Jeanette Never Let You Down Lee


Welcome back to american billiard radio. I i've said this so many times. I i shouldn't even have the right to say it but yes i know it's been a while. Today is thursday february eighteenth and amongst the news that i'm going to mention on this episode. Is well the reason why. I'm doing an episode today and there's also the motivation behind doing an episode. So if that wasn't mysterious enough the biggest news right. Now is the news about jeanette lee. The news broke yesterday. That genet- was diagnosed with stage. Four ovarian cancer really the only information that we have out there is. What's in the press release however the interview for this episode is with her agent in good friend. Tom george thomas somebody that. I've worked with in the billiards industry. For quite some time y- in relation to ginette. I used to maintain nets website. So i worked regularly with. Tom and i worked with jeanette and she was. She was fun to work with I'm gonna. I'm not gonna try to get into any details. I will say that. I'm not surprised by the outpouring of support that we're seeing in the industry. I'm i'm not even really surprised with the amount of coverage that i'm seeing from outside of the industry off microphone. Tom mentioned that the washington post had a story about it our. Espn was doing what they could to help push you know. Get the news out there. Tmz website had information about it. Janette is a unique person in the billiards industry. I talked about this with tom in the interview. Genetic is the combination of ability. Drive smarts motivation. I i mean she was able to do something she was able to become a name outside of our world. I can't count the number of times. I've i've climbed into a taxi and you get into a conversation with the driver about while you're there while i'm here for a pool tournament i'm here for a trade show. Whatever and the first question out of their mouth is do you know the black widow. The black widow is what people outside of the industry associate with pool and she was able to to create that she did an outstanding job of promoting herself and in promoting herself promoted the game itself so again. I don't wanna get too too deeply into it. We don't know a whole lot. What we do know is the genetics won an awful lot of matches in her life. And she's going to do everything she can to win. This one In other news. I don't wanna dig too deeply into the billy thorpe saying look my opinion. I've been wrong before but this is just my opinion q. Tech was a no win situation. They did what they had to do. They made the right decision might experience. I'm not gonna name names years and years and years ago before as e billiards was anywhere near what it is now. I had a player. Come to me and say you're not doing a very good job of marketing. Easy billiards and there's so much more that could be done by marketing. It and i. I understood that completely. That's not what i do. I built the website. I took it. I didn't want to have anything to do with that. I mean i ran the site for years without a banner on one but this player came to me and said look. I can sell advertising for the site and i. I'm a youngster. In the industry we meet at tournament. We were sharing a room at a tournament and he tells one of the big name companies. Hey mike atherton over daisy billiards. He needs a q. And this company brings me thousand dollar q. Now keep in mind. This was ten fifteen years ago. I was blown away. you know. This is a major cue company that just handed me a cue for the. They're gonna advertise. And i said well there you go. You can sell marketing. You can sell advertising on site. It wasn't two days at this tournament when people came to. Today is So-and-so selling marketing for you selling banner ads. I said yeah. He's some work with us and they said well you need to understand how he does business and you know he's he's very pushy and this is the way he handles things and i went back to him and i said hey. You're representing a billiards. I realized that the way you do business but this this is not going to work. We need to tone it down. Look if people wanna come on and by. That's great if they don't okay. It doesn't mean anything negative if they don't want advertise that's fine. We're going to do everything we can to to promote what they're doing and he said look. This is the way i do things. You either have me do things the way i do them or i'm not doing them for you. You know it was two or three days into our relationship. And i said okay then i guess you're not you're not selling ads for me it at the moral of the story which i realize. They're not the same but the moral of the story is when you are speaking for a sponsor when when a spot it's not just hey thanks i'm gonna wear your patch and you're gonna give me some cues that can raffle off and i'll go about my business like i talked with tom about in this interview. You are always on camera. And you are always representing that company. You are no longer john doe pool player. You are now john doe pool player sponsored by xyz q. Company and everything you do is done under that name. Xyz pool company. So you know. Look i get it. Billy's a very popular player and billy is going to have sponsorship before any of us know it. I mean he's a great player. He's a champion. He's going to go on to win many many many more tournaments and he's going to have any more sponsors it was a lesson learned and i'm sure he will learn it so again q. Tech and yes. I one hundred percent. Admit cutic- is a sponsor of as you billiards. It doesn't matter if they were a sponsor or not. I fully believed that they were in a lose lose situation and they did what they had to do. So speaking of q companies predator predators making some waves out there in the industry does not really making waves but predator is is getting even more volved. We had the release in the downtime between episodes that the tri-state tour is now the predator. Tristate tour not surprised when tony roma's left work and went to florida. The predator stopped operating the tri-state tour with john layman had been out there for so long already so it just made sense for predator step in and become a a title sponsor for that tour. They're also involved with this new coming up for match room the championship series event. I don't know a whole lot about that event We don't really have complete information about the the format and how it's going to happen. But i expect we will. We will know that soon. I mean it's mid february and the event is in march in in kovic related. News super billiards. Expo is postponed again. It's it's now scheduled for june with an announcement expected in mid april as to whether it's going to be postponed again. I can't wait for that. Event finally happened. But i understand allen doing everything he can to to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy it safely in the meanwhile water is wet news. Jason shaw wanted ten ball event surprise. Dennis koyo one big one pocket event chain van boning one nine ball event and christina to koch won a big ladies event. I think maybe. I'll just take that little segment of the show and record it and put it on my desktop. Because i'll be saying many many more times in the future. So moving onto what i mentioned as the motivation for another episode this week we and when i say we i mean nate mendham dimitrius jihadists and rob ho from the podcast. And nicholson from the chaka's cheap podcast and myself. All announced that we are joining up to create the queue. It up network now. This is the american radio side of what i do. So american billiard radio is cheap and it. Podcast are going to join forces and release their episodes through the same platform. So you'll have this episode today in a couple of days. You'll have an episode from nick with shock cheap A couple of days. After that. You'll probably have an episode from nate and robyn dimitrius because natives doing his fiji nine ball with the ladies this week. What it's going to mean for the listener is that you're going to have a regular supply of new podcasts. To listen to it's not going to be oval mike. Ab are might do one episode a month and you know if if nate's busy running an online tournament maybe there he won't do an episode for four or five days. It's the winner in this partnership is going to be the listener. They're going to have much more to listen to. And that's why i became a part of it. I also i mentioned this. In the announcement. I became a part of it because american billiard radio started out with dave and marc and melinda and myself and randi and scott hand other people who submitted content to the podcast. When when dave released an episode wasn't just dave talking for an hour it was it was a segment with david was segment with mark was a segment with me. We all did things together. And an thatt's how. I see this partnership benefiting american voted radio. I see benefiting the show with input from other people. I'm looking forward to doing an episode. Every once in a while with dimitrius or doing an episode. Every once in a while with nick or rob or nate. I'm also honestly knowing myself. I want to be held accountable. You know. I feel bad every time. I don't do episode but like i said in the announcement. It's easy to not do an episode. You don't do this week. And then it's easy the next week to say i didn't do one last week. You know. nobody's listening anyway. That's not true. And i think being held accountable to a degree by the guys in the partnership will help me make more episodes. We'll see you know. We all struggle with our inner demons and this one is one of mine and we don't need to get into what we do need to get into. Is the interview that i did with tom george. Tom talks about the the details of situation with ginette. He doesn't know a lot of details but he talks about what he knows. And then we talk about ginette and his relationship with her over these years and what it was ginette has that we don't see from other players right now and yes. Tom and i very briefly talk about the idea that the you're always on camera when when you're being sponsored but i'll let tom his input. I think he has a very valuable input into that. So as usual without further. Ado i give you tom george. I'm very. i'm very saddened. Kind of right now to be joined by tom. George tom georgia's genetics. Longtime it was much much more than just a simple agent client relationship. Tom runs tom george sports and literary tom. I'm guessing you've been pretty busy lately. It's been it's been very very busy and i've i've been involved in go fund me campaigns before but i never ran one before and not much better appreciation for the people that ran them because they are much more work than simply putting up a website and then watching. It's tons of work and we're we're sending thank you notes. Everybody who donates. And there's there's people with all kinds of suggestions from help before her illness. Which i pass along because i'm certainly not the expert in that category To other things that you can do You know just nice things Got a note from a lady. In muncie indiana who. We do not know who who is has billiards page billiards Facebook page and that group is having a fundraiser virginia. This saturday In muncie waas. That's that's really nice exactly So it's been it's been very it's been. I've been depressed about it a lot. Because it's depressing working way. But i've also been very gratified at the at the response. We're getting from from all the people she's done business with in the past and the people we don't even know and i. It's not that i didn't expect it. I sorta did But it was still gratifying. Gratifying and warm to Get it well. let's get the. Let's get the depressing side of things out of the way. What details can you give us about. What's going on. yeah. I'm happy to find what i can knowing my not the medical expert here at all But she has stage four cancer. She was diagnosed with that About a month ago is complete surprise and it has migrated into her lymph. Node is which is bad She's always started chemotherapy and She will be doing. A whole bunch of operations can retails. Which ones because that's her private stuff. It's all a bunch of operations to remove lymph nodes and stuff. She's dedicated fighting this as hard as she can. The prognosis is not good. Generally we try to keep a hopeful point of view. You know it can be beaten. It has been beaten. People have beaten it It's it's that's that's so from my point of view We can hope for the best and prepare for the worst. That's that's what i'm doing She didn't even know she had it for a long time because she's such pain. All the time from the scoliosis is has been fighting forever She had operation last march to this Process that would help. Alleviate the pain from her back and was unsuccessful That was her nineteenth surgery for scoliosis. Which is a lot So the pain was sort of masked painted. The cancer was sort of mask pain. She didn't even find out about it until she couldn't breathe. Found out this. She had fluid in her plora which is lining around the lungs That's when they found out you cancer So it's it's tough and she's but i'll tell you her her attitude is she. Has she has her moments of course. But it's it's It's the same attitude to gave her. Her nickname view is fight. It as hard as long as you can What's jim bell. Honor speech And she liked it. What i wanna do. You know what. I mean by the gym valve. Honor speech you okay. Most sports fans do. If you're a sports fan out there and you have not heard the jim valvano cancer espy speech. Go on youtube and watch it. It's worth worth seeing. And i will grab a link to it in the throw it up on the show notes here for for anyone who hasn't seen it it special. It's he did a great job and he died only a few days after that And genetic not near death right this minute. She's not but she's going. She's got a really bad cancer and it's involved And she's like i said she's. She took her second. Second round of chemo was yesterday and and for the first couple of listeners. Out there who may not be familiar with the scoliosis that she's for all these years. I mean what a what do we know about that. Nineteen surgeries yeah. Well it's okay. I can again not a medical expert. But i've lived this part And it and it didn't inhibited her income a lot over the years to because he's had the had all of these surgeries but scoliosis basically curvature of the spine And there's a bunch of ways to treat. Its first diagnosed. When she was ten she spent a lot of her youth in a body. Cast trying to straighten it There's a famous story about what she i got into billiards She was she was manically into billiards Different than most reason. Most people billiards by the way she loves it. The geometry of the geometry of it made sense to her It was beautiful to her and she practiced so much. That are back hurt so much. Her friends had to carry your home crying but it's she now has every bone and every vertebra in her spine from her neck door but is fused. So if you're if you're on her left or right and say something to her she has to turn your whole body to look at you. She cannot turn her head just general body to look at you. Fortunately for billiards she can bend at the waist But the paint has gotten so bad in the last few years that she could not reach the end of the table. And you can't be appropriate using a bridge right shit not so very many times. Not very much But she really couldn't couldn't take an number of matches. You had to play in the number of amount of time. It was just too debilitating For for her to to to do that so all kinds of neck surgeries and back surgeries and You know like you said every every every vertebras is Is fused considering the amount of success that she's had in the game. How much more success could she have had if she hadn't been fighting the scoliosis. Well that's a that's a shoot at a soothsayer question. Mike out But i can do this. We were having we did. We did okay she. I think it's fair to say that. If you discount hustling. I'm not saying genetic hustle but if you just people who made money at billiards by hustling. Because nobody knows how much of that is could be a lot But made it legitimately prizemoney -dorsements independence and stuff. I'm pretty sure genetic made more than anybody. I don't see anybody that's even close however that is not a lot of money in depending on how you measure it. It's a good living. It's a very good living But it's not wealth. I did a little math yesterday. I looked at it and if If you're garrett cole or justin verlander you make you make more money Halfway through the season did ginette meet her entire career There are a college assistant coaches that make more than a year than ginette has made a billiards cumulatively. So it's good and she was famous and all that but she never had the kind of Wealth at celebrity that people who think people think celebrities all make a great sum of money. Genetic meet a nice living. She had a kid not have wealth right and that leads to the go fund me. Whose idea was the go fund me and can you talk about what it's set up for. Yeah i can't it was mine. I volunteer volunteer to do it And you know. Have some resistance. Because you don't asking people from that. That's so she's not asking It's it's Me and my pinocchio from billiards digest. And the guys that epa and a a group of people are doing this on her behalf And it's really set up for her kids because she has three kids still in the house. Minor girls Cheyenne is sixteen. Now close eleven and so then is ten delightful girls very cute and Genetic been a single mother for them for a long time and remain anxiety which is why came up with the idea. I look for an idea for that matter. was her main anxiety about what she was going through was the possibility that she'd be leaving her kids in the lurch. And she doesn't want that to happen You know her main source of income over the last few years has been. She's she runs the apa franchise. Is you guys know what that is right. I mean the those people know what that is right. It's the league. That's to pa in the tampa area. Well anybody who's been Is with the. Apa knows that the last year of the pandemic has not been kind to that business It's been viciously bad for that business. 'cause nobody's going to bars to play right So there's been a big downturn in that business so It it's it's a it's a real need as distinctly. There's also a a long term need. This is designed so that Her kids will be able to go to. College is part of the caring wellbeing for her medical expenses for jeanette because he's had scoliosis for so long A lot of this is covered by medicaid. Not and her insurance doesn't cover much. It's business expensive because it's always been viciously expensive because she's Had a pre existing condition. Well and there isn't really a professional pool insurance fund out there to to pull from now. There's no yeah there's none of that you know she's never meant member of a team you know. She's always been responsible for her own as all all the men and women who play professionally. Are they responsible for their own expenses. Apply this trade Well lot of that international travel So it's It's it's it's a combination but the the main function of this is to make sure that if in fact your net does pass prematurely that her girls are taking care of and and like the jim valvano speech. I will also have a link on the show notes to the go fund me so people can go check that out and make their. Don't say let's. Let's talk about happier. Thanks can can you talk about of all the pro players that i've ever dealt with. I can't think of any of that. Had an agent aside from janette how that got started. Yes i can't. But i'm gonna tell you that i i also used to represent mataya way back a year and a half way before represented. There's a big article in the new york times magazine. Profiled evan avis obviously attractive woman as well and we we try. I tried hard for a year and a half. I tried hard. She was wonderful And we did a couple of things. I did something that a book deal and we did that toward australia. A couple of things. We did a couple of things but it was just way too much work for the for the income and we parted ways amicably And so a few years later a few years after that One of my. I need to explain. My relationship and company. I worked for at the time was octagon is now the. I was a founding member of of that firm And is now the largest sports marketing. Fb representation form firm in the planet. It's we're the biggest. I still say we. I've been gone there ten years now but i have a very strong pride of ownership We're we were we are and we're one of the big boys right so one of my and i was. Iran are athlete marketing group. I wasn't an agent in jerry. Maguire sense i wasn't you know that's what people tend to think of think of agents At it's not that model so we had guys who were the recruiters were client managers. And i took my group. And i took care of their off court off the off ice off pitch marketing and other ways of monitoring what they do is that is that a okay. Good so One of my basketball agents came to me. The guy who represented travis best in indianapolis at the time And said listen this. This chavis knows this pool player. Ginette lead the black widow. She wants to talk to you. So what do you think. My response was my response was ma- man. I want to geez. She's willing to come out here. Meet you really well. I'll talk to her. I'll i'll be happy to talk to her so i'm senior. I'm the senior guy on the staff right so she comes in She comes into in northern virginia She flew into indianapolis and came to the came to the office. Just like genetically dresses case with a little white waistcoat. Kinda thing right And she comes into the The conference room to talk to me for a while and we talk. I tell all the reasons why. I don't wanna do it. She keeps goin' She keeps going but before she fourche even sat down. She walks up to her chair. Sh she she makes his big show of taking off the waist coat and hanging it on the back of the chair. She's wearing a a A black piece altered thing right okay. And and she's talking to me about all this stuff and and She's look all i want you to do. Just let me be on the roster and just whenever i have a deal upbringing to you can negotiate it and do the legal. And i'll pay this. And i said really. That's all you want so proactive. No responsibility no. She said no. Just do that. I said okay. We'll do this. And i said and quite frankly. You had me at waistcoat which she to this day denies that ever happened. Denies it completed denies. That ever happened but it wasn't more than three or four months of doing that. that We were we were representing her full-bore and one of the things that makes you special amongst athletes not just pool players in Boards more important. Because it doesn't things don't come to you. Nobody works at like jeanette. Lee works it. You i was getting. I was getting cards and leads and Ideas and things to do and people. Follow up with so much. That and i did. We were making money. We did good And i've used this court several times. I use it again because it's a good one. Everybody knows her as genetic the blackwood genetically the black widow. That's the branding wish. Never ginette the black widow lee genetically the black widow. We just took us an hour to talk. Talk that lead. The black widow In the in the octagon offices she got the nickname ginette. Never let you down louis. The is she never cancelled she. Did she always came with the goods. She always gave you a good show no matter what in the entire time. I've represented her which was decades. She missed one gig. And i made do not go and it was a free charity gig that we could easily reschedule and she was sick as a dog. I wouldn't let her go But other than that she met she made every gig. Mike you're old enough to remember the atlanta super bowl. You remember that it was a long time ago but they were there ice storms in atlanta all that week for super bowl week it was vicious. Nobody could fly in. They couldn't fly. It was very hard and genetic gig that day with the national football league players association for no money. She got two tickets to the game which is still pretty good money but okay And so she's in indianapolis gigs in atlanta. I'm camping things left. And right because people can't get there and she calls me and and Sh i cut her off. She starts talking to not. Don't worry about it. Everybody's canceling out. Just tell me give me. She goes no no no no no. We're we're gonna make it. George george in higher are driving. We're halfway across kentucky will make it. I remember taking the phone. This is back when we had phones that are connected to the wall. Remember those phones. I took the receive and i'm staring at the receiver. Like who is this person Joke so she worked it very hard. She delivered the goods. You know. I think everybody sort of thing just because of the nickname the nickname was very organic. And i think you know it did. Nobody gave her that nickname really or it just stuck. It was there's not. It wasn't part of the marketing plan. If you know what. I mean it certainly didn't hurt. It was a very good nickname and it work. I was always amused by that. The rest of the girls. All of a sudden had nicknames You know the striking vikings the duchess of doom. There's some more i know there. I just remember them But that's that's part of it in. And when i signed her the guys that acting gave me a whole bunch of grief. Because yeah tom. There's no money and billiards. What you do your chest representing her. Because she's so good looking. And i thought about that for a second i said well it's been my experience at beautiful people are easier to sell the non beautiful people. I must say that And that's true so the lookout But you've seen you've seen her perform she s. She has a lawn she has style. She has verve. I mean she's you know she's she's not just knocking balls in a pocket right right now she. She's stalking around that table. And she's glaring at it and she's pumping fists and all that kind of stuff. It's fun to watch And because of that issue became. Espn's darling because that's the and if you had to ask me really. What was the key to our popularity. Espn was televising. Williams billiards at the time with all that other stuff would have been nice but not compelling but you know Without the you have to have the exposure to and espn gave that to her But that's true for all the other girls at that time and there were some players. Obviously alison fishers awesome player And she's popular and she's pretty But genetic just had all those that that really good combination stuff. And i like to think i helped. Certainly it's interesting that you talk about the the combination of traits. The ginette brought to the table. That was. That was something i wanted to ask you about. Their there were players who played during the time that she was at her peak at her level. I mean i think at one time she was the top player on the wpa but there were other players who played close. But no one that i can remember has had that combination of excuse me of marketability of looks of talent of of just knowing what they wanted to go after and i left something out. That's really important and it's really important now because it's reason why these this gofundme campaign seems to be working she. She is the nicest sweetest athlete. I've ever worked for. Ever in fact she doesn't she. I've been behind the curtain. There's no deceit. There's no. I mean not only. Is there no deceit. She didn't even understand the seat when when the seat comes her way confuses her she doesn't get it So the fact that she treated everybody so nicely and so well over time I think really is is almost equity. She's trading on now And that's people want to help because she's she's so genuinely nice. It was in this. Why she's still my friend. Look a lot of guys that did a lot of great work for justin. Tuck david robinson on a corner cova steffi graf michael chang these and these are wonderful people I like them. But they're not my friends Only jeanette is is. Do i consider my friend and i think vice versa. You mentioned that. She's undergoing her. Second round of chemo and the yesterday. She's not spending her days scrolling through facebook to see these responses but she knows about them. Right i keller. That has to means something to her. It just happened. Started really happening full-bore yesterday bike so i'm sure it does. I'm sure it does. She hasn't seen she hasn't seen the notes yet from people She's you know she's got some I- i warned earns. He didn't listen to me on this one. I told her to get a new phone number because her phone. Everybody knows her phone ever texts should be. It just blew up Because as soon as people heard about the news they wanted to reach out. They wanted to console. They wanted to help And it's it's been. It's been what i expected what happened. It's been kind of I've got people at the highest level of sport helping us do this Pushing pushing stuff out people. People's spn are helping people in sports business journal or helping. Not just billiards folks. The people the general sports public Is helping as well. Well in ginette was june. That was was the only p player that i know of that truly did cross over into that through espn. But that's that's where i help. Yeah of her relationship with bass. Pro shops is for billions player is groundbreaking to have a relationship with a non billiards company. That lasted five years. Six years as a as an endorser. That's amazing but canadian club and others. That were out there. She did some others but yeah she was. The only person i thought was really a sports. icon Maybe even cultural icon at least to some degree But i've always had. This thought my head. Mike that The builders is a niche activity. There's no question about that But the people that play are very art. I must say that too But i thought. I've always thought that the bill the general sports public only has enough room sort of collective memory bank for one billiard celebrity generation. And what was minnesota fats gateway to to Really mosconi gave to a little bit. Steve ms rat wife. Kids is because the commercial And then but nobody's replaced jeanette sense the nfl next one and nobody's replaced her yet. A question that that i have for you is if you were if you were in an elevator with a seventeen year old player male female and you know they seem to be well-spoken. They had the ability and they wanted to be that next genetically. What would you tell them. Practice real hard. 'cause you without the winning it doesn't matter either. You can have all that flashing dashing good looks you want you have the wonderful nickname you can be on. Espn if you're not a champion. It doesn't count. The first part is being really good at what you do. The rest of it comes second. That's the that's the difference between sports. Entertainment you can be a mediocre singer and be a massive star spears but the In sport you have to win tom. I hadn't really thought of asking you this before. But i wouldn't be fair if i didn't you know we have. We have players in the game today and after hours matches. We've talked about it after hours action. You know it's part of the game and and jeanette jeannette was was derby city. She she was part of that to How how do you talk to your players. How do you talk to the people that you represent be they jeanette or i'm a phoenix suns fan. I hate to even say this. David robinson How do you talk to them about all. Okay okay chris yeah now there you go. I mean they understand. They're always on camera there. There isn't a time when they're able to let their hair down and really just enjoy themselves. But how do you prepare a player for. Always being on camera i impossible. It's impossible could prepare them. They're too young mostly. Usually usually it takes something to happen. Some of them get it But i remember. I had this one young man And and A friend of his posted pictures of him and this athlete And the price of poker has gone up so much with the advent. Both social media and with Cell phones at do video and picture. I mean that's that's that's the price of poker way up when that happened. All you have to do is talk to michael phelps about the famous long. It's and then you know you are really always on. But this guy had pictures on the website of on his facebook page of a party in the girls looked a little of well. Perhaps of ill repute possible. Look that way. I said dude. You can't be doing that just because you're not famous he is. You can't post pictures of him like that. Take him down Because you don't take this. I have another athlete. Come up to me and said you know. I think i'm going to do Twitter i said well that's okay dude. That finding new twitter if you why are you doing it. He said i want everybody else is doing well. Okay on the. Here's my advice to you whenever you post something on twitter or on facebook or wherever you're going to post it just pretend they you sitting in the new york giants pressroom and every member of the press is sitting there watch Taking the everywhere. Downright because i don't know who will follow you. But i know those guys will and anything you right. On social media as public domain they can use it And that particular athlete chose not to do it at least for the time being at the time. Now that i'm not doing it because you the price of poker does go way way. Way up and there's Before i mentioned ginette never let you down. We never had to worry about that kind of stuff with her. There is no negative. there is no Backfill you know. We do a lot in crisis management in our business some of its some of its Nobody's fault some of is guys acting badly. And you have to help mitigate it but you know it. Does you know if you if you're selling your image. That means somebody else bought it If they bought it with certain expectations that you as the seller need to meet and and that's clicked. We tried to give our athletes like media training and that kind of stuff when we would. I recruit them as eighteen. Nineteen twenty twenty one twenty two year old adults but kids And invariably the one who didn't need it the ones who took it and the ones you need it. The most ever wanted to do it. Yeah i could see that. And i could also see spending a tremendous amount of time in crisis management. That's gotta be brutal. We were lucky because of the way we presented ourselves and the way we ran herself as a company and we use. The word should a lot And so we had a really high caliber people. I mentioned chris. Paul I'm david robinson. These are very high. Michael chang you do that for a while. They're very high caliber people so we didn't have as much as other people have but you always have some And when when does its negative energy. It takes a ton of time. You don't you know you're just it's a ton of work and i'm glad we didn't have to do tons of it But you have to do some. The michael phelps thing as i mentioned and You know we ever others But fortunately not it was not a constant barrage for us and that was that was a blessing well again. I'd like to remind people of the go funding. I mean that's the primary reason that we're doing the interview today. The link will be in the show notes and the go fund me is not is. This is not your your you see. Somebody go funnies pool world in its you know. Such and such a player wants to play this tournament so donate money. This is this is for genetic three daughters and the support that you've seen so far has been huge but certainly you're looking for more. Yeah we're looking for big basically saying trust and so it's more like an endowment so that money should last that money should take care of them or what they're Situation is after judah pass if she doesn't pass but but don't take care of their their their general being and their college education and that's what the trust is going to be Set up to do and by the way if they don't You can the link is too big for me to say out loud. Our wouldn't make any sense to anybody. But if you just go to fund me dot com and punching gently into the search bar. It comes up perfect. okay tom. I know how busy you are. You know we had to reschedule this interview. I appreciate you taking the time. And you're doing a great thing and we're all going to send our our best thoughts to ginette and and she's gonna kick this things ask just like she did if anybody can be can do it. She's the amount of resolve. I've seen this resolved before nyc and so of you And you know it's a. It's a tougher opponent but Hey if the spirit's will in maybe the flesh will be strong enough she is. I wanna thank you very much for doing this. Mike and i hope things go as well as we can hope. All right sounds good tom. I appreciate your time and we will talk to you soon. Thank you buddy all right. That was tom sad news. But it's not. It's not the end of the match. Ginette is going to fight this and i'm not a religious man so i'm not gonna say you know god is going to look out for anything like that. It's just not who i am. But what i will say is in fighting something like this. The biggest ammunition you can have is positively and the belief that you can beat it and if there is anyone in the world who has the belief that they can beat. Anything is genetically from what tom says. She's fighting it with all of her strength. And i think her strength in addition to the support of all of her millions of fans out there inside and outside of the pool industry that she is going to do everything she can to like. I said in the interview. Tom kick this things ass. And i'm looking forward to it. So that is this week's episode The next episode that you will get on the it up network will be from nick over at chaka's cheap. Nick is interviewing calvin post. He is the owner operator of. Cjp billiards they make chalk holders training equipment that sort of thing So that will be an episode coming up from nick. Within the next couple of days and that will be on the qaeda network. But as for this show this was american billiard radio. I m not mr bond. I could never fill mister bonds shoes. I'm simply doing what i can to continue what he started. And dave. we're always thinking about you.

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