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Live from NPR. News in Washington. I'm Jack Speer. As the death toll from the corona virus pandemic continues to Mount New York City. Funeral homes and cemeteries are unable to keep up. Npr's Greg Allen reports officials said the city may have to temporarily interr- some of the dead in a public park eighty refrigerated trailers. Big enough to hold one hundred bodies each have been deployed to hospitals throughout New York City. Some hospitals now added a second and even third trailer holding remains of people who died from Cova nineteen or other causes New York City Councilman Mark. Levin says the death toll doesn't soon level off. The city will likely start doing temporary. Interment digging trenches in a city park caskets will be buried. You'd be done in a way that allows these bodies into disinterred and given a proper burial at such time as the crisis is over in a normal cemetery. Systems and funeral home system is running again. Levin says the Defense Department has said mortuary specialists in New York City. But that more help is needed. Greg Allen. Npr News British Prime Minister. Boris Johnson has been moved into an intensive care unit today after symptoms of Cova nineteen worsened. That's according to his Downing Street office says Johnson was admitted to Saint Thomas Hospital over the weekend. The British prime minister first announced he was suffering from the disease caused by the Krona Virus. Ten days ago and initially continued to run. The country from his residence is now asked foreign secretary. Dominic robb be deputized for him. Britain has no formal succession. Plan should the prime minister become incapacitated? The fifty five year old Johnson tested positive for the virus on March Twenty Six south. Carolina's Governor's ordering residents of that state to stay home with few exceptions as NPR's. Sarah McCarron Explain South. Carolina had been among a dwindling number of states. Without state homeowners are under pressure from medical groups and federal officials including Dr Anthony Fauci to order their residents to stay home in an effort to reduce the spread of the corona virus. A handful of Republican governors have been holdouts but now South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster says infections are rising and now is the time to people all. Merode's too many people on the water's too many people and the stores too. Many people are not requiring with our with our requests concerning social distancing exceptions include work outdoor exercise or obtaining necessary goods and services. Violating SOUTH CAROLINA'S. Stay home order can be punished with fines or jail time. Sarah MacKinnon. Npr News interest-rate-setting Federal Reserve is announcing plans to create a new program to finance loans. That banks and other lenders make to the government's emergency small business lending program banks began taking loan applications Friday. Those loans will come with a one percents restraining aimed at keeping employees on the payroll for eight weeks. Stocks gained ground on Wall Street today. The Dow is up more than sixteen hundred points. You're listening to NPR. The nation's highest court has ruled Blinken pullover a car when they know only its owners licenses invalid even if they do not know who is behind the wheel accord nothing. It's reasonable for police to think. The car's owner would be driving the ruling reverses the Kansas Supreme Court decision that found police violated drivers constitutional rights when they stopped his pickup. Based only information that the owners license had been revoked actress. Honor Blackman who played Pussy Galore in the James Bond Movie? Goldfinger has died at the age of ninety four. According to her family she died of natural causes a home in Sussex England appears Elizabeth Blair has this remembrance sexy blonde with Piercing Blue Eyes Pussy. Galore is a pilot working for the evil Goldfinger. She's also a judo expert with a flick of a wrist. She flips bond his back. Ross this honor. Blackman was gorgeous and tough in London during World War Two. She learned how to ride a motorcycle to be a volunteer messenger to play a fashionable crimefighter in the TV series. The avengers. She learned judo. She appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows over the years and kept up her martial arts. She also co wrote a Self Defense Book for Women Elizabeth Blair. Npr News up in his car company. Honda says it will extend its auto production shutdown in the US and Canada. Through may I? The company saying in many cases consumers are unable to purchase vehicles and resolve the automaker needs to suspend production to align product supply with lack of market demand onto halted its auto production in the US and Canada on March twenty third. I'm Jack Speer. Npr News in Washington.

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