"Fat Rabbits"


Previously from the Tony Kornheiser show. So, yesterday I don't know about two o'clock. I'm walking the dog I'm walking Jesse and. Somebody in a car a car that actually looks like. He stole it off a lot. It's just like the oldest car I've ever seen turns around big sweeping turn and I. Look, it's devil, it's. It's never and so we started to talk. Well it doesn't look good. New Car. This is General George Washington and you're listening to Tony Kornheiser. Show all right for those of you who care. We are still at Uncle Ben's table. Michael is socially distance. At six feet away from me and uncle, Ben's table and we are going to do a loaded guests show today just in terms of News Karen, Johnson who Jason Lockenfora talked about the other day who was in Romania, playing basketball with his pregnant wife, and could not get back to the United States is back according to Yahoo Sports. He is back. That is something that everybody I'm sure in. The family feels good about Steve. Sands joins us now and and there is going to be live golf. It's not going to have faint well, you know. I couldn't even say what it's not going to have. I'll ask Steve all about. This is the colonial it is in Fort Worth Texas. It is an. Old. Tournament that people love and respect if I'm not mistaken. Annika Sorenstam. Played at one right Steve Dynamic of Sorenstam's play that one tournament, and then get an not play against men anymore and proved that she could do pretty well. Am I right on that about ten twelve years ago? Yeah exactly right. Yeah I remember that remember that so anyway, so it's going to be a great field I. Let's discuss. What are they going to do a or they're going to be fans. Be Our players going to be tested see? Is there anything sort of extraordinary in the coverage that makes it different than what you're used to. Own. Different no fans, no hospitality tents, so you won't see the grandstands and you own see those hospitality tents around the fairways and Greens that you normally would see tee boxes. With people clinking glasses having fun, and you know drinking and eating, and just watching the greatest players in the world. Play Golf. So that's the first thing you'll notice the silence and a lack of grandstands when you watch on. TV, the getting tomorrow on the other thing is the players have been tested the last couple of days. there have been no withdraws. That's that's significant. Tony which means no one has positive. on the PGA tour at colonial or in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida at the Korn Ferry tour, so no withdraws the winds two days, which means bill, buddy, neither caddy, nor a player has tested positive. It's GonNa. Look and feel different I think people are GonNa Watch sports. Would know fans unlike Nascar Tony where you hear the roar of the engines going around the track in golf there will be no palpable noise or buzz or commotion or People Walking Around It'll look a lot different beginning tomorrow. So there will be caddies. Will they be able to remove the flag sticks? Will they be able to hand a club to their player? Yes they will they. They'll be social distancing and that is a very important message The PGA tour wants to convey to the audience that you can play the game and also do it in a responsible Safeway in the times we're in with social distancing They will be able to touch. flack ticks unlike what we saw at the two exhibition matches a couple of weeks ago at seminal and the. The medalist the guys will be able to touch the flagstick and rakes. There won't be as many rakes on the golf, course but that part of the game you won't notice that part of the game will be the same except for when you see those scenes in golf, or they're waiting on a tee box or where they're waiting around green You won't see guys standing so close to one another. Here's what you often see. A player lines up a PUTT A caddy is right behind him a caddy lineup apart. They're very physically close often. Hand on shoulder often, but I know they won't do that now. Will we see that? No you're supposed to stay six feet away now i. think that is instinctively I think people almost would muscle memory will go into their normal routine even though they haven't played competitively and thirteen weeks the guys still have their same routine that they've always gone through all these years. especially guys. Who have caddies who have worked together for ever and ever so say take James Edmonson is the caddy. He's been a club champion at colonial for years, multiple times His boss Ryan Palmer is a member at colonial. Those two have been going around that golf course Tony Together as best friends and caddies. In player relationship for years all over the world, but especially there in Fort Worth at colonial It's GonNa be an odd. Thing for them, but they're gonNA. Try their best to again. Convey that message to the world that let's play this game. Let's play responsibly and keep our social distancing. It's GonNa. They'RE GONNA be a couple of missteps where people kind of chuckle a little bit where they get too close to one another and they have to Kinda back away. There's no doubt about that. When you read about and listen to commentary on the NBA. They talk about everybody being in a bubble everybody into. Orlando nobody leaving the bubble. Once you get in, you cannot leave. Golf is a game of individuals, not teams. Is there a bubble for golfers? And I was listening to you. Talk to will on the other day about this. Is he going to be coming to Orlando for a month as that sounded July? On wilpon. Sitting in sweltering heat of central Florida for more than a month yes I mean what the bubble is different in the NBA what they're trying to do and Major League Baseball what they're going to do. As well in the NHL. It's very simple when an NBA team travels to Orlando and then they get into a hotel. That's the lockdown then they go to and from the arena. At Walt Disney world, and that's it. Golf is so different to you and Michael Notice it's. It's it's a hundred forty eight players this week. With a hundred forty eight caddies there officials there people from the tour that people from the event and they're all individuals they they don't work for anyone other than themselves, so there are multiple hotels. You can't really legislate whether or not the guys go out to dinner. Grab a sub and bring it back to their room. have takeout or have it delivered. You can't really legislate that. The bubble that the PGA tour is trying to put together is not nearly as tight as they would be in team sports where the collective bargaining agreement and players all travel with each other as opposed to individual I. It's a some more challenging. Challenging Sport logistically in that regard but it is the least challenging wants. The competition is going on inside the ropes, not have checking in and box out and getting you know tackles and and and Gore's right. They're spending all other that kind of thing and check each other into the board so what you gain in the competition you lose in that bubble sense or when they're away from the golf course. Is there a plan? You Talk to people in golf all the time and when I say a plan just needed in the loosest sense. Is there anything that they're aiming for in terms of bringing back fans, or they just say no. We're not going to even think about that yet. Yeah they're doing it in blocks Tony So. Unfortunately with the no fans being allowed in certain places. you're seeing a scheduled kind of piecemeal together because some events are being canceled, John Deere Classic Illinois had to be canceled because they just couldn't make it without fans, so they're doing it in four tournament blocks. You have this week at the colonial, no fans, and then no fans all the way through Hilton head next week, and then Hartford the following week, and then outside Detroit at the rocket mortgage will be the fourth event. Then may go to Columbus. Ohio for two weeks in a row. That's the John. Deere was canceled. They replace that event with an event at Jack Nicklaus's Muirfield village in Ohio just outside Columbus that first week that replaying there is going to be sponsored by Workday, no fans, but then at Jackson. They're gonNA be upwards of eight thousand fans a day. Mike Dewine the governor of Ohio. is allowing fans to be played that week so five weeks from now. You'll see fans at a PGA tour of and scheduled right now just knows what's going to happen in the next five weeks, but right now five weeks from now at the memorial, Jack Nicklaus's event, which will have everybody playing the field will be stacked that week at Jack Place. They will be upwards of eight thousand fans per day that week. There's a the field here you've got the top five got eight of the top ten of the top ten. We're not there. It's because I think they are European and it's hard to negotiate the travel. You don't have tiger, but you got almost everybody else, right. Yes, I mean the the guys as you can imagine Tony. Are Jones to compete and everybody's ready to go I was a little surprised to tiger. Didn't play this week I. Don't know if it's if it's a health issue. I have no idea what the deal is, but you would think remembered. When the players was called on that Thursday night after the first round thirteen weeks ago, tiger hadn't played for a multiple for that also meant that a half before that at Torrey. Pines outside San, Diego so it's been a long time since tigers competed on the PGA tour. But everybody's there. outside of those guys who said would travel issues, and tiger this week and I think the feels are going to be really really strong. The next two or three weeks there might be a little bit of a lull there with Detroit, and then when they go to Columbus I fully unless he's not healthy, and unless there are still travel restrictions I literally think you could. Could see like perhaps every single person in the top thirty or top forty play in Jackson Memorial I think that they will not they not only want kiss the ring of Jack Nicholas, but it's just such a great golf. Course it's great tournament, and it's perfectly timed a couple of weeks before the first major championship, which is scheduled in San, Francisco at harding. Park the PGA Championship in August. Will the players you know? Be miked up for this event? Is this an event where everyone will be? Mike or certain players will be miked not necessarily to have dialogue with you because they won't have earpieces, but will they be miked up so that down the road? We can hear what they say. Yeah this has been a big push from TV partners and the PGA tour for a couple of years now, and yes is the answer. I believe Ricky. Fowler will be miked up tomorrow I saw you and well bond going back and forth on. About it. I I liked the dialogue I. Like you can ask them a question. I like that exactly of course so what? We have just my opinion. I'm not in these meetings Easter, high level executive meetings I would forego the miked up player situation because we have what's called Parabas Mike's. Mike's are so good now that our audio guys get right in there on fairways and Greens, and you could hear the conversations anyway, so I would rather be able to walk and talk with them. Say once around for like seven t to the second shot at seven if it's a par five, that's reachable. Were you know the guys are going to be waiting anyway? And you have ninety seconds to be able to chat with him, not really late around where we bother them, but maybe somewhere in the middle of the round to get a little inside access. Inside the ropes, Mikey guys on the PGA tour is not going to be as exciting as people think. You will be especially following Barkley in the booth, Peyton Manning, there's an all time. Great indicator in sports Brady Phil, tiger. the dynamic of Barclay, and Manning, going back and forth. You'RE NOT GONNA be able to put an earpiece in a player what he's playing a PGA tour event. That's just ridiculous because he's competing competing for his livelihood. I'm with you, The MIC'd up. Thing doesn't really jack me up at all. I would rather be able to just kinda hear from them. You know throughout the course of a sixty second perhaps conversation as they're walking from one shot to the next somewhere in the middle of the ramp, but yeah I think it's Fowler Tomorrow Maybe one or two other guys so that part of the telecast will be interesting to watch as well. Well I would also think if I were the president of the PGA tour. I would want to protect my players I would want to review what what is heard over the Air I. WanNa make sure there was nothing particularly controversial. Nobody cursing. You know I I run it by my players, 'cause if only a few of them agree to do it and they get embarrassed by it. That's a bad circumstance. Yeah. I totally agree I was asked about. About this about how like eighteen months ago maybe two years ago and I said the only way you could possibly do it on the PGA tour to a get a little bit of material for fans who are watching on TV to be able to get a little more inside the ropes than they are obviously watching from their couch, or they're lazy boy Is I think like the NBA does. It is pretty good. You have the coaches who were miked, and then you go to commercial. Break any come out of commercial whether it's on ESPN or whether it's on GNC. When they come out commercial. They kind of go back and hear the conversation that way. The coach in this case or the player on the PGA tour is protected, so it's not live, which is obviously not as as great I mean you want it on tape? But if you do it live, so you run the risk. Of really exposing player again I think from having a conversation you wake golf, and you and you know this Tony and Michael. Noses, and I think people who are listening to your show. Know this as well. There's so much time in between shots in golf. One of the beauties of golf and the beauty of the caddy relationship with player is the catty is almost a mini sports psychologist as he or she's walking around the golf course with their boss. Because you're trying to keep your player loose, you're. You're trying to keep your player engaged as well so whether they're having a conversation about the caps making a Stanley Cup run, or they're having a conversation about one or two players who they're playing with say the guy is slow, and the guy is cursing at his caddy about how slow the other player in his group is. You can't have that on television. That's not fair to expose the player and the caddy like that so so very very tricky spot for television to have these guys Mike Okay listen I I'm. I'm happy that there's going to be live golf I'm people I hope people. Watch I know you're excited about it and we will talk to you soon. Johnny. Be Good good to talk to you Steve. 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Do not leave your gift shopping until the last minute visit, venturo watch dot, com slash Tony, and this is the Italian pronunciation V. I N. E. R. O. Vinci Zero. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. To The Turn. This is a song called. Tokyo girl. By an office named Thou- McCallum. Maybe, no, his father. His father was David McCallum, the British actor who was in the man from uncle. And was in the movie, the great escape. Shea his mother is Jill Ireland who was an actress and a model and was in. A movies with Charles Bronson. Why are we playing this? It was sent to us by Michael Graham Berry who's the arts and feature writer at the Dallas Morning News. Who Sends US stuff here and there found? Val McCallum. Tours with Jackson Browne. He's his guitar player. He tours with Bonnie Raitt and these are his own songs. This is like the closest. We're getting a stardom kids, and this is really this. This makes me very very happy very happy. This song is called Tokyo girl. We've another song later Nigel. That's right we definitely do. That's really cool. Chuck Todd joins us. He doesn't have to do. Meet the press at this hour. He doesn't even have to do. Meet the press on a Wednesday has to do it on Sunday. And before we get to politics, and we will get to a little bit of politics of course, but what are you? What are you doing? What are you? There's no sports. You're a sports fan. You are an in sports. What are you doing it's. Been A lot. We Benja Lot of Television Dad. I've done I'm already I'll be honest. I'm already forward. If like going down youtube rabbit holes of seeing Buzzer, beaters. I, you know MLB network. Hey, greatest half innings of all time, and you're like really an afternoon see I. Remember that happening and like all right. That doesn't do it Do have a lot of shipments and rabbits in our neighborhood, and we got a couple of Fox's. You could sorta gamble I guess on seeing WHO's GonNa. Live today, the chipmunk or the rabbit I in our neighborhood. We're like huge chipmunk outbreak. By the way, this is what I do every day I sit in my house. I wake up in the office I. Do my call out of what's all the shipments run around? and. It's all because we have now rabbits. The Fox's used to eat our chip. And then somebody led a rabbit out a couple years ago, and of course we got rabbits all over our neighborhood, and guess what the boxes dine out on now. Have to you this. I have to tell you that there have been rabbits in my neighborhood. Occasionally over twenty years there are millions of them now and their fact, their big fat bunnies. And you say to yourself way, too. They have is their only natural enemy hawk, because we don't have hawks in the neighborhood, we are proliferating with fat rabbits. Boxes. We've got to Fox's in our neighborhood. That shall we say are very well fed. They do quite well in our ever. And it has brought the rabbit population down. We had a huge outbreak last year. But the chipmunks are what are benefiting I. Mean we just chipmunks have never felt so free. Because the Fox's are distracted by rapid my dog. Sit At. Are Now. So my dog when we're walking, my dog will look at rabbits and look at rabbits and look at squirrels. Her instinct is to chase squirrels which he can't because they go up a tree, she hasn't occasionally. If there's a rabbit in the yard, she'll go after the rabbit and she's zero to sixty in a second and a half but rabbits. Again I've said this many times. If dogs could catch and kill rabbits, it'd be dead rabbits in every yard all the time they can't. It doesn't happen, but that's we have a. we have their fat. The giants Bonnie I grew up with bugs bunny. He always got away with. It was hard to catch it and it must be reelected. So what are you going to gamble on? What are you doing? What are you? What are you waiting for? What do you think we'll be played in won't be played. Well, look I'm a doctor doom. Doctor Doom because I'm I I. Don't know I. Don't know how we're doing this. I'm I'm. I'm petrified that we're going to get a spike on July fourth. He essentially over the we you know you look at. If. You look at what happened Memorial Day plus the protests. That means sometime around the fourth of July. We're probably going to spice and my fear. Is that that spooks universities and Goodbye College Football. And that that's my fear of like if it gets really bad around the around the first right if this spike is is you know is as bad as some fear. Then that gets rid of because I'm. It does look like. College, Football and NFL pretty determined comeback that in some form. I I assume that we do get some football. But I wouldn't be surprised if there's only conference games. When it comes to. Comes to college. I mean we'll see but I I I you know if they start to tinker more I mean. When I saw Alabama return five players tested positive for the virus. Say Missouri had five know you just sit there and you're like I. Don't know how you. What's going to happen when you test before game and? Too often of linemen to starting the blind and have the virus, and then you gotta sit him. I get pummeled number one by the way. How do you gamble on his me? This is a small aside, and it's like obviously this is stuff you care about. it's my understanding that at least on the college level we won't know who tested positive for the virus until literally kickoff. Well how I know! You're supposed to on that rack like we're going to be back to the old days. Hey I heard from a friend of a friend that own so might have tested positive for. We don't know maybe no left tackle this week and you're like no left tackle. That's the whole game. So it's so interesting to me because I mean I obviously I can't stand just sitting in an attic, and talking about the same stories over and over and over again so I want there to be live sports. But football to me. You can't everything about football is contact all the time all week long in practice? I just don't know how they're going to stay. Virus, free and football. I don't know how it's possible. I am much more pessimistic about football than you I am yeah well. I think that the college. I think the financial for college sports. Make where there's no alternative. You know this goes to why I'm like a pessimist about the economy and the medium term for the next nine months. You know twelve months. Because explained to me, I. Mean I've already seen the University of Dayton. Got Rid of golf okay? Non Revenue Sport a couple of other universities they're starting to. You're going to see I mean I. Ask Yourself I. went to Gw. You went to to to to descend. At what point at what point are they going to say? Man? I don't know we're GONNA have to. We have to focus on spending money on improving our ability to do virtual academics. We can't afford this non revenue sport. We can't afford this non revenue sport. I mean I so my point is, is that some of these schools so desperately need? The revenue the football revenue in order to keep the rest of their athletic budgets and pack and not lose Revenue Sports. Maybe for good so I. Think in the same way that that there's this. I just think there's almost the same university general feel like they have to bring suits campus because they lose. They lose a year of that everybody's GonNa. Wait wait a minute that University of Phoenix thing isn't such. Such a bad idea now is it right? That's the big fear of the entire business model falls apart, so that's why I mean I think that's why we have college football in the fall that it's just sort of forced upon us. Maybe it's only the SEC in the big ten right now. Maybe they're the. They're the ones that are the most aggressive, but I think there's too much money involved the try. And if you're the parent of a scholarship athlete on a football team, Child does not paid. Does not get paid for his services and becomes a laboratory rat, so that the SEC can continue to play and make money you. How many lawsuits is that engender? Well, let's let's talk about one player. Why should Trevor Launch Play at all? No idea what? Number, one pick all right. We don't say on this for two years. Anyway. Some people questioning. Should he play a sophomore year? Right could be the secret set up two years. It'd be the as this point in this environment with all this uncertainty. There's you know I that I do expect quite a few places to sit. Quite a few places to sit and you know again. This is all going to. College basketball look like. Even if they play any good player now it's not going to go to college game now. League, alright exact. This accelerated veteran. Once I got this. One thing about this pandemic. And it's been every walk of life but it. We're seeing sports, too. If you're fragile before the Pandemic Your Business Model was tragic and basketball the pandemic, basically crushed. You right accelerated all your problems and made them right in front of your face. and Twa Basketball that problems right in front of their. Would you go to a game? Let's say starts outside made. Would you go? You might go back outside. Maybe not indoors. I wouldn't go endorse. but I'd only go. They created a time to from when I entered. Like if you think about it, the only way to really do this I don't want to be if I knew I was gonNA. Get queued up in a line. Forget it. But, if there is one of the ideas I've seen. Is You know you can do this now? Right you. On your on your phone, you would have a time stamp. You gotTA enter. You know you can enter you know in five minute increments. as a way of trying to space people out so that you don't get in line, but. You know it, it. I you know I I certainly wouldn't be the first person to go. I want them to figure out how to make it so that I didn't have to get caught up in line very often. I'd be wanting to go. I'd love to. Go alone. All Right, let me get to your job. The job of analyzing politics in America. There's going to be an election about an hour. I don't think people. Realize because everything that's going on I don't think people have realized actually going to be election and is not going to be postponed and it is going to take place although I'm sure the loser whoever the loser is will challenge the validity of every single vote. You know in every single state. The what is your sense of Donald Trump right now? What is your sense of Joe? Biden right now? Is the simplest way I. Try to answer this question you ever met. You have anybody who voted for Hillary Clinton. That's voting for Donald Trump. No No, and this is the part where I can't. figure out how he wins. He has not my point is it's a shorthand way of same hand grown his base right right ever you know. He's always talking to the same group of people and it does seem over time. You know what it's like. It's like a river. He's like a river and support are in the banks. And it's just constant erosion, and sometimes the river gets really choppy and rapidly and crazy, and erodes faster in the moment, and then it'll calm down and things will the roads, but it's always aerobic. And if you look look at our last poll, look at all these folks. If there's like it's never ten points at a time, it's one or two one or two more points among suburban Republicans, one or two more points, college educated white men, one or two more. You just start to see it. At it is, you know. Joe Biden on one hand. We all looked at me like. Physically, he doesn't seem like a strong candidate yet. You doesn't see there isn't like boy aren't enthusiastic. Biden supporters yet he's got the largest lead over and cinnamon company president. In either of our lifetime Sony. You. Know that, right? Yes at this by the way without lead like this over an incumbent sitting incumbent president, nobody has had a lead like that without saying word right. He hasn't said anything well. Isn't that anything? I mean no car even harder didn't have this lead over Ford and you know. There was times at Carter looked like he was a runaway in seventy six. You know, and then of course always ended up very close at the end. I. Think this is more like nineteen eighty right? Where felt close felt competitive felt uncertain, and then it just broke late. and. People People Forget. You Know People Forget? Reagan today and the memory of Reagan is this you know larger than life person in nineteen eighty. There were a lot of people never forget my mother. She was one of those yeah. Carter doesn't serve another term I don't know about Reagan. You seem very aggressive. I don't know right but I think. She ended up going that way, but my point was like you know. There are a lot of people struggled with with the Reagan choice, and they were okay after the fact, but it was more of a I'm vote map car right I'm not voting for Reagan Voting Out Carter, and and I think that's where we're headed here that it's possible this break late, and it's just a whole bunch of people to May only vote for Biden once in their life mainly vote Democrat once in their lifetime, but it may be. To you like you're in this. You have to watch this every day. You have to talk about it every day. Does it feel to you like. Like a sea-change change does it feel to you like this is lasting that there is going to be enormous change in the country and an acceptance that we are now on a new path. On race I I WanNa I. I WANNA believe that. I. Don't know yet. I don't know if this is we had. This is the debate. In fact, my my Colleagues who write a morning newsletter? On Politics Street. And and we had. This is going to be like gay marriage that just it's slipped and everybody's Yep. We're all ENYA. Or is this going to be like what we saw to the park when shooting? For about a week. It looked like everybody wanted to do something. And then all of a sudden politics got Malayan. You're like we're not there yet, right? We're not whatever it was. You know you get closer on guns, but you're not there yet, right? There hasn't been the C chain. So I don't know on on on urban politics. I will say this. I to see the Republican Party this morning. For the most part separate trump of hair minute. They're desperate to do some police reform with the Democrats the fact that node the Democratic Bill. That's already out there you know normally if the Democrats passed the bill by on their own right, they put our proposal bipartisan support. It automatically starts getting trashed by Republicans A- party line. You're not hearing. There aren't things being offered in. That Republicans think they can't support or at least Come you know support the concept of it. So. There is a deal to be done. I think at the end of the day. It's GonNa. It's GonNa depend on two things. One is is is trump. And how much does she wanted or does? He decided just blow it up on his own which he can at any moment with one tweet kind homeless did yesterday. Or do Democrats not. WanNa give the Republicans. Cover! And, not want to help out you know vulnerable. Republicans would like to be on the side of police. Reform North Carolina in Colorado and Arizona so. I. That's the one thing that could that could that could end this, but the bigger picture I mean. Look the big see changes of majority of white. Americans now believe there's systemic racism. Yes. That was that is what didn't change for decades yet. A majority of the country that believe that not a majority of White America. Now you've majority of White America, and that's that's the sea change, vast and I I don't know if it I don't. I don't know what sustaining itself looks like in the next three months. But it does feel like term this is. You know the saying the Ark of you know the you know the. We have a long arc of history bends towards justice. It's like Oh, which we're we're. We're around in the bent on this one but I still think. You know I'm I'm cautiously optimistic. There's still a chance this. You know. A week later. It looks like the gun debate. I'm always sort of cautioned by the fact that on this issue I, am more optimistic than Wilpon, woman always says to me I hope you're right but I'm just I don't think so. You find that during no eight I found that during the campaign. African American colleagues and friends of mine were much more pessimistic about the country seen Obama. then. White folks yeah yes. Yeah, interesting, thank you, Chuck. Let's talk under better circumstances. When there's sports, we can gamble on. Thank you I I would love that thanks Tony. Todd boys and girls. It's wonderful to talk to him. We will take a break Gina McManus will join us when we return I am Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony. Kornheiser show. This is the policy genius sad with everything going on right now. A lot of people are asking if it's even possible to buy life insurance at all in the short answer is yes, you can buy life insurance during a pandemic, and if you have loved ones depending on your income, you probably should as an insurance marketplace policy genius in contact with Life Insurance, companies. Companies on their platform every day. They're keeping track of all the changes in the market, so you don't have to. Which means they can get you covered quickly and for the best price. Here's how it works policy. Genius compares quotes from the top life insurance companies in one place. 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All the time Val McCallum Jeannie will love. This is the son of David McCallum the British actor. From the man from uncle and his mother is Jill Ireland and Jill Ireland after. That marriage broke up July Ireland, married Charles Bronson and this song. Charlie's coal is for Charles Bronson who was Val McCallum's Stepdad. This is like this is as close to sort of royalties were getting on this show him foul mccown. Digging deep in the Trivia through I had really nice. Yes, I mean for those people who don't know the television show the man from uncle with Robert Vaughn, and David McCallum it was wonderful. Remember Genie! He played Ille- Kuriokin. Yet to get that kind of bowl, cut, blond hair, Yup, Yup and every. A great looking guy and he played although I think he's Scottish. He played. You know sort of an Eastern European almost Russian Kinda guy right in the man from uncle. Black precursor to maybe mission impossible yeah. Yeah that's right. I, mean, it's a really good show. Man From uncle was an NBC show. If I remember correctly, and it was a really good show. But you gotta go back at least fifty years maybe more. I I watched it on a black and white television. So that's a long time ago. What are you doing? Keep US updated with you. The last time we talked you were trying to find new routes to walk. You were concerned that Connecticut. Avenue was too crowded and you were branching off. I have been doing that although I did walk down Connecticut. Avenue yesterday because I had to get something that the CVs. And I. As I was walking back at Connecticut and mccomb on Connecticut Avenue. A manhole cover blew up. Really I thought okay. Okay, so we have a pandemic. And we have protesting nationwide, and now the manhole covers are exploding. Why not? So, blue straight up into the how high it goes like a geyser. Grill Gosh I would say seven or eight feet it kind of fun. And then it landed back in the whole, but at an angle, so it was sticking up like a shield. Right. So, there was no sign of construction or any work going on Connecticut Avenue, but all of a sudden. This guy comes running down from mccomb street. Had heard the boom. I mean it was a book, and I was right across the street from it if I had been on that side of the street i. Would have been scary. He running down and very smartly. Immediately starch to direct traffic because if a car had driven into that I mean. They. The Axel would have been broken into second. So. He barely very smartly started to read a direct traffic, and then as soon as the light turns red, and that traffic stops. He Ran mccombs street and got to Orange Cones, so I'm thinking he must have been part of some work crew on mccomb street, and that maybe just connecting the dots here something they were doing on mccombs three. Precipitated a manhole explosion on Connecticut Avenue so let me be clear about this. This was not on the sidewalk. This was on the thoroughfare on the street itself on the second lane away from the sidewalk. Well, but he could've fallen back down and crushed a car. You're I mean driving over it at that minute. That's tough for you. That's bad. That's bad look. Could, smash his right in the bottom of your car and through the driver's seat. Well, I mean was. How was the force on it like? Was It really forceful? Yes, it was. It wasn't just popping up. I mean if it want. It launched and then landed back down in the hole, but like Atta. Oh, I'm battle geometry like one hundred and thirty five degree angle. Maybe I don't know. Those things are heavy. Del Crush you. I thought that perhaps it was an omen, and so I came home and stayed inside for the rest of the day. I couldn't do anymore walk. That's probably the right way to go. Although I from now on, I might avoid Connecticut Avenue and try to walk on a smaller street, but every street has manhole covers. And, there's a whole. There's a city down there. There's like under the under. The street is a lot of stuff. You know this could be people living there. You know I don't know. For sure and alligators you don't know. Genie came over to the House the other day to get some food from the Roberto donut thing that I've talked about and by the way some listeners to the show have signed up, which is really nice. I'm sure that that's a really good thing. And you saw I had lost weight and you, did you. Do you have a look of horror on your face? Which scared me? Had A look of horror. When you told me how much you had lost may I wouldn't have known I. Say that number. Yes, okay? You told me that you loved forty four. Pounds I hadn't lose forty pounds over twenty years. You know I didn't lose forty. I've lost about twelve to fifteen in just in the last few months. I don't know how I'm eating. You know maybe I'm sick, but I don't appear to be sick I. Don't feel sick and I'm eating. You look great, but I must say you know. I came for weekly food basket, which was delicious Food Bank here I. Don't think and Michael Thank you for the east. And I went home and I ate the. White Ragu delicious white, Ragu. LASAGNA. Thought how is Tony Eating Miss? And losing weight, and I thought what you must have a tapeworm I don't want to alarm you I know. You're not the kind of person who worries about your health. I. Have a tape for. I'm eating at night. I'm eating full dinners and I'm happy to eat them. I'm not eating during the day Michael. Has Theories on I? Don't think any of us are aware as to how many calories you eat every day at lunch at PTA, and then you eat candy nonstop lot tonight down to one meal and one snack, which is ice cream over the sink. Yeah, so I'm not. But. Do you like the food? The Roberto? Dona food is really good. Yeah, it was. It was really good, and and there was Polenta, and there were a couple of soups that why heavily one of the soups it was labeled. C. H. Spring Soup, so I think that was chives spring. Sue because it was redolent of chives. Did you like it? Very good so one of the reasons I think I'm losing weight honestly is I am a big bread, eater, and nothing and I. Don't have any bread. If I go out to eat I eat. A lot of bread I tend to eat a lot of bread and I haven't been doing that. I've had a BAGEL. You know during the day from but as the BAGELS, but I I'm really a big bread and butter, eater and I. Don't have that one of the things that was delivered to me if I was soup with bread every single day and I just most of the time just take. The bread is really good bread. Come from my food basket upbringing you a loaf of bread. Yeah, your homemade bread. That would be great. Be Great I don't I. Don't know how you feel about this and I think about this that so much of my social. Engagements in my life have either been going to play golf or going to sit and eat at a restaurant and I'm not anxious at all to go to a restaurant I'm real, not I know a lot of people. Are You I'm not not at all and I I? Loved restaurants as as much food as just for meeting my friends there you know sitting together having a glass of wine sharing meal, but this is what I have started to do, and I think this is safe. I go to my friend. Diana's is beautiful yard. We sit far apart from each other on beach towels. And Sunday her daughter went down to Capitol Crab and bought a dozen, really delicious crabs, and then the daughter stood in the yard and threw US craps as if you were a seal. I quit. So! We didn't have any contact except with the crabs. Just wanted another one she'd go over at the bag. Get us to crab. And throw it at us. And so that was. You, did you did you like a seal? Did you laugh you bring a baseball Mitt. But we buck cat her. That's for sure yeah. Bring US another crab But it. Yeah, and then we drank some beers. We each had her own beer, so we weren't touching. Each Other's beer bottles or anything so. We we worked that out as best we could I thought it was rather ingenious opposite. I see people I see houses as I walk the dog, I see houses where there chair set up in front yards and they are distanced. That doesn't mean that people don't stand right next to each other. When they're not sitting on the chairs, the chairs at least appear to be within the framework of distance. That, too and I know. I know we're of mixed opinions. On fire pits in this group, but in some assembled around the fire pit and I must say it looks quite nice. Young, not a firepit person you. Around one I have in my life in. It's been pleasant aspen pleasant. Is there stuff that you thought you would miss that? You don't miss it all. Is there any moments of reflection where you go. Gee, you know I, don't I? Don't really care about this and I thought I might. I miss sort of Dupe it obligations. That weren't really obligations. I. I don't miss those rather I should say. That's one thing I'm grateful. I don't have this kind of social pressure to go someplace or be someplace that I went to halfheartedly. So I'm kind of relieved not to have that, but I you know I missed the crush of humanity for for all of its negative aspects I mean. Put me on the red line and have some millennial. Whack me in the head with his backpack, you know. I I missed just getting on the red line and going down to a museum I. Miss Living An urban existence. I get that. As a total task oriented person I've had to invent tasks for myself because I found out that there's a lot of things that I did on a regular basis that I didn't really have to do. Because they defined my life. And I don't have them anymore. And I'd like to. I was one of those people I get up real early. take care of the dog. I'd go to the supermarket by seven thirty in the morning. Because there's hardly anybody there and I don't I haven't been doing that of course I miss. I do miss particularly weekends watching sports. I do I'm not in. You. Do too I mean this would be the middle baseball season I watch every day. I miss that I. Know I do miss that, but let me tell you. I mean I'm like you task. Random person also always got up early I mean I would get you know the crack of dawn to go swimming and then come back and do a million things. But here is one thing that I have done that relieves me of a certain task. I have bought a robot vacuum cleaner. It is the greatest invention since the remote control. Really it goes under the bed. It goes under the couch. It just goes off on its own. You don't have to give it instructions. It just goes off on its own, and it vacuums the entire place and. Older do that. Back! It goes back to home base. It knows when it's run out of energy and Trots on back to home base to recharge. I don't know I mean. Are you telling me that goes under the bed and it gets? Under, the bed or just get some things in says she's probably thinking. I'm doing the whole deal. Here I'm just going back and forth from the same line. But if you feel like, it hasn't done the whole deal like sometimes I just lock it in my bedroom and say you just stay in their buster. By the way is a him. I sure it's him I. Say you just go in there buster and clean everything up and I'll come and get you when I think that done, and sometimes I find him just sort of listless on the carpet, waiting for me to come and take him back to home base. Well, it seems a little bit more useful than a dog I don't. Babysitter for a certain eleven month. Old Little Boy, do you? Do you have one of these? So as soon as my sister-in-law town, we went to her apartment, took this and we. We sequestered into into rooms as well because it's always learning mapping the floor, but the hammer loves pushing the on button, and then he chases it. Tries to ride, it. That's one I don't even know I. Don't know anything about what do they cost? Are they hundreds or thousands of they fifty bucks? A cheap one. It was a couple of hundred dollars relatively cheap by gas, but there are some that are much more expensive but this is you know modestly priced one course I don't have as many square feet as you do but it would be great for for example dog hair. What if they bump into something? You know what I mean, do they? STOP BOUNCE OFF! And they don't scratch the furniture legs or anything. They have like these little brushes that go out from the side and they know when they're getting to near something. For a dog skirt around okay. By the way what warm welcome Chessy gave me yesterday. She's a great dog. She has a bark that. Everyone gets annoyed with, but it's a bark that says play with me. That's all it is play with me and she wanted to dance with me maybe. She likes she likes you likes. She's a girl. She likes other girls. That's how it works. Just great to talk with you. Enjoy the food. I will give him more okay, take care, but Jim McManus boys and girls. We will take a break. We'll come back with emailing jingle I'm Tony Kornheiser? This is the Tony Kornheiser show. Love Bomb. Be So. We'll call. His. Co... Brilliant lyrics by Byron Cottage. Album. Look. He. Now Install! How do you remember Czarnecki's lumber yard? How do you remember Tinkle? Pause Texaco station in Hand Got New York. How do you remember that just brilliant just so wonderful? That'll do it for us today before we get to the mail bag. Let me remind you I'll be hosting Hullabaloo this Friday with musical guest clarence. Frogman Henry the teddy bears and the insiders. Thanks to our guest today Steve Sands at the golf channel. Meet the press host Chuck Todd Our Very Own Jeanne McManus. Thanks to our sponsors policy genius. Venturo and remember, you can listen to us on apple podcast. spotify Google play radio. Dot. com if you get chilled to I tunes, please leave us a review. Nigel last couple of announcements. Yes? We'd like to thank the folks at Bethesda bagels. They give us how bagels every time. We do the show we love him. You would as well go to Bethesda. bagels dot com, the several locations open every from seven am to three PM also. We want very special shutout to Arison. Todd, who is having his virtual bar Barmitzvah today against the doing it through zoom so very special day Ferrari some we wish him all the. Link to that. We would really like to get a link to that so that we can you know crash the Bar Mitzvah? Party go ahead. Yes, and you're right David McCallum in fact from Glasgow. Say you had that right from Adam gurwitch. WHO's a good friend of Gary Bronze? He wanted to point this out that birthday. Shout outs on the other day to John Carlos and Tommie Smith, and he wanted to make us aware that Peter Norman who finished second in the two hundred in nine, hundred, sixty eight. Eight in Mexico, city would have been seventy eight on June the fifteenth, his his story, he was raised by parents who were members of the Salvation Army and he was a champion of social justice equality, and spent the majority of his life, paying an individual individual price for protesting injustice, and that's why Adam sent this particular email. This is the the kicker to it. Tommie Smith and John Carlos gave eulogies and were pallbearers at Peter Norman's funeral. That's really that's friendships that last a lifetime from Steve The sycophant, your listeners emails about their milk and bread deliveryman took me back to the early nineteen fifties. When the highlight of my day was the visit of our Milkman. AL, our house was at the end of his route, and if we were playing catch, he'd always throw a few with us. This is a biggie because he played professional baseball and would tell a few stories about. About playing in the minor leagues one year with Whitey Ford, I believe Class C League once in all innocence. I asked why didn't stay in baseball and pitch for the Yankees? He just smiled and said I wasn't good enough. Thanks to how I became a Yankee Fan that is until the nineteen seventies when the infamous Mr Steinbrenner took over I'm sure Al is long gone, but one bit of his advice. It stayed with me when that never assume you getting a curve, if you lean and it's a fastball. fastball inside your ribs will be sore for a week philosophy to treasure off from Sean. Bellamy wanted to let you know the milk. Man's name was John. Tap Porn in Humboldt Saskatchewan Canada thanks from John Donnelly and Enfield New Hampshire I hear. You and Michael have been invited up to Cabot cove to play around with Angela Lansbury and Tom Bosley enjoy golf, but don't doorway afterwards is everyone knows? The Cole has the highest murder rate per capita in North America from Albertson? Aurora Ontario I'm just catching up on. On some earlier episodes of the podcast on the May thirteenth show you mentioned now heart is a heart warming experience. When you get a call or text from someone you don't expect during these challenging times. This is absolutely true because it made me so happy when Lewis Black recently reached out to me and invited me to play golf with them at Pinehurst. I'm not sure if his mom, we'll be riding in the same card as me. Due to social distancing protocols out, everybody remained a safe from Stan flemming. In Ellicott City Maryland, let's Talk Nova Scotia in two thousand four. We stayed at the Celtic Lodge on Cape Breton and played the highland links golf, course, spectacular, scenic and challenging. You should go from Andrew writes. Thank you so much for reading my email on the air earlier as well as that of my fellow Nova. Scotian unfortunately I've discovered. A private citizen cannot ship wind to the United States cannot do it legally anyway, so I've copied every winery. Nova Scotia think in hopes of finding a wine producing little to get that case. I promised wineries of Nova Scotia. Here's your chance to go head to head with the Willamette. Valley and reach tens of thousands of new customers, and you can't is the director of developments I guess for. I don't know for something for something to do with wine. I guess in Nova Scotia or in Hirsch in Washington DC. In reference to Michael's wondering about how Zoom Bar Mitzvah might work. We did zoom brisk for my son last week. who think about that moment? Okay, the truth is we let the Moyle into our home, and my wife, and I will wear wore masks, but the rest of our guests to. To join by zoom. I would never do that definitely. Not how we were expecting to welcome a little onto the covenant to say the least I look forward to introducing, you'll haunt seven pounds nine and a half ounces in a sneaky twenty one inches at birth to the pod. I must admit his mother. The person whom are related by marriage would probably prefer otherwise. How long was the baby Boy Buzi? Twenty two and a half. Okay, so that's big right, so we have all these males about can I I'll just read one more. This is a camp thing from Donnie Singer in Columbia Maryland. You're cam conversation on Monday brought back. Many memories of my time at Camp area and Thurmond Maryland went to Camp Barry. Didn't you once one year and you hated it? You hate it. You sent US postcards and sell more yourself, yeah. North on to seventy north on fifteen exit onto route, five fifty north left into camp area, and up the hill to the bunkhouses I spent seven summers. There was a camper and three as a council. We had our own set of hangouts for time similar to yours rockies pizza had a camp airy special. That gave us a discount on their new. York style pizza to camps is located in Qatar Qatar. acton mountains of North Frederick north of Frederick. Maryland close to Camp David, I've driven a lot of times legend. Has It that the camp? Camp Hike Master wants took a group of campers a little too close to camp. David and has a visit from marines and secret service agents. We asked You my son attended his first summer camp every this year. My daughter is attending camp. Louise or Elizabeth went the sister camp. All this is now up in the air, due to covid nineteen, but as of today and this was a month ago. Camp has not yet been canceled. Thank you for the Cam, memories over the years, which makes me remember my time in a cocoon mountains. You, go past Mount Saint Mary's. It's probably about twenty minutes north of Mount Saint Mary's in Emmett's Berg Maryland Shirley. Thanks for making me relive this. You not if buy it in the post. Yeah, if you're I'm sorry. If you're out on your bike, signed everyone, do wear white. Honestly. What the doing yeah. To the! Gambling. Could start. Low. After I walk. Dane from. Confined! To. Hear! The lagging exciting term. Laughing ground. Last. She walks. Laugh again. Who? Oh. Son. Own. No. San! Listening to. She! And she kids man. T's. See? Share! Pay. Falling down. On, skin? A. Map Blue World. Case fries. Full. Back. Follow. You. Jones. So? Damn so fair! Tony! Kahn. His. Share. Made. A fire. From, Salem's. Go. By. Bird. King. owner. Go. The. Will.

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