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Great news. There's a quick way you can save money, switch to Geico Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price, and it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance go to Geico dot com today and see how much you could save. Welcome to college football presented by John ju- papper. Welcome in to college football live the Thursday. They should match IC Emmanuel Acho and Jonathan Vilma we have week six. We have three top twenty five match ups to get to. And one of those is where we start with our Dr Pepper gypped drive game of the week preview Saturday night. Six rank. Notre Dame travels to Blacksburg to take on the twenty four th ranked hokies Virginia Tech ABC prime time. Second ever meeting in the series about that quarterback match. That's one to watch Ian book giving Notre Dame, the look of a contender. Meanwhile, the hokies coming off a great performance at a Ryan will is four Kansas quarterback. Now the quarterback Virginia Tech rate performance against Duke. Let's begin there with first down of our four. Now that's the game in Blacksburg. We'll begin with you Emmanuel. Is this the toughest challenge for Notre Dame for the rest of the season? You would have to say. So the rest of their challenges take place at home. So this is really going to be. Opinion, their last big test. They still have to queue there who's plays well, they still have navy, but I think this is the last big test. Odd. So I think you're forgetting their biggest test is themselves. Notre Dame has lost in November the past five years in a row somehow always knocking them out of the playoff contention when they were good teams that they had. They got upset when they're bad teams that they had. They got beat by whoever was though there late in the season, Notre Dame to figure out how to finish strong. They have not finished wrong since the two thousand twelve season. If they don't do that, they're gonna be upset late in the season in November, and they're going to be an outside looking in at the playoff j. b. you know, first hand what it takes to run this table down the stretch, you know firsthand how hard it is to go into feet. And so I agree with you. It's not going to be a cakewalk is not going to be easy. And the philosophical answer is yes, Notre Dame. Notre Dame is Notre Dame's biggest opponent. But as I looked on paper, just looking at one team, another team, Virginia Tech, the most talented team, Notre Dame. We'll see the rest of the year. It's the same for did take that loss two Old Dominion. I don't care for here. We should go or two years ago. They lost to Old Dominion. So Notre Dame needs to say, it's a faceless opponent for the rest of the season. It's a faceless opponent. We execute offensively defensively. We'll be good to go. The FBI does say this is the toughest remaining game for Notre Dame thirty, five percent chance. They lose this one. We're playing through the whistle here on college football live. All right. Second down number nineteen, Texas taken on number nine, Oklahoma game day is going to be there the Texas State, fair, Jonathan. Start with you on this one who needs this win more. Oklahoma, NASA's when Moore, and I'm taking it from the playoff perspective. Oklahoma cannot afford to have one loss in the big twelve. The way that season is shaping out, they're going to be many. One loss teams will be favored more so than Oklahoma. If you take a Georgia possibly losing in the title game, if you take an LSU possibly only losing two one either Georgia or Alabama, or you look at Alabama, only losing to someone in the title game, Oklahoma would be on the outside looking in because a loss of Texas is nowhere near as credible as a loss to Georgia, Auburn, Alabama. I'm saying, Texas needs this win more. Why? Because we're still just a month removed from their loss against Maryland, the fans in Austin. I was in Austin this past week, and the fans are at the edge of their seat. They're ready to get hyped. They need one big victory. Now everybody knows the cat's out the bag. USC wasn't that good TCU you was down, but if you beat Oklahoma, Longhorn nation, we'll go crazy. Tom, Herman will ascend to the throne that has been waiting on him. The Texas longhorns desperately need this win more. Oh, so that is subtle. Homer answer. If Texas loses nobody cares. The only Texas fans. History. The rest of the country is gonna say, oh, Texas laws. So what Oklahoma, how did they look look pretty good column on you here. There are fifty thousand people in Austin that would care young, man. Yeah, we'll down like a hundred and fifty million college fans, so they're not gonna know that terrorism are not gonna case somebody. Somebody Bubba whistle. Jesse, let's say this Texas loses there will be nobody outside of Texas clamoring for Tom Herman to get fired. We know that that's the truth at whistle whistle. Again. Okay. All right there. It is. By the way, I'll say this in terms of what the big twelve needs. They need Oklahoma to win this game. But long-term wise, the big twelve needs Texas to start winning this game and being relevant. They're in the big twelve and in the national picture, the other top twenty five match LSU taking on Florida. Look at LSU's next four games. This kind of prove it segment of their schedule four teams in the top twenty of the football power index with ESPN Florida, Georgia, Mississippi State and Alabama Emmanuel. What will their record be in those four games. LSU's going to go to in two in those four games, but it's not going to be the two game to think. I don't think they'd be Ford and beat Mississippi State and lose the George and loose Obama. I think they went to those game, but I think they will pull off an upset against either Georgia or Alabama LSU is for real this year. That's a gauntlet, but I think LSU's the real deal I agree with you ought to LSU is for real this year. They will go three and one not too into why Mississippi State stinks, why Florida they are flat out better team. The Florida Florida takes the ball away at an alarming rate, but LSU takes care of the ball at an alarming rate. They have Georgia and Alabama at home. They are going to beat one of those two teams, and I'll go on the record and say, it's not gonna be Alabama. It will be Georgia because Georgia decides when they wanna play with teams and LSU is too good athletically to sit there and mess around with for a whole game. They will beat Georgia. Waiting for the whistle. There it is. Sorry, it's very, it's very jarring. By the way, the FBI says they're most likely outcome in those four games is one and three, and they've been better chance of going, oh, and four than four at all right. So Dan Mullen head, coach, Florida, looking for his fifth win of the season. Two other guys who are mentioned for that Florida job, chip Kelly, Scott frost both candidates there for that job. They're still looking for their first win of the season. Look at Nebraska's schedule again with they've got up coming. They're big underdogs against Wisconsin. They're going to north western Minnesota at home. Thank goodness. They rescheduled the a game to their by week. They got the cookman October twenty seven. You look at UCLA huge underdogs against Washington this week at Hallier Zona Utah Emmanuel who wins their first game. I Kelly frost. Here's what we know. They better win their games on October twentieth because those are the only matchups it looks like they have a great chance of winning, hey, decent Janssen winning. Chip Kelly, UCLA they got Arizona, October twentieth we know heirs Zona can lay an egg Nebraska, Scott frost. They got Minnesota Tober. Twentieth if those teams don't win those games, we might be looking at a goose egg. I don't know to answer your question. Maybe Ross help me out. JV helped me out. I'll tell you a great minds. Think of light. I said, October, twentieth is d day for both coaches. They're both going to get the victories because they can't win on the road and they have just enough skill level for UCLA versa, Arizona team to beat them, Kevin, someone will figure out a way to lose that game. And then you go and roll the boat over Minnesota. Nebraska has just enough talent to beat them as well. So let's put a big red circle around October twentieth for both those coaches, they're finally going to get their first victory on the or excuse me at home with their new teams. Davey you and I both know chip Kelly. Well, I say we put in the order for balloons now scheduled the delivery fraud, covert, twentieth and we're just in there. That's the plan. Seinfield deliver. I love it. I love it. Not if not a week. Later there for Nebraska. They do have the cookman as I said, out of the f. c. s. there tall. That is so wrong you. You're basically saying they're going to lose that game, then winning through. I'm you're saying, those are facts that's a game, and that's why you reschedule that game. You need a by win and they've got one be you why. Instead of the BYU week, it's too bad though that that some of the the worst teams in college football can't take the best recruits the following year, like in the NFL and Oliver likely headed to a bad NFL team next year. That's the reward for being a great college player. Melkite for junior will join us next l. he compares Oliver to you could see Oliver tonight. Eight o'clock eastern on ESPN and Saturday on ABC number six. Notre Dame's aches on number twenty four, Virginia Tech eighty stir five Pacific on ABC and live on the ESPN app. So you can watch it anywhere. John each football. Why is presented by ice cold Dr Pepper, the official drink of fans Ville and in part by steel, find your steel dealer and steal dealers dot com. Tuck -nology truth brought to you by DIKO. Truth, teenagers can communicate entirely in emojis. How why? Bob birthday party pizza slice kitten, soccer ball, pineapple truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. What are you talking about? Paper clips, shoulder, shrug, high, five wizard hat what go. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. Like them back to college football presented by John, do pamper. On this week's Wendy's fresh look. Let's take a look at Mel kiper juniors, latest, top five prospects for the two thousand nineteen NFL draft the injured, Nick boasts of the buckeyes holds the top spot while four other defenders round out the top five, including Ed, Oliver of Houston. You can see tonight on ESPN Jen Ladda goes all access with the projected top five pick. Finish everything that you're doing today. It's going to be hard who gives get a break that I know I know guy go to what some. The photo boss. Now why these visualizing take? I just know I'm Finney hit him. What. He's like a remote control, no caused button on fast forward and no mute. Try to beat up on the whole game my time taking have come. They had. Relentless Berlin loose. It's another one hundred degree day in Houston. The only thing higher than the mercury in the thermometer. Is the energy of our. Sure about that. I really coulda ran mobile. I wanna do that. Always extremely hyper. That could be quite not good. Nice his deal. And then in the world, I've been his way my whole life. I jetty always smiling, always laughing. From b. m. t.. Coming. Today, Oliver has reason to smile and laugh. Cougars defensive tackle is widely considered one of the best players in college football and a projected top five pick. This despite his decision to shun the power, five and a ten university of Houston. He says that he's loyal to the soil from his city from Westfield, high school. It's what he's grown up around and this is his town. We always talk about two things going hard doing the right thing. I am not making the same mistakes head. What can you do here? Put my hand, get your hand up every price. I gray myself, and I work on the thing that I didn't do good. So one day I might have went out there and my steps weren't perfect. So as they are go out there and I worked on step, he's a competitor. He's not someone in restaurants, laurels, he loves to go out there and compete and prove himself each and every day. And that's a blessing as a coach. Oh. Are you the best player in college football this year? I wouldn't say I am. I wouldn't say I'm not. I wouldn't say in better than the evening. With the sack. And draft expert Mel kiper junior joins us. Now Mel, when you watch at Oliver, who does he remind you of? I think you're always going to compare them to Aaron Donald. When Donna was that he was disruptive. He was wreaking havoc, sacks tackles for loss doing everything you wanna defensive tackle to do, you'll get Oliver. And certainly he's in that same category in terms of the way he disrupts things the way he plays with all out effort for a guy. Like at Albert, you don't see him taking snaps off, plays off, Matt, and that's what I think could make him the first pick in the draft. Certainly wanna top three players taken off the board. Okay. Getting to that top three. You've got Nick Bosa one. You've got Ed Oliver there at two, aside from the fact that Oliver is playing and Bosa is not because he's hurt. What's the difference between these two guys ones inside ones outside Oliver Oliver's. Well, you get the versatility you can play on knows you made my three techniques, four defensive and a lot of Hillary with that Oliver disengages the way he locates the ball. Great. I discipline, he gives you jolt. He's got great power, speed and pursuit, which you wanna see though moving forward Madison sacks right now, it doesn't have a sack that numbers are below with Donald's were at the same stage of his career, Donald into two different years at eleven sex. Both ED's had two years five and a half. Now Oliver as more tackles for loss equally as disruptive, want him to finish, get some Saks justify making him the number one pick and the overall draft. It has been more than forty years since we have seen two defensive lineman go one two in the NFL draft will see if it happens this year. Thank you. You got in that. And that's Houston tonight, taking on Tulsa eight o'clock eastern time on ESPN we're hoping it slightly more competitive than their matching fifty years ago, November twenty third nineteen sixty eight Houston beat toll. So one hundred six. The one hundred points recognized in the NCW records book as the most scored in a game against a major college opponent, Wade Phillips and future country music star. Larry gatlin played for Houston, future television, personality. Dr. Phil McGraw was report. Part of that toll sa- roster where he likely ELD, what are we doing. Many winners of the September Heisman have been relegated to therapy couch, which one of the current favorites will drop off and who needs more affirmation that's coming up. Next, let us encourage you to watch this game Saturday on ABC, Jim Harbaugh and number Michigan winters of four straight. They host Maryland at the big house noon eastern on ABC and live on the ESPN app. So you can watch it anywhere. College football live is presented by ice cold down, do pampered. The Bischel drink of vans Ville and impart by principal investments, retirement insurance. Grabby. If you pick the wrong. College game day built by the Home Depot live from Dallas Saturday morning at nine on ESPN. This is meant up. Date is brought to you by Nissan premier partner of the Heisman Trophy. Oh, it's not how you tell you start that. Aren't you the imaginary September Heisman, two thousand ten in art. Robinson led the f. b. s. and rushing yards through September two fifty eight at Notre Dame started five and then seven, six finishing Michigan tripped over shoelace their Cam Newton won a couple of years later. Gino Smith has for twenty touchdowns September. All of them against Baylor of then five picks over five game skid caused Smith. The Heisman Mandel it two thousand fifteen. It was Leonard for that ties into lose and then he did average more than two hundred Shing game September, Derrick, Henry. Thank you very much when bam stopped them. Nineteen carries thirty one yards. And just last year saquon Barkley at least one hundred yards from scrimmage to the first five games of the season including three. Oh five at Iowa, but then didn't crack one hundred yards from scrimmage just twice. Actually the rest of the regular season that uplifting look past failures. Now, a look at a Heisman. Update brought to you by Nissan, no surprise here. But according to ESPN expert, poll the front runners entering October for the Heisman or all quarterbacks to tongue of Loa leading the way who at this rate would become the first Heisman winning quarterback to not attempting fourth quarter pass. He has been amazing matchstick manual out and Jonathan Vilma. Okay. If not to Emmanuel if he doesn't win it, who does. I think you have to go to Cuyler Murray. His numbers are impeccable. They are incredible. They are phenomenal. When you look at what he's done, even in comparison to last year ties Mond winner. Baker Mayfield. He has better numbers than him right now. Kyla Mary's leading Oklahoma, but it's not just winning mad. It's how you win and Kyla Maries doing it and dynamic fashion last week against Baylor. Six do the air one on the ground. Put up over sixty points. Not only are Oklahoma, not only is Oklahoma rolling, but Kyle Murray is doing it in style. I almost went with Kyle Murray until I remember that they have is showdown him and Oklahoma verse will Greer in West Virginia last game of the season. So when you look at loner for net going back to his time, his match vers Derrick, Henry, Derrick, Henry one he won. The Heisman will grew has something to say about column, winning the Heisman. If he has a good game, then he's the one that's going to win it Jonathan, assuming to may not drop off here but of those favorites, who does take a tumble over the next couple of months? Oh, it's definitely Dwayne. Haskins Schick Dwayne, Haskins. He is now put on film how to be stopped. Penn State was rumbling about it all the way up to the game saying, get him off his spot. He becomes inaccurate pressure him and he becomes inaccurate. And then he showed exactly what they said on film. So now you're going to see defense to say, you know what? The hell at the run. Let's go after doing Haskins. Let's get them uncomfortable. That'll slow that offense down and you'll see Ohio State and closer games than they should be. I'm saying this, nobody nobody takes tumble. Why? Maybe it can be Dwayne Haskins. But if you look down the stretch, as I looked down here, who's going to stop them, Indiana Purdue Minnesota, Nebraska, they're not stopping them. Kyle Murray will Greer a big, twelve defense outside of Texas and TCU big, twelve defenses aren't going to stop those two. And then to an Alabama too much talent. The loaded too many positions. None of them are getting stopped. It's truly just who will offend to the top because I really don't see any of these players thinking. All right. Then outside that top four who moves in who's a guy who needs more attention Emmanuel, my guide Benny Snell again, when you're talking about a guy that could be a Heisman type guy, you need a big personality, but he's now he has a big personality, but more than that, you need a big time player leaves the SEC in Russia. Her game. Fourth nationally in rushing yards has the most carries an all football, but we quite literally puts. The team on his back and again, half Kentucky ranked for the first time since two thousand seven. That's historic the gotta give Benny Snell. Some luck. I agree. It's setting a very nicely for Benny Snell. He can go into Georgia eight, no, with the potentially leading rusher still an f. b. s. and if he puts on his show, verse at Georgia defense at eight note, Kentucky verse possibly and undefeated Georgia. That would be his Heisman moment. It's setting perfectly, hopefully Kentucky can get it done, and then he can get it done and we could talk about him in the Heisman race. Let's give some love. Tuna McKenzie, Milton from the reigning national champion. You see f team. They're certainly the reigning Colley matrix national champs. We got your back for manual John at college football, live returns Friday by the Glock ESPN.

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