Hard Factor 6/1: A Discussion About Civil Unrest in America


Would it is. Joe Man Randy savage this factor in the risk. No one does it better now. But he does it better. Myself. told me something right down. A. Morning and welcome to another episode apart, b-actor presented by the Barstool News Network. It is Monday June I twenty twenty and. Anything happened this weekend. Guys I don't know if we have much to report on. That's it we're done. Tomorrow Yeah that was okay. Obviously shitloads happening in the world right now, We covered a lot of the George Floyd. Murder last week and we're going to continue that again today with the majority of this show being all about. What happened in Minneapolis and then the riots afterwards, and hopefully maybe some silver linings. If there are any at all so could you believe that for? Thirty something white guys didn't grasp the seriousness of the situation last week. Yeah Yeah. yeah are bad on not not a not replacing Florida man Friday with with. Little tone with the right with the riot news, but we are going to correct that today so pack. Our guys so yes, Wilson. We're going to get into all aspects of what's going on in this country but I think it's important to start with a little context. Right civil unrest in the streets. That's what we're reviewing. And there's a lot of discourse on on the Internet right now. There's a lot of discourse on social media because obviously what happens when they're severe, civil unrest is it's ugly. It's not pretty nasty things happen but there are reasons for those things in some respects and there's certain. Motivations that I. Think we need to be a little more open minded to so I'm just GONNA give a little context are talking points that we've gone over before. And some of them are tired, talking points, but I personally started thinking about them this weekend. In somewhat of a different context, and I think maybe it would be valuable to revisit them so starting out, guys I want to point out the United States was one of the last major companies to ball countries to abolish slavery, and that was in eighteen, sixty five. I know that we talk about. Hey, this country was built on the backs of black slaves, but really was, and it's not something that. I I only that bat slavery stopped in eighteen, sixty five, but black women didn't even have fully protected voting rights until one nine, hundred sixty five hundred years after exact analyst at a separate but equal right. You'RE GONNA. Get into all this. Okay so yeah I think you. Should we kind of revisit this stuff it and We always known this. We've always known that look you know. Of course. It's a dirty little secret because we're proud as Americans right, we're. WE'RE PROUD TO BE AMERICANS. We tout ourselves as the greatest country in the world. That's part of what our leaders have told us. That's part of our propaganda if you will as a motto. Well. That's not probably BARRACAS number one. I think that we're GonNa you know this situation's GonNa, make a stronger agree degrade otherwise. We're not number one. Is what I mean is we tout they were number one and I think when we're number one. We're number one it's it's easy to forget that there's some fucked up shit in our past. There's some really fucking shit in this country past that brought us to the place. We are today and one of the things that made us number. One guys was being able to essentially print money with black people doing slave labor and grow the cotton economy in the eighteen hundreds, which was the big export in the world. and we I think it was the south in the eighteen. Sixties or eighteen fifties had the. But I think the fourth biggest GDP of any country in the world that we're just talking about south of America not the entire country, so it's like. We were able to build on the on the backs of something horrible, and as you said we'll. It wasn't until even nineteen sixty five right where things. I think there was the last major civil rights. ACT FOR, African. American Jim Crow and with Jim Jim Crow added in one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty six. In eighteen sixty, no more slavishly, and then they said okay. Cool your free black people right? It wasn't like that they were they were talked. They couldn't do shit because because there was so much hate and there was so much systemic built in racism where people didn't see black people as equal so they put in the Jim Crow laws like you're Freeman, but you can't. Can't actually be free. You can't do things like they put laws in that prevented them from from being full human, even before that when you skipped ahead like they had what the three fifths compromise, great black people, three fifths of a human being after in terms of how they are counted out how they're counting. Vote and Shit and like census like there's yeah, yeah, so. So eight the Jim Crow Laws Nineteen. Fifty four segregation ended nineteen, sixty five. The Voting Rights Act which assigned that re removed the use of literacy for people of African American descent to have to vote, so it's guess what it's like. The school system isn't teaching black people to vote the school system and the government systems are treating them like second class citizens, and they're. They're not learning to read, so they're using this terrible systemic racism. This is the example systemic racism like you WanNa come to the vote and be an American citizen. Will could you pass literacy test right? So that was the voting rights act was in eighteen, sixty, five and I WANNA point out guys that happened in the Senate. Did you see eighteen nineteen sixty five? Seventy seven to nineteen in the Senate and Nineteen guys guys. Guys back then. I don't think there were too many gals. Nineteen guys didn't want. An Eighty eighty-five members of the House of Representatives didn't want so essentially one fourth of the officials in this country did not want to abolish a literacy test before you had to take a vote, which was clearly used to keep black people down. So I just want to point out also it's. It was probably really hard to enjoy a beatle mania. Right who's really hard to enjoy beatle mania when you were still being so oppressed by your country that you couldn't. Go vote honestly, and there were people trying to prevent you from voting. The Beatles came over in nineteen sixty four. Think so. I Think it's important as white people to relate that like our parents passed that onto us like what was the biggest thing that happened the when they were kids the? The. That's you because you've got some you come from a hippie family. Pat, that's you hippies. No, that was not the does not the biggest thing for every family. Beatle Mania! It's a lookout took a link to give. Can't believe not. Everyone was raised on the backbones of Beatlemania. Everyone was marketing and it's not. Anyway guys I think important to kind of revisit that stuff and understand the context of how we got to. Where we are right, it's just there's a system that has been slow to change. Oh, dark past we have a dark past with race relations, and also you know relations with minority populations also females to you know it's like. America hasn't been the most accepting. It's been the white man's country and they've. Very slow reluctant to give up any type of power from the start my wife and I like to joke at our house, and it's not a very guess. It's not funny thinking about it in context. We'd like to joke around and we do. WHO rules the world? Girls was the Spice World Song. Beyond beyond say, WHO'LL EXCITE USA. That's even worse than I'm saying, but then we, we replace that with a rich white men as what we do as a joke. That's. The founding fathers. That was their thing they were. To be a landowner, man and And they say. That that that that that people that out patriotism and I'm Patriot myself, but the people that use patriots of his way they tout the constitution that. We believe that all men are created equal right. What a joke! What a joke! There is a big big. Compromise, time with one hundred years after that right right so little credit equal except for black men or three. And people, a lot of people will make it arguments say well heads. It's been abolish slavery two hundred years ago. Come on. Guys. Guess what it ain't. It ain't changing any change your fast enough this is this is a byproduct of that right the last civil rights. Legislation Pat like you mentioned was in like sixty five right and so array sixty four civil rights sixty four, so yeah, so in the voting rights after that Yup sixty five, so then there's like you. You, there's going to be like there's been iterative changes in the way. Race race relations happened in America from the start and then. This is the next evolution we've, but we gotta be better from this comp going for right, so there's a couple police. Statistics, we should put out there so cigars. According to the nonprofit mapping police violence, ninety nine nine percent of police killings. From two thousand and thirteen to twenty, nine, hundred not resulted in officers, being charged with a crime. I mean I think that right? There tells you yeah to settling. The issue there and I. I'll get to this. My sexual layers is that right now? police basically are absolved of any wrongdoing. Kill somebody in the line of duty if they feel that their life is in danger, right and so right now and obviously when you have. Lawyers protecting you. With. Through Union and every everything, and you have that rule in existence it gets abused, and it leads to this situation where you know it it. It's almost impossible to prosecute officer right especially before body cams, and all that exist and it was a fucking. Impossible cameras are really change changing the game. That's why this all happened is because. George Floyd but it's also. It's also important to note that you know. The vast vast majority of police officers are are great people. It's not I. Don't think that's the. Up for debate really That shouldn't be up for debate I. Think it's more it's more we'll look here's. Here's an example you look at you just Google, police shooting on Youtube and you'll find five easy. That are black and white clear. Of of a man, being shot to death, for no reason and body, getting these were from two thousand fourteen today, so it's like five. Abel's right there and ninety nine percent of them are prosecuted. It's it several times a year for we're not talking about that I. Think I think the more important that we're talking about is what is systemic racism and what is our perception? What is the country's perception I WANNA? WanNa point this out. I. Don't know if you guys saw that video on twitter that was coming out about a woman shooting outside of her high rise building down at the ground. I think it was Chicago, and it was a macy's, and a group of people were running into the macy's to loot it and the people in the background who were shooting. The video sounded like a like a white. Girls Brunch. Positive, but that's based on the voice that what it sound like and one of the white. Girl said. This is not what George would have wanted. And I think you mean join Washington notions floyd. Oh, George, Floyd! Floyd would want I mean how does she? Is She presuming to be in that position and I. think that's that's what I wanNA use his opponent before we move onto the next section and I think I, have to say to white Americans is the White America myself. We can't speak for George Floyd or black people, whoever and and we also can't pretend. We can't completely understand the pain and frustration of them having a voice, and and what we can even begin to understand. I wouldn't say completely understand. I don't think we can really begin to understand you haven't been no. You haven't gone through those experiences. If you're not in the oppression for like a white male is like what what are the talking points Lake piss about affirmative action, so you can. You gotTA. You gotTA. Go to cal Berkeley. If ever four to instead of like right Harvard, like fuck off like this comes from. There's no. There's no, there's done. There's no hardships. You're right and truth. Be told look we can't. We can't know what it's like to be black and look a lot of people like like everyone on this show probably listening at home. You don't like inequality. Inequality. You have people that you're friends with. That are African American and you sit there, saying we. We're the same like we can. Right like I will fight for you to make sure you get the same opportunity, and that's not your job as a white person, your job as a person who's just listen yeah, and and and realize and acknowledge that there's a difference. In the way that you're treated in this country because your skin color, and as much as you want it to be equal today, it's not so so that's our job. PATS, that point I mean. That's listening is definitely a part of the job, but. Other than that it's it's like no one really knows like a lot of people are calling for for for action like. Out, don't be just greenest agreement. No one knows. Has I. Think I think here. In this. In this role, you can be supportive, certainly hundred. Everyone was supportive of could be guess what I mean matter movement. Don't for sure. You can't sit here and presume if you haven't gone through that same type of treatment. From from the public and from people in positions of power. You can't presume to know what the answers are. What the real problems are because you just don't know you haven't lived that life can sympathize. You cannot empathize and I'm not. I'm not saying don't act. I'm not saying that what's over what I'm seeing is probably the most valuable thing you can do is support your black brothers and sisters by listening, and then looking inward and saying we're prejudices, prejudice is do I have. How can I face them? How can I come to terms with the prejudice because we all have them? and. How can I? How can I work them out myself? How can I explore ideas myself so that I'm not pissed off when I hear about affirmative action like a lot of white male Americans in this country. How do I get past that? How do I get to a place of true equality? I think about. Maybe not necessarily specific issue, but race in general right, you can't be you. You can't Be Looking looking at other human beings and thinking that that they are. In any way less than yourself because of because of a pigmentation. So, so except for except for the homeless. Yes. Just. Just trying to throw you. True and fifteen minutes. We move on before you judge black twitter social media in the streets who seemed to be encouraging? What you think might be an irrational response to the situation like violence right when no one's condoning violence, but just understand that right now. They're pissed off and right now. They want to watch the world burn, and that's and that's the I'm sure. There's a time that people that. Not all of them, but some of them say before you judge. We're going to get into. The majority of people want to watch the world. Burn on our agreeing. Agree like Antifa, those fucking but. That there's an uncontestable frustration that these people are feeling, and you just need to respect that in some respects. That's what I'm getting it though frustrated. Right to be and George Floyd his memory. You know everybody saw that video. And you are if we don't improve race relations in America after that video of him being murdered by three cops. Watched and then you know all of these riots in the US and worldwide if you can't improve definitely, not number one anymore, why watch a lot of videos of? Killer Mike Speech. Videos read Brandon's blog on barstool sports watch some twitter videos of the peaceful protesters, the the the thirty one year, old guy talking to the sixteen year old kid in the forty six year old guy. Yeah. We, covered station. There's frustration there that that is warranted and needs to be at wool, sympathized with yeah, and it's because is I'll go over this shit like Wilson earlier has been going on, and this has been the fucking problem with every single one of these bad riots for a long time. It's this police brutality and in this bullshit, and that's and it hasn't changed. Obviously, so I mean you can fuck Jesus Christ. I let's talk about. This particular round of protests. In some cases riots, let's get into some some kind of statistics. If you will. The the protest started in Minneapolis Tuesday night peacefully after George Floyd was killed on Memorial Day. And obviously it's not just because George Floyd. That was just kind of what sparked, but they quickly spread to other cities, moving to New York, I and then by Sunday evening, which was the six day and night in a row protest mass protests they'd spread to over seventy five cities in the US and some large international cities like Berlin, Toronto and London Ethan. So they it took off like it was. It wasn't just Minneapolis. It's the whole country now. It's international. All the same of sentimentality of we've had enough forty us. Cities issue curfews as of Sunday night across twenty, one states the largest issuance of curfews sense the aftermath of the assassination of Martin. Luther King Junior in nineteen sixty eight, so three years after that last act was passed. They killed Martin Luther King. Junior shot the national. Guard was activated and at least fifteen states. People are getting hurt out there as well. Videos are all over twitter. You can see him. protesters are getting shot in the head and is with rubber bullets. Multiple people have lost is multiple. People have lost their lives. At the time of this recording. Luckily, it's only been. Like maybe a handful of people that have died through the protests that hasn't been a lot, but a lot of injuries. Lot of hospitalizations lie lots of fights going a rubber bullet. Guys is a less lethal ammunition is not a nonlethal immunise ships last lethal. Yes, it can kill you. Yes, yeah, it's got what like a five percent chance of hit you in the hat is. There was some video twitter someone in Austin today. That may or may not be dead. There were there limp lifeless body was being carried by eight protesters screaming. Look what you did. You Kill Them shot with a rubber bullet and he's bleeding from the head and they gave him to. The police knows if that person's alive I guess some people do whatever yeah. Shopowners with knives and swords are getting beaten nearly to death, an eighteen wheeler barreled. Barreled, through a group of thousands of people blocking on thirty-five Minneapolis. Luckily, it was going fast. Luckily, it didn't hit anyone. They also coming and they got on the way. The truck drivers arrested a twenty year old man was shot and killed in the protests in Detroit Federal Agent Patrick Underwood was shot and killed in Oakland. Another federal agency was injured. Jr Smith beat the shit out of Little Twat that was fucking with his car in La. Thousand. Five! Idiot, buildings have been destroyed. Shops destroyed malls destroyed gas stations destroy buildings looted You name it destruction everywhere. Thousands of people were arrested in the US over the weekend like three thousand people at least for violating curfew for burglary for damaging property assault, other crimes. Twenty three people were arrested in London's traffic. Our Travel Square during the. Trafalgar. Thank you. That's what I meant to say sorry Andrew. Some police officers did a great job de escalating, but joining him protests in Flint, Michigan, or talking to the crowd of protesters like the officer from Atlanta some. Video Liz Gonzales tweeted if you haven't seen that video the flint. Chief of police joined the protest. Peace officers also escalated the situation to arrested in Atlanta on Sunday after mayor bottoms. Who had a great speech? This weekend ordered the be charged. which is what leadership should done in Minnesota? No. It's her name. Jesus Christ Paddock Makishi bottom. On the news all we've, she's like one of the top stars. This entire thing might be vice president. Yeah, we're getting to that latest. She she. She ordered them be charged, and they were within twenty four hours. for just teasing to oh I mean this was Atlanta. ATLANTA ATLANTA ATLANTA AND MINNESOTA MINNESOTA A billion miles city so far. There's a video on twitter of an awesome. Yeah, already talked about that. The Austin person got shot in the head protested outside the white. House calls the White House to go on lockdown weekend. trumpers rumored to be taken to a bunker briefly. At least sixty secret service agents were injured. During the protest, it's unclear if trump tweeted about potentially releasing the most vicious dogs and ominous weapons from the bunker, or if it was just when he was on lockdown. The vast majority of the protests were peaceful guys, but there were riots in several major cities there was looting and several major cities, although from the looks the videos all over the Internet. It certainly wasn't all black people or even predominantly black people, causing the destruction seems like in Portland and a lot of places. It was Antifa I'm talking about ninety pound white kids soaking wet with a length, hair and stupid Dan Dan not all kids the old guy in DC. Who's WHO's hammering? The street was like he was like sixty, and he was wearing like a Antifa by all black. Get up! The kid the kid of the NBA. Building in Atlanta was that little fucker with the skateboard. He was the one that was starting all the shit. I'm trying to break the glass. He was the one that was being the most aggressive in Reno. There was a riot Saturday night in the black lives. Matter protests was happening across the street from City Hall all of a sudden four unrelated white guys come up and just bash the windows out of City Hall with Baseball Bats. Who are they right and that's interesting is will what I was doing. My Research Reno has one of the worst. On, black men being shot statistics of any city in America, I'm curious one, so there's unrest. There were protests were not African Americans who creating the share. The riots were. Caused by most the riots were started in Reno by four white guys who came up with baseball bats and started destroying property when the black lives matter protests, the official black lives matter protests was across the street, peacefully, protesting and channing George fluids. They had to cancel. The black lives matter protests in Austin, but they cancelled pretty much everywhere the like on Sunday, because of the because they realize Antifa was like just like steering them in the wrong direction and riot up, but the purchase continued we should. We should point out that forty million Americans have filed for unemployment which. I don't think we should focus on, but we don't know. For sure the lockdown. Can, you least let the fucking. Black people have their protests. For Fuck Sake like you stupid. fucking assholes like leave it alone. You're trying to take over their goddamn protest, and then you give them a bad name by fucking causing more destruction than them, and it's just. It's pathetic fucking. Then guess what the news shows. Exactly the protest in in wherever went violent. They don't say because of ANTIFA. By the way and attorney. General Bill Barr declared them a terrorist group. They're off twitter. After they tweeted out, we should be attacking the suburbs tonight. Now banned from twitter. They're a terrorist group, and all those fucking losers and. From their mom's basement are going to get sent away for a long time, the same treatment is the clan now so good for you ANTIFA. On that list, they are pieces of Shit I'm no and Yeah I. Mean it's it's it's it's sucks. It's bad There's no real indication of when. The protests may stop or if they just will pause and then resume on the weekend. Later this week I mean. It seems like until something's changed legislation wise with rhetoric from leadership in an all the above I don't think they're going to just completely stop all of a sudden. It seems like the genie is out of the bottle for real. This time and people are mad as hell and they're not gonNA. Take it anymore. So more to come on on like when cities might stop protesting, but I just don't know until something changes I doubt it's going to be like completely just back to normal Monday Tuesday when it's going to take some time. It's a horrible problem. I mean yeah. I mean the actual bullets. Real bullets are coming unfortunately, and that's the sad part nonlethal around for now from the national. I'm Lowest I. Beg to differ a little bit because they video that came out Sunday night where the the ANTIFA was trying to free the brick right from the sidewalk to throw it, and the the African American purchasers grabbed him. To the police and there was an African American boy who is caught up with the guy and the cops. Are you go back and you can protest? Should happen, but that's the protests you you need to separate the. ANTIFA, from other different groups. And then there's Antifa were trying to incite. COPS. ON THE COPS! But that's. The people most of the people involved are big people. Pat In all groups police out protesters. Most most people are good. It's just hard to separate when when there are the small, not awful apples mainly from Antifa they. They're good at what they do. They're good at inciting their good at blending in the. They've made it an art form. Luckily, they're finally a terrorist group, but like. They're gonNA. Continue to play partners right? They've escalated its so much and then guess what happens. When the real bullets come out, more shit happens where police are being brutal, we're. Probably more salary. That's what. Got Us, not to go the opposite direction right so. It's. An update on the you know cities and stuff west. What are you guys? Thank you all. Unfortunately, I've I. I just want to give you guys like little history of of some of the some shit like this. That's happened. In our country fund research, yes, some fun research, looking at some of the other riots in our in our country and and I. gotTa Tell You from the research you know it's. It's all about mostly race it's it's based on race injustice. Before nine hundred sixty four civil rights has passed. It was a lot of fucking white people attacking black people. Those are the riots right? Why people, going black neighborhoods, terrorizing them and then you know it's it now because of the police brutality. In sixty eight. I mean that was back in the nineteen hundreds or early late eighteen hundreds. Sixty, the first sixty four is when the civil rights. Act was passed, but US Go to to the watts riots. The first one kind of like is the the big one that people talk about right Nine hundred sixty five year after civil rights August eleventh seventeenth. A black woman was pulled over for reckless driving got a she was pregnant. It got out that that the police were. Injured her. They were not fair with her. That premature please brutality on a black pregnant woman. Ride started six six days of unrest, thirty two deaths forty million dollars in damage. National Guard thirty five hundred arrests. This is like you know. This is one of the big ones that people talk about in in today's narrative when we talk about rise in the country, nineteen, sixty eight, like we said fascinated, Martin Luther King over one hundred cities, forty deaths, twenty five hundred injuries fifteen thousand arrests. How it was. Really, really big Then you go. I mean the countless big and small countless based on race. Right I mean. It's it's terrible. Changed. Exchange. Not Tons not his change. That's the thing is. We're right back here. Right back to nine hundred sixty five. This police brutality, which is causing this shit, not only we're. We're definitely in the late sixties. We had another rocket launch this weekend. It's like we're like right back in the sixties exactly so you go to nine, hundred, ninety, two, another huge when the La Riots of course Rodney King was beaten by those four officers. It was one of the ones the first ones that was captured on video, right? We talked about that earlier with with the videos made all this more. People our age in our age bracket is a big was big. Oh just clearly is not jail just for for that for these younger cats don't know OJ Simpson? Essentially being acquitted of murdering to humans was more or less retribution for Rodney King. And a lot to do with it. You're saying it was a makeup call. It was big up call. Hundred percent tackle okay. Well so, what the what what happened there is is that. Is that wants? The police officers were acquitted. The right started they were acquitted unable, twenty, nine, hundred, eighty, two the rise lasts, until may third sixty three people killed. It's twelve thousand arrested over one billion dollars in damage I. Mean I can remember you. Guys can can probably remember. Some of the images on TV is is crazy But is a of what six years ago. The Ferguson writes Michael Shooting of Michael Brown I was the riots when he was shot. Then there was the riots when that police officer Darren Wilson was not indicted. Than the anniversary of his death, more riots Wasn't Eric Garner around until. Yeah, there was that was yes, he was the first. I can't breathe like. There we could be here literally all fucking day. Yeah, we're. Talking about these these jobs as The same issue when you're looking at the same exact issue, the same fucking issue from that like I said back in the eighteen hundreds it was. It's all race and injustices in, and and that's they see. Unfortunately, it's they see black people as different than their selves that that's what he's. Got To acknowledge the problem right and I think. The cameras like we're talking about earlier is a game changer. This is putting it in your face. You can't deny when you look at that video of what happened to George Floyd. You can't look at that and say that there's not a problem there. You just. Absolutely insane, so people can't keep sweeping it on the rug now. What is what is that? Though like it's it's a fear. Right like the cops are afraid of the black people in the black ten. S. And then there may be. Maybe it's the racism should. Our maybe like growing up. Maybe a little bit more diversification. The the friends groups when you guys well, let me give you a quick example, so it's GonNa take a long time. African Americans for example guaranteed they get. They get treated in hospitals. They've they've I think. I think I a second twenty or thirty percent higher mortality rate in childbirth to to die right and that's that's the case whether they're white doctors, treating them or a black doctors treating them. So I it it comes down to sit the system. It comes under prejudices. It comes down to ideas it comes down to. Not perceiving that person not seeing that person in the same way as you see yourself, and these are people that aren't necessarily like that. You wouldn't say they were racist. Maybe you? They're not overtly racist if you ask them. Are you racist if you ask them if you show if you said? Is it okay to say the end where they might say no? Of course, it's not okay to say that, but for whatever. But you need a culture change. Law Enforcement and and Change. It's the law enforcement people. It'd be this. Guy Had eighteen priors You can't allow people like that on the fucking forced. This shit like this is going to continue to happen. That's just the bottom line. If you don't. If you don't get rid of these fuckers immediately, they start showing signs of this brutality in this power. fucking you know. Able to certainly better than the situation now which is like it's nearly impossible to convict enough. It looks like Minnesota's pretty dark history police force wise with attacking minorities and black people to the point where what's left of anonymous docs like. They put out a video. Saying that's knocked up. That's terrible. It should not have done that. have gotta be out there like the. Lives right now, people from anonymous yet. They don't need to be attacked apparent. Their family doesn't need to protect their kids their houses. The few people from anonymous that haven't been arrested are about to get arrested. If if that was really that was really anonymous house mistake on their part, but yeah. Bring up the point Minnesota hasn't pretty brutal history of police land accustomed. Be Out there. Yeah, those police don't want to be out there. I mean the National Guard certain isn't going to be out there. They WANNA be like helping hurricane victims or some shit. They don't WanNa be You know in these fucking riots. I can promise you that It's they're out there trying to there's hope to found somewhere there has to do you look at other third third I mean we been going on for a long time. They we will be better as a society when this is all said and done two thousand twenty the worship, but this is this was longtime coming. Feels that way, but judging by the past. I think we need to. We need to hear from leaders to near places. Oh absolutely let's guys. Let's move it over the next. Let's talk about. Legislation Stuff. I'M GONNA. Do Reactions and and what can be done to to help things from the perspective of four white guys knowing that we don't. We're not really qualified to say on this issue, but we'll try. So, let's start with the bad reactions I the bad reactions on on twitter, and just over the weekend and so so hang on. Let me stop you. This is kind of like a winners. Losers type thing a little bit so. this I'm I'm GONNA go over who who had a bad show? Okay, yes, response, a bad showing in response to the to the entire everything after George Floyd. George Floyd's. Murder. And then and then I'm gonNA, go onto a list of people who had great reactions. Some things you might want to check out. PERF is so bad reactions. I first group of people with bad reactions, white people in general whether it was a conservative pundit railing about how rioters should be jailed for life or white people like pat mentioned earlier posting nonstop about what they did, and what they think about the protests and the riots. not making it about the black lives matter movement, just lots of bad tape in general out there for lots of whites from this weekend, so yeah, what's what's the? What's the tweet called when you tweet and it's like it was like a George Floyd was on the ground for eight minutes in like they just do like the whole tweet of the the facts. It's supposed to be a powerful tweet I can't tell you how many of those fucking saw. You know like he was a two minutes unconscious. I Don I mean talking about the mastercard style commercials I guess yeah, exactly those tweets on those bad looked notes will if you're using the word thugs guys. As Oh, yeah. We're to that code for an. We're getting. We're getting. We're getting his reaction. He's also on the bad reaction list. Local and state government in Minnesota. I should've gotten the names of the mayor who completely useless and the governor who's also completely uses in Minnesota it'd been a complete dumpster fire. I don't even I didn't even care to get their names because they're going to be out of jobs, not the body anymore. We know that. What's that? It's not Jesse the body Ventura anymore. We know that we wish it was. Always to turn journals Keith Ellison Right Anybody besides these two should have been in charge of Minnesota I Aaron. Governor didn't take all four cops involved in the murder of George George Floyd into custody to stop the riot from occurring in the first place, and in fact, they've done so bad that three of the four who are involved are still free with reportedly two of them, having fled the state so from the start, really complete lack of control in Minnesota absolute bungle by the government. They're on the. They're on the naughty list for sure. Let me let me button for one second album chart club was the press. No she was, she shared a chance to finally changed. Longtime ago and she let him go. I was GonNa say you you mentioned fled the state which leads me back to like the protests. A lot of the violence and looting started from out of state people in Minnesota and came Oh. Yeah to. On the story been lying in, they were flying into cause problems there. Oh, they're bad reactors. Next up on the bad reaction list after the local and state government Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota, federal, government, and so far. This has been Charlottesville two point Oh for Donald Trump in my opinion. From the shooting starts when the looting starts tweet to thugs, PAT mentioned subsequent others shoots tweets, demonizing protesters everywhere and blames just all at least Joe vicious dogs I don't know what Super Joe has to do with this nothing. Also also don talked to the floyd. Family who said that he was a shitty listener phone, and that he didn't really listen at all, and then he's talked over in the whole teeth, so they said they said he said what he had to say and didn't listen to us. So Donald Trump has blown. It blown it completely on the on top of the local and state government, blowing it already below him, so you have Democrats at the local state level. fucking it up. Then you have a Republican in the White House totally fucking it up it just complete meltdown time, fuck ups, and it's unacceptable. This is a serious problem facing America and we can't have these shitty politicians out there. Just fucking up our reaction there must be leaders is supposed to be a fucking. Leave your time to shine. And so sorry I got so heated about that, but those were some very. Someone said on twitter the other day, and I I loved the concept I. You know. I wish that Obama and Bush were were giving a joint. State of the Union. You Know I. Wish I wish that someone. I wish someone we identified as a leader. Those guys were holding hands being like. Let's stop this America instead we have a politician making lettuce both those guys have their own issues, but they don't have their issues in terms of leadership, talk and talk and times of crisis and and and. And which is you know? Trying to be positive, trying to unify people as opposed to what's going on now. It's absurd wheel. I, think what trump needs to do. We're talking about. What could we do to get better? He needs to work with the Black Caucus now to figure out how he's GonNa get executive orders and legislations underway to to fix some of this shit to at least make start making attempts to figure out how how to make changes instead. He's just talking about how he's GonNa kill looters look. Order. Does that even fucking mean if he if he would have had to a semblance of of presidential and amphitheater whatever this week he could have, he could. Have you know if you? Go! He might have won the election imagine if he flown. Imagine me. Florida march with George for his family. Which is what needs fucking? Yeah, that's what needs to happen. He's losing I'll be honest with you. I probably was gonNA. Go trump over Biden. In the election, but he has. He has lost me this week before. Everyone gets all up in arms, and it's like Oh. These four fucking Lib Cox. This is We're bashing the Democrat leadership Oh yeah. said the Minneapolis balls loser. Governor all. Behind trump. Good for you, but if you can't fuck and see that he's bundled the situation, fucking, moron. By by going and making a change that actually makes a difference, but it the way that he reacted to it horrible, terrible, fucking awful thugs. Thugs is code word was messages. It's not like. All his messages like stop looting and Is the worst. We're going to arrest you. We're going to be tried. You're going to be hundred percent. Shoot you. It's all negative. It's all like. Wasn't why isn't positive? Why is he always? Challenging Yeah one thing. That gave them more presidential speech. Oh clayborn -solutely has joe. Biden speech was more presidential. It's also horrible. He barely made it through, and still was still has remembering anything name, but at least he is trying to be positive and try. He's trying. to He tried to bring the country together he's trying to. The trump is just not is dividing even more, and it's in a time like this. That's fucking. Just because he wants to win a buck an election right now, and that's an and sometimes it supersedes that Shit. He's made. He's trying to fuck election. Posture race could win the election. He's losing good. He's lost his harms. He's still could he needs to do some legislation. Things get get out of the House for himself. He stepped in it big time. Abused pilot all right next up the worst reaction. This is my my was the worst reaction. Evolve was all those out of town. You know people coming in to to fly in. You know to not necessarily protest peacefully. But caused problems, and that is what we covered earlier. ANTIFA getting tossed onto the domestic terrorist list so. Those guys organized that Kinda Shit putting bricks out on the street for people to break windows all that Shit. Encouraging riders start invading white people's homes. And so you know the DOJ rightfully tag them as domestic terrorists after all that so you know they probably had the worst reaction, somehow even worse than the politicians in charge of the municipalities that are. Burning so. Who does this? ANTIFA have like a leader like who the fuck is sitting there. It's like it's like a group. You know it's like A. Group, except right, but did they had one guy. That's like you know they're. They're fucking spokesperson. If they do. It's like my space. Tom, and not. Bag of win like a bag in the wind. It's interesting because I. Know that much about them is they punch Richard Richard Spencer in the face I was funny. I was like yeah. I kind of like to see in TV. Beg At twenty sixteen, but then like they're cowards. What why? They didn't they didn't Punch Richard? Spencer in the face face to face. They came from behind. beat up because. All, they do not. The point. Is just they pat the virgins in cells. They don't. They're communists. They have they have a handrails there sign there in cells they they can't make money on their own. They live in their parents basement. The don't have anything so the only thing they have for. Excitement thrills like causing riots like this is just. This is their thing that they're good at the only thing they're good at. anti-fascists for me. It would be like to have some sort of positive outcome. No Yeah. They want Communism Pat Sichel Hammer. That's what they have on the side. So that's that's the positive outcome for I think and now finally onto the good reactions I. WE I'm tired of screaming at this Mike. Good Reactions Derek show vans, wife, that was the main murdering cop. She divorced him one day after his arrest. By Her yes, yeah! That's awesome. Awesome, so insult to injury for Derek also. Very suspect whether his sperm is functional, because she has two kids, but neither of them are from him, so yeah you know Derek Chevron's was like honey. If this sign that you're looking for I, don't know what is. Derek Shaw WTN's going to get murdered in prison. I think that's partially why it's very hard to convict an officer because you assume that yet. Let's point out that this guy was. This is not a first time this Guy Ono. Of Char had a chance to stop it. It's a mess. She's out for VP hurt. Her career is about to be over well probably over. The. The one and only killer Mike. If you haven't seen his speech from Atlanta on I, think Friday or Saturday night. I mean the thing was incredible. He was encouraging people in Atlanta to protect their loved ones not destroy property. Because what does that really saw I don't want to be here. And then work for a better tomorrow by taking civic. As in filling out your census form, registering to vote, and then actually learning about the people in your community and overall who you want to vote for so that you can help make better improvements for the whole country. It's like eight minutes long at fucking rocked my world this morning. I listen to. It is good. Yes, fantastic. I would've love to see that. Run the Jewels Ridge against the machine tour. That didn't happen. Has Hbo Show is really good. That came out last. I. Mean I flex I. Think He Wins Best Speech for sure yeah. That, that was that was the speech of the of the weekend. also another great speech Atlanta Mayor, Kisha Bottoms who provided amazing leadership for Atlanta and through her work. This weekend in my estimation is probably now the favorite to be Biden's VP pick predicted dot org slash promo slash heart factor twenty. If you want to bet on that, she's at like eight or ten cents. And rising. Yeah so a lot of work, I used to do a lot of work in Atlanta I love the team there and this weekend the way the city handled. It made me miss that city a lot. That was just intern camps from Atlanta. Yeah so just like. Atlanta's an amazing city. The USA is an amazing country We've obviously got major healing to do. From are extremely dark history of slavery and segregation like we covered earlier. But what a better time than now you know to do! All of that West covered. We've been just. Non Stop rioting against race relations in the problems. We have with forever. Let's do something about it. So one thing I did was I followed the advice of killer Mike. He kind of you know He. He went after CNN, a little bit for all of the fearmongering race baiting do on their channel and I I thought that was a great idea. So I not only un-filed. CNN stop watching them. Did the same with MSNBC Fox Huffington Post Bloomberg, Breitbart all those in the garbage can for me I'm GONNA stick to call a stick people that aren't trying to propaganda my ass all the fucking time. Agenda based yeah yeah exactly. Spats Fox. Equally. One is live ice of. Hyper partisan bullshit and the trash killer Mike encourage me to, and so far I've been happy for it. And also finally I've got some knowledge about what the police world is like on the inside at least in Texas from my wife used to do some work down there and so to me like I was saying really I think what needs to happen with law enforcement. In the country generals, a culture change and law enforcement particular three things that I see from from what she used to work with police all the time. was that training mental health, support progressive discipline those are the three things I think you can really improve right. Cops need more sensitivity training. Obviously so that they approach every situation, the same and they need to be skilled with trauma and stress management, because as stressful as your job is, you're not carrying unless you are copper or or a soldier, you're not carrying around gun and facing situations about am I going to have to or not shoot another human, and they have to be human enough not to kill. Kill a random citizen, even if the situation is hyper tense like it usually is, and so if they do harm the public in any way, then you need to easily be able to weed them out and deal with them more like regular criminals like patents for talking about earlier I'm going to add one more thing to that. Will they need to be paid more? I, think in general you can require. Forget with what? Encourages competition if you'RE GONNA if you're going to have all these things what you need, what you mentioned all the training, all the skill set. You need to pay more pay. The police absolutely and you need more positions right. There's these would create positions on the force. That didn't exist before. People who are taking care of mental health people required. Counseling and stuff like that I mean. Stuff that's that's optional today for officers and a lot of times. They don't do it because the counselors will report back anything they say to internal affairs and they might get. Sidelined for a couple of weeks, so it's like you got. There's a whole issue and then the unions being able to just totally kill all of the attempts to convict people who do make mistakes on the job, and so there's just all kinds of things you gotta. You gotTA attack it from multiple angles, but you have to do it. I think that they have to get something going really soon on that. What's the point of this? Otherwise otherwise? Why are we also upset if they're not GONNA? If the government federal government is not going to enforce stuff. To improve, hey, hey, on that point of pain, the more the when the more you think of other. That's so smart, because just like if you're in a position where your job might be to kill someone rightfully. Or not. That's fucking intense man. It's ridiculous. Ridiculous other not paid more. Let me say on the mental health sport thing like. These. They also need access to to like. We'll mental health sport like imagine carrying all that Shit that they have to come home with, and that may not have to talk to. They need to be able to like free therapy they need do like therapy can fucking help everyone I don't care who you are, but especially if you're a police officer under the amount of stress they are. Not only police officer I think therapy for the whole country. Right do a whole world. In terms of in terms of like improving that and we don't. We don't have all the answers. There's a lot of smarter people than the. Smarter people that they're talking about this today. Listen but. It's important to care about this. That's to that point. Again of. claimer we're not black. And we're not we're any. Spider though police. Are Very deep smooth voices sure. Yeah! I'm sure people are confused so that. Only our perspective that we just covered and I. Certainly think personally that policy changes on this subject should be spearheaded by black people in both government and law enforcement and I. Hope that Donald, trump. You know has has what it takes. Step Up. Do the right thing got guys? We love you. We Love America. It's GonNa. Get better hanging there. Oh. Before we have a more stories. Let's talk about our sponsor. Omaha steaks I got home US ticks. They were nice enough to send boxes to us and I gotTA. Tell you I want to stay crazy. Over the weekend I cooked five Omaha steaks. That I ate all myself five I, five total and cooked them on them. I pay them and you know what I tried. I tried the the move where I took them frozen, seared them for about three minutes on either side, and then I put them in the oven at two seventy five fifteen minutes, and it was the best steak of her life I'll be honest. The meat is next level. We cannot buy at the grocery store. It's frigging amazing and with father's day coming up. 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It forced us to not social distance or a lot of people, not social. We're GONNA live. The band ended abandoned. Get a Lotta. Ended social distancing. It did on a herd of herd immunity going on. So. Let's kill update here. CORONA VIRUS UPDATES six million cases worldwide over six, million, almost three, hundred and seventy five thousand deaths. The US almost one point nine million cases over one hundred and five thousand deaths, rounding out the top five Brazil Russia Spain and the UK so Brazil after all that fucking talk is now number two. Guys by the way Brazil is was one of the only two countries to end slavery after us here in the United States. They were they were assigned South Africa. Well, that was the primary route was Brazil to West Africa Yup. That, was a fun route. Also back to the plug. We didn't get to them, but W we predicted dot org slash Promo Slash Heart factor twenty Bolsonaro is now like climbed like number one Latin leader to be next removed because he's. He's done such a complete psychopath because this is psycho. Pandemics. Ended up as number two right right well, smarts and hot water, yeah, right so some of the bigger news print court shot down the request of a church in California to block the restrictions against their right to assemble. Justice Roberts made the vote five to four saying quote, although California's guidelines place restrictions on places of worship. Those restrictions appear consistent with the free exercise clause of the First Amendment. Similar to similar more severe restrictions apply to compare comparable secular gatherings. Including lectures concerts movies, showing spectator sports theatre so You know those places are are still closed, so you know I guess churches should be. Doesn't matter now like they made that ruling before like like everyone protest in the world. Listen now. It's Kinda. Like people are going to need a lot of church after all this shit. Let me tell you. Know. I think the John Roberts, would have a made it five four, and the other direction on I'd say Monday. If the vote was on Monday, I duNno, it probably would've yeah. cavenaugh was of course, the other ones dissenting from that sentiments, saying the church and its congregants simply want to be treated equally to comparable secular businesses. California already trust is resident and they should serve beers right. I like to think a church gatherings as bars full as possible right. Yeah, so. Do. I just watched his Love, beers thing. Always always say what cavenaugh definitely drink ten beers with him. Quickly maybe. And then also in some some some good news to Chinese firms, so they'll have vaccine by December China's Wuhan Institute of Biological, products and Beijing Institute of Biological Products announced. They're entering phase two. Good News, we can trust it. I think it might pass on the Chinese. Corona virus vaccine. One in America also for December, so they have the Goddamn vaccine the whole time, guys. They had the vaccine. Heard Guy. No I'm not I don't. Think. It's cool I'm just saying you're conspiracy theorists. They're thinning the herd right by that by that logic that that means that every basically would have been on it Kinda right. Overpopulation thing I oh, actually believe that okay. Where's July. So Mark Mark Link some monkey in India stole some like bloodstock, multiple monkeys and Lab The they like attacked the lab tech, and then stole like three vials or more of covert nineteen. Yeah, and then they just laughed, escaped the lab, and then they're like seen up in like freeze. Up and like trees I tried to bite into the cove and nineteen. They were just like Oh my God these these. The Dan. Like, no, no recovered the samples. They're undamaged, so there's no, there's no. There's no fear of because there's like ten million Mkaku over there are like the ones that steal like the motorcycles in the wallet. Grab the kid right yes exactly. Yeah and the media power break loose if the COX got. Slick. The media's treating it like the vials. Where like something from like Alcatraz that's. Our the movie where the. Vile gets released and everyone dies. fucking treating it, it would have been pretty harmless I. I don't think I don't even know if they're susceptible to it because. The MACACA Scott Crow virus it'll be a big product. Are you talking about the Rock? Rock Man. That's bad. Rock was a great movie was good. was there. As well all as well, and my wife was the Prom Queen Yeah. Nick Cage May. Stand The goodspeed, so keep your mass on, but yeah bigger bigger stuff going on with the pandemic still still going up so. Speaking of it's an earlier where your. Do Your Hand Sanitizer I saw some of my favorite videos were. Just hand. Sanitizing Protests Greg. Yeah. It'll be interesting to see like you know Oh. There's GonNa be some bumps. There's GonNa be some bombs. For sure. There's I mean there's no doubt about it. That's going to be new new wave potentially. Healthcare so I'm GONNA stay indoors potentially from. I do think it's interesting that I think we talked about this a little bit on Friday, but. This last week was A. At least in my like small polling of people I know, it seemed like it was the worst week mentally for people. Then it ended with these protests. I, you know I think there was excessive than seriously brewing, and it's like it's like it's like that thing you can say like this was the worst week. You can say like every week now like I'm the heaviest I've ever been. Gaining weight and then consider that next week and next. In the lockdown, obviously everybody being locked in their houses, and then and then seeing what the George Floyd video, and then it leading to like it was. Like, you said of a perfect storm of fucking up. Everybody's mental health, yeah. I think things are going to get better guys. I think things are going to get credit to. Get. The can't get much worse I think they're going to get significantly better. Going downhill from here would be hard. All right eye oddly guys. We're going to end on a positive note today. SPACEX and NASA launched up the crew dragon atop the Falcon nine rocket on Saturday. And they blasted that sucker straight up to the international. Space Station. Was a perfect launch. I don't know if you guys watch livestream. I didn't watch. The replay replay I didn't want to. Can you explain to me what happened the day before with? Oh yeah okay, so the day before they were like pressure testing, the `send four, which is a different ship. That's like the big one that's going to go to Mars one day allegedly and I. It just exploded I think that's how it was a completely different. Prototype goes clearly rocket that looked like a big showed the other one like A. Totally different use solar. But it was like obviously ominous like you see that big fucking explosion on a NASA like feed up to this day before. The astronauts have twenty hours and then they're going up right exactly so I watched the whole livestream a. On NASA it was awesome like. It was really really cool. It's like. SPACEX was running the operation. NASA was overseeing it. Everything went perfectly duper impressive. Nothing landed back on a thing in the ocean people. First Time nine years right. At this. Since two thousand eleven. When it made it out of orbit, like because it was cool because you had camera angles like on the outside of the ships now, so you can watch the whole thing like. It goes up into space and JECHT's the rocket from it like it was fucking bad. What thrilled? I must've been see back to the. How bad things are in there? Obviously? GonNa get significantly better, the Anti Mil- Lamarcus tweet now. Ask. Them to leave all of us behind. No, no, he said I got pulled up. Always as what choice good choice, demarcus said congratulations to the astronauts that left Earth today. It now has three point five million likes at the time of this recording, and is the third most like tweet on twitter of all time after after one day it will clearly become number. One number one is four point one million by Barack. Obama Number twos in the high thirties. and email, innocuous Miller. I'm not as such and such head, but don't call me. The number one tweet of all fucking. Shows like everyone is advantageously everyone. Everyone's like jealous of the astronauts that left the fucking. Ask The show with the three logos on him dirt nasty and Riff raff their replica pop group, but in all seriousness. What the fuck thinking testing a potentially faulty rocket the day before that had nothing to do with. The on Sunday I've been who nerve wracking. Those astronauts athritis. Pumpkin the haters. He purposely like. This I think he doesn't care. They needed to do that test and they needed to proceed. You know he's always behind schedule, so he's just not stopping. He also doesn't care about the coronavirus. He's not gonNA. Stop doing his tests when they need to be done so. Part of that that little private conversation with and the astronauts after that thing blew up. I think they were pretty comfortable with that. I saw a tweet from one of them beforehand like praising the that they were going to be on the astronauts and Doug are docked now officially in the ISS, where another set of astronauts will presumably take that crew dragging. They flew up there and drop back down to Earth with it sometimes. It was just fucking incredible. Crazy, To. Up. To the up and International Space disenfranchising. They're supposed to come for a couple months or something I don't know. And that was the first one that we've ever launched off US soil since twenty eleven I astronauts we've launched out, says really cool, and it's just so crazy that it happened. Miss all the civil unrest, 'cause by the murder of George Floyd. A weekend for the history books for sure for America in the world probably, and that's going to do it for hard factor as always. Thank you for listening. Stay safe out there and have a great fucking game. Talk. Play. Get this crime. Diamond. Mine fit them Polish. Drought South. I can't beat running Brandon Reid. A brand new. Phone Nobel probably. Coming off get out. In. These debts. To make that track. Corp for rap pro be with my mouth. Cadillac.

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