Serie Awesome: Italy's end product; Zlatan to Milan?


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Alternately deep down in Italy. We are ultimately results driven. This is what drives us in his listener string for for a long long time. So the fact that you know, going into this game they create a ton of chances. They don't score and it becomes. Yeah. They play really well really great young players tons of chances. But they don't score. We need a centre forward hookah. Tony's the last grade at times of four and all this nonsense. You know, what it depends how you see football. I don't see it that way. I see it as queuing puts the chance away after three minutes then Portugal have to come out. And there's more opportunities, and I see football as a low scoring sport. Where you score early. You score late things change you come close. Whatever else it's difficult to score. But even more difficult to go and create chances. I don't I still feel bullish about it. I know my genie's Italy scored more than a goal in a game except for one match and that was against Saudi which really shouldn't count just because it was a warm friendly for Saudi storms team, of course. That's what it was. Yeah. But no, I do why do we need? Why do we need a centre forward? Why do we think that you know? Ford necessarily that sets me it's just that. There is an it just seems to be right now. A lot of, you know, beautiful playmate Kane and no in products, and it kinda looks like sometimes it's what frustrates me when I used to want Juventus because we have this issue for while. It just seems was parallel dimension in which played beautiful people, but couldn't finish didn't get results. 'cause I remember you winning seven straight title. You going back. No. Sometimes you. It reminded me. Right. When their amendments where you're like, okay. This is coming together. You know, you're on top. Now come on get us going and there isn't a goal. And this is my point is is that this been many many games. Now. There's no goal. It's not like one or two. You know, the thing that I just God on it's just that you said before the main street that's meteorites thought most of the major meteorite I've seen been pretty positive about cheating. He was the one saying the goals. No coming as a problem. We need to talk about it. Like, I think he's been quite owning that as a manager. I think the shame that. Yes. Mrs Johnson Judy mobile has missed a ton of fifty now. And I'm kind of done with. It's a shame didn't have the option of having putting in the middle and doing the same thing that he'd done in the previous game works best for this team right now. We'll worry about finding whoever else down the line. I think you can work team without I agree with in the broader sense completely that the team is playing good football. And I think the goals the way that playing right now. We'll come. I think there is a degree of manure hipster station. Then to say that we don't even need a center for. I agree. Have like a rotating cast a false nines little movie. Counterattacking plan to be honest. I think he point. Like, he's he's made flats he's made for the kind of. Yeah. Exactly. He made a team player, and he was like, well, I can make something out of this. Let him be this frustrating. You know, not scoring centre forward who he's been. The team paying this kind of controlling devil's advocate for a second. I'm way out of my comfort zone here. I don't follow piss got into my good friend and your audience. Former ESPN host Dave is big Scott agai. But wasn't there a team onto Zemun which which featured immobilizing ending senior as part of the front three visibility midfield. And then they score a million and dominate everybody. No. But see there be. But that shows you can what some point could have been that guy. And maybe that's but he hasn't always been a purely counterattacking player. I guess he's. The highest level playing. I do. But I mean, even then like even cut shorter or God, whatever difference within with Scott as well is that the defense he came up against don't close up the the way that Portugal, can that's another good point. You're paying Portugal for under to made his Mark on football and winning euros before that doing so well with Greece with a lot of very accurate, very tight, tough DASS defending and it's Joseph font, and it's back pain is buono Alba's and its muscles and William Vaio's. Advise. Yeah. I know that's very old school talion. That's what strength is. And like I said against an opponent like that you either score early. And then you open up more room. Or you know, you get what we get lucky. Yeah. And that was that basis unit hundred great defense, and they're how you know, these wonderful plays like hops for an Alder who can do something. And you know, like. Talk of Italy's only defeats mentioned you've come to the. Well, yeah, we didn't have the the Portugal with Renaldo in it. It's a different team within that. I do think it's it's still despite that I think that we can talk about it's like it takes to real shame and Mancini said it and purely from his team's standpoint football morosely but from his team standpoint. And now he's gonna full month breaking together again when he actually has the keep building on this. But you know, at least the wood on on the fact that that Joe, Gino. And but I let together is like the most exciting field three that I've watched playing for Italy in ages. It's great. This is what it is. I never imagined veracity saying this is the best football. He's having such a good time plane that I didn't think that it would be so seemless like I'm quite impressed with how quickly that's developed and the understanding in midfield and against USA when he introduced sense instead, I just as well that wasn't. It's just it's interesting how he can rotate the personnel, but the chemistry's still van, and I think that's making a huge. Difference. I remember sitting down for for an interview with before the the twenty sixteen euros the law before before news gonna like it Refaeli that was the moment when he was supposed to make this team. And now, I don't know if it'll be his team in the same way because genius there anyway, like there's going to be a a geology both together. Which is great. It's amazing. If you can make it work, but I do think that this is the first time really that we've seen the place that Kate below for the national team exciting just in of itself is that bit feel better more exciting guys than go back to the sort of that that will see a little more. He's it's the best since then. And I think is too lightweight. I'm worrying to gains teams that can dominate and either physically or with better technique. Lightweight but the the concert would be a bit psychopathic with his five about genius master Tokyo. And but I know there's a bad ass. You know, I think we're all pretty hard. But what's interesting actually because like I was about the USA one. For example. I I'm not I'm little bit uncertain about all this like praise for the likes of grief oil, and and everyone's like. To grief was you know, he's not even have is interesting. They call them and give them a go. Wow. Look at him like since pausing. And and I'm just like wait hold on. A we actually we have to also understand that the opponents that we're facing from Portugal to Poland to USA these on really this. This wasn't the real USA team. It was kind of a very young experimental. For a good time. But it just looks. Throughout some guys too much too much too much woman compliments bullet try to be positive. Give us a couple of guys who you think maybe played in that game or whatever that we should be getting excited about and that people might not like reform like moisture can like saying, see. Here where you're like. Wow. I could see this guy since he's having inching season. I, you know. Again, we talked you talked about it on this before this idea in Italy for a long time that oh you got to stick a guy in city and be all set. Until he's twenty eight before she gets a good. He's playing football. He's playing. Well, I I'm encouraged by sense. The I'm interested to see an even to an extent play. He's going to become by the way. He's twenty three years actually, somebody who spent a number of years in the lower divisions with genealogy. We said this. I definitely said this spot cost. I'll keep saying he's looking at them know that sense. He's going to be cracking midfield three. I just mentioned really good midfield three that could be around for walk because none of Georgina vaccine, but other old by the way. But I think I see MO mice can is is I don't know what's making this situation. Obviously he got a year of playing a bit of football osteo Verona. He's now going by events in what he's playing. He's just sitting there on the bench again. Good for gene. These getting having a look at him. But. I suppose he's not being sent to city. I beat to do nothing. But he's going to do something somewhere. It's it's no good for developments be not playing football. So you're right sitting in training every day with Kasana Renaldo and. It's a classic argument, isn't it. Right. We we have the the two sides to it is better to go and play with a bunch of stiffs at owner, or is it better to for your development team play a little bit but train every day alongside through Ciano. And those guys to get you the perfect balance is and I'm not saying you can offer it to you vendors puffy equivalency without Phil what Chesney got lost year events. She hasn't eagle to start a bunch of games. He played in competitive games. He also got to learn something you want better quivalent for canton. You want him me? Thirty years old at that state. So it's not like. Like he'd been he'd been the arsenal. Goalkeeper's developmental. Do you think the can is too young and he shouldn't be playing playing game? Because you know, what why don't we have to one person here who nerds out washing stream you. Oh, like, you've is under twelve. What's the deal with listen? I do think that it'd be important. I do agree to a central player. I I don't I don't know. Because when I was little guy who runs on runs around a lot. And he's quake and whatever that's what I saw last season. I see him play for three minutes for you here. And there we don't know him that. Well, so I can't tell you what he's like in high pressure situation. This is my center forward. Yes. No. He's a forward. I went describe him as centerfold. I think he's very good at creating space for his teammates. I think he's quite intelligent vinyl sides. I think that his movement is really good. But here's a little bit overwhelmed by how excited he can't be to this worries me, sometimes when we see a pay that's very excited to make them on because sometimes they get they this strips of they composure to really before when it matters. But there's a lot about him. That's exceptional because he is composed. He will school the goals like he did against. No, he didn't actually sorry. I was gonna say USA, but it was he will perform in the big stage. But my worry with him is true that he does need to play, but Kobe tally games have been strong it, and I do think that that's when he'll probably get a running. And I do think it's important for him to train them a high level and not be somewhere like from you know, any because I don't necessarily think that that's exactly the kind of experience. I'd like him to have. Ideally like to be with us. What deal would be assessable or not? So. Onto someone like that who you know. Can compete for European places can be a little bit more emissions. But also. Lanta is is a specific case because they played pretty good football. We don't need Gasperini. Again. We've already done. Else week of club would be great support for something. There isn't in between. There's something between on the bench. That's way too many options. Fair liberal rely on going forward and he's never going to quote on him unless it's a copy tiny game. Three other Italian centre forwards. I can think of one sort of a virtual guy beleaguered in the sense that we have no idea. He's the guy. Right. He's supposed to be the everyone keeps to its I. I wanna ago when they absolutely raved about him. Because he's he's he's a beast any has mentality of obese like he's just so hungry. We often see a lot of young players often somewhat insecure coming out and stuff, and he's not, you know, he was told like when the first week in training at Monaco. He goes flying camel Glick, you know, they got no compunction about them. I don't think you know, technically, he's not necessarily top-drawer betting end. Maybe you don't need to be at the services. Good enough in those positions. So putting the one side of his he's injured and who knows where we'll see him. But okay, leeann Belotti. Italy careers. Don, are you writing them off? It's a shame to write them off. But. Neither of them having a season west, we're noting. And I do think they needs to be element of meritocracy we're conscious. Stop you. Call up Kevin lasagna. This is my point. This is why I'm telling you. I don't I don't know whether grief should be called up. I don't know whether lasagna should be the audio ballot. I think they should be sensitive this humor getting gametime than why am I bring you to the national team? This is a source of pride for many Italians who've like their life to get that. And if you'll just calling up guy who features substitute for half. I'm regardless of how entity may be an he's terrific seasons, albeit not Moenchengladbach, but I'm not sure that this is a case of let's just see everyone. But rather slowly introduced great Tonneins. Yeah. I think when like fundamental level I disagree with you on this. Because I think that you look at Jack Eddie like he was playing club football. But if you're an international team manager when you go to guy works team great. And I think what I appreciate about genie's going. Oh, what a lot of not saying. Don, you never coming back. But. John. You haven't come here. And like an an no one's giving. You look so gave us on your. I'm not saying he's gonna be the doubt for all. He said to loss to right. I think a lot of this is. Genuinely doesn't know who the health because he's in Germany doesn't have people clubby knows that he can rely on says let me call them in see how he is in the group we work with him. And then I'll make up my mind all have some basis to work on. I'm gonna mention something. But I feel like you'll probably tack me. Any weight like I love that you get chances. And I do understand beauty of Mancini coining up all these players and just wanting to see what that like. But let's just imagine that Italy does I'm worried about this is one thing going for that they do England dogs, you know, just perform so well in qualify as or or just play good football. And then reaches like competitive tournament. I'm talking about the owning like under captain kind of thing. Okay. Linda's different I'm to the old school, you know, inland when they headlamp in Girardin cappella, and then it reaches the competitive environment. And you see him sort of capitulate, and I'm Maury now with all these players doing really, well, they'll do well perhaps in games don't really high risk. Let's be onus at tournament. Strange in state stage in your engine you seeing someone like Kevin lasagna Nygard phone like, whoever it is are these guys going to cut it at the very high level when they're facing. This is mine Chiavari Shaw or my argument. You don't need to have eleven superstars to go and win an international tournament. Right. You you just need somebody who can do a very specific job for you and using good for form and doesn't get injured during that tournament. I mean, Italy won a World Cup with a love them forever. But with also and she wanted to bet it all, and you know. And you know. Yeah. That's fine. What you'll need that guy? Who's? His name is Roman. Y'all isn't even starting yet? Give it time. There's one thing. I'm not concerned about is. We need are you going to bet your life room union getting a red card either. At me, your God Marino came out and said that she was like a Harvard professor, blah, blah, blah and defending right Bodo. Choose a guy who a lot of people until he was twenty five twenty six thought was entirely unreliable because he brings the ball of because things. Yeah. In Killeen is the guy who get stupid cards, and it's injured and has the big nose and people fun of convenient till Collini reach. We have this. We have this problem with defenders Italian ones. Right. Where we generally think every single defender has a major flaw. We look at them differently until they reach a certain level twenty six twenty seven twenty eight and then all of a sudden they become gods. And they remain that way. Even after they shot. Conversation with somebody who kept telling me out GIO, gene. Is surely one of the top defenders. He's not. And he hasn't been he's not been good for for twelve months. Exactly. And that's that's the situation we Baluchi right now based on his reputation Mnuchin defenders new world, right? But you're you see him every week because he huge so him better. So Romagnoli chance to play with Collini. I feel pretty good about this. I don't think you know, what you said about I like an experienced veteran. That's all that's fine. But you get a mix players. And then you go to the tournament young squad. Who was do you? Remember guy with the mustache in nineteen eighty-two playing defense for Italy. I wasn't born in remember via stretch. Italy won the World Cup all Suber conservative Italy with eighteen year old pepper Baddiel mean, right. Starting a final right because he was really good Dini. Maybe more your time period. Right by the end cheese seventeen. Right. Hey. Hey, you you need you just need to mix. The right peop-. I agree with you having six or seven established global superstars were mentally strong. Wait leaders great. Great balance is I'm Maury who says right and Benjamin provide they were Francis. Fullbacks at the World Cup on a very defensive team defend a lot. They did. Okay. Because they played with other guys. We really can we also just like. Able to judge that for the because I just feel like this is the World Cup dominated by big giant who would just terrible in this ornament from Germany into competition somewhat different for me also just like going to with without wanting to bring us back to misery. Just remember the fact that these isn't like Italy trying to pick up from reaching Italy starting from scratch nor qualifying for awhile Cup. So like, I'm I'm going to be okay with the post of direction reject travel rather than is this team. Positive positively going time to transition to our next topic. Which is. All right. I know that. Leaving eventers and moving to Inter Milan is really big news. If you out on Italian football like we all do we understand this? We can talk about it. I'm not sure how many people actually who are maybe more casual fans know, who he is why it matters on what the impacts going to be on on Ventas. And and Anita. And I genuinely don't imagine. I generally don't know. So giving you think this now? Poesy? What does he do? And what's he going to do? This is an interesting thing about what he's going to do. He obviously liked him. Can Josh conjunction with Fabio Panaji. A lot of the times. He was seen as the man who dealt with the economic aspect of buying and selling players practice. She would scout them talk to him then him if you know he'd have the final say if it's very big player than it would be envy. Anion have the final say, so Chelsea fans. But I cheat is Michael was was Michael Manalo and author was marina Greenwich sky. Right. The way it works in Chelsea they worked. But. My I'm very disappointed that he's fu- vent is. I do think that he would wise old head there. -mongst very. Very excitable characters. He's somebody who's a little bit more cautious. But at the same time he knows when to take risk like saying. Okay. So we know Antonio Conte on a good job. And I'm not sure that was too much. But basically saying, yeah, I really put my behind him being coach if you've unto that see what he can do we introduce you vent his back to that winning mentality. Just arrived from the happen to. Yeah. Well, he who did who just arrived at twenty seven. I just. I just. He was somebody who really like the idea of being the manager. What I think is also important him how he's good at creating relationships with other teams with all the president's with others voting diabetes to create synergy to be sure to get the great Italian youngsters in to help with that one of those great relationship with oversee spoil, you know, had he been around like if he continues to be around perhaps was key king have somewhere to go. You know? But now there's gonna be a case of competitor hand that same relationship photo or will that directly into engine damaged. I little bit. Sue. I think they are a little bit damaged do that into gain a lot from it. Saying he's not the grew scouts and identifies people. But he's the guy who can get deals done. Yeah. So there's a thing which is sort of hard to quantify in football. But I think he can be really important which is to. Which almost your reputation. What you've earned from being in football long time as volleyball royalty will get phone calls. Marlton will get phone calls about players being available. We'll get phone calls about all sorts of different situations. They don't transmit and noble people who still don't by the way. But I think it's something that he brings twin is context book of people who call him. I think that's one of these sort of little things that people don't always see transfers me. Right grand. Narratives VO this team went out and go about players. Well, maybe because this agent called that guy like it's not always like as as of and mapped out as as people imagine it to be sometimes it starts with that person relationship. And I think he brings it ton of personal relationships with an Italian football. But actually now all across the European football from his time event to benefit from what I. Mike counter thoughts on on this. Which was guys came in. Here is. I think there has been a problem with into dating back to win which I don't think has changed of of too many cooks, Tori level, and he comes in. And he has this job title. I mean that I got which doesn't translate into English like we often event is referred to as the CEO, but you've already have a CEO. So he's the CEO on the sporting side. It's it's it's his job title is is poorly defined for me sitting here on the outside. I'm sure they've had conversations internally. And and have some structure what I worry is you now have. Erector you have author who's the sporting director above the director. I know gob is provide the sort of equivalent in the Chelsea model. But I'm not sure Pirro GIO is above them or think he's more off those right, dotted lines. Basically I worked for a large soldier story. I think that's classic inside problem. Sundermann saul. Maybe I know I I'm just wondering what to expect and. Maybe as a dealmaker. Maybe like he's the guy that went like he shows up got be goal and says, no, look, he's really good. He's forty million or whatever. And maybe he's a guy. Who's like? He's weird gamble. He might stay. But I was really likes them. But. Care. We're not paying more than twenty. And then you don't look like an absolute fool when you go. And you know, you spend a ton of money in somebody's out to be very poor or y'all Mario same thing. Right. Maybe that is is his role. I think I think this matters to enter more. If I was asked you who is the last guy. I hesitate to say this is not what I believe. But I think a lot of people do believe in it become so fulfilling prophecy who's the last winner to join inter as a manager or as an executive or even as a player. Yeah. I mean, every manager came after marine they've been some good ones. And it's been a lot of bad ones. But nobody who seen is like Mr. Witter, Mr. guaranteed success marine not seeing that way anymore. But he was that at the time right now Mata has that war. He has rightly or wrongly. I mean, there are some people. I know who who believe that. You know, you could get like he's the guy who will knew about Zanny, you know, like the way that he did. So you've meant is like a little the bog in that you can bring into an and balance, you know, how I moved to you about my help. You noticed? Actually was really into that deal. But what I think is interesting is, you know, we talked about balance of youth in wise, Heddon veterans and experience what you've meant to have lost in him is that balance because now you just have a bunch of youngsters you get really excited about big deals about the names about this and cheese wise, I've not me trying to say that, you know, he's going to go for the big names nowadays. But what I thought was interesting by having somebody like metal thing that in that boardroom with Sarah, let's turn it down. Let are we having an offer towns, you know, let's look at youth as well how it was more of that cautious wise approach as well than into going to gain. You know that he's going to be able to enforce an in and have the authority to speak and decide important things that they don't do into. That is really important point. I do think that it's thing that gets missed that you've been successful. She is is a good job. They've done of of balanced people. Get lost in the superstars another now. Those and and. The reason the only reason, but reason that you've been to been able to to build successful squad also the patchy servers and the and the the guy even plays the tweedy who we've talked about how good he is a bunch of. I don't know if you sort of said anytime looking at at inventors lead sites, definitely go to vibe of some people being very hostile. And who is this guy? He's not important. It's just and he's he's one of the most important team this season. I could see the argument we shouldn't get blazed maturity because he's older, and blah, blah, blah. And he's not a good fair or whatever. But to say, he's not important. I mean, I'm not I'm not saying that kind of just say why you the fans for you. But I mean, you could find every time I signed a bunch of you've. There's only one. And they all they all decide what they want these between either. I had a few doubts myself if I'm very own as I I've always counted on him as a player, he's been fantastic. And anyone that until often of for me is always like a guy that I'm happy to have on my team. Yeah. But they'll think that Montijo at least what I thought about one times. I'm not sure about this is his type of game is really based around his energy levels. So I'm just thinking all that he gets that. This is one thing nothing with anything. But then he's proved to throwing these been fantastic to between the ultimate examples. I I was very down on because you had injuries because he was older was Qadeer fought. All right. We're just coming because you gave them a big fat contract. And and instead I thought Qadeer especially in pug last season was obsolete. Phenomenal. It wouldn't be where they are. There is one point that. The doom and gloom merchants. At you say that now they're painted into a corner where? Simply because they've tied themselves up into so many big long term contracts. Not just Jarno we've touched upon the nightmare scenario when comes back, and they gotta go figure out what to do with them that actually now you play trading. We'll become absolutely crucial to vent is to be able to maintain that level. And obviously that something author was very good at not just you know, like you told us like a town of whatever but being able to buy low and sell high that was one of the skills is. So that's a concern. Janek summer when? Because he won't leave. By, you know, by whatever price in and manage the many many lows that events running any given time loans and rights to buy and all of that Scott has been sort of notionally quite huge in terms of the play owned elsewhere. I mean, just imagine you are the president of a European football team, and you tend to be a little bit older age, you know, and that you'll sitting around the table, and you've got passage choose young and his forties. Andrey anion if he's young it's a little bit different. When you have somebody like metal to who is older that you can have vers. Despite the wearing to pick some of these people we're not talking about somebody who seventy like. Like from a mistake in his mid fifties. Isn't he he's mid sixties? I have to check that. But I'm fairly certain is not in the mid fifties. And but he just comes across as a heavy presence. I don't know how you say that any like somebody who just has a presence about him. And it's not just like, no, I don't want this deal. I want to get the young. His very respectful, and I think that helps in including those deals and like that's what they've lost. And that's why into gained. But you know, I don't know. I mean, obviously, I do think event to continue winning. But that's based on the model that he helped create. Yeah. I think it's a good a good deal for into like. Yeah. I think we ought to see the full. Outlive of a while. I guess Interros quotes more media concerns coming out with next week in the champions. They they put a big big news coming up now by national break. Now. We can we need to how good they all. Yeah. I was on FC today. And I was getting office again, our NTN through the group. I said on the loss podcast. You know that team. I'm most worried for it doesn't mean to get through. I do but this game Whitehall lane is. Yeah. It's a it's it's a pretty big Pook. You hate more national or Spurs. God cab like don't you saw like, you know, very nothing gets in. That was the question for Mr. d Thomas in west, Hartford, Connecticut. Okay. I was gonna ask you guys about about me on and move on from boring conversation talk about me because this is exciting. The battle for fourth. Okay. It's exciting. Because team it's it's team of twelve injuries than one of intruders. Now, our our. Minorities. Who does this guy have all them moves to the? That's why they're buying. They need metal sons point. Let's talk slots on first because he is Slava. We brought this up last night. We giggle about it. About being broke. Some light on how the media works because massive front page sports on Tuesday about. Yeah. It was almost like slot. Come and get me plea available. You play for six months, blah, blah, blah today. They're going on with the story. There's sort of pushing it pushing it pushing it. Obviously, David just wonderful anytime papers all the time. Like, you know, they wrote a whole article about like. Mr. MRs Ebrahim, which is favorite places in Malang favorite shops too. They decided to be in central Milan. Go mike. Mike. It's kind of silly. But here's a situation. Do you pull the trigger on this six months the season? Can he make the difference? Do you everything would change slots on their right pros and cons? Let's get through them. All right prose. It's not pros. It's lots on. It's surely club profile goes up. Instantly your track more attention, which can be good or bad. It can be good. If you use it wisely and figure out how to monetize it impact on the dressing room. He might help the sizzle might derail them. We don't know. Kicking people? Well, I think it's derailed. Steph. Sure. He's got up the title, and he literally kicked him in the back of the head during the celebrations, and he's that Hutt. Anyway, it's a by the by. But this is a very demanding player. He wants everything to be about. You know, you let's go win. If somebody doesn't deliver the perfect accurate balls. Is he going to debate them going forward is him being there mean that it's going to be Dwayne and there's no pace with Roni? We need a number nine national someone explain to me how a space for him alongside because I don't really see that as a as a particularly hash. She can win. Okay. I weighed enough. I think that can if I think they're both good and helping out this ranker's, and I think Wayne is would be all right with being more of a provider facility to then all the way around. But I do think that both will will all very intelligent move is in the final fed in helping each other out. I think they could both watch together in an occupied different spaces and. I don't know. I don't think that they'll be ego issue. The other issue though, is assuming we can pull off this. Ebrahim vich partnership you into another problem, which is than than that means you other play four four or five three two or whatever. If you play four two two four four three go. What do you do with west shoes fit? Yeah. Where did show an all new fit? The I think they've given up on bin somewhere in the you know, if you go to maybe. Dead. At an American audience here as well. Looking for. Yeah. Maybe locks out. It's collaborator. Cohen to you can with. Those guys. But then if you if you play three at the back, you don't have three hundred defenders certainly don't have who central midfielders, right? When you clone Frank Kathy. I mean, he back a Yoko midfield. I don't wanna see that again. Fees. Let's here with you. Don. Yoka my end of it centreback, I genuinely Donahue there. Yeah. Maybe just a malady will be back at some point. Right. Chris. What did you think about all these injuries? Do you think it's just it's a case about log? Or do you think that'd be trained pointy on? There's no enough for this is this is one of those things. It's interesting. That's all you can do is note the facts, this is arsenal. If you years ago and stuff and me, and when they weirdo MIR semaine and his leg, and you know, the muscular injure. We don't know we really don't know. We're not doctors if we weren't even if we were doctors, we wouldn't have gone and examined. Conjectural in this point, we can analyze them. We haven't actually gone, and we haven't done any of the players themselves on the type of injury and whether their bodies predisposition to whether it was an impact injury. Whether could have been changed. We don't know how the players train all we know is that a bunch of people get injured we don't even have accurate data from other teams to compare. If it is something, that's you know, x number standard deviations beyond the the norm. Because it could just be coincidence. We just don't know. But we all know people in football who no friend of a guy friend or whatever Wang's around the team and says, oh, yeah, they're getting injured because of the way through the trains who knows? No, I thought it was just that. No rotated. Why? What am I knew how you gonna them? Just like. Yeah. The thing is under these two's whole, obviously because it's not his fault that that wasn't available from the beginning. You know, like as in their Sutton midfield is your midfield available to him thorny was injured. So it's like could take. What we would just talk someone's flipping. If we get through January, and they've spent the budget. They don't have by the way back in in conversations with you wait for this week about what eventual punishment are gonna get financial play given tossed out a Europe. And then I'll the way like invite a punishment for breaking rules. Yeah. Like, you wanna spend more money on way. While y'all defense richer teams situation, it it may happen. But it's not a good decision. My team. And you don't think it's a good decision. Girl depends. I mean, it depends on the terms where we don't know. Is there is there a secret way to anyway back to you, maybe consider it is their town would that count? If he goes back in China is you'll signing striker in January steak bet is that what you're looking for. Go back with NAM's. I mean, there are ways you can do it. Maybe maybe you should say slot. You've got more money than God back here. We'll get you an apartment you can play for room and board. And if we call the five for the Champions League, we'll give you a big fat bonus because you're slot. You know, what do you say no to that? I mean at this point for slice. And you know, you may think of yourself what two million what is his month? But we. Sorry virtual salary what he was getting LA and everything's on the table, right? I know slot them things of himself as Norse God. And he may well be but the reality is, you know, when when sore dropped his hammer, even he got hurt. Right. So he knows the clock is ticking. If he wants to play some euro belief footfall and live in the city he likes and go back. There's fans and. The other big game. I guess coming up which is one that I'm dying to see just because you know, it is generous audio that's more of a cultural impact he had because we what cab you can tell us about the cultural impacts. And so obviously these teams from from Genoa, and this is a city that's had some really really rotten luck of late. There was tragic bridge collapse over the summer, I think forty three people lost their lives. They've they always have problems with with the weather in bad weather, because there's sort of on the coast with flooding, and whatever, but they were very very hard recently in some ways, even though the rivalry between general dollars, really really strong. It's been great to see the two clubs kind of come together and raise money, I try to do things in the community together by I think all of this will come to. And kickoff approaches because these are two teams that you know, in desperate in desperate need of needed points and each storylines. Everybody jump out, oh who sort of defensive savant. All of a sudden, they can see the tunnel goals at some and your body contact who have courses stop scoring luxury because I think. By mistake learns. Post both those teams have lost their last three games. But despite that John powders very much looked opponents of God. He did ship Nevin goals anyway in three games, but more, you know, he's got a great relationship with the club. Everyone knows what he's doing. But Jurij is potentially sacked if he uses we speak again, I think you're has has come into an incredibly tough run games at Genoa, basically all deception of game against top four sides. They. Liberal some suggestion. He could suggestion. He even before the national break he didn't suggests. Okay. We recognize that you've had a ridiculous tough run game this. But now, you need still picking up points and. Yeah. Yeah. I I guess I'm always interested with audience on on this show. I don't know if people are coming to Europe, they the longstanding Sarah views, if you get a chance this weekend, the watch this because it's going to be it's fun. One of those times football on television stadium. Looking you some Paulo can look kind of weird. You don't have that problem at Manasseh because the fans are right on top of the page. You're gonna have tremendous atmosphere and have a special choreography from the two sets of fans beyond the game. So definitely worth tuning in for. Let's say probably unless you're flea Roma fan. Probably more exciting near games as we jinxing them. No actually would definitely agreement that. Yeah. I definitely agree with that. So they have it. You've got to watch this match. But that's all we have time for on Kenny. Join us next week what will happen in the Tempi. The tempe.

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