Buyers Club Business Model For Hotel Spas #563


One about a totally transparent bias club business model for spots. Masha kill gore is maybe not a name that you're familiar with, but a number of the brands that she's created will be familiar to you brands such as bliss spas, which she created sold that to LVN hatred in Seoul that to Starwood hotels, then sold that to stone the leisure and into ketone that was one of the most successful brands, she then went onto create soap and glory and fit flop, which was footwear, business, and the latest business she has now is cold beauty pie. And she describes it as a luxury beauty buys club. And so the way it works, she's gone to the best skin callebs around the world, the places that basically manufacture all the high end skin care products that we buy retail today. She's boarding her formulations created her own range of products, and she's selling them to people at cost the only way you get to buy those products though, is, if you are a member of her beauty club. So you pay a monthly membership. Let's say twenty dollars and with that twenty membership. You're title. Two by two hundred dollars worth of products at cost, which actually represents about a thousand dollars worth value at retail everything is transparent. All the costs are on the website. The cost of the product, the packaging, everything is they. So, you know, for example, this product costs seven dollars and twenty three cents and with that you can buy two hundred dollars worth of it because you've got a twenty dollar membership. What I'm thinking is could we not apply that similar model to associate business like spots? So you factoring all the costs associated with that treatment that service the cost of the room, the costs utilities, the cost of laundry, linen replacements, the cost of labor, and then you allow people to buy it at cost of, and we have the membership so people by twenty dollars a month membership one hundred dollar month membership, and with that they're entitled to X amount of products, based on the membership scale at cost of certainly hood of this sort of thing done before with. Product businesses of never actually heard of it done quite this way with a services business. Maybe spas, cooed apply. A business model like this, what do you think do let me know? I think it's quite interesting. I will be back again tomorrow until then I thank you for joining in so yeah. Join the club and it's all on their size.

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