Ep 85: Spiritual Retreat for Two


The NC question yes we are to adult burst. Guess we love Bieber and that's why we're publicly. Stop America GonNa be you too. We Love Justin bieber clear. We're not be Nick Dick Fisher. Welcome back everybody to two less lonely girls. I'm Rosebud Baker Karan Fisher and and We got a couple of things for you this week couple. Her husband has been has been plump. It's been plump. Yeah Yeah Juicy. Juicy it's gotten injections had a few injectables This week I off. Most importantly Justin has gotten back from a spiritual retreat. Thank God in the week in the wake of Selena Gomez's lose. You'd love me why is it was there. He went on it after that. Obviously there's a correlation but Do he likely make a statement about I think. There's a correlation. I think that is the part where people are like Nick Digging I. I truly don't think they're correlated. Did Haley come. No Haley did not conscious justin his penis just just in Dick and yeah okay. So he posted on his instagram. I went on a spiritual retreat. Wait I I think he said road trip. Yeah I like you said road trip. He was literally just in a van. And we're like he went on a spiritual retreat. He did Iowa. Well I took a road trip here by myself to pray think reflect Trimbe time to get back to wife. This was six days ago. And there's just like a bunch of pictures of like waterfronts fronts and honestly this it looks like I mean I'm sure it's the west coast like Oregon or something but this looks like an East East Coast beach homework if it weren't so vast just because the beaches and on the east coast or all rocks right. You know what I mean anyway. So yeah time to get back to Whitey. Then there was like a picture of him that surfaced of him like hugging his bodyguard looking like a low pop. Oh my little oh baby puppy. Oh my Lord you know and then he posted something on a stories being like if you're reading this just know your law. Do you know Justin if he does is like Tony. Robbins events things right. He'll call Joe. Josue is car a piece of trash and then help you lying. Then they'll be like I love everyone valuable. Everyone loves you kind right. Yes e- generous. Although I've really loved what he did about with Juno that was fucking hilarious and that was that car was hideous. Yeah anyways I don't think they're connected but people are saying that they are and you know I mean I was trying to explain to other adult colleagues of ours I the power of the Selena Gomez Song and how it sent me you and Christine on spiral. Yeah and they were like and and then the first they were like what and then they believed that and I was like well. It's true so you should believe it. Yeah I think it was three the three of us I was like added validity. It really moved who've me on multiple level I thought I was like maybe like a hidden message or something like an old Beatles Song. Yeah I well I was definitely if there was a hidden message I probably made it up but I guess it's like it's a pop song. I mean it was pretty fucking you. Yeah no no I meant like an actual hidden message like at like if you play it backwards. It says. Kill your ex boy. That's what I meant. Hypothetically allegedly I mean who knows not killing anyone I wouldn't. I certainly wouldn't waste the prison time on that. One right Yeah a threat to it. MIGHT BE DOC. Seems like it might be Koreans having a couple of weeks in a row now I honestly Karen might be going on her own. Spiritual no but I don't think that the two are connected at all I don't I truly you think Justin's moved on. I think Selena's moved on. I think the song came out long after she moved on. And I think it was recorded. You know when you write a joke like you write a break-up joke and then like you do it and it kills a couple weeks and then you're you start to get over the breakup and you keep doing the joke. But it's like it's it's not killing the same. Yeah of course because you don't have the same passion behind right. That's why I keep getting into bad relationships and then having to leave them. Yeah for my art for your art. That's why you're dating toxic man. Yup Yup Yup sure it's to keep you guys entertained. You're welcome now I. I've stopped shading talks men. Well I mean we'll see we'll see fly Rosa's just in a good mood right now so I'm actually. I've been shitting all all morning when I get off the toilet. I don't mind everything when we then as as long as it gets out of my system as long as the shitting then eventually really stops. I don't mind it. I had to jewel. I don't I don't mind either. Honestly it. I feel ten pounds lighter. Yeah so he's probably because you're not your mom is in town so you're eating differently. God I was eating so much. Here's the thing I love my mom. I love her. She's a good mom. I like. They're whispering as if she came in the room. I love her so much but I don't know what it is. I just it's being around your mom even if you've got a great mom being around your mom stresses you out of course because you're there they will always be your mom and that's the position they'll always have. But you're like when you're an adult if you're doing it right you're your own mom. And then you don't need distress of two people current my family has no boundaries. None Oh I was at union hall. I was like I was like was she in the room and you were changing or no. That's nothing I mean that's absolutely nothing. I was this union all and like I did an hour. Thank you to anybody who came out. It was so fun Afterwards they have to clear out the room to sure and I had to say bye to everybody that came to see me that had to go somewhere you know. Yeah and then I go up to my mom and I was like mom. Thanks for coming like Oh Sweetie. It's it was just so good. It was so good and then she goes bide. I'm on Wellbutrin. Oh Oh oh. Is that an antidepressant. Oh yeah and I was like well. Now's not the time to tell me that. Yeah like I didn't now I mean she's doing great my mom's fine maybe getting her radical honesty. I mean she's always been radically honest. This is just a pattern family. Okay and then Mary. Stuart is sitting there going like yeah tell her. I'm just like we got clear the room out. I can't listen to why mom you know and also it's like people I don't understand it's like I know you're just there in their sister and daughter and like it's not as exciting but it's like the big deal and like you know give you fifteen minutes To celebrate off stage and just talk about you and what you just did you know. Yeah I just I mean. She wanted she was trying to be funny which happens a lot after after shows expired. Yeah you know what I mean like they start to feel funnier Jeff from being in comedy show. My mom doesn't do that. Thank God yeah. It's it's sweet it but I'm like Oh okay and so. I'm a little stressed out on a little drained. You know and what happens when I'm around my family's like hold my emotions in and then I can't shit so that's what happened so this this all makes sense. Yeah I was like Oh no did she get food poisoning or something but no. This is just no FIAMMA constipation. Familial constipated truly get family oriented constipation problems. Anyway it's a real specific specific problem to have. I mean that sounds like irritable bowel syndrome. Basically is it. Yeah but I thought irritable thought. IDs is when you can't stop shooting. No My dad has IBS CBS constipation. Really sorry I mean I you know I think we should talk about it less than it's part of my life to someone in your family. It's a big part of your life to It's not embarrassed anyway. It's just like everyone everybody poops. That's right except for US anyway. I poop a lot. What yeah if anyone was if anyone was on the edge there sleeping like but one? We'll talk about her about move there. You go now so grow really off the rail head. I don't know what happened. Yeah I was trying to keep it to Justin and then and then we started a new podcast hard hard left into over sharing territorial. My God the Justin Justin Justin goes on. Do you have any friends who are like always on vacation. There's this one woman that I used to work with. Who all are co workers? We have a running Gig because legitimately she's always on vacation occasion just came back from vacation or dreaming of vacation. I feel like that's Mike Feeny. Oh Mike Feeney's always traveling with his wife What I was GonNa say I was like because he's one of the few few people who's in like a stable marriage in comedy that we know true? God bless 'em God bless him. I will be soon nice all married soon. My God I'm GonNa Happen. Rose has gone off the fucking deepens I truly have. It's funny because you decided I mean I guess hopefully understood discussion with the person but maybe not who knows with you mom. It's most likely been set out. Oh boy and then for me. Hey I I actually decided this week that and I made the decision once or twice before but I don't think I I don't think it's in the cards for me not not even getting married. That wasn't even an aspiration of mine. That was If the person wants to For me it was. I don't actually think that there is a soulmate for me. And that's doc I'm comfortable with it. It's okay you're comfortable with it. Yeah it's yeah it's disappointing and I'm not GonNa sit here and pretend like I'm empowered. It's not but yes yes I I don't I truly don't think they're there is because I mean. Yeah it's just there's not I I have I. Hey tried to sit in my feminine energy and I just. I'm so masculine I just. My energy is so forceful and I don't I like I like it that way and it's only getting I say well it's only getting worse as I as I make more money to be honest about. Oh it's getting worse. It's getting more out of hand and and I only I have zero respect for Feminine Energy. Man I can't even get to fuck them so yeah well it's tough. I actually considered trying to date a woman but I know I know is sorted I am but like I just really don't like I don't like the parts. Yeah I mean I do. I don't I've tried. I dated a woman in College. Yeah it's not for me. Yeah feels the very celebrity. Move to what to start dating women. I don't know I just said Yeah I'm just I'm GonNa just start you know maybe like emulating some of my favorite celebrities. That's what I've done my holiest. Can I say something. Make a suggestion of course I would say rather than be like. Oh there just isn't one for me. I would just be like it. Doesn't feel like there's one right now. I mean that's what I'm doing. I'm not like shutting down. I'm not yeah. I'm not building a wall around myself. Yeah because like what ground looking hot I. I know what you're saying. Yeah I feel lake a lot of times I feel the same way and and and then other times. I'm like obviously right now. It's like I'm diluted like I'm volume love and I'm fully like insane. Yeah and it's it's truly a mental illness like at Fox with your judgment should be put one hundred percent. It's disgusting to watch. Yeah like I was in each other is fucking discuss. Yeah I was in love with someone and I resolved that this weekend solved it. What do you mean you solved it? I just I just did I go. This is not good and I and I solved it. You mean you ended you. You know we weren't doing anything I was. We were well. I mean I just I ended it but I but I also solved it because I just ended and I still have the feelings feelings than it's not solving it I I'm looking at love is a problem and I loved it. Yeah I'm like I was like The language here's interesting. Yeah no no. It's it's it's purpose. Do you think that love is a problem. You some love. Sure a lot of love. A lot of love is a problem because I have a theory that most relationships aren't healthy. What do you mean by most relationship? Most relationships I see are not functioning in a healthy way. That is that is healthy for one or both parties one hundred percent. I'd having what do you see the most a lot of codependency a lot of people at a lot of sacrifice and I know sacrifices part of a relationship not the level of sacrifice mostly on the woman's into that I say I. Yeah I see a lot of over over not what is it when you over compromising compromising your you know what I mean. Yeah Oh it doesn't matter as much to me as it does to you so I'll just do what you want. Yeah that's that's years and years and then you go and you what you look back and you're like Oh. I want us to do an art exhibit in ninety seven. Fuck Yeah Yeah. I don't know I'm I'm not very good at compromising like I. I went out this weekend with my mom and this dude and my mom made the comment that she was like back you know. And she's not like she's not like a subtle insult like she's always been really supportive like but she said you know now you're not she goes. It's not easy to find a man that's going to be okay with what who you are. You know what I mean. But that she didn't say it like that. But that's what you meant eight hundred Z. But she didn't mean it is. Sean Noah didn't sound county at all I just paraphrased in county way but okay okay. She was basically like. You're very bossie. Yeah you don't like to compromise. Yeah you're fiercely independent yes it's GonNa take someone who understands that and and I was like yeah I was like it's it's mentally ill how much I date like. How much I want to date comex over regular people name? It's a real problem like mentally ill but my mom was. She made a point she was like. It's there's no no way you're gonNA find a man it's hard to respect a man who's going to be okay with you being like. Hey Watch my dog go on the road for a weekend again with these three dudes who are funnier than you. And who have all been on television. I you know what I mean lies not wrong yes not wrong and and that is truly like like people go. Oh it's it must be so easy to date as like a comic 'cause you're out all the time and it's like no nothing could be like one hundred percent wrong. Yeah and I remember when I got out on my relationship the way that that settled in like the weight of that reality settling in was fucking terrifying defying right. Like I always thought it would be so easy and it just isn't it doesn't feel right. You know well and also a problem I find is and this is gonNA sound narcissistic but added to the list of other things. I've said it's narcissistic is that I feel like especially with my other podcast guys. We fought a really unique space where I have had the past six years to really work on myself in a unique way that most people wouldn't won't I mean like pervasively Ed that everyone else won't have the opportunity to do and I think it's really paid off and I not only do. I feel like I am a way better partner. I I feel like I know exactly what I want. What I'm looking for all these kinds of things And and I don't think that anyone else who was even closer close enough to my age to date has had the luxury of doing that amount of work in that particular space which dating and relationships and so now in trying to be a better partner. I've actually just become too like too good that I'm no one even wants to deal with it because they feel like a piece of shit around me which again sound so crazy narcissistic but it's feedback. I've gotten from multiple men as Mike. You're you're like you make me feel like a piece of shit because you're go to girlfriend and I was like I mean that as a compliment but I mean it's it's it goes along with my over achieving in fucking everything that I do but I've like in other the areas like I haven't had the time to you know like comedy. Everyone's putting that amount of obsessive time in and obviously there's a talent level there too. Oh that you know. Some people are just born funnier than others but in relationships. Like we're all kind of given Jack Shit and also well. I mean not not well given our parents. We're giving our parents and I was like and I was like I also yeah grew up in a place where like I'm not saying like they're like Romantically in love. Like it's a fairytale but like I. I'm not fucked up from anything. They did together watching the lobster last night. Yeah yes you know when the couple like the guy with the limp couples up with that girl from from and the fucking world And and they're like if there's any problems that you can't resolve yourselves you will be assigned children. Yes yes yes loud. That was my parents. You know what I mean. They just had they just kept having children. Yeah and it's like like hiring a baby as your therapist. Yeah you know what I mean like so I like I look at their example and go. I've done so much work around that but it's like I feel like but it's still there it's still in there you know in in my last relationship like I adopted a dog when things were a little on the rocks smoke. I look at that now and I go. He didn't WANNA dog But I did it. uh-huh as I was like this'll fix it and it didn't million worse right Yup. Yeah made things worse and he he was I mean rightfully fully so he like resented me for it up until the end. Yeah because I you know made this like it was just like a gigantic decision. Yeah Yeah But that being said I think we. We assume that we're like done. You know what I mean. No I mean I'm sure I'll have a new uh-huh new person. I'm talking about within a week with the I'm not. I don't think the go week I was GONNA say within two months. Yeah are you taking time off. I mean I don't us fully I don't I I'm always I'm always taking time off. It's like there was only one period when I was even on dating apps and that was because we clearly don't feel like talking about pop culture today. I know sorry guys we do that every in every once in once in a while there is a story I wanNA share every once in a while we episode does which I mean. I'm pretty sure it's against luminary contract but it's fine. Well well no no. No no this is not a relationship podcast but I think this is just an example of talking about self work this well this this was inspired by Justin spiritual journey journey. So bringing it back. 'cause I can sell anything. This is Karen Fraser and Rosa Bakers spiritual journey nailed it Be Yet that I don't know I don't know I Well I'm not going to get the dating apps was just something I did. For Cure Cure cure stood my therapist. Because I agreed that anything that she recommended I would do with within fucking reason. And that's fine you know. That's how I met Corn Guy and Yeah aw yeah man he. He's for I'm glad to have him in my life but it's like it's either like it's like the people I feel very deeply for. I like basically can't talk to any of them anymore because because it gets so tumultuous and then there's people who like I like them but they're not the ones and then there were still friends and you know we're going to slayer concerts together right so what you did last night literally what I did last night. Yeah Yeah I was. It's crazy 'cause like a couple of weeks ago now I felt like I was just like so sad And then within I can't believe it's only been a month With this person. I can't believe that it's crazy But I'm having so much fun that's good I'm happy for you. Yeah Well I mean I. It's it's we have you. Have you win again announced this publicly or people just fucking no because you guys are always together now and people just fucking okay. Because I was like. You're trying to hide it. I'm like I never listened like if if there was like a reason to hide something because of politics or whatever I understand that but I was like in this case I mean besides just like the doing the courtesy of informing your acts. I don't think that there was anything to be hidden right on reason. Yeah I still haven't informed. You probably should do that and informed real well not that many people fucking. Oh okay. Yeah so I'm just like keeping it you know I. I don't want to jump the gun. Yeah that too you yeah. I understand that that's weird. Because especially if you make a big thing about it and then if it does it goes south that everyone can be like saying. Yeah Oh it is embarrassing are saying. Yeah I'd also like I'm going to La soon yeah This dude will also be in La And let's get you can keep the gossip oxypan little west coast well and it's just like I would like to give my ex the space You know what I mean. 'cause like that's what I would want from him but I also don't know Offi even gives a shit like I truly don't know years. Yeah sometimes sometimes you're so busy worrying about like oh I hope my ex's comfortable and then yet held. I know like the full I don't care about and you're like fucking raw for weeks and I'm like hey you know what I mean. Then you feel like autumn highly of yourself exactly exactly. That's truly y. I haven't said anything because I'm like I just don't think that he cares but it's fun it's a it's a fun it's a fun back and forth. Yeah Yeah it's a lot of. I just hope people are thinking about me. If it's negatively you know that's my goal really I love to haunt to haunt. I love to haunt haunt us. That's what we called following Justin. ontong I don't I have no interest in like haunting wanting my ex's or anything like oh I lo- I hope you can't sleep at night. 'cause they're thinking of me really not not even like still in love with me just like that. I really got to them really yeah. It's called being vindictive. Yeah I don't my vinick. I have a very vindictive side but it's different different than that. Not all not all of them just a couple of them. It's because you have love for the U. or some kind of love like I actually hate my ex which is a new. which is it's a new thing? I've never overheated an ex before. Yeah I've hated XS but then I then I think about it and I'm like like the guy you know that one acts with the FIDORA's Auras. Yeah he I don't hate him because I'm like he still has to live inside of himself. Well that's so funny that you said that because I because I was talking to my mother and I was like I was like I. I can't get that mad because I was like the biggest punishment is all of all these people have to live the rest of their lives as them and I get to be me dude. I Yeah I had my ex when we broke up This isn't my ex comedy. This is different expert. He he called a friend of mine and tried to hit on my friend. Oh I've done that and my friend called me. Great move love and goes hey so and so just called me. And he said that he's in love with me and was and was like please don't say anything and she's like obviously I'm calling to tell you and she's like please don't say anything to him and I was like. What are you fucking nuts? Of course I'M GONNA say Selenium you're you're you're like I'm dialing right now. I'm literally putting you on hold. Yeah so I called him up and I said I think I was like you know You are fucking I was like. This was clearly an attempt to get my attention. Yeah it worked. I was like a work so shame on me but also I just want you to know I would rather die in a ditch on the side of the road then live one day as you do inside your body. then he calls up this girl and this was just one of the things that I said that I can remember. And he calls this girl up and and he's like you. Why would you tell her that? You don't know bud you don't know the things that she says you brought them into tears which I also have done I gotTa say feel so good I mean this guy feels Olga this guy. It's it's nothing to bring him. Not a fucking bag of tears. Oh see mine mine was mine was very hard to bring to tears. But I kept chipping away and I got there. I don't like like making men cry. I like making certain CRI- yeah but this was just a lot of pain and never apologize a good cry and makes you feel good. I don't know I just I I feel like I wanted to say what I wanted to say And that dog good What I mean? Well that's what I got to do. I gotTa to the Selena Gomez Song So. I think we talked about last week. It inspired me to send a text message saying I know the truth and I just just give me the fucking courtesy of telling me the truth. Yeah I think we were best friends the entire world I think are really deserve that courtesy and and then he wrote me a letter a letter and respond. He didn't respond to the text message. which did fucking pissed me off? And then but about a week later I got an email that was of course county and not just not wasn't addressing. The things that really needs to be addressed we give me the truth though and then I was able to respond and that I'm not gonNA. I decided I'm not gonna read publicly. I I really want to but like I deserve some kind of a writing award for that and I think this person was expecting that in response because I'm always like pretty nicely I love them a lot And complementary and stuff and but God did my true feelings come out out and we they were not nice. Let me ask you. Can I ask you a short. You always asked me about him like you say whatever you want so when he so when you got thought the answer like when you got the answer that you wanted was that what pissed you off. No Okay Snow Okay. Two days of spiral. You saw me I I think with in the spiral so there was two days of spiral fouling that were the toxicity was leaving my body Because they got the Saturday Saturday night shows spiral Arrow spiral Sunday shows. Spiral spiral than woke up. Monday morning. Never felt better truly had didn't exercise them. Yeah never felt better. I haven't felt this good in years and I had and I was like. Oh my God I was like this is because I had closure closure. Yeah what pissed me off was that I could have had that closure all year and a half ago. Had people not been scared of telling the truth. Yeah listen I on and I understand being scared of my wrath. Im Me and it's not great but like you don't even live here anymore. Yeah hand if I tried to fuck in scrap scrappy do you. You could just put your hand out and hold me away. I'm very small right like yeah like Because here's if I I don't know how I would feel. Actually I think 'cause the thing that would bother me. The most is like knowing that that was there that was was knowledge that others might have knowledge of that. Before I did is what would. Oh Yeah. That's that's how I found out I found out fucking through comedy and that was embarrassing. I think for a second I felt like getting shot for a second. But whatever it's in this whole this whole occupation is embarrassing so I was fine with that. Yeah Oh and I was like and it wasn't like I feel like I was living a lie for a long time because I was like this was it was towards the end of the radio. Like feeling like you're in the dark like that. I knew I had I. Ah I asked about this We're talking about infidelity. I don't know where being so vague but I asked about this and I guess who it was after the active fucking time when we when we broke up and I dumped and I have a whole joke about attitude is great because inspired another joke. But I'm just like I'm like what are you. Are you fucking in Ohio. Simpson you literally got away with cheating. Yeah and then you still fucked it up so badly that I had a dump Yo Right he oh pulled an older you get away with double homicide and then fuck in steal your own merchandise from a fucking Las Vegas Hotel Room. Come on yeah I feel like looney men. Don't understand how how intelligent our bodies our like our bodies just like no mostly just good at math and I can recall posters with dates on them. Yeah like also so that yeah come on. It's just like don't disrespect my intelligence. Listen you might know some stuff but I'm way better at any of us then. Yeah it starts to feel like being infantilized something like. I'm so good at stalking you. And you know I'm crazy and Patty. Yeah Anyway. Well the speaking of crazy and petty peaking crazy and fucking betty. My favorite story from this week in pop culture was that Madonna Ana is free the title from this from today Dot Com. Madonna is frequently hours leap for concerts. A Fan says he's suing. The singer has a long history of arriving arriving in starting her concerts late into konate her tardiness. A show was rescheduled to start at ten thirty PM. The suit says so. It's a Florida man. He filed a class action lawsuit against Madonna Donna after he planned to attend a concert in Miami beach and it was pushed back two hours to accommodate her tardiness. He purchased three tickets. It gets totaling one. I don't how how is this possible or my totaling. What no it says? It says three tickets. It's totaling one thousand twenty four dollars. Ninety five cents for Madonna's December Seventeenth Twenty nineteen concert. Oh so this even happened yet. It was rescheduled. Because they know she's I'm GonNa be late. According to the suit that was filed November fourth. At the time Hollander bought the tickets. The show was scheduled to start at eight thirty. According to live nation Russian The suit alleges at the start of the tour which kicked off in September that Matai Madonna repeatedly arrived hours to her shows. The singer sixty one. It has a long history of arriving in starting concerts. Honestly she's sixty one should be fucking happy. She can do the concert. That's my mom. Doing a full corium fully choreographed grabbed concert. which my mom is lovely and amazing? But she can't do that. I got thirty four and I can't do that disease. Hired Hollander did not want to attend a concert that late and live nation would not refund his money which I gotta say they should. That's two hours. You should be able to re you know to do which is to refund the money it's Madonna. It's not like you're not gonNA sell the tickets out. Yeah ticket holders had to go to work in school. The next day which presented them from a prevented them from from attending a concert that would end at around one. AM The suit. Claims Hollander attempted without success to get the refunds. Yeah and so oh my God. That's so funny. This is so funny. Did Not get it was not success. I think it's still. I think it's still going. I think because he just he just filed it. Hollander is suing for breach of contract attract and negligence misrepresentation at is seeking damages. He claims Madonna and live nation. Quote knew or should have known that said concerts. I would not start at eight thirty PM. Due to her showing up late to previous shows Madonna and live nation could not immediately be reached for comment on the law. Sue Due according to K V. You in Las Vegas fans reportedly booed Madonna and they wanted to refund after a show Thursday at the coliseum. PM at Caesar's palace because it started two hours late. The outlet reported that the concert was scheduled to start at ten thirty pm but the singer did not hit the stage until twelve thirty A. M.. Okay that pissed me off. Madonna addressed the crowd in a video. She posted on twitter early Saturday morning. And while sitting on top of JR piano she said. Ed Here's something that you shows like a fake British accent. He has something that you all need to understand. And that is that to queen is. He's never late. Can you imagine can you imagine and listen. I am sitting right now in front of huge mural of myself and even I can't imagine ever saying something that fucking crazy and I also love being late but it's not just because I wouldn't be late if I was Madonna because the reason I'm latest 'cause I'm Tan. I'm I've taking on too many responsibilities but if I will have to do is get in the car and someone puts on my on my makeup for me and does my hair and holding my dog. I'm going to be on time. 'cause everything's things handled. Yeah you literally just have to remove yourself from one space role in a car and roll your body into another thing I can do. This is the thing I feel like about celebrities right. You either truly believe that that you are does that you are a gift. Yeah you you believe that. Because you're surrounded by sycophants or you You know just become fuck in you. Become too sensitive. Have to the people saying. Hey you suck you're late or whatever and Katy Perry a yeah and then you just like die and then you shave your head and you show. Oh I know I'm trying to hold us with my. You say you shave your head and then you and then every now and then I get a I get an instagram. Live notification. And you're and I tune in. You're crying hi and go. This is not your a celebrity together. I will not cry on. INSTAGRAM is when I see people doing it. I'm like I've never seen him. Please stop I don't even like crying. podcast I've done it a couple of times but I won't cry on a podcast or on instagram. Well the nature of my I of different with your it happened like maybe three times in six years. So yeah I'm not proud of it but it happened. Yeah well that's okay. Yeah I'm but on instagram. I'm like come on. Yeah I do have to say I was one of those white bitches who who posted a picture of myself crying day that Hillary very lost the election. And I do I do apologize. I would like to formally apologize but I it was it was. It was a real feeling because it's like it wasn't just about I. It wasn't crying over Donald Trump. And I think a lot of people were I was crying because I'm like really attached to Hillary and I truly felt I was really just. I was sad for her because I know all she ever wanted in this life was to be president and in that moment we all knew that she was never gonNa Happen for her. And that made me really sad because I was like. I can't imagine knowing with so much life left to live that you will never treat achieve the wondering that you wanted to do like that made me. I'm GonNa Cry Right now. Actually thinking about it made me really sad I oh I think that Hillary is very rigid. Woman I don't think anyone's GonNa say no and I think that this was probably one of the best spiritual lessons she could possibly learn. I agree I agree on that. I agree on that as a but I agree that she will come out better and I think she already has and I I think that like the Hillary that we saw afterwards was the no fucks given was kind of this beautiful release from all the rigidity that she had to have in her life. Being being a president's wife being a governor's wife and she talks about that a little bit. I watched a documentary where she was where she talked about that. Because he's always been a big mouth takes one to know one and it has constantly caused her problems and she's constantly had to tie up the loose ends of the fun wild Wacky Lady that she is I mean yeah I thinks she I remember there was a clip of her during the debates with When she was running against Obama and he said something something he said something to her and she goes well? Well that hurts my feelings and it was the first time I it even occurred to me that she had any and I was like suspicious. got to open up. But it's a twenty one year old woman because like there. I don't think so I don't. I think that people would have been like. Oh we don't like seeing her feeling things I president. I don't know I mean maybe because we know Hillary we know that she's so strong by truly really. I don't think it would be. It's not like she's Marianne Williamson up there. You know what I mean who. I love who I did love and now I feel like she's just kind kind of lost it. Well I mean I was never going to vote for her. I'm not a maniac but fucking lover yes turn something. Yeah I just I remember thinking to myself like who she wouldn't get in trouble for fuck in having a feeling I don't think she would and then everybody would say the same thing you can't can't a woman and I'm like I don't think that's fucking true. I would be curious to see. I would be curious to see that kind of like pan out and see if someone showed an emotion or something like you think if Elizabeth with Warren cried during a debate that it would be okay. Because I don't I'm not saying she needs to cry but like just show that you're not a fucking bought right. You know you. You are a woman so like embrace that rather than deny it or like try you know what I mean. Women women a lot of women would like it. There will be of course a couple women who don't but there are also the kind of women who wear jerseys for men anyway. Yeah even if they don't like sports Right so sorry. I can't stop vaping this morning. I don't care I'm on my period. Always go through like a pod and a half day one period Yeah I have a problem Tom. Anyway so Madonna we're talking about Madonna. She I sincerely. We hope that it is that this guy doesn't win because I do think which guy this guy is fucking suing Madonna. Oh I thought we were going back the presidential election now. I'm trying to bring it back on. No I think. I hope this guy doesn't win because I will say this much. It is one of the greatest this gift of being a performer. That you're allowed to be late for your own show That I do think is fair. Yeah I mean but you gotTa consider your fucking you can ours is. Ours is too much twenty minutes shore twenty minutes even like thirty minutes of your fine. It depends and also taking into Countess's Madonna. That's the highest level of fame that you can reach as far in like in pop but then you gotta take back into account. That she's not Madonna at her prime right. We've already heard things like you know. Music makes the people come together. And we're not gonNA forget Madonna Right. We're not GONNA forget. There's no going back the matter how times you play like a virgin remember. She did say Music Mesa. Come together right nine. There's no coming back from that. It hurt me Ray of light. I was I rave lane I go. I write music makes people come together as fully bullshit. Have you ever seen in a crowd of people leaving a music festival waiting for the fucking porta-pottys. Oh my Almost fought a bitch because she cut my sister off in line for the PORTA potty athlete literally fifteen minutes after being like we're all one that you know what I mean like the fucking festivals moving out and my sister couldn't get to the bathroom and this is my little sister and I was like almost fucking tip deported body over because this bitch cut my sister off Jesus. Nobody cuts off Jackie Baker. Right eight God. Mike went full New York. I love it anyway. I oh one more thing one more thing about pop culture I just have to touch on Logan. Paul is boxing. Now Oh God you lost this week. He lost in a fight just in predicted that it was going to be a knockout. That Logan Paul was gonna be was GONNA knock this guy out was he fighting an actual. You'll see person or fighting another youtube star. I can't with us all right and yeah yeah I think that's correct anyway. I I'm pretty sure anyways. So then they're like interviewing Logan Paul and he's like Yeah Bro. Oh I don't feel like I lost like he lost and you're leaving an open ended essay. He's like you fucked. Aren't like a really feel like an uptick in real els like for real else. Where like my feelings got her? I mean that's what he meant and it's just just hilarious. I mean it's just funny to me. Oh my God I fucking youtubers. I love it What's making less lonely this week in so so the thought that you're never gonNA find this homemade? Oh I mean that's okay well not that I might won't find it it just doesn't exist. It's okay it's just better. It's just part of it's part of the pennants you have to pay for just being spectacular. You know beautiful and Again these are wild things to say out loud but I want people know hard truly feel and I i. I'm MEGLOMANIAC so she's sitting ever so I really do feel this way and I hope if you think I'm crazy then you're not my soul mate and if you're listening going Oh my God. This is how I felt the entire time. Slide in slide into those. DM's because I can. I can I would love to date another other person. Who fucking is obsessed with themselves? Yeah truly that will make me so happy because every time I think I find someone. I realized that they're actually compensating for worse insecurity than the average person which is how people with people think I'm doing and I go. No no no. That's not what I'm doing. Yeah 'cause I would that would be a fun spiral of a different different of a different color different color. Okay so it was making Louis only this week. Is this Scottish singer. Songwriter named Luis capacity. You guys probably never heard of him. But you'd probably do know one of his songs He's gives me very much. Ed Sheeran vibes because He's not attractive but then he opens his mouth and Ugo Holy Shit the song that you probably know of his is someone you you loved. I guess but the song that I love of his is Bruises which is his new. I think that just came out. I'm like so obsessed with it gives a phenomenal voice and I was like this. Is this maybe this is my soul now. Are You my soulmate. I was actually sitting out the slayer outside of the slayer concert last night and I was waiting eating from X. because we had separated for a second and I was I was just like Oh my God like number one. I've never felt so attractive and not because other people were unattractive. I just feel like in my element. Everyone was dressed the way I like and stuff and I was like maybe I should just going to start going up to people being like. Are You my boyfriend. That's a great idea and I want to do that when you what happens when it starts like standing outside concerts and mean like are you my boyfriend. Rami should rock concert sir. Can we please make a video of that. I would love to. I'm sad I didn't do. I was trying to do a little but like I could see everyone looking at me because I looked like I was like a slayer themed prostitute and I oh no. I was actually just at the concert. Because I'm a cool chick. I just know how to fuck address for an event. Yeah but Louis Kepala anyway on spotify and stuff fucking insane voice. He's He's twenty three years old which I did ask the great people of twitter. If that was too young for me people seem to say no but I would feel weird having sex with him. But maybe it's like maybe he's a little you know older. You know in his mind because he's been performing so long as what I'll tell myself Making you less lonely this week. Have you heard the Leon Bridges Song if feels good that it must be Probably okay well Leeann bridges. He's always kind of made like sad music to me But he made a finally made a really feel good tune and I heard it earlier this week and if if it feels good than it is good is something that my therapist says to me constantly and I to hear it like in Song version and have it be. He like exactly what that Song what those lyrics should go to. Musically was vindicating you now I loved it. I felt vindicated. So if you haven't I would definitely download that song. If it feels good then it must be if you like want to get in the car like feel like. I don't know especially if you're somebody that liked outs themselves It's a fucking to fucking feel-good town so he has zoning homework guys. Yeah we just gave you two gold recommendations I love it. Hopefully you guys enjoyed. Thus I enjoyed it it was fun every now and then you gotta gotta learn a little bit about us who we are. Yeah figure it out. If you're interested come see some live shows my next shows. I'll be December twenty seventh and twenty eighth. I believe it's the Friday and Saturday. I'll be in Albuquerque New Mexico with Amory Custodio and Heading heading to Los Angeles for the end of the year December thirtieth and thirty first be doing shows in that area. I got to put the ticket links up They'll they'll be at two venues in the Hollywood area though And again I know this is all vague. But it's like save the dates and then I'll put it on my instagram. What specifically the shows are going to be who is on these lineups and yeah? I'm on a mat philanthropy on social media I they will be in Vegas. This week All Week and I'm going to be doing some shows that I will be announcing on the day of hosted by well I don't know who's hosting them actually Anyway it's they're they're going to be a big deal. I love it. I love that. We're doing just vague promote I know it's it's a weird thing but I can't. I signed something so I can't like but I'll be in Vegas so I will announce them the day of and also. I'm going to be in London at the end of the month doing It's one night only I'll be at the bill. Murray on November twenty. Four th at nine thirty pm you can find the tickets on livenation Or on my stories or website at Rosebud Baker her and then our producer is Mike. Gus Garelli it might cost girly. Sarah Dooley has a book out. Are you might Uber Nigh You guys can download that order. It download download. Yeah he's right. Oh I mean it's a real book you should get it because it's it's a cute little parody like children's book hardcover. Yeah so it's more of a piece that you would want like in your house as like a cute thing true. You're not GONNA sit down. I'm GonNa give this a good read on the subway. Yeah you never know And then yeah she's at. What is it unruliest Julie? Yeah yes. She's at unruliest. Julie and that's Alfred Burnett Alfred Red Rowling. Okay we'll talk to you guys next week. Thank you talk to you next Monday by

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