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NPR podcasts are now. Available on every platform checkout. All our shows at NPR dot org slash podcasts. That's NPR dot org slash podcasts. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Janine Herbst. Congress is back in session tomorrow. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says he will call for a vote this week on President Trump's proposal to grant temporary protections for some unauthorized immigrants in exchange for border wall funding, but it's not clear the measure will have enough votes to pass Democrats want the government to fully reopen first before negotiating border security and some Republicans oppose it because they consider it amnesty for people who are in the country illegally, California. Democrat Kamala Harris has announced her candidacy for president and peers Windsor, Johnston reports the first term Senator joins a growing field of democratic hopefuls vying for the twenty twenty presidential bid Harris. Made the announcement on ABC's. Good Morning, America. I am running for president of the United States. And I'm very excited about Harris who served as district attorney of San Francisco and attorney general of California spoke about the challenges of running a campaign that would attempt to break several barriers the American public wants a fighter and they want someone that's gonna fight like heck for them and not fight based on self interest. And I'm prepared to do that Harris is expected to officially launch her campaign during a rally next weekend in Oakland, California, Windsor Johnston. NPR news Americans are remembering slain, civil rights leader. Dr Martin Luther King junior today in his hometown of Atlanta. Dr king is being honored with urgent calls to action and messages for unity for member station. WABC in Atlanta. Susannah Kapalu has more in remarks at the service, Dr king's daughter, Bernice king declared, the partial government shutdown and the resurgence of white supremacy messaging humanitarian crisis and a state of emergency, my brothers and. Sisters humanity is literally on the verge of digressing to to America's and becoming the dish United States of America. Among the guests was Republican Senator David Paducah a supporter of President Trump. He gave a short speech honoring king, though, we may talk differently look different and have different political views. He would remind us we're at first and last one nation under God. Martin Luther King junior would have been ninety years old this year for NPR news. I'm Susanna Keppel Lucho in Atlanta Frances finding Google fifty seven million dollars for what it says is a lack of transparency inadequate information and the lack of valid consent. Regarding personalized ads for users. French authorities also say the US tech giant didn't sufficiently inform users about what they were agreeing to as Google collected data for targeted ads. This penalty is part of Europe's new data privacy rules that took effect last year. Google said in a statement that it is. Committed to transparency and user control. You're listening to NPR news from Washington. Venezuela's government says it stopped a mutiny within its security forces twenty-seven, national guardsmen have been arrested and more arrests may follow and Pierce. Philip breeze reports some guardsmen posted videos calling for the removal of President Nicolas Maduro who officials say a group of men from the national guard and could Acas kidnapped five offices and rated now post where they seize weapons they were eventually captured a few miles from the presidential palace. The have in recent is being several wilted uprisings and coup plots within Venezuela's military against dodo. He relies for his political survival on the support of senior commanders, so far they've remained loyal despite the country's economic collapse. This latest uprising comes as the opposition that congress launches a fresh drive to oust Peduto arguing that his reelection for second term was fraudulent the opposition's call for nationwide protests on Wednesday, and is offering an amnesty to military personnel who abandoned the dodo, but Greaves NPR news. Macos? And Arctic blast continues to send temperatures plunging in the east wind chills. This morning, we're below zero in many areas national weather service meteorologist and Peterson says it will warm up mid week. And then it's back to the cold. Below zero across this code has Minnesota Wisconsin starting to get into the UPN Michigan. And then by Saturday crossing the lakes into New York in New England. So another shot of cold air for New York New England this weekend. And then another winter storm is forecast this weekend going from the west coast to the east along the northern tier of states, I'm Janine Herbst. And you're listening to NPR news from Washington.

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