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Hello. And welcome to the covert nerd podcast. Thank you for listening. I appreciate the time that you give me today if you are a transformers fan you will be excited here. What Tim has to say about all things transformers from the comic book to the figures to the cartoon you name, it Tim is passionate about it. Tim works at the rainbow comics store here in Lincoln, and I went down there and recorded with him. So the sound may be a little different. You might hear some noise in the background because we recorded live from the shop. So let's dive right in and nerd it up with Tim about transformers. While I'm here with Tim, the manager at rainbow comics Lincoln, and I just wanted to interview him and talk about transformers because when I met you Tim is kind of funny walked in here. And then you your eyes lit up, and you're you're saying oh transformers that's my favorites in almost like a kid any candy store. So I wanted to talk to you about transformers because I grew up transformers, you grew up with transformers, and it's a fun fun. Nerdy medium just wanted to talk to you about that, Tim. So tell us a little bit about transformers or excuse me, actually before we get going since you are the aficionado of transformers. Yeah. I came up with some trivia questions. I wanted to ask you. So we'll test your knowledge a little bit. So the first one we're going to go travel back in the time machine to the eighties. Okay. So in the eighties cartoons, this gen one in particular in in that cartoon by what means do the deceptive cons transport goods between earth inside. Tron they use the space breath. Yes, there we go. I don't remember that was that something the septic onto built. You ready for this extrap- in children this basically, it's cyber Tony tack. Okay. And the deceptive cons during the million years of war. Whatever deceptive cons in the original g one cartoon to over cyber drawn. Yes, I and so the autobahn were taking refuge on earth looking for energize because cyber Tron was completely out and enter Jonah's their fuel. Yes. But the deceptive cons had control over the terminals like the flight terminals, basically on Sarah, Toronto shockwave was in charge of all that stuff. So anytime anytime the autobahns had to go to cyber Tron for anything. They would have to break into the space bridge, and they would go up to basically through a deceptive con checkpoint. And then there's there's a couple of really good episodes. It's yellow around this. Okay. All right. Well, one for one take for for the win though k the constructed cons now. This is easy one constructed. Cons merge to become what powerful giant robot? Devastator? I think you're going to know that before you have like the two feet. All you do us ater, I was talking to tailor the the other employees here. And she was like, can you can you bring that in? So I can see it. It's really cool. Is that I assume that's an advance level. Yeah. It transformer, and it cost me a little bit of money. It was super good though. I love it is that an original or then wanted to or which it's from. It's a it's it's from Hasbro's combined wars lines came out. I want to say three four years ago. Okay. So it's fairly new on even. Wow. Yeah. About two to three years ago. It's newish each it's got six different Voyager class figures, which are the medium size. So you have legends or the small Voyager rhenium leader of the bigger ones. Okay. And it's got six of the medium ones. We're usually with the combined. There's like the body part is a voyage earlier. And then the the small. Ones are the limb. So this one is literally. Nothing for cool. Now, we're gonna switch to beast wars or at restores his little good on. Okay stripe. Okay. One of the largest beast wars in the series transformed from its beast mode, the gorilla and featured numerous weapons and missiles, what's the name of that. Character is that optimal? Optimus I found out was night slash nights slash. I don't know that one. Yeah. Sorry, guys. Okay. Okay. That's all right. That's all right. Here's one you'll probably know cybertrust has two moons named the Nate. What are the names of the moons? Simon one in Simon too. I have Luna one in lunatic or moon base. Wondering base to loon, I suppose it depends on which intervention. I'm pretty sure there was a Simon. But I might be pulling that from something else. So it's fine. Okay. All right. The hit on that day after that's all right last one. So we're looking at the Michael bay first transformers movie, I saw this question will be from. He put on the website that he would allow fans sue suggest dialogue for the movie. Oh, I was really irritated when that happened. Okay. Did you submit any? Yes, you did. Okay. Well, he did get he put one line in there. Do you? Remember what line from the fans that he put in there said by Optimus? So because I remember a lot of this missions. And I know that they had like the the Staples. The one shell stand one shall fall. They had the. I want to say my bad is what it was when he said my bad. But I don't remember. Well, the one that got from the website was freedom is the right of all the other. That was the other thing he was gonna say it like this like that's such a cop out like the fans picked now there was in the script. He was going to say, well, I'll double down on fact that it actually optimists never said it on any previous iterations. But it was on the back of his toy packaging in the eighties. So some fan probably took it from the back and submitted it and. Yeah. Well, and it's it's a thing that since since g one, and I'll be honest with you a lot of my transformers love comes from more of the IT, w comics. But it's been it's a thing that prime has said regardless of was on screaming or not that's like one of the catchphrases. He's known for in different mediums. Yes. And it's just one of those lines where like everybody knew he was going to say it, and it's just like fans that the screenwriters screener. Pretended. Like, they did so. Yeah. Okay. Cool. Good job, Tim. Thank you. I I think I got a c. Yeah. Hey, it's passing. Earned it real good? That's right. Well, I wanted to touch base with you on the transformers in general. We're going to ask you what got you into transformers originally. And what is it that really caught your eye? Well, I was born in nineteen eighty two which is around the time transformers came to America. Actually, they they existed as different toy lines. Sure and has brought them together. So technically, they came out and eating I think he's eighty to eighty one eighty two I think so and so growing up in the eighties you'd get transformer. So I have a whole bunch that I could now put names to that. I never knew the first Optimus. I got was like the power armor Optimus prime, which is not the one you want when you're a kid. Okay. But it worked out I was happy to have an Optimus prime. I watch a lot of cartoons in the eighties. Okay. So I fell in love with that though. The transformers cartoon is what you I want. My first entry into it. Yeah. Had H S tapes kind of fell in love with it that way. And then I turned into a thing that I remembered like. Talking like masters of the universe. Yes. Over hawks things. Like that those eighty eight cartoons it kind of fell into that category of stuff. I liked when I was a kid, but still had a fondness for it. When Michael Bay's movie came out. I was like, oh, this is cool. There's transformers. It's not exactly what I wanted. But we have transformers in this great. What got me into comics currently or lemme go for gin slip coming into transformers? Currently is the the recently finished ID ws. Okay. And we can get go into that. If you want or when did that start? I w remember I wanna say I wanna say it was about thirteen years. Okay. I have a cheat sheet. So he kinda I to summer you caught your eye when your kid, and then the movie came out, and then the comics came out, and he kind of fell back in love with it again so to speak. I did it was it was kind of a nostalgia owes two thousand five thousand five the year two thousand for your. Yeah. It was nostalgic glasses that brought me back to transformers. And but it was the legitimate quality of storytelling that kept me in. Okay. So the stouter that caught your eye, but the quality that kept you. Absolutely, okay. And so your first transformer was Optimus. Then you know, let's go. That you own. We'll go ahead and say, okay sounds who's who's your favorite transformer. I are none. I have I have a couple of different answers. But my default answer will be ultra Magnus. Okay. Ultra Magnus is the easiest one to go with explain for the listener who may not know ultra Magnus, maybe the two minute. All right. Well, okay. Three minute. Oh, well, there we ultra Magnus more or less the version of ultra Magnus. And I love is from the ID w comics clearly, and he is kind of the internal affairs officer. He's very by the book, he has no sense of humor and people respect him. But they also are just like omens. He's kind of like a Drax in guardians of the galaxy. Yeah. Except he's not like a Ruffy in. He's very like strict by the book, but he doesn't he doesn't abide silliness. Okay. And he he's kind of like the fawns where like Fonzie in happy days couldn't say love or something like that you see wrong. That's what seems wrong. Yeah. Ultra Magnus can't do that with fun. He can't say the word of the F word. Exactly, exactly. The three letter three letter f word we all. No. But ultimately ministers. There's something about him. That's really stuck up. And it's fun to read them and see everybody else's reactions to him, but through my favorite of the transformer series. You see that shell kind of breakdown, and who will try Magnus is. And why he feels like he needs to be the one who can't have fun and why he has to stick to the rules that that allows other people to enjoy the things he's incapable of enjoying and I found it incredibly endearing and absolute love him. And I'm pretty sure I'm past three minutes. Not. So he's the guy that he thinks he has to do the job because nobody else will do it. Would that be accurate? Yeah. Yeah. That's more or less grow. K and when did he was he a gen one gen to do you? Remember, Jen, one is he he was introduced in the scramble city Japanese cartoon our commercials excuse me that kind of introduced hot rod ultra Magnus, but the first time American audiences ever saw him was in the animated movie and young was voiced by unsolved mysteries guy. Oh, I can't think of his name. I've completely lost it. But yeah, the guy who did unsolved mysteries did ultra Magnus sports. I love that movie. Did you go to the movie or did you watch on VHS? Or did you go with it on VHS? I never did. See it in theaters when I was a kid. I did see it earlier last year in theaters. They updated the poster, okay? And the poster was done by an artist named Livio Rahman deli, and he actually has done a lot of transformers comics, and I actually hear rainbow. I have an image. I commissioned from him of over magnetic, and it's right behind the counter, and it s the happy every time I'll get a picture of that wing. Put it in the show. Thank you. The digit cry when Optimus died I mean, he's did. I don't remember. I don't remember. I know it affected me. But I don't think I ever had. I never was of the impression that he was real. Okay. So I kind of had that separation. And all I know is that when I was a kid when the original transformers were gone, I lost interest. Okay. And that's kind of what I find interesting now is my favorite characters ultra Magnus Springer hot rod there. Everybody who was introduced in that movie. Yeah. And so now, I actually kind of look forward to getting to the back half of the movie, and you know, they got killed like chumps to know. That will movie when I saw it when I was a kid as like they're just killing off the old guys, right and latte. All yeah. Yeah. In spite gets away with saying the S word, it's bad. They had to make it more edgy. I think maybe, you know, wasn't it supposed to be more hardcore rated than they owned. They know that up. I can't remember they made exactly what they wanted to make. Okay. And the and the they had conversations when I say, they I mean, the producers that you pay me money. I couldn't tell you. I know Flint dilly was one of the writers. He might have been a producer also. But they said since we're going to make a feature since it's going to be PG because we want to appeal to more people we wanna make a little bit more intense. We're going to go ahead and throw in the S word. We're going to go ahead and allow this to have steaks, but they didn't count on the people like the kids like you. And I kind of grew up in or they say now, the internet is raising kids you, and I kind of grew up in an era where. You wake up on Saturday morning. And you go and watch cartoons cartoons were the guideposts. So yes when Optimus was killed because there is even had a that commercials. That would aero Saturday mornings that showed off the moving like those prime die like, oh, yeah. Nah. He's never. They're never going to kill him. And they killed killed him. I know they replaced him with hot rod who's ever heard of hot rod. Yeah. This guy that just shows up for you as a listener if you don't know where we're talking about. We're talking about the nineteen eighty six eighty seven eighty six transformers movie that they came out with in. Yeah. That whole movie was just a shocker when they killed off a bunch of characters, and it was a springboard for kind of the gen to Jen three. I think not still considered Djilas on and the end of g one was the end of the original cartoon. Okay. But it did introduce the new like eighty six eighty seven toy line, which the only I think the only bought it included from the original line. Was Bumblebee, okay. Who lived in the moving. Yes. An ultra Magnus. Sorry. This going to happen. Ultra Magnus when he was released that toy was a white and re color of optimists. So his yes. So because he had a trailer. Yes. His trailer was different retool that could be turned into a suit of armor that looked made him with more like the cartoon version, but the toil self at the core of the toy was a white cap that that matched Optimus prime. If you put them next to each other. They're the same really it's just ultra Magnus is white with a blue face whereas Optimus prime was red with a dark blue face in silver face. So the mold basically the same identical. They did that in well in in masters universe, as you know, the arms in the body all the cores were almost all identical fraternity just recovered him. So they did the same thing. Yeah. In that case. Anyway, has rose actually kept that tradition up to with the combined wars lines. You're the reason I have so few of them as a lot of them are literally the same toy which is slightly different. Okay. They've actually kind of a Majd that a little bit in the new siege toys. So I have a counter of at work right now, I have the new Optimus prime in the new ultra Magnus and they've gone out of their way to make them look the same. But really the only thing that's the same as the head. But it's really cool. They transformed completely differently. They do their best to try to make them look similar similar to try to get that mold style. Look, and they even incorporated that in some of the some of the other continuities for transformers where they've made ultra Magnusson Austin's prime like brothers and even combined and some fashions not my beloved ID w but their special place finisher. Let's the hardest transformer to transform that. You've run into it varies the new one. I guess the answer. Okay. When I I get them, they're difficult. They're very challenging. And I do use instructions, but those instructions are excuse. Okay. So sometimes I have to go onto YouTube. So other people do I just recently bought the studio series jazz. So it's jazz from the original Michael bay movie and the instructions skip a step a really, and so when when I was transforming him, I was like this is not correct. And I've done everything I could possibly do is asking friends to take a look and see what they had. Okay. And it took better part of a day. I went online had to watch for. They're like, oh, this is in the instructions, but you clip this piece up on his back and then everything pulls laced. But now once all of them, regardless of difficulty level once you do them one or two ties to two three times. Sometimes it takes five times you get to the point where it's just muscle memory shirt. But I do have a thunder cracker but studio series thunder cracker at home that I cannot put back in jet mode. All I can't remember it an-, Anna find his instructions and online all I can find her people putting him in his robe. Mode so for a little bit. Now. Thunder cracker stuck in his in his mode. I'll fix it kind of like a rubik's cube. Almost really is you will you get a really cool robot. You get a really cool vehicle and in the middle. You get a really cool puzzle. So good point just not as something you were talking about Optimus in the cartoon, you always see Optimus transform into his robot form and the trailer. Disappears. Yeah. Where does the trailer? Go where does it trader? There are different answers. It's kind of the same answer for why? In the original cartoon matron changes size. Yes. Right. Exactly. And it has to do with. It's really really non-answers. Yeah. But there's like there's it's thought it was funny. Transform Shirley use. But you've seen Cinderella. The Disney cartoon so. Yeah. No. When the fairy godmother pulls her wand out of nowhere. It's in a pocket dimension there. That's where that's where his trailer goes. That's a really poor answer. I know the answer the the real answer is they just couldn't afford to animate, absolutely everything. I know it goes into some weird pocket dimension same thing with matron matron has the ability to change size is all of a sudden he's the same size of star screen. But when you transform starts getting hold him as a gun. Yeah. And I think on the toy becomes a kind of a battle station because you have some guns in there and for mega truck. No for Optimus. Oh, yeah. For optimization or. It becomes it becomes a battle station or a repair bay and some other really cool, really cool stuff. But yeah, it's they actually with the new WalMart's been doing these g one re releases cat are basically the original molds, they just released fifty bucks an optimist prime, but he doesn't even come with a trailer. Really? Yeah. Which? If you're gonna do a rerelease you probably need to do the trailer. But then also it would end up costing more than you can move more units at work rice. Okay. There you go. Sorry. This ausage is amazing. This this business podcast right now. It's all fine fun. Well, the story are you talking about I d w so you probably have a favorite story arc. I guess tell us a little bit about that. And who I soon as for my DWI favorite story are okay. So about. Let's say about halfway through the run of ID ws thirteen year run. They ended up ending the war between the Audubon. Okay. Which was cool. So the focus of the the focus of the comics for the back half of the ICTY w Ron was postwar cyber Sean. Okay. Just setting the seas can take a minute fill their at at peace love their time here or not. But the the conflict is oh, okay. At that point Optimus prime steps down from being Optimus prime, and he goes back to his prewar identity is Orion Pax because again, he's been the paragon of war and is a symbol of conflict. And he doesn't wanna be that was so he leaves cyber Tron of the matrix of leadership which was established in the original eighties movie. And that's the leader of the autobahns has this thing it got split in half. Oh, and so in order to to symbolize moving forward. He gave one half the Bumblebee whose defacto leader of cyber Tron at the moment and he gave the other half hot. Rod who is now called Rodham aside enlist in the comics, he's not Rodham pry, oh, okay. He's just Rodham. I just say, it's almost prime rib. It's not Rodham. It's fine. Okay. Because optimists time. Okay. Yeah. So it's interesting. But so they each have half of half of the matrix. And then the comic split. So there were two different comics. I'm so sorry. This is such a long. Lead. No, no, go ahead. But so there was there was a transformers book called transformers robots in disguise, and that was about the post war politics on cyber Tron. Not my favorite my favorite was transformers more than meets the eye. You get it. And we're not. I like the old theme song Hossam, but more than meets the eye was Rodham ass- getting a crew together to leave cyber John and go find the knights of cyber Chon. Which are these fabled keepers of the peace? Who will you know, if you can find these old, basically transformers gods? You know, they'll have all the answers will be great. So he gets a crew of about two hundred fifty watts together allow include in his second in command is ultra Magnus. Okay. And so more than meets the eye turned into this grand scifi epoch? And then along the way I'm skipping a whole budget. That's fine. A bunch of junk who is so good. To read it. It's ver- excited. I'm like shaking right now a halfway through the run of more than meets the eye. There's this giant crossover called dark cyber Sean and dark cyber Tron is possibly the greatest. I fi- comic. I've ever read in my low while you find out that shockwave who was in the g one cartoon he had a giant all that would like yellow and he turned into a big purple gun. He is the he's a mad scientist criminal mastermind, and he brings about this prophecy called dark cyber Tron where bad things happen. Let's just let's just put it that way throughout the course of all of this stuff Bumblebee sacrifices himself, excuse me, Bumblebee sacrifices himself to save mega Tron. Still alive the live. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Postwar everything mega still alive, east kind of ruffling feathers. But he's nothing compared to shockwave. Okay. But Bumblebee sacrifices himself or matron bumblebees completely dead and it throws matron off because he's never come into contact with us before. And so he got bumblebees literal corpse at his feet, and he's just can't even process was happening. He reaches down tears off bumblebees autobahn symbol, slaps it on his chest. And he's like hold on prime, and he teams up with Optimus, and they take out shockwave together from this point until the very of spoilers. That's my Oilers, accounting, guys. I said of from you ahead of diamond this point until the very end of the W series, which just ended a couple of months ago matron stayed in stayed in Audubon all the way through and he ended up being co captain. Of Rodham as-as ship. So it's the hierarchy on the ship is Rodham ass- and matron r- equals second in command is ultra Magnus third-in-command is drift. And it's it's like this really crazy thing at one point matron shows up any he looks at ultra Magnus in Hainault tremendous almost become like best friends. It's so it's so nuts, but he sits down with rod in mega Tron. He's like, I know you guys are probably like treating my food and making me want to be like this benevolent guy. Don't stop. I like who. I am. Now, do not don't quit doing what we're doing. I like who I am. And then he leaves and Rodham as-as like re redoing stuff to his tremendous is like, I I've not I've done anything anything. Long long story long mega Tron ends up in some other world like some other dimension were time works differently. He's over there for hundreds of years liberating billions of planets and so by the time he comes back technically, he's redeemed himself. But at the very end of the transformers comics, they did a whole thing called Yuna Kron. I go on about you, not love me Unicom. Yeah. Okay. It up at the very end again, he sitting with automous and ultra Magnus, and he's like, look I'm about to go on trial for everything I've ever done, and I'm either going to be put to death or I'm going to have life in prison and their form of life in prison is having their spark which is basically their heart taken out of their body put into like a little case of put in protective seal in launched into a sun. Well, so it's basically death, but Rodham os's like all right? We're gonna do everything we can I'm gonna talk to all of our legal experts. We're gonna talk to everybody we possibly can to see what we can do to get you a lesser sentence or get out of it and matron stops when he's like now because whatever I get I deserve worse. And you just need to let it happen. And you never find out. You never say leave hanging. They leave it hanging. But it's so perfect. It's so perfect because you see it you've seen megatonne go from exactly what you think anything. Megatrend guy being being like this benevolent freedom fighter who's who standing for his original ideals that started the deceptive con 'cause I place, and it's so satisfying. And so my favorite arc. My favorite story. Is it spans almost one hundred issues, and it's it is the best piggybacking off of that. If you don't mind just as hell, I will have all of it in the store here starting. March. I'll have everything it'd be trade. Yup. Okay. And hardcover sorry. To know sorry to you know, pull that pull that out on, you know, but if you guys are all serious, I'll have it in the store, and even if you don't want to buy it come check it out. So it's so much fun it in it some of the best even if you're not into transformers if you're into Saifi, if you're into comics if you're indigeous something completely different. It's so it's so much fun. It's so incredibly good, I get goosebumps. When I read it like, it makes me so happy when that's what's good about a run like that in my opinion. It's not they had a definitive start and a definitive end. It didn't try to drag it out like some other publishers where we gotta get fifty years out of this care for more will here's what's fun about transformers. There was there was a lot of buzz on the internet people really upset that it was ending because more than meets the eye transfer got relaunched as transformers loss light. So if I mentioned loss light, it's it's more than CIs since all kind of one. But law slight has been one of the best comics like not like hyperbole to the Cy. I read a lot of comics. It's one of the best comics I've read in a while. It was it was hands down my favorite comic for for a long time. And I read good chunk of everything lost light right loss. Transformers lost like. Yeah. More than meets the eye transformed into law slight same writer, all the way through a lot of the same. Art teams all the way through as well, one of the best comics have ever read. I was really bummed out when I found it was going to end. But if you remember what I said a few minutes ago, we've gone so far from what transformers at its core is which is auto bots versus the cons. And once you've gotten so far off brand he you can only go so far so on March thirteenth. I believe it is IT w is doing a brand new transformers number one. It's going to be set as far as I know. It's going to be set on cyber Tron. It's. Erasing everything is going to have characters that I know and I love, but maybe ultra Magnus is time around won't have any connection to the ultra Magnus. I know in love. Oh, but that's not to the detriment of the character. It's it's actually a really exciting time. I got the best transformer story. I've ever read jury and and ended so perfectly and I'm actually super excited to see what this new iterating of it is. And I feel like it's time to do that the cover of number one has Optimus prime as leader. The auto vats mega China's leader septa cons were going back to basics. The new transformers toys that are out the war for cyber Tron, siege toys. Yeah. Those are all like all the characters in this new comic are based off these this toilet. And Netflix announced today this morning when they were recording this that they're going to be doing a war for cyber Chon animated series. Really? And. It's going to be based off of the siege toys that are out which matched the character models or the I w comic. So it's gonna it's it's a really cool time to kind of double down. And and if you've been curious about transformers, or even if you're just like, I don't know, I passive, we know who these things are maybe, you know, checking out the example, I give you lots of options, you you've got the comics in. Now, you going you're going to have an animated series on Netflix. I didn't know that that just announced just announced today. Are they do, you know, how many episodes thirteen probably they haven't. I just they just announced it. Okay. I know it's from the show runner who did the power of the primes trilogy for Michelle Obama. Okay. Because mission of familiar with that. Yeah. They did a whole series of short episodes that turned into this massive tie into the toys. Okay. An ID w had a little bit the magically to do with that stuck. But but this new one it seems like a more concerted effort. I'm not saying the comics are going to match the cartoon, they do they really do. But I do feel like this is a concerted effort to be like if you go to let's say target or you come here and pick up some of our transformers toys, the toys that you get are gonna match. What you see in the cartoon again a match what's in the comic. They're going to you know, they're they're all gonna strike some uniformity. Exactly exactly that super site. No. It's I love the fact that we do have some of these streaming services that are taking some of these properties net flicks. For example, to the she where reboot all I think. The then wasn't there? Thunder cats there with that was on cartoon that card. Okay. Well, still there grabbing some of these old properties in almost out. Do you know speaking of crossovers transformers has done. Several crossovers other properties was your favorite. There's actually one going on right now for mighty w that's the transformers from the eighties cartoon across. Being over with the animated Star Trek. Okay. I think. Specifically. That's what's my favorite. A lot of the of the crossovers are not get my favorite one has was the one shot that was Mars attacks. Oh that that was really fun. They did they did a whole Mars series of ID w did a whole series of Mars attacks one shots. Okay. So they had like Mars attacks. Popeye Mars Texan into turtles Mars text transforming than an X files. Transformers crossover. It wasn't very good. But that's weird. Okay. But the I absolutely enjoyed I super loved the that crossover. There was also a crossover that eighty w did called infestation an infestation. The core story of that was zombies got out and then from there from infestation when zombies got out they went into. There was a transformers to issue thing where the transformers dealt with the Samis getting into their world and GI Joe dealt with zombies and their world. And then there was just. All these other weird things, but it turned out that it was very important to the continuity of the ICTY w transformers that this outbreak happened though had any actually turned and went from being kind of a fun little cash. Grab to something. That was very integral in an involved Cup super. So the transformers could become as ambi-. Yes. That's awesome. I think they had that Sieglinde prime came back on the cartoon had that episode where there was at infection ocher type thing. I don't think it made him his aunt. Well, maybe it was sometime. Yeah. It was definitely a reanimated thing. Yeah. That was they got a lot of flack for that too. Because they brought out prior. And then immediately killed him. Again. How many times optimist been killed us? So many. I think they did a I like I read a few issues of the GI Joe transformers crossover, which one was the I think it was the marvel. I think it was marvel or was it. There was a there was a comic company of I wanna say it was dream leave. It is they did they did a GI Joe transformers crossover that was ingenious, and it was transformers all turned into the Joe's vehicles heaps. Yeah. And then Cobra had the jets and all of that stuff. And is so you had the Cobra and the deceptive cons teaming up with or go and against the Joes in the autobahn, sure. And it was visually stunning. The story was fine. But it was really cool. But yeah, they've done a bunch of. I just thought that was when I first saw it. I think when I was a kid I thought that was kind of a cool idea. Oh, cool concept. You've got snake eyes on top of optimists and then mega Tron with Cobra commander on his shoulder something it's just visually is like, oh, that's a good idea. Actually, just did I want to say two years ago. I d w did a GI Joe transformers crossover that wasn't it. Was kind of an eighties throwback field. Tom skilling. I think just butchered his name put he did that. He's now doing go bot series, right? But it's super fun. It's got this very eighties throwback feel to it. But he did twelve issues, and then he released issue thirteen which was the false like the adaptation of the movie that was based on the comic. It's, but when when you and I are growing up sorry to date you like this us there were you could go to the comic bookstore, the grocery store and buy a comic adaptation of a movie that had come out. Oh, yeah. And it it's so fun to read like, it's it's all it's his whole twelve issues crammed into thirty pages. And it's it's it's disconnected and disjointed doesn't make any sense. Just like it did in the it's so. Man. What a great what a great. How can something be new in the Stahl GIC at the same time. I don't get it. I yeah. Then they're always like these mistakes where they miss Keller stuff that problem because back then they were the comics and even the cartoon were more of an afterthought Hosur. It was we're trying to sell toys, by the way. Let's do a comic book. And by the way, let's do a cartoon in near shell the to meet in. We have no idea what we're doing on fact. Sorry. Go ahead. Bob UTI and ski wrote the transformers comic. It was originally supposed to be a four issue mini talking about the marble omic eighty s Hasbro was like, well, if you're renting the comic, why don't you go ahead and write the character cards? So with the little the little bios on the back of the packaging. We're all written by the guy who's right in the comic. Oh, same thing with GI. Joe at the time the guy who was writing GI, Joe comics was also writing the character bios on the back of toys. I'll those are the cooler you wanna. When you went to the store, I could just we didn't Violante toys when I was kid, maybe your same way or not. But you can just go and stare at those cards on the back of the Joe's and back of the transformers, and they have other awesome. They have a book. That's just the art of transformers toys. Okay. And so it'll have like that that mural that was on the back of every and then like just all of the character designs that all the art museum those because then those cards if I remember correctly, they had you could put this little red cellophane over the back and told their status their stats. That was super fun fun toys like these days. They don't have those anymore is on the car should have something like they don't have it for the newer transformers runs. No. But I'm almost wondering those chea- won re releases at WalMart. My apple they might have. No, I gotta go to WalMart. And vice look what you did. Going to spend more money on the transformer side. What the have the new Star Trek versus or Star Trek transformers crossover. When other we talked about the GI, Joe transformer crossover. Did they do any others was an X men transform across regular member? I think there was at one point the one that sticks out in my mind was the oddest winter it will the worst the Mars attack of it. Well that was off. But that's good. It was so good. I didn't I don't like I'm not the kind of not the kind of person who likes to dwell on the things I don't like shirt. But I'm going to talk about somebody in like, it was transformers new avengers crossover. Oh, okay. In this came out in the middle of the ID w run if you pick up the hardcover collected additions is actually in there, and it's from a writer. I don't know as from an artist. I don't know. But it just was if you have somebody who doesn't normally right transformers seventy doesn't normally draw transformers sometimes things get lost in translation in. They're trying to write in a vendor story, but they're using the transformers in just isn't work. Okay. And a lot of the stuff of the some really cool ideas in ultimately is kind of. So as an ID how did decided curiosity? How did I d w get a marvel property? I need abuse relationship with marvelous. Very interesting. Okay. How right now and I'm so excited side. No. This is good. I want to hear this right now. There's actually a series. There's a series of books from eighty w called marvel action. And they have Spiderman avengers Black Panthers coming. Out. I want to say a couple of others, but these are actually published by w so these are comic books marvel books that are published by not marvel and the whole idea behind them is there continuity free. If you pick up marvel action spy, it's got Peter Parker going to high school with Gwen Stacy and miles Morales who are you know, smiling and spider, man. Yeah. And Gwynne Glen. Yeah. And it has absolutely nothing to do with any version of Spiderman you've seen or read or heard interesting. It's kind of thing in the Spiderman book is written by Delilah Dawson. Okay. Look her up on Instagram, by the way. Delilah. Dawson is great. And she she's a novelist. A lot of Star Wars stuff lot of fantasy stuff. But her husband his favorite characters. All tremendous and on. I know she my wife now. No, no, that's great. But she for for his birthday think last year, she baked in an ultra Magnus cake. And it was so I was like, I basically this is turned into my love or Delilah. Yeah. But actually read some x files comics that we have here in store. She's writing marvel action Spiderman she's written Star Wars novels. She's got some Star Wars comics coming out soon. I I loved Dawson so interesting that marvel with do that, I don't know what's going on. But they also like I w will put out like artist's editions. Okay. So you get like a wall Simonsen floor artists edition book. That's like, you know, two and a half feet tall while super hardcover or just prints in the middle hundred fifty colored price tag. Yeah. I think a lot of that comes down to like eighty w has a pedigree for quality. And I think marvel at some point 'cause they tried to do marvel select for awhile, and it didn't quite work in IT w has like an eighty w limited, and that's actually really cool. And I think marvel seeing some success having idee w put out there art books that now they're like, well, if we have Spiderman or avengers come out for mighty w. We can divorce it from any connection to anything else. We haven't still still make some money still some reach different either verse crowd. There you go there. They I e w has bought the the straight has bought the rights for that property from Hasbro for a certain amount of time for transformers. For that that connection. Explain splaine intellectual property while just how how's borough and ninety w got together because I know it wasn't always that wasn't always that way. We'll. Hasbro had a really bad run a luck. So marvel had dropped because marvel in the eighties GI Joe, and they did transform transformers. And that kind of went by the wayside after a while. And then I has row double down on devil's due publishing. We believe is still around but didn't quite work out with them. They went to dream wave and dream wave collapsed underneath him. And I think I d w and I could be way wrong. If you're for mighty w and you're listening contact me because I have questions the way I understand. It is marvel wasn't interested in DC wasn't interested. But I w. For a while. Because they're just hitting. I wanna see their twentieth anniversary. Okay. Yeah. They're new. They're almost any issue. I mean, boom would probably be newer. But I honestly believe if boom had been around they probably would have scraped up the rights to transform because that feels like they're real they have a lot of those. But I believe I w needed something to put them on the map outside of wanna see thirty days of night might have been their only real success into that point played some Godzilla stuff way back. Yeah. Sure for but they did get the rights, and what's interesting is for a long time in comics comics that were based on existing properties weren't selling. They had kind of a kind of had a stigma attached to that. They did as what what eighty w managed to do through not just transformers, but their GI Joe, compass was changed the stigma that was attached to publishing in existing property yet wasn't necessarily known. You're kinda the second class. Exact. Exactly properties. It's like when you buy a video game based on a movie out. You're like, oh, this is going to be terrible. Yeah. And that's kind of what kind of why I hesitated read for a long time on specifically GI Joe transformers, but ID w win and took the idea of what something like that could be into to certain extent darkhorse was doing that with like alien guested rather? But nobody was reading it except for the people who did read it and they loved it. But it wasn't like a mass appeal of very small demographic. But what I w did was make people care about transformers, and I can say that like from like I said at the very beginning minus Stahl a Broughton back to it. But it was quality storytelling that kept me in Hasbro ended up unloading all of their properties on the O. Would I w had transformers GI Joe JR. And the holograms volume Rome, they had a bunch of stuff, and they actually explained around the time. Transformers lost light became wost light. They explained that GI Joe existed. With the transformers that JEM, and the holograms were a band that you could listen to while you're waiting for Optimus prime to come pick you up, you know, they merged all the everything universes. Everything was huge like all interconnected in the they were GI. Joe would even explain why they had never mentioned transformers before. Because they're like, well, it's a thing. But that was over there and we had to worry about Cobra brat some alien robots. So we let the military side of things that you see in transformers handle that will we're searching for Cobra. Okay, man, then unit. Crohn's showed up and everything went nuts. Yeah. And that's and they used Yuna Krahn to kind of end the continuity for GI Joe which had gotten away from its core transformers which had gotten away from its core. Gem the holograms, which nobody was reading mask which had been interim ask, okay? Mass was actually they were using reverse engineer transformers tech to build there. They're they're Mars. And then when they brought down miles mayhem mask was absorbed into GI Joe. Okay. And it was it made a lot of sense. But it was away from those properties and ending everything. See on bringing it all together jobless bringing bringing in unit crown who had never been mentioned. They would know unit crown in transformers lore is the devil. Yes. In primus is God. Yes. He's sickly as analogues in the transformers lore in the thirteen years of continuity. They would always talk about primus at prices other. They would never ever mentioned administered name. And then I d w did a crossover two years ago called first strike and that that's where they brought in mask. That's where they brought in GI Joe transformers, they all had to work together. And the very very end of it. They were saying something is coming to earth in its name is he turned the page. It says unit Krahn, and it's this dry some planet. Destroying beast. Yes unit. Krahn was the villain from the original eighties mood Orson Welles final performance. It's super cool. So they use that as a catalyst to bring an end to the Hasbro line spoilers. Yuna crown didn't destroy her. Okay. They were successful. But it brought about a way to say look in that we're done. Okay. And and it was so well constructive so well-crafted which again brings me back to my earlier point super excited. Now, the reset button Zeman hit it. We're going to go in where we're going to go now. Yeah, it's literally can do anything. Yeah. Those those guys at ID w I'm sure ninety nine percent of him were fans of the figures in the comics and the cartoon back in the eighties nineties it. These guys are actually doing it's it's a love project for them passion project. They were go. Absolutely. I will say, I don't know the writer, and I don't know the artist or trans. Former number one that comes out in March. And that's not a slight to them. I've looked up they've done nothing. Really? They've done nothing in that. Actually kind of makes me excited. Some of my favorite transformers artists from the past thirteen years are doing variant covers for the new transformers line just to kind of say, you know, to kinda give their blessings Dow's approval toward but I will say I'm I'm very excited. I'm going to give this book, twelve months. Okay. I'm I'm expecting it. Usually with a new book, I'll try to give it three or four issues. I'm going to give this one twelve unless it's absolute garbage garbage right out the gate. Okay. I don't expect that it's going to. But I do expect a certain quality of storytelling based on what I know for mighty w is a publisher based on their their original output. I'm not expecting this to be like a kids comic where we're going to introduce a conflict, and then have it resolved mmediately. I feel like we're. Going to need for five issues to really get to the guts, and then let it exist. So I'm I'm really excited to try it out. I'm very willing to give it room to breathe because like, I don't know the writer. I don't really artist, but I'm excited to get to know them. Well, yeah, I would think if they're giving hitting the reset button like you said it a new writers new artists. It gives them a huge opportunity to kind of take the story in the characters wherever they want. I would hate to be those people. I would not I would not wanna follow the pressure is going to be my gosh, Dr has been raised like I am. I give them nothing, but respect, and I apologize for not. No, I'd love to be able to. Well, it's these guys clearly, but I don't off hand know their names. But you know, if you and I talk next year, I'll be more than happy to tell you definitely feelings on my feelings on what they brought to the table. So it's exciting. And those guys that are doing it like you said, it's a passion project for them. And since it is new. I think again the bar has been raised, but they can do some things that maybe we've never seen before. And maybe or do you think they'll introduce some new characters that they haven't seen or have they have to they would have to. I would think so or at least take like you said ultra Magnus is going to be a little different maybe in the maybe he'll be exactly the same. I don't know. What's interesting is let's say win blade, right? So for people who don't know win blade was a fan created transformer. Okay. Hasbro had a contest I wanna say five or six years ago. Like, what do you want to see you wanna see a jet, and you wanna see the jet and it's an auto body. You wanna see that jet? That's an auto body, and as a female, you wanna see jet that's about that's a female. That's red really want her name to be in the fan voted. They did. So they awesome. And they introduced win blade into the comics. And she is from a different world. That's part of the cyber Trone in galaxy your our federal the federation of planets, but the cyber trans veteran in federation with this brand new. New transformers number one. She's on cyber trot, so already she's different. She looks the same. I mean, it's wind blade. It's win blade interacting with optimists. Wouldn't believe, you know, on cyber Tron during the war, which is something this character and her miniscule time of existing has never been and just as a microcosm for what could becoming I find that incredibly interesting because already it's a character. I love I have affection for because of what I d w did to this brand new character actually making care about her. Now, how do you take what makes win blade wind blade and also fundamentally changed the structure of her existing? I like the fact that they did that fan character. Make because they did that with Motoo master university hack. Absolutely goes folk photon or whatever was unable to character that they create a way back in the eighties. So that's awesome. That they did that on side note, Geoff Johns over at DC. Oh. I was a kid. He created a his own masters of the universe fan character, basically. Okay. DC when they got the right semesters universe. Jeff John's had the opportunity to take this character. He created when he was in elementary school all and he actually wrote a comic and got I want to say almost want to say, Jim Lee, drew it. I could be wrong. But it's a it's digital first comic that this character that he created. He was a little kid as an adult got to make it part of the DC masters of the universe thing. And it's suit. That's awesome. So all this time has been sitting in a box on blaze. He pulls it out. And I actually get to put this in their super it's super fun. I vowed that they actually because at that Motoo creation that didn't eighties. It didn't go anywhere. I think they made one for the kid and that was it. But this one it sounds like made it in the comic book, and they made a figure, right? I don't know. Okay. I'm not a with the universe. X? No, I'm sorry. The transplant this as as a comic. Book she had her own. She actually had the third transformers comic for a while. Okay. And blah, blah, blah, Bumblebee Bumblebee Bumblebee sheet by the end of by the end of Unitron. She was the ruler of cyber Sean. Okay. And you know, she's not from cyber Tron. She's from oh, gosh Kameda, but which is a whole planet filled with lady versions of transformers. Okay. But you know, but she she went from being like she was like a translator for titans, like Metroplex, whatever I go on and on. But she ended up being the elected ruler of cyber Tron. Okay. Is really cool to see her go from a character that didn't exist to being such a Lynch. She's even in the new cyber scar. Tune. Really, okay. Wow. So the popularity of a fan made figure is all over the place. That's interesting has rose going all out they they actually have been doing holes for the new masterpiece line of. Figures. Like who do you wanna see most in Hasbro has gone out of their way to make it at least appear that they're listening to their fans? Do you think that's a shift in Hasbro because you've been obviously, I working with not working but a fan of Hasbro for years. I don't know if it's shift. It's it's a take that. I wish other companies would make okay, I don't know again. I'm not I can't see what Hasbro used to do or didn't do. But I think Hasbro has gone from making just being like a company that makes kids toys shirt to being accompanied that interacts with its fans, and at least gives the appearance of caring and making good on what they're saying. Sure. So if anything else, they have they have an image. That I admire their cashing in on the nostalgia. Which is just fine. Or you got totally. They're doing it. I think with their finger on the pulse of the fans. Yeah. Instead of hey, we're just going to release these. Classic transformers and you're going to buy him. Well, and the there's a new line of there's a new line of figures that are out right now and the fans have not warmed up to them. Okay. At all. And then has pronounced that for twenty nineteen. They're revamping that line. Okay. And it really does feel like they're taking criticism and praise appropriately in an adapted to what the fans are asking for or what the fans are saying, and I could be completely wrong. Maybe Hasbro's like a terrible evil corporation. And I have no idea. I don't I don't want. Somebody to be like look, surely, bro blow blow blow take cookies. I don't know. I don't know that do they have. I don't know because I don't buy them anymore. But do they have more? You know, they've got the I guess for the older guys like us that kind of like the more complicated figures. Do they have more kid friendly? Yeah. I ended up figures actually released the just released a line of these mini Botts called bought bots. Okay. And. Taylor. My coworker. She actually has a whole bunch of them. So you'll get one that looks like a pineapple, but then you like little arms pull down its feet flip down the little face panel. You know, this little dude, and that's definitely marketed towards people like Taylor or a little kids as I was wondering that can the when we were eight years old nine years old is is there figures out there that would Brill them right now. They have the transformer cyber verse. Which is based on a cartoon. I've never seen. Okay. I've I've heard of it. I've never I've never seen it. But those those are definitely geared towards you know, I'd say six to twelve okay. And then they also have like the studio series, which is based on the movies and those are geared a little bit older 'cause they got a lot of moving pieces on. Yeah. There's always the masterpiece line. And that's for people like me or nuts have a ton of disposable income. But as resting. But then there's also like the new war for cyber Tron siege. Which I would say is the main the main transformers line right now. And it's all cyber it's based on the cyber Trone in mode. So in the eighties cartoon, remember transposed star scream transformed into like that triangular thing. Yeah. Putting out a toy of that for the first time while within the next couple of months. Yeah. Wow. That's a real throwback to some obscure. Yeah. No, absolutely. Feature in the in the cartoon going back to what we said earlier about the budgets of like where did prime's trailer every time they did a flashback on cyber Tron with you saw star screaming would look like star screen books now like as a jet. Yeah. But in like a robot mode, but on cyber Tron when they were transform you wouldn't be a jet. He turned into this canonical spaceship. Yeah. Is like a battle star galactica type. Yeah. Looking like our fighters fighters, really weird. But yeah, they actually they're they're bringing out a star screen figure who looks like he thinks star scream should look into exactly that with like in the her tune, it's super fun. Here's a question for you. I remember on the cartoon star scream as always trying to stab megatrend. The back constantly is the comic book somewhat like that man. Oh, man. Going on that that was fun. One of the interesting things early in the w Rutten star scream constantly is is always trained to usurp mega Tron. But at one point megatrend puts his arm on start screaming says, look, you're gonna lead the deceptive cons one day. It's gonna happen. Okay. You need to stop trying to force it and find your potential and reach it. He's like you're going to overthrow me. It's gonna happen. I know what's going to happen. You know, it's going to happen. Maybe need to chill out for just a second. Put all your ducks in a row, and then just do it. Ooh. And then postwar cyber Tron star scream. I was talking about on earlier one of the things from dark cyber Tron is the prophecy of who will lead cyber Tron. Okay. Star scream manipulated a little bit. And for a while. He was the ruler of cyber Sean. Okay. So he finally got it. He did he finally got it. And then one of my very favorite things happened at what do you do if you're? Villain. And you're looking for power. What happens if you get that power? And what do you do with it? And it's really really cool. He gets haunted by the ghost of Bumblebee, which may or may not actually be ghost. He's dealing with trying to tell the truth and actually wanting to be a good leader. But also being star scream, and it's it's these are kind of keep his his character traits from the cartoon in the comic Boyce. Oh, great. I can't even express how that you've mentioned battle star galactica battle Sarka lactic, a the transformers book that wasn't taking place in the Las light is set on cyber Tron, and it was very much like battle star galactica where you have just these people who are splintered. They don't have good identity anymore. They're trying to be like what do we do? Now, you know, by the end abou- Sar, galactica, minor spoilers the humans in the silence have to work together in this. The auto parts in the septa cons have to work together. Also with everybody who wasn't an auto body deceptive Kong's come back to cyber Tron now that it's up and running, and it's just it's a political mess, and it shouldn't work as a comic it shouldn't work as a transforming rebound politics. Exactly any tunes out to be like the most engaging. The most interesting thing. I honestly one of the things I had a buddy of mine. Tell me is that good scifi needs to reflect current trends. Yeah. Mattered not gonna I'm not gonna make any political statements or anything, don't worry. But what transformers manages to do is to give us perspective on what on current issues that we might be facing in how we can approach it from a different angle law slight more mec-. I had brought in the concept of homosexual marriage in a transformers comic honesty robots into skies. Transformers ended up being called Optimus prime dealt with autism. Sound sound wave turns out has the cyber Tony version of autism outing. You you get his head think of how he thinks he still identifies the deceptive con, but he also ends up being Optimus prime's right hand man, though. And what does that mean? And how do we take somebody? We were at war with yesterday. And now we have to work with them. And what does that mean? And how do you how do you handle that? I I'm a I'm a war veteran. Cha, and that's not to brag or anything. But I find something like that inherently interesting because here we are literally fighting with them yesterday in now that's over with we have to kind of put that behind us and find our common ground and your forward, and you don't find something like that in Justice league or avengers. Or if you do it's it's a tiny little piece of assurance transformers is like we're going to double down on it. And we're to make you think in make you love these characters and high loved mega Tron by the time that came to an end mega trial. That's how good the storage adding wedding was it's it's it's so good and sound wave understanding where he's coming from he hears. He he deals with radio waves. Okay. Sound wave can hear. Everybody's thoughts. All the time. Ooh. Okay. The know that he didn't know that other people don't do that. He had no concept for it. And he he doesn't understand emotions. He doesn't know how to process things the way like. Hot rod or Bumblebee, your star scream even wood-processing. So to him he watches people have these emotional reactions. He's like, I don't get it. Yeah. Hear what they're saying. I know why they're acting that way. But I don't I can't put that together. That's not. So I would good analogy of autism. We made it it's it's super and I don't want to. I'm not an expert on all I'm not either. But I don't wanna make statement. But you know, the way I understand autism. Which is limited best has some similarity. There's there's definitely similarities in that. And I it's so it's so good while the fact that if you look at the the history of the transformers they've been fighting a war for millions of years one of the things Optimus prime says when he gives up being optimistic goes to Ryan packs for a little bit. He said for species, that's bent on changing. Don't know how to adapt. Yeah. And it's it's super smart. And that so applicable. I'm sorry to be like, oh, we'll blow blah, blah. If you look at it this way. Now, it's kind of interesting to see like if your your fundamentally a race of people that are supposed to change in daft. But you've been locked in a ward for literal millions of years, and you can't change out of your routine. Sure. And it's it's I think it's a good commentary on on humans as well. Too. Though that we don't like change, we all we all have that. And so I think it's a good. It's a good analogy. And that's why we probably can relate. Oh, yeah. To that story line of good on. I love it. Good cool. Well, thank semi appreciate it. We'd better put a pin in this one because we could probably just keep going forever, especially talk about Orion Pax and in all that. I know there's all history behind that as well that you could probably spend another hour it could talking about. Honestly, if anybody wants more information come to the store and see. Lincoln Nebraska where at fifteen o one pine lake road. We're right in between Jew. Stop in the nail place. So definitely no come on down. Hang out. I do have a book in stock right now called the transformers his story. It's it covers all of ide- ws history for transformers. It's it's super great is written by a guy named Chris mcfeely. He has a YouTube channel called transformers the basics. Oh, and if we could put a link to that pre sheet, it definitely not yet where that's where I get a lot of my information on stuff. I've forgotten a lot of history there. But yeah, transformers the story of got it here in the store. It's it covers a super broad strokes. Everything that happened in the thirteen years for IB w I going to by March first, I'll have the entire run of more than meets the eye going into law slight. So people have are curious at all about any of the stuff. I've been talking about come hang out. Come talk to me. Yes. Look everything up on YouTube. If you don't wanna come talk to me, that's absolutely like digging dig into the stuff minutes. So good, a no, I appreciate the knowledge and the passion that you have for this. And let's see what's the is it rainbow comics dot com is the website to remove comics and cards dot com. We'll take you to our south Dakota's store. Okay. So like our whole stock for our South Dakota stores up there, if you wanna find our store, if you just go on Facebook and look for rainbow comics Lincoln, okay, that'll be that's where Taylor, and I hang out all day. Look, if you send us a message most of the time, it'll be me responding sometimes it'd be Taylor. Very rarely. You'll get Dave who's the owner? Okay. But most of the time. Yeah. If you want to interact with our store, specifically Facebook is the best plug after that good. Yeah. Yeah. You're McCall go to the Facebook page it all your information. If there's wanted to call us, they could it's a four zero two nine seven five eight three three two awesome up at all this in the show nuts that you guys can get. All of them. If you want to talk transformers, or comics, and general general like transformers, I love transfer might three biggest loves transformers, Star, Wars comics. Ooh, again, any any kind of vendetta Graham in the middle. Like, I got you. Awesome. It will do the Star Wars went to. That's always fun to talk about so, okay. We'll with I extend my appreciate the time. You've given us. Yeah. Definitely stop by the store. He's got his favourite transformers up here on the shelf. And yes, always room for more. No, absolutely. It's a rotating fast. Awesome. Thanks, tim. Appreciate it. Thank you. There you have it. I hope you enjoyed listening to Tim as I did recording. It it was a blast. And like we talked about we hope we can talk to him again about other topics not necessarily transformers, even though I know we could probably spend another hour just talking transformers. It was a good time. Please go to covert nerd dot net. For all the ways that you can get in touch with Tim at rainbow, comics, social media, and all the other links that we've talked about in the episode. So thanks for listening. And until next time nerd it up.

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