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Today. We're more connected than ever. We're also more distracted. We've got things to say. But as anyone listening. BBN T. We make sure your voice is heard. We listen and understand your needs. So you can live your best financial life. Everyone else may be distracted. But our focus remains on. You BBN t always see is you BBN team member FDIC. This April prepare to meet Cathy sparkle fingers. No, it's not. It's not. Sure say you're him here. The hero just say the words. Though. Hey superhero Zam in cinemas April five book tickets now. Maguire special counsel. Robert Muller is wrapped up his nearly two year long. Russia investigation without announcing any further indictments may be Donahue reports from Washington a source tells the AP Muller is recommending no further indictments his team has brought charges against thirty four people including six associates of President Trump and three companies Muller has revealed a sweeping criminal effort by Russians to interfere in the twenty sixteen election and showed people connected to the Trump campaign were eager to exploit Email stolen, from Democrats attorney general William bar has said he has a vision of two reports one for the public one for members of congress. It's unclear whether President Trump will ask to see the Muller report. And under what circumstances he or his lawyers would be able to see it at Donahue, Washington democratic leaders are demanding bar turnover. Everything to congress make it public university for Jinyan presidential expert. Larry Sabato says bar will make public as much as he can do the right thing in that. He's to release to congress and the public as much as he can. There are certain highly confidential parts that should be released. President Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani says he and other lawyers want an early look at the findings before they're made public at something. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer says should not happen. Attorney general bar must not give President Trump his lawyers or his staff any sneak preview of special counsel Muller's findings are evidence. President Trump has been laying the groundwork for his response to the investigation for nearly two years in an interview with FOX business network. He tried to discredit the entire investigation as a hoax deputy appoints a man to write a report on me to make determination of my presidency. People will not stand for this is AP radio news. A new report outlines a data breach involving victims of hurricanes and wildfires in his job is to help survivors of natural disasters. But a government watchdog says they have committed some mistakes also made the victims vulnerable to identity theft homeland security departments office of inspector general says FEMA wrongly released the personal information of over two million survivors of hurricanes Harvey Irma and Maria as well as the California wildfires in two thousand seventeen information, like Bank names, electronic funds transfer numbers and Bank transit numbers were accidentally provided to a contractor fame. Officials say they're working on a fixed and should have it in place by next year, Shelley antler. Washington Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals will be at the White House Monday to be congratulated by the president. But the team's goaltender Dryden Hopi says he will be there. He says he has to stay to to his values. I'm Tim Maguire Radio New. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the. Hi, jamie. It's me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool. So when it's like tell us what you want to pay. Hey trombone goes, blah, blah, blah. And you say we'll help you find coverage options that fit your budget. Then we just all do finger snaps while choir goes, savings coming at ya. Savings coming at ya. Yes. No. Maybe. Anyway, see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law. Hurry into old baby. Tomorrow for fifty percents off all swimwear two dollar tanks for her and free flipflops when you spend fifty dollars or more in store tomorrow only at old navy. Valid three Twenty-three limit five. Tanks. Select tanks and flip flops only free gift in stores. Only.

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