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Did I was having here from sports bit now. If you're listening listening thinking what is going on. Don't worry you haven't been hacked. We are launching a new sports fit. Podcast Code give me softening now. Shire just touches on the fact that there's a lot of sports and events that have been canceled at the moment and the idea the shy he's to give you an understanding of some of the hidden gems that you can still bid on. He'd listen to three Watt Night Cava sports. But I felt podcast or get on. Sawed. You'RE NOT GONNA get episode of that in the next twenty minutes we're using old. As FADES JUST RISE OF AWARENESS. New podcast will be doing. Hd in the new world that we're living in heartfully you enjoyed. I believe a few wins. Most importantly gamma responsibly. Woolley look a happy. I'm almost all of it. Not Having to beat physically need you. It's going to get well get used to it. This is. This is really exciting cars pot of off being like this is unfortunately a lot of big things but there's a lot less sort of stuff to bid on things outside the reason why he today as part of it a little experiment. We're going to give me something is to hopefully try and finds things for people to bid on including a CIA just to boredom and just get amongst rich because pretty is pretty flat at the moment. It's slow it's a trying time for for everyone but if you're a big sports fan this just an extra liar of misery Paul on top of because there's nothing there is absolutely nothing. There's there's nothing to look forward to. There's nothing to to analyze. There's nothing to talk about with with with stopped yet but thankfully there's still a few markets at the go to dictate date. Boys Dig Dave into the absolute boroughs of sports bit combat sports but there is something that's what we have to dig that day pretty more pretty much on the But yeah looked at this exotic stuff. There are thought you know what year not. It's like maybe I wonder whether maybe To kick off the market that you've got It will be a standard a little bit. We stand. He actually bit on while correct. Will we used to always done with the markets but only on like a special Diana On Christmas we will get thirty degree somewhere in the country on Christmas Day whereas now way have got over unders in every single capital city of every single day. Now there's some serious chemistry map might on the weather. Markets at the moment for example Someone's marks exploded. I think it's what is going on. They will you you moving Reagan doing. We're in the middle of a podcast. Movie sorry goes one of the things about having ally. Why have movers? His computer vets dot. I decided to go where the poor people that are probably wanted to last. Podcast ever listen to the Walkman so you know the weather hammers on the weather. Now what we're doing at the moment. He's every single day in every single capital city. You can take the over the for example tomorrow. The twenty fifth of March Wave Got Sydney's weather at over twenty two and a half. The grace can get you a dollar eighty seven if you think it might be a little bit colder at on the twenty two and a half degrees you getting a dollar eighty seven so if you if you if you're like a a bit of a. May Rolla just something you you know you can pretty facing can get ahead of us now with very good at predicting sport at Role they're the experts in their chosen field. When not meterologist so you if you have more than us you get on my back started some research now tomorrow millman. There's GONNA be a southerly kick up the sadly these Tom. Gabe brings cold. Winds with ABN service at seventy nine point nine degrees and then all of a sudden Seventeen point nine degrees at two pm now at the moment Balmy sighing. It's GonNa be added integrated to ABM often some charting. They subtly he's GonNa kick out before then. It is not going to get above seventeen point nine degrees take the on this at Melbourne without a two pm tomorrow it will be the easiest. Mike in these new carnivorous land. Leaving Tyke millwood on dollar righty. Seven now usually tend to steer clear of your tips weight when it comes gable. What about when it comes to things like these actually more change you lot e camping your make sure on the from time to time even when you teams playing out. Does she do you? Iran sadly will keep the temperature on seven and a half. What are you getting already seven? You'RE GONNA get for under seventeen point nine degrees. I can't see how it's going to be above seventy point nine degrees at three PM. Anyone what are they have seen eat now at? Sydney seat laws and is undecided. Melvin seeing you mentioned a moment ago is twenty two and a half the upper as was the lawn. The try it is these time and time again I pretty much get it wrong. Dance with the tooth because it's predicted to be twenty three at a maximum twenty-three bat there are going to be thunderstorms and you are you. Are you leaving leaving Sydney align the? Because you know when I found it traps the hate in Tragedy that comes are a little bit earlier than expected. That temperature is not gonNA come down to a PM so obvious now. At the moment multi these outweigh working on that. Very hunted sports bit to get a few more products. We're going to have Ryan full market soon. We're going to have their barometric pressure market soon. We're going to have them at the moment. You can just back just as singles Armley but if you just pick a few markets seniors Melvin on this and then Brisbane. Twenty six point four. They're not going to go. I have that tomorrow very competent. What what can I just ask quickly before move on? What is the law and set for in Perth because pan very much intended? Perth has been on a hot streak at the moment. And it's been I think. Iran thirty four degrees or more age die this way where where thirty. Four Point. Three degrees the launch dollars. Seven Farranda over and I can tell you. At the time of recording backing the unders ended with it. What a great. It's a great market supply in our love looking forward to the introduction of simultaneous as. Well I think we all are we'll reach. Hopefully nephew exciting you. So you can just check on a few ball it. Gets you interested in the weather? Stott sitting on the Bom website at two o'clock with set at two o'clock aged is because that is actually measured Tom Sitting around they're gone on just one hundred bucks because our back the websites. It's it's pretty exciting. Here's a hype about some some Wolf. What if what if you go? I partly because the night you on their order. Anything you bet on. So you'd I may I mean the thing is Aubain are tired on happy to to the dips all down Russian Taibbi Elena's and Lu Su played basketball sort of things said had to make the Moon Soo. I'm not overly familiar in which is as you look like a sport or more by on more of an MBA comes on a slight oughta Daytona member that that's in a sort of that's more spicy side. What I hide games from the Fifty Original Ghazali. Really original fan are bits up. Clearly he sees a match between able as folds Cobb and paradox gaming now these matches on Thursday evenings hield striking downsizing on the interesting thing is do not confuse this week at a sports the Sorry the SHAEF. Eight sports versus powered off scamming so to not or south of Norton. Paradox Will Pie. Chafe IGNORE THAT ONE. We'll get Thursday night applying able a sports guy very important. Now they don't match up not just having what happens if you perform. Well this way to your next week damn coming. Yep expecting a good performance. They not the greatest time paradox Archive Galasso Sorry that Alps on a tame the both The sort moss to a born Alzheimer's paradox. However last time these two mid paradox baked the soft paradox fate airborne one zip Moslem that sometime that's like an apron have not been in rightful. They've had a whole world of offices. more thinking John Paradox. Put up a Dacian. Enough FOUGHT AGAINST SHAPE. Who PROBLEM BY Shavei and then once about the cost to never thing is even if the Tuesay if yours is GonNa go rock. She's not going to go out any further. But if I do will come in and you're getting two dollars twenty two in the next guy so you're getting Twenty two when they have this still begun by before that. So you mark Dantonio again Joe Again. They're actually playing woolley all Jr sorry that's that's they preferred format. See you made semi J. You mentioned that lost. The top side lost weight Paradox gaming that aren't they'll take a lot of confidence out of that one hit he. He's very very very heavy. Rain side so you just just to be clear that will lead the market you for his parents guide to win on. Diet against airborne. Two dollars is the price and depending on. That could be short. Jump we expect these one. This is one of the ones we expect as we time. Rice impounds. We expect the syndicates to pioneer Confront US money wound might Geno what this is the thing that you can. It's not I wish I had something for you tomorrow. You're on the winding for the tips. Do you want Richard. I'll tell you what now you ask at potters and heart. That one hundred percent would cy. I would rather a winner on Thursday room Wednesday. To why aren't they would say that. I just want US got something yours tomorrow. John De Gentlemen. It was the parties are in this for the long out anyway. So I've got something but there's a big. There's a big question mark hanging this whether it actually takes because there's outright along the banks of the river city in Brisbane because the market I wanNA take you to. The Hollywood may elections which took place on Saturday. Now let me tell ya the paperwork breeze out wrap that you hit it all. Because obviously you've been talking about social distancing Shirley swimming on school holes in public places like that it's not gonNa be good business but at the moment the head. I can't I mean like the type the NFL Tyke. Every other sport in the world. But Dr I got Lord Mayor Elections in Bridgman. Yeah well that's what they that's what they're saying. This is the guy ahead and with that in mind. What have a look at him? Like today's markets. Now the city May is Adrian. Sharona the liberal national. How you're getting twenty two now. Adrian is well respected in the community overseas. The seating May and they they rarely Raum as in Brisbane on. It's it's just the stop something pretty far from me that's awesome. Yeah all about that. As well. I think the value side it's been in the bank interest the banking. Alright what you should do your Texassuperfood sacked. You can touch suppo pudding too. That's even put it in the eyes on your book. The super put you super into this look out. I don't know I don't hot. This is your favorite thing the value though. If you have a little shot this dumps easing condron now. Packed concert is the live a candidate. Identify brandies a bit of a non nine a bit of a new comer. He's a man with a plan and woolley he. Say's Brisbane is being combine neutral by twenty winding its market toy science promising automatic. He's going to be competitive retard. The vichy wanted came in. Rice will not exist in twenty fifty. So we will we will be actual will anyway. He wanted to bring down you the the brand tonight clear tonight by the time. Twenty fifty dollars. He's also GONNA fix up. He's riled crossings going on now I'm Andrea and he's thinking how is it try enthusiasts? Does that affect you? Because obviously the fixed robbers do you walk. The crossings thing is if if I want to try of course you before the crossing. That's more to look at you like going on the ground. It's not saying above ground. What happens when they tight laced crossings at Yale undergraduate dot as a driver have the crossings? Because you've got more to look at it as soon as you got on the ground it gets dreary but you you gotta consider the safety of the drive is and that's the most important thing so the crossings have got all they did. It decays very balanced balanced. Shimon get stock at a crossing from the Trans. We'll look the raise and I think he's good. Value is lost point on your quarterly rights. If you pay them on time that's four times through the HR pounds on hundred bucks. Back in your skyrocketing. I think given the current climate people going to enjoy the financial incentives. That cackle office hemming. There's a few other cash national that he's cash in your skyrocket connor in bed that giant. So I think he's Asia valued Asia value at three fifty bats. I just want to draw your attention to two anomalies. I think Detroit is mocked a few things up. Just one point him out catheters. The grains candidate drivers there have been fifty one box off when all doing awesome thirty five. Thirty seven dollar shave going Hod Hammer on frame of buses and ferries your generosity. Because it's going to be able to penny-pinching is a forged a lot of water up there? We don't have a very high now. You can't get one williamstown. I think it's very very. You're very aggressive as local. Cancel Ex. But I'm these decisions it parliament. Mike's what what is mayor? Even do I thought it was an entirely on retort. Got His mom on the markets and bedding by your audit have fully across the INS and outs of what it is. They're responsible for is plenty of plenty of rating. He can do on the other one. He's been gorringe. He's an independent candidate. Not Related to the FOMENTO TYNDRUM BEACON INSTAGRAM CELEBRITY. Daniel garbage now hayes making history of believe because as the first the first mayoral candidate in the Brisbane elections who is on the dollar at one hundred one dollars of how to look David Race Edge. I'M NOT GONNA I'm not gonNA causing dispatched begun to Just try is going on to get you. He he's doing. He's here's he's on the ball on gun to run from it. There is pretty much anyone can being this or he's Had tried is probably Demanded by Sunny. Save the Dave Ramsey on on lawn. If you Arctic taping on Raza side. Wouldn't he was up? I think he was. He's talking to different tack to the autozone Paddy Condron very odd fifty the value bit. You decide Sri now who probably get the job done in. Hold onto all you have to think. Well I think that's pretty much tomorrow. Always van markets well into the future which Just against the break is all is all. I thought we had what your eyes pulled out of that number one senator originate before before we go and I'm very excited for the pundits to to talk about money. You know what I should have. Their money taught up in something. It's not stockbroker it's in his incredibly future Given him has the overall heavy funding oscillation have your aging cleaning as I am of constant It's pretty pathetic. It's basically tail on the floor. But I'm Jim and I've been doing if you quarantine forty five sessions citron active and do what I can There's a few really good online workouts and stuff getting into shape but it is pretty blake. I'll be honest I do enjoy. It'll catch up to the gym thing took accomplished of stop me from the genes which yeah that staff may may the hottest when they closed the. I HAVEN'T BEEN IN I. It was bad to stop. That's the thing is about to start guns Jim. They've closed. You know what happens when you're Janda and you'd be at high and you you take down the eight snacks demand Woodside donate. You just bought. That is exactly what is happening. Every single day of mourning I have. I'm starting to die with a box of shapes. Grise grazing platter is another boxes. Shops are the frozen pizza for lunch and then dinner. I'm having a rates. Yeah I was GonNa say when your work normally next business as usual? That's where on Friday. Hill challenge young or on my pretty standard for major already just full and Off just working through might. I'm on the cats and dogs in. It's just it's just unfold. You know what's going on. What she rape is. Grandfather rape is watching Pre-arranged buys fourteen just olds forty-five minutes as just again it. It's very much marks off or we'll good good either you both going well Jedi quickly. Just breeze right. What would go on your desktop way going? Melvin without said the SALVO IS GONNA kick out. Before two o'clock. The temperature will not get above. Seventeen point non. The Grace Mellman at adult eighty seven into Sydney over. Twenty two point five degrees because at thunderstorms gonNA come in a little bit early than full cost on predicting Thunderstorm comes in it. Locks in the hate Hammy it calms get at Temperatures GonNa fall below twenty two and a half so Sydney at the Melwood at the unders. Thank you for the rabbits inside where we planning the paradox diming versus a born a sports Cobb And I've had to talk to the game on Thursday not to be confused with a game against shake gaming up to not beautiful and of course in the Brisbane May elections taking place. This Saturday all going. Well I dreamed SHR enough. Putting the lion share on human a little cyber on Paddy Condron Illu far removed from the live potty at fray dollars fifty. Thanks Tom Before to doing all the next hour is kate. Bring those five buckets as well. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA come up with a few more a few more interesting ones. I think in Cape Cape How am I promise? Dick Storm through an event that he's on the dot. Yeah that'd be nice given it was the brave good now. If there's anything you'd like is the price up or is anything you'd like us to specifically drove me and the comments below this post and we'll try to get to as many again That's Info give me something for the first edition gamble responsibly. We'll say tomorrow.

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