Tips To Convert Potential New Patient Calls To Appointments


Yes is the thriving dentist show with Gary Tax where we help you develop your ideal dental practice one that provides personal, professional and financial satisfaction. Welcome to another edition the Thriving Dennis. Show I'm Gary Texts. Your Co host Thanks for joining us today. We have a very exciting topic to share with you today. As you see from the title, it's title. Four tips to convert potential new patient calls to appointments. And I'm going to share with you. How to become more successful at your conversion rate conversion rate is a term we like to use for callers converted to appointments obviously want that to be as high as possible. Hey, before we get to. This episode a quick announcement. Coming up soon in the time that we're publishing, this is our July thriving dentist MBA livestream Guinness livestream. We covered ten elements of a thriving practice and we go into detail about those ten elements. You. 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Continue Education, so consider this an invitation to come join us for the July. NBA Livestream, July, Twenty July seventeenth in July, twenty, four. Now under the episode of four tips to convert potential new patient calls to appointments. I'm really excited about today's coaching action segment. Today's topic is four tips to convert potential new. cost to appointments. and. Getty. You have been. Helping practices grow their practices, and you have been doing this for your life might since two thousand and seven. I assume you see some people who are really really good at conversions meaning favorite call coming in from a potential new client. They're very good at converting those into. And I bet some people probably even miss half or more of their calls coming in from potential clients in other words, those people don't, but can appointment don't show up. Can I characterize that in believe it's the title of the movie. And if I was GONNA title Miss I would duplicate the title of the movie that we're probably familiar with. The good, the bad and the ugly. That was I was a kid. I saw that movie like Multiple Times a Clint Eastwood is me. And sadly. Many offices. It's the bad and the ugly, but the dentist has no idea. The doctor has no idea. What's going on? Right and here she thinks they're working isn't working. You know they'll often say to meteorologisy morning patients any more new patients I'm just not whatever we're doing. We're not get enough. I just need you know you know we've got a good team. We've got good resort. We got good systems, but any morning patients. And, what Dr Often doesn't know is here. She are getting plenty of calls. From potential new patients. But they're not doing a good job of converting them to appointments, and it gives a A. You know the doctor has a misperception of what's going on. As of today. Twenty Twenty in the year twenty twenty. What do I want my marketing to do as of today? What do I want the marketing to? I wanted to stimulate the patient to call. Make an appointment. Now there's other ways to get an appointment. We can do it through online real time scheduling. But you know online real time. Scheduling is still in its infancy in dentistry. And hope to more of that. And Marketing is the one that them to call up schedule online, but then how they do it like you said today, ninety percent of the people do it through phones. Well, there's another saying they kind of comes to mind. Yes, actually much higher than that as of right now as of the time a recording us. Less than one percent of dental appointments are made to real time online schedule. I believe can teach. That that will meet you know his time for example, the the one application that I think is most common. Most people have experience with. Is Open table with restaurants open table. Other grants that are open table clients get a significant number of their registrations. Through a potato. You know it's an APP. and. That's because people while they WANNA reservation. They don't want to call the wrestling. They don't WanNa. Talk to him. They go. Hey, I wanna come at seven o'clock. Get it open table, boo, go, but that hasn't translated. It's it's changing. You know changing over time, but there's been resistance on doctors part. To. Open their open their schedule. And stand right because open tape, I mean open table. I go to go into the restaurant I. Eat from the same many, but here you know I may have to see the hygienist. The doctor you know doctors have their own schedules going on so I get it why it hasn't translated like open table has. In fact. It works easier for Hygiene Appointments Hygiene appointments are pretty standardize. restored. Employments are anything but standardized right right so today you know ninety nine percent of new patients come in through a phone call. They call the office to make an appointment ninety nine plus percent come in that way. So a lot of still realize that marketing is just about you know again to use a a kind of a term that we're all familiar with. It's about getting the Horse to water. Water. But. The conversion is getting the horse to drink. The water, but sources drinking. You didn't finish the job. Offices don't know that their phone is actually ringing. But they're not converting them. You know when I hear a doctoral. Tell me you know in conversation that. You know my marketing isn't just working. I is a working I always, asked the question. Dukla. Let me dig a little deeper I need. More information is maybe at a meeting or or in email. Let me dig a little deeper. Doctors the problem that you're not getting phone calls. Or is a problem. You're getting the calls, but you're not converting them to appointments and guess what the answer is almost one hundred percent of the time. Guess what the answers. I don't know I don't know. But I've gotten their attention. His is like Oh. Gary I can see that's different. It's a different problem if the phones not re. If the phone's not ringing your market. He's not working right. Now if if the phone's ringing, we're getting plenty of calls. But we're not convert a different problem to solve. You make sure yourself there. That's part of management. Solve the right problem. Right it sounds so basic, but it's. It's no that ninety people go down. They don't know what the right problem solved. and. They might have a perception. Of the problem. I'm sure the phone. Because they? How did they get their data? They usually ask this very same person who's supposed to book the appointments and she say she's not going to say well. I suck at my job. Oh, I don't know how to convert these patients. Yeah, the phone doesn't ring. Booking. And again you can't blame people because data member. What happened yesterday? Anecdotal evidence? It's not data driven. It's not scientific. And, I also want to sort of. Wade into a little bit of a controversial. Part of this discussion. Many offices have been trained. The wrong way. Train wrong way. They had been trained and I'M GONNA. Be Politically. Correct did not name any names. Or, companies that they've been trained. That new patient patient call should be two minutes or less than it's all, but it's all about just slamming into an appointment. Right wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong if that's what you're doing. quit drinking the KOOL aid. And we'll show. We'll share a better way. Because you may get the appointment by doing it, but if you track, what's your kept appointment percentage, you'll discover that. A vast majority of appointments made with that methodology results in patients, not showing up. And why is it that they don't show up because they have no connection to you? Know kind of and it goes against everything you teach of. Ten elements like relationship driven. How can you build a relationship Banou? Kind of you know look at the customer like an object. As opposed to a human being, here's a mindset mindset. Observation. We used to think that you know it's all about first impression so about first impressions. And we used to think that the first impression is. We met the patient in the office, and that might have been true back twenty years ago right, but where's the first impression now? Likely? Where is it likely today online alike? It's likely on your website. or Reading Google Review. In something like that, and where's the second impression? The phone. Call the phone call. Right and saying if let's say you're, you're a well, you know. What if you don't make a good first impression? You'RE NOT GONNA get a second one so I. Think you should take a look at your website and take your online presence. Make sure on page one of Google search and all that, but let's say you've got that. Than if the second impression doesn't isn't consistent with the first. They're not going to be honest. I would argue the second impression is the first human connection meaning it's it's the first person to person connection because tell them they're looking at stuff. They're not talking to anyone. Feeling of that, you know. Seeing the person cares about me. None of that is happening. None of that communication mobile communication, the tone of voice. None of that is happening, so I would argue that second impression is the most important impression. Obviously the first impression it's like. A great point. You're so you're so spot on. Of that, so let's let's dive into those four tips tips that are going to help and and if I can ask. I don't like to talk about it. This is my practice, but you track conversion you meeting. Your team tracks right. If you had to give a report card for how we do at my life smiles practice. Is You find this year. Some numbers getting race. I would like that I mean I want to be transparent you you. You have it but we track this. We're quite copious about it, but we get a significant number of new patient calls in our conversion. Wait I'm pretty apple. So for example in the month of May, you got four hundred thirty eight phone calls. and. And we have been doing this from two thousand and seven trucking causes and so forth. Typically. An Excel Excel. Excellent practice would convert. Twenty percent. Of their calls coming in. Give me that. Let. Let me let me let me let me say it again so. Let's say you get one hundred cars. Typically. Twenty percent of the calls are from new patients. Eighty percent typically is from your current patients. Maybe people you do business with everybody else. So one of to combine realities is in twenty twenty. Often go to your website just to get your phone number and their Needs Company So you're saying that your data says that eighty percent. Of those calls are people just connecting with you do not really potential new patients. Exactly if the reverse that you'll say, twenty percent of those calls are actual potential new patients. What was the topic number in four, hundred, thirty, four, hundred, thirty eight, is that total number of people calling twenty percent of that so doing quick math? Eighty eight people potential patients, yeah! Right so, you have eight people calling. Card you in the month of May. Potentially patients I was checking your math, but I need to not do that anymore. Narran because the actual number was eighty seven point eight percent. Or Eighty seven point eight potential new patients. So I'm going to quit Feeling the need to check your math because you've got a computer in that Noggin of yours. Just trust you, but yeah so eighty eight. That were potential new, and then how many new patients did we get? I. I believe around eighty new patients. Actually Eighty on the number. Right, so, what's our conversion percentage? For that so. More than ninety percent, so you converted ninety one. I don't know the exact, but it's more than ninety percent again. Why am I checking your mouth? It was. Percent Ninety point nine. Can we call that ninety one? Can you run? Yeah, ninety one percent exactly nine even percent, so you converted ninety percent so in my expedients having looked at costs. A+ Most practices. Convert? The vast majority and Close to that many practices don't even do that. They convert one third on thirty percent forty percent. So if you're converting more than a half, you are I, would call you a beep practice you know, but but the way I look at it as you're burning thousand dollar notes, one hundred dollar notes by not converting all the other people because you work so hard, build up your reviews. You hire a marketing company. You spend lots and lots of money to make that phone rang, and if you're not converting Gary Practice does ninety one percent of them. You're burning hundred dollars beds all day long. Good point well, let's dive into these four tips and help. Our listeners improved their conversion. Conversion, percentage so number one. And we've kind of giving you some a teaser on this. Since some insight on this, know your data. No your data. Doctors you need to know how many new patient calls. You're getting every month. And secondly you need to know how many of those are converting to appointments need to know your data call. Tracking is what it's called. And near and I know you do that. You're marketing firm. Does that for us? We have called tracking. As part of you know it's. It's A. It's a fixed fee. Every month to part of that you know is called tracking, so we have the data. But if you're listening to this and you're not in Equa client. You need to get that data somewhere otherwise. You're completely like driving around blindfold. You're literally light like imagine getting into. You know a luxury car with a pair of blindfolds on Senate blindfolds driving down the street. That's how you're driving your practice without this his data and really the two data points that you need to know that there could be more, but there's some data points that you need to know one would be just. How many how many calls am I getting? Potential new not just calls 'cause you know. It could be an existing patient calling to change a hygiene appoint. Many potential new patient calls, do you? Want to know of those. What percent do we convert to an appointment? And I talk about conversion meaning a kept appointment. Technique if they make an appointment, don't show up. That doesn't count. It's got to be a kept appointment. I also might like. Tell me what else you might like to know. Nearing because you provided for us I might WanNa know how long the phone call is. Yes typically receive phone calls is less than a minute. Nothing happened so you don't even need to worry about those calls. Typically a good call as A, minute two minutes many ideally like four five minutes. Yeah, it's longer bait and you'll get it when when you go through these other tips, but you need to know some data. If you don't have the data, you don't drive your watch. RICCAR blindfolded. Don't yeah. So and don't ask. Don't ask your receptionists because that's an Lebanon's whatever she feels like that. You need hard data. You need every single phone call tracked and recorded, and you need numbers there's. A, place where anecdote it works, it totally doesn't work now. Let's help our listeners. Couldn't that be done by culture? Call tracking numbers in other words. Cannon Office and you help me with this because I'm a tech side. Can in office have a dedicated number where we know that anytime that numbers Rene? It's a potential new patient can be done. Absolutely and that number can. You know. You can count how many calls came to the number software, so it's all automated reports. You can record the cars. You can listen to the 'cause you can even. With certain pieces of software you can even enable it, so people can text you, so you don't need to give your cell phone to your patients, but for the patient who's at a cafe and they come talk to someone. They could send a quick text about. Hey, you know. I need to come and see someone by Z.. You guys free Friday. Excellent so number one no data, no your data. Number two number two. In that call the primary goal of your team member is to connect with the caller. Connect with the call. Now. And where many offices make the big mistake? Is They lead? With! A question, about, insurance. Do you have insurance Narran? First question. You have, insurance. And then the doctor wants to know why they're practices so insurance dependent. We're leading with that like the patient might feel that long. No I don't. To be honest. They. Don't see these calls when you listen to them most of the calls. Team members are trained like they'd see themselves as answering questions like a typical receptionist I'm here he's. Like a gatekeeper exactly exactly, but don't lead. You'RE NOT GONNA. Lead with. Jones. NO WE WANNA lead with an this comes back to fundamentals from Dale Carnegie. The sound of everyone's name is one of their very favorite sounds. Oh, I'm so glad now. No person just called an entirely by one of my could be. Carly could be mighty could be make. Carly might say on so glad you called. We love seeing new patients by the way my name's Karl. Who Am I speaking with? That in Ninian's great to meet you, I can't wait to meet. You face to face. It's great to meet you over the phone. So start with that start. Start with something like that mining's carly. Who Am I speaking with? Ten it's subtle, but I'm amazed at how Man I've listened to. Thousands of thousands of calls and I'm amazed as amazed at how many times that's not done, and then we want to connect with the patient. You know obviously we need some information, but you do not want that call to be a twenty question interrogation. Right. Right. Does, anybody WANNA be interrogated. No, you ought to roll the red carpet out. And I want you know I'm not a fan of scripting, but I am a fan of some phrases and I like to have her hip pocket. We love seeing new patients I'm so glad you called. At say it with meaning. Another one just another one. Near you call right office. How do you feel if I said that? You call the right office. You're making a really good getty and the reason is. When we listen to these calls. There are few patients who have an emergency. You know what they're gonNA book you know you could be. You could be the the worst person answering calls. They'RE GONNA book no problems whatsoever, but does the large number of people. The majority of people who are seven out of ten in having made the decision to book. They still are not totally sure. They want to mean. I'm sure I'm like that I'm sure. Perhaps you are like that. You kind of get a feel for you. Know who your dentist is going to be for the next few years or who you are, x is going to be for the next. While I mean this is an important decision. Right picking doctor. You know picking a practice that you're gonna go to for a long time. So you want to just get to know them, you want to seve. Practice. Do you want to know that you're making -sition so? When the patient is not sure yet meaning that they saw these beautiful reviews, they went to the website. They see the before and after. At the end of the day. They don't know you haven't met you yet. They haven't gotten a feel for the human in that practice yet you. All. In you know simple things like the name like some of the you know, we love seeing new patients. I'm so glad you called. You know in a different context. You know you're GONNA. Say something like you. You call the right office, so make sure you connect. Make sure you connect with the patient, and of course they're going to tell you. If they're having any concerns, and you'll has different types of new patients, emergency patient, and then there's the one that's now I just moved to town in my I met my neighbor I had to borrow some sugar, even unpacked and I went next door and met my neighbor and You know we started up a conversation and we're looking renew. We don't know anything and we. We say by the way we're GONNA be looking for a desk. Oh, you have to go to my dentist and she told you about. You know they're just looking for a dentist. They want to get established and so you WANNA you. WanNa connect you to connect with the call. Older in some a warm. Friendly carpet out manner now let me go to tip number three. This was technical. A very important. Set up a scheduling template where you can see them. In three business days or less for their point, three business days or less. Now, that's hard. That's not easy to do because Narran what's going to happen to that new paid not an emergency, but the new page. I'm just trying to get establish and the first available new new A patient appointment is four weeks away. What what's going to? Most? People don't know. Don't say what they think. So they would say. That that's fine, you know. Put me in, but they're not gonNA. Show up! and. Say Call you back, so it's one of those two responses. We have the attention. Span of the public has an attention span of a net today. Now. Many doctors don't even know where they stand on this recently. Before Kobe I was talking to a doctor. Who said you're all I need is warn patients, motivations line is more patients. You know we've got good system. They got a great team. I'd see more patients. And unbeknownst to him. I had already gone through remote access to with permission to his computer, and I discovered that his first available new patient appointment was five weeks away. Five weeks away. So now. The team, the gatekeeper well. We can do this on five weeks. Patient his you know. The the the high s patients who don't like conflict, said okay. Go ahead bougie down. The DIS rise are saying about goodbye. And they're calling someone else and so the doctor that he realized he's not set up to accommodate new patients. So if you WanNa have a practice that is a growth oriented practice. You've got to back it up with your action. You've gotta be able to see a new patient within three business days now we do that through block scheduling and our pace is three new patients in a doctor, and so we have blocks three times a day for the doctor part of the new patient appointment thirty minutes on Paul and Tim. Schedule, and we we hold those we scheduled with the new patient or we hold those. Up till forty hours before. And then we release them scheduled, but and you had you got. It's a moving target. You GotTa Constantly Monitor. How am I doing? When's my next new patient appointment? When's the next new patient? Appointments starts to stretch out there now. I will be a little flexible with you in the perfect world. It's three days or less your way out there, and that's not realistic I'll go a week a week. But I'd rather have it be three days, but I certainly don't want it to be five weeks. Fixed that first because if you don't fix that, then your marketing is GonNa fall on its face because you're not available. For you're not tuned into patients desires today. I shared this recently in one of her office hours meetings. I love dentistry. Wrong guilty of this narran before. Cova did I was in Chicago and I use Uber or lift you know when I'm traveling rather than the rental cars you know and so I hit my uber search. And it was eight minutes and I a figurative Tantrum my head eight. I'M NOT GONNA. Wait eight minutes for over and over to lift and lift was four minutes. Embarrassed I didn't actually I think patience is no longer watch. For most of us. A week two weeks like knowing how it's a lost art, I know. When we're lift was available in for of course I hit that one. It was like okay I'll do four but anyway just an example, so let's go to number four. At the end of the call I want you to do something very specific at the end of the call and typically I find that. These calls are five six minutes because we're getting to know the patient low bit about them. And you know at the end of the call say narrative coming to the finish line here. We're GONNA. Get scheduled and taking care of Hey, what first of all you're gonNA love office and you're going to be seeing Dr Paul and you're GonNa love Dr. Paul I of a work assignment for you before your appointment, please go to our website and go to about the doctor page. And you'll learn about your Lord about why you're gonNA appreciate calling to seeing Dr Paul and and why you call the right office I can't wait to be face to face so now we're going to give them get them back to your website and directed to the about the doctor I'm assuming your doctor about the doctor page is a waiter. And a couple of quick tips you might have us for the doctors. You could feature their tool called Pastis of odds. You could highlight views from Google in the form of graphics, or you know text reviews captured. You know you could have pictures of like you know. Dr Paul. Beautiful family young family so now I have a family or top about Dr. Paul is a picture of Paul. Hall, his wife, Erin and therefore amazing children. Integral. and. Of course it's written in such a way that anybody really Dr Tamas Tim and his wife Britney and therefore beautiful children. Three daughters and a son. Paul Paul has three sons and. Tim has three daughters and son and Gary has three daughters and a son. So immediately when mom goes to about the doctor pages, he sees his beautiful picture of of all. Is Wife Arid and the three kids? What does she think? What would? Meet, him. And by the way if you're take a look at your about the doctor page, but now I'm going to encourage them. I won't say that everybody will go there, but most of a will when you give them encouragement and you. Own you'll love. You're going to really love Dr. Paul I Really WanNa encourage you to go to the about the doctor pages take a quick look that gives you a little bit. It just makes people curious you know then maybe they bounce around other parts of your paid other pressure website. We know that this is right from the playbook of rubber Shell Dini. His second book. Old Pre suasion. Aren't so for example on the about the doctor page. We have a header. At the top of the page. That are testimonials that scroll. Through the top of the page right now. She's GonNa read that and she won't read all the testimonials, but she's GonNa. Read a few of them. It's like oh my gosh. Carlin's right I did call the office. It's pre suasion pre suasion. That patient is coming to you with already some kind of connection had they got there, so let's recap and then we've got some really great questions our audience has submitted some great questions that are so appropriate for this, but let's recap the for chips, so here's four tips to convert more of your potential new patient calls to appointments. Tip Number. Know your data. No your day need to know how many calls you're getting. And how many are being converted, and you'll be able to configure out your conversion rate from their tip number to connect with the caller. Get their name. Money's carly. Who Am I speaking with? Connect with the caller some phrases. We love seeing new patients here at life miles. I'm so glad you call. Another phrase they have on your hip pocket. Karen you called the right office. TIP number three. Set scheduling template to be able to see you patients within three business days or less and I'll. Give you a week. If you have to, but hopefully you'll get. You'll get that down to three days or less. You enhance your results. You'll see your conversion rate. Go Up! And timber four at the end of the call. Encourage them to visit the about the doctor page. Just tell them where they can find that. encouraged become visiting enclosed with leading. Know How much you look forward to meeting him face to face. There's the four tips Darren. Let's let's pause coaching and action here. Let's dive into those questions because we've got some good ones. Absolutely and just one announcement I. WanNa make I know. Many many of Garris fans and I'll becoming coaching clients, and one of the things get a you have decided to do, and you've already done with a few clients is. What you're calling, td Bobo skills right where you are. You are teaching them how to have that. Amazing I phone call in a how to build that rapport to reassure them like you said know you know sometimes. People aren't really sure so you have to reassure them that. They made the right choice, but in a calling this office. You know how to grow their confidence I to say that because I know you have a superpower. You are like the mass to communicate the master influence. Now your clients get to learn from that? You know like literally from you, so thank you for doing that is fun to see team members. Blossom THEY WANNA. Do the right things and sometimes they just need to know. These needs some direction. It's some of the favorite aspects of my work is training team members on verbal skills of what to say how to say it. It's a passion of mine, so thanks for that comment near. In today's thriving dentist QNA segment I have full questions from you from across. Across the US. As you are, no today's topic is four tips to convert potential new patient calls to appointments. Kerry let me read the first question. I recently discovered that many of my calls are going to y smell during business hours. How can I correct this? Account I. Love that question and it's a little painful for me to answer, but but I wanNA answer it. With a quick story about my own practice. Near Two years ago? We use we've we've? Is Our phone system slash patient communication system. and we had recently converted to leave and love it by the way if you're not using we've I strongly recommend it. really love it and The that we've is is actually a very good friend of mine. And Mike reached out to me and said. Hey Gary We have the ability to to do this research. About what? How many what percentage of your calls during business hours are going to voicemail? Would you like to do that for him? And I said Yeah Yeah. My do that. That'd be good, but. We don't have a problem with that. Were spot on. Because we have here's what we do, Mike we have you know cross trading? So my assistants trained You know that if the phone rings more than twice, the May they run for the phone to answer it. And might teams do an amazing job, but yeah. I'd be interested in knowing that, but I won't be surprised if you discover. We're doing really well. Can you see where this is going there? Yes, yeah, so Mike. Does the research and he calls me back and he says Aguirre you sit down. Ha. Should I be Mike. Yup. Down here. We did the date on your practice for the last six months. Said would you be surprised if I told you ready for this? Forty two percent. Of Your calls during Your Business Hours. are going to voicemail. NARRAN IF I would've had any hair at that point now. That ship sailed, but if I would have had here, I would have pulled it out. What, My you know what you're out the ratio you. Shows me. I was flabbergasted. flabbergasted. If someone calls it a night and it goes to voicemail. You know what? that. But we're open from seven am to four PM. The phone's ringing from seventy four I want an answer. And this was not my team. Members Fall. There were not that was not that. We don't have team members sitting around putting voicemail, the only reason would go to voicemail is after rings, a certain number numbers that automatically just certain number of times it goes it. So we corrected that and we've has a function for that Ananias that they have text back function. And can be programmed in so rather than going to voicemail. They immediately text back to the caller, and we can customize the message with the message, says something like. Hey this. Is Carly apprently taking care of? Another patient and I can either call you right back. At, when I'm done with this call, or you can text, and we tear by text and guess what most of the most of the colors do. Is today I wanted to play for G. It happens in real time. And we've now recovered. Those calls were going to voicemail if it goes to voicemail if it's a potential new patient going to voicemail. Patient does. Don't call back. They don't leave a message. No callback. They just hang up and they go to the next office in their search. So. I feel your pain Abud Way. How can you find out if you don't have we've? How can you find out the phone company? Your phone company will will do that very often. They do that at no cost, and they can tell you what percentage of your calls during these hours or going to voice, both so might be as simple fixes adding another line. Could be that simple. But oftentimes you're just not You're not able to handle the call, so you need another way to handle those. and you know like like we did. We do a good textbook function and you've done that for your clients as well it takes function is. Absolutely, what should describing and figuring out? How many calls are going to Weisman Yeah, we call tracking system allows us to do the same thing and you're right. Some practices are good at answering. Eighty to ninety percent of the calls during office, but some practices I think sometimes. We don't realize we have this blind spot. You know maybe because you lost someone. Maybe because you don't have enough phone line. There could be a lot of reasons, but you aren't catch it. Let me, put you on the spot near. What would be an appropriate benchmark? Let's using the positive. So in our case. We're missing forty two percent meaning we're. We're catching fifty eight, so let's keep it in the positive. What percent would you consider to be an a on the report card? Of calls during business hours that we get what what percent would be. I have to deport. Many of our clients are doing well here including you now. I think ninety percent is in A. I was to have seen clients. Yeah I'm sorry I was GonNA follow the grade curve, traditional, having curved and ninety percent, or more would be an a eighty percent to ninety it'd be it'd be and so on, and so I'm being verifying that with me, based on your knowledge of this. And some practices even get ninety three percent ninety four percent so. Once they become conscious of this problem, they get on like you guys. Did you know just a lot of times? It's totally unconscious. They don't even realize it's happening because you know they're busy and they're handling things, so they don't count. How many cars are getting missed? Yeah, yeah, absolutely well I doubt. Thank you for asking that question. And maybe we'd we treat other doctors to find out. Maybe they don't know I didn't know that. Forty two percent of going to voicemail I was shocked I was. Very grateful for my for? Digging up the data data never lies, people do. Evil but I told my I a. you can do that research. You're GONNA find that we're rocking it. Nope not the case. The next question is a great question. Gary. It comes from Michigan and the question is Gary I. See that you have a check bought on your website. Have you found that useful? Oh Man. Absolutely if your website doesn't have a chat I, mean it's you know in tech terms is known as a Cha Chat Bot but if he doesn't have a some kind of communication about like that. You're really missing the boat near. You know a lot more about the data behind that because Equa you're the one built that for a website. Why is that important for doctors down chat function on their side. Yeah so. When, you look at people who go to your website, typically two percent of the people. On, not, convinced yet. To call you in order to make that communication. They're still doing the research. They're not there yet to pick up the phone and call. And also depending on where they are more and more people, get to your website and pretty much many of our clients. Are Now using mobile devices so mobile devices? You know you don't have to sit in front of your computer to use a mobile device. You could be at a restaurant having coffee. Dear friend, you could be driving in the car and boom. You know the the traffic and you. You have nothing better to do. Just looking at some stuff I mean I'm not a commending it, but you know people do that. You might be office then. You can't talk to someone at that moment. So when you see this chat Bob Papa Up, and you have this urge to do something. Maybe you know. Ask a question now. Most like the two percent of the people will respond so if I use a simple number like five hundred visitors going to your website. That's ten extra people a month. So! The Chat Bot is designed not like a serey. Just a fun thing to answer questions. It's like a workflow. The purpose of the chat board is to find out who you are and a way to get a hold of you. It's almost like a automated FAQ's exactly because I. Mean I mean how many callers to a dental office? There is pretty predictable what they exactly. What I'm blown away at I'm literally blown away because it's not my my own personal pattern I'm blown away at how many people visit our website in the wee hours right to in the morning three in the morning. You know one thirty. Away, and we gotta have a way to connect with them and chat gives a great way to do that and ours. You describe ours narrative because it's not like some robot it's. It's MEG right. It has picture. and. It's very personable. And it's very effective I'll give an example. recently I want to order a new pair of Nike running shoes. I went to the Nike site and I engaged with the the Chat Bot and basically ask some questions, and you know literally I think three questions into it I had the perfect pair of shoes that I wanted. And I know it was I mean I know the technology side? I know there wasn't a person they're doing it. They were able to ask. Questions vary specifically. And great okay no I know. I ordered. You know so the Chat Chat Bot I would say as it must in twenty twenty and beyond. If you don't have that, you're miss. You don't know what you're missing in terms of after hours. Contact with with your with your office so. You know you don't want that to slip through your fingers so I mean ten extra patients a month, the talent twenty year. It adds up and you don't have to do anything to get those patients in so usually. What happens is an email gets sent to the office, and because you know the answer, their name and cell phone, and so for someone typically will call back right away and. Couldn't continue with the conversation and get them to book. It's a very powerful tool to kind of push the people who are not ready to call yet to become plans to thank you for that. INSIGHT GETTY? My next question is. This comes from California. Should I be recording my cause. Yes. Yes exclamation point. If you're not recording your calls, doctors. You have no idea what's being said on the phone. You have no. Oh, no I know I know I. Know I know Durango I mean Susan with me for twenty five years. Many doctors. Don't. Have the support. That they want their practice to have. Dr Has a growth perspective around double digit growth every year. And that may not be supported by. You might have a team member says on. That just means more work. So No, you don't know. And so, yes, you need a reporter calls you to do it legally. It is illegal. You give to Alleles. And you need to use those calls in a coaching. CAPACITY WE! We do it lifestyle stuff the way I liked to do it. Is. For, whatever the period of time is I? I liked to have six colts that I sit down with the team and do some coaching with. And I and this is just like a football coach watching game film. We're always GONNA. Get better. It'd be better to buy part of their cultures. Be Better tomorrow than we are today. I want to emphasize you. Do not use these calls as a club. If you're GONNA, use them as a club. Don't do this. You do not use this as a club. Use It in a positive training approach. You create a safe environment. And use it for positive reinforcement and training, and so when I like to do is have six calls. Four of the ratio is very important. Four of our our positive where I can reinforce all the great things. They did right. And two of them need work. Notice the ratio four to two. Twice as many compliments, corrections twice as many compliments as corrections, and then we coach. Recently I did this and You know. One of the calls that needed work was for some early, and I played it in three three seconds into it. She goes. Oh my Gosh! I! Don't even sound friendly their. I get pause. To play anymore. I said Carly I ensure you were dealing with. You. Know three patience checking in this is Pretty Cohen so three patients checking in four checking out, Dr, probably buzzing on the light system the supply. Guys at the back door banging on the back door to deliver the supplies. I'm sure I'll. She was I know. I know that probably happened, but. I still have to figure out how to sound friendly when the wheels are falling off. How much coaching did I need to do their? Zero t she never did. And I think a lot of times. It's that in the moment. They don't realize what's happening like. They're so caught up in all the things that's happening, but when you let them listen to these calls, and you're in providing nurturing environment like a lot of the problems. They'll figure it out themselves. One. Say backed carly so it also happened to be her and this patient had. It was it was literally like. Fifteen questions. And Carly was patient. So patient! And she was so. Compassionate. And I mean it was just classic and let me carry this out. This patient ends up making an appointment. and. She ends up being a smile. Design case in our practice attenuated upper anterior hotel midair case. That's an expense. That's a high value. Case Center practice. If Carly wouldn't have been so patient. I mean. It's one thing to get an appointment right. I, mean you get an appointment. It's great. Right viewed an appointment for a smile design. I mean I just won the lottery. And I cry, said curly. This is so cool, because as you know. That patient ended up being a smiles on case in and you get credit for that because if you have been impatient. Or if you would've. Had A total of voice that you didn't care? We would allow asset opportunity and I and she. How do you know currently was across for me Ed? She was beaming. She was being. And how clearly you know! She's going to do future calls with patients. That gets this so so the Quick Chevy. Yes right. The next question. Getty I know my team. Members need foreign training. House the best way to train them. In this case, address suggest of all. We've got some resources for your. We're going to share those resources with you. And you know excited to share share those resources with you. One thing I would encourage you to do is have a breakout? T meeting with you and your Your Business Team members. Since Your Business members, it'd be answering the phone. And do some role playing just to role playing. you don't terms. Hey, if the patient asks, what are we say and again make a safe environment. They could have safe environment practice. You know if you were in Let's say in high school. You're in theater and you were. An actor and actress in theatric play or maybe later in life. You decided to do a community theater. Now most of US industry are. Doing that sort of thing that usually doesn't fit the people in Dentistry. But if you're part of a performance, does that performance just open to a live audience without any rehearsals? Would that ever happen. Even community theater I'm not talking to Broadway or anything riding theater. Do you think that they say okay? We're going to do this. Play on November second. Be Ready. No, they, what do they do? Do Rehearsals exactly exactly and every time. The director makes suggestions to make the performance even better by the time you do your performance, you're so ready for. You can't wait for opening night because you're totally prepared for. It I. Don't know about you. But one of the things that causes me discomfort. is to not be prepared. And I think that's true of a majority of people in the world. Right no, but when you're prepared, you're confident. You're ready. You can't wait. You don't do it because you're prepared and so the best training the best training. Is To do some work together. Make it a safe environment. Practice I'm generally not a fan of scripts. We're GONNA. Provide some. and you. Maybe you start with scripts until you get the flown till you get the cadence until you get the. Concept and then you can when you can then make them your own. You know after that but Yeah, that's in my opinion. That's the best way to do. phone training. Telephone training. and. We've got resources on a office hours. At in our dentistry community. We've got resources here in thriving Dennis. We've also got resources unless insurance dependence that we've got some specific lessen dependence podcast podcast episodes that are trying to show might benefit from. How do you answer the call? Do you take my insurance? We've got an episode on that list. The show notes and we've got another one of. How do we answer the question burnings patient? How come you're not taking my insurance anymore? Those are good training. Though short, they're typically fifteen minute episodes. They're short. You can listen to those and provide training that way. Well those are those are really good questions on near love those and I've enjoyed this episode. Hope you all enjoyed it. At Oakland got you tuned in to maybe some information you did know about you know converting those calls to actual appointments. So a this, this has been a fun and near, and if I may, as we kinda come in and finish line here. We talked about knowing your data. We talked about the chat by and both of those are services that you provide for us and lifestyles as part of becoming a Equa. And it's provided as part of the. There's no additional charges for those. Let me correct. Let me make sure I'm saying that right? That's correct near and there. No deaths Lord test. Is All inclusive. There's no additional charges period, so hey, if you're interested in millionaire on the calls, and if you're interested in a chat much I might politely we pay. We pay twelve hundred dollars a month. And a value on that is absolutely maze unlimited website content we've got. Mastering Seo through that that involves our lighthouse score that involves our nap profile that involves our complaints with the eat a expertise security trust update the compliance with Google. Ym Your money, your life that includes. You know helping US master reviews where we've got five hundred twenty eight five star reviews Thanks to your help and assistance with that includes our blad. It includes the data that we get to Google. Analytics stated that we get It's the best value so guys. If you're wants to help with this me, recommend from firsthand experience Equa a we'll put a link in the show notes that link will allow you to schedule a complimentary. Barclay strategy meeting with Lila Stone She'll go through your Google analytics with you. You'll learn information about your practice that you didn't know ahead of time. Normally, there's a nine hundred dollars charge for that. You're doing that free for a thriving Dennis show lessons. so near an for doing that. Will put a link in the show. Notes so narrow. Thank you and thank your team for all that you do help us. lex smiles and for our listeners. Let me take a minute. Thank you. We appreciate each and every one of you. By the way we've had a nice run of new reviews. New Google reviews on on driving dentist or excuse me new I tunes reviews for the data show. Thank you for those of you. The done it If if you haven't let me suggest three ways, you can support our work. Number one you can tell a colleague about the dentist show and direct new listeners to us. We appreciate that second thing you can do. is you could write a google review right I in Google Review, but I to go to I. Tunes Register Review. Thanks for all of you that have done that much appreciate. And the third thing that you can do, you can subscribe button. You can do that on itunes or Google play. or Whatever your directory of of a podcast of choices, they have a try, but it's subscribe, and that means every Wednesday. When we published new show, it'll be automatically uploaded of for your listening convenience on that note. Let me thank you for the privilege of your time until you. When you cry. Sure Oh. Sure and and. Don't let them know they have one. When you? Walk Guide. The her inside because Bain was soon they go. When you dream. As, big as Oh shit. Reynier dream by trump shoes. When you train three.

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