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Ep 162: Pig Beach pregame w/ Matt Farah at Classic Car club Manhattan


This episode of the Opium Radio podcast sponsored by manscaping use the Promo Code Opiate Manscaping Dot Com and get twenty percent percent off right now with free shipping now on the show. Hey they're buddies. I am a fan of the OPIE radio. PODCAST and my name name is creamy butters. We had a rough last couple of months. We lost our our PAL chef. Carl many of you like myself did know the guy complete complete stranger bawling your eyes out also laughing as hard as I've ever had in the last two months you're listening to the podcast in here and some of the old stories you know whether you've actually we got to go to his restaurant that's awesome. You're a friend of his in real life like chef anthony or Vic Sharon OPIE. I can't even understand what you guys have lost but I would say to Vic Sheridan Opie in particular. You've heard US say over the last two months how much we love chef and it's true is a big gap the big missing thing in the universe right now that we're all going to try to fill just by being a not better people but fun of people drunk people perhaps a well-fed people We're GONNA try to take up that torch but you've heard us say that we love Karl a lot over the last couple of months but I want you to know Vick Sharad and Opie we fucking fucking love you guys to we have your mother fucking backs like we always have and we always flock in will and it's okay that when something hurts in it's fucked up and it messes you walk emotionally. It's okay to move on from that after a while. It's okay to go on. Life goes on Carl would want you to fuck and dance with the motherfucker or have a God damn am hotdog and move the fuck on. Always laughing your fucking balls on. That's what he would want. That's what we want and that's what you guys want so it's okay to move on. We'll always remember chef. This whole twitter thing is going to be an electron ick roadside memorial to this wonderful wonderful brother that we add. That will never fucking Ed. I'm looking forward to move on. I'm looking forward to always here in great fucking stories about chef but it's okay to move on. It's time it's it's time for pinkies up forever. It's time for the OPIE radio PODCAST. Yeah with Matt Farah from the smoking tire. We're back at the Classic Car Club of Manhattan. You added an of their. But besides but that's the closest lows you've gotten yet White Classic Car Club Manhattan. Yes you gave me a tour and wow man just cars here quickly for the podcast because You know the visual is in the description of this episode like I said there's a link to the Youtube video because you gave me a great tour but for the podcast quickly. Tell me what's in this room right now Land Rover Defender Ninety Datsun. Two Forty Z A lotus of aura. Four hundred a Ford Bronco. Old One. replica shelby. Cobra a a sixty three Lincoln continental convertible wait slow down with that because that was the most impressive car for me because the JFK thing. Yeah that's the car that was assassinated scenario and not the exact car. Obviously but I wonder where it's got to be at the Smithsonian or something right where's the actual JFK car. I would be because people get triggered so fast In this day and age that it's actually not on display. Matt I Betcha I don't know I bet it's in a basement somewhere because it it would trigger some people a Seri- where the JFK assassination car isn't it gave me a map JFK airport thanks technology. Ah But it's pretty bad ass to harm cool And especially in New York. You don't see those. I actually see suicide door. Conte's contes quite a bit. I don't they're not common but like if you go to car shows you see them in their great. La Cars you know top op down straight lines. Low speeds. It's perfect. I love how you were telling me on the video. That the Broncos a piece of shit our out of all the cars and their showroom. I'd want that Bronco go for the Beach Surf casting and I throw my rods in the back of that Orange Bronco. I'd be so it's very you and it's orange like your hair. Whatever it is? I'm not even giving you shit. That is very forced me to get a haircut. Because I'm sick of you. Be Johnson hair. Finally I was just. Let's go get a good haircuts coral dies really. It's like that it's time to move on. I think even Carl would say it's time to move of. God what are you from. I wasn't wearing it before but I did. Put on me Guy Yeti Party party invite wristband for this event got to. I have not been wearing it the entire time right not because I didn't want to but actually because it smells kind of weird it started smell because I'm not like funk rubber I haven't taken mine off since California but it's a roo using mad Cuban like black armband musically or risk pam for as a as tickets to his party. Oh yeah these were tickets to the party. I didn't know that the Bronco Go. Yeah I don't just to finish on that I don't want to single out vis brought. This Bronco is no shittier than the rest of them. This is a good Bronco like Classic Car Club Has Nice cars. Like I don't want crap in general the like so see. That's where I get in trouble because then I wouldn't explain that actually. This place is awesome with some amazing cards. I'm only pointing out to one car. That you said was a piece of junk. And there's also is three porsches and old corvette right and James Dean Karn here to you know there's an old porsche five fifty. That's the exact year of the of the car that hit some of it but yeah no kid fifty five. I think that looks pretty bad as actually actually it weighs nothing really i. I think that car weighs eleven hundred pounds. It's it's probably like if you thought like like that Lotus like most people think of lotuses alight light car that little Porsche ways like a third of what the house ways so does it. Does it hug the turns if it's that like well. Look we're talking about the fifties so for the fifties fifties yeah. It was a very successful. I mean that was basically a race car in the in the in the in the in the old days the line in between race car and Streetcar was a little closer together. You know those are they. They didn't have roll cages. In the cars you know what I mean. They didn't have a lot of the things that modern race is cars have and so it was entirely conceivable that you could buy a race car and drive it on the street and people did people. Did I mean it was. It was really a you know sports car. Car Racing is what it's called. Yeah because people were racing sports cars. I mean you know the the the and so So was it good handling and and and good at racing at the time. Yeah if you are used to driving a modern car and you got in that you would find it exceptionally sketchy you'd be. You'd hit a pole within ten minutes. Turns catchiness has a real appeal when you when people buy cars like that the first thing they do is brag about how sketchy it is got got. Yeah it's like I'm Gonna I'm taming this beast kind of thing. There's a another car called a Porsche career. Gt which actually it's sort of like the modern version of that in some ways and it's a car that Paul Walker and Roger Rodas died in in two thousand thirteen and those cars were known own for being particularly sketchy they were very powerful. They had no stability control. The tires they came with from the factory were not good. What's up I don't care if you well well at that loud? Yeah we're GONNA answer weldings not that long. You're so nice I know. I know you're hanging a race car on on the wall here at the Car Manhattan. Absolutely what's your name in Murph Murphy. That's a good. That's a good welder. Name today they radical. Yeah we came in here and I saw Zack Moseley. WHO's one of the one of the owners guys who runs place? Then he goes. Hey see that radical hanging on the wall today I I was like Oh. That's pretty awesome. So call me up. What's the procedure for hanging a race car on wall? Well basically. I came here last week. This week took the car part. Figured out where the frame is and we made a custom bracket bolts that a frame. And we're GONNA welded to the frame. Are we certain the wall can hold this weight on. Ibm Oh you were adding an IBM across the roof. Oh cool and chains that are all sides. Now that's GONNA be awesome. How cool thanks merce man? How long an hour? Oh Shit stick around for that okay if it gets too loud we'll just leave you guys hanging car on. Is there anything more bad ass asked like the is everything may might my dream home. You know what I mean is not one of those crazy billionaire home. If I had a crazy billionaire home it would totally have a car on the wall. You would just hang something. What car would you hang from? delorean delory delorean to me. Was My dream car when I was a kid I owned one for a while. Also and it's the car most want to look at it. Never drive and I learned when I sold my delorean. Yeah like a couple of years years ago. A friend of mine took a one of the photos I took for the for sale at. I took really nice photos of the car. I made good money his car and the way I presented it I think is why but he took one of my photos and made a huge painting of it like probably five six feet wide and I hanging on my wall. I get exactly the same amount of satisfaction. The painting from having a Delorean and having a painting of delorean are exactly the same so we got some action here today and then quickly. What else is in this room? Right now. there's a radical race car. That's not getting hung on the wall. I did ask Zach this this Porsche. Nine and six four is a club car and he said they've they've They've had it for a long time and it's actually quite fast. It's got a high-rise motor in it and then this BMW EMMA four GTS. And then there's there's some other stuff it McLaren's and the other I noticed stocked. I noticed. They knew we were coming today and they hid them Clarin for the people that are fans of the podcast. The last time we were here it was be Farah from the smoking tire. And Carl and I they needed my keys to my car and I threw the keys over the two hundred. Seventy seventy thousand dollar McLaren and everyone freaked out not actually. The People here didn't freak out. You guys freaked out. I didn't I wouldn't say I freaked out. I think I think I was nervous. That it could have been a bad throw possibly Fi- ultimately skill ultimately. It was fine so I I went last week to drive the new Audi r eight and we don't need to talk about the car. It was fucking great car but Audi Audi has a tendency to give Wow that's what he means by fucking welding Holy Shit. That's the welding I said you're not gonNA be running a compressor or anything are you and he was like. Oh maybe maybe we should get in the way. Oh I know this may be tough for audio How's it in your headphones? Right now fucked. It's got to be a disaster. It kind of sounds cool. You think so yeah. I think it sounds cool today. Weld a fucking not long time. Oh I didn't expect this. They're hanging car on the wall. Yeah sparks shall we go across the floor or what sparks fighter. AWW got it. It's all over the place. Yeah Oh yeah. They ain't messing around here today. So should we go in a different room maybe I guess we try Brian. Go down in the in the shop over there. Let's do all right. Let's walk on well. No it's going this. Is this what people expect from. I mean I guess Murph did warn warn us he did he came over and said boys. You're you're not gonNA WANNA be there. When we saw? I grabbed that shit goes down. Grab bag hang on. We are really tethered here. I were wandering again. Hey this is a great opportunity to tell you about manscaping manscaping his back with the program. Matt Farah. I'm very very happy about that. God support for Opie. Radio comes for manscaping. Who's the best below the belt grooming manscaping offers? There's precision engineered tools for your family jewels. Are we update on our omelettes food ready. I long almost okay. Great Tomatoes Mushrooms and Cheddar. Thank you that service. How's your balls mad? Fire UH Mildly sweaty but okay. Do you shave. Though these days shave my ball's idea shape you use the buzzer. I use the Buzzer my balls. Oh we're in like the meat like the Russians here. Where are we? I started shaving my balls when I was living in Boston. So I've been shaping my boss for Twenty Years Matt Farah Congratulations. They give you a coin for that. Who Cares for second because I want to tell you a story so I didn't shave shaved my boss? I was in Boston. And one of the sales guys up there. His name was crazy Jim because he was absolutely fucking out of his mind and he for some reason told me I need a shave. My balls not ever saw my harry nuts but he just was extolling the virtues of it. Yeah he goes you know. Do you shave your balls. And I said no man and he's he's like Oh you got it. It's just the greatest thing ever and one thing about crazy Jim that I got to tell you. So anti We're up there at AF. He was nuts. This Guy Right and in the studio we had wrestling cut outs. life-size wrestling cut outs. It could be like the undertaker got got which wrestler was exactly so crazy. 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We're walking you don't want why don't we go into the shop to the right. Yeah Okay we're GONNA go through passing the suicide door Conti yes So the thing with the pen is people are getting sick. Because there's this vitamin E. Right in the in the liquids that they're putting in the vape pens. Just figure this out like Tao's ago sorry about this for walking past the welders. I'll look at the smart. Yeah welding is really fun. Okay good if we go down by the end over there and we'll be all right past the two hundred seventy thousand dollar McLaren six hundred Spider Sneha. That's what I through through my car keys over. We got a record down here homie because they chased us away with their wealth. The welding slow allowed that so the pens right. Yeah so I don't. I don't claim to know anything but in California as part of the law they're required to put the the the lab results when they sell it. Yeah and it. It shows in the ones that I've been been buying very very miniscule amounts of of that vitamin E. stuff so miniscule might be just enough to get Your lungs all fucked sucked up. I got a different person than you got the GM. I had long. I have the packs and the packs era the is pretty the packs pods are pretty heavily. Regulated okay. Yeah yeah that's good. Yeah in California specifically like that's like we're in we're in like super legal land. Yeah yeah so I look. I think I'm at the the the safest possible version of the thing see. I was stupid because with all the vaping everyone was hearing the stories of people having problems with the vaping. I'm sitting there hitting my I My Pen me knowing I'm thinking like Oh that's that's the cotton candy and the whatever the hell they day Flavors are and then someone Came to me and said Nope Idiots. You gotta worry about that as well as the vitamin E. SO now Now I gotta go back to joints I mean. Look obviously if you can I prefer that always real real flowers is the way to go but yeah it's not really. I can't really travel with that. I mean I can i. It's not worth it's not worth. Roll those dice. This would be a good time to tell you that at the last minute I got paranoid and I left those edibles in Santa Rosa Jose. What a bitch you are? So there's a there's a Fox hunt where are they send someone to go out of now. There's a made that when she or he she right. I don't think I've ever seen a heat Clinton cleaning a rumor I have but yeah you can you can give you a she their past so somebody found the edibles that you got. It's a nice gift that I was too scared. I with in the end so I don't know why I'm even tell such a bitch Buddy scared to fly with that Shit. Nobody gives a fuck about those. You sure yeah nobody cares about your personal. We'd nobody cares especially absolutely especially since. CBD's is like nationally legal. Now people like. I don't recommend carrying a suitcase. Full of Ganga or edibles. Yeah through airport but like people I think understand that your personal whatever right is your personal whatever and like they just don't give a shit I mean they just I'd say doesn't have anything to do like they're gonNa take your personal notable like come on know it's funny you told me all this in Santa Rosa still still. That's fine whatever ever not. Everybody can be bold like me but the other thing is I I got here I Classic Car Club Manhattan and all of a sudden you text me and you said I'll be there soon soon. Wait tied tell you why I'm late and then you came in a little frazzled. And I started laughing at it because I'm usually the frazzled. Yeah Yeah and I got Matt so you're all frazzled. Trying to fuck it buster. Ball's a little bit. And then then you told me what you're GonNa say now and I went holy understand why you're frazzled frazzle. I was walking here from Time Square because I took the train in from suburbia and walking on fortieth street sort of by the Lincoln tunnel entrance and a greyhound. Down bus ran a dude over and when I say Ranjit over I mean some thunk like both front wheels back wheels ran the dude over. Ran Dan him. Oh Not by Greyhound. Bus Ran a dude over. He was alive. And you gotta slow down though. So where were you were you waiting was was like a half a block away. Okay I but I was approaching the intersection. Yeah and I saw the guy crawling on the ground from the middle of the street to the to the Sidewalk yeah and so. You didn't actually see him. Get handwriting actually see him get hit there. Another woman had pulled holdover in a car and God of the car and was videoing and I was like okay and the dude. The Dude like started like screaming at me that he got got hit he looked he looked a little rally. No I mean he was. He was on the ground. You know he didn't look look like bloody or anything He was screaming and and I'm walking. I brought this Apple Watch for the auction and I'm just walking down the street carrying this Apple Watch and I. I'm aware of my surroundings right. I see this guy me being a shitty person. My initial instinct is not that this person has been it hurt. My initial instinct is that this is like Eddie Murphy in the beginning of trading places doing a thing like that was actually what I gotta sadly you gotta be on high. Aw thank you found us. I really didn't fano would find what sadly when you're in New York is so much of that that does happen. I that's scamming and he didn't like at first he didn't like look really hurt. You know what I mean. But then he's like he's going to hit by boss. I got run over by a Bush and I and I go and I'm just like I go all right And I want to call an ambulance. Yeah yeah all right fuck it. Yeah I mean it's EP. EP must got hit by a bus. So I call ambulance and I tell I tell the operator where we're at and what this guy said. His name was Ramon. Something's guidance twenties the Spanish dude and You know send the ambulance. Whoever whatever and I'm on of I'm trying to keep the guy kind of calm? And he pulls up his pant legs and his legs are fought like I didn't it wasn't like his legs. Were like bent around whatever but like he got skinned off like the lower LE- it was it was gnarly and then the woman who was filming. Who is this woman? was filmed with an IPAD was like I saw it was a greyhound bus. It was front front wheels back wheels and he and it was an eye and she said she's like this guy be cameras around here. 'CAUSE 'cause I saw it was like it was like Oh shit and the cops got there real fast. Where was the Greyhound? Bus Gone Greyhound. Bus did not stick around suspicious. And we're right next to the Greyhound bus station suspicious just I think. Do you think those were in on something together because why why. She all highly unlikely. I think she saw it. I think she saw okay. It seemed unlikely I was damn is this. If it will have Carl was here he would have seen the scam. It was how the legs they were pretty jacked act up or bloody really bruised like kind of skimmed in some places. Yeah like he fucked up to sky and then the A police car fire truck and ambulance were there. Let me see how long that call was. It was the entire from when I called while. I'm sure there it's New York City. I'm sure there there medium in two minutes nine one one two in two minutes ambulances were there and and as soon as the cops and the and the ambulance got there I I left. But they don't want your eyewitness report I didn't have the woman the woman had had whatever more than me and she couldn't wait to talk to the cops. Yeah I just wanted to make sure the guy got the help. LP needed right. I but I felt as I walked away I was like am I a piece of shit that I didn't immediately see this person and go. I need to help you. I my first reaction was was is that he's doing it at Eddie Murphy from trading places and he wants to scam me. You're you're beating me to the punch your Your New Yorker true and true because the thing about Out Manhattan especially when you're walking around you see shit. Go down. They usually. It's like an old lady falls. Sometimes you see a guy in his early fifties fiftieth chest pains on the sidewalk and the first thing a typical New Yorker will do is start looking around and pausing hoping someone else gets involved first and then you do that old and true half step like you WanNa make yourself feel better like Oh. I was just about how how. This woman in early thirties. The Old Lady up off the sidewalk and now she's got a call her family and get her home and on my man. I Hot Shit Lady. Good for you. I was right there with you. You got this. I got this and then you walk away cold. And all New Yorkers do it's it's it's all I can remember hers do it. Yeah Yeah I know you hate it you look around and then if there's no one around you go look inside. Fuck talk why I as I as I was calling nine one one. I did the look around not not to get out of there but I was. I honestly was looking for the scam. I thought there was going to be a scam. Yeah but there was no scam. The Guy Really on that plus I hope I I mean he's you know he's definitely not going to die. He was he was not fine but like right above the knees he was fine but like And whatever help he needed he was getting but fucking gnarly man. It was yeah. He's ever revealed a lot to me about myself. That of where my where my brain went to immediately and then how I reacted to get involved unless they really have if two in La this happens to me a lot as well like Venice. Beach is probably the most I s where I live in Venice beach. It's it's not like the rest of L. A.. Where you drive everywhere? You really walk a lot in Venice since you do interact with people on the street a lot and so you see a lot of crazy shit and you kind of can keep walking. You know like crazy shit. What happens in front of my house like all the time? Yeah all the time like a homeless guy stabbed a cop like three blocks from my house like a couple of days ago and the chopper was circling doing for hours. And someone might. Someone broke into my neighbor's house two weeks ago and he was out of town. He's got us on video because you've got cameras in his house house right. She broke into the window. Low ground floor window went into his closet put cashmere sweater. It's really like John vado sweat. He's got good taste. Ace Got Ninety six. She missed she. She did not take twenty five thousand dollar watch which was actually sitting there. She went news fridge. Male little snack had a drink of something was in his house for like a half hour and and grabbed. He has his three three cars. This guy to To Porsche sports cars one like that. Gt three in there and then one called a cayman. Yeah and then he has a a McConnell the Porsche SUV and so this girl. She's got like a bowl. Well he got all his keys in it and there's like the main keys and the backup keys and whatever so there's probably like ten eleven keys in in this bowl so she grabs all of them and and throws all the keys in her bag she goes in the garage. The sports cars are in the garage. She he has his own video. She's looking at the sports cars thinking about like. And what am I going to do with these. She's a crackhead and she's like I can't i. This is not the correct tool for this job goes out to his driveway. Gets in the mcgahn on she sitting in the Mikan in his driveway for like a half hour eventually gets the car started or whatever and leaves and she goes to her parents house like by San Sandiego. Her parents see her. Drive up in this fucking Porsche. That's not hers clearly. How much is the Porsche worth? Sixty Seventy K.. Coming you mean support is a portion of it is not yours and it's very very obvious and it's pleaded in Connecticut telephone you know story would make sense pulls up to call the cops on her parents did yes. Parents called the cops. The girl got arrested in. My friend's car got recovered but like that that incident the stabbing and all it was like last just last week. So it's just craziness going on around me. I'll be honest when it comes comes to kids I get involved in media. It's more the parent and a kid get involved. What do you what do I? They have over the years like you saw apparent hitting its. It drives me insane. Try seeing apparent hitting a kid has seen that and it it it it. It's it's like a Gut Punch when you see it and then you got people out there. They're like hey man it's on your business fucking you know. That's how I discipline my kids and I'm like I. I've given up on the argument to be honest with you I personally do not do that but if it works for you who am I to say I mean. I think you're standing up for the kid. Isn't that what you're doing. Yeah could you see the innocence. Mrs Right away. I'll say something I'm not GonNa like strong arm the the mom or the dad or whatever but no wonder what if that kids total sociopath. What if it's going to be the next Hitler if he had to come in? If you're the chance would you kill baby. Hitler Yeah like it. You know what I would've done. I would allow Hitler into art school. We could have solved a lot of this if they just let Hitler fucking eight if you're going in a time machine and you have the knowledge and you see baby baby Hitler in a crib. You're strangling the life out of them. Just let him go to art schools to go to art school or what we do with that. Is that solves a lot of problems with that. But that dumb argument if you baby yes of course especially if you have the knowledge and debate actually actually. Because now I've had a minute or two to think it's mostly fucking nannies of. Oh yes. Strong arm kids on the street and yes I get involved. I'll say something something and there's a nanny in that that's different but I'll jump writing. What the hell man the kid do? Yeah if it's a nanny especially because now it's like it's hard to argue with a parent went over how they want to raise their child but a nanny is like it's pretty objective. You're not supposed to be doing that. Shit see most of us got hit growing up. I I got I got I. I remember getting getting spanked once. I think my mom's apologize later for seriously. Do My house this was. I grew up in a house that was like a fucking Norman Rockwell painting it was too it was like to to white picket fence and it was conservative not like religious oppression conservative but like yeah. We just didn't talk about so one reason I don't I don't spank my kids joining. I mean that stuff I convince if you. That's where the fetishes come from happening when you were growing up and somehow somehow the wiring your your brain gets fucked up and next thing. You know you're into getting spanked or your into feed or your into whatever the Hell I've heard you talk about possible but I'm not into getting getting spanked so I don't think it's connected. Well you'll expect one actually come suck. I don't have fetishes which is unfortunate. I wish I did. I don't really have finishes. I kind of wish I did. I think it'd be easy to kind a fundraising activity activity. I liked extracurricular and finish. Would you like to have that. You don't trying to think. Oh I don't know that's kind of a high now I really I wish I was into pinkie toe serve. We'd like to dress up like a chicken. Whoever's motorcycle that is they must be fucking so deft that was so loud now just went by? Yeah it was a do coty with like no exhaust on it but you could tell just by. The sound of of certain. Certain bikes were the west side highways. Right there's actually is there's a scene in In the like I think it was the last fast fast and furious that that That Paul Walker was in before he died. There's a scene where he hears a couple of bikes and goes on those Dukan. How do you know? And it's doc. It's an overhead Cam v twin. It's the only motorcycle that sounds like how I live close to the west side highway and every once in a while at night I mean. It's unbelievable well. How fast some of these motorcycles go going north on the on the west side highway and every once in a while you'll lose one? Oh you enter. Go Down I've never heard of go down now but I'll see the aftermath where the cops are looking for where the fucking body went. Yeah because all they have on the west side highways the bike and restoring restoring the Hudson River or wherever that they don't know where it is every once in a while looking for the body by me where I drive in the mountains ends when I make my videos and whatever and guys on motorcycles you know occasionally will will lose it and go off the cliff you know. And sometimes they'll do Kevin Hart heart off a cliff. He went on and he went into a ditch. But is a bit of an embankment. It was a bit of an embarrassment but I'm talking about with these motorcycles. I'm talking about off a cliff real. I'm talking you go off a cliff and you go down hundreds of feet to the bottom and they don't find them for a while right you know they send the helicopters and Shit and cars go down there to sometimes you know kid. I rolled his porsche down the cliff like a couple of weeks ago. He was okay for the car was made it. He was fine. Yeah Yeah Yeah portions very safe car car. He didn't he didn't sale it. He rolled it so it was like. Yeah you'd rather role than if you sail it right. You're having a real bad one. I got a lot of Abuse over over that upset. We did in force in the boxster Snyder fish and the story I wrote I wrote a piece for road and track. I thought it was amazing. How people get it You can find it at road and track DOT COM. It's it was her for web it. It didn't make it into the print issue but Not fucking blows. It was well written. It was Oh yeah no it was basically you're experienced giant from La to Santa Rosa to To do the coral thing so so you get a lot of the car talk and then you talk about car a little bit and then your bitch friend Obi a little. There's a guy a guy I read read growing up named Peter Egan who wrote a lot. He wrote car reviews but they were never really car reviews. It was always wrapped in another story. So I tried to write like that I it was well written and mix road and track dot com if you search road and track boxster. Spyder Matt Farah. It'll come up immediately and speaking of the poorest. Did you see the story where the one through the house. Yeah the guy launched it. Yeah Yeah and everyone that article to me basically saying Hey Matt WanNa go fast that guy someone someone had. What's the story behind? Just I saw the headline and move dot. Hang on. Let me so he went he went flying the Porsche through how story. It's not only. Did He. Go through the house. He he went through the second story. That is impressive Porsche. Crashes in the Second Story of New Jersey Building Building killing to launch control often embankment so boxer convertible vertebrae traveling at a high rate of speed car. Is I mean the car. Look at the car that cars Dunn's Oh wow I I didn't realize they. I didn't realize it seems they lost it hit an embankment and and this launched and just like shit like that where where someone you know. Goes down into one of those ditches between the highway at one hundred miles an hour and it becomes a wrangle knievel style round. Sure some of the videos are there's one where some lady sales and Audi like two hundred feet Wa. It's amazing I got really hungry. We end the show at forty two minutes and go away in ending. Let's keep walking better. Eggs are GONNA be cold China. We got Omelettes coming from Classic Car Club Manhattan. We're walking through the the. What what is this just the the workshop the workshop area anything in here you want to just tell the people about like I said that We made a video before this podcast video description of this episode. You could click on that but matt did a great job Alpha Old. BMW's Volkswagen Synchro McLaren. Could you explain the Volkswagen thing again. Because Synchro Yeah because that brings back memories although it's a little different Growing growing up. We had the Volkswagen bus. We had six seven sometimes. Eight kids and people. Don't believe me when I say this. But it's the God's honest truth we had bench seats in this thing and we couldn't get all all the kids in there with the luggage and stuff so they took out the seats so we could fit more people. I don't know why people don't believe you. That's a very believable. Yeah seventy one so the van again. So in after after they discontinued the microbus. which is what you had to actually continue to still make it in Brazil until like two thousand? I would buy one tomorrow because we're going back memories memories by an import it from from railings. They then made the newer boxer version for the eighty S. Called The van again and then there was a four by four version of the van again called the synchro And they're sort of like camper vans for over landing and so over landing other not welding anymore. Over landing is now very Like a Trendy Wendy Trendy thing to do off road vehicles and stuff and And so those Volkswagen synchro the four by fours are actually Quite quite valuable now. You dropped her dropped. Her man scape read as tall. Girls are quite valuable now and so I think that one in there which is kitted up pretty nice. This is probably a like a forty or fifty thousand dollar truck. You know what we could do. You want to get the eggs and bring him in here. Because I want to do a few more minutes when I'm going to do is I'm going to like do the time. Jump to my apartment to do another live read. And then I'm GonNa Jump Back to Classic Car Club Manhattan to finish up with Matt Farah from the smoking tire fire radio. Oh this makes me happy a new sponsor to the OPIE radio PODCASTS. 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One hundred percent bonus offer offer plus twenty five dollar free wager to test the waters. Hey don't miss out and go make some extra cash betting this season. It's only a game until you bet. Vetted at Bet D. S. I.. And welcome to the OPIE radio. PODCAST once again bet dot com Promo Code opie. Take A in a little time jump. We just slam some. I did a nice classic Omelette at the Classic Car Club Manhattan and you did. The big day baked eggs thing. It's like Soft Boiled oiled eggs baked in Marinara sauce. Served with some toast points. Looking good were spoke toast points. That was nice from the eighteen. Th the modern remake of the ATM. I didn't see the modern you know. Why would I say that because it's fun it's I wakes it doesn't as a matter? They just redid midway which is out now midway midway some Some kind of like War Film with like like planes and doesn't have something to do with the battle of midway force. It does this World War Two right. I think so so my growing up for some reason. My Dad didn't take us two movies. We went to two movies or three movies. One was jaws okay and one was midway really. He's the only movies you saw growing up and I and I think I went to Mary poppins but I think my mom Bromley their promises. Good was midway good. Ed Midway I remember being very good By the way the remake of Mary poppins although it wasn't actually a remake retelling of the story was weird because they didn't use any of the old songs wrong. What was that a low? I don't know I didn't see it. Yeah but I did get to interview. Dick Van Dyke you. Yeah with from my friends spikes podcast. I joined him sometimes and we. I interviewed Dick Van Dyke which was so fucking cool. This is like recently. This was right before that movie came out. He's well in his ninety two. Yeah and he I mean he was fought fought full energy. And you're you're well you craziness. You told me. His grandmother shook Abraham Lincoln's hand crazy any reviewed the he reviewed the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car for us. He's he's like it was a complete peasy shade. It was impossible impossible to drive and he goes off some story about how one day on set the set of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang said. It wasn't working and he goes ahead. Call Up Walt and get assorted when I stopped him. Call Up Walt Disney. He called a call Walt Disney and get this sort of like you are fucking old Dick it all keep it or young though working Graham. Oh No I don't know what to do. What was the very young? Why does like very young? I don't think she's fifty. Oh Really Oh. I didn't see her. Oh no and and he's in love author and they dance in the in the kitchen and all that and he said he he dances in the movie. Right doesn't dancing `soft wherever he goes this Dick Van Dyke he was. He was really funny though. He's he's still he's still got it back to midway so I saw midway with my dad and the knee that night was and I told you the story on on the podcast. We shared aired together the car hitting our house. Oh yeah that was that was after midway and just like the poor story that hit the second level and then go through the window it just made it to the second level. Yes Oh herb just like you said and like law a law and so I think I was dreaming of Midway and then I heard the crash and I thought it was still part of my dream it turns out. It was that that that famous car accident kamikaze. Yeah and speaking my kids while we're eating the omelets year. My wife just texted me and they both have strapped. Did one get it from the other. Is that how that works for me because I did you really. Oh Shit I gotta get it now. After our California trip I came home a little tired a a little tired and worn out and I got I got strapped. I just got my VACs updated. So we're okay. Yeah because my baby some full of fucking vaccinations right now. Congratulations relations of go for the first time I'll go henry. What do you mean Uncle Henry? I'm sorry nephew Henry. Oh you said I did I fucked it up and you know why I fucked it up. It's the my nephew. My sister's new son is named Henry but Henry is like my family's first name like my grandfather's name was Henry. I have an uncle named Henry Henry and because the name is just on I just said it wrong. You wanted my nephew Henry. WanNa play a little game. WHO has the best uncle Henry Story? All right let's roll it up. What do you got my quick Uncle Henry Story and I think I've told it on the podcast before but my grandma had a beach house in Wading River over and we all hung out there every weekend? I'm from a big family of a lot of cousins uncles. Lot of aunts all on one side by the way and back in the day they all love to drink a lot and smoke a lot and we only had one bathroom so my brother Brett who owns that fates Riley's out there in Huntington Long Island. He's in the bathroom taking a leak. He's a tiny little K with a little little little little piece at. He's going to the bathroom and all sunny many years. Move over and next thing he knows he sees a giant horse cock come over his shoulder to the story and it's Henry not because he's a creepy uncle it's because he had a few budweiser's a need to go the bathroom to and he wasn't GonNa wait for bread anymore so so he was peeing over breath shoulder while Brett was trying to pee himself. That's pretty gross. That's that's a good article Henry store. I suppose yeah it's an an and I'm here to say it wasn't because because he was creepy because we had a second bathroom but is in the basement down these really steep creepy Henry after no downstairs Canada. Ah I gotTA take all week all right. Beat that Henry story my uncle. Well I can't. It's not wants to some. My Uncle Henry is my dad's older brother. Yeah and he was a genius when he was a kid. Perfect sixteen hundred dollars. Sat's he went to Brown. He was He went to Brown and then he went went to Brown medical school. Be a doctor. He dropped out like a week before graduation. Having done the entire thing dropped out and moved to Amsterdam for ten years. We're talking about nineteen seventy two or three. Wow what a time to move to Amsterdam. I no kidding really no. There's really no questions about what you're doing if you're moving right and he basically you know I don't even really know what he did in Amsterdam but he eventually to to finish his medical degree. He's finished it out and like the University of like believes so something somewhere in Central America and And he's really kind of an artist and sort of a he does like insurance Health exams on the side. He He. He can't prescribe medicine. He's a doctor. I cannot prescribe medicine legally so I'll henry is a very interesting character and I recommend you by his paintings. Paintings seascapes kind of he actually. He really does have some artistic talents. He's a pretty good painter and he did some really cool sculpting He his painting is a bit like it's almost sixteen impressionistic. It's like actually. It's more like a monet than almost anything else. Nice Yes I have a couple of weeks. It's actually I can't prescribe medication The law says he can't because he did be prescribed himself a lot of medication That's I kind of feel bad for telling that story. I hope I hope that why it's real life. I mean it's true it's true that's a true story but I just I. I don't WanNa crap on my uncle hand on my glittery lecture is a great guys. A Nice Guy. I don't Wanna I told you about my uncle with his penis over my brother's shoulder. That's pretty nowadays. That would get you. Arrested is on your uncle Henry alive unfortunately not well so there's no consequences to your story to see. This won't mind at Thanksgiving. God Forbid Someone Listens In fucking tells it I just avoid Family functions. I look I live I live other either. I'll tell a story about my aunt. My my grandma she was alive would be a hundred and nine years old okay so she died less than a year before. I did the famous sex for Sam Prank. Oh so she. Yes so see only ever saw you successful at Saint Patrick's Cathedral where the couple had sex in the vestibule supposedly and we got fired and electrically and pretty much blew up our careers and never really got back to that point again so that it was fun anyway so my grandma died about I don't know less than a year later. I do that stunt. I blow my career. I'm deeply depressed. Rest not leaving the house depress. Like what the fuck did I just do. You didn't have the Shaman. Then no it was. It was pre shaman. Honestly out of our hands ends. But what could I have done on we were like nipping at Howard. Stern's heels at this point and it all went away everything for over two years and we didn't have social media media so we're just dead in the water so I finally decided to leave my house and I go to A Pool Party that my family was having my extended family that I'm depressed. It's coming up to me like man you know y'all right that type of stuff and also to my ankles commute little finger right and I'm like Oh this is nice you yeah no she's GonNa say something really heartfelt because she sees that. I'm in a lot of pain right now right almost suicidal back then because here and I walk up like like all right. This is going to be good man. This could really help our relationship. She leans into Mae but says it loud enough and goes. I'm just so glad you're grandma's not here to see what you did true story because my grandma. I'm always very religious so I looked at my dad. I was always looking at my dad. I go dad. I'm out and I just turned around and left out. Walked out and then the same man. I think it was later that same summer. My uncle's having a party and I walk in and I used to like you know growing my hair out and I I walk into the backyard Dr Singer of mud hunting. It was kind of going for that I was trying to do a little Kurt. Yeah so I have a plate of food I just got the food was awesome and I go out on the deck to say to my dad because I just got there and seaman man be goes man with all the money a make it thank. You would get a haircut but she meant it. She was pissed. I went took my I played a beautiful food right in the garbage and once again went data matter how I was always walking out of family functions because our wow yes she wasn't too. I mean the Animal Mean Lady you the first time I kind of get it if you really. If you're a really religious having some people fucking church is pretty bad so if you're religious. Was it in the church and it wasn't supposed to happen at all. It was supposed to be the shock of going. Oh my God this radio show might have a couple of six. I'll let's do inside baseball because I knew a lot of times that you didn't have to actually do the corner to get people talking for so my thought process putting church on the list. was everyone listening to cars going. Oh my God. I'm listening to every minute of this psychos. Might have a couple have sex in a church today. It wasn't supposed to go down that away. I had sex in a temple once. Did you yeah. I mean our blowjobs sex. Yes well I don't know what what did Clinton say uh-huh deciding factor on Clinton made a lot of guys go shoot. Get Head temple one time. I think he tried to say that. It's not saks. Officially it's it's well. I think I think you're probably wouldn't have approved giving me the the old man in a temple. Yeah I mean I'm a Jew so I wasn't in a lot of churches temples. Is that okay for your religion to do that. Probably Not God I think they would frown on it. But I I wasn't good at that religion. Anyway I'd be well. I'm bad at all religions. But if you don't believe in God then and you're not a Lotta. Yeah but I did the Bar Mitzvah thing you know. I told you that story right now. I don't think so I didn't want to have a bar Mitzvah. I was not about it. I was I as a young kid. I didn't understand why I had to learn fucking Hebrew. Like what is the point of Hebrew and she was like so you can and I was like if there's a God. He speaks English Clich. He understands whatever language I you know and I didn't want to do it but I but I'd never choice. You know I had I had to go to Hebrew School for my whole life and or at least until I was like thirteen and I didn't WANNA have bar Mitzvah every I went to the Jewish school ever those Bar Mitzvah every weekend. There was like a mailing list where people would sign up for. Days is because they didn't want to many on the same weekend and I didn't WanNa do it. I thought it was stupid and my dad was like listen. You know if you do this and your mom's going to be happy making mother happy be a never make you go to temple again after this if you don't if you're a man you've decided you don't have to go anymore if you don't want to go invite all my friends from work they're all going to give if you money and I was like all right I'll suck it up by sucked it up. I ended up getting fifty. G's now not from my parents. My parents turning from you very nice party. But they didn't give me that money friends key lots of people in small amounts of money and but my parents were smart. Ish couldn't didn't touch it which thank God because I really wanted a pentium computer. I would've spent like six. G's on a pentium. Thank God my parents were smarter and no you said you're you're not touching eighteen. But when I turned eighteen I went and bought a corvette and and it was the corvette I I I ha you know. I had the corvette for a very very long time a couple years ago. And that's awesome my my mom. My mom was not happy. My Dad went to bat for me. and agreed to pay the insurance for like six months. But then I had to figure out how to pay the insurance but that led to what you do for a living totally know the. You'll love of car. Yes now looking backwards from here. More areas story did directly lied to wear helped you when I want to talk for. I was a trained range photographer. Like that's what I went to college for to make money. I was an assistant for another photographer. That's like a thing that you do at a college and this guy shot weddings and bar mitzvahs for some heavy heavy heavy hitters. One of them one bought Mitzvah for a girl was for the daughter of a record company executive and it was at the Rainbow Room above thirty rocket. NBC Universal which actually my sister got married to the Ramo Room last year it was not as Penn position because fifty cent A stevie nicks and Steven Tyler and Joe Perry all performed. Wow Long Bob Mitzvah this would have been two thousand and six fifty fifty cent will sing. Go Shorty it's your Bot Mitzvah for a million dollars. Wow is it will change the lyrics to your. Tha The club to your by Mitzvah for your little girl or your little girl. You really a million dollars. You know that yeah. I knew it was for that party. I bet you it's less now but yeah. I thought about that because what I got married last year. Do you remember Richard Cheese. I think I heard of Richie's from you. You must have. I must have love Richard Zapping Lounge Song of him in years ago. Hannah I WANNA hire Richard Chief coverage for your wedding. No she said absolutely not you in the lounge versions of like metal song. Yeah there you go perfect now you now. It's he's hilarious but actually reasonably priced. It's about sixty five hundred bucks to get Richard Cheesy Compla- your party. which for a wedding band is is actually pretty said no she said no for the content tend not for the price we thought we thought it would be funny if it was a smaller party but for a big wet it didn't make sense but I then asked my agent in La. I go give me the list of like. What would it cost to have a band play? Just that like I've heard of. Yeah you you know. Just out of curiosity probably won't happen but like get me. The list and the list was really interesting. There's there's very clear tears. The top was like beyond say U2 stones and it was like five million you could get the stones for your wedding for five million so you can buy anything you want to play for five million dollars no kid then below one below that and there was there was probably a couple other bands on that. But that's the level of band or artist the level of what they come in and then you went down Pearl. Jam was on their Pearl. Jam was a million. So you have one million was was pearl jam a bed where you Jones and and listen if I had the money if I was if I was rolling like that a thousand percent a thousand percent then you go down to like five hundred hundred grand and five hundred grand for like a new band. That's doing really well like a band. That's like on their first or second album but is like up in the charts right right now like group love and a lot of these new alternative bands Mumford and San's I I don't have that kind of money for it. In sunset your wedding would be amazing and and stuff like that and then and then I want to hear about the bottom of the list while the bottom of the list. I don't remember the very bottom. There was some that. Were like five grand. I think Afro Man after Bathrobe chromos five grand and the sweet spot. The real sweet spot was like thirty five or forty thirty five or forty grand. I would get you real big fish or would get you like Goldfinger like one of the Scott Shaw Ninety S. It would get shoe like Brian Setzer orchestra in terms of. I don't remember we fifty. Two's yeah yes stuff like that like bands. You've totally heard of but like don't really get do a lot of touring laugh. It was that was was really a good sweet spot. I actually went to one of those I was invited to the NHL All Star game and it was like a big warehouse. Like we're in right now and I walk in the front door and I hear the B fifty fifty two. Oh that's cool. I I like to be fifty. Two's thinking you know they're just cranking music over the sound system and my friends. No you idiot what that the right there. That's amazing so cool because like you said it was a smaller room you know it. It was People you can get people I think like you could do like like John. Mayer was like two or three hundred kind of levels like that. Yeah I mean we we ultimately were like. We don't want our wedding to be a concert but it was interesting to see the list. Of course you remind me of a quick story so I got I married in Philly at the at the six cents Church in Philadelphia. The movie the sense that Oh yeah yeah church we got got married there which was fucking. Yeah so my wife's like you know I would really like a Gospel Choir. Oh Yeah for our ceremony on my Kinda wanted that too. We ended up not doing so we asked. Yeah like it's Catholic Church. You Ain't getting a Gospel Choir near they will say this thing with it the next thing you know because I was doing a little better back. Then they're mad Phar- from the smoking tire so basically it turned into a how much game and guess what in the end. We had the same smart. And everyone's going. How fucked did you pull that off? I'll tell you how you pull it off donates legal That's fucking crazy. It was cool because I I some I wouldn't have thought about it. Made it very you know unique and we were always you know we're always about this unique and different. We did something really cool so I think that I tell you my friend Christian James Hand who deconstructs rock music. Yes it's the coolest and he does it on the radio in La he doesn't live you sell shows He sells tickets to the show. I WanNa talk to track. And it's amazing. Oh He's he performs here in New York to You sound like once a month and so I flew him out as a surprise at the rehearsal. Dinner to deconstruct Hannah's favorite favorite song for everybody. So I dropped this dude on one hundred fifty unsuspecting people and surprise for my wife and he deconstructed somebody to love by Queen just his favorite song and the isolated Freddie Mercury vocals on. It are Nanas Bananas and so but that was the song we walked down the aisle too. So you prime all of these people the night before with intimate knowledge of this song and like a real connection the song now you set him up in an emotional setting already. Yeah we gave him beers. We serve everybody beers in this during the ceremony. Corona's course and Carl said that was smartest artists ever seen in a wedding. Carl had some really good notes. He was there. It was great. And I'm sad. You weren't but I wasn't invited. No Oh I'm sorry I didn't invite you now. If I know we'd become friends like this I wouldn't talk as you. Well know. You're assuming Carl was GonNa take me as ah he but man when you you start playing somebody to love at a as a walking down. The aisle people lost their minds. We got a straight eight up standing ovation. Like there's none of this solemn Church Shit right it became a rock show right. I'll show you the video like I'm not going to like make you watch my the wedding video but it's like I've never seen anything like that for a really really cool with Queen. It's all about listening to Freddie. Mercury vocals waited. Which I've done that before? Hang Online. Hang on because what what I'm looking for on my phone right now. Is that as a wedding gift. Christian made me a a version of somebody to love that doesn't exist. It's it's Freddie Mercury's vocals and piano only wait created from the track. No kidding and eh not fucking talking crazy. Isolated Freddie Mercury Vocals Rule Oss. Yeah yeah so I mean imagine going through this song for everybody and then playing at the beginning the fucking set them up and then we send them. We knocked them down at the end to because we planted confetti cannons all over the fucking thing so when I broke the Glass Mazal talking Confetti got it it was so bad ass Hannah this is all my wife. She extremely I. I don't think we're going to beat that Let's get Outta here. It's speech we have to go to pig. Beach Celebrate Carl's life for the whole bunch of people a bunch of barbecue guys and fans it's GonNa be it's GonNa be Great Eight and I'm sure it will be the next radio podcast. That's for sure. Oh quickly you mentioned thriller. Did you see the the old age home. That every year they performed thriller. I've seen the youtube videos. Funny I think I think they perform it around Halloween and did you see the lady black face because she was Michael Jackson you know do you let it go. No one was outraged. Larry Oh my God it was warning about. That is Michael. Jackson really wasn't even all the way black black facing bad. Yeah she's just black face even if you're old all right. Let's get out of your hiccups because you listen to me on this podcast. That's all good. Bye Yeah my friend Matt Farah thank you so much thanks to the Classic Car Club Manhattan had had it was it was awesome once again. There's so cool. Here and in the description of this episode is a video. That Matt did before this podcast. It's seventeen minutes is of him describing a lot of cool cars. I hope you check that out. Oh and also really quick Thanks to MANSCAPING DOT COM. Welcome back to the OPIE radio. podcast real quick real easy. Go to their website. Twenty percents off right now. Use the Promo Code Opie O.. P. I E. Blue Blue Boo boo BOO BOO BOO boo.

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