ICU and such and in Oregon after Governor Kate. Brown made masks mandatory for state. Troopers were caught on video, refusing to wear them at a coffee shop instead of firing, those troopers governor sat down with them, saying they took responsibility, and that the officers in I agreed today that face coverings save lives. That's the play from officials. Trevor all joins US now. From Coney, island, one of the many New York beaches open this fourth of July and Trevor. We could see big crowds behind you there, but trevor I want to ask you about nearby cluster of cases in hoboken new. That officials say could be linked to travel well. That's right wit, hoboken log thirteen new cases, Thursday and Friday. It's a small but noticeable jump, because how the say. All thirteen people recently traveled to areas with rising infection rates like Florida, and Texas, now remember New Jersey New York in Connecticut, or all asking travelers who visit any of sixteen hard hit states to quarantine when they return. They're trying to prevent this from happening on a larger scale. Scale? Wit As people travel, the virus travels to. That's the concern from Officials Trevor Thank you meantime president. Trump is celebrating this fourth of July holiday big I with fireworks and flyovers at Mount, Rushmore last night, arranging military flyovers and cities along the east coast, including this one in Boston and tonight with a salute to America in Washington D C All of it pushing the virus out of mind ABC's Rachel Scott is there in the capital. Tonight with Corona virus cases on the rise, the president, pushing forward with back to back fourth of July celebrations kicking off tonight, salute two America that with remarks at the White House spectators filing into the National Mall, the waiting fireworks and flyovers. Obviously, we wore our mass, and we brought one with I. Don't wear a mask. I am not even one iota concerned about getting the coronavirus despite warnings from DC's mayor to stay home, one to send a message to our residents to enjoy the fourth of July to celebrate according to our guidance on into do an at home. The president just back from Mount. Rushmore. Delivered a divisive speech railing against the toppling of controversial monuments, our nation is with the a merciless campaign to wipe out our history. To fame our heroes eraser values and indoctrinate our children protesters gathering at the park gate. During this national reckoning on race, the president warned of a left wing cultural revolution. Their goal is not a better America their goal is to end America about thirty seven hundred people crowded the amphitheater, sitting inches apart no social distancing few masks incite the president only briefly touched on the virus, which he has said repeatedly might just disappear tonight news. It is spreading in his inner circle Kimberly Guilfoil Donald trump junior's girlfriend in top campaign, fundraising official testing positive for Kobe nineteen. Nineteen and South Dakota ahead of the event in the statement that campaign fundraising committee said Guilfoil who is a symptomatic, was immediately isolated to limit any exposure, and as a precaution will cancel all upcoming events adding Donald, trump junior was tested negative, but as a precaution also self isolating, noting the couple did not travel on Air Force One or come into contact with the president two weeks ago. Guilfoil spoke at the president's rally in Tulsa seeing here without a mask how? Old. Several campaign staffers and members of the secret, service testing positive there, too. And what officials have three hundred thousand face coverings on hand pass out visitors on a typical independence day. This area would normally be packed with people residents here in DC seemed to be taking those warnings from health experts and the mayor of DC very seriously wit Rachel Scott in Washington. Our thanks to you tonight next overseas and the new lockdown in Spain one of Europe's hardest hit countries now, barring some two hundred thousand people from leaving the Catalonia region as cases there surge ABC's Ian Panel is in London where officials are beginning to lift restrictions. Tonight Spain issuing a new lockdown with covid nineteen, surging in the north of the country as many as two hundred thousand people in Catalonia a now barred from leaving the area, but the restrictions won't be as severe as before Spain's being one of the worst affected countries in Europe this countries across the continent start to ease their lockdowns, allowing more visitors to travel there, but cases continue to rise in the US nonessential travel. Travel to the EU still banned five American Taurus and their friends who tried to breach the ban by flying into Italy on a private jet, were turned away by airport authorities and today England celebrated its own Independence Day of sorts as pubs reopened for the first time since lockdown began lovely, have an as pain case numbers have fallen in the UK, but in a warning of the dangers of easing restrictions like this. The city of Leicester has also reimposed. Look down after new outbreak that. Although, pubs will full social distancing Prime Minister Boris Johnson's warning that if the numbers rise, he won't hesitate to put the brakes on a reimposed restrictions. wits in panel in London. Thank you to Seattle now. Our driver is under arrest after slamming into protesters on a close stretch of highway, seriously injuring two women ABC's Ren- Shaw with the details and the surveillance video a warning, it is difficult to watch. It's assumed fine moment the white. into tests to respond a Seattle free. Car over on the way possibly. The Jaguar striking two women now both in critical condition in an ICU. Moments earlier protestor live streaming video for running for cover. Inching. Include for demonstrations. When the driver entered the freeway, going the wrong way, police arrested the twenty-seven-year-old Seattle man, the motive for the alleged crime unknown Seattle a city in chaos that freeway close for nineteen straight nights for demonstrations, the police now saying they can no longer guarantee protesters safety the city under siege since the killing of George Floyd. Just days ago, right police reclaiming a so-called autonomous zone takeover by protesters authorities had been blocked from the area for weeks. But after multiple shootings, officers cleared out the chop zone. Protest against racial injustice taking place all across the country right year, Los Angeles people protesting peacefully and safely office rates? Please media clear little tolerance for people taking to the freeways with. Thank you. Protesters were gathering in Aurora Colorado as well for the second night in a row, demanding justice for Maclean, it comes after the release of cell fees, showing police officers appearing to reenact the type of neck. Hold us on mclane during a violent takedown, last August he died three days later. Here's ABC's Stephanie Rama's. Tonight streeters in Colorado demanding justice for. Year old Elijah Mcclain's. Protesters facing off with police outside the station Aurora outrage, boiling over amid a new scandal, rocking the Department Officers Eric Moreira and Kyle Dittrich both fired and officer. Darren Jones resigning over these cell fees, smiling and simulating the to- cold, used on mclane taken two months after the massage therapist Steph. It is a crime against humanity decency McLean was walking home last August after buying ice tea at a convenience store when someone calls nine one one to report him as suspicious officers later putting him in a chokehold as he begged for his life. Maclean die days later at the hospital. Police say during the confrontation with officers McLean tried to grab officer Jason Rosenblatts gone months later when Rosenblatt received this picture in a text message, he replied Ha-ha. He too was fired Friday none of the officers have been charged in Maclean's depth Colorado's attorney. General is now investigating wit. All Right, Stephanie Ramos Thank you next the fourth of July scorcher for most of the country, a brush fire, burning across a hundred acres in California's, San Bernardino mountains mandatory evacuations in place for a time all weekend, the heat index above ninety degrees nearly coast to coast meteorologist Jeff Smith from our new. York City station WABC is tracking it all and Jeff. This weekend's heat is just the beginning. With this weather going to be continuing for the foreseeable future and the hot weather, also sparking some thunderstorms to be expected this time of the year, severe weather threats over parts of itself in the high. Plains and look at tomorrow's heat index values across much of the eastern half of the country in the nineties, in fact for the next several days from coast to coast places like Denver Chicago Philly heat indices well into the nineties, and as we head deeper. Deeper into the week, not only will the heat stick around in some parts of the country, it will even intensify wet or race for that. Jeff, thank you next. The names of pro sports teams are under fresh scrutiny tonight the Cleveland. Indians in a statement, the baseball team, saying we are committed to engaging our community and appropriate stakeholders to determine the best path forward last year. The Indians stopped using the image of a native American chief as their logo. And as professional sports slowly get back to business, a growing number of athletes and staff or testing positive for the corona virus, they are also coming back to teams confronting issues of social justice. Now some players are having second thoughts. Here's ABC's Prochet. Tonight one of NASCAR's biggest stars testing positive for Covid, nineteen legendary champion Jimmy Johnson learned he and his wife have the virus. They'll be forced to Miss Tomorrow's race in Indianapolis or trying to be as healthy as we can, but. On the Home Front with their kids or or heartbroken right now to to see fear in their is Johnson's diagnosis highlights and ongoing problem how to restart sports while keeping athletes healthy. Major League Baseball teams just reported for spring training for shorten season. While announcing thirty one players have tested positive for the virus also Mike Trout not hiding his anxiety. Honestly still don't feel comfortable. Obviously, with the baby coming. There's stuff going through my mind right now. My Wife's my family. The NBA is also trying to return to action later this month. Several players now concerned about the pandemic I. Don't have much confidence, but. Hopefully you be. It'll be hand to a point where we not putting their body at every dangerous position others voicing concern over the social unrest and protests, taking place across the country or isolated in a bubble in the middle of hot spot in the middle of Fort. While they're social going on country with at least twenty-five NBA players have tested positive for the virus so far still commissioner Adam Silver says he's pretty confident in the leaks plan to safely resume. With. Alex thank you and we also want to note this is your first report here on world news tonight? Welcome to the team still ahead here. On this Saturday, the scuba diver killed by a shark, a popular tourist destination overseas now the site of two deadly shark attacks this year and social distancing wall on the move. The record RV SALES AS CORONA VIRUS FEARS FORCE MORE AMERICANS. They hit the road this summer. Next tonight the record RV rentals with corona virus fears forcing many to change their travel plans this summer. More and more Americans are hitting the open road. Here's ABC's David Right. There's no question. Corona virus is cramping America style. When it comes to summer travel faced with the masks and the risks, flight bookings are down nearly eighty percent cooking food tonight outside the RV, but families like the. Of Rochester New York have found ways to adapt can back and just claiming. You don't have to worry about going to restaurants. Going to restore rediscovering a time honored American tradition with an airstream at your command. Head anywhere in the world setting sale on the open road in what used to be called land yachts these days pandemic palaces on wheels, forty six million Americans are expected to climb aboard for the sites that rent them like outdoorsy and RV share three times more business than usual. Aren't you travel and able to go anywhere? So there's this enormous freedom. From fear freedom from contamination. For, all of us to be away from home after a couple of months, the KHANATE lers road in their bubble all the way from Rochester to the South Dakota Badlands. It's great to be outside, and just like we can do it in a way. That is very safe social distancing on the move. David Wright ABC. News New York All Right David. Thank you now to the deadly shark attack overseas authorities in Australia. Saying a twenty year old was killed while scuba diving off the coast of Queensland paramedics arriving by helicopter after he suffered, bites to both legs, but he later died the spot, popular with tourists was the site of another deadly shark attack back in April finally tonight, America strong, the brothers, working together to help their neighbors in need and the online challenge inspiring others. That SAM and hunter in three months they have mode more than fifty lawns and their Detroit neighborhood for free. We thought this would be a great thing to get involved in and they were on board to do it. The fifty yard challenge that began with this man Rodney Smith. Back. Fifteen I came across as demand side moving. His lawn looked like he was struggling. Then I decided I'll stop mowing free launch Ellie. Ziebel's single parents have veterans. Rodney motivated by a simple message. Make a difference one lawn at a time his 'cause, going viral and communities across the country, but goal to challenge you to cut fifty lawns for anyone in need at no cost, the only requirement send a photo holding a sign saying I accept when you reach fifty Rodney personally makes the trip to deliver you a free lawnmowers, weed, eater and blower so far he's traveled to about twenty five states motivating more than a thousand young female. So this week, when salmon honey finish their challenge, Rodney may the ten hour drive from Alabama is amazing. It's heartwarming just to know that he does these kinds of things with. North for us to do it better talk. About mowing the lawn, it's about actually connecting and being with people especially through the pandemic right now and I think we've all grown from it. Hoping that kindness continues to spread. I'm with Johnson have a great fourth of July. Good night! 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