DLD 234: Paine with Pizza


Uh? Hello and welcome to episode twenty seven seventy seven of dots lines and destinations. That's not really episode number. But that was my flight number this morning on the very first flight from Everett Washington pain field to Las Vegas. And this is a special episode where co running it with miles to go podcast in our somewhat frequent guest pizza ELO, and you're about to hear a crazy crossover of the two shows. And we are turning the format. A on it side this week. I highjacked seth's dots lines and destinations podcast is idea was for us to record when we got got to Las Vegas after the inaugural flight out of the first brand new airport. Can remember flying out of on day? One pain field north of Seattle. So we have decided to record dot sign and destinations and miles to go at the same time we have indeed. And I question your judgment and using the word hijack in anything. You are the senior member of the team, I suppose we'll let you get away with that. I don't believe I've seen your age. Yeah. That's on. Yeah. So we wouldn't curse on the podcast, but hijackings probably as close as we can get airline curse. And there's a third of the h word he said the word what party? Bombard? Bombardier bombardier. Yeah, we have. And we have we have a third guest with us today. Ben Stolt who was on the flight with us today and has been with us on countless other aviation geek events, and this one was light on as you mentioned. You're the first one to say this was light on the number of aviation geeks that came out to hang from our group. I I follow. And yes, I totally agreed. Usually when I go to one of these events and see you guys at these events. There are usually if you other people that I've seen in that are regulars at the sort of thing, and this was a little different, but it was also much smaller sort of scale event. I mean, a lot of times we do these. It's a major airline like United or American and this was a smaller planet to seventy seater. So there were fewer opportunities for the usual suspects to show. It also was rescheduled. This was supposed to be three weeks ago, and because the government shutdown some paperwork didn't get finished in time. And so we had to rejigging. Everything and move Saharan. Got pushback a few weeks. But you know, it's it there weren't as many add geek slash dork, whatever's that were from our usual circle of friends, but there were plenty onboard my seat Mesa my seat mate was actually. Mechanic who works for horizon who lives near Paine field in Everett up north of town, but works out of seatac and was just mentioning that. He normally has his our our and a half drive each way everyday for work and how much nicer to have the airport five minutes five minutes away. Yeah. And he did he actually got on a pass writer. So there were some empty seats at the end, and it was actually a couple of seats on the plane, even when we took all so kind of figured cleared out in the last twenty four hours. You know, I'm sure lots of people just schedules didn't work out or some people holding seats and well something up on. So we were we were technically not on the ferry first flight. However, the only other flight that left before us was not technically a commercial flight because you couldn't buy it was it was a bunch of scheduled service. But tickets weren't sold to the public. I'm still trying to figure out the right freezing. Exactly possible. There were some executives folks at wonderfully ours than going on that Portland's flight shark because much like ours. It was a quick turn. And they could get out and back. It's a shorter flight. They could get home quicker to Everett quicker, just the freemen suffer, folks. Who may not have may not be geeky as we are freshmen introduced what we actually did. Right. So probably be helpful. Yes. Oh, seattle. Tacoma international airport is is the airport in Seattle. And it's it's big, and it's massive and it can be cumbersome for two reasons. One is just the sheer volume of folks going in the security lines in certain areas of the airport. And so that that's been a growing concern. The other thing is is that traffic in the Seattle area's not pleasant at large chunk day live near especially through if you're in the northern side of Seattle, you pretty much are going through the worst of it either in the morning or in the evening to battle away down to attack. There are of course, trying transit connections. But they mostly useful. If you're actually downtown, right? Not quite so much. If you're in the outskirts. Parts of town, or you know, approaching suburbia ice use the link rail to get from seatac up into town as part of my trip this weekend. And it's great. It's doesn't help the fact that it's still really far away. I mean, it's all relative minute drive in New York City, everything all the airports were physically closer, but time is much further to say that, you know, mass transit certainly to say that, you know, this is a long ride on the link rail like embarrassing stupid. But it does feel a little longer because you're running at full speed along the highway for so much of it. And like if you feel how far out of town it is. But then also from seatac to downtown is only half the distance if you want to Everett, it's literally doublet to get all the way to the double the distance. I mean, I think the real target audiences those that are on the northern side of Seattle when you're driving up there. You're actually driving against rush hour traffic. Right. Once you hit I five like, I did this morning. It's smooth sailing while the other. The parking lot trying to out. So it there's an audience that are going to better going to like these flights, and question's gonna be are the frequencies and the timings going to work out for people to get where they and so I think what's interesting is racking my brain trying to come up with other airport openings around the world, forget just the United States, but even around the world and come up with examples that are actual new service and not replacement terminals or sort of shifting of one building to another. So you look Singapore's an extra terminal added a four right at Changji. You've got a couple other examples. Mexico City was supposed to be a new airport, and that whole deal was disaster apart we think, but maybe not, but the construction sons who knows and just I've been going through this list training same location. It's not that far from where it was Mexico's. Yeah, it's a new new runways knew everything. Okay. Twenty miles further out. So or something like that? It's it is a new new airport and. New terminals, and this is technically existing airport by new terminal and new commercial service that hasn't existed for many many decades, not a brand new service, but has been quite a while since the nineteen forties. I think hasn't been that long sixties. I it's been it's been decades. It was it was it was the forty was less. Time ahead regular commercial service and starting in the eighties. They try the first serious push began and looping back to frequencies couple things to touch on for folks. That aren't familiar with pain field? North of Seattle by decent distance going to be served by both Alaska and United nine toll destinations bunch in California. The major ones LA San Francisco, San Jose, sandiego San Diego, Orange County. We also pick up their field Phoenix and Denver, and and I pulled up unless guess when we all right now. And I pulled up the timeframes and so- Portland get some of the most frequent service. And so you've got morning flight six thirty AM. So being able to catch the first connections. You've got a Portland San Francisco, Denver, San Jose LAX all before eight AM sows are all six thirty and seven AM departures and then midday banks for L A and San Francisco to catch the afternoon flights out of LA. And then as you get to the evening, you've got to five thirty pm to Las Vegas, which I think will be a popular flight for the weekends sharks are going down and then evening flights. You've got a San Francisco that lands that lease at seven pm lands at nine thirty. It's probably a bit too late to make too many of the connection. There are some really San Francisco Asia actions. There's all the midnight departures Asia in Alaska Airlines has some of those partners. Yep. And then you've got ten pm into LAX and ten seven seven. Pm departure lands at ten pm at LAX seven forty five out of pain field going to San Diego ten thirty five. The only question maybe with a ten pm arrival is depending on where you land airport like LA, can you get to a different terminal. Yeah. And I think there's a meet the minimum connection time requirements whether it's smarter not remains to be seen. But also remember that a lot of the goal with. This is the local traffic much more than the in their seventy five or seventy seat airplanes running seventy five. It was interesting on board hearing some people chatting one of things I about inaugural flights. Everybody's smart talkative. Yes, normally got an airplane. And so there's a whole lot of people like their blinders on and his lead alone in this. Everybody's talking to everybody. And I was listening to the guys in front of me chatting and didn't know each other. Both bought tickets just to be on this first flight to. And raving about the Embraer and how big the seats are. And how comfortable it is raving about the experience on board. But also talking about how you know, one of them has family in Denver really looking forward to using that the station manager from Alaska Airlines has a daughter in college and Phoenix. And so she's happy to be able to get down there to see her daughter more easily and a lot of it is the local traffic and with the smaller planes, you can fill them up pretty regularly. I think you know, the United flights are go to San Francisco and Denver, which is always going to be the hubs. Because of what it is. It's not. But Alaska Airlines is treating this as not quite a home, but sort of it's a little bit of many hub for them. And with eighteen flights a day again, it's not enough necessarily. But it's the most they could get and I think it does meet your business travelers got morning anything plates. So you can do day trips. Also got certain airport you've got three or four times a day in San Francisco, which I think so you know, Ben you live in Seattle not far from downtown. So from your standpoint, you when you think about the destinations here, what percentage of the time. Do you think you'd end up using Paine field evacuate versus Seattle Tacoma feature? Future. It's tough the one the one tricky bit is if your local your driving up there, if you leaving out of pain, you pretty much have to come back that way if you're letting your car, so that's something you have to keep in mind. Can you make it work on both ends of the trip? Right. And for me, it's going to be a lot more of the connect in my case Americans going to be the big one there. Right. So I can see myself using it to hop down to LA. I'm doing that a lot for San Francisco or well American doesn't have that much out of San Francisco. You could put something together. And depending on time of day. It's it's about equal for us. But for this morning doing this drive down to seatac at eight o'clock in the morning would have been brutal. Yeah. That would have been solid our driving up. There was forty forty minutes. Mostly just because we're I particularly live in Seattle. It's a little awkward to get over to I five right? But once you're on their boom, it's fast like seventy five percent of distances. Thirty percent of the drive open highway. That's the impression I got a lot of people like even those who are equidistant are looking at it like on a Sunday, it might be drive time. But ninety percent of the time it's going to be and you also need to take an account at seatac. You have to walk a lot of extra time. I mean, you can have pre check and clear all day long. It can be a mass just to get to the terminal from this. I mean, the term was packed today with two two flights where but you know, the facilities they had what three security lanes, theoretically. Preach preach check on day one. I think pretty cool. Yeah. And I think the other thing too for folks when you talk about putting this in context, but especially compared to bigger airports. I think there's there's two things to think about where this airport, I think compares favorably to both big and small airports. I on the big scale, you know, this airport literally never going to have more than two planes worth of people waiting now the plane may get bigger, but for right now what that means with both. With both Alaskan United flying an error seventy five who talking about max, roughly one hundred and fifty people max hang out in terminal. And so we today they're over two hundred sixty seats. So there's certainly there's actually going to be more the podium took up about six space. So that list. Yes. So there's enough seats for everyone to spread out as you say like, even if you got behind all seventy people waiting for your flight to get through security. I can't imagine it would take all that long with three security lanes on the flipside when we think about small airports that we've all flown in. Into out of and I've done a bunch on business travel. Very infrequently. Do they have a jet service? So there's one benefit, and none of them have sort of comfort level that this turmoil had breach definitely highlight that I mean sitting at the terminal was like sitting in airport lounges. Lounge if feels like a fancy hotel lobby. I mean, you, and I were joking around about the seats the chairs that we were sitting. Maybe we'll stay here. These are more comfortable than anywhere else. We've been there were looked them up there four thousand dollar chairs. I'm assuming that the guy's got a discount in volume. But like, but I'm sure that was also custom weather. Yeah. So it was not a color scheme set that was available on the website. So just. It was a super comfortable super swanky experienced the are like looked like a fancy hotel. Barney really had that five one of the things you mentioned though in terms of amenities. There's no facilities there's minimal facilities. There's the bar. There's going to be a beecher's cheese shop, which will have some sandwiches and stuff. There's going to be a there's also one other small thing. That's going is. They're going to be a new stand. Not a new standing thing that will look it up and add it, but there was a sort of the wind bar and beaches. And I thought that was third thing that was in the press releases. But when beecher's opens I'm guessing they'll beat that'd be the place that will sell the award and stuff like that. Because they're selling sandwiches. So that seatac that's exactly what they do have the cheese sandwiches. And you have like tips snacks. It's just that's the one drawback of this. Now, the flip side is you're not going to be there. Connecting right. So you don't have a weird layover, and you're not going to be there three hours early because you don't need to need to be. And so it, but I mean, I look around and every time I try to come up with swanky as the best adjective come up with and it felt like allowed. Everybody's got great views. Well, that's the thing. The Florida Florida, ceiling windows, everywhere very little in the way of visible impediments, built it. So you could look out the windows towards mountains past the airplanes, some great sight lines. I did find it amusing that the CEO of airport management company mentioned today. You know, we we had such beautiful weather blue skies. It was crazy cloud to be seen. He's like. Yeah. We actually didn't realize just how clear the view sight lines were we're going to have to put in some window coverings on the other side because we're getting too much light in and it's distracting and blinding hitting reflection. So. Title. I guess, but there was some funny. But it's like that that they're realizing when the weather turns out to be really really Seattle is nice. It's nice. The problem is it's also one of the things like France. And they haven't had a full year of sort of like where the sun is going to be all those cycles to know what the problems are. That sounds good. Is it sounds like they're going to be pretty responsive and reactive fixing them when they can. I think. Going further into the luxuries that they have at this airport terminal that you just don't see elsewhere like two of other things that struck me. I'm not a local. But I think locals will really appreciate the fact that the valet parking. They will literally have the car parked outside the terminal when you get there, and that's a one hundred foot walk from your playing and not even valet just the normal paid parking. We'll pay for another twenty feet past that so and then the other thing too, which I really liked, but I'm sort of like a sanitation walk all the restrooms in the terminal all single doors. They're all an individual bathrooms yet locked and multi gender, whatever. So it's very it's very easy. Open -able clean, easy to clean that sort of stuff. It's a it's really I think as long as as long as they do a good job of keeping that stuff clean. I think it again. It's just all those little things that you get in an upscale ounce. And I think the interesting thing is you're not paying any extra for any of that the most expensive ticket out of Paine field right now hundred twenty bucks. Now, I'm sure that will go up a bit at some point. It's demands air, but there is cheapest forty dollars right now. So you're certainly not paying more for this privilege. No. But that's also it's a new service in the airlines have to build awareness build market build demand being sold super cheap to get there. Right. I mean this morning. They also. Southwest Hawaii service, and it's not like no one knew it was coming news that there's demand, but they still stick it for forty nine dollars just to sort of get the media news out there and make that sort of thing happened. So for sure, and we may see that. I think when you when you talk about the capacity if they keep them as ember air, seventy five I did the math before we hopped on the plane today, and I think it was six hundred and fifty six thousand issue is like the capacity for the year. So I mean that sounds like a lot. But when you break it down to twenty four departures day time one hundred forty. That's what two thousand passengers today. So. It sounds like a lot when you mash the number altogether. But two thousand as you say it's more than we would expect to find a small airport in a small community. This is not a small community. So these really could fill up. What's really interesting to me? Another thing about is. I mean, they're taking a month to sort of scale up to elaborate because trying to start twenty flights a day. One would be crazy, but they really are going aggressive in filling this up quickly and trying to make sure they get the full value for this the investment of building the airport and making sure it happens twenty four daily flights at a new airport is unheard of. There's one new airport that I found somewhere in the middle Serbia is the only other one I've been able to find this shit. The new terminal a new field. Give them an adequate, and let's start service, and that's one that's opening this summer where the government is hoping to get two or three flights a day, right? And the tough to sustain a brand new terminal. Yeah. Janet verdy. Sorry. We're sitting in Las Vegas views of the airport, Janet seven thirty seven that doesn't really exist. Just part of freight shiny light set as easily distracted special plane. It is squirrel. I do wonder. Sorry. I do wonder time goes on the departures are spread out fairly well across day. Even we talk about, you know, ten ten AM to two PM. There's two four six seven departures in that middle chunk of the day, which is less convenient for business travelers, and there are some business travel destinations. There's a Portland LA San Francisco to San Francisco's a Phoenix. I could see some of those maybe start to slide earlier and later if the demand's not there, they can't I think they could so your problems gate utilization. They only have to contact gates plus a hard STAN. So they can sort of overflow to the third one. They absolutely have to write. But as I look at the time. Let's look at the morning right now, I'm gonna read off the morning times to six thirty start to six AM. Okay. So that's that's this day. Six thirty one seven one seven thirty one eight one eight thirty than nine twenty than ten forty. I think there's some room there in that like seven to nine block, you could slide another flare to if you had to you can basically do every half hour and alternate them, but the planes need our trip, and so you have to alternate the gates and so part of that is gonna be cooperation between United and Alaska to figure out who's using which one win. But yes, if you do every half hour for twenty four departures that's twelve hour window, and they're actually working against sixteen hours. So there's a little bit of slippage or room for slippage but not a ton. You can't do six departures in the six o'clock hour. No right now, they do. Well, you couldn't do sex, but you could probably four or five with heart stan's, you can do three if all three three at the beginning of an hour to gaze plus a hard stand and then as those first planes pushed back immediately toe in the other the sat overnight right and get them at at at the bottom of the hour. No, it would be because you've got to start boarding. Thirty thirty minutes earlier playing if you if the plane's got to six o'clock departure, you close the door at six you push. It back clears the gate space at six five six ten you pull the new at six fifteen and you start working immediately as a six forty five departure. It's really hard. There's still plenty of gaps at night too. Because once you get past the five thirty six flight seven there's two sevens and nine. So there's room slide stuff around. But I guess the other question will be to do we think based on we look in. Our crystal ball last time Seth was on my podcast, which was just last week. We talked about the three eighty we made a date to have him come back on and twelve or thirteen years to see if the three eighty was still be flying. So we're looking at crystal ball six months from now, do we think it's more likely that they try and move the schedule round, and or Edmore departures, or do you think it's more likely that the up gauge one of these lights I up gauge over additional flights because the twenty four numbers they hard cap is it hard cap. It is another environmental environment twenty four they said that it wasn't going to cause significant damage, so I didn't know that was hard. So the one of the reasons it was delayed is that the original environmental review was for twelve and that was signed off on. But when they went to go to twenty four they had to do a new environmental impact statement review and that required a new sign often. So could it go from twenty four could grow with a new review? But also, you need the county to agree to allow the X. Flights right. There's a lot of moving parts. And while everybody we talked to with super excited about this. We were also at the airport with much of geeks. There are people in the community that are less cited about it. There's a reason it took forty years for searchers return, the focusing behind me, we're talking they live super close, and they're super happy about it. But they said they've been in the community been fighting the most on the good side. But fighting the good fight for generations to try to make sure try to bring service back, and there are people in the community that are already disappointed that they live under, you know, the test flights for the jumbos right and don't want more flights there. It's the same thing in Long Beach. There's plenty of room in Long Beach, California for more flights, but they have a cap this as an it's a noise agreement that says there are limited to a certain number of flights every day. Funny thing is he's little plane are so so much quieter, very modern quiet and Boeing's got all the heavies coming in and out. The heavy definitely make a lot more noise. And I still laugh it's the same problem. The nimbies in Toronto who voted in Bishop. Billy Bishop which lakefront airport there who voted down. They voted down regional just getting regional jets. And it was going to be the quietest regional jets. It was going to be the series at the time. Now the twenties which are actually quieter and most phases of flight, including most parts of the landing sequence. I think hundreds and by the way would've supported the Canadian economy. Yeah. And health drop airfares quarter. I would have expanded massively all good things. We're going to come out of this except for the people who owned the waterfront real estate. We're gonna see the series instead of. Yeah. Some four hundreds and it likely would have increased the number of flights, and I can understand from that perspective. I didn't like it. But such a short sighted terrible decision. So I think it is. Also, the okay to note here that on top of as you mentioned, the the resistance in the community to potentially other environmental review that might increase takeoffs and landings is a what appears to be a fervent desire to have this airport not be referred to as the Seattle. Second airport. This is this is Everett's first ever. I report is is apparently the the more popular way to refer to it in in the area. It was I read a headline the a Sunday only, I think every time every I don't know some newspaper that was in the lobby of the hotel. We checked in on Sunday night and the front page articles to front page articles both about the airport and the first one above the fold was people complaining that keep calling Seattle's airport. The bottom line was like, there's valet parking and fast, wifi and all the new amenities. You're going to get the first above the fold front page of the local newspaper was why the hell do they keep calling this Seattle second airport when it's really hours? Yeah. I think that's hysterical. And so, yeah, it's all speech this morning. One of the guys we used to call the the not mayor who runs a county the county Commissioner or whatever it was like. Yeah. You know, we used to call seatac the southern gateway to sonoma's county. Now, we have our own airport. So we don't need them anymore. It was pretty that's great. So. I think the I think the moral of the story is that this airport is such a long time coming and then really opens with a bang with the number of flights going out of it. It's great that. They're all these great amenities and all that stuff. But I think the the thing that the impression that I was left with is. You've got twenty four daily departures up from zero. Yeah, it's going to be a huge shift for the community. If you've been to the community, and we'll help shift a decent fat one of the things we talked about a lot. We might me and my brain. I think is stopped myself. We'll send your way to chill to talk about airplanes. With me we hear about the growth in air travel, and how infrastructure has to grow to support it. And I spent a lot of time with the folks that I add talking about like, how is the industry going to evolve in air, traffic, Joel airports, and all these things and mega holds are full. And it's getting it's really hard to grow them in secondary, airports and tertiary airports are going to be part of the solution there and overflying the hubs. And this is a great example of it, not only did they do it. But like you said they did it with a sizeable chunk of traffic. This is maybe it's only two thousand passengers to start, but they up gauge those two seven thirty sevens that number more than doubles, and they can slowly build them as they need to what did have their advantages. They didn't have to build most of the airport infrastructure that's build the terminal shirt. But. Runway massive airport the runways oversized for its general aviation population. Thanks to Boeing super long runway and all pretty much twelve runway. I think I mean, the the drifter. So that's the biggest thing we will get into that. There was already catering there a lot of the existing facilities that you need to build support an airport warning existence. And I also wonder how much of the the Boeing traffic that goes out of seatac now for folks that are at Everett now for those exactly. I have to assume that a decent chunk of this traffic. There's a commitment from Boeing starting volume for their executives as well. None of it goes to Chicago yet to which is technically we're headquarters. Yep. But there is still up and down the coast to southern California for a lot of the seating, and entertainment and interiors companies are down there with Sylla's. So there is a lot of traffic within the region or Portland just for the paint shops and things like that. It was knighted didn't throw in Chicago say offering I think that I think it's technically even though it would be a long time to be on regional. I think that that's technically long enough the plane techniques range to make it or your switch to three nineteen for one hundred twenty seats. Sure. And both both airlines could do that. Because Alaska has the version ones. Do the new series to twenty no not day to twenty the United Center. Oh, you laugh, but that would be an interesting. This is an interesting market for that. Could be very right sized for this Fisher. Because if you think about the executive move back and forth, you would like to have premium demand. Yeah. I know that United wanted to keep those on shorter. Stay for sure I think thousand miles was the target number and this is much more than eighteen hundred. But. It's interesting. So so final impressions, Ben which having been through the airport for the day. What would you take away from it grainy facilities? I mean walk in there. You feel like you're the nice modern, you know, executive almost like experience doesn't feel like almost almost. But it doesn't feel like as run of the mill airport. So I thought it was fun one thing they didn't even find out. They have this fun digital. In the in the in the front in the front lobby. That's supposed to emulate like the old school. Yeah. German style flipping technically Italian. I hate to break it to you. Or find colony Germany. I do wonder if I hear it, obviously. There is noise by also didn't see it flip today. Now, one of the some of the numbers flipping they put a gate assignment up. Honestly, it was pretty this point. There's not enough traffic to really make them flip all day long. It's also TV screens. So it later it's animated, and I was I was disappointed. I'd a little fun with it. I feel like they were really into making it a unique experience. They wanted to my complaint slash areas. There are companies that make new fix Lowery's that are actually click the clock reliable one in the business class lounge in Sydney Qantas, I don't you. When you come to top the escalator. I think there's. I have never been Nestle. Try did it once but the domestic Accu wanted to my departure from there. So anyway, I I was a little disappointed in that over. I respect the effort, but found myself, very saddened to learn that it was pretty faking this fun. So overall, I say positive experience would would try to get. That's what your fun would fly again. It feels like across between an executive terminal F B O private facility and commercial space and our commercial airport lounge. And you know, I keep thinking back to the last new terminal, I attended the opening four was Long Beach, which is five or six years ago now, and they did outdoor seating and like similar sort of fancy hotel resort type lobbyists Therion. Yeah. And similar small number departure. They could get away with it. They actually outdoor space there because it's morning fire table up. They've got a fire pit and things. Like that. Tonight. The guys up here have a fire pit it's enclosed and not open space. Right. They have to actually on either side. So it's it really does have that luxury vibe to it that eventually I actually think as the market establishes people are going to start paying a premium to fly from here. I just you know, even I was in the area. I leave consider paying a little extra from there. It is spectacularly convenient as long as it's convenient for you to get to the. One negative other than the celery clock display is transit right now is the nearest bus services. I was reading about is like take this BUSTER that. Then walk nine minutes in it was actually the bus stop across the street where driver stopped us off this morning that was the bus stop. And you have to walk that sidewalk. Something in flight though, because there is a bus station literally read at Davis the parking lot yet. What I've read we're gonna move from. What I read is that there is a link system coming where you'll take the train halfway and then they'll be an express bus service. What heard was every ten minutes on weekdays and every twenty minutes on the weekends. It will go to the terminal. So if that is the case, I don't love switching from trained bus over that I've traveled to look too often for sure yeah. I love using the train. But I think trained a bus if if it's an efficient connection, and you really can hop in ten or twenty minutes from one of the other than I could see that being popular for folks downtown car. Yeah. I I think that's going to be a drawback for the facility for sometime over overall blew me away. Really, really impressed. Yeah. And then my final moment. The first thing I'd say everything I've read about the gentleman that pioneered the project they made just a ton of right decisions and trying to break this champagne model. This is literally what I was gonna come to. I don't wanna leave with this negative moment because they really did such an awesome job. But there will be video up on my blog at some point of he had a bottle of. I think it was and break it against the side of the building Christmas, and God bless this terminal and missed six six times, and he hit the bottle heart against disability. Ship. The stone like Sandoval. They have we should have expected that we left I seen all the images of it during construction. And so I can't say that I was more impressed than I was expecting to be from that simply because it looked incredible in the press in the press previews it fit all of that. I think the thing that I really loved that. I took away was the folks that were serving us there. I understand that you know, it was a party and all that. But all the folks were serving us where the folks that were running the bar, and we're running beecher's and and the agents that were there the gates. It was you take everything else that was there, and you take a bunch of people that just really want to be there and from a from a friction standpoint as a business traveler, there was nothing there to stress me out. I literally could've fallen asleep in that chair. And so when you add all that up and say how much friction there is. And what we do we went through security twice, and it was easy time insanely easy. So from that standpoint to say that you can make the travel experience that much more friction list for me as you say, those are the things that would probably be make me willing to pay a premium Niagara. Goodness. He did eventually pop the cork off the champagne bottle, and then was able to smash it once it was empty, and so we got broken glass everywhere. We don't we earn along. Got broken glass, clean up the garden. But we did not do the turn. We're staying overnight in Las Vegas. I'm continuing on for work while you guys had had to various places tomorrow. But yeah, no. That was that was great. Well, I'm gonna close my version of the show. And then let you close yours, and it'll be fun. You've been listening to dodge lines and pizza here. And Ben Ben now close. Close. So I will say this is a you'll have small bit on the tail end of of miles to go with an a world from from my buddies Spencer. He's got a great award alert service at straight of the points dot CO. Stay tuned for that. If you're looking for a great great way to redeem your points to get to Europe. I don't know how many more times we're going to do joint. Dots lines and pizza episodes for the miles to go and dot lies destinations podcast. But I know I had fun. Absolutely. Hopefully, there's a listener to out there who enjoyed it. And we'll we'll write us and say they want us to do it again. Absolutely. And that's onside you can. Catch us online. I thought lot at dots. Lines on Twitter, more dot com. No. Give us my patriot. Because we like drinking. Seeing the way it's almost happy to do that take everybody safe travels figure.

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